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Ghosts of Hoober Stand, Rotherham| History | Witches and The Alters

hoober stand ghosts

Hoober Stand is a stand situated in a woodland area in Wentworth, Rotherham. It was designed in the 18th century by Henry Flitcroft, situated on the highest ridge in the Wentworth area.

The Stand itself was built in 1747-8 to commemorate defeat of the Jacobite rebellion in 1745, when the 1st Marquis (then plain Thomas Watson Wentworth) fought on the side of King George II. In recognition of his contribution, the King elevated Wentworth to Marquis, and the new Marquis decided to build the 30 metre tower to show his gratitude.

The inscription above the doorway reads:-

This pyramidall building was erected by his Majestys most dutiful subject Thomas Marquess of Rockingham in grateful respect to the preserver of our religious laws and libertys King George the Second who, by the blessing of God having subdued a most unnatural rebellion in Britain anno 1746 maintains the balance of power and settles a just and honourable peace in Europe 1748

The tower is built-in the shape of a tapering pyramid topped with a hexagonal lantern. The design creates the illusion that the building is toppling over and the lantern at the top seems to move depending on where you view it from.

It also features in the film ‘GET SANTA’ where it was used in the film to represent a huge postbox to send letters to santa.

The Reports of witchcraft!

If you google witchcraft at Hoober stand today…the reports will come back to……to me and my writing I did for an investigator I once worked with on what he and paranormal hauntings team members Phil and John experienced here.

Since then, I have come to learn…..

Phil and John state it wasn’t Hoober Stand that they saw white cloaked figures in nor did they find a crow here. It was, in fact, it was in another area which isn’t to far away but it was not Hoober stand.

However, another investigator in later years claimed to have found a pinned crow upon a tree here.

2 years ago in September 2016, myself and another found 1 alter and Phil and John found another later on that night.

Project paranormal had found this earlier on in the year and I’ve just recently found out that Team Member Simon Wilson had found this too in July. At this point however it did seem to be nothing more than a memorial bench for a John, which the Wentworth estate has contacted many paranormal teams to say.

hoober stand ghosts

I have to say pictures of the first altar below, do tend to look as though it could be an alter of some kind


Second Alter or Memorial?

The second alter, I am not sure about now, it would seem that once it was a memorial for a ‘John’ but has the months past, it did seem to have more an alter characteristic of some kind, more was added and it had completley changed has you can see in the pictures below.

hoober stand ghosts

If there wasn’t witchcraft practiced here before, I have to say I think it has now and if it had before it was more hidden then I once thought.

I have personally been followed around Hoober stand as well as Phil and John before now and I have had my car blocked in so I couldn’t pass when trying to go a few times. What that is about I am not sure, But all of these did occur when I found the first alter.

Part of me wants to think that maybe it was just the Wentworth Estate protecting their land and sussing up who was visiting during this time or there was more to it!

Now the alters have now been stripped, hardly anything remains of them at all.

I don’t know why but when we had found the alters, the energy level at the location seemed to be on a much more higher level then it has ever felt before. I can remember visiting one night shortly after discovering them and actually running back to the car! which if you know me you will know it is not like me.

If there was energy here, it seems much less now then it did that night.

Over the past 9 months, I have continued to visit along with Phil and John and we have been monitoring what we think may be a ‘NEW-AGE’ stone circle but we will continue to monitor that and see what pops up.

Ghost Sightings

If you google search Hoober stand and haunted, it takes you straight to TripAdvisor, where some visitors to the location have reported feeling very strange.

My dad and I went ghost hunting at night, after hearing stories about it being haunted. After me being terrified that we would actually find something, I decided to not turn our SB-7 spirit box. Something moved in the bushes, the emf detector went off and we legged it.

The general sightings here are of

  • lights in the far distance
  • Beams of lights which shine on the stand which light it up
  • A watcher who guards the stand
  • Hearing voices
  • Hearing footsteps and people circling

Here is a live we did here, we seem to get hoober come on the afterlight app twice which was interesting to say the least.

For those of you who did watch, you will recall we got pig like sounds coming across. Going further back in history I have come to learn the land was actually farmland, where farm animals were kept.

Another response we got was Pendle, now is there a link to Hoober stand and Pendle Hill?, that information is for another blog to come for you to decide…….

The cave ( Hoober Grotto)

hoober stand ghosts

The cave like area is now filled in at Hoober, John was once informed that it used to be a tea room of some kind by a local who remembered it has one.

Information on what it was actually used for is vague and ranges from it being the start of a tunnel to the Wentworth estate to it being a place where they kept prisoners !

I did find some information, which was quite interesting in a forum by a Matthew who works for the churches conservation trust of the Wentworth Old Church, who seems to have done his research on the spot.

With regard to the cave (or hoober grotto as it is sometimes called) behind hoober stand, there are many theories as what it is, and what it was used for. The most common is that it was/is the entrance to a tunnel leading to wentworth woodhouse, however, it does seem a little to high on a hill to be for this. Another theory is that when hoober stand was used as a ‘ladies viewing platform’ the foxhunt, it was a meeting place for the huntsmen and hounds, however others will tell you that it was actually a toilet, but there is nothing to support this. Finally, during the 1940s (and possibly before that date) it was known locally by the youngesters as ‘King Dick’s Cave’, but quite who king dick was i have no idea, common belief was that it may have been a form of prison too. There us possibly some element of truth in the meeting place theory, as the hunt did take place up there; and also with the prison. Hoober, in its own right could have at one time (even though there are no records of this being the case)been a place of its own which wasnt related to wentworth as it had a pub (which is now sundial farm), a chapel, (which has now been demolished) and a large house (hoober house), which at one time doubled as a form of school, this is owned by a business, with this is mind, the cave could have also been a storage place or even ice house, it could have been a mine shaft, , but again it seems a little to high for this. Matthew- Holy Trinity (Old) Church, Wentworth.

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Ghost Hunter Tours 

Are you brave enough.

  • Sep 22, 2023

Paranormal Investigator's Terrifying Encounter at Hoober Stand

hoober stand ghosts

In the shadowed heart of rural Rotherham, where winding lanes meander through the picturesque landscape, there stands an enigmatic edifice, perched atop the loftiest ridge in the land. Erected during the mid-eighteenth century, it stands as one of the ornate vestiges commemorating the cessation of the 1745 Jacobite uprising.

The Hoober Stand, this beguiling structure, proffers sublime vistas of the neighboring Wentworth, its pinnacle unveiled to the public on the Sabbath's gentle light. Yet, this architectural marvel conceals a darkness veiled beneath the pall of history, an occult tapestry woven through the annals of time.

Upon those sloping hills and wooded dales, nature's majesty is juxtaposed with the remnants of after-dark rituals, a realm reserved for those who dabble in the arcane. Altars of unspeakable design, shrines concealed beneath the canopy's shroud, and eldritch symbols etched deep into the arboreal flesh—these enigmatic remnants await the intrepid explorer.

In the inky folds of night, this land becomes a crucible for dark sorcery and devilry, where cloaked figures emerge from the shadows, shrouded in mystery. Tales abound of hapless souls venturing into the twilight, only to be hounded by these shadowy enigmas, garbed in somber robes.

One chilling chronicle tells of two youths, their curiosity kindled on a moonlit eve, stumbling upon a cabal of hooded figures. Swiftly pursued, they fled, retreating to the haven of Hoober Stand. When daylight returned, their return to the scene unveiled a macabre tableau—crows, impaled upon branches, their corpses bearing signs of ghastly ritualistic mutilation.

hoober stand ghosts

In addition to these nocturnal rites, whispers of the spectral and supernatural echo through this eerie realm. Ghosts that linger, witches who weave their dark spells, orbs that dance in the liminal space, and electronic anomalies that defy explanation—all infest this landscape. What occult force beckons these denizens of the shadowy realm, or is it the land itself, pregnant with a dark energy, that attracts them? Silence shrouds the truth, as these elusive practitioners remain reticent.

Having ventured countless times with various paranormal fraternities, I, too, have trod the grounds of Hoober Stand. Amidst the oppressive aura that permeates the place, I have found nothing that defies rational explication. My quest, however, led me to seekers of the uncanny, and their tales abound.

Among these accounts, I chanced upon Stanton Harcourt, a local investigator of the supernatural, willing to share his eerie encounter. In the bleakness of October's embrace, we ventured forth to the Hoober Stand, my compatriots from Ghost Hunter Tours and I, no strangers to this eerie terrain. Our previous visits yielded naught but ephemeral anomalies—a mere dance of light and shadow.

That fateful night, we parked our vessel by the wayside, silently slipping past the house that guarded the entrance. We, respectful of the tranquility of the solitary dweller, pursued our solemn work.

The night unfolded as previous nights—a perusal of the edifice, a search for newly sprung stone shrines, and the study of tree-bound sigils. All remained as it had been. The night was clear but chill, our exhalations crystallizing in the air, posing a challenge to our photographic pursuits.

The customary invocation spilled from our lips, entreaties to the spirits dwelling within the Stand. Yet, as before, our supplications met with silence. As the hour approached its climax, we resolved to return to the mundanity of our daily lives, and it was then that we heard the snapping of twigs, from whence we had just departed.

Reason attributed the sound to woodland creatures, but curiosity compelled us back, a mere five minutes more, we reasoned. As we retraced our steps toward the Stand, whispers encircled us, murmurs borne on the night's breath, unintelligible but chilling in their intent. Amidst this cacophony, one utterance pierced the veil: "King James!"

The whispers ceased, and my comrade, emboldened, repeated the name. As we inched closer to

hoober stand ghosts

the spectral wood, a nebulous figure materialized at the Stand's base—a specter birthed from smoke and moonlight. As the amorphous shape coalesced into a man, terror seized our souls, propelling us into a headlong flight.

Return visits have yielded naught but silence, and I remain haunted by that one spectral vision. Yet, skepticism tempers belief. Could it have been naught but hysteria, conjured by the eerie ambiance and the banal rustlings of nocturnal creatures? The moon's phase, unrecorded that night, muddles the account further.

Thus, we must contemplate—was Stanton's tale an earnest narrative of the supernatural, or a calculated ruse to draw attention to his pursuits? Amidst the shadows, where witchcraft intertwines with the whispers of the damned, the truth remains shrouded in enigma.

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What is the Hoober Stand in Wentworth?

Hoober Stand, Wentworth main yorkshire

If you were to visit the picturesque winding lanes of rural Rotherham, you might find a strange monumental building, situated upon one of the highest ridges in the area. Constructed in the mid-eighteenth century, it is one of several decorative buildings marking the end of the 1745 Jacobite rebellion.

The Hoober Stand itself is a beautiful, yet strange-looking building, offering fantastic views of nearby Wentworth from its peak, which is open to the public each Sunday. Over the years, however, the site on which it stands has often been tied to bizarre occult practices and alleged paranormal phenomena.

The downward hills and slopes offer a stunning woodland scene but if you explore the small area fully, you are sure to find remnants of the after-dark activities that are a regular occurrence here. Altars, shrines, pagan paraphernalia and occult symbols carved deep into the trees are just a few of the mysterious things you will stumble across.

The area is a hotspot for both dark witchcraft and devil worshippers and there are countless stories of people visiting the area after dusk, only to be chased away by persons unknown wearing long dark robes.

One such story claims that two young men were exploring the area late one evening, but after stumbling across a small group of hooded figures they were chased out of the grounds and back along the road for a few hundred feet before the mysterious group retreated back to the Hoober Stand to continue with their bizarre activities. The young men were so intrigued that they decided to return the following day to investigate, only to find the carcasses of numerous crows that had been nailed to the trees around the woodland area. They claimed the birds had been gutted and marked in what they could only describe as sacrificial ways.

hoober stand wentworth landmark

“Ghostly whispers”

In addition to the mysterious groups of people using the Hoober Stand for their private activities, other reports of ghosts, witches, orbs and electronic disturbances are also regularly documented here, but what is it about this place that makes it so unusual after dusk? Is there some kind of unseen energy or presence that perhaps draws in these groups of individuals who devote their lives to the dark side of the occult world? Or is it just the eerie nature of the grounds that make it the perfect location for their practices? As none of the groups are willing to discuss their activities, we can only speculate.

I have personally visited this location numerous times with many different paranormal groups and, despite the mysteriously tense atmosphere that is hard to ignore, I’ve never encountered any phenomena that I believe could not be explained.

Intrigued as to whether this place houses any real spirits, I set about searching for individuals who had experienced strange things here, and was inundated with responses. Hundreds of people claimed to have experienced some kind of paranormal phenomena within the grounds and, amid the tales of ghostly whispers echoing around the woodland, strange knocks on the front door as if coming from the inside, and a ghostly apparition of a tall hooded figure guarding the building on a full moon between 11pm and 3am, I encountered John Anderton, a local paranormal investigator who agreed to meet with me to share his account.This is it in unedited form:

It was the middle of October and I decided to visit the Hoober Stand with two fellow investigators. We’d done so numerous times before, but never really experienced anything I’d call paranormal. Of course, we’d captured various orbs and other light anomalies on photographs, but with so many trees around it would be impossible to discount insects, flies or dust as the source.

On this particular evening, we parked in the lay-by just next to the entrance and sneaked past the house at the gates. Although it’s a public footway, we did not like having unnecessary disturbances whilst we worked, plus we also imagined the person living in that old house would have been sick to death of people causing a nuisance here after dark and didn’t want to add to their stress.

The night was much the same as any other before: we wandered the building, looked for any new stone shrines that might have appeared, and photographed the markings on the trees before heading back to the actual building itself. The ground was dark but the building was lit up by the moonlight. I remember it being a clear night but very cold as we could see our breath, which can cause an issue, particularly when trying to photograph paranormal things.

We called out the usual questions: ‘Is there anyone here wishing to communicate? Are there any spirits within the Hoober Stand?’ But as before, our calls went unanswered.

At about 10:30pm, we decided to call it a night as we had to be up early for our day jobs. As we headed back along the woodland path towards the road, we heard twigs snapping from the area we had just left. Assuming it to be animals, my friends wanted to check it out all the same – after all, we’d been there for over an hour without incident, so another five minutes couldn’t hurt.

As we walked back to the main door of the Hoober Stand, we heard whispering all around us in the woods and we all stood still, listening intently. The words were all but unintelligible but, as we focused on the sound, my friend called out, ‘King James!’

At that precise moment, the whispers stopped and he would tell me later that evening that King James was the only thing he was able to make out. As we slowly edged back towards the woods to investigate, a little spooked but excited also, a strange figure started to appear at the foot of the stand, like a shadow gaining momentum every second.

At first, it looked like wisps of smoke, but there was nothing on the ground that could have caused it. As it grew to be about four feet in height, it started transforming to the clear figure of a man and at this point, all three of us fled the area in fear.

We have returned numerous times since that night but never experienced any other genuine phenomena. I firmly believe that I saw a full-bodied apparition manifesting at the Hoober Stand and to be honest, I’m just gutted that the whole experience spooked us so much that we couldn’t carry on investigating.

hoober stand wentworth plaque

“Something darker”

John’s story is certainly a strange one and it does tie in with some of the other similar accounts. The reference to King James is also interesting, as the buildings were constructed to commemorate the end of the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion, involving supporters of King James II.

The time frame also matches up with other tales of a large ghostly apparition patrolling the foot of the Hoober Stand on a full moon. John also stated that although he remembers the sky being very clear, he was unable to remember if it was indeed a full moon that night.

As a paranormal investigator with hundreds of cases under his belt, it would appear to be a genuine account. On the other hand, you might argue it’s little more than a fabricated story, designed to bring publicity to his services.

The fact that the group were spooked by what was indeed most likely to have been an animal rummaging in the woodland, combined with the eerie nature of the location itself, could have simply caused a state of hysteria amongst the three men. Perhaps the smoke was in fact little more than dew reflecting under the moonlight.

As John stated he’d visited the location on numerous occasions before, one would have to assume that he’d researched it well enough to know its purpose for being built, and therefore the King James revelation would not be considered at all credible to the story.

Regardless of your own opinion, the witchcraft, the devil worship and the pagan paraphernalia at the Hoober Stand are all points of fact and you may encounter these yourself at any given time. As for whether or not there is something darker than people residing around that old building will always be an enigma.

Article taken from ‘Haunted Yorkshire’ by Nick Tyler, published by The History Press, £12 paperback Top image: “ Hoober Stand, Wentworth, South Yorkshire. ” by Darren Flinders is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 

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hoober stand ghosts

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  1. Ghosts of Hoober Stand, Rotherham| History

    Ghosts of Hoober Stand, Rotherham| History | Witches and The Alters By Charlene lowe Kemp / December 17, 2018 Hoober Stand is a stand situated in a woodland area in Wentworth, Rotherham. It was designed in the 18th century by Henry Flitcroft, situated on the highest ridge in the Wentworth area.

  2. Paranormal Investigator's Terrifying Encounter at Hoober Stand

    The Hoober Stand, this beguiling structure, proffers sublime vistas of the neighboring Wentworth, its pinnacle unveiled to the public on the Sabbath's gentle light. Yet, this architectural marvel conceals a darkness veiled beneath the pall of history, an occult tapestry woven through the annals of time.

  3. What is the Hoober Stand in Wentworth?

    In addition to the mysterious groups of people using the Hoober Stand for their private activities, other reports of ghosts, witches, orbs and electronic disturbances are also regularly documented here, but what is it about this place that makes it so unusual after dusk?

  4. Hoober Stand

    Hoober Stand is a 30-metre-high (98 ft) tower and Grade II* listed building on a ridge in Wentworth, South Yorkshire in northern England. It was designed by Henry Flitcroft for the Whig aristocrat Thomas Watson-Wentworth, Earl of Malton (later the 1st Marquess of Rockingham ) to commemorate the quashing of the 1745 Jacobite rebellion .