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Gloria Brancatisano / August 5, 2022

Ghost Stories live on stage announces cast for its Melbourne season this September

There’s something dark lurking in the theatre. Enter a nightmarish world, full of thrilling twists and turns, live on stage.

After exhilarating audiences across the globe with record-breaking, sell-out productions, Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson’s supernatural sensation Ghost Stories is coming to Melbourne this September.

Get ready for a supernatural, edge-of-your-seat theatrical experience like no other when Ghost Stories transforms Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre for a strictly limited season later this year.

The two-time Olivier Award nominated production is a fully sensory and electrifying encounter, where you enter a nightmarish world, full of thrilling twists and turns from the moment you take your seat in the venue.

Ghost Stories: The Athenaeum Theatre Melbourne | NEW Official Trailer (2022)

What is Ghost Stories about? Well the secret is all part of the experience, but what we can tell you is Professor of Parapsychology Phillip Goodman is ready to take you through three of his cases.

This is the type of show where the less you know going in, the better. Little can be revealed about the production’s plot in order to keep you on edge at all times, but what we can promise is that you will be both laughing and jumping out of your seats. Sometimes at the same time.

Who is in the Ghost Stories cast?

Ghost Stories will be led by esteemed playwright and actor Steve Rodgers ( Savage River, Kenny ) in the role of Professor Phillip Goodman.

Joining him is much-loved screen and stage entertainer Jay Laga’aia ( Star Wars, Play School, Once ), actor-magician Darcy Brown ( Peddling, Animal Farm ) and Green Room Award-winner Nick Simpson-Deeks ( Winners and Losers, The Circuit, Falsettos ).

ghost stories cast ticketmaster australia

Ghost Stories is thrilling and spine-tingling, and to immerse audiences in an emotional rollercoaster live on stage, you need an exceptionally talented cast. Steve, Jay, Darcy and Nick each bring an exciting depth to their roles that we cannot wait to see live on stage AMY JOHNSON, PRODUCER AT REALSCAPE PRODUCTIONS

The creation of childhood best friends Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman, it originally premiered at the Liverpool Playhouse in February 2010. Since then, versions of it have performed around the UK, in Australia, Canada, Russia, Peru, China, Finland, and The Netherlands.

But this is the first time the incredible West End version will be seen on Australian stages.

Ghost Stories is the ultimate twisted love-letter to horror, and you are invited to experience it. Expect thrills and chills aplenty – the show comes with a warning label that it’s not for the faint of heart after all.

Ghost Stories will play at Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre from Tuesday 20 September to Saturday 22 October 2022. Tickets are on sale via

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ghost theatre melbourne

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ghost theatre melbourne

Ghost Stories

20 Sep to 5 Nov 2022

Athenaeum Theatre 1

ghost theatre melbourne

In September 2022, the international stage phenomenon, Ghost Stories, lands in Melbourne.

Written by The League of Gentlemen’s Jeremy Dyson and the co-creator of Derren Brown’s shows, Andy Nyman.

The West-End production will be terrifying the Athenaeum Theatre, as a Professor of Parapsychology, Phillip Goodman, recites the three mysterious cases he has encountered during his research that he just cannot explain.

You haven't experienced horror until you've seen it live on stage in this thrilling, chilling show.

Tickets are now on-sale.

★★ ★ ★ "An immaculately crafted evening of entertainment " Time Out, UK ★★ ★ ★ "I had to sleep with the lights on" Metro ★ ★ ★ ★ "Brilliant and deeply unsettling" Daily Telegraph

Running Time

80 minutes (no interval)

Presented by

ghost theatre melbourne


Athenaeum Theatre 188 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000 Phone: 03 9650 1500 | E-mail: [email protected]

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ghost theatre melbourne

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The producers of this show say it’s so scary, you should think twice before attending.

ghost stories melbourne west end

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ghost theatre melbourne

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“We strongly advise those of a nervous disposition to think very seriously before attending.” So cautions the official synopsis of Ghost Stories  and, naturally, we were intrigued.

The global horror phenomenon — which originated on London’s West End — is heading to Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre for an eight-week limited run in 2022, with the promise of terrifying those brave enough to purchase tickets to their very core.

Over the course of the 80-minute performance, Professor of Parapsychology Phillip Goodman regales the audience with tales of the three mysterious cases he encountered during his research that he just cannot explain.

The very best of The Latch delivered straight to your inbox.

The full scope and synopsis of the production are shrouded in secrecy in order to keep attendees on edge and, judging by these photos from previous performances, mission accomplished.

ghost theatre melbourne

Ghost Stories  was written by Jeremy Dyson ( The League of Gentlemen ) and Andy Nyman ( Derren Brown TV and live shows, Peaky Blinders ) and is being presented in Australia by Melbourne-based Realscape Productions, with this being the first time the original West End production will take the stage in Australia.

The play even comes with some incredibly high-praise from Black Mirror creator and co-showrunner Charlie Brooker who commended the show saying, “It’s one of them rare things that’s worth doing twice, unlike life.”

One of the show’s producers, Nathan Alexander, elaborates a little more saying, “You haven’t experienced horror until you’ve seen it live on stage. The show is thrilling, chilling and we couldn’t be more excited for Australia to experience the rollercoaster that is Ghost Stories .”

If the name Realscape Productions sounds familiar, it because the company is known for luring audiences into shipping containers across the country for Darkfield’ s spine-tingling multi-sensory immersive theatre experiences such as Flight, Coma and the upcoming Séance. 

Realscape Amy Johnson explained, “Our mission is to present events and theatre experiences that aren’t typically offered here in Australia. When we first presented Darkfield it was completely different to anything anyone had experienced before, with 360 degree audio in total darkness.

“ Ghost Stories will have the same impact; there’s nothing else on stage like it. The jump scares of a horror movie, the narrative of a psychological thriller and the incredible calibre of stagecraft that comes with West End theatre.”

Consider us sold.

Ghost Stories will show at the Athenaeum Theatre Melbourne starting on 16 September 2022 and run through to 22 October 2022. It is not suitable for audiences under 15 years old or those with a nervous disposition. The play runs for 80 minutes without intermission. Tickets to Ghost Stories are now on sale at .

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  • New Zealand

ghost theatre melbourne

Ghost Stories at the Athenaeum Theatre

A smash hit thriller play Ghost Stories is arriving at Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre for a well-timed run over the Halloween period.

Running until Saturday November 5, the play from writers Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson’s has had sell-out audiences in the UK squirming in their seats for over 10 years.

Ghost Stories welcomes audiences into a nightmarish world, filled with twists, turns and a love-letter to horror. The performance is led by esteemed playwright and actor Steve Rodgers ( Savage River , Kenny ) in the role of Professor Phillip Goodman, along with screen and stage actor Jay Laga’aia ( Star Wars , Play School , Once ), actor and magician Darcy Brown ( Peddling , Animal Farm ) and Green Room Award-winning Nick Simpson-Deeks ( Winners and Losers , The Circuit , Falsettos ).

As far as the story goes…it’s best if you go in not knowing too much – other that you’re likely to laugh and scream in equal measure. What you do need to know is that it may not be appropriate for audiences under 15 years of age (or over 15 years if you’re prone to nightmares).

More details and buy tickets .

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Realscape Productions.

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This was published 2 years ago

After a horror year, here’s something that’ll really scare you

By nick miller, save articles for later.

Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time.

After a horror year, Jeremy Dyson reckons we’re just about ready to be terrified.

The writer, probably best known for the macabre, surreal comedy The League of Gentlemen , is delighted that his West End hit production Ghost Stories is coming to Melbourne, for an eight-week season starting in October.

“The idea of it coming back, on the other side of the world... there’s some hope for the future,” he says.

Gary Cooper in Ghost Stories, West End 2019

Gary Cooper in Ghost Stories, West End 2019 Credit: Chris Payne

Ghost Stories is what it says on the tin: a night where a “professor of parapsychology” chills the audience with three “case studies” of supernatural horror.

To reveal any more would be to spoil the fun: rest assured the low-light “ScareCam” that captures audience reaction has recorded a bumper crop of startled screams and involuntary clutching of partners’ arms, over several productions and tours since the original premiere in 2010.

Though the show has been produced in Australia once before, this is the first time we will see the original West End production.

Dyson says he and writer-director Andy Nyman at first had no idea they had a hit on their hands.

“It was supposed to be just a six-week run in a theatre in Hammersmith,” he says. “But from the first night we let an audience in we realised there was a huge appetite for a show like this.

Ghost Stories creators Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson

Ghost Stories creators Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson

“Everything was going online and experiences were going virtual. The very liveness of Ghost Stories , the fact it was a shared experience was very appealing.”

He believes this appetite for a shared theatre experience has only been sharpened by the pandemic.

“People have realised just how wonderful it is to sit in an auditorium with other human beings.”

And the fact they’ve spent a year being scared in real life doesn’t mean they won’t want to be scared in the stalls, Dyson hopes.

“It’s transporting,” he says. “You forget everything for 80 minutes while the show is going. The fun and the thrill of it – it’s a real ride.”

The other upside of the pandemic, Dyson says, is that it has given him time to write – he and Nyman have another show ready to go that they can’t yet reveal.

“The aim was to catch up with lots of projects and scripts and things like that. [Lockdown] felt like a bit of a gift.”

The show is being produced in Australia by Realscape Productions, who specialised in immersive horror in warehouses or shipping containers before the pandemic, then pivoted to downloadable audio works .

Realscape producer Amy Johnson said Ghost Stories was like nothing else on stage with “the jump scares of a horror movie, the narrative of a psychological thriller and the incredible calibre of stagecraft that comes with West End theatre”.

  • Ghost Stories opens at the Athenaeum Theatre in October. Join the ticket waitlist at .

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Ruby Rose on stage

2:22: A Ghost Story review – Ruby Rose and Gemma Ward struggle in lifeless horror tale

Her Majesty’s Theatre, Melbourne Most of the star-studded casts’ acting is unconvincing, while the direction and sound is flawed, in this Australian take on English playwright Danny Robins’ haunted-house thriller

G host stories are a tough ask in the theatre. While all forms of storytelling require a suspension of disbelief, there is something about the medium of theatre that makes this task both more difficult and less rewarding. Perhaps it’s the communal nature of the art form. A cinema audience is able to submerge into private hells, whereas theatre audiences face their fears together. And fears faced are fears halved.

English playwright Danny Robins’ 2:22 – A Ghost Story follows slavishly the template of the horror film, especially its recent tendency to turn its monsters into metaphors for psychological states. Where The Babadook stands in for maternal anxiety, and the evil in It Follows represents sexual awakening, the ghost of 2.22 acts as a metaphor for marital strife. The rift here is less between the living and the dead as between husband and wife.

Gemma Ward (left) and Remy Hii (right)

Jenny (Gemma Ward) is a typical new mum, highly stressed and burnt out, looking for support from husband Sam (Remy Hii). What is atypical is the source of her anxiety: the uncanny sounds coming from the baby monitor in her daughter’s room, for the previous three nights at precisely 2.22am. When Sam’s old friend Lauren ( Ruby Rose ) comes to visit, trailing her builder-boyfriend Ben (Daniel MacPherson), Jenny co-opts them into a vigil. They’ll all stay until the allotted time, to see if the ghost returns.

Sam is not just a sceptic, he’s actively hostile to the idea of a ghost haunting their baby daughter, and spends most of the night highlighting his own rationality at the expense of his wife’s patience. Lauren is a psychologist and tends to think all horrors are based in the mind, although she isn’t unsympathetic to Jenny’s fears. Ben is a believer, having had a formative experience with the paranormal as a child. The theme of rationality and belief, and the seesawing Socratic dialogue between the two worldviews, distracts us as the clock ticks down.

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The conceit is a nifty one, and Robins has a wealth of solid material with which to work. Jenny’s Catholic background, a belief system Sam’s hyper-rationality has basically quashed, is depicted as both a salve and a torment. Lauren’s focus on psychological states nevertheless leaves her blind to her own. And Ben, in the play’s most fascinating discursion, rails against gentrification and its tendency to paper over the lives of the poor. The ghosts of the underclass are buried in the walls of the wealthy.

All of which makes the play sound smarter and more ambitious than it really is. Because Robins’ interest in these larger themes is at every turn subsumed into the demands of genre, and even the purely mechanical pleasures of the plot are marred by clunky character development and jump scares so inauthentic they verge on the parodic. The play is literally interrupted every 20 minutes or so by the sudden and excruciatingly loud sounds of foxes fucking. No joke.

Most of the acting is as wooden and unconvincing as the dialogue. Ward has an underpowered voice and awkward physical presence that compromises her heightened register – what should be a barely contained terror comes across as merely breathless and wispy – and Rose, initially poised and angular, fumbles Lauren’s descent into drunken morbidity. Hii is particularly grating in an admittedly poorly written part; his scientific resolve is just an excuse for him to mansplain the entire play to us. MacPherson is the only actor having any fun, with an avuncular performance as the tradie who can turn on a seance when required. He is decent, but next to the others he looks virtuosic.

Gemma Ward, Dan MacPherson, Remy Hii, and Ruby Rose

Matthew Dunster ’s direction is oddly leaden, as if he didn’t get enough time with his actors. Given that this English play has been rather meticulously translated into an Australian context – the house is located in the Melbourne’s inner west, “between the markets and the Maribyrnong”, and the Warrumbungle national park plays a key role in the plot – it seems strange that the production isn’t more settled. Anna Fleischle’s set , with its pre-renovated walls visible beneath the soulless modernisation, is terrific until a character explains it to us. Lucy Carter’s lighting design is effective until it’s overused.

Most problematic of all, and in many ways definitive of the flaws in this entire concept, is the sound design by Ian Dickinson. Silence is horror cinema’s chief asset, aided by the sudden escalation of music that indicates present danger. Think of György Ligeti’s deeply unsettling soundscapes in The Shining or Bernard Herrmann’s stabbing strings in Psycho . Robins leaves no room at all for silence: the characters talk endlessly in circular arguments about ghosts and the afterlife, intellectualising what should remain subliminal. Those sudden screeching foxes start to seem like a desperate attempt to keep the audience awake rather than a natural explosion of the irrational.

2:22 – A Ghost Story implores us at the end to “Shhh … Please don’t tell”, in the tradition of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap or Harry Potter and the Cursed Child . But this twist ending – one of those resolutions that negates what has come before and reduces the entire evening to a single, meaningless shock – is so trite, you’ll refrain from sharing it out of sheer embarrassment. Now that’s scary.

At Her Majesty’s Theatre, Melbourne , until 20 August.

Most viewed

2:22 - A Ghost Story Tickets

2:22 - A Ghost Story Tickets

About 2:22 - A Ghost Story

Winner BEST NEW PLAY (WhatsOnStage Awards) the critically acclaimed supernatural thriller 2.22 – A Ghost Story is London’s must-see theatre event and is coming to Melbourne this July for a strictly limited 4-week season, starring Ruby Rose , Daniel MacPherson , Gemma Ward and Remy Hii .

An adrenaline-filled night where secrets emerge, and ghosts may or may not appear. What do you believe? And do you dare discover the truth?

2hrs (incl. interval)

July 25th, 2023

August 20th, 2023

Her Majesty's Theatre Melbourne

Recommended Age: 12yrs+

By clicking “Get tickets” you will be redirected to Ticketek, a third party website and will be governed by their terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Get tickets

2:22 - A Ghost Story: What to expect - 1

More information about 2:22 - A Ghost Story

"A cracking supernatural thriller” - Time Out, UK

Presented by: GWB Entertainment

What to Watch For:

2:22 A Ghost Story is an award-winning production written by Danny Robins , creator of the hit BBC podcast The Battersea Poltergeist , and directed by Matthew Dunster .

Following five star-studded, record-breaking seasons (at the Noel Coward, Gielgud, Criterion and Lyric Theatre); three Olivier Nominations including Best New Play and winning the Best New Play category in the WhatsOnStage awards, this supernatural thriller has become a certified West End must-see.

Over a spiralling dinner party between friends, boundaries are pushed, secrets are spilled, and beliefs are tested. Jenny believes her new home is haunted, but her husband Sam isn’t having any of it. Can the dead really walk again? Belief and scepticism clash, but something feels strange and frightening, and that something is getting closer. So they’re going to stay up until 2:22....and then they’ll know.

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2:22 A Ghost Story

  • Theatre, Drama
  • 3 out of 5 stars

The cast of '2:22 – A Ghost Story' on stage.

Time Out says

What goes bump in the night? A haunting of Hollywood celebrities cast in a moderately spooky pantomime

Some say a haunting is like an afterimage. A fleeting memory igniting the dark, like a glowing ember caught in the wind before fluttering out. If that’s so, then the revelation that a character in 2:22 – A Ghost Story used to have sex to UK band Massive Attack’s seminal trip-hop while at uni feels like a summoned presence many of us of a certain age might want to exorcise. 

That spookily reminiscent detail places British playwright Danny Robins’ Olivier Award-nominated West End show in a very specific time and place. Though his London-set story of young couple and new parents, Jenny (Gemma Ward) and Sam (Remy Hii), has been transported to Melbourne’s suburbs. She’s a lapsed Catholic convinced that the thumping bumps and mournful tears she hears in their daughter’s nursery at 2:22am every night is a ghost. He’s a fervent mansplainer who insists science always has the answer, so much so that Jenny essentially sublimated her beliefs for a breather from his berating (she’s still hiding a crucifix in a kitchen cupboard, though).

Jenny’s annoyed Sam returned from a stargazing trip to NSW’s Warrumbungle National Park only just in time for the arrival of their first dinner party guests to the tattered wallpaper old house they’ve only half renovated – props to Anna Fleischle’s fantastic set. John Wick star Ruby Rose plays Sam’s former uni mate Lauren, and there’s clearly unspoken history between them. But she’s brought along her new boyfriend, Ben, a builder played by former Neighbours star Daniel MacPherson. With the guests caught in the crossfire of this marital showdown, their obvious discomfort is turned into a drinking game as they decide to wait up.

It’s a fun set-up played too broadly by director Matthew Dunster, who brings a pantomime’s boisterousness to a show that would be better served by being subtly unnerving. The starry casting leans heavily into this go big or go home approach. MacPherson brings the most stage experience and it shows, his easy charm able to ride out the more obvious turns of Robins’ script. An interesting aside by Ben about how these old houses, only affordable to cashed-up couples, are haunted by the hard labour of the working class gets short shrift. It leans into stereotype, too, with Ben casually racist in a way that’s never unpacked. 

Ward brings a lived-in believability to Jenny, even if her paired-back performance gets a little lost in the heavy-handed direction of the ensemble. Hii’s task is thankless, playing an irksome character who’s stuck on one note. Rose, with a likeable energy, fares best before she has to depict Lauren as increasingly drunk. There are neat touches, like the group’s back and forth on why ghosts, if true, aren’t omnipresent. The idea that they might be like Facebook memories, selected at random by an algorithm, or that they are somehow comparable to refugees facing a harrowing journey and too few surviving, is intriguing. But too much is OTT. 

The very best ghost stories deal in our deepest fears of what may lurk in the dark, no matter how logical our approach by day. And so 2:22 – A Ghost Story works best in its quietest moments of goosebump tingling, like a second-act candlelit séance led by Ben, who grew up with a mother who dealt in such supernatural summoning. Palms laid out on a table that may or may not move have the power to hold our collective breath. My eyes traced upwards to a chandelier hanging high above, expecting the faintest flicker. There’s power, too, in the 24 -like digital clock ticking over towards 2:22.

Effective initially, sound designer Ian Dickinson’s decision to pierce almost every time jump with the shriek of rutting foxes is far from fantastic, and a detail that should surely have been switched to possums here. Those blasts of Massive Attack also grow tiresome, and the infernal glow lighting designer Lucy Carter traces around the stage’s proscenium arch too liberally used, leaving us wishing for more candles. When it finally comes to revealing what, exactly, is causing the punctual, possibly paranormal disturbance upstairs, the predictable twist is all too silly to stick. But judging by the audience’s hoots and hollers, this humorous enough haunting lands regardless. 

'2:22 – A Ghost Story' is showing at Her Majesty's Theatre until August 22. F or more information and to book tickets, head to the  website .

Want more?   Read our in-depth interview with Ruby Rose ahead of her stage debut.

Stephen A Russell

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ghost theatre melbourne

13 Haunted Places Around Melbourne That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Melbourne has plenty of theatres, laneways and historic venues. And while they're perfectly fine during the day, things can get a little spirited at night.

Nicole de Souza

Melbourne has its fair share of haunted places and grim ghosts. With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we’d find some of the city’s most eerie locations and creepy stories. Visit any one of these haunted places around Melbourne , and see if you notice anything amiss. Could it be the voice of a woman in the distance, or the cold hands of a dead murderer? Check out these haunted places of Melbourne, and bring a friend for safety!

1. Princess Theatre

ghost theatre melbourne

The Princess Theatre is home to one of the most legendary ghosts of Melbourne, the famous actor Frederick Baker, also known as Frederick Federici . True to his job, his exit from life was dramatic and memorable. On opening night of Faust, Federici had a starring role as the devil Mephistopheles. In the final scene, he was meant to take Faust with him down to hell. As the trapdoor lowered, Federici had a heart attack. However, the audience had no idea, and his fellow actors insisted that he was on stage the whole time, bowing at curtain call with the rest of the cast.

📍163 Spring St, Melbourne VIC 3000

2. Hotel Windsor

ghost theatre melbourne

Hotel Windsor is a regal place that’s steeped in history, and often welcomed guests who were visiting the nearby Princess Theatre. Established in 1883, it has seen several notable guests check in and out during its lifetime. Some guests, however, did not leave. Dame Nellie Melba, famed operatic soprano of the early 20th century, is rumoured to be one such guest. Her famous voice can be heard singing through the corridors.

📍111 Spring St, Melbourne VIC 3000

3. Old Melbourne Gaol

people carrying lanterns and walking through Old Melbourne Gaol

This grim gaol saw many hangings during its time in operation, including the hanging of the infamous Ned Kelly. Old Melbourne Gaol regularly conducts ghost tours that invite you to explore the dark and confined spaces of the prison. Listen to some eerie stories of the unexplained that have steadily built up over the years, and see if you can keep your cool in this historic prison.

📍377 Russell St, Melbourne VIC 3000

4. Melbourne General Cemetery

graves at Melbourne General Cemetery with the city skyline in the distance

Established in 1853, this massive cemetery stretches across 43 hectares, and is home to many of Melbourne’s notable historical figures . It’s no wonder then, that it would be home to some happy haunts too. Melbourne General Cemetery used to run night tours, and while they aren’t operating at the moment, you can sign up to their mailing list for updates. Otherwise, the cemetery is open 365 days a year, so you can take a stroll through the grounds during opening hours, and see if any of the residents will come out to play.

📍College Cres, Parkville VIC 3052

5. Queen Victoria Market

woman walking through Queen Victoria Market on a grey day

Queen Victoria Market was once home to Melbourne’s first cemetery. 10 thousand graves of early settlers , including John Batman, were estimated at the site. While about 1000 bodies were exhumed and transferred to other cemeteries, an estimated 7000 to 9000 burials remain in the site . That leaves thousands of spirits free to roam the markets every night. Think about that the next time you’re looking for fresh produce.

📍Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000

6. Hosier Lane

ghost theatre melbourne

The iconic Hosier Lane is not just a place for cool graffiti. The ghost of Melbourne’s very own Jack the Ripper, Frederick Bailey Deeming, is rumoured to roam the alleyway at night, putting his cold, clammy hands around the necks of anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path.

📍Hosier Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

7. Pentridge Prison

looking up at the entrance of Pentridge Prison

It’s hard to believe, but Pentridge Prison is now home to a bustling beer garden , an intimate wine bar , a restaurant , a cinema and more. But, given its history, the prison is home to a few ghosts as well. From 1929, this prison was the site of all Victorian executions, including Ronald Ryan, the last prisoner who was hanged in 1967. There used to be ghost tours in the D Division section of the prison, however, these aren’t available anymore. Now, you can take historic tours through the B and H Divisions. While there’s no mention of ghosts, there are night tours available for those over the age of 16, with plenty of chilling stories to hear. See what’s available here.

📍1 Champ St, Coburg VIC 3058

8. Abbotsford Convent

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Abbotsford Convent (@abbotsfordconvent)

This may be a vibrant hub for creativity, but back in the day, Abbotsford Convent was once home to thousands of young women and girls . Many of these young women were destitute, and unfortunately suffered a life of hardship at the Convent. Nuns used the young women for free labour, and today, many people visiting the Convent have reported feelings of eeriness, or seen ghostly young girls roaming the corridors and laundry rooms.

📍1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford VIC 3067

9. Williamstown

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lantern Ghost Tours (@lantern_ghosttours)

This seaside suburb of Williamstown is full of mysterious alleyways and old history. Grab a lantern, learn of drunken sailors and colourful characters, and explore abandoned morgues, hidden laneways and forgotten burial grounds on a ghost tour. Get your tickets here.

📍Williamstown, VIC 3016

10. Point Cook Homestead

Travel to the 1850s at Point Cook Homestead and learn the secrets of the Chirnside family. Surrounded by trees, beach and farmland, you’ll explore the nooks and crannies of this 25 acre heritage property by moonlight. The homestead is still haunted by Thomas Chirnside, and ghost tour operators say that this location has one of their highest levels of paranormal activity. Get your tickets here.

📍1 Point Cook Homestead Road, Point Cook, VIC 3030

11. Altona Homestead

Once the home of the Langhorne family in the 1800s, the Altona Homestead is now home to the Altona Laverton Historical Society . And while they hold Devonshire tea sessions in the daytime, the ghosts come out at night. Sarah Langhorne, in particular, has been spotted peering out the windows. Learn about the deaths linked to the building and the hauntings that followed on a ghost tour. See more here.

📍128 Queen St, Altona VIC 3018

12. Village Cinemas Rivoli

the outside of art deco building, Rivoli Cinema

You might want to avoid the Rivoli if you’re scared of ghosts. An old lady has been seen in the foyer, gently dusting, while an old man has been seen sitting in Row P of Cinema One. A staff member has also reported whispering voices in the stairwell .

📍200 Camberwell Rd, Hawthorn East VIC 3123

13. Como House

the outside of the historic building Como House

Como House and Garden is a popular place for weddings. However, underneath the glamour of the Armytage family home, you’ll find some ghostly experiences. Ethel Armytage, who died at the age of seven, has been known to roam the second floor, and her mother Caroline has also been spotted. While there aren’t any ghost tours (anymore), there are guided tours that you can take during the safety of the day. See more here.

📍Williams Rd &, Lechlade Ave, South Yarra VIC 3141

ghost theatre melbourne


M is for Melbourne

15 Most Haunted Places in Melbourne: Discover the City’s Ghostly Past

Photo of author

Interested in learning about some of the most haunted places in Melbourne? Here are 15 spots with spooky pasts…

You may know Melbourne for its vibrant culture, beautiful architecture and excellent dining scene.

But what you may not know is that the city is also haunted.

Like many cities around the world, Melbourne has its fair share of ghostly tales and haunted places. From abandoned mental asylums to historic haunted hotels to notorious prisons, the city is filled with spooky sites that are sure to give you a chill.

As someone who loves exploring modern-day Melbourne, I’m also fascinated with learning about the city’s history, including its haunted past. And if you’re a fan of the supernatural, you’ll find many haunted places to explore and spine-tingling tales to hear.

Knowing these tales will give you a different perspective on the city – I certainly look at places differently now!

This blog post may contain affiliate links, meaning if you book or buy something through one of these links, I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you).

What's in this article (Click to view)

1. Old Melbourne Gaol  

The inside of the haunted Old Melbourne Gaol shows five people walking along a metal gangway, each carrying lanterns.

The Old Melbourne Gaol is one of the most famous haunted places in Melbourne. Opened in the mid-1800s, it was used as a prison until 1929. More than 130 people were hanged at the gaol, including the infamous bushranger Ned Kelly.

Given this dark history, it’s not surprising that it’s considered one of the city’s most haunted spots.

Today, the gaol operates as one of Melbourne’s best museums , and you can take a guided tour of the cells and learn about its history. Many people report feeling a sense of unease or seeing ghostly apparitions during their visit, and it’s become a popular spot for ghost hunters.

2. The Princess Theatre

The. Princess Theatre is one of the most haunted places in Melbourne - this image shows the Princess Theatre's golden logo at the top of the building, surrounded by modern skyscrapers in Melbourne

One of the oldest and most iconic theatres in Melbourne, the Princess Theatre was established in the mid-1800s and has a long history of performances. To this day it’s hosted some of the city’s biggest productions, including the recently departed Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

But it’s also known for its ghostly inhabitants, including Frederick Federici, an actor who died on stage in 1888. As a trapdoor was closing during a performance of Faust , Federici suffered a heart attack. Some say his soul never left the theatre and continues to haunt it to this day.

Visitors have reported seeing him on stage or in the dressing rooms, and some performers have even claimed to feel a friendly presence guiding them during their performances.

For decades, the theatre even kept a seat free for our city’s most famous ghost, just in case he wanted to join the audience.

3. Queen Victoria Market

The inside of Queen Victoria Market, one of Melbourne's most haunted places. People are shopping for produce, many perhaps unaware of the market's history as a cemetery

Established in the late 19th century, the Queen Victoria Market is not just a bustling hub for fresh produce, but also a place echoing with whispers of the past.

The site holds historical significance as it was once the first official cemetery of Melbourne (under what’s now the car park), serving as the final resting place for many early settlers and Indigenous people.

Although the last burial was in 1917, records suggest that around 9,000 bodies are still buried here. This eerie fact alone is enough to warrant its place on our list.

Vendors and shoppers have reported experiencing unexplained phenomena, from strange noises to the feeling of being watched. Some have even shared stories of sightings, claimed to be the spirits of those buried beneath the market. The apparitions are often described as settlers from centuries ago, seemingly lost and wandering among the stalls.

4. Young & Jackson Hotel

The outside of Young and Jackson Hotel in Melbourne, Australia. There are crowds of people walking past the pub as they cross the street, and a tram driving by - many may not know this is one of Melbourne's haunted pubs

The Young & Jackson Hotel sits on one of the busiest corners in Melbourne – but few of the people passing by know the pub’s haunted past.

While the pub is most famous for its nude painting “Chloe”, there’s another woman you may not have heard of.

As the stories go, in the closing years of the 19th century, the area around the pub was the scene of several horrifying murders of women. Since then, numerous men have reported encountering a striking woman near the pub’s entrance. But look a little closer, and you’ll see that her neck has been slit.

Many are convinced that she is a ghostly manifestation of one of the unfortunate victims, possibly a prostitute.  

5. Hotel Windsor

The exterior of the Hotel Windsor, with taxis waiting and a cyclist passing. The hotel is thought to be one of the most haunted places in Melbourne, with reports of ghost sightings.

One of Melbourne’s most luxurious and iconic hotels , The Hotel Windsor harbours a few spooky secrets.

Built in 1883, the hotel has hosted many famous guests, including American writer Mark Twain and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes. Today, it’s famous for its opulent high tea.

However, it’s also known for its ghostly inhabitants and is considered one of the most haunted hotels in Melbourne.

According to some stories, the spirit of a young teenage boy roams the hotel, possibly guarding the room of Dame Nellie Melba, who was a regular patron of Hotel Windsor.

But perhaps the most eerie of all is the sound of opera singing, heard by many guests and staff. Some believe it to be Nellie Melba’s ghost, reliving her – ahem – passionate moments within the walls of Hotel Windsor.

Ready to spook yourself? Book a stay at The Hotel Windsor .  

6. Hosier Lane

A group of people watch a tour guide leading an Old Melbourne Ghost Tour. They stand in a graffitied alleyway, thought to be a haunted place.

Stepping into Hosier Lane, you’re initially drawn to the riot of street art splashed across the walls and pavements. Checking out street art is, of course, one of the best things to do in Melbourne during the day.

But as night descends, the stories about the people who haunt this lane reveal the laneway’s more sinister side.

Hosier Lane earns its spot on this list of haunted places in Melbourne because of the spine-chilling stories attached to it – stories of an ominous presence that looms in the shadows, a spirit believed to be none other than Frederick Bailey Deeming.

Deeming, a notorious character in Melbourne’s history, is often whispered in the same breath as the infamous ‘Jack the Ripper’. This English-born criminal left a trail of ghastly crimes and murders strewn across his path. He was executed for his horrific crimes.

Visitors often recount feeling an eerie sensation of hands clasping around their necks in this alleyway, a grim reminder of Deeming’s violent past.

It’s one of the most popular places to visit on walking tours of Melbourne .

7. Pink Alley

Pink Alley, another top spot in Melbourne for street art, is also home to a chilling story.

In 1921, 12-year-old Alma Tirtschke was murdered in this alleyway. Her murderer was never found.

People walking through Pink Alley recount tales of eerie sensations and unexplained phenomena in the area. Some, especially women, claim to feel a gentle tug on their clothes, while others report hearing faint whispers.

I first learned about Alma when I visited this alleyway on this Old Melbourne Ghost Tour , and it was one of the most tragic tales told during the Melbourne ghost tour.

8. Black Rock House

The inside of Black Rock House, one of the most haunted houses in Melbourne. This appears to be a dining room, with patterned wallpaper, a dining table and chairs, decorated in an old-fashioned manner

Black Rock House, a stately mansion in Melbourne’s beachside suburb of Black Rock, is considered one of the most haunted houses in Melbourne.

It was built in 1856 by Charles Ebden, a prominent figure who served as the Victorian auditor-general. Known for its castle-like design and picturesque gardens, the mansion is a notable landmark, attracting both history enthusiasts and paranormal investigators alike.

Many visitors and staff claim to have seen apparitions, predominantly of a woman believed to be the housemaid from the Ebden era, wandering the halls and rooms.

There are also tales of erratic temperature changes, eerie echoes and mysterious footsteps when no one else is present.

Whether fact or fiction, these stories have earned Black Rock House a firm spot on our list of Melbourne’s most haunted places. You can check it out for yourself during the open house on the first Sunday of each month.

9. The Mitre Tavern

The exterior of The Mitre Tavern, one of several haunted pubs in Melbourne. The pub is an old-fashioned architecture, painted a beige colour with green trim and brown roof

One of the oldest pubs in Melbourne, the Mitre Tavern has a lot of character – and perhaps the occasional phantom visitor.

Built in 1868, the tavern has served as a gathering place for centuries. But beyond the clink of pint glasses, a ghostly inhabitant is said to make its presence known.

The tavern’s haunting reputation centres around the legend of an unidentified woman, whose spirit is rumoured to roam the upper floors of the pub.

Patrons and staff have reported unexplained phenomena – from the sound of phantom footsteps echoing in empty rooms to the eerie sensation of being watched when no one else is around.

Some even claim to have glimpsed a mysterious woman, only for her to vanish into thin air.

Whether these stories are born from the dark corners of the imagination or hold a grain of truth, they undoubtedly add an intriguing layer to the Mitre Tavern.

10. Como House

The exterior of Como House shows a large mansion painted cream and white, set back from lush green grass. Como House is one of the most haunted houses in Melbourne, with several ghostly stories.

Built in 1847, Como House is located in the leafy suburbs of South Yarra. This grand Italianate-style mansion holds centuries of history within its walls, along with a few ghostly tales.

Visitors to the historic mansion frequently report unexplained occurrences, from peculiar sounds to fleeting apparitions in period clothing.

The house’s chilling reputation escalates further during the evening hours when this Melbourne haunted house takes on a decidedly eerie atmosphere.

For those daring enough to explore its ghostly past, Como House regularly organises guided tours and events where you can learn the stories beneath its polished exterior.

11. Melbourne General Cemetery

It’s a cemetery, so it’s not surprising that a few souls wander the grounds.

Established in 1852, Melbourne General Cemetery is the eternal resting place for many of the city’s most notable figures. This is where Federici – the ghost from the Princess Theatre – is buried.

Yet its sprawling grounds, dotted with ageing tombstones and towering monuments, might be hosting more than just memories of the past.

Visitors to the cemetery often recount unsettling experiences. Some report unexplainable chills and others speak of whispering voices carried on the breeze that are too coherent to dismiss as the wind.

But the most spine-tingling tales come from those who claim to have seen apparitions. The most well-known of these sightings is said to be the ghost of a woman, clad in white, wandering aimlessly among the tombstones.

The cemetery used to run night-time tours – I wish they’d bring them back because I think that would be a way to creep yourself out!

12. Kew Asylum

The exterior of Kew Asylum shows a large cream building with a grey roof. It has a white fence. This is believed to be one of the most haunted places in Melbourne.

Opened in 1871, the Kew Asylum was supposed to provide a haven for the mentally ill. However, it soon became infamous for overcrowded conditions and questionable treatment practices, creating a melancholic backdrop that would fuel countless ghost stories to this day.

Despite its sombre past, the Kew Asylum has been converted into a stylish housing development.

But many of its new residents report hearing eerie sounds that defy explanation, such as disembodied whispers and phantom footsteps echoing through the halls.

The creepiest of accounts include residents waking up to inexplicable cold spots in their homes or even claiming to see ghostly apparitions in the dead of the night.

Not somewhere I’d be keen to live.

13. Larundel Mental Asylum

Larundel Mental Asylum was opened in 1953 and was used as a psychiatric treatment facility until it closed in 1999.

The asylum is known for its dark history and the treatment of some of Australia’s most dangerous criminals, including violent serial killer Peter Dupas.

Following its closure, many who dared to visit the deteriorating Larundel buildings recount tales of chilling encounters and inexplicable phenomena – ghostly sightings, eerie noises and a pervading sense of unease. These first-person accounts fueled the asylum’s reputation as a hotspot for paranormal activity.

The buildings fell into disrepair after it was closed and have since been demolished.

14. Point Cook Homestead

The exterior of Point Cook Homestead shows an old-fashioned home with an old tractor in front of it. The sky is filled with clouds.

Situated on the edge of Port Phillip Bay, about an hour from the Melbourne CBD, the serene Point Cook Homestead gives little hint at first glance of its ghostly reputation.

Established in the 1880s by the Chirnside family, the homestead served as a pastoral station, but its tranquillity belies a history steeped in spine-chilling tales.

Visitors to Point Cook Homestead recount mysterious whispers in the dead of night, the soft rustle of unseen presences in the surrounding woods and the unnerving sensation of being watched.

While you can visit the homestead during the day to see the historic buildings, it’s at night that this haunted house in Melbourne turns into a hotspot for those intrigued by the paranormal. Book a Point Cook Homestead Ghost Tour here .

15. Werribee Mansion

The impressive mansion and lush gardens of Werribee Park are a spectacular sight to behold during the day, but as the sun dips below the horizon, some spooky stuff begins to unfold.

The historic building has been the setting for numerous reports of unexplained occurrences, making it a must-visit on our list of Melbourne’s most haunted places.

The mansion, once inhabited by the prosperous Chirnside family in the 19th century, is rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of Thomas Chirnside, who took his own life on the estate. He’s often sighted wandering the mansion’s grand halls, making this one of the most haunted houses in Melbourne.

There are regular paranormal investigations held here at Werribee Park if you’d like to do a little ghost-hunting yourself.

Map of Melbourne haunted places

Melbourne ghost tours

If this list of haunted places in Melbourne has intrigued you, then why not join a ghost tour in Melbourne? Whether you’re a sceptic or a true believer, they’re a fun and spooky way to explore the city’s haunted past.

Here are some of my ghostly night tour suggestions for something fun to do in Melbourne at night :

  • Hidden Bars & Creepy Tales Tour of Melbourne CBD : Learn about Melbourne’s haunted past as you sip on a few drinks at some of Melbourne’s most historic pubs – some of which are rumoured to be haunted.
  • Old Melbourne Ghost Tour : I’ve taken this tour through the dark alleys and hidden corners of Melbourne’s oldest and most haunted areas. You’ll hear stories of murder, mystery and mayhem as you explore the city’s ghostly past.
  • Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour : Pentridge Prison is another infamous Melbourne landmark. You’ll explore the cells and hear stories of the prisoners who once called them home and find out more about this haunted Melbourne prison.

These tours can be scary things to do in Melbourne. I’ve got a list of even more Melbourne ghost tours .

Wrap up: Most haunted places in Melbourne

So, there you have it. Melbourne isn’t just a city with an awesome dining scene and plenty of things to do. It’s got a fascinatingly eerie past, and this history adds a unique layer to the city. There are plenty of haunted places in Melbourne to learn more about the people who walked these streets many centuries ago.

Just remember, when visiting these haunted locations, respect the premises and adhere to any guidelines provided.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a history buff, a paranormal investigator or simply intrigued, exploring these sites offers a unique insight into Melbourne’s ghostly side.

Haunted places in Melbourne: FAQ

Are all these haunted places in melbourne open to the public.

While most of these haunted locations offer public access and even guided tours, others may be privately owned or inaccessible. Always make sure to respect private property and only visit sites with permission.

What kind of paranormal activity has been reported in Melbourne’s haunted places?

Many people have reported seeing apparitions, hearing unexplained noises, and feeling sudden changes in temperature. Some of the most commonly reported paranormal activity includes doors opening and closing on their own, objects moving by themselves and strange smells.

Do I need to book a tour to visit these haunted places, or can I explore on my own?

While you can explore some of these places on your own, booking a ghost tour offers a unique experience. Expert guides will share chilling stories and historical facts that add depth to your visit. Plus, some locations are only accessible through organised tours.

Are these haunted places safe to visit at night? 

While many of these locations offer night-time tours for a spooky experience, it’s essential to exercise caution. Always visit with a group, stay in designated areas and respect any safety guidelines provided by the venue or tour guides.

Found this article useful? Consider buying me a coffee as a way to say thanks!

Best Melbourne resources

  • Check out my Melbourne travel guide for everything you need to know about planning a trip to Melbourne
  • Look for flights to Melbourne on Skyscanner .
  • Book accommodation on or Expedia for your Melbourne trip. The Ovolo Laneways Hotel is a good choice in the CBD.
  • You won’t really need a car in Melbourne, but if you do want to get out of the city, then rent a car through DiscoverCars .
  • Pick up a copy of the Lonely Planet Pocket Melbourne to help plan your trip.


If you want to spook yourself, save this guide to the most haunted places in Melbourne to Pinterest!

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I’m Rebecca, a Melbourne local excited to show you the best of Melbourne. I've visited more than 40 countries and have a Master of International Sustainable Tourism Management. After living abroad for 8 years, I’m back home in Melbourne, rediscovering this city that I love and have missed. My aim is to help you find the best things to do in Melbourne.

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Wednesday 04 October 2023

Ghost live

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Melbourne & Olympic Parks Olympic Boulevard 3000 Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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Doors open: 19:00

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Benson Boone Announces Upcoming Album and World Tour Fireworks And Rollerblades

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General onsale starts friday, february 2, brand new single “ beautiful things ” explodes on streaming services, performing on jimmy kimmel live february 1.

Today, global pop sensation Benson Boone announces his 2024 album and world tour, Fireworks and Rollerblades .The massive 40-date tour spans North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The news arrives on the heels of his new single “ Beautiful Things ,” which debuted at #4 on Spotify’s US Chart and #16 on the Global Chart, and has accumulated nearly 30 million streams in one week.

The North American leg of Boone ‘s upcoming tour kicks off on April 3 in Chicago, with stops in Montreal, Toronto, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and more before wrapping up in Vancouver on May 4. On May 21, the singer-songwriter will cross the pond to begin his trek across the UK and Europe, starting in London and ending in Helsinki on June 11. In September, he’ll finish off the tour in Australia and New Zealand. See the complete list of tour dates below.

Fans can sign up now at to access the Artist Presale beginning on Monday, January 29 at 10 AM local time. Additional presales will run throughout the week ahead of the general onsale, starting Friday, February 2 at 10 AM local time.

Boone ‘s new single will be front and center on the setlist. “Beautiful Things” caused a major stir on social media ahead of its release, with his viral teasers amassing nearly 200 million views across TikTok and Instagram. That anticipation translated into an instant hit for the 21-year-old, with the soaring track being his biggest debut to date. He will perform the hit song on Jimmy Kimmel Live! next Thursday, February 1.

“Beautiful Things” and his upcoming tour continue a trend of big achievements for Boone. . Last year, MTV named him their Global PUSH Artist for October , while his PULSE EP generated tens of millions of streams for tracks like “ What Was ,” “ Little Runaway ,” and “ Sugar Sweet .” He headlined a sold-out headline tour across North America and Europe, then ended the year with the release of his moving single “ To Love Someone . ”

The PULSE EP was preceded by his 2022 piano ballad “ Before You ” and the Walk Me Home… EP , which included his breakout single “ GHOST TOWN ” — Boone ‘s first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 and a Top 25 hit at both Top 40 and Hot AC radio. It also became his first RIAA-certified Gold record, followed by “ In The Stars ,” which is now certified Platinum.



April 3  — Chicago, IL  — Salt Shed

April 4 — Detroit, MI — The Fillmore Detroit

April 6 — Montreal, QC — MTELUS

April 7 — Toronto, ON — HISTORY

April 10 — Brooklyn, NY — Brooklyn Paramount

April 11 — Sayreville, NJ — Starland Ballroom

April 12 — Boston, MA — Citizens House of Blues

April 14 — Philadelphia, PA — The Fillmore Philadelphia

April 15 — Silver Spring, MD — The Fillmore Silver Spring

April 16 — Raleigh, NC — The Ritz

April 18 — Atlanta, GA — Tabernacle

April 19 — Tampa, FL — Jannus Live

April 20 — Orlando, FL — House of Blues

April 22 — Houston, TX — House of Blues

April 23 — Dallas, TX — House of Blues

April 25 — Denver, CO — Fillmore Auditorium

April 26 — Salt Lake City, UT — Maverik Center

April 28 — Los Angeles, CA — Hollywood Palladium

April 29 — Phoenix, AZ — Arizona Financial Theatre

May 1 — San Francisco, CA — The Masonic

May 3 — Seattle, WA — Showbox SoDo

May 4 — Vancouver, BC — Vogue Theatre

May 21 — London, UK — Heaven

May 23 — Antwerp, Belgium — Trix

May 25 — Paris, France — Elysee Montmartre

May 26 — Cologne, Germany — Kantine

May 28 — Utrecht, Netherlands — TivoliVredenburg

May 30 — Zurich, Switzerland — Mascotte

June 1 — Prague, Czech Republic — Rock Cafe

June 2 — Warsaw, Poland — Progresja

June 4 — Berlin, Germany — Metropol

June 5 — Copenhagen, Denmark — Vega

June 6 — Stockholm, Sweden — Fryshuset Arenan

June 8 — Trondheim, Norway — NEON Festival

June 9 — Oslo, Norway — Sentrum Scene

June 11 — Helsinki, Finland — House of Culture

Sept 14 – Auckland, NZ – Powerstation

Sept 16 – Brisbane, QLD – The Tivoli

Sept 18 – Melbourne, VIC – Forum Theatre

Sept 19 – Sydney, NSW – Enmore Theatre

ghost theatre melbourne

Photo credit: Dennis Leupold

Download hi-res image HERE


TikTok | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Benson Boone Contacts:

Darren Baber | [email protected]

Delanee Wilson | [email protected]

Live Nation Contacts:

Monique Sowinski | [email protected]

Maya Sarin | [email protected]

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    The international stage phenomenon and hit West-End play Ghost Stories will be terrifying Melbourne's Athenaeum Theatre from September 2022, as a Professor of Parapsychology, Phillip Goodman, recites the three mysterious cases he has encountered during his research that he just cannot explain.

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    The global stage phenomenon Ghost Stories lands in Melbourne on September 16 2022Tickets on sale now by The Le...

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    Ghost Stories, the global horror phenomenon which originated on London's West End, is heading to Melbourne's Athenaeum Theatre for an eight-week limited run in 2022, with the promise of terrifying those brave enough to purchase tickets to their very core.

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    188 Collins Street, Melbourne. Price: $44.95 - $140 (+ $7.95 booking fee per transaction) Buy Tickets. The spooky smash-hit London production arrives in Melbourne just in time for Halloween - and beyond. A smash hit thriller play Ghost Stories is arriving at Melbourne's Athenaeum Theatre for a well-timed run over the Halloween period.

  10. Ghost stories: West End theatre production coming to Melbourne

    The West End hit Ghost Stories is coming to Melbourne for an eight-week season, and its creator Jeremy Dyson reckons we're ready to be terrified. ... Ghost Stories opens at the Athenaeum Theatre ...

  11. Ghost Stories Is A Terrifying Stage Play That Is Now ...

    188 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000 From $44.95 More info See more: Luna Park Is Transforming Into A Dark And Spooky Playground This Halloween Tags: terror / horror, thriller Ghost Stories, a thrilling stage play, is finally coming to Australia. Stay on the edge of your seat when arrives in Melbourne in September.

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    Ruby Rose in 2:22 - A Ghost Story, on at Her Majesty's Theatre in Melbourne. Photograph: Eugene Hyland Theatre 2:22: A Ghost Story review - Ruby Rose and Gemma Ward struggle in lifeless...

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    What do you believe? And do you dare discover the truth? Run time 2hrs (incl. interval) Start date July 25th, 2023 End date August 20th, 2023 Categories Venue Her Majesty's Theatre Melbourne Age Recommended Age: 12yrs+ Venue Her Majesty's Theatre Melbourne 219 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, VIC, AU, 3000 Get directions

  14. Photos: First Look at 2:22

    Ruby Rose, Daniel Macpherson, Gemma Ward and Remy Hii star in the award-winning play 2:22 - A Ghost Story. The play will make its Australian premiere at Melbourne's Her Majesty's Theatre ...

  15. Ghostly experiences in Melbourne

    Melbourne's most famous friendly ghost is that of opera singer Frederick Federici, who died in his beloved Princess Theatre in 1888 during a performance of Faust. As he was lowered through a trapdoor in the stage in the final scene, he suffered a heart attack. Talk about timing.

  16. Princess Theatre

    The grand Princess Theatre in Melbourne, aside from being one of the oldest landmarks in the city, is no stranger to superstitious ghost stories. A seat in the dress circle is still kept open...

  17. 2:22

    And so 2:22 - A Ghost Story works best in its quietest moments of goosebump tingling, like a second-act candlelit séance led by Ben, who grew up with a mother who dealt in such supernatural ...

  18. 13 Haunted Places In Melbourne That Will Give You The Creeps

    1. Princess Theatre Source: State Library of Victoria The Princess Theatre is home to one of the most legendary ghosts of Melbourne, the famous actor Frederick Baker, also known as Frederick Federici. True to his job, his exit from life was dramatic and memorable. On opening night of Faust, Federici had a starring role as the devil Mephistopheles.

  19. Ghost

    Australian audiences have been blown away by the heart, humour and magic of Ghost The Musical - with critics hailing it as "A stunning visual feast", "A magical night at the theatre", and "Truly spectacular".. Based on the Oscar®-winning film of the same name, GHOST is the story of Sam and Molly, a young couple whose relationship takes a shocking turn after Sam's untimely death.

  20. Federici: Princess Theatre Ghost

    Melbourne's best known ghost is that of Italian-born British opera singer Anatole Baker or his stage name - Federici of the Princess Theatre. Federici was the stage name of Anatole Frederick Demidoff Baker born in Florence, Italy. (22 April 1850 - 3 March 1888) Ghost stories from Melbourne's Princess Theatre

  21. Haunted Places in Melbourne: 15 Ghostly Spots to Visit

    For decades, the theatre even kept a seat free for our city's most famous ghost, just in case he wanted to join the audience. 3. Queen Victoria Market Established in the late 19th century, the Queen Victoria Market is not just a bustling hub for fresh produce, but also a place echoing with whispers of the past.

  22. Ghost Melbourne Tickets, John Cain Arena, 04 Oct 2023

    Buy tickets, find event, venue and support act information and reviews for Ghost's upcoming concert at John Cain Arena in Melbourne on 04 Oct 2023. Buy tickets to see Ghost live in Melbourne. Track your favorite artists on Songkick and never miss another concert. ... Northcote Theatre; See all Melbourne concerts (Change location)

  23. Benson Boone Announces Upcoming Album and World Tour Fireworks And

    ARTIST PRESALE STARTS MONDAY, JANUARY 29 GENERAL ONSALE STARTS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2 BRAND NEW SINGLE "BEAUTIFUL THINGS" EXPLODES ON STREAMING SERVICES PERFORMING ON JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!FEBRUARY 1. Today, global pop sensation Benson Boone announces his 2024 album and world tour, Fireworks and Rollerblades.The massive 40-date tour spans North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.