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Laurie, formerly Silk Spectre, makes her thrilling Watchmen debut

Jean Smart

How do you outdo the funeral that began the hunt for the deadliest terrorist in history? If you’re David Lindelof and Lila Byock, you bring back one of the most iconic characters in Watchmen history, have her square off against your hero, attempt to kidnap a politician, and top it off with an explosion. New villains, an old hero, and a crooning Angela (Regina King) bring in another A for Watchmen . We’ve got a lot of history to cover this week, so let’s not waste any time.

Let’s begin with the funeral, because wo, is there a lot to dissect there. First, there’s the reference to Tartarus, the Greek version of Hell, where Zeus sent the Titans to roast for life, serves as Judd’s eternal resting place. This makes a strong case for Judd’s direct involvement with the Kavalry. Peteypedia reveals Judd (Don Johnson) was awarded multiple commendations in Vietnam for his “bravery during the purge sweeps.” He’s the great-grandson of “Dixon T. Crawford, a renowned ‘cowboy marshal’ of Oklahoma’s pre-statehood years.” Oklahoma became a state in 1907, which means Dixon most likely led the charge against, or stood by and watched, as Greenwood burned.

Senator Joseph Keene (James Wolk) looks like trouble. Cutting from Ozymandias, the original franchise villain, to Keane in front of the gates of Hell surely means we’re looking at the new series antagonist. His being kidnapped, but not harmed; his grand speeches, gentle southern dialect, and the humble run for president all equals power hungry wolf in sheep’s clothing. But, if he is evil, I wonder if Judd’s wife Jane (Frances Fisher) knows. After all, she used to work for him. Also, why did he bring Laurie into this?

The big question of the week for me: Who is the Game Warden? We now know Adrian Veidt (Jeremy Irons) lives in captivity not isolation. Formerly referred to as the smartest man in the world, Veidt’s ego quakes under lock and key. Putting on his old costume shields him from doubt as he listens to the “Dance Of The Knights” from Romeo And Juliet by Sergei Prokofiev. Methinks we shall have a duel soon. I cackled when he played Desmond Dekker & The Aces’ “Israelites.” Once again, the writing staff showcases their love of the original text. Once, in an interview, Veidt offhandedly mentioned he liked dub music. Before this scene, only classical music accompanied Ozymandias’ scenes.

The introduction of the Millennium Clock, created by Trieu Industries, also changes the story. It’s the first piece of new technology we’ve seen in the show. Too large a device to simply tell time, I wonder what the clock does? Why did they build it in Oklahoma? Any advances in technology hold the potential to disrupt the already fragile balance of the political atmosphere. Liberals who idolize masked heroes and Redfordations want to keep moving in the direction President Redford has taken the country, while the Nixon lovers long for a return to normalcy after the squid drop. The owner of the company, Lady Trieu (Hong Chau) said, “Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair” when the company broke ground on the clock. These words may antagonize Ozymandias, as opposed to honoring his memory. The original quote, from a poem of the same name by Percy Bysshe Shelley , depicts the wasteland of Ozymandias’ empire. Things do not look good for Oklahoma.

Jeremy Irons

Growing up, Laurel Jane Juspeczyk’s mother, Sally Juspeczyk, set high expectations for her daughter to become the next Silk Spectre. Laurie resented the grooming she received. The revealing costume and lack of a normal childhood caused a lot of tension between the two women. When she was sixteen, she began dating the thirty-something Dr. Manhattan, leading to a life of isolation and servitude to her partner and the U.S. government. Together for about fifteen years, Laurie found herself serving another’s dream. Most people, including her mother, alluded to the fact that her job was to keep him sexually satisfied and contented. Like any rational human, she resented that life as well. So, she cheated and fell in love with Dan Dreiberg. Nite Owl and Silk Specter hung up their costumes and entered civilian life, or so we thought.

Using Peteypedia and the show’s context clues, I still think this chain of events took place. Between 1985 and 2019, Laurie and Dan decided to fight crime again. Their arrest could be a result of their freeing Rorschach from prison on 11/1/1985, but I can’t be sure. They were caught. Laurie made some kind of deal and joined the Anti-Vigilante Task Force. Dan chose prison time over turning his back on the crime-fighting community.

Laurie became her father, which is hilariously ironic considering her lifelong fear of becoming her mother. Laurie’s bio-dad also fought crime under the moniker The Comedian. A soldier of fortune for the US during the Vietnam War, Edward Blake saw life as a joke. This disassociation from empathetic feelings allowed Blake to commit some of the most heinous crimes known to man. He gleefully killed children and raped women fleeing conflict. One of two masked avengers allowed to continue working after the Keene Act, The Comedian began to crack after Doctor Manhattan arrived. He realized he was no longer needed. Manhattan ended conflicts with the snap of his fingers. Rorschach described The Comedian’s interior state in his journal stating, “He saw the cracks in society, saw the little men in masks trying to hold it together. He saw the true face of the 20th century and chose to become a reflection, a parody of it. No one else saw the joke. That’s why he was lonely.”

Now, Laurie’s in on the joke, too. Maybe that’s why she changed her last name to Blake. She cannot rescue the love of her life from a cage. The career she once resented became her salvation. Then, the government, despots, and amateurs mutilated it until it became her enemy. All of her friends and colleagues left for Hell. Laurie and Dr. Manhattan did not choose their profession. Dr. Manhattan’s accident, coupled with his verbally and emotionally abusive childhood, led him to believe his actions were predestined. When they were together, his disconnection from emotional responsibility drove a wedge from the emotionally intelligent Laurie. Driven by a desire to fix things and people, Laurie believes she can take out a god with a well-aimed brick and a little misdirection.

Jeremy Irons

Interestingly, Byock and Lindelof use the same joke structure that Rorschach used to eulogize Edward to introduce Laurie’s current headspace. Thinking back on the supers she fought next to, Laurie sees herself as clever; but also powerless and forgotten. Like her father and mother before her, she exists in a state of loneliness. Perhaps that’s why she’s craving Dr. Manhattan. This man only wanted to be left alone. He went to Mars to get away from distracted humans. He once offered that life to Laurie, but she chose humanity. Moments later, a man everyone saw as a beacon of human possibility killed three million people.

Sally, her mother, chose to be with The Comedian after he attempted to rape her. She described why to her husband. “Do you know what gentleness means in a guy like that? Even a glimmer of it?” She asked. “It means you reached something. It means you reached some of the magical romance and bullshit they promise you when you’re a kid.” It’s the lie, that up until recently, was sold to all children. A man will be wild and angry until he falls in love. Maybe the next lie we’ve sold ourselves is that we can be detached and informed until we fall in love.

Laurie’s dry wit and ability to assess a violent situation quickly and diffuse it remains her super power, whether she views it that way or not. It’s how she was able to sneak her gun past a very heightened police line, and how she could stroll up to two armed cops and not get shot. She even susses out Looking Glass’ —now known as Wade Tillman—entire game in a matter of minutes. She’s able to do all of this because she has been one of them. It seems to me she longs to be one of them again. Her fast-talking superhero banter delights, and she’s ready to use deadly force at the drop of a hat. This episode begins at the end. Laurie recounts her joke to Dr. Manhattan over the phone after attending Judd’s funeral, after sleeping with Petey (yes, the same one), and after targeting Sister Night. This gives the feeling of a cycle that runs through Laurie’s head constantly. If that final manic laugh at nearly being crushed by a car that fell from the sky is any indication, Laurie may be closer to cracking than she is willing to admit.

Stray observations

  • Y’all, isn’t Petey the cutest with his Lone Ranger mask? He learned comedy so fast, he’s smart, and he has a spine. I love him.
  • The title is almost definitely a euphemism for Doctor Manhattans junk? Right? I mean she’s playing the Devo song “Space Junk” while pulling out the dildo out Pulp Fiction style.
  • The use of a warehouse to interrogate victims comes straight out of a recent headline from Chicago . This show subtly remarks on the horrors of police violence that go by as unremarkable.
  • There are two corrections of grammar in the episode. Angela corrects herself I instead of me, and Laurie correct Keane hanged not hung. Laurie begins the clapping as Angela sings at the funeral. I think they’re going to be on the same side sooner rather than later, and all of their enemies will be in big trouble.

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‘watchmen’ brings another comic book legend into focus.

'Watchmen' creator Damon Lindelof and star Jean Smart break down the arrival of Laurie Blake, formerly known as the Silk Spectre.

By Josh Wigler

Josh Wigler


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'Watchmen': Jean Smart as Laurie Blake (Silk Spectre), Explained

[This story contains spoilers for season one, episode three of HBO’s Watchmen , “She Was Killed by Space Junk,” as well as Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel on which the show is based.]

“You know how you can tell the difference between a masked cop and a vigilante? Me neither.”

It’s one of the many jokes told across “She Was Killed by Space Junk,” the third hour of HBO’s Watchmen , with one comedian front and center: Jean Smart as Laurie Blake, better known to comic book fans as Laurie Jupiter, and even better known by her crime-fighting alias “Silk Spectre.” One of the original vigilantes at the heart of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ seminal comic book series, Smart brings Laurie off the page and into the live-action realm for Damon Lindelof’s deep dive into the Watchmen world, set thirty years after the source material — and while it’s tempting to blame the sunflower seeds, it’s the events of those three decades that have left Laurie with such a bitter taste in her mouth.

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'watchmen': jeremy irons' enigmatic role revealed.

In the graphic novel, Laurie begins the story in a relationship with Doctor Manhattan , before eventually leaving the demigod and embarking on a new romance with old colleague Dan Dreiberg, also known as “Nite Owl.” Over the course of the story, she learns that her father is none other than Edward Blake, also known as “The Comedian,” the violent vigilante whose equally violent murder catalyzes the comic books’ action. The novel ends with Laurie and Dan hitting the open road with new aliases, determined to resume their masked pursuits. Ancillary material for HBO’s Watchmen reveals Laurie and Dan were successful in that pursuit for a decade before their capture; “She Was Killed by Space Junk” makes it clear that Nite Owl remains in captivity, while Laurie is working in tandem with the FBI’s Anti-Vigilante Task Force — not unlike how her own father once worked alongside the government after vigilantism was officially outlawed.

Hear more about Laurie Blake’s arrival in the latest episode of the Series Regular: Watchmen podcast:

“She’s a character who felt like her story was unfinished more than anybody else,” Damon Lindelof tells The Hollywood Reporter about bringing Laurie into his version of the Watchmen story. “When we leave her at the end of Watchmen , she’s saying to Dan, ‘I think I might want to get some guns.’ You suddenly see her accepting who she is, now that she knows who her father was. There’s an idea that emerges: would she become the Comedian? What would she look like 30 years later? Would she look like the Comedian looked like in the original Watchmen , and if so, what would that be? When Jean said yes, we were off to the races.”

Smart, of course, knows her way around the comic book space, having played the powerful mutant Melanie Bird on three seasons of FX’s X-Men drama Legion . But the award-winning actress tells THR the experience of playing Laurie is vastly different from anything she’s encountered before, thanks in no small part to the vast ancient history in her life and surrounding the Watchmen property.

“I didn’t know anything about the graphic novel at the time,” Smart says about signing on for Watchmen . “I would mention it to certain people and they would scream, ‘They’re making a TV show? Oh my god!’ They would just freak. Out! But I couldn’t resist the character. She’s so fun. She’s so smart. I find it interesting, the characters who play everything close to the vest. She obviously doesn’t let too many people in. That kind of sense of humor is always a defense mechanism. She has very negative feelings about her childhood, her background, her parents. She has all sorts of baggage. The fact that she’s ended up doing what she’s doing — which is, arresting people that she used to be a part of — it just makes her a really interesting character.”

'Watchmen' Exposed: Inside That Big (and Very Blue) Reveal

Smart’s debut episode begins with Laurie walking into a bank and simulating a robbery, all as an undercover operation designed to draw out and arrest a Batman analogue named Mister Shadow. In the space of a single scene, the current Watchmen take on the dangerous yet tragic Laurie Blake is all too apparent.

“I think there’s a part of her that enjoys the fact that people know who she was and what she was,” says Smart, “but I’m still figuring out certain things about her. For instance, she’s arresting the vigilante, and a young man on the street says, ‘Why are you arresting him? He’s a hero!’ And her reaction is such disdain. She can’t believe people are still saying that. ‘He’s not a hero. He’s a joke.’ She really feels that way. She mocks anyone wearing a mask. She thinks it’s ludicrous and dangerous.”

It’s a big part of the reason why Laurie treats Regina King’s Angela Abar with a measure of disdain when the two women meet in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Following the death of Judd Crawford (Don Johnson), the FBI tasks Laurie with heading up an investigation into Seventh Kavalry activity, putting the former Silk Spectre on a collision course with the current Sister Night.

“I think she’s fascinated with [Angela] from the get-go,” says Smart. “At first, she thinks she’s a murder suspect, and all of that. She knows who she is and what she is, of course. She figures everything out so quick. But I don’t think it’s often that Laurie doesn’t think she has everything figured out — and here, I think she knows she doesn’t have everything figured out, and that it’s going to be a real, multilayered mystery to solve.”

'Watchmen' Star on How That Fiery Death Raises an Existential Question: "What Is Life?"

For some viewers, one of the biggest mysteries surrounding Laurie centers on the woman’s recurring jokes throughout the episode, which she recites in a glorified phone booth with a direct uplink to Mars. Laurie leaves voice messages for her former lover, Doctor Manhattan, who left Earth at the end of the graphic novel and hasn’t returned in all this time. It becomes clear that Laurie is used to recording these uplinks for the erstwhile Jon Osterman, even if she doesn’t believe he’s actually listening.

“It’s just so sad,” she says. “She’s still in love with this guy and hasn’t seen him in thirty years. She goes to these booths and doesn’t even know if he’s going to hear her. She insults him, she teases him, she wants to make him laugh. You think about how if you had something like that, it would draw you — you would want to go there all the time.”

Fans of the original Watchmen comics certainly understand Laurie’s sorrow: she’s one of few people who knows the real story behind the giant “interdimensional” squid that dropped in New York City so many years ago, changing the world forever — and all the people she can confide in about the secret are dead or gone. It helps to explain her feelings toward Ozymandias (Jeremy Irons), which she shares with Agent Petey (Dustin Kyle Ingram): “Yeah, I knew Adrian Veidt… I, too, am not a fan.” 

“They were the two ideas I found the most compelling,” Lindelof tells THR , speaking about Laurie and Veidt as the figures from the source material he wanted to include in his television series front and center. “We might see some other characters from the original Watchmen appear, but I didn’t want to overburden this narrative with Watchmen babies, as they say. Those were the two I felt were essential to the storytelling.”

'Watchmen': A Closer Look at a Comic Book Legend

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Watchmen confirms what happened to nite owl & silk spectre after the comic.

Watchmen revealed new details that shed fascinating light on what happened to Nite Owl and Silk Spectre after the graphic novel ended.

HBO's Watchmen revealed intriguing new details about what happened to Nite Owl and Silk Spectre in the years after the Watchmen graphic novel ended. The third episode of Watchmen , "She Was Killed By Space Junk", reintroduced Agent Laurie Blake (Jean Smart) into the saga. Now an FBI agent with the Anti-Vigilante Task Force, Blake - the former Silk Spectre - is reluctantly investigating the murder of Tulsa Police Chief Judd Crawford (Don Johnson).

Laurie's arrival fused Watchmen 's Tulsa, Oklahoma -set mysteries with the legacy of the graphic novel but it opened up questions about what happened to Nite Owl and Silk Spectre after Ozymandias' giant squid hoax on 11/2/85 saved the world from nuclear war. The Watchmen comics' epilogue established that Nite Owl/Dan Dreiberg and Silk Spectre/Laurie Juspeczyk assumed new identities as "Sam and Sandra Hollis" but continued to fight crime as superheroes. By HBO's Watchmen 's 2019 setting, Laurie has changed her last name to Blake and become a federal agent (like her late father, Edward Blake/The Comedian) while Dan Dreiberg was revealed to be in federal custody. In fact, Laurie accepted the Oklahoma assignment because Senator Joe Keene (James Wolk) inferred he would pardon Dreiberg if he becomes the next President of the United States.

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Watchmen 's tie-in website Peteypedia released an FBI transcript that sheds some fascinating light on what happened to Nite Owl and The Comedienne (Laurie took on her father's mantle after she abandoned her mother's - Sally Jupiter's - Silk Spectre legacy). Dated 4/24/1995, Laurie was interrogated by Special Agents David Latimer and Dinwitty when she and Nite Owl were apprehended by the FBI after they stopped the Oklahoma City Bombing and killed the perpetrator, Timothy McVeigh, on 4/19/1995. (Another example of how Watchmen 's world is different from the real world.) While Dan Dreiberg refused to speak to the authorities, the FBI agents found Laurie Juspeczyk (she hadn't yet changed her surname at this point) to be prickly but cooperative in their Q&A and she dropped lots of details that shoots down the Judd Crawford was Nite Owl theory.

Watchmen Nite Owl Ship

According to Laurie, her and Nite Owl's special crimefighting equipment were supplied by MerlinCorp, a company secretly owned by Dan Dreiberg. MerlinCorp also equips law enforcement agencies, which is why "the cops fly Owlships".  This explains why the Tusla Police have an Owlship - it turns out lots of police departments all over the country bought them from MerlinCorp - and Laurie's confession finally lays to rest that fan theory that Judd Crawford was Dan Dreiberg . Laurie's capture in Oklahoma in '95 also explains her reluctance to return there to investigate Crawford's murder.

Further, Laurie and Dreiberg were performing "one last job" together to stop Timothy McVeigh as their relationship had become strained. Laurie stressed that she and Nite Owl were "not lovers " - "He wanted kids, I wanted guns" , Laurie confessed. Her tipping the feds off about MerlinCorp led to a raid on Dreiberg's company, where the FBI recovered the blueprints for the huge blue phallus fans saw Laurie take out of her briefcase in Watchmen . It turns out this was a "gift" from Dreiberg, which he named "Excalibur", and he made it to spite Laurie because Dan jealously suspected she still harbored feelings for her ex, Doctor Manhattan .

Intriguingly, there were several redacted sections of the transcript relating to the whereabouts of Rorschach and the events of 11/2/85. Based on what wasn't blacked out, it seems that Laurie confessed the truth about how Rorschach died, Doctor Manhattan leaving the planet, and possibly the details about Adrian Veidt's (Jeremy Irons) hoax. Once the FBI learned the truth about the events of the Watchmen graphic novel, the federal government helped maintain the cover-up. Laurie's cooperation explains why she isn't in custody like Dreiberg and she was even able to join the Bureau. It also clarifies that when President Robert Redford learned the truth about the hoax, this likely led to his falling out with his benefactor, Adrian Veidt, in the years before Watchmen 's events.

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Watchmen airs Sundays @ 9pm on HBO.

Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #2 Review

Silk spectre goes through her hippie phase..

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Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre

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DC Retcons the Three Jokers Twist

DC Database

Silk Spectre (disambiguation)

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The Silk Spectre is Laurie Juspeczyk , a superhero in the Watchmen universe. Trained as an expert martial artist, she became a hero to follow in her mother's footsteps. This lead her to become a member of the Crimebusters , until the Keene Act banned all vigilantes. Laurie had a relationship with Doctor Manhattan during her time in the Crimebusters, and later became involved with the second Nite Owl as a civilian. Her mother is the original Silk Spectre, Sally Jupiter , and her father was the morally ambiguous Comedian . Jupiter was a burlesque dancer who designed a costume and became a member of the Minutemen . Silk Spectre was created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons , first appearing in Watchmen #1 . ( 1986 )

Nightshade Earth-Four Basis for Silk Spectre

Other Media

Sally Jupiter Movies Watchmen

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Silk Spectre II

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Silk Spectre II , or Laurie Juspeczyk , is a hero from the graphic novel Watchmen . She is also referred to as Silk Specter in early issues of WatchmeX , initially as a typographical error, but this was later explained in-universe.

  • 3 First Pregnancy Arc

Watchmen [ ]

The illegitimate daughter of Silk Spectre I and The Comedian , Laurie was pushed into costumed crime-fighting by her mother, who she succeeds as Silk Spectre. She fights using martial arts.

She was romantically involved with Dr. Manhattan from before the onset of the Keene Act to the events of Watchmen . She is teleported to Mars to convince Manhattan to help put a stop to the schemes of Ozymandias . She also becomes involved with Daniel Dreiberg (the second Nite Owl) during this period, ultimately taking on a new secret identity and joining with him as part of a new crime-fighting team.

WatchmeX [ ]

In Volume 1 of WatchmeX , Nite Owl journeys to the Temple of Nite , leaving the Silk Specter to work alone. She stumbles across the Watchmech program as it is being organized by the newly elected President Veidt . Her efforts to stop the project are halted by the advances of a resurrected Comedian, who persistently attempts to rape or murder her due to Veidt's brainwashing. Eventually, with Rorschach 's help, she restores his memories and puts an end to the conflict.

Silk Specter is also a prominent protagonist during The Clone Saga , despite being too unremarkable to have been cloned herself.

First Pregnancy Arc [ ]

During Volume 3, Laurie finds that she is pregnant. While Nite Owl II is assumed to be the father, other possibilities raised include Dr. Manhattan and even The Comedian. When Dan hires Rorschach to investigate the matter, they are shocked to discover that the child is not human. Suspecting that it is the result of bestiality, Rorschach attempts to kill the baby by poisoning Laurie, and seems to succeed, but the child soon regenerates itself. The Queen Squid reveals itself to be the father, and announces that when its spawn is born it will destroy the earth.

The Silk Specter sacrifices herself to save the planet, which leads to the Queen Squid's death.


Silk Spectre II's return

Early in Volume 4, Laurie reappears in the deserts of Afghanistan to rescue Rorschach from the brink of death. She reveals that when Dr. Manhattan had teleported her back from Mars in Watchmen , she was actually intercepted by the Queen Squid. The Queen Squid replaced Silk Spectre II with an exact duplicate, Silk Specter II, who was already pregnant with the alien's child. The original Laurie had been trapped in a pocket dimension the entire time, but was released back to Earth once the Squid was destroyed.

During the issue of her return the Silk Spectre and Rorschach become romantically involved. This is never referenced again - outside of a minor allusion during the second pregnancy arc - and is largely considered non-canon.

Another curiosity is that Laurie has memories of everything that happened to her duplicate during the end of Watchmen and most of WatchmeX . Dr. Manhattan briefly explains this in one issue as being caused by a "reality tremor".

  • 1 Silk Spectre II
  • 2 Nite Owl II
  • 3 The Comedian

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Silk Spectre II

Silk Spectre II

Character analysis.

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… as Laurie Juspeczyk, the daughter of the superhero with a ton of sex appeal, Silk Spectre. Unbeknownst to her, his father is the jaded, depraved Comedian, a deranged vigilante superhere.

Living… in 1980s Manhattan with her detatched, blue, god-like boyfriend Dr. Manhattan. In the twilight of their relationship, Dr. Manhattan becomes more distant from all humankind. She later moves in with another retired superhero, Dan Dreiberg, otherwise known as the second Nite Owl.

Profession… superhero. Although she retired her alter ego after the Keene Act of 1977 prohibited all masked vigilantism, Laurie is called back into action when the world needs saving.

Interests… crime fighting , feminism, and her Polish heritage. When the Comedian is murdered, another hooded vigilante named Rorschach feels that there is a plot against all of the old capes, and Laurie is forced to get back into crime fighting.

Relationship Status… formerly dating Dr. Manhattan, and currently dating Dan. Will she and Dan team up to start fighting crime again, and get to the bottom of the Comedian's murder? 

Challenge… using her former relationship with Dr. Manhattan to convince him to help save all mankind from mutually assured destruction. As much as she dislikes going back to him, the world is on the brink of nuclear destruction.

Personality… proud, independent, and fearless. She is compassionate about others and is pretty liberal when it comes to her beliefs. Though she and her mother don’t always see eye-to-eye, Laurie chooses to continue her mother’s heritage proudly as the new Silk Spectre. 


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In a gritty and alternate 1985 the glory days of costumed vigilantes have been brought to a close by a government crackdown, but after one of the masked veterans is brutally murdered an investigation into the killer is initiated. The reunited heroes set out to prevent their own destruction, but in doing so uncover a sinister plot that puts all of humanity in grave danger.

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silk spectre 2 watchmen

Watchmen (2009)

Full cast & crew.

silk spectre 2 watchmen

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Silk Spectre

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Silk Spectre (real name Laurel Jane Juspeczyk ) (born December 1, 1949), commonly known as Laurie Juspeczyk (Pronounced: use-PETCH-ick), is a fictional character from the acclaimed Watchem comic series. She was the second iteration of the Silk Spectre , a costumed vigilante and became a member of the Crimebusters before retiring due to Keene Act. She comes from the Watchmen Universe, a parallel universe to the main DC Universe.

She is her universe's counterpart to Black Canary and Phantom Lady. She was the daughter of Sally Jupiter, the original Silk Spectre and Edward Blake, the Comedian (the Watchmen Universe's counterpart of Peacemaker). During the events of Watchmen , Laurie serves as the series's deuteragonist.

She was created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, and first appeared in Watchmen #1 in September of 1986.

In the 2009 film by Zack Snyder, she was portrayed by Malin Akerman and Haley Guiel young. In the 2019 tv series, elderly Laurie is being portrayed by Jean Smart. In the videogame, Watchmen: The End is Nigh , she was voiced by Andrea Baker, who also voiced Clover in Totally Spies! and Totally Spies! The Movie . In Watchmen: Motion Comic , she was voiced, like every other character, by Tom Stechschulte.

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Biography [ ]

Early life [ ].

Laurie Juspeczyk was born on December 1st, 1949 to the first Silk Spectre, Sally Jupiter, and Edward Blake, the Comedian. Laurie would never learn of this until she was older, as Sally was possibly upset that she had an affair with the Comedian. She was raised by her mother and stepfather, Laurence Schexnayder, but knew he wasn't her father, and believed that Hooded Justice was her biological father. As a child, Laurie would often hear her mother and Laurence argue, and once saw them unknowingly argue over Sallyt having another affair with the Comedian. In her youth, Laurie wanted to work with animals, but her mother pushed her daughter to be her successor in the business of crime fighting. As a result, Laurie reluctantly agreed and spent most of her youth in the gym working, but was alone.

The Crimebusters [ ]

After fighting the criminal the Chairman in San Francisco, Laurie returned home with her mother from Hollis Mason, who had become her honorary uncle. Returning to New York, Laurie was chosen to become the second "Silk Spectre" and was suited to join the Crimebusters, which was led by Captain Metropolis. After the meeting with the group, the Comedian spoke with Laurie before she was pulled away by her mother, who told her daughter about what the Comedian did to her in the past. Joining the team, Laurie began a romantic affair with Doctor Manhattan, which resulted in his leaving him, and her mother not approving of her relationship.

When the Keene Act was signed, Laurie decided to retire due to the government using her relationship with Doctor Manhattan as an advantage, and not entirely being happy as a vigilante. The Crimebusters dissolved and the team disconnected, but Laurie kept in contact with fellow teammate Dan Dreiberg. Laurie then moved to the Rockefeller Military Research Center after Doctor Manhattan was transferred there, and started to become isolated from being away from the public. Her relationship with Manhattan became strained, due to Jon becoming more disconnected from humanity and became more focused on his projects.

Watchmen [ ]

When Laurie and Doctor Manhattan learned that the Comedian was murdered, they were visited by Rorschach, who warned them that someone was killing vigilantes. He was teleported away once he started to make Laurie feel uncomfortable, and later scheduled a meeting with Dan at a restaurant. She went to the funeral alongside Jon, whom teleported her to her mother's home to speak with her, and the two had a tense conversation. When Doctor Manhattan exiled himself to Mars, Laurie was left without anything, and Dan invited her to stay at his home after Adrian Veidt was nearly killed.

The two began a romantic relationship, and seeing the threat of nuclear war, returned to their costumed and saved the inhabitants of a burning building. Learning that Rorschach was taken to Sing Sing after being set up for the murder of Moloch, Laurie and Dan decided to rescue him so they uncover who murdered the Comedian. Afterward, Laurie was teleported to Mars by Doctor Manhattan, where she attempted to have Jon find his humanity once again. During their conversation, Laurie realized that she was the daughter of the Comedian, which caused Doctor Manhattan to find his humanity, seeing that two different people like Sally Jupiter and Edward Blake could produce a good person. Having convinced that he should save Earth, Laurie and Doctor Manhattan returned to New York and saw an alien attacking the city.

Doctor Manhattan quickly realized that Veidt was behind this, and the two teleported to his base in Antarctica, where they found Nite Owl and Rorschach battling him. Laurie and the group failed to stop Veidt's plan, but saw that his plan had worked on stopping nuclear war and the nations agreeing to work peacefully together. The heroes agreed to keep quiet of Veidt's role except for Rorschach, whom was reluctantly killed by Doctor Manhattan when he attempted to return to New York to tell the truth. After the events, Laurie and Dan decided to remain together under the identities of Sandra and Sam Hollis, and Laurie reconciled with her mother.

Appearance [ ]

Laurie has long brown hair with bangs, brown eyes, fair skin, full lips, and a beauty mark above her lips. She is 5,8. Laurie is said to look a lot like her mother, although she has brown hair while her mother has auburn hair. She has long graceful legs and quite an athletic figure, due years of martial arts and gymnastics training.

Abilities [ ]

Laurie is an skilled martial artist. She has trained ever since she was a young child by her mother, Sally Jupiter and several other teachers. She is able to hold her own against several muggers and other foes without any injury or getting captured. Laurie is also a good gymnast after training all her life. From practicing gymnastics, Laurie becomes very agile. She is able to perform flips and kicks while wearing high heels. She is also able to use firearms, as she shot a bullet at Adrian, which would have hit his chest had he not moved his hand in the bullets path and had it lodged into his palm.

Gallery [ ]

Silk Spectre.

  • She believed that her father was Hooded Justice due to the hero and her mother "dating" back when they were part of the Minutemen.
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Sally Jupiter (the original Silk Spectre) Character Timeline in Watchmen

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Biography [ ]

Early life [ ], family tragedy [ ].

Sally Juspeczyk was born on August 3rd, 1920 in Skokie , Illinois . Her father was an insurance salesman. When Sally was eleven years old, her older sister, Linda , died in a car accident. This incident devastated her and the family, and as a result, their relationship was permanently damaged. [1]

Escaping to New York [ ]

When she was sixteen years old, Sally ran away from home and heads to New York City , never returning to her parents, though she does maintain contact with her sister Bella . Sally found the experience liberating, but worried about ending up dead in an alley

Despite her young age, Sally managed to survive life alone in the city for three years by taking jobs as a waitress and a burlesque dancer. [1] Despite several prostitution opportunities, she avoided having to sell her body. [2]

Meeting Larry Schexnayder [ ]

While dancing at Stage Left , Sally met Larry Schexnayder , a former Hollywood press agent. Too naïve to perceive him as creepy for hanging out at clubs with younger women, she hired Schexnayder as her agent. He gave her money and a home, which she found attractive. [1]

Becoming Silk Spectre [ ]

In 1938, after reading about Hooded Justice , Sally decided to become the first female costumed adventurer , in the hopes that the publicity will launch her modeling career, and possibly pave the way to Hollywood films. She even changed her surname to "Jupiter" to hide her Polish heritage. Larry Schexnayder helped Sally launch her costumed adventuring career, recognizing that a female superhero could attract great media attention if properly handled, which would help foster her celebrity status.

In December 1938, Sally, now going by Silk Spectre, made her crimefighting debut. Unknown to the public, Schexnayder staged the criminal case using an actor to attract the attention of the press. The police were also in on the trick. [1] Schexnayder would continue to hire numerous actors and professional wrestlers to portray criminals so Sally could foil their "crimes" before conveniently placed cameras until she can learn how to take care of herself and fight crime for real. [3]

As Silk Spectre's reputation grew, she was seen as a sex symbol whom villains and criminals didn't really mind getting caught by. She had apprehended a criminal named Claude Boke after attempting to rob a liquor store. Upon his arrest, Boke mentioned that he preferred to be beaten by her than two old fat cops. The magazine Daily World had an article about her shortly before the founding of the Minutemen . [4] [2]

Minutemen [ ]

Captain Metropolis sent a letter to Larry with an invitation to join the Minutemen , a group of costumed heroes. Although at first, Sally thought it was a ridiculous idea, Larry thought it would be a good move P.R.-wise. [2]

More celebrity than a vigilante, Silk Spectre provided a cover for Hooded Justice's homosexuality by being his glamorous girlfriend and started going out with him after their Christmas party. [5]

Attempted Rape Incident [ ]

On October 2nd, 1940, after a meeting of the Minutemen, she was sexually assaulted by Edward Blake , alias the Comedian. He was stopped by fellow Minuteman Hooded Justice , who posed as her boyfriend, and gave him a vicious beating. [6] The event would have a profound impact on Sally's life; her agent, Larry, persuaded her not to press charges against the Comedian for fear of damaging the group's image. [7] In retrospect, she thought that she also contributed to this event. [2]

In an interview, she admitted that she didn't really like The Silhouette, a.k.a. Ursula Zandt , who was pestering her about her Polish heritage. [2] When Zandt's lesbianism was outed by the press, and Sally voted her out, feeling happy she left. In retrospect she thought it was unjust, as she wasn't the only homosexual in the group. [2]

Sometime around 1948 [8] Larry sent her a note expressing his concerns about the decline of the Minutemen, CM and HJ's relationship that comes out to the public, the drinking problems of Mothman, and Nite Owl becoming like "a big bouncy boy scout"; and his wish to quit the team and cooperate together - essentially, a marriage proposal. [2]

Ursula was soon murdered by the Liquidator and Sally held themselves responsible. Sally, having her own source, proceeded alone to his hideout. She killed him and disposed of his body in the bathtub. She waited for C.M. and H.J. and after scolding for their hypocrisy (both of them being homosexuals and still voting Silhouette out), she announced her wish to quit. [9]

After Ursula's funeral, Sally visited her grave and confessed her hatred for her, her guilt and what she did to the Liquidator, as she felt she owed it to Ursula. There she met with the Comedian who had returned from the war a bit changed. He narrated his experiences and explained that he had to forgive himself. [9]

Retirement [ ]

Having retired from crime-fighting Sally married (or rather "partnering up" with) her agent, Schexnayder, [7] while keeping in touch with Hollis Mason , Byron Lewis and Nelson Gardner . Most importantly she kept in touch with Blake, and shortly after the ceremony they were copulating in the restroom. [10]

In 1949 she gave birth to her daughter Laurel Jane, commonly known as Laurie. [7] It was known to both parents that Laurie was not Laurence's child, but the Comedian's, and this led to conflict in the family, and divorce in 1956. [11] While not explicitly stated, it is implied that Sally's second sexual encounter with the Comedian was consensual, and that, despite it all, she did have feelings for him.

As for Laurie, she came to accept that her mother's incomprehensible affair with her would-be rapist is something she could never understand, but it's something too complicated to condemn her mother about. Her deep devotion to her flawed mother is exemplified by Laurie's insistence on using their real surname of Juspeczyk and not the assumed Jupiter. [12]

In 1960, with the arrival of Doctor Manhattan considered the birth of the real super-hero, Sally and other former adventurers were asked their opinion. Sally expressed skepticism about his abilities and wished to see herself. [13]

By 1962 Sally was living in a Los Angeles villa with her daughter where Hollis would pay them a visit. Concerning the book he was writing , Nelson Gardner called Sally Jupiter at nights "crying his heart out". When Hollis came to discuss the book Sally scolded Hollis, and how she appeared vain and shallow in her youth. [10]

When Laurie was 13 years old, she invited her old friends, Nelson, Hollis and Byron home. She was angry at Hollis who asked Laurie if she had read the book and said that her daughter was too young for it and Hollis held an apologetic stance. They were joined by Byron who took a leave from the institute and seeing his condition, Laurie asked if this is her future as well. [2]

Events of Watchmen [ ]

After her retirement, was able to move to an upscale retirement community in California, Nepenthe Gardens , and maintain an upper-class lifestyle. [12] She read about the Comedian's death. She was visited by her daughter who did not wish to attend the funeral. [6]

When the news mentioned that two mysterious costumed adventurers rescued tenants from a building fire, Hollis Mason called her after many years. That moment a woman of Acme Manicure tended her nails. Her prosperity is shown in contrast to Hollis Mason's working-class circumstances in a phone conversation between them. [14]

During her entry to the Minutemen, Mason noted that her lifestyle (drinking, swearing and mode of dress) would embarrass polite and reserved Captain Metropolis. [7] Of all the original Minutemen members, Sally was undoubtedly the most financially savvy. She stated in the Probe interview that her venture as a costumed heroine was motivated almost entirely by money, and she saw the entire act as merely a stepping stone to a lucrative career as a film star, and starred in Silk Swingers of Suburbia . [2] Although her hoped-for Hollywood career never materialized, she accumulated enough money from modeling to purchase a luxurious house.

Laurie did not forgive her mother for wanting her become her "heir" of sorts. Sally convinced her to exercise so that she would mature and take her place, but Laurie was reluctant to take up this career and used to bitch about it. [2] Eventually, she saw the Keene Act as a redemption, but still considered her 10 years with the Crimebusters to be lost years.

Rorschach did not think much about her and called her a "whore dying in a California rest resort". The reason for this would be because of her sex-symbol status, and Rorschach was anti-sexual. Also, he didn't approve of her accusing the Comedian, whom he considered a patriot; he just called the rape a "moral lapse". He didn't think much about her daughter, Laurie. [12]

Personality [ ]

She was said to have been an action heroine version of a pin-up girl and, even in her old age, she seemed proud of her sex symbol status, apparently enjoying male attention as indicated by her career as a dancer. However, she seems to have some serious self-esteem issues related to this quirk, considering that she felt responsible for the Comedian assaulting her and she was pleased to learn that a Tijuana bible that was based on her, despite her daughter's disapproval of it for being highly demeaning.

  • Sally is noted to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has medium length auburn hair that is normally pinned up in front, blue eyes, fair skin, long legs, and the big bap.
  • Her measurements were 36-24-36. [2]

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Darwyn Cooke tells the tragic tale of the Minutemen, assembled to fight evil in a world spinning out of control. Can these heroes from completely different backgrounds and with completely different attitudes on crime come together? Or will they fall apart before they begin? Then, Cooke and Amanda Conner take an look at the Silk Spectre's early years with her overbearing, Super Hero mother, chronicling her journey down the winding path toward becoming her own kind of hero. This volume collects BEFORE WATCHMEN: MINUTEMEN 1-6 and BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE 1-4.

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