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Get Ready for the Spooky Season With NEW Haunted Mansion Board Game

by Melissa Roden · August 6, 2023

haunted mansion game 2023

With two months still to go until Halloween, Disney’s Haunted Mansion is having its day in the sun due to the box office success of the latest  Haunted Mansion film as well as the popularity of the beloved dark rides at Disney parks around the globe!  Now, we’ve got another way that you can get in on the spooky fun, without heading to the movies or the theme parks! Check out the new Haunted Mansion game currently available on Amazon.   

haunted mansion game 2023

Though the game has previously been released in different incarnations (including one for Disneyland Resort) , this new edition celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World and has been revamped for the festivities. 

This game is all treats and no tricks and is a collaboration between Disney and Funko! Let’s take a closer look! 

haunted mansion game 2023

The Haunted Mansion board game features an illustrated board detailing many of the quirky things you’ll find in the mansion.  This includes some special edition Hitchhiking Ghost figures.  It’s up to players to move around the mansion, down the corridors, through the seance room and avoid some not-so-happy haunts like Constance Hatchaway in the process! 

haunted mansion game 2023

As you wind your way through the haunted house, you’ll collect ghost cards.  Each of the cards has different point values.  At the end of your journey, the player with the most points wins!  

Disney and Funko advise that the game is suitable for ages 8+ and can accommodate 2-6 players.  According to a recent piece in Variety , it takes about half an hour to finish a full game. 

haunted mansion game 2023

Also, trust us when we say that the game is not as simple or as “straight” forward as it looks!  The rotating hallway changes direction which alters the location of the players. This means the winner will remain a mystery until the last cards have been selected! 

In celebration of Disney’s 50th Anniversary, the Haunted Mansion: Call of the Spirits board game features new artwork, glow-in-the-dark happy haunts, and comes complete with a 50th Anniversary seal making it an awesome collector’s item! 

The  Haunted Mansion  Boardgame retails for $26.00 and is currently available on Amazon here.  

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Haunted Mansion

Danny DeVito, Owen Wilson, Mike Benitez, Rosario Dawson, Chase Dillon, Tiffany Haddish, and LaKeith Stanfield in Haunted Mansion (2023)

A single mom named Gabbie hires a tour guide, a psychic, a priest and a historian to help exorcise her newly bought mansion after discovering it is inhabited by ghosts. A single mom named Gabbie hires a tour guide, a psychic, a priest and a historian to help exorcise her newly bought mansion after discovering it is inhabited by ghosts. A single mom named Gabbie hires a tour guide, a psychic, a priest and a historian to help exorcise her newly bought mansion after discovering it is inhabited by ghosts.

  • Justin Simien
  • Katie Dippold
  • LaKeith Stanfield
  • Rosario Dawson
  • Owen Wilson
  • 344 User reviews
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Official Trailer

  • Ben Matthias

Rosario Dawson

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Tiffany Haddish

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Jamie Lee Curtis

  • Madame Leota

Chase Dillon

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Jared Leto

  • William Gracey

Creek Wilson

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Ben Bladon

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Lindsay Lamb

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Christopher Winchester

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The Haunted Mansion

Did you know

  • Trivia Gracey Manor is modeled after the original Disneyland Haunted Mansion. Crump Manor is modeled after Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World.
  • Goofs Later on in the movie, a secret seance room is discovered via blueprints and the room has a domed skylight. The same domed skylight is visible in the backyard, even more so when Ben talks to Travis in the backyard.

Gabbie : I know this place isn't as warm as I hoped. But I'm gonna light a vanilla candle, and it's gonna be a game-changer.

[see ghosts]

Gabbie : Yeah, we gone

  • Crazy credits The Disney's 100th anniversary logo had several variations for that film; in the trailer, the logo was set at night, with the moon above, and is lit up in purple and blue lights. Meanwhile in the actual film, the logo is brighter than usual and is desaturated.
  • Connections Featured in AniMat's Crazy Cartoon Cast: The HARDCORE Powerpuff Girls (2020)
  • Soundtracks His Soul Left Gloss on the Rose Written and Produced by Kris Bowers , Erion Brandon Williams (as Brandon Williams), Derrick James Moss (as Derrick Moss), Paul Michael Robertson (as Paul Robertson), Julian Omari Gosin (as Julian Gosin), Manuel Perkins , Corey Donovan Peyton (as Corey Peyton), Lumar Christopher Leblanc II (as Lumar LeBlanc III), and Marcus Otis Hubbard (as Marcus Hubbard) Performed by The Soul Rebels

User reviews 344

  • zaltman_bleros
  • Oct 4, 2023

Reboots & Remakes

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  • How long is Haunted Mansion? Powered by Alexa
  • July 28, 2023 (United States)
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  • New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  • Walt Disney Productions
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  • Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC)
  • See more company credits at IMDbPro
  • $150,000,000 (estimated)
  • $67,653,287
  • $24,082,475
  • Jul 30, 2023
  • $117,449,790

Technical specs

  • Runtime 2 hours 3 minutes
  • Dolby Surround 7.1
  • Dolby Digital
  • Dolby Atmos
  • 12-Track Digital Sound

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Danny DeVito, Owen Wilson, Mike Benitez, Rosario Dawson, Chase Dillon, Tiffany Haddish, and LaKeith Stanfield in Haunted Mansion (2023)

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Haunted Mansion review: "Breathes new life into the classic Disney ride"

Haunted Mansion

GamesRadar+ Verdict

Family-friendly, spooky fun with surprising emotional heft and an ensemble cast clearly having a ball.

Why you can trust GamesRadar+ Our experts review games, movies and tech over countless hours, so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about our reviews policy.

Disney is no stranger to turning its beloved attractions into films. This isn't even the first time Haunted Mansion has been adapted for the screen; Eddie Murphy headed up a version in 2003 that fared well at the box office (but not so much with critics). But this fresh take from director Justin Simien ( Dear White People ) and scribe Katie Dippold (2016's Ghostbusters ) breathes enthusiastic new life into the classic ride. 

The plot sees single mother Gabbie (Rosario Dawson) and her son Travis (Chase Dillon) seeking to start over in a cobwebbed New Orleans mansion. But when things start going bump in the night, a motley crew of eccentric experts is called in to deal with those (un)happy haunts - and one sinister spectre in particular, Jared Leto's mysterious Hatbox Ghost.  

As our team of paranormal investigators shifts from misfit group of strangers to close-knit found family, a spirited chemistry develops among the starry cast. Danny DeVito (historian), Owen Wilson (priest), and Tiffany Haddish (psychic) bag laugh-out-loud moments, while Jamie Lee Curtis has an entertaining (if small) role as crystal-ball-bound medium Madame Leota. Cameos from Winona Ryder and Dan Levy also delight. And though Leto's performance is buried beneath heavy vocal effects, the Hatbox Ghost emerges as a dastardly foe. 

The Haunted Mansion itself is also a lively character, whipping up family-friendly peril via moving portraits, suddenly endless hallways, and other spooky surprises. Much of the action is confined to but a few rooms; more could have been made of the house's sprawling potential. Still, Simien makes the most of the space as it stands, lovingly packing the movie with Easter eggs (without ever assuming knowledge of the original attractions). 

Anchoring all the wacky fun is a surprisingly emotional performance from LaKeith Stanfield as tour guide Ben, a widower consumed by grief. Chase Dillon, meanwhile, is a moving standout as a struggling, sweet but socially awkward youngster; the film's exploration of loss tugs hard at the heartstrings and makes for a cathartic third act, proving it was well worth re-opening the Mansion doors.

Haunted Mansion is in US theaters from July 28 and in UK cinemas from August 11. For everything else the House of Mouse has in store, see our guide to all the upcoming Disney movies . 

Molly Edwards

I'm an Entertainment Writer here at GamesRadar+, covering all things film and TV for the site's Total Film and SFX sections. I previously worked on the Disney magazines team at Immediate Media, and also wrote on the CBeebies, MEGA!, and Star Wars Galaxy titles after graduating with a BA in English. 

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Review: haunted house (2023).

' src=

Earlier in 2023, it was announced that Atari was reviving the series that many consider to be the very first survival horror video game, Haunted House , originally released in 1982.

The series has come back several times over the years since it’s original release, with four new entries being released before we arrived at this new one for 2023, but after getting to play the game at PAX West earlier this year, it was clear that this would be on a different level than all of the previous attempts to revive the series.

The premise of this Haunted House is essentially an isometric stealth horror game with a lot of fun mechanics and rogue-lite elements that make certain levels and item placements randomized to a mild extent, and after fully finishing the game, we can see if it fully lives up to what it promised and if the whole game holds up as well as the beta version we got to play at PAX a few months ago.

Haunted house 2023

There is a light story to the game that lands very close to the original Haunted House , but with a little more character being put in, since you play as Lyn, the niece of Zachary Graves, whose mansion you also also explored in the previous games. Lyn comes to the mansion with four of her young friends to find out what happened to her uncle and find out why she hasn’t heard from him in so long.

The characters and art style here are a great balance between being cute and fun, but not going too far into looking wholly cartoonish or devoid of detail in their design, and everything in the game is fun to look at in general. The story does progress as you get closer to finding your uncle, and you also end up having to collect pieces of a broken urn to complete the main objectives, just like you did in the original Haunted House . Along the way, there’s a few twists and turns that will change your objectives and surprise you along the way, which tends to just lead to an extension of how much you still have to complete, but it all flows pretty well and has a satisfying ending.

The enemy designs and abilities are also a great balance where they’re creepy enough to feel threatening and make you uncomfortable, but still a bit cutesy to a certain extent, and it strikes a nice balance and makes all of them feel like a genuine threat if your stealth is broken.

Haunted house 2023

Moving on to the gameplay, that’s where this game really shines, with the stealth elements and all its mechanics leading to fun gameplay that also doesn’t go too far down the route of randomization like some rogue-type games do. You’ll need to use your lantern as well as many different items to complete all your objectives, with several different enemy types that all have different abilities, vision cones, and hearing levels which require you to use different strategies to avoid or get rid of them.

You’ll be able to avoid most of them by sneaking, which requires the lantern to be turned off and to walk much slower than usual, but you can also walk or run, creating various levels of noise that can alert nearby enemies, but you also have the ability to do a stealth takedown and eliminate most enemies by sneaking up right behind them and blasting them away with your lantern. This adds a great level of variety and challenge to the gameplay, as many enemy placements are set up in a way that it’s impossible to sneak up on them, and tracking each enemy’s patrol is vital to being able to sneak up on them, if that’s the route you choose to go with.

The items you obtain can do anything from distract the enemies, make your walking silent, and heal you, among other things, and they end up being the key to success in certain areas and again certain enemy types. All of these elements come together to make an experience that stays fulfilling, challenging, and fun throughout as you rush to complete the game’s three main mansion wings and all the secrets that lie within.

Haunted house 2023

As you progress through the game, you also have the opportunity to unlock new characters that all have different base stats that you can use to better suit your gameplay style, and you can also upgrade each character by collecting upgrade points and choosing what you want to upgrade. There’s a lot of room for customization, and these upgrades become quite necessary as you get into the later levels of the game, which ratchet up the difficulty of your runs quite a bit, but it all feels satisfying to finally upgrade something that can help you clear the wing you’re currently on.

There’s also a handful of collectible items that give you extra items and upgrade points, which are a nice touch, but they are fairly few and far between, and are also randomized along with the level layouts, so we didn’t come across too many on a normal playthrough of the full game.

Haunted house 2023

As you get towards what appears to be the end of the game, you’ll run into some unfortunate difficulty spikes that escalate very quickly and suddenly, as well as what feels like a cheap way to extend the gameplay further by making you replay the same wing of the house more than once, but also offering no checkpoints or ability to prepare yourself for this unexpected extra two stages of the game that appear right at the end.

It made the progression slow down to a point where grinding for upgrades became necessary, which hadn’t happened in the game up to that point at all, and although it did add some extra challenge overall, it did get frustrating and feel a little bit like a lazy way to pad out the gameplay.

This doesn’t break the game, but it may leave many players a bit frustrated towards the end and breaks what was otherwise a swift and satisfying journey through the mansion up until that point.

Haunted house 2023

The game looks and runs very well on the console version we were able to test, and this seems to be the case across many platforms, as far as we’ve seen from other reports. The controls feel great and very accurate throughout, making the gameplay that much more satisfying and fun to play.

From a technical standpoint, there were a good handful of bugs when the game first launched, but many of these have been patched since the launch, making the experience more smooth in general. There were some bugs of getting stuck in walls or thrust into a scenario where enemies were automatically alerted and locked on to you before you even walk in the room, among a few other things that tended to just require a restart of your current run. How much these bugs would affect your progress varied on several factors, but they’re still frustrating when you encounter them.

Haunted house 2023

Overall, the value this game provides for its relatively low cost of entry is extremely worthwhile, with somewhere around 6-8 hours of gameplay to get through the main game, with certainly a lot more left to do after finishing the main story, if you want to get all the upgrades and collectibles.

Haunted House 2023 shows a lot of love for Atari’s history and legacy while also being one of the best games they’ve released in modern times. It’s easily the best Haunted House game to ever hit the market, and it’s available to play on all modern platforms. We highly recommend it to anyone looking for some spooky fun over the holidays this year.

( 8.5 / 10 ) Great

Rely on Horror Review Score Guide

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haunted mansion game 2023

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Op-Ed: ‘Haunted Mansion’ Will Be Disney’s ‘Super Mario Bros.’

in Disney , Movies

Mario fist-bumping, Danny DeVito in Haunted Mansion

The reviews have started coming in for Disney’s Haunted Mansion (2023), and they’re not great. However, early audience reactions have been mostly positive. This prompts the question: could Haunted Mansion face the same financial fate as  The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)?

Characters climb the stairs in a poster for Disney's upcoming 'Haunted Mansion' (2023)

Related: Review: ‘Haunted Mansion’ Brings the Classic Disney Ride to Life

Haunted Mansion is finally making its theatrical debut, and fans of the ride couldn’t be more excited . Not only does it have an outstanding cast with LaKeith Stanfield, Rosario Dawson, Owen Wilson, Tiffany Haddish, Danny DeVito, and Jamie Lee Curtis, but it has everything that you love from the ride, including impeccable details and the notorious Hatbox Ghost .

Unfortunately, critics haven’t shown the same enthusiasm for the film . Despite saying it was better than the previous attempt (the 2003 film starring Eddie Murphy), Haunted Mansion has largely been skewered by critics for being too generic and depending too much on references to the classic attraction. While this may seem disappointing to some, one other film already came out this year and proved the critics wrong: The Super Mario Bros. Movie .

‘Haunted Mansion’   is Already Following the Same Journey as ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’

Donkey Kong on fire while Mario holds a mushroom in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Earlier this year,  The Super Mario Bros. Movie was released in theaters, and there are a lot of similarities between that film’s journey and Haunted Mansion’s . For one, the film is based on a beloved IP and features a large, impressive cast, including Chris Pratt, Jack Black , Charlie Day, Any Taylor-Joy, Seth Rogen , and many others.

Despite fans being excited about the movie, critics were equally scathing about Nintendo’s golden boy, saying that despite being better than the previous attempt (the 1987 film starring Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo ), the movie was too generic and dependent on references to the classic game.

However, their criticism didn’t seem to have any effect , and  The Super Mario Bros. Movie has gone on to be the highest-grossing animated film of all time, surpassing  Frozen II (2019), and is also the most successful movie that has been “certified rotten” by Rotten Tomatoes. And after seeing  Haunted Mansion , there’s no reason it can’t achieve similar results.

Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito, and Tiffany Haddish character posters for Haunted Mansion

Related: ‘Haunted Mansion’ Director Breaks Silence on Guillermo del Toro’s Axed Disney Movie

That being said, the comparison isn’t perfect. The fandom over a Disney Park ride is much more niche than Mario, arguably the most recognized video game character in the world. Also, Haunted Mansion is rated PG-13 , while The Super Mario Bros. Movie is rated PG. And the fact that there are frightening and paranormal elements could be turn-offs to certain families.

Still, there are enough similarities pointing to Haunted Mansion having more success at the box office than naysayers already declare. While it may not reach the same heights as The Super Mario Bros. Movie , the film based on Disney’s most beloved attraction could still be its saving grace .

Do you think Disney’s Haunted Mansion captured the spirit of the ride? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

The products discussed here were independently chosen by our editors. GameSpot may get a share of the revenue if you buy anything featured on our site.

Haunted Mansion Scares Up An October Release On Disney Plus And Blu-Ray

The spooky adaptation of the Disney theme park ride will be available to stream soon.

By Darryn Bonthuys on September 19, 2023 at 10:15AM PDT

Announced at Destination D23--and just in time for the spooky season--Disney's Haunted Mansion will be headed to Blu-ray and Disney+ in October . Originally released in July, Haunted Mansion is inspired by the classic theme park ride at Disney World that first opened up in 1969, this is a separate film to the infamous 2003 box office flop, a family-friendly horror comedy that starred Eddie Murphy.

This new incarnation stars Rosario Dawson, Owen Wilson, Jamie Lee Curtis, LaKeith Stanfield, Jared Leto, Danny DeVito, and Chase Dillon, and is about a woman and her son who enlist a motley crew of so-called spiritual experts to help evict supernatural squatters from their home. For the physical release, Haunted Mansion will be available on 4K Ultra HD and HD Blu-ray starting October 17, with each release containing several extra features.

Disney's Haunted Mansion

Over at Best Buy, you can preorder the Haunted Mansion Blu-ray for $40, which comes packaged in a steelbook that's adorned with sinister designs. Like other 4K UHD Blu-ray releases, this version comes with a standard Blu-ray copy of the film and a code to watch it digitally.

If you can't wait for the physical release, the good news is that Haunted Mansion will be available to stream on Disney+ starting October 4.

The film wasn't a box office success--taking in only $65.5 million from its US run--but over on GameSpot's sister site Metacritic , the film has generally mixed to positive reviews. Several critics described it as a spooky and fun film, albeit one that's inconsistent with its tone and direction.

For more details, you can check out 25 Haunted Mansion Easter eggs and GameSpot's interview with Haunted Mansion director Justin Simien on how the film balanced grief, death, and humor.

haunted mansion game 2023

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haunted mansion game 2023

Haunted Mansion (2023) Review

Wait i should warn you before you step inside the house, this could change the course of your entire life..

haunted mansion game 2023

Haunted Mansion (2023) will be released as a supernatural horror comedy, the second adaptation of Walt Disney’s theme park attraction. Unfortunately, the first film received negative feedback from fans who felt it spoiled their cherished childhood memories due to its poor script, bad performances, and simple plot that not even Eddie Murphy could save. As a result, some viewers may be hesitant to allow their children to watch the newest version. However, the 2023 version brilliantly captures the essence of Disney’s iconic theme park attraction, taking viewers on a thrilling ride through memory lane. The movie’s impeccable attention to detail offers an authentic experience that will captivate audiences of all ages. From the eerie atmosphere to the spine-tingling special effects and laugh-out-loud moments, this film successfully redeems the first film’s horrifying experience.


In Haunted Mansion (2023) , a single mother and her son move into a mansion in New Orleans only to discover it is haunted. To rid their home of the ghosts, they hire a team consisting of a former paranormal investigator turned tour guide, a priest, a psychic, and a college history professor. As they delve into the hauntings and the mansion’s history, they uncover unsettling truths and realize that things are not as they appear. Alongside this, the human characters grapple with their struggles concerning grief, self-doubt, and the importance of family-both blood and chosen.

Unfortunately, the story follows the typical horror movie trope of a family wanting to start over who purchases an inexpensive mansion to find that it is haunted. The only redeeming quality is the exceptional writing of the screenplay. For example, when the mother sees the first hint that the mansion is haunted, she immediately nopes out of the situation, which is a refreshing and realistic response. Still, she is forced to return to the mansion because the ghosts follow them to multiple hotels, giving them a compelling reason to return and figure out why they are being haunted.

The screenplay was written by Katie Dippold, who is most known for writing on The Heat , Parks and Recreation , and Ghostbusters . The script of Haunted Mansion (2023) stands out from its predecessor by masterfully weaving together the tales of the living and dead, tackling weighty topics like death and grief with a blend of humor and horror. Even though the movie’s plot wasn’t unique, these elements elevate it beyond a bland story and make it effective.

In addition to its well-written script, the film’s score stands out right from the beginning with its lively jazz music that makes you yearn to stroll through New Orleans’ iconic streets. However, you’ll quickly rethink that wish as the score quickly changes from upbeat to ominous when we step foot inside the haunted mansion for the first time. From there score is effectively used to match the film’s different moods – be it humorous, poignant, or suspenseful – thereby intensifying the viewing experience for the audience.

The Special Effects


DNEG and Industrial Light & Magic were both responsible for the visual effects in Haunted Mansion (2023) , whose combined works include Fast X , Nimona , Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves , and Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One. Both effects companies are highly respected, and the fact that both were chosen to provide special effects for the film demonstrates Disney’s dedication to ensuring this aspect of the film was executed correctly.

Overall, the Haunted Mansion’s visual effects were done well and used in appropriate spots in the film without feeling overused (mainly the spooky residents living at the mansion). There’s one scene at the end of the film that I won’t spoil, but it was like Deja Vu because of how well-crafted it was and how close to The Haunted Mansion ride it was.

However, the visual effects weren’t all great, and a few moments felt cheesy or out of place with the film’s primary use of practical effects. For instance, I laughed when The Hat-Box Ghost’s appearance was finally revealed because I was disappointed at how his appearance felt overly cheesy, like a bad Halloween costume, and all the leadup to him being this evil antagonist was a colossal letdown. I wasn’t afraid of him, and the payoff didn’t work for me, and kids would find him goofy looking rather than spooky.

The Haunted Mansion Ride


The Haunted Mansion is an attraction ride that can be found at Disneyland (1969), Magic Kingdom (1971), and Tokyo Disneyland (1983). The ride takes place on “Doom Buggies,” Omnimover vehicles. Riders can also view a walk-through show while waiting in line. Each location has its unique design, using a variety of technologies, including both old and new techniques, such as theatrical effects from centuries ago and modern special effects like spectral Audio-Animatronics.

Haunted Mansion (2023) is the second film based on their iconic ride, so you might wonder how authentic the film is to its source material. During an interview at the SDCC Directors on Directors’ Panel , Siemin told Collider that it was vital that they use practical in-camera effects instead of relying heavily on CGI. After visiting the ride the film is based on, he asked Disney to let him build the mansion and its interiors with meticulous details so that everything would look as authentic as possible.

As a child and adult, I visited The Haunted Mansion Ride at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom. I can attest that the mansion’s interior, its eerie residents, and the practical and visual effects in the movie were exceptional and accurate to the ride. Recently, I had the pleasure of taking my grandmother to a screening of Haunted Mansion (2023) , and we enjoyed reminiscing about our previous trips to the ride and was a delightful experience that allowed us to relive some cherished memories.

The Ensemble Cast


Haunted Mansion’s primary cast comprises LaKeith Stanfield, Rosario Dawson, Chase Dillon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jared Leto, Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito, and Tiffany Haddish. At first, I was a little skeptical about the strange casting of this group of actors, but it mostly worked. Each actor brought their personality and skills to the film, and what resulted was very entertaining. For instance, DeVito brought his zany personality and humor, while Stanfield brought his pain and sorrow.

However, I was most impressed by Dillon’s acting skills in his role as Travis. Despite being a young actor, he efficiently delivered humorous and emotional scenes and held his own among the adult cast. However, I found Haddish’s portrayal of Harriet exaggerated and not in line with the film’s comedic tone. As a result, I found myself cringing whenever she appeared on the screen. Instead, I wished they would have given Haddish’s role to Curtis as Curtis played the more convincing psychic with way less screen time. On another positive note, Leto’s voice performance as Alistair Crump was well done, which may relieve those worried about his previous antics and recent performances.

The Verdict – Enjoy the Ride


What makes Haunted Mansion (2023) so successful is the meticulous recreation of Disney’s iconic ride through practical and visual effects, a well-written script that covers heavy themes such as death and grief while balancing horror and humor equally, and the fantastic score that brings it all together. Older fans of the iconic ride will be pointing at the screen as they notice all the easter eggs from their favorite childhood experiences, while younger kids will be spooked, but in a fun way. Although it has a few drawbacks, mainly out-of-place visual effects, and a miscast actor, they are easily overlooked because of the enjoyable ride you will have while watching this movie.

- This article was updated on November 27th, 2023

About The Author

Avatar photo

Matthew Kevin Mitchell has been a contributing writer for Attack of the Fanboy and PC Invasion since 2022. Matthew primarily covers Manga like One Piece, horror movies like Scream, and survival horror games like Dead by Daylight. His favorite moment came during his first press event covering Scream 6 for AotF. He hails from Denver, Colorado, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Regis University. When he isn’t scaring himself silly or writing, he loves to play ice hockey, spoil his dog, and drink an unhealthy amount of coffee.

More Stories by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Attack of the Fanboy / Entertainment / Haunted Mansion (2023) Review


  • Score: 4 / 5
  • Available On:
  • Published By: Rideback
  • Developed By: Walt Disney Studios
  • Genre: Horror Comedy
  • US Release Date: July 28, 2023
  • Reviewed On: The Big Screen
  • Quote: " Haunted Mansion (2023) is a comedy horror adaptation of the beloved Disney theme park attraction. Featuring a well-written script, breathtaking visual effects, and a hauntingly beautiful musical score, this film will surely delight fans of the original ride as they uncover all the hidden references and Easter eggs. Even younger viewers can enjoy the thrill of being scared in a fun and exciting way. As Haunted Mansion (2023) hits the big screen, prepare for a spine-chilling ride into the unknown."

Haunted House

Haunted House

haunted mansion game 2023

Images & Screenshots

haunted mansion game 2023

Haunted House News

Haunted House - Official Launch Trailer | The Indie Horror Showcase 2023

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Disney’s The Haunted Mansion (video game) – FULL GAME walkthrough | Longplay

haunted mansion game 2023

All Boss Battles ➤ More Longplays Playlist ➤

Developer: High Voltage Software Publisher: TDK Mediactive Platforms: PS2, Xbox, GC Release Date: 2003 Genre: Action, Adventure

The Haunted Mansion video game, The Haunted Mansion gameplay, Disney’s The Haunted Mansion video game, Disney’s The Haunted Mansion walkthrough, the haunted mansion trailer, the haunted mansion gametrailer, the haunted mansion game ps2, Original Source Link

Symmetra Gameplay Preview | Overwatch | 1080p HD, 60 FPS

All the deepwoken weapons and how to use them, related articles.

haunted mansion game 2023

Limbo Chapter 15 – Walkthrough Game Guide – ReincarnatedGamer

haunted mansion game 2023

#new #games #water #cartoon #gaming #gameingworld #viral #gameplay #gamesworld #youtubeshorts

haunted mansion game 2023


haunted mansion game 2023

The LEGO Movie Videogame – The Bonus Room 100% Guide – All 10 Gold Bricks

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10 Best Horror Games Of 2023

Posted: December 27, 2023 | Last updated: December 27, 2023

It’s been a great year for horror games. In fact, it’s arguably been the very best . Both on the indie scene and in the mainstream, developers have been flaunting their horror chops, giving us beautifully crafted remakes of some of the classics, interesting directional shifts for established series, and unthinkable fusions between cozy fishing games and Lovecraftian nightmares.

DualShockers Definitives: 10 Best Video Game Villains Of 2023

Whether your desired horror outcome is squealing in delight at a jump-scare, trembling with ecstatic fear at unbearable suspense, or being weirded out by dark powers of other dimensions, 2023 has accounted for horror from all angles, and here are our top 10, as voted on by the DS Staff.

Disclaimer : These rankings are based on a direct vote put out to DualShockers’ 100+ contributors, writers, and editors , not our individual reviews.

The Outlast Trials

Co-op horror done right.

We weren’t expecting huge things from The Outlast Trials , given that horror’s moved on from the cheap-scare stylings of the previous entries in the series, but this co-op spin-off became an unlikely favorite here at DualShockers, giving our team plenty of thrills and compelling us enough that we decided to chat with the devs about it .

It builds suspense brilliantly, before exploding into frantic chases.

The idea is that you’re stuck in an MK-Ultra-style facility and must initiate themed missions (warped iterations of a circus, a police station, etc.) with up to three pals to solve puzzles while being chased by frenzied—and often naked—goons. It builds suspense brilliantly, before exploding into frantic chases, and even has a fun hub space where you can engage in armwrestling tournaments with other players.

A Cozy Fishing Nightmare

Oh, what it is to be fishing out at sea; the briney air, the wind beating on your ruddy fisherman face, the unspeakable deep-sea monstrosities that emerge to try and drag you into the endless darkness below. Dredge is a relaxing fishing indie game by day, but when night falls it turns into a mysterious horror bound to give even the hardiest sailors bouts of thalassophobia.

Our Matt O’Dwyer loved it , regaling us about the time he spent so long out at sea that his sleepless fishermen began to hallucinate. You can approach it as a fairly chill fishing sim, but big rewards await those willing to brave the darkness of the oceanic beyond.

Layers of Fear

Gaming's best ghost train, revisited.

Bloober Team’s beloved ghost train game casts you as a painter navigating a haunted house that turns into a nightmarish psychedelic trip as the walls shift, paintings deform, and the ghost of your wife stalks you through the building. This remake bundles together both Layers of Fear games, their DLCs, and an all-new chapter set in a lighthouse, uplifting all of them to Unreal Engine 5, making the horror feel more tangible than ever.

Unreal Engine 5 makes the horror feel more tangible than ever.

Our Rob Zak had mixed feelings about it, praising the visuals but condemning the storytelling , but the DualShockers writership has spoken, and the Layers of Fear paints its way into our end-of-year Top 10.

Layers of Fears (2023)

Dead island 2, welcome to hell-a.

It’s rare for a game that’s been through development hell and back to come good in the end, but to the surprise of just about everyone, Dead Island 2 turned out pretty great. Casting aside the fact that LA is clearly not an island, it’s a vicious, splattery first-person brawler that’s best enjoyed with a bunch of electrified-shovel-wielding pals.

Our reviewer CJ gave the game an 8.6/10 , appreciating the representation of ‘Hell-A’ and how it let you experience the city, from its hillside mansions to iconic beachfronts, with a thick slick of gore splattered over the idyllic setting.

Darkest Dungeon 2

Into the depths once more.

After its Early Access journey, Darkest Dungeon 2 launched in 2023, and it did so with all the unapologetic difficulty, fantastic atmosphere, and grueling roguelike (roguelite?) design that you’d expect if you played the original . But the sequel also shakes things up, with a polished new art style that doesn’t lose any of the original’s brooding, gothic charm, a bunch of new characters and classes, and improved balancing.

The sequel has a polished new art style that doesn’t lose any of the original’s brooding, gothic charm.

As your party delves into the procedurally generated dungeons and suffer through hideous monsters, dwindling sanity, and mental strain, they’ll also form relationships this time out, giving a nice bit of narrative flavor to the largely relentless experience.

World Of Horror

Lovecraft meets junji ito.

After four years in early access, the gorgeously 1-bit-styled story-led horror—part point-and-click, part RPG—finally launched this year. Through a roguelite structure, where death is part of the journey, you explore a Japanese town beset by rampant Old Gods and other horrors that fuse the imagery of Junji Ito and H.P. Lovecraft.

You explore a Japanese town beset by rampant Old Gods.

The dearly departed Josh Furr praised the game’s awesome imagery and atmosphere , as he took on the game’s mysteries, named such things as ‘Spine-Chilling Story of School Scissors.’ World of Horror is a dark, unforgiving game with a great mystery at its core that unfurls across several playable protagonists, and many, many deaths.

World of Horror

Sons of the forest, survival-horror — or is it horror-survival.

Still in Early Access, the sequel to the hit 2014 survival game has been a phenomenal success. Stranded on a remote island, you must chop wood, gather food, and establish some semblance of safety for you and up to seven players alongside you, all while fending off the myriad horrors that emerge from the surrounding woods.

You can play through the story, or just treat it as a spooky open-world survival sandbox. Either way, Sons of the Forest is already very good, and it’s only going to get better as it marches toward full release.

Sons of the Forest

Dead space remake, a stompingly good time.

The start of the year feels like a long time ago, and some of us have only recently begun stomping Necromorphs into oblivion , but the Dead Space Remake established itself early on as a GOTY contender. Redesigning certain parts of the daunting USG Ishimura mining ship to allow for more exploration, ramping up the graphics (while keeping them incredibly well optimized), and fleshing out the story have been some of the most noticeable changes, but Dead Space very much feels like an uplifted version of the terrifying, ultraviolent space horror we remember from 2008; and that’s great.

The remake supersedes it in the tasteful and faithful way that it should.

Our Elijah loved most of the changes in his review, giving the game an 8.9/10 , including slightly revamped weapons that make dismembering those vile Necromorphs even more satisfying. The original is one of the best horror games of all time, but the remake supersedes it in the tasteful and faithful way that it should, reigniting that singular, solitary horror that so many of us loved all those years ago.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Our 7/10 review for Resident Evil 4 Remake was a bit of an outlier, but that wasn’t going to stop what’s widely seen as a triumphant remake shooting to second place in our horror GOTY rankings. It gives previously stereotyped characters like Luis and Ashley some much-needed characterisation , it modernizes the visuals and outdated elements (walk-and-shoot—yay!), and it offers hero Leon Kennedy more room to explore the iconic, desolate region of rural Spain.

Ignore the weirdo holdouts who can’t handle progressive change . This is everything a remake should be—both loving homage and deftly handled upgrade—and is the best way to enjoy the game that revolutionized action-horror.

Alan Wake 2

All-in on weirdness.

Remakes are great and everything, but there’s nothing quite like an utterly weird and original game that straddles multiple genres (which ultimately orbit around eerie Twilight-Zone-Twin-Peaksy horror) while somehow managing to integrate FMV segments that actually work . Well, Alan Wake 2 is that game, and it’s an absolute treat.

It gives a ton of material for Remedy’s recently established connected universe.

It’s not perfect, such as a combat system that very much makes you feel like a neurotic writer (albeit with some great dance moves) fumbling around in his own headspace, but this dark, spiraling wormhole of a story is one that will stick with you. Excellent side-characters , an interesting dual-protagonist setup, and some fantastic environments to explore in a fondly Silent Hill kinda way make for the best horror game of the year, and one of the most unique horror games ever made.

It gives a ton of material for Remedy’s recently established connected universe (currently inhabited by Control and Alan Wake ), and most importantly it makes us look forward to whatever weirdness comes next from the fantastic collective creativity of the Finnish studio. Alan Wake 2 earned a 9.4/10 from DualShockers .

DualShockers Definitives: 10 Games With The Best Art Direction In 2023

10 Best Horror Games Of 2023

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Nielsen Streaming Top 10: ‘Percy Jackson & the Olympians’ Debuts at No. 4 on Originals Chart as ‘Young Sheldon’ Climbs Back to No. 1 Overall

By BreAnna Bell

BreAnna Bell

  • Netflix Top 10: ‘American Nightmare’ Opens at No. 1 on English TV Chart as ‘Lift’ Remains Most-Viewed Title for Second Week 2 hours ago
  • Morena Baccarin to Guest Star in ‘Fire Country’ Season 2 4 hours ago
  • ‘Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story’ Documentary Set at Hulu 1 day ago


Following its Dec. 19 premiere, Disney’s “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” series officially cracked Nielsen’s Top 10 streaming chart during the Dec. 18-24 viewing window, landing at No. 4 on the Originals list with 572 million minutes viewed.

Disney released only the first two 40-minute episodes of the new series during this interval, meaning “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” had just 80 available minutes for viewing in comparison to “Reacher” (520), “The Crown “(3,424), and “My Life with the Walter Boys” (446). Nielsen counts minutes viewed across all episodes of a series in its Top 10 ranker.

“Reacher” continues to maintain its steady hold on the second place slot despite the second season’s fourth episode not being included in this week’s interval. The series recorded nearly 1.2 billion minutes viewed as the first three episodes of Season 2 entered into its first full of week of streaming.

“ Young Sheldon ” climbed its way back to No. 1 on the chart after previously falling to “Leave the World Behind” in the last two rankings. Across Max and Netflix, the licensed pickup landed 1.4 billion minutes viewed in its fifth week since the series debuted on Netflix while “Leave the World Behind” dropped to fourth place with 983 million minutes.

Netflix’s “The Crown” ranked third this week with 1.14 billion minutes — a slight jump from last week’s fourth place ranking despite the small drop in minutes viewed (the series recorded 1.22 billion minutes viewed last week in its first four days of availability).

As the holidays drew closer, Christmas films also had a resurgence with holiday classics movies like “Elf” (862 million), “Home Alone” (836 million), “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (700 million) and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” (649 million) making a comeback on the Films chart. The first two films also landed on the overall chart at No. 8 and No. 9, respectively. Also, new Christmas film “Candy Cane Lane” stayed in the top 10 films list, picking up 597 million minutes viewed.

See Nielsen’s list of overall streaming rankings for Dec. 18-24 first, followed by original streaming titles, acquired titles and then films.

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Russia-Ukraine war live: ‘War is returning to Russia,’ says Zelenskiy, after drones damage Moscow buildings – as it happened

Night-time drone attack damages two office blocks, as Ukrainian president says ‘this is an inevitable … and absolutely fair process’

  • What we know on day 522 of the invasion
  • 30 Jul 2023 Closing summary
  • 30 Jul 2023 'War is returning to Russia', says Zelenskiy
  • 30 Jul 2023 Russia would fire nuclear weapon if Ukraine succeeds in counteroffensive, says Medvedev
  • 30 Jul 2023 Summary
  • 30 Jul 2023 Putin: Russia is 'building up the power of its navy'
  • 30 Jul 2023 Pope Francis calls on Russia to restore Black Sea grain deal
  • 30 Jul 2023 Putin says Russian navy will get 30 new ships this year
  • 30 Jul 2023 'We did not reject them': Putin says African plan could be basis for peace, but elements 'difficult or impossible'
  • 30 Jul 2023 Moscow buildings damaged by drone attacks, one injured – Russian officials
  • 30 Jul 2023 Opening summary

A damaged office block of the Moscow International Business Center following a reported drone attack.

'We did not reject them': Putin says African plan could be basis for peace, but elements 'difficult or impossible'

Vladimir Putin has been speaking about the African peace initiative at a press conference after meeting African leaders in St Petersburg, where they have been pressing him to move ahead with their peace plan.

Putin says the African proposal could be a basis for peace in Ukraine , but that Ukrainian attacks made it hard to realise.

“There are provisions of this peace initiative that are being implemented,” he said. “But there are things that are difficult or impossible to implement.”

Putin says that one of the points in the initiative was a ceasefire. “But the Ukrainian army is on the offensive, they are attacking, they are implementing a large-scale strategic offensive operation... We cannot cease fire when we are under attack.”

On the question of starting peace talks, he said, “We did not reject them... In order for this process to begin, there needs to be agreement on both sides.”

Volodymyr Zelenskiy has rejected the idea of a ceasefire now that would leave Russia in control of nearly a fifth of his country and give its forces time to regroup after 17 grinding months of war. Moscow has long argued it is open to dialogue but Kyiv would have to accept its “new territorial realities”.

Moscow buildings damaged by drone attacks, one injured – Russian officials

More on the report of the drone attacks in Moscow.

Russia’s state news agency Tass sent an update saying a security guard was injured in the attacks, citing emergency officials.

Russia’s defence ministry said a Ukrainian drone was destroyed in the air over the Odintsovo district and two others crashed in Moscow, according to Tass, and the attack prompted a temporary closure of one of four airports around the Russian capital.

The city’s mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, posted on Telegram that the “facades of two city office towers were slightly damaged”. He added that there were “no victims or injured”.

There is still no comment from Kyiv. It’s the latest in a series of recent drone assaults – including on the Kremlin and Russian towns near the border with Ukraine – that Moscow has blamed on Kyiv.

Tass reported that the capital’s Vnukovo airport was “closed for departures and arrivals, flights are redirected to other airports”. Within less than an hour, operations appeared to return to normal.

You can read our full story here .

Emergencies services  gather outside the damaged office building in Moscow

Opening summary

Welcome back to our live coverage of the war in Ukraine . This is Christine Kearney with the latest.

Our top stories this morning:

A night-time drone attack on Moscow damaged two office blocks, the mayor of the Russian capital said early Sunday. A security guard was injured, Russia’s state news agency Tass reported, citing emergency officials.

“Ukrainian drones attacked tonight. Facades of two city office towers were slightly damaged,” Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin posted on Telegram.

Kyiv is yet to comment, but Ukraine typically declines to claim responsibility for attacks on Russia. The Kremlin has accused Ukraine of a series of drone attacks on its territory in recent months, including a drone strike on the Kremlin.

Meanwhile, Russian president Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that an African initiative could be a basis for peace in Ukraine, but that Ukrainian attacks made it hard to realise.

Speaking at a press conference after meeting African leaders in St Petersburg, he said there are provisions of the peace initiative that are being implemented, “but there are things that are difficult or impossible to implement”.

More on these stories shortly. Elsewhere:

A group of 100 mercenaries from the Russian Wagner group moved closer to the Belarusian city of Grodno near the Polish border, the Polish prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, said, raising fears of a potentially “dangerous” situation. Poland and Lithuania are considering closing their respective borders with Belarus amid concerns over the Wagner group.

Kyrylo Budanov, the head of the main intelligence directorate of Ukraine’s defence ministry, raised the prospect of Ukrainian forces “soon” entering Crimea in an effort to retake the peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014. Crimea has been subject to attacks in recent weeks – including an explosion which damaged the Kerch Bridge two weeks ago.

The UN secretary-general, António Guterres, has criticised Russia’s “handful of donations [of grain] to some countries” which he said does not offset the consequences of the end of the Black Sea initiative.

South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa, called for the reopening of the Black Sea grain initiative at a summit with Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

Saudi Arabia plans to host talks next weekend to discuss a path towards peace in Ukraine , convening representatives from Kyiv, western powers and developing countries, officials said. Russia will not attend the meeting in the Red Sea coastal city of Jeddah.

Ukrainian soldiers have been observed firing North Korean rockets that they said were seized by a “friendly” country before being delivered to Ukraine, it was reported.

A Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant engineer has been held illegally by Russia since his “abduction” last month and is being subjected to torture, the Ukrainian state nuclear energy company claimed.

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, visited Ukrainian troops in “advanced positions” near the eastern Bakhmut frontline.

A Ukrainian serviceman shows Volodymyr Zelenskiy a national special ops flag in Donetsk.

A Russian rocket attack killed one civilian and injured five more in the north-eastern city of Sumy late on Saturday, Ukraine’s interior ministry said . Ukraine’s national police posted video on Telegram showing one person being carried away in a stretcher.

Unesco representatives arrived in Odesa to assess the damage to cultural and religious sites caused by Russian strikes on 19 to 23 July.

Ukraine’s energy minister says he is confident Ukraine will keep lights on this winter. German Galushchenko did not give details, but said the country was adding power in ways it had never done before

  • Ukraine war live
  • Vladimir Putin

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Scrap iron pieces sculptures park of Moscow city

2 Comments · Posted by Sergei Rzhevsky in Cities , Funny , Photos

The park from the following photos is located in Moscow city and has the name “The Planet Shelezyaka” (meaning the planet of scrap pieces of iron). The park is known for a number of sculptures made of various used pieces of iron.

Moscow city, Russia sculptures of iron pieces

Tags:  Moscow city

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' src=

Tomás · June 25, 2010 at 4:04 pm

Sincerelly Marvellous !!

' src=

Dirk - Thomas de Boer · August 10, 2010 at 10:20 pm

u heeft niet alleen kleine kunstenaars, maar ook volwassenen met heel veel fantasie. En het oog van het hergebruik van dingen.

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    In celebration of Disney's 50th Anniversary, the Haunted Mansion: Call of the Spirits board game features new artwork, glow-in-the-dark happy haunts, and comes complete with a 50th Anniversary seal making it an awesome collector's item! The Haunted Mansion Boardgame retails for $26.00 and is currently available on Amazon here.

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    Haunted Mansion 2023 PG-13 2h 3m IMDb RATING 6.1 /10 40K YOUR RATING Rate POPULARITY 773 89 Comedy Drama Family A single mom named Gabbie hires a tour guide, a psychic, a priest and a historian to help exorcise her newly bought mansion after discovering it is inhabited by ghosts. Director Justin Simien Writer Katie Dippold Stars LaKeith Stanfield

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    Haunted House 2023 shows a lot of love for Atari's history and legacy while also being one of the best games they've released in modern times. It's easily the best Haunted House game to ever hit the market, and it's available to play on all modern platforms. We highly recommend it to anyone looking for some spooky fun over the holidays this year.

  8. Op-Ed: 'Haunted Mansion' Will Be Disney's 'Super Mario Bros.'

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    By Darryn Bonthuys on September 19, 2023 at 10:15AM PDT. Comments. Announced at Destination D23--and just in time for the spooky season--Disney's Haunted Mansion will be headed to Blu-ray and ...

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    Haunted House • Jun 30, 2023 Haunted House - Official Announcement Trailer Haunted House is a casual rogue-lite adventure game reimagined from the classic title developed by Orbit...

  11. Haunted House (2023)

    Oct 12 2023 Official Website English Buy PlayStation Store Nintendo eShop Steam Play-Asia Haunted House is a roguelite / horror / stealth video game developed by Orbit Studio and published...

  12. Haunted Mansion (2023 film)

    Haunted Mansion is a 2023 American supernatural horror comedy film directed by Justin Simien from a screenplay by Katie Dippold. It stars LaKeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson, Dan Levy, Jamie Lee Curtis and Jared Leto.

  13. Haunted Mansion (2023) Review

    Quote: " Haunted Mansion (2023) is a comedy horror adaptation of the beloved Disney theme park attraction. Featuring a well-written script, breathtaking visual effects, and a hauntingly beautiful musical score, this film will surely delight fans of the original ride as they uncover all the hidden references and Easter eggs.

  14. Haunted House

    Haunted House pays homage to the original survival-horror adventure by seamlessly adopting dynamic roguelite elements while incorporating stealth-based gameplay and haunting boss battles....

  15. Disney's The Haunted Mansion (video game)

    admin August 12, 2023 Disney's The Haunted Mansion is an action adventure video game, based on Disneyland's The Haunted Mansion dark ride, developed by High Voltage Software and published by TDK Mediactive.

  16. HAUNTED MANSION Trailer (2023) Disney

    Watch the official trailer for Haunted Mansion, a fantasy movie starring Lakeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish and Owen Wilson. In theaters July 28, 2023.A sing...

  17. 10 Best Horror Games Of 2023

    2023 has been a great year for horror games, and DualShockers has voted on the best ones. ... Bloober Team's beloved ghost train game casts you as a painter navigating a haunted house that turns ...

  18. Haunted House

    Haunted House is a casual rogue-lite adventure game reimagined from the classic title developed by Orbit Studios. The game features modernized mechanics such...

  19. Disney's The Haunted Mansion (video game)

    Disney's The Haunted Mansion is an action adventure video game, based on Disneyland's The Haunted Mansion dark ride, developed by High Voltage Software and published by TDK Mediactive.

  20. Haunted Mansion [Includes Digital Copy] [Blu-ray/DVD] [2023]

    Shop Haunted Mansion [Includes Digital Copy] [Blu-ray/DVD] [2023] at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Price Match Guarantee.

  21. The Haunted Mansion (video game)

    The Haunted Mansion is an action-adventure video game released in 2003 from North America and 2004 in Europe and Japan by High Voltage Software. The game is based on the Disney ride of the same name, ... This page was last edited on 7 November 2023, at 12:12 ...

  22. Nielsen Top 10: 'Reacher' Returns at No. 2

    Amazon's "Reacher" returned to Nielsen's streaming top 10 at No. 2 during the Dec. 11-17 viewing window following the release of the first three episodes in Season 2 on Dec. 15.

  23. Disney Haunted Mansion Closed Indefinitely

    It's a bittersweet day for fans of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion ride. Located in New Orleans Square, the attraction typically closes during the month of January so staff can take down the ride's annual Nightmare Before Christmas display and return it to its eerie, ghostly state. But as of Jan. 22, Haunted Mansion will be closed to all guests indefinitely as a team of highly skilled engineers ...

  24. Moscow Historic Sites & Districts to Visit (Updated 2024)

    3. Kolomenskoye Historical and Architectural Museum and Reserve. 2,671. Speciality Museums • Historic Sites. Kolomenskoe. By sergeyk147. I'd also recommend taking a walk through its distant, wilder part, which is closer to the Moskva River. 4. Kremlin Walls and Towers.

  25. Russia-Ukraine war live: 'War is returning to Russia,' says Zelenskiy

    Imagery shows that since mid-July 2023, hundreds of vehicles have arrived at the previously mostly empty facility. Separate reports suggest most of the visible vehicles are trucks and minibuses ...

  26. Scrap iron pieces sculptures park of Moscow city

    The park from the following photos is located in Moscow city and has the name "The Planet Shelezyaka" (meaning the planet of scrap pieces of iron). The park is known for a number of sculptures made of various used pieces of iron.

  27. 4K Walking Streets Moscow. Moscow-City 2023

    АКТУАЛЬНАЯ ЦЕНА (Yandex Market)Microphone : https://ya.cc/m/Tcw4ZYpTelevision : https://ya.cc/m/7eKRKECMobile Telephone : https://ya.cc/m/rq1tGEh ...