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Danny Johnson

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Danny Johnson , also known as Jed Olsen and The Ghost Face , is one of the playable Killers in Dead by Daylight . A charming journalist by day, and a wicked killer by night, he took on the identity of the famous Ghostface to become famous and be in the newspapers.

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Biography [ ]

Danny's fascination with murder dated back when his father, a serial killer and war veteran, trained Danny on how to hunt and stalk people in the woods. Johnson's first victim (or as he calls it, his "first design") was his own father. He murdered his dad during a camping trip in a bloody and emotional way, which he regrets. He also has a very sinister philosophy on humanity. In college, he took a class in anthropology where he argued that humanity was intrinsically a race of killers masking its true "bloody face of horror" with facades to take advantage of civilization and achievement.

Eventually, under the pseudonym of Jed Olsen, he became a freelance journalist specializing in crime articles. To become famous, he started committing murders as the Ghost Face, a killer shrouded in mystery. Many of his victims were young and old, confusing authorities by carrying out premeditated murders with the violence of a crime of passion. Johnson enjoyed being the mystery behind the killings, and continued stalking some of his victims for days. He traveled from state to state including Utah and Pennsylvania.

He also had an experience with a parody newspaper which mocked him and other serial killers. After meticulously planning a break-in and murder of the most ordinary person he could find (in order to terrify all the other 'normal' people in the area), he was distracted and enraged by seeing the parody papers of his persona on a table. This almost caused him to get caught, so he was unable to carry out his murder. Afterwards, he tracked down and stalked the three people who created the parody.

Finding out that they use a laser tag building to hang out in and print their parodies, he plots another break in and murder. He plans to kill them one by one as they play laser tag with each other. Once he breaks in, he sees a massive wall filled with parodies. Attempting to calm himself down, he repeats the phrase "You don't laugh at legends." Eventually Danny blacks out, and when he came to realize that he has attacked the three men. One of them is dead off to the side, and another has been mutilated beyond recognition. Standing over the last man, who was attempting to crawl away, Danny rants about his parodies and then talks about how he is going to write a paper about this incident and pin the blame on one of them for murdering the other men. Danny realizes that he was not wearing his mask during this attack, but then reasons with himself that it was a more personal matter, since the Ghost Face doesn't kill like this.

In 1993, upon traveling to the town of Roseville, Florida, Danny produced footage of the Ghost Face breaking into a house and committing murder, effectively making a newspaper about himself. He swiftly left Roseville when evidence began pointing to him, but not before leaving a mocking note confirming he was the one behind the killings. He was hiding out somewhere during a hot summer day, where he reminisced about past murders and wondered when the heat was going to stop. He seemed to be having memory issues, not knowing when he last ate. Then, a mysterious cold fog appeared in the room, and he suited up and stepped inside.

Gallery [ ]


  • Due to copyright conflicts over the Ghostface character, Behaviour Interactive had to create a completely new and original killer separate from the Scream franchise, keeping only the original mask. However, they were later given the rights to use the original Ghostface costume and it was added as a skin.
  • The floating cloth traps on most of Ghost Face's skins represent a connection with the Entity.
  • Compared to the Ghostface(s) from Scream , who were very impulsive and get caught easily, Dead by Daylight's Ghost Face is a far more sinister and cunning killer than his original counterparts as he greatly understands the risks of murder, only giving in to his bloodthirst when he knows he can actually get away with it.
  • Rolling was Wes Craven's inspiration when creating the Scream films.
  • Johnson's Viper Ghost cosmetic strengthens possible proof with the outfit description stating he attended a costume party thrown by students in Roseville University.
  • Taneski's father, like Danny's, was also a war veteran.
  • The "Scorched Ghost Face" outfit, which was designed by BHVR for their regular Halloween event, was eventually made into a full official costume by the company which makes the Ghostface outfits and masks.
  • Despite the fact that Danny hates parody to the point of berserk rage, he was given the "Wassup" Ghostface mask, which was popularized by the Scream parody Scary Movie . So, it could be considered a form of punishment that he has to wear it.
  • Danny once chose to murder a man due to his name, which he considered exceptionally average due to both his first and last name being boring English first names. This is ironic, considering his real name "Danny Johnson" also fits the criteria. His fake name, Jed Olsen, is much more unique by comparison.

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  • 1 The Dealer (Buckshot Roulette)
  • 2 Oliver Quick
  • 3 Mrs. Tweedy

ghostface danny

A Cinematic Horror Experience From the world of

ghostface danny

The Ghost Face


A stealth-focused Killer capable of approaching unseen, The Ghost Face is adept at stalking his prey. Keep tabs on each individual Survivor, patiently marking them for death – provided you can remain hidden. Lie in wait until the perfect time to strike, and down Survivors before they know what hit them.

Power and perks

Dead By Daylight Ghost Face Night Shroud Power Icon

Night Shroud

Become Undetectable, losing both Terror Radius and Red Stain. In this state, stalk individual Survivors to Mark them, leaving them Exposed and vulnerable to a one-hit down. Time your stalking process strategically to attack Survivors at opportune moments. A word of warning – Survivors can break the Night Shroud by catching extended sight of The Ghost Face.

I’m All Ears

After a Survivor quickly vaults a window or pallet, see their aura for a brief duration and intercept them accordingly.

Thrilling Tremors

After picking up a Survivor, The Entity blocks every generator that isn’t being actively repaired, highlighting them in a white aura.

Furtive Chase

You become obsessed with one Survivor. Gain a token when hooking your Obsession, with each token further reducing your Terror Radius in a chase. Each time a Survivor rescues the Obsession from a hook, they become the Obsession.

Dead By Daylight Ghost Face Night Shroud Power Screenshot

The Ghost Face’s Lore

Dead By Daylight The Ghost Face Lore Art

Content Overview

  • New Killer: The Ghost Face
  • An exclusive item for The Ghost Face

Dead By Daylight Ghost Face Key Art

Ghost Face is a registered trademark of Fun World Div., Easter Unlimited, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Ghost Face is protected under worldwide copyright registration and the exclusive property of Fun World Div., Easter Unlimited, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

ghostface danny

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ghostface danny

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Ghost Face's Gallery

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Artwork [ ]

Atlanta Slideshow OK.png

Chapter Promotional Artwork Featuring The Ghost Face

Gameplay [ ]


Store Banners [ ]

GhostFace main header.png

  • Dead by Daylight
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Scream Wiki

Danny Johnson/Gallery

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The following is a gallery of Danny Johnson images.

Dead by Daylight [ ]

150px-OK Body01 01

  • 1 Billy Loomis
  • 2 Stu Macher
  • 3 Sidney Prescott

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The Ghost Face

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Deadbydaylight the Ghost Face

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Danny Johnson , also known under the alias of Jed Olsen , was always a fan of scary stories, as his father would tell him stories of humanity's most wretched acts. Growing up, Danny grew to become obsessed with the idea of making his own stories, and so took up the mantle of Ghost Face , a killer in a white mask and dark robe.

From there, Danny terrorized the city of Roseville, Florida, publishing stories of his own murder in the newspaper he help to create.

It wasn't long after he moved on from Roseville than Danny was taken in by The Entity , where he quickly became one of its favorite killers.

Powers and Stats

Name: The Ghost, Ghost Face, Danny Johnson, Jed Olsen

Origin: Dead By Daylight

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Serial killer

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics , Weapon Mastery , passive Fear Aura via The Heartbeat (The very presence of a killer is enough to incite panic, severe anxiety, and terror. Amplified through proximity.), Stealth Mastery (The Killers possess natural stalking ability and can mask The Heartbeat), Enhanced Senses (A Killer's senses are so acute that they can detect minor disturbances in terrain as a trail to their target alongside their ability to detect the smell of blood and sound of breathing from great distances), Extrasensory Perception (Killers are able to see the auras of those bleeding out or attempting to heal their wounds), Immortality (Types 1 & 8; Killers have an importance of collecting food for The Entity , and will be resurrected by it should they be killed), Berserk Mode and Speed Boost (should the lust for the kill become too great, the Entity's connection to the Killer will be cut off, making them unpredictable), Blessed (The Entity favors the Killer's and will aid through indirect means should it be beneficial), Empowerment (via No One Escapes Death; the attacks motivated through this hex are more lethal, making strikes that would only injure become critically lethal. The Ghost can obtain this through stalking), Summoning (via Hooking; exists as a sacrificial ritual to The Entity, awakening it to take the soul of the victim. As well, Cruel Limits , Thrilling Tremors , and Corrupt Intervention among others all summon the spikes and arms of the entity to meddle with generators and block off escapes), Status Effect Inducement (Hemorrhage and Mangled; provokes intense bleeding and slows down the process of healing respectively), Technology Manipulation ( Surge , among other perks meddle with nearby technology. Surge, specifically, is said to charge the air and mess with tech), Statistics Reduction ( Mindbreaker claims that “your distressing presence drains and weakens your prey” and “can evoke feelings of dread and fatigue in nearby individuals,” alongside causing exhaustion in-game), minor Perception Manipulation (via Huntress Lullaby; those who are hooked find their perceptions muddled), Power Nullification (via The Third Seal; negates Extrasensory Perception through the Blindness effect), Resistance to Pain (Enduring) and Blinding (Lightborn).

Attack Potency : Wall level (Comparable to The Nurse , who could casually destroy barricades by poking them. Comparable to The Oni , who can fragment a small portion of wall, comparable to a door, in two punches which would be 516,644.24 joules divided by 2, or 258,322.12 joules )

Speed : Superhuman (Killers possess the speed to outpace trained athletes in a fearful run by simply walking after them)

Lifting Strength : At least Class K ( Philip Ojomo , before his transformation, was able to completely rip the spine of his employer out of his body, which would require roughly 101-102 tons of force )

Striking Strength : Wall level

Durability : Wall level

Stamina : Unknown , presumably High

Range : Extended melee range with Tactical Knife

Standard Equipment : Tactical Knife ( For a full Perk list, see here )

Intelligence : Above Average (Danny is very tactical and professional when it comes to killing and takes the whole idea of murdering very seriously; is very strategic when it comes to killing his victims, as he analyzes their routines and movements until he knows when and how to strike them)

Standard Tactics: Is naturally bloodlusted

Weaknesses: Killers are servants of the Entity, making them more prone to preserve their prey first in an attempt to sacrifice them. The Stain is an indication of where killers are looking, making their line of sight more exploitable.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Night Shroud: The Ghost can enter a stealth mode in which his Terror Radius is eliminated. He can stalk victims for four seconds, which marks them as Exposed, allowing them to be downed in one hit.

Dead by Daylight Ghost Face Spotlight

Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:


  • 1 Tiering System
  • 2 Satoru Gojo
  • 3 Yogiri Takatou

Screen Rant

This new scream 7 killer theory would be the perfect way to honor the sidney prescott era.

One theory about Scream 7's new Ghostface would better utilize a returning actor while also paying homage to the franchise's past killer twists.

  • Scream 7 could bring back Josh Segarra's Danny as Ghostface, repeating the franchise twist of having the boyfriend as the killer.
  • Josh Segarra's Ghostface audition was highly praised by Scream 6 's directors, making him a strong choice for the role in Scream 7 .
  • Segarra's pitch for a Ghostface musical in Scream 7 also aligns with his Broadway background and could provide an interesting storyline similar to Scream 3 .

Scream 7 ’s new killer could finally utilize one returning actor with a highly praised Ghostface audition, though this would also mean repeating a franchise twist for the fourth time. Paramount has finally announced that Scream 7 is in development , and while the sequel already has new director Christopher Landon on board, the story and cast have yet to be confirmed. However, it’s expected that Scream 7 will move forward with the actors whose characters survived Scream 6 's Ghostface attacks, which includes new reboot movie stars like Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mason Gooding, and Josh Segarra.

Since Scream 6 ’s Ghostface killers were revealed to Wayne Bailey, Ethan Landry, and Quinn Bailey, the father and younger siblings of Scream (2022) killer Richie Kirsch, the upcoming sequel now has the difficult task of finding its new Ghostface(s). While it’s likely that Scream 7 ’s Ghostface will be a new character, it’s possible that the sequel will pull from its existing ensemble for the next villain. If this is the case, then Scream 7 already has a perfect returning character lined up, as the auditions for new actors in Scream 6 involved reading Amber’s Ghostface monologue from Scream (2022). One actor whose character survived Scream 6 's ending was singled out for his incredible Ghostface audition, making him a great choice for the franchise’s next killer.

Danny Being Scream 7's Ghostface Would Revive The Franchise's Boyfriend Killer Trope

According to Scream 6 director Tyler Gillett (via Collider ), Danny actor Josh Segarra had a “ f****** awesome ” Ghostface reading. While Danny was suspected of being Ghostface due to his novelty to the group and status as Sam’s new boyfriend – one of the most suspicious roles to play in the franchise – the character turned out to be harmless in Scream 6 ’s ending. However, given how highly Scream 6 ’s directors praised Segarra’s Ghostface audition, the upcoming sequel could subvert expectations (again) by walking back the 2023 movie’s assertion that Danny isn’t a killer. Segarra’s reading indicates that he already has the skills to pull off this twist, suggesting he could finally don the mask and blade in Scream 7 .

Josh Segarra’s Danny being revealed as Ghostface in Scream 7 would mark the fourth time in the franchise that the boyfriend is actually the killer. Scream has often played with this expectation as the boyfriend quickly climbs to being a top suspect, which even applies to Danny in Scream 6 . However, the only occasions in which these assumptions turned out to be correct were in Scream (1996) when Sidney’s boyfriend Billy truly was Ghostface, Scream 4 when Kirby’s brief love interest Charlie became the killer, and Scream (2022) when Sam’s boyfriend Richie was confirmed as the Ghostface mastermind. Danny being Ghostface would also mark the first time that a returning prominent character is revealed as the killer.

Josh Segarra's Scream 7 Pitch Already Sets Him Up As The Perfect Ghostface

Though it would be upsetting for Sam Carpenter to have two different boyfriends assume Ghostface’s identity, Danny would make a great killer given Josh Segarra’s pitch for Scream 7 ’s story . The actor suggested that Scream 7 should be a Ghostface musical, which could end up involving a New York City Broadway storyline similar to Scream 3 ’s Los Angeles Hollywood plot. Since Segarra himself has performed on Broadway in various musicals throughout his career, a meta-commentary on his own history could become the source of a great new Ghostface monologue. Though Scream 7 isn’t likely to go down the avenue of a Ghostface musical, Segarra could still bring these Broadway-level acting talents to the sequel if Danny is revealed as the killer.

Source: Collider


9 Sam & Tara Storylines That Will Never Be Resolved After Scream 7's Exits

Posted: January 5, 2024 | Last updated: January 6, 2024

  • Scream 7 won't continue the story of Sam and Tara Carpenter, leaving major questions unanswered.
  • The absence of Sam and Tara's story in Scream 7 makes it unclear how the series will continue.
  • The departure of Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega leaves numerous mysteries surrounding Sam and Tara unresolved.

Now that Scream 7 has lost both Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera, the franchise’s story of Sam and Tara Carpenter will leave many questions unanswered. While Barrera’s Sam Carpenter was seemingly the lead character of 2022’s slasher reboot Scream (aka Scream 2022), Ortega’s Tara was also significant. She was the recipient of the film's opening phone call and, in a move that subverted Scream franchise tradition, she survived both this intense ordeal and the rest of the plot. Sam and Tara made a formidable pairing, with the sequel Scream VI treating both characters as the movie’s dual protagonists.

However, the upcoming Scream 7 won’t be continuing their story. Barrera was fired from the sequel in November 2023 and Ortega exited the franchise shortly after due to scheduling conflicts with Wednesday season 2. As a result, Scream 7 will no longer have the story of the Carpenter sisters at its center. This is a major development since Sam and Tara were the heart of Scream 2022 and Scream VI , and on a more practical level, they were the main characters of both sequels. Without Sam and Tara's story, it is unclear how Scream 7 will continue the series. Furthermore, this leaves numerous Sam and Tara mysteries unresolved.

A Scream 7 Return Just Got Way More Likely Thanks To A Canceled Horror Show

Sam & tara’s relationship, the sisters' emotional reunion at the end of scream vi could have been strained by the aftermath..

Now that Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega are officially out of the franchise, some of Scream VI 's biggest remaining questions will never be answered. One storyline being left unresolved concerns Sam and Tara’s tearful reunion at the end of the sequel. Throughout Scream VI , Tara and Sam cope with the events of Scream 2022 in very different, equally unhealthy ways. Sam has become paranoid and overprotective while Tara tries to repress her memories of the traumatic massacre. This drove the sisters apart and, while Scream VI ’s ending reunited them, it is impossible to know if this lasted.

Sam's Life In New York

The scream vi heroine had no clear plans after the movie ended..

Sam’s paranoia was her biggest problem in Scream VI , and this would presumably only have gotten worse when Scream 7 forced her to find a job in New York City. Although she lived with Tara in the sequel, Sam freely admitted that she didn’t know what her plan was for her future. While Sam’s visions of Billy in the Scream reboot movies were more pressing than her employment status in the last sequel, returning to relative stability meant she would have needed to find a solid life plan before Scream 7 ’s story began. Viewers will never know what that plan might have been.

Ghostface's Reason For Targeting Sam & Tara Again

Tara and sam’s connection to scream 7 ’s killer would be hard to justify..

Scream 2022 surprised viewers from its opening scene when Sidney Prescott wasn’t the first person targeted by the new Ghostface. The reboot’s villains sought out Sam and Tara precisely because they were only tangentially connected to one of the original movie's killers, Billy Loomis, while Scream VI ’s killers attacked them because Sam and Tara killed a member of their family. As such, it is tough to see what personal connection Scream 7 ’s Ghostface could have had with the sisters. This means that the duo’s role in the franchise might have changed in the sequel.

Scream 7's Opening Kill Scene Can Eliminate The Biggest New Character Problem

Sam or tara being sidney prescott's replacement, sidney’s role as the franchise heroine could have gone to either scream reboot star..

Scream 7 could have transformed Sam and Tara into vigilantes like Scream 2022's Sidney, seeking out Ghostface instead of the killer hunting them down. One major trend in recent slasher franchise reboots is a tendency to transform reluctant, accidental Final Girls like Halloween ’s Laurie Strode, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre ’s Sally Hardesty, or Scream ’s original heroine Sidney into hardened, self-aware action heroines. Scream 7 could have revitalized Sam and Tara’s roles by making them proactive killer hunters, but the sequel’s failure to hold on to their actors makes this promising potential twist impossible.

Sam's Potential To Be Scream 7’s Ghostface

The scream reboot heroine's killer instinct seemed likely to turn on her eventually..

Both Scream 2022 and Scream VI used Sam’s visions of Billy Loomis to imply that she might be the killer, only for both movies to later reveal that this was a red herring. While it seems obvious that the franchise’s new leading lady wouldn’t be its surprise killer, the Scream series pulled off this exact twist before when 2011’s Scream 4 revealed that Emma Roberts’s Jill was its villain, not its hero. However, despite all the reasons why Sam could be Scream 7 's Ghostface , now that she won’t appear in the sequel, the foreshadowing in earlier sequels has been rendered pointless.

Tara & Chad’s Relationship

This promising pairing from scream vi is now effectively over..

In Scream VI , Mason Gooding’s charming Chad begins a tentative relationship with the commitment-phobic Tara. This seemed like a rehash of Scream 2 ’s doomed Sidney romance and, indeed, Chad soon found himself on the business end of a hunting knife. However, Chad somehow survived his brutal stabbing and was in a stable condition by Scream VI ’s ending. This means the relationship between him and Tara might have amounted to something more substantial if the series had continued to follow the story of Jenna Ortega’s character.

Christina Carpenter’s Scream Franchise Story

Tara and sam’s mother will now never be explained..

Billy Loomis was revealed to be Sam’s father early in Scream 2022, adding further fuel to the fan theories about a potential villainous turn. However, neither the reboot nor its sequel ever explained much about Tara and Sam’s mother, Christina Carpenter. Scream VI shut down theories about Sam and Tara's mother when the pair said that she was no longer very involved in their lives, but her intimate connection to Billy remained a pretty major plot point. As such, it is unlikely that Scream 7 would have wholly ignored Christina, particularly when her return could have facilitated the comeback of Scream ’s original villain, Stu Macher.

Sam & Danny's Relationship

Sam’s red-herring boyfriend from scream vi won’t be explained in scream 7 ..

Josh Segarra’s Danny was introduced in Scream VI and immediately became an obvious suspect due to his dour demeanor and unknown background. However, Danny turned out to be a red herring when Scream VI ’s ending revealed that its family of killers was all related to one of Scream 2022’s villains. This left his relationship with Sam in a strange place. On the one hand, they could have grown closer after the sequel’s ending, since Sam somehow managed to form a connection with Danny while being stalked by killers. On the other hand, Danny could reasonably decide to end things since his girlfriend's sister openly suspected him of murder.

Sam & Tara's Possible Return To Woodsboro

The scream heroines have no reason to return to the franchise’s original setting..

While Scream VI leaving Woodsboro was a surprise, this didn’t hurt the sequel’s reception. Since New York City proved unsafe for the Carpenter sisters, the next sequel could reasonably have seen Sam and Tara contend with whether to move home and confront their demons. However, Scream 7 can’t follow this story anymore since Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega's characters won’t be returning to the franchise.

9 Sam & Tara Storylines That Will Never Be Resolved After Scream 7's Exits

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Heroes Wiki

Pure Good Proposal: Danny Brackett


  • 1 What’s the Work?
  • 2 Who is he?
  • 3 What has he done?
  • 4 Corrupting factors
  • 5.1 Final verdict

What’s the Work? [ ]

The scream franchise is a series of 6 movies that mainly focus on a woman named Sidney Prescott, and focus on a woman named Sam Carpenter in scream 5-6. It is about serial killers known as ghostface who wear a black robe and ghost mask to disguise themselves. They also use a voice modulator to disguise their voice because they also call people usually before killing them. Scream VI (the one Danny appears in) is a sequel to scream 2022 where Sam, Tara, Chad and Mindy have moved to College in New York and then 3 more killers (Wayne, Quinn and Ethan) start a killing spree.

Who is he? [ ]

Danny Brackett is a supporting character in Scream VI. He is secretly in a relationship with Sam Carpenter. He is always protective of her throughout the movie. Sam wants to trust him but she somewhat has trust issues after her previous boyfriend becoming ghostface.

What has he done? [ ]

When he sees ghostface in Quinn’s room, supposedly attacking her, he warns everyone about him. He tries to call Sam which she declines, but then sends a message to Sam, Tara, Mindy and Chad. When Sam, Mindy and Anika are trapped in Quinn’s room with the window being the only other way out which has to big of a drop below it, and ghostface is on the other side of the door, Danny gets out a ladder for them to use as a bridge to get from their apartment to his. Sam and Mindy make it to the other side but Anika gets thrown off the ladder when ghostface manages to get through and throw her off. So Danny saved Sam and Mindy’s lives and almost saved Anika’s.

On the subway when he was with Sam, he saw a guy dressed up as ghostface who started moving towards them. He got the in the way of him to Sam to protect Sam from him until he realises it was just a guy dressed up as ghostface for Halloween since the guy walks out of the train.

When Sam asks him not to come into the theatre with them because Sam is not entirely sure if she should trust him, Danny says he will stay out. But he eventually returns with reinforcements. Danny said he thought Sam might need some reinforcements to keep her safe. Even if this was after the killers were defeated, Danny wasn’t sure they were defeated so he got some reinforcement cops just to keep Sam safe.

Corrupting factors [ ]

Well I don’t think he really has any corrupting factors at all, he doesn’t blame Sam for not entirely trusting him, he isn’t jerkish, arrogant or lethal or anything like that. He is a very polite character.

Admirable Standard [ ]

So he’s definitely one of the less Admirable characters but he didn’t have many resources since he only appears in Scream VI and doesn’t have a lot of screen time. He also doesn’t really have any proper encounters with ghostface which limits his ability to save people from ghostface. Let’s compare him to the other major heroes.

Sidney , Gale and Dewey : Obviously he has less resources than these guys since Sidney and Dewey appeared in 5 movies and Gale appears in all 6. They were also the main characters and had way more screen time and Danny only appears in Scream VI.

Sam and Tara : Appeared in both Scream 2022 and Scream VI and were the 2 main characters of both of those movies and still had more screen time than Danny.

I would even say he has less resources than Chad and Mindy who were arguably even less admirable than Danny. I would say Danny could stand out for using a risky but smart technique to save Sam and Mindy by using a ladder as a bridge for them to get to his apartment to save them from ghostface.

Final verdict [ ]

I think could qualify for using a ladder to save Sam and Mindy and always protecting Sam.


  1. Danny Johnson “The Ghostface”

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  1. Danny Johnson

    Danny Johnson or "The Ghost Face" is one of 34 Killers currently featured in Dead by Daylight . He was introduced as the Killer of CHAPTER 12: Ghost Face®, a Chapter DLC released on 18 June 2019. The Ghost Face is a creepy Killer, able to stalk his victims and sneak up silently using his Power, Night Shroud. Affected Survivors will find themselves vulnerable and oblivious to his presence and ...

  2. Ghostface (identity)

    Ghostface (alternatively stylized as Ghost Face or GhostFace) is a fictional identity that is adopted by the primary antagonists of the Scream franchise. ... In the game, Ghostface's real identity is Danny Johnson, known by the pseudonym Jed Olsen, a narcissistic freelancer newspaper journalist in the fictional town of Roseville, ...

  3. Danny Johnson

    Danny Johnson, also known as Jed Olsen and The Ghost Face, is one of the playable Killers in Dead by Daylight. A charming journalist by day, and a wicked killer by night, he took on the identity of the famous Ghostface to become famous and be in the newspapers. Danny's fascination with murder...

  4. The Ghost Face (Danny Johnson aka Jed Olsen) Origin Lore

    The Ghost Face (Danny Johnson aka Jed Olsen) Origin Lore | Dead by DaylightNarrated and Visualised Origin Lore for The Ghost Face (Danny Johnson aka Jed Olse...



  6. The Ghost Face

    The Ghost Face Lore. Introducing the newest Killer in Dead by Daylight, the legendary Ghost Face. Learn more about his Power and his Perks in the Ghost Face Chapter.. Danny Johnson, known as Jed Olsen by some, grabbed the newspaper from the kitchen counter: it was a week old, but his face was on the front page, grainy and sunken.

  7. Dead by Daylight

    A stealth-focused Killer capable of approaching unseen, The Ghost Face is adept at stalking his prey. Keep tabs on each individual Survivor, patiently marking them for death - provided you can remain hidden.

  8. Ghostface: A Brilliantly Unfaithful Adaptation

    Welcome, friends and foes, Survivors and Killers. Today we'll be discussing Dead by Daylight's take on the Ghostface killer, how Danny Johnson evolved from t...

  9. THE GHOSTFACE TOME: Murder and Meta-Humour

    Let's talk about the new Tome story starring Dead by Daylight's own Ghostface, Danny Johnson! Read the Ghostface and Mikaela stories for Tome 13 here: https:...

  10. Ghost Face's Gallery

    Go back to Danny Johnson alias Jed Olsen. Artwork [] Chapter Promotional Artwork Featuring The Ghost Face Gameplay [] Store Banners [] Categories Categories: Character galleries; Community content is available under CC BY-NC-SA unless otherwise noted. More Fandoms Horror; Dead by Daylight; Advertisement. Fan Feed

  11. The Ghost Face

    The Ghost Face Lore DBD - In this video we dive into the lore of The Ghost Face, known to some as Danny Johnson, but to his victims as Jed Olsen...📌Social l...

  12. Ghostface

    Danny Johnson or "The Ghost Face" is one of the many Killers currently featured in Dead by Daylight. He was introduced as the Killer of CHAPTER XII: Ghost Face®, a Chapter DLC released on 18 June 2019. The Ghost Face is a creepy killer, able to stalk his victims and sneak up silently using his power, Night Shroud. Affected Survivors will find themselves vulnerable and oblivious to his ...

  13. Dead by Daylight

    The Archives - Tome 13 - Malevolence - All Memories of Danny Johnson aka Ghostface. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching!#dbd #dbdclips #thearchives

  14. Danny Johnson/Gallery

    The following is a gallery of Danny Johnson images. The following is a gallery of Danny Johnson images. Scream Wiki. Explore. Main Page; Discuss; All Pages; Community; Interactive Maps; Recent Blog Posts ... Ghostface(s) Scream. Billy Loomis; Stu Macher; Scream 2. Mickey Altieri; Mrs. Loomis; Scream 3. Roman Bridger; Scream 4. Jill Roberts ...

  15. Danny Johnson GhostFace Quotes

    About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright ...

  16. Wild Scream 6 Theory Claims There Was A Secret Fourth Ghostface

    Danny being the killer in Scream 7 would repeat a Scream trick, but it also fits with what the requels have been doing so far.Scream 2022 mirrored the original Scream in different ways, but mostly in the identity of its two Ghostface killers: the Final Girl's boyfriend (Sidney/Billy, Sam/Richie) and a sidekick who agreed to help just for the thrills (Stu Macher and Amber Freeman).

  17. Ghostface explained

    Ghostface is the main villain of the Scream movies. However, their identity is pretty unique compared to their horror peers. ... Danny Rolling (aka the Gainesville Ripper) killed five students, but besides targeting young women and men, he and Ghostface don't have many striking similarities.

  18. The Ghost Face

    Danny Johnson, also known under the alias of Jed Olsen, was always a fan of scary stories, as his father would tell him stories of humanity's most wretched acts. Growing up, Danny grew to become obsessed with the idea of making his own stories, and so took up the mantle of Ghost Face, a killer in a white mask and dark robe. From there, Danny terrorized the city of Roseville, Florida ...

  19. 5 Ridiculously Early Theories For Scream 7's Ghostface Killer

    Danny being the killer would be an interesting twist, as those found innocent in one Scream film typically don't come back as a killer in the next movie. However, Danny would be an excellent choice for the next Ghostface. At points in Scream 6, it appeared as if he were the killer. Danny was the only one to see Ghostface go after Quinn, and as ...

  20. This New Scream 7 Killer Theory Would Be The Perfect Way To Honor The

    According to Scream 6 director Tyler Gillett (via Collider), Danny actor Josh Segarra had a "f***** awesome" Ghostface reading. While Danny was suspected of being Ghostface due to his novelty to the group and status as Sam's new boyfriend - one of the most suspicious roles to play in the franchise - the character turned out to be harmless in Scream 6's ending.

  21. Scream VI/VII-Danny is an Undercover Ghostface Killer(Possible ...

    Danny is a Psychotic STAB fan similar to Jason and Greg. Danny is a spy who was sent by another Ghostface. Danny is secretly the member of a Ghostface Cult. The Bottom line is that Danny is suspicious and most likely will be revealed to be one of the Ghostface killers in Scream 7.

  22. Wait who became Ghostface first, Danny Johnson or Billy loomis?

    Danny Johnson is a unique character made for this game. He wears the same costume as Billy and Stu and the other characters in the Scream movies, but shares no real connection with them. Reply reply ... The Ghostface mask is owned by FunWorld and licenced by the Scream movies. BHVR license the same mask separately.

  23. 9 Sam & Tara Storylines That Will Never Be Resolved After Scream ...

    Ghostface's Reason For Targeting Sam & Tara Again ... Danny turned out to be a red herring when Scream VI's ending revealed that its family of killers was all related to one of Scream 2022's ...

  24. Danny "Jed Olsen" Johnson

    Flashbacks. Danny "Jed Olsen" Johnson | The Ghost Face Is His Own Warning. To be a Legend is to be remembered, to have your story be told and shared for all to see. The Legend of the Ghost of Roseville brought simultaneous fear and comfort to the people who heard of his murders, making a man who did horrible things into a myth, a monster ...

  25. User blog:AmberFreeman2024/Pure Good Proposal: Danny Brackett

    It is about serial killers known as ghostface who wear a black robe and ghost mask to disguise themselves. They also use a voice modulator to disguise their voice because they also call people usually before killing them. Scream VI (the one Danny appears in) is a sequel to scream 2022 where Sam, Tara, Chad and Mindy have moved to College in New ...