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Characters / Spooky Month - Skid and Pump Families

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Spooky Month Characters Skid & Pump (and family) | The Hatzgang (and family) | Criminals and Monsters | Other Characters     open/close all folders 

Skid and Pump


  • Achievement In Ignorance : They're able to constantly flee from many dangerous situations without being aware of them in the first place.
  • All-Loving Hero : Unless they realize that they're facing an irredeemable bad guy who only wants to hurt them, Skid and Pump treat everyone they meet with kindness, and have even been able to befriend more Affably Evil crooks like Frank, or horrifying monsters like the Eyes of the Universe. They also don't seem to hold any grudges against the Hatzgang for their bullying, and gladly agree to donate some of their Halloween candy for Robert's sick sister.
  • They have a genuinely friendly relationship with the local kidnapper Frank, who gives them sedative-free ice cream with no strings attached. They're also spared from being bludgeoned and kidnapped by the Monster Clown , who offers them an unintelligible joke instead.
  • A man in the spooky mansion trapped and cornered the boys with malicious, probably perverted intent , only for them to be inadvertently saved by a dwelling Eldritch Abomination snatching them with his tentacles and scaring the creep off. And that aforementioned abomination surprisingly turns out to be very nice to the two boys, despite looking like he wanted to eat them or do something worse at first.
  • Moloch puts up with the kids locking him in an attic for two years, only breaking out when he possesses a human body with intent to murder them, and ends up having a lapse in judgement that leads to accidentally killing himself.
  • Dexter has Lila and the kids cornered in the attic, only for the mannequin to fall on him, giving them time to get away and plan his ultimate defeat.
  • Bob fails to look both ways before crossing the street while chasing Skid and Pump, and is instantly run over by a police car. While it doesn't kill him, it stuns him long enough for the boys, Lila and Jaune to take refuge in John's and Jack's car while they finish the job.
  • Cartoon Physics : The two can vanish into thin air, warp to wherever they want and cause all manner of cartoon mayhem. Comparatively, everyone else, including various monsters, suffer actual bodily consequences over the course of the shorts.
  • Cheerful Child : These two boys are incredibly hyperactive and friendly to everyone.
  • Children Are Innocent : While they enjoy age-inappropriate activities like watching violent horror movies , they are otherwise quite naïve kids who constantly stumble into risky and dangerous situations; usually with cheerful and enthusiastic obliviousness, and are often none the wiser about how much serious trouble they've gotten themselves into.
  • Christmas in July : Spooky Month (AKA Halloween) can be any night of the month the two decide, something Lila supports to keep them happy. This is seemingly averted in the first short when Lila announces it's November and shows she is clearly ready for Christmas, until the boys determine that November is "the spooky before Christmas" and proceed to dance happily.
  • Cloudcuckoolander : Even for kids their age, these two boys are very quirky, eccentric, generally detached from reality, and rarely take anything seriously (aside from their favorite hobbies). From their regular routine of acting like it's always "Spooky Month" and doing Halloween-related activities even when it's not even close to October, to doing some very crazy things just for fun; like summoning a demon from a Ouija Board and leaving him in the attic, to going out shopping for candy with a gigantic Eldritch Abomination that would terrify any sane person into running away from it.
  • Comically Missing the Point : They often fail to recognize whenever they're in a dangerous situation, one notable exception being when they encounter Roy's uncle. Lila: NO! IT HAS A KNIFE! [ Beat as Skid, Pump, and the Happy Fella turn to Lila] Pump: He's getting us in trouble with my sister again! note  They're currently at Skid's house, while Susie is back at Pump's house
  • Critical Existence Failure : Played for Laughs when they meet the Candy Dealer, who offhandedly mentions the hospital and the duo decide they want to visit it, promptly dying on the spot. A few scenes later, they come back to life on a hospital bed ready to run around again.
  • The Cutie : They’re both extremely adorable, innocent, and fun-loving little bundles of joy.
  • Expressive Mask : Their Halloween masks are just as emotive as the kids wearing them, and since we haven't seen either moving without their costumes, they might as well be their actual faces.
  • Fearless Fool : They're outright oblivious to anything that can be dangerous to them, getting right in the faces of dangerous people when trying to befriend them because they don't know any better.
  • The Fool : Incarnate. They are so completely innocent that they fail to comprehend multiple dangerous and potentially lethal situations they end up in, and yet they keep pulling through each mess physically and mentally unharmed through nothing but absurd amounts of luck and a little kindness.
  • Free-Range Children : Their respective guardians allow Skid and Pump to walk around the town by themselves, apparently unaware of some of the crazier misadventures they have (like interacting with all sorts of creepy and suspicious strangers).
  • Horrible Judge of Character : They both have a strong tendency to trust everyone they meet, including rather untrustworthy bullies, criminals, and monsters who often have malicious intentions. The only exception to this was when they met Roy's uncle , whom they correctly guessed to be an evil stranger who wanted to hurt them.
  • Idiot Hero : Neither of them act too bright most of the time, as they are both incredibly naïve Fearless Fools who often engage in risky activities just for fun (up to and including interacting with Obviously Evil people).
  • Loafing in Full Costume : Their Halloween costumes are basically their regular attire for the whole year, with only family photos showing them without their masks.
  • Mad Libs Catchphrase : Whenever they're about to do an activity together, they start saying "Let's [go do whatever just came to their minds]".
  • Nice Guy : They are polite and kindhearted to everyone they meet... even if those people are dangerous.
  • Nightmare Fetishist : Aside from their mutual fondness for violent horror movies that are not meant for children, they both seem to generally enjoy nightmarish concepts , based on their drawings in "Deadly Smiles". Skid drew himself, Pump, and the Happy Fella doll getting possessed by Moloch , while Pump drew them getting their souls sucked out by the Eyes of the Universe .
  • Only Friend : To each other; not out of loneliness, but because no one else is as crazy as they are.
  • Skid and Pump become genuinely frightened when they get locked in the house on the hill with Roy's Creepy Uncle . Pump: Oh no! It's the stranger... Skid: This is not spooky, it's a scary!
  • When Dexter insults Lila, Skid and Pump actually become mad , calling him out for his rudeness towards them while missing the full picture , requiring Lila to pull them away when Dexter pulls out a knife.
  • After being found by Lila and Jaune, when seeing that Bob was slowly following them with knives, they slowly begin to realize that Bob is an actual threat and become more cautious around him. Then when he gets on top of the police car after he was rammed with it and shot multiple times by the cops, the two kids are actually screaming in fear along with everyone else.
  • Pint-Sized Kid : Exaggerated ; Skid and Pump are both about elementary school age, but are shorter than the Happy Fella doll .
  • Strange Minds Think Alike : Whenever they're out together, their minds are practically synchronized to come up with the same ideas on the spot.
  • Too Dumb to Live : If it weren't for the fact that a combination of heavy Plot Armor , Rule of Funny , and sheer dumb luck have frequently saved them from many dangerous situations that they keep obliviously stumbling into, then they likely would've joined the worryingly increasing ranks of local missing children and townsfolk.
  • Trademark Favorite Food : Skid and Pump love candy in general. So much so that the boys often make an excited trip to the Candy Club to pick up some treats before heading home, screwing with Kevin in some way on their way out. They usually purchase Candy Cans, which are bags full of candy.
  • Wacky Sound Effect : Almost any time they run by each other's side, expect to hear metal crashing against metal while they sprint at comically high speeds.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist : Despite living in a rather crapsack town filled with both mundane and supernatural horrors, Skid and Pump have an undyingly optimistic attitude towards life, and they tend to assume the best intentions even from the worst people . This likely comes from a combination of being both naïvely ignorant and insanely lucky , as they have yet to really suffer anything truly terrible happening to them despite multiple close calls with mortal peril.


  • Ambiguously Human : Seems to be completely human, but his unseen father is implied to have been part of a cult, and he's completely unaffected by the Eyes of the Universe .
  • In "It's spooky month", he's introduced sitting in a dark room lit only by a computer screen, slowly swivels his chair to face the viewer with an eerie smile and stare, only for the lights to instantly turn on and he loudly starts goofing off.
  • In "The Stars", he confronts two burglars in his home. In the darkness, he looks like an incredibly creepy and realistic looking skeleton, scaring the beejezus out of the crooks, but cheerily greets them when they shine a light on him and he returns to normal.
  • Failed a Spot Check : He apparently never noticed that his Happy Fella was possessed. Skid: Uhh, Pump, what did we learn today? Pump: That ugly possessed dolls are mean and they don't want to play with us? Skid: Possessed? What?
  • Fingerless Hands : His costume doesn't have any digits in the gloves, unlike Pump's, so his hands are always portrayed as either balls or mitten hands unless he needs fingers for something .
  • Hereditary Hairstyle : Pictures of Skid without his mask show he has the same bob-like haircut as his mom, with hers going down the shoulder and his stopping at the neck. Lila purposefully styles her hair like Skid's because them having the same haircut makes him happy.
  • Two burglars skulking inside his house in the middle of the night? He rationalizes it as them in the house because it's a Spooky Month.
  • His reaction to Moloch the demon still inside his attic roaring murder and banging on the floor? Insists he's his friend to his mom, who thinks Moloch is a rat. When the Moloch-possessed Dexter later attacks the duo, he refuses to believe that Moloch is right in his face because he just looks like some lame guy in a yellow suit, not "red and cool" like how he remembers him, not getting the memo that he just possessed someone's body and is about to kill him. When Moloch eventually accidentally snaps his neck attempting to invoke Exorcist Head , Skid's only reply is, "See? It's not him!"
  • Idiot Hero : Somewhat justified due to his age. But even then, he's a bit dimmer than his friend Pump, believing the possessed Dexter to not be Moloch. This ends up working in his favor when he and Pump inadvertently make Moloch defeat himself. He also failed to notice that his Happy Fella doll was possessed by Dexter the whole time.
  • Immune to Mind Control : Almost everyone, including Pump, can't look upon the Eyes of the Universe without being left catatonic and their minds broken for a while. Skid however can stare at Eyes directly and be no worse for wear afterwards. Skid is also unaffected by the Piper's music in the ad for the soundtrack, implying he cannot be hypnotized in general.
  • Portmanteau : Skid's nickname comes from combining "Skeleton" with "Kid".


  • Alliterative Name : His surname is "Wonder" and his given first name evidently starts with Wil-.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling : He seems to be this to Susie, based on her general attitude towards him and how he pranks her in "Tender Treats".
  • Childish Tooth Gap : His pumpkin mask creates the illusion of one, but photos of him reveal that he actually is missing a tooth in his top set of teeth.
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul" : He prefers to go by Pump rather than his real name, replacing the three letters of it Susie spelt out on a card to his mom with his nickname.
  • Hereditary Hairstyle : Photos of Pump's dad and one of his grandfather when his dad graduated college show them both with the same poofy hairstyle, complete with the same swoop in the back and a stray pointy tuft on the left side. Other photos of Pump without his costume show he also has the same hairstyle, including the tuft.
  • A Lizard Named "Liz" : Pump's nickname is a shortening of "Pumpkin".
  • Occult Blue Eyes : After gazing upon the Eyes of the Universe, Pump's eyes turn big and teal for a short period of time. After being threatened by Moloch in "Unwanted Guest", his eyes turn teal again, only returning to normal after Moloch offs himself. Dexter's notes mention Pump's eyes turning teal around him a few times offscreen, implying they act up around the supernatural. His eyes also glow teal during the final encounter with Bob in "Tender Treats", hinting that Bob may be more than just a simple serial killer.
  • Pumpkin Person : His mask of choice is a pumpkin, which he wears nearly all year round.
  • In "It's spooky month", he's already at Skid's house within seconds of being called, standing outside with a blank smile. Pump does this again in "Tender Treats", showing up on Skid's doorstep before he's able to hang up the call.
  • In "The Stars", Skid calls him over the phone and you can spot him hurl himself from beyond the horizon in the sky, soar across the whole neighborhood and land in front of Skid.
  • In "Unwanted Guest", he rises from a grave planted in Skid's yard to suggest they go to the mall together.
  • The only episode this doesn't happen is "Deadly Smiles", as Skid comes to his house, with Pump waiting for him.
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior : After buying a Happy Fella from the mall, his first suggestion to Skid is " burn it to see if it screams". Considering the dolls are haunted, he may have been onto something, and burning the Happy Fella is actually the solution to dealing with it in "Deadly Smiles" .
  • Touched by Vorlons : After gazing upon the Eyes of the Universe, Pump gained an ability to sense the supernatural, with him quickly realizing that Moloch was possessing Dexter and that Dexter was in turn possessing the Happy Fella.
  • Vocal Evolution : Pump's voice started out just as high pitched as Skid's, but each short makes his voice a little deeper on top of giving him a strange, nasally accent .
  • What the Hell Is That Accent? : From "The Stars" onwards, Pump talks in a weird mashup between an American accent and Sr. Pelo's native Mexican accent.

Skid's family


  • "Unwanted Guest": Her first reaction to seeing Moloch is to run for a ruler and swing it over his face, although it only served to piss him off even more. She managed to survive a whole night against the demon anyways, though only because Skid and Pump came home just in time to distract him.
  • "Deadly Smiles": She pulls the kids out of danger when discovering that the Happy Fella is an Ax-Crazy possessed doll, and quickly formulates a plan to take him out which ended with him melting in the oven .
  • "Tender Treats": When Bob attacks her again, she quickly stuns him with lemon, pepper, and some quickly fried-up bacon. However, she spends more time hiding from Bob while he's in her house, and spends the rest of the episode on the defensive from him.
  • And Call Him "George" : Upon seeing that Skid is safe from Bob, she forcefully hugs him until Skid starts choking.
  • In the first episode ("It's spooky month"), she was taken hostage at knifepoint by Bob Velseb , who is ready to slash her throat open until she offers him candy, letting her go and doing the Spooky Dance. Unsurprisingly enough, he returns in "Tender Treats" for another attempt on her life.
  • In "The Stars", she was left alone with two burglars, which took a whole Noodle Incident to resolve before the duo is finally arrested by the time the kids get back home. Though at least as far as we know, those burglars didn't make any attempt to injure or kill her.
  • In "Unwanted Guest", she's chased around the house and gets beaten up by the Moloch-possessed Dexter for presumably a couple hours after he breaks out of the attic, only saved from suffering horrific torture by his hands when the kids get home.
  • Subverted in "Deadly Smiles". This time, Skid and Pump are also around when the Dexter-possessed Happy Fella is in Lila's house, and her main goal is protecting them, even succeeding at defeating him through her own plans.
  • Characterization Marches On : She was much more goofy and eccentric in her first appearance given the nature of the first Spooky Month short. Somewhat lampshaded in "Tender Treats" when after getting Bob arrested for trying to murder her, her first instinct is to giggle and continue doing the Spooky Dance.
  • Christmas in July : Just as guilty of it as Skid with Halloween, she's already set and dressed up for Christmas on November 1st in "It's spooky month". One of Dexter's notes also has him complain about her giving Skid a "Halloween gift" on Christmas.
  • Damsel in Distress : Lila tends to get attacked and victimized by the Villain of the Week in each episode. In the first episode, Bob Velseb held her at knifepoint and almost slashed her throat, just before Skid reminded them to celebrate Spooky Month. Later in the third episode, Moloch grabs Lila and nearly kills her, right before the boys open the door and draw his attention.
  • Damsel out of Distress : However, Lila is sometimes able to get herself out of the villain's clutches. She successfully fought off the Happy Fella and even defeated him via roasting him in the oven with the kids' help . She was also able to narrowly escape from Bob in their second encounter by assaulting him with food in the kitchen, including sizzling-hot bacon to burn his belly.
  • Dark Secret : Heavily implied to be hiding something about Skid's father. It's also quite concerning that she'd been apparently holding on to her mother's rotting corpse.
  • First-Name Basis : She is always referred as "Lila" by other characters, leaving her, and by extent, Skid's last name unknown. This is especially noticeable when Mr. Wonder, Susie, and John refer to her as "Ms. Lila" instead of something along the lines of "Skid's Mom" or "Ms. (Last Name)".
  • Good Parents : She is an extremely kind, loving, and caring mother to her son and does everything in her power to protect him and keep him safe as well as make sure he has a good time.
  • Graceful Ladies Like Purple : She has purple hair and is usually dressed in purple clothing, which matches her friendly and motherly persona.
  • Iconic Outfit : Lila has a new outfit every short, but the one most associated with her is her original purple dress and matching arm warmers. In other official materiel, she's usually depicted in this outfit, such as the advertisement for the second edition of the Skid and Pump plushies or the official OST for "Unwanted Guest" (the latter despite her wearing a different outfit in that episode).
  • Implausible Deniability : Something huge, angry, and violent is in her attic screaming bloody rage and is making the house rattle with each slam, A.K.A. a demon Skid summoned a couple years ago? She's convinced it's just a rat, even when the exterminator goes missing after going up there.
  • Frequently uses a construction ruler when she's forced to pick up a weapon; in "Unwanted Guest" it's a split-second choice against Moloch, but when given a brief respite against Bob in "Tender Treats", she grabs it again to defend herself instead of something like a knife, and attacks Costume Bob with it when she mistakes him for Bob.
  • When cornered in the kitchen by Bob, Lila scrambles for something and grabs a sliced lemon; she squezes the juice into Bob's eyes, sprays pepper on him, then quickly fries some bacon to smash him in the stomach and head with the burning pan and sizzling grease.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink : She drinks responsibly, but after the events of "Deadly Smiles", she invites Jaune to get wasted on spoiled milk.
  • Mama Bear : No matter how many scary things and supernatural occurrences show up in the way, nothing will stop her from protecting her son, alongside Pump when he's around, when they're in danger.
  • Her hair's styled the way it is to make Skid happy that they share the same haircut, based on a row of family pictures of Skid frowning until their hair is about the same style.
  • She's an architect working from home based on a couple of building schematics seen in the background and an AutoCAD-like program designing another building on her laptop. It also gives a little bit of context to her weapon against Moloch being a construction ruler.
  • Her disappeared husband is missing in family photos and must not have been a pleasant parting, with her having taken the effort to tear off or scribble out his face in the photos .
  • Meaningful Name : Her name, "Lila", is Spanish for Lilac, a pale violet variant of purple, which matches her light purple hair and her purple outfits.
  • My Eyes Are Up Here : Parodied by a shirt she wears at the beginning of "Unwanted Guest". Said shirt says "Look at me in the eyes" and has a set of eyes printed where her breasts are.
  • Nice Girl : She's very kind to her son and his friend, and generally seems to be quite patient with their silly antics.
  • Nightmare Fetishist : Ironically, despite having to face various real threats that are completely horrifying, one of her favorite pastimes is watching horror movies with her young son.
  • Perky Goth : Her most iconic appearance has a goth vibe going for her, with a purple dress and black eyeliner, but she's sweet and a caring mother to her son.
  • Sexy Santa Dress : Lila dresses up in one at the end of the first short, along with having a Christmas tree up... while announcing that it's November. The boys need a moment to process it.
  • Sleepyhead : In every episode besides "It's spooky month" and "Deadly Smiles", she's shown to be an incredibly tired person, usually sleeping or being woken up. In particular, when Skid wakes her up at the start of "Tender Treats", Lila tells him to go get ready for Halloween... only to fall right back asleep.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl : The girly girl to Jaune's tomboy. Compared to how much of a go-getter Jaune is, Lila is much more reserved and tends to act like a proper lady, focusing her efforts on being a good mother. Best exemplified by their childhood Halloween photo: whereas Jaune went as a cowgirl , Lila went as a witch .
  • Unlimited Wardrobe : Each short sees her wearing a different outfit, sometimes more than one: her main outfit is a purple dress with arm warmers, but she's also shown in a tank top, a gag shirt and shorts, a purple shirt and jeans, and a lilac sweater with a dark purple coat.
  • Vocal Evolution : In "It's spooky month", she sounds feminine, but with a bit of a masculine raspiness to her voice, courtesy of her being voiced by Sr. Pelo himself. Due to being voiced by Elsie Lovelock from "The Stars" onward, she's sounded much more feminine since. She lampshades this in "Tender Treats", saying that "my voice was so different back then."


  • Ambiguous Situation : Her brief appearance in the first episode raises a lot of questions. Absolutely no explanation is given for why her rotting corpse was still sitting inside Lila's house instead of being buried in the ground, or how she became an undead zombie who could still talk to her grandson and do the Spooky Dance with him.
  • Family Portrait of Characterization : Framed portraits show her as someone who Skid and Lila must have really cared about, and a portrait depicting her with a young Lila and Jaune shows her as an attentive mother, whilst also likely confirming that she is related to Lila and not Skid's Disappeared Dad .
  • I Was Quite a Looker : Background portraits show then when she was alive, she was a sweet-looking elderly woman in her old age, and decently attractive when she was raising Lila.
  • No Name Given : Her real name is unknown.
  • Our Zombies Are Different : Seems to be a Revenant Zombie . Despite being a rotting corpse, when Skid tells her that "It's-a Spooky Month!", her skull peeks out through her mouth to repeat what he said, and then she does the Spooky Dance with him.
  • Posthumous Character : She's already dead in her first, last, and only appearance, but is somehow still conscious. She seems to be completely dead and buried after the first episode.
  • Undeathly Pallor : She's an undead being with rotten green skin.


  • Ambiguously Evil : It's heavily implied that Skid's father was involved with the local cult, but to what extent and whether he participated in their criminal acts is unknown. Lila seems to personally loathe him, judging by how she apparently went out of her way to disfigure photos of his face .
  • The Faceless : Every picture with him is either torn from the neck up or has his face scribbled out, leaving what he looked like a complete mystery.
  • The Ghost : He has thus far remained unseen.
  • Meaningful Background Event : Aside from hints of his departure from the family in portraits, there are also a couple items in the background shelves like occult artifacts and cultist robes, donned by the cultists in the Newgrounds ending of "Unwanted Guest", that give the impression that he had some relationship with the cult in the abandoned manor. There's not much evidence to those robes belonging to Lila and not him, given her reaction to the paranormal.
  • No Name Given : His name is just one of many mysteries about him.
  • Spooky Painting : He's actually got a huge portrait of himself in the derelict mansion the cultists are using, though the viewers never get to see his face, only recognizing him because he's wearing the same coat and ring he had when he was with his son.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe : Similar to Lila, all of the photos with him show him in a different outfit: a black suit, a red sweater, a cyan shirt, and a beige shirt with an apron.
  • Un-person : Lila has taken great care to remove anything with Skid's father in it, shoving it away in the attic and tearing or scribbling out his face for good measure. The only time she ever seems to acknowledge him is during Father's Day.

Pump's family


  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing : A weird example. To Skid, Pump, and the audience, her true colors of being a short-tempered and slightly selfish person are always on full display. However, when she's livestreaming in "Deadly Smiles", she has a much kinder and softspoken personality, which gets immediately broken the moment she spots Skid and Pump in her room.
  • Butt-Monkey : A running gag is Skid and Pump annoying and inconveniencing her every episode. From barging into her room and stealing her homework project, to Pump pranking her by hiding under a bed (while she's also cowering there) and scaring her.
  • Double Take : When Pump comes home with a sack that's overflowing with candy, Susie is at a loss for words and stutters over how much he has.
  • Early-Bird Cameo : Briefly appears in "The Stars" when Pump and Skid invade her room, without the context of being Pump's sister.
  • Hidden Depths : Despite being in her teens, she is a fantastic artist. She was working on a sculpture of Hell in "The Stars" for a school project before the boys destroyed it, and "Deadly Smiles" reveals that she's even better at drawing, with a detailed sketch of a demon on her computer. She is also a streamer with a small audience.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold : She's annoyed by the boys' antics and is rude towards them, but does ultimately love Pump and helps him and Skid warm up when they return home without their jackets. Humorously, she even has a tiny yellow heart on her shirt.
  • Never Be Hurt Again : She tells Pump that she refuses to ever go out on Halloween night, and implies it has something to do with his constant pranking of her, which is shown at the start of "Tender Treats" to leave her a Nervous Wreck .
  • Nightmare Fetishist : If her two art projects are anything to go by, she seems to enjoy hellish imagery as much as her brother enjoys Halloween imagery.
  • Not So Above It All : Towards the end of "Tender Treats" she's initially shocked and authoritative when asking Pump where he got his inexplicably large bag of candy, before quickly changing her tune and meekly asking if she can have some.
  • Pet the Dog : After being rude and hostile to Skid and Pump throughout "Deadly Smiles", she gives the two blankets and hot chocolate to help them warm up after they return home without their sweaters.
  • Pink Means Feminine : Her main attire is a pink t-shirt. In "Tender Treats" she wears pink pajamas.


  • Affectionate Nickname : Pump refers to him as "Grumpus", being a silly way of saying "grampa".
  • Body Horror : He does the Spooky Dance, with the sounds of his bones crunching .
  • Characterization Marches On : He was a tad more eccentric in his first appearance, getting in on the Spooky Dance right in the middle of a heart attack. His later appearance in "Deadly Smiles" and "Tender Treats" makes him out as a polite, if very tired grandfather.
  • Early-Bird Cameo : Similar to Susie, he briefly appears in "The Stars" when Pump and Skid show up on the former's doorstep, without the context of being Pump's grandpa.
  • Last-Name Basis : His first name hasn't been stated.
  • Potty Failure : He soils himself while sleeping in "Deadly Smiles", a predicament that has apparently happened before, likely due to his old age.


  • The Ghost : Neither of them have shown up yet, only being mentioned or appearing in family photos.
  • Like Father, Like Son : "Tender Treats" reveals that when Pump's father was a kid, he wore a pumpkin mask for Halloween, just like Pump.
  • Married to the Job : The two of them are so wrapped up in their job, that not only did they have to move into an apartment complex to reasonably commute, but they also have absolutely no time available to pick up Pump's calls.
  • No Name Given : Neither of their names are known yet.
  • Parents as People : They aren't outright bad people, and do love their kids, but their workaholic nature causes them to be neglectful.
  • When You Coming Home, Dad? : Various pictures around the Wonder household show Susie's and Pump's parents being very loving towards their children, only for additional pictures to show them becoming busy with work and eventually leaving their kids in the care of their grandfather. When Susie threatens to tell their parents that him and Skid were playing with knives, Pump calls her bluff because he knows they wouldn't answer even if she did call them.
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Spooky Month

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The Spooky Month series is about two kids, Skid and Pump , who are obsessed with Halloween, which they refer to as the "Spooky Month". No matter the time of year, they always celebrate with their infamous Spooky Dance, even if the world around them is twisted and desolate; demons in the attic, killer dolls roaming the streets, and a mysterious cult sneaking around the town.

Episodes [ ]

  • It's spooky month : Skid and Pump have an adventure the entire Spooky Month.
  • The Stars : Skid and Pump enjoy Spooky Month against all the weird things in the world.
  • Unwanted Guest : Someone got tired and wants to go outside, but it's not the kids...
  • Deadly Smiles : The kids are happy to play games, but some fellows are not as happy as them.
  • Tender Treats : The kids celebrate Halloween like no one! They trick or treat in every single house in the town, sadly, this year someone escaped from prison, Bob Velseb , and he is hungry to feast, for the town is his buffet.
  • Spooky Month 6-10

Promotional Shorts [ ]

  • Spooky Month Merch : A promotional short advertising Skid and Pump plushies and a long-sleeved shirt.
  • Spooky Month Merch! : A promotional short announcing the new t-shirts and key chains.
  • Spooky Month Plushies! : A promotional short announcing the new Skid and Pump plushies.

Miscellaneous [ ]

  • Friday Night Funkin' : A rhythm game that had an official collaboration with Spooky Month, having the kids as one of the main opponents.
  • Merchandise : Official Spooky Month merchandise such as plushies, shirts and keychains, all being sold through the online store Ownja .
  • Spooky Month ARG : An ARG that started with the third episode and has continued with each one released, each part of the ARG contains pieces of lore. Špöøkÿ mõńth

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  1. Skid

    Skid is 1 of the 2 main protagonists of the Spooky Month series (alongside Pump) and a character both created and voiced by Sr Pelo following the Halloween thematic. He always wears his Halloween outfit in every episode, but ever since the first episode, there have been various photos of him without his costume.

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    Lila Skid's Grandma Skid's Dad Pump's family Susie Wonder Mr. Wonder Pump's Parents Previous Index Next Characters/Spooky Month Spooky Month - Hatzgang and Families A page for describing Characters: Spooky Month - Skid and Pump Families. Skid and Pump The protagonists of Spooky Month, these jolly children are the best of …

  3. Spooky Month

    Spooky Month is a Newgrounds and YouTube animated series made by Sr Pelo. The Spooky Month series is about two kids, Skid and Pump, who are obsessed with Halloween, which they refer to as the "Spooky Month". No matter the time of year, they always celebrate with their infamous Spooky Dance, even if the world around them is twisted and desolate; demons in the attic, killer dolls roaming the ...