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Description [ ]


These missions revolve around the player assisting Captain Darcy in his various duties, dealing with things such as collecting undersea cargo, retrieving stolen property, and assisting wealthy clients. The missions are only available from the yacht bridge or by calling the Captain and requesting a job, until they are all completed, then they will be added to the Jobs section of the Pause Menu.

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GTA Online: How To Complete The Superyacht Life Missions


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GTA Online: 7 Best Ways To Earn Money Passively

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Unlike most entries in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Grand Theft Online allows players to breathe life into their characters and explore Southern San Andreas as their own crime lords-to-be. Now outside the confines of the stories of usual Grand Theft Auto protagonists, GTA Online players are left to their own devices to make a name for themselves with a rising criminal empire. That, or just go have explosive mayhem with their friends.

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Thankfully, players who want a genuine GTA experience can rely on missions to give them a semblance of sanity in the game’s setting. One such quest is “A Superyacht Life,” which in itself is a series of six missions that players can pursue with up to three friends. What makes “A Superyacht Life” one of the most memorable quest lines in the hit online installment, and how can players complete it?

Available through the Los Santos Summer Special update released in 2020, “A Superyacht Life” is a questline given to a player or up to four players. This questline is primarily set in the Galaxy Super Yacht , an expensive GTA Online vehicle that players will eventually own.

Similar to other questlines in GTA Online , the ones provided in A Superyacht Life revolve around an interconnected plot point. Players must assist the quest-giver, Captain Brendan Darcy, in various duties involving the usage of the Galaxy Super Yacht. These include undersea missions, cargo retrieval, and even fulfilling the goals of high-end clients.

Accessing The Quests

Players can access "A Superyacht Life" from the Bridge of the Galaxy Super Yacht. From here, they should head to the Captain’s Workstation to load the current mission available to them.

Alternatively, players may be able to use their smartphone to call Captain Brendan Darcy and then choose a Request Job. The current available mission in the series should be made accessible to players. Both these options are available as long as players haven’t completed the questline in full.

When players access this mission, a distressed Captain Darcy informs the player that someone has stolen the yacht’s jetskis (another expensive GTA Online vehicle ) as well as important documents related to both the Captain and the players. The documents specify that they are “permanent residents of international waters.”

First, head to the Vespucci Canals, the last known location of the joyriders. The waterworks can prove tricky ground to eliminate the thieves at first, but the area provides both decent cover and a lot of openings to shoot opponents.

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The Captain will then inform players that the thieves were part of a Puerto Del Sol yacht club, which means players have to exact revenge against them. To do this, they need to head to the yacht club and sink the 10 boats located there. Players need to do this fast, as one of the boats may attempt to sail away from danger. This second objective is tricky, as this part of the mission is done with a Wanted level that doesn’t lower. The yacht club also has medium-level Security Guards. Moreover, the mission is only completed once players lose their Wanted level as well.

After a successful encounter with thieves, the Captain sends players to their second Grand Theft Auto mission . "Salvage" resembles a more modern take on sea exploration, albeit with a dash of wanton violence. The Captain informs a player of a distress call that has come from a sunken supply ship, the Olifantus, not too far from them. Should they make it in time, they will be able to retrieve the cargo and the loot for themselves.

Retrieving Supplies

Players are first directed to a dredge barge just south of the yacht. Go underwater towards the shipwreck and slowly retrieve the supplies. Players can’t stay underwater for too long, though. They are able to rise and swim back courtesy of Rebreathers, around 10 of which are provided. Players may also use their own scuba suit for this portion of the game.

Dealing With The Kkangpae

The Captain, via a call, congratulates the player after their retrieval of the cargo. Unfortunately, the sound of glass breaking can be heard, as well as the implication that part of the cargo has been stolen. Players have to go back to the ship, only to see it hijacked by the Kkangpae. They will also notice some enemies riding Dinghies circling their yacht. The confrontation with the Kkangpae is tricky, as players find themselves surrounded. There is no time limit for rescuing the Captain though, so players can take their time.

After eliminating the Kkangpae, players will receive a call from an unknown number with the Captain on the line. He will explain that the Kkangpae took him and the bartender hostage as revenge for the yacht destruction in the previous mission. Players will be directed to a peninsula near Cape Catfish, with one area designated as a hostage site. Be careful during this portion of the mission, as the player's travel towards the peninsula will have them encounter various Kkangpae. Not only that, they need to steer clear of the hostage site, as the Captain and bartender will be executed once players are seen at a particular distance. Eliminating the hostiles stealthily will complete the mission.

The adventures of the players and the Galaxy Super Yacht take a wilder turn fitting the Grand Theft Auto name courtesy of the third mission. When players accept their mission, the Captain tells the player of a business deal they have to salvage involving the Pacific Country Club. Apparently, an unknown party has started setting club members' cars on fire, and it’s up to players to stop this. Despite its straightforward nature, the mission has a particular complexity that players need to consider.

Stealing The Tula

First, go to the LSIA to steal a Tula (an aerial firefighting plane) from the coast guard before the fire department is able to respond to the situation. When players arrive at the airport, around 10 Coast Guard members are patrolling the area. Players will notice stealth visibility cones in their minimaps, all from the Coast Guard members. Players need to steal the Tula quietly, as getting spotted will give players 2 Stars in Wanted levels.

Once players do steal the Tula, they will notice a new part of the HUD: a “Water Remaining” gauge. Players need to land on water periodically to refill it, and should do so until they have around eight water gauges. This serves as “water bombs” to wipe out the fire in the garage. After filling up the bars, players will get a text message warning them to stay out of this problem.

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Putting Out Fires

Players will notice eight burning cars when they arrive at the country club, all of which they have to extinguish. This becomes challenging as Kkangpae try to destroy the Tula from the ground. The added challenge here is that players only have five minutes to save all these vehicles.

When players finish this segment, the Captain will tell players that they need to go to the Pipeline Inn nearby to save yet another set of vehicles. This time around, players need to save six more vehicles within another five minutes while enemies try to destroy the Tula. After putting out all the fires, the Captain will tell players to bring the Tula back to the yacht for disposal. The mission ends when the player lands the Tula near the yacht.

Despite the difficulty of the mission, failing and restarting does get players next to the Tula without any enemies present. This allows them to simply load the Tula with water and proceed with the rest of the mission.

In the fourth mission, the Captain has begun formulating a plan for exacting vengeance against the Kkangpae for the previous mission’s kidnapping. This becomes a more action-packed take on the questline, akin to more standard missions in the title.

First, players have to go to the Fridgit Cold Storage warehouse inside the Cypress Flats. The mission will tell them to destroy all AC units that maintain the temperature of the gang’s products. During this part of the mission, the Kkangpae will attack players from Frogger choppers from the skies and from other rooftops. Players new to GTA Online need to be careful here, as they might be overwhelmed.

Next, players are asked to steal Benson, a product that the gang is currently preparing to deliver. The Captain will then tell players to deliver the product to the buyer themselves. During the process of delivery, the Kkangpae will still try to chase and attack the players from various directions and from different vehicles. The buyer is located in Del Perro’s Hedera Hotel, in an alley behind the structure. The mission is completed after players exit the vehicle.

Bon Voyage takes place during a heavy thunderstorm. At the start of this mission, the Captain tells players that the heavy rain has shut down both yacht’s engines and generators. Even the power onboard will go down, and the helicopter aboard the expensive GTA Online yacht explodes while waves of enemies slowly arrive.

The yacht usually has anti-aircraft systems, but the lack of electricity means they’re non-functional. Only the players are able to defend the yacht. This is perhaps the most difficult confrontation in the questline. Enemies will be coming from multiple fronts: enemies already onboard, those arriving from the sea, and those rappelling down from choppers.

There will be three waves of enemies of progressing difficulty. Unfortunately, players won’t be able to enter the interior of the yacht. However, players will continuously see Body Armor and Health pack pickups on the top deck just outside the bridge’s entry to give them the occasional boost.

After the second wave, the Captain will realize that the attackers are once again the Kkangpae. When players reach the third wave, the Captain will finally get power back on the yacht and activate the defenses. This gives players an offensive boost, as the Captain will be able to handle threats from the skies. After players clear the remaining threats from the boats and on the ground, they will finally complete the mission.

Grand Theft Auto Online was released for the PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

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gta v how to move yacht

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></center></p><h2>2024 Luxury Super Yachts in GTA 5 Online: A Comprehensive Breakdown</h2><ul><li>View on YouTube</li></ul><p>Home » GTA Online » 2024 Luxury Super Yachts in GTA 5 Online: A Comprehensive Breakdown</p><p>Discover the luxury super yachts along the shores of GTA 5 Online, complete with a comprehensive breakdown covering every aspect of the Galaxy Super Yacht. Join in as we explore why owning a yacht in GTA 5 is the epitome of luxury, featuring amenities like a personal heli and versatility as an additional spawn point. Whether it’s the Orion Yacht, Pisces Yacht, or the Aquarius Yacht you are interested in, we delve into their unique features to help your purchase decision.</p><p>Investigate the ROI of yachts in #GTA5, factoring in yacht missions and earnings. Why lose money on retreating to the high seas? Understand the potential struggle of recuperating investment through in-game missions. From exotic locations, luxury amenities to the anti-griefer measures, every aspect of owning a super yacht in GTA 5 Online is covered extensively.</p><p>Hardware isn’t everything, though. We also discuss the aesthetic options available, such as diverse color schemes, flag options, and lighting that define the look of your Galaxy Super Yacht out at sea. The potential for customization is immense and can transform your yacht into a unique floating home.</p><p>In further segments, we discuss ‘How to Purchase’ a yacht, the steps to follow, potential costs, and much more. Understand how to call in various add-ons like Heli, Boat, and Job. In addition, we reveal insights on managing yachts, including controlling accessibility, setting yacht defenses, and the implications of these measures.</p><p>Explore how in-depth the GTA 5 Yacht defense system can be: its limitations, strengths, and overall usefulness. From pros to cons, we unveil the good, bad, and the ugly of owning a luxury yacht in the world of #GTA5.</p><p>Do you want to know how to sell a yacht in GTA 5 online? Stay tuned as we tackle the resale value and possibilities of GTA 5 yacht selling.</p><p>Finally, we conclude by addressing one of the coolest features of owning a super yacht in GTAV – hosting an exotic dancer and having awesome parties with friends.</p><p>From luxury heli, watercraft, to how to use the yacht missions as an additional income source, this video is a complete guide for potential yacht owners in #GTA5Online #GalaxySuperYacht.</p><p>well it’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at the luxury super yotts in GTA 5 online so time for a comprehensive breakdown my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer we have a lot to cover here the yacht is a complex piece of Kit with a few bits of functionality and lots of options so we’ll be going through why want to buy a yacht budget and purchase options return on investment had to purchase one calling in your heli boat or a job moving the yacht management defenses and how to host an exotic dancer so first things first why on Earth would you want a yacht well there’s a few core reasons the luxury heli depending on your budget your new yacht might come with a helicopter which can be called in for a small fee they have specific spawn points so they’re not quite as convenient as a sparrow or an oppressor but they’re still nice watercraft so that’s a few jet skis and a lovely power booat all of which are station off the back of the yacht an additional spawn point unsurprisingly the Yachts have a bedroom so you can spawn in this can be handy if your businesses are near the Southwest coast or you want quicker access to Los Santos airport anti-g Griefer measures the OT comes with a neat defense system that gives you safe haven it has a couple of caveats but this is a great way to deal with vehicle based idiots access to Executive missions and that the yacht gives you access to a facility specific set of missions they’re designed for noobs can be done solo and it’s a hell of a flex I mean there is a nice facility to have and one of the most expensive things you can own in the game so it’s a cracking way to show off right budget and purchase options we have three different options to choose from with the Ys oh and don’t worry about the pricing on screen I picked this up during an event week before we get into pricing every yacht is 210 ft and comes with a bar guest room and the ability to host uh professional friends you might meet while spending time at the Vanilla Unicorn the oran at $6 million comes with a single helip pad a small twers canopy Runabout and one jet ski the Pisces at $7 million and this one comes with two helip pads the Swift Deluxe helicopter pagari speeder arguably the best boat in the game a dingy and two jet skis oh and a hot tub and finally the Aquarius at $8 million this is the same size and birth as the other yachts and has two helip pads a hot tub a dingy same as the Pisces but also comes with a super volito carbon and the Toro and four jet skis so I’ve gone for the Aquarius here but only because it was on super special if I was paying full price the Pisces at 7 million is the better buy in my opinion the speedboat and the helicopter that comes with the Pisces is much better and really how often do you use four jet skiis at the same damn time next up is the trim Chrome is included but you can step up with gold fittings for an additional 750 $50,000 lighting and color schemes is next again there’s a free option but if you want to pick from the eight other available options it’ll set you back anywhere up to 600 Grand sticking with the Aesthetics the paint job is next starting with the white paint job and gray trim included and with 12 options ranging in price up to $650,000 and the final option is your flag and yacht name both of which are included in the original price so your minimum out of pocket on this one is $6 million which gets you the base model yacht and nothing else if you have around 88 million to spend though the Pisces with a few aesthetic upgrades would be the go to return on investment now there are six missions in total and depending on your skill with a chopper boat and Firearm they’ll take you between 8 and 20 minutes each and typically pay between 20 and $30,000 which means an absolute minimum of 200 missions or 27 hours to break even if you go for the absolute cheapest option and get the maximum pay out every time Honestly though it would be more like like 300 missions in 75 hours of grinding at maximum difficulty to get your money back so great Flex rubbish investment you do get this sweet Captain’s outfit though which is nice right so once you’ve decided on your model find somewhere safe open your phone and head to the internet then to vehicles and transport Doc te’s and click the Galaxy super yacht Panner pick your yacht and set your options click byy now and you’ll immediately receive a notification and a new contact close out the internet by hitting the X top right and you’ll see a new notification with the YT icon top left as well as a message from the captain of your new vessel after that you can head back out to the free roam Lobby and you’ll notice another notification this time about your chopper if your yacht comes with one and I’ll cover how to call that in in a bit when you’re ready head over to your new yacht and take a look around and after you’ve had a bit of an explore head to the helm and that’s where the captain hangs out and into the yellow marker to start your yacht missions okay so there’s a few additional things that you can do with your yacht which can come in handy soon uh you can call in a heli a boat or the job so firstly if you’ve gone for the Pisces or an aquarius you can call in your helicopter to do this open your phone and go to contacts toggle down to the captain and give him a call once he picks up select request helicopter which will s you back $1,000 now this is a bit old school so the chopper will spawn in one of a few dozen set places around the map which was great back in the day but it is pretty inconvenient if you’re used to the sparrow or a mark 2 oppressor but anyway once it’s spawned in you’ll see a new Chopper icon on the map head over and you’re good to go while we’re on the captain’s phone you may have also noticed a few other options you can use this same menu to call in your premium boat which will again spawn somewhere up the coast oh and you can request a personal vehicle or your next job to should you feel so inclined the next thing you can do is move your yacht around the coastline now again this is a little old school so you can’t actually drive the damn thing sadly it’s not the kazaka but you can have the yacht quick travel to different locations in the lobby albeit at a particularly ouchy cost of 25 Grand a throw to do this head to the helm on your yacht stand next to the captain to trigger the button prompt top left of the screen click the button noted and bring up the location menu then cycle through the locations until you found the one you’re after yacht defenses and management is next to access these you can be on the yacht or anywhere outside on the free Ro map head to the interaction menu That’s am on your keyboard double squares on the Xbox controller or swipe on your PlayStation scroll down to services and Galaxy Super yot from there there’s a few things you can do skipping the defenses for a moment we can set up who has access to the boats jet skis and Chopper if you have one we can also change who can access the yacht itself and what type of clothing people wear in the hot tub if your yacht has one finally let’s scroll back up to defenses when these are on and don’t forget to set exclusions but when these are on any player in the free roam Lobby in a vehicle will be targeted by the defense system oh and it also takes care of guided missiles from the caku but here’s the rub it’s only players in vehicles if someone swims to your yacht they won’t be targeted and will be able to board the vessel so it’s great for Mark 2 and Jet Griefers but not so good for people who are just running around being a Pon in the ass oh and there’s one more thing with the defenses when they’re on no one can draw a weapon no one it’s great because you can’t have a griefer come in and shoot up the place but it also means you can’t draw and shoot anyone your own self finally if you’ve made friends with one of the ladies at the Vanilla Unicorn you can invite them over to party with you and your friends to do this you’ll need to have spent a bit of coin at the Vanilla Unicorn targeting um sorry befriending one specific dancer doesn’t matter which one just pick one you think is pretty and focus on them once you’ve been given their number you can head back to the yacht from the outside deck open your phone and navigate to the contacts scroll down to the name of the dancer and give them a call and invite invite them to your apartment once she hangs up immediately walk into the cabin after a few moments your friend will buzz and you’ll see the controls to let them in top left let them in and you can kick on with them for as long as you like and that’s about it thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands we’ll see you in the next video</p><p><center><img style=

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gta v how to move yacht

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GTA Online Yacht Missions And Payouts

GTA Online offers a wide variety of mission chains and quests, providing players with the opportunity to earn substantial rewards. Among these missions are the Yacht missions, which are part of the "A Superyacht Life series" and become available after purchasing a Yacht. 

To assist you in completing these missions and obtaining the associated rewards, we have provided a comprehensive breakdown below. We will outline the specifics of each Yacht mission, explain the payout structure, and reveal the rewards you can expect upon completion.

GTA Online - All Yacht Missions

As part of the Los Santos Summer Special update in Grand Theft Auto Online, players can engage in a series of six missions called " A Superyacht Life. " These missions are assigned by Brendan Darcy, the captain of the player's Galaxy Super Yacht, and can be played by a group of 1 to 4 players.

GTA Online All Yacht Missions listed below

Below are the descriptions of all six of these Yacht missions in GTA Online:

Mission 1: Overboard

Captain Darcy alerts the player that the yacht's jetskis and important documents, which establish both the Captain and the player as permanent residents of international waters, have been stolen. The player is instructed to proceed to the Vespucci Canals, where the joyriders were last spotted. Eliminating the thieves in this area can be challenging, but it offers decent cover and strategic shooting positions.

GTA Online All Yacht Mission Overboard mission

The Captain reveals that the culprits are members of the Puerto Del Sol yacht club, prompting the player to seek revenge. The next objective is to head to the yacht club and sink the 10 boats docked there. Time is of the essence, as a boat may attempt to escape. Sink them all, and the mission will be completed.

Mission 2: Salvage

Brendan Darcy informs the player about a distress call from a sunken supply ship nearby. They are directed to a dredge barge to collect the sunken cargo around the wrecked Olifantus ship. 

After retrieving the cargo, the player returns to find the yacht invaded by the Kkangpae. They eliminate the hijackers and receive a call from Brendan, who reveals he and the bartender have been taken hostage. The player rescues them while fending off attackers and returns to the yacht.

Mission 3: All Hands

Brendan alerts the player about a problematic business deal at the Pacific Country Club. They must steal firefighting planes from LSIA to extinguish cars set on fire by club members. Guards at the airport trigger a 2-star wanted level until the Tula is acquired.

GTA Online All Yacht Missions All hands mission

After refueling in the air and receiving a threatening text message, the player heads to the country club. They extinguish burning vehicles while fending off Kkangpae attacks. There's a 5-minute time limit for each task. Brendan mentions additional fires at the Pipeline Inn. Returning the Tula to the yacht concludes the mission. Failing restarts at the LSIA hangar without enemies.

Mission 4: Icebreaker

Brendan Darcy devises a revenge plan against the Kkangpae for kidnapping him. The player destroys air-conditioning units at the Fridgit Cold Storage warehouse and steals the prepared product. 

The player must deliver the goods while fending off Kkangpae attacks. The mission ends when the player reaches the buyer in an alley behind the Hedera Hotel in Del Perro.

Mission 5: Bon Voyage

The mission starts with a stormy setting as the yacht's systems fail. Enemies attack from different directions, including onboard, in Dinghies, and from Buzzards. Brendan reveals that the attackers are the Kkangpae, the gang that previously kidnapped him. 

GTA Online All Yacht Missions Bon Voyage mission

The player defends the yacht through three waves of enemies. Brendan restores power and requests the player to eliminate remaining foes on foot and in boats. The mission ends after completing this task.

Mission 5: D-Day

Brendan informs the player about the boss of a money laundering outfit staying on a heavily defended yacht. He suggests using a Kraken submersible to sneak past their defenses. The sub is located near a barge, close to the rival yacht's defensive zone patrolled by Dinghies.

While operating the sub, the player must stay low to avoid detection and navigate through underwater mines. A detection meter shows the player's visibility to the yacht's defenses, while a depth meter indicates their underwater level. Staying at a safe depth of around 275-350ft is crucial. The surrounding area is patrolled by boats, so the player must remain submerged.

GTA Online All Yacht Missions Final mission D Day

Approaching the yacht's vicinity, the player resurfaces and boards the ship, engaging multiple enemies onboard. After eliminating all enemies, the boss tries to escape in a helicopter. The player must give chase, with the helicopter being escorted by two others. Dinghies also join the pursuit. The escort helicopters have gunners armed with RPGs. The target helicopter's health is displayed on-screen. Once the helicopter is destroyed and the boss is killed, Brendan suggests collecting the bounty on the boss's head, concluding the mission.

GTA Online - Yacht Missions Payouts

Currently, we don't have an exact number for the payout of each of these missions, since they depend on other factors such as the rank you play at and the amount of time the mission takes. However, we can say that the payout will be around the $38,000 mark (adjusting for the 25% increase thanks to the recent update), as after they are all complete, players will earn the Captain's Outfit as a souvenir.

GTA Online All Yacht Payout's total amount

So there you have it, a complete breakdown of all the Yacht missions on GTA Online as well as the Payouts you'll receive for completing them. Be sure to check back here soon, as we'll update this listing with the most relevant information as it's made available. 

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gta v how to move yacht

Grand Theft Auto Online Yacht FAQ

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The inclusion of purchasable yachts in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online was probably one of the biggest features added in since the game launched. By now, most players have far more money than they know what to do with.  Customizable apartments and new guns are wonderful and all, but buying an entire boat is where the game truly shines. Show off your skill and income by sticking it in other people’s faces!

Costs, Functions, and Features

The Yacht is the brand new boat introduced in the recent Executives and Other Criminals Update . The yacht is a full-sized boat with numerous features, a massive bridge, three individual decks, a jacuzzi, and even a helicopter.

Players have a couple of options when speaking with the ship’s captain over the in-game phone, including:

  • Helicopter – the player can request a helicopter aboard their yacht, but it will cost them $1000 to have it waiting on the deck.
  • Boat – you can also request a boat to be delivered along the shoreline near an anchor point. It will always be a Dinghy, however. This will cost $750.
  • Vehicle – Alternatively, you can request your personal vehicle be delivered to the shoreline. This is free of charge.

To gain access to these options, though, you need to purchase the starting yacht for $6,000,000 .

Can You Relocate?

The simple answer to the above question is: yes. The player is fully capable of relocating their brand new super yacht to a variety of unique locations. Such locations (and their individual costs) include:

  • Lago Zancudo – $25,000
  • North Chumash – $25,000
  • Pacific Bluffs – $25,000
  • Vespucci Beach – $25,000
  • Los Santos International Airport – $25,000
  • Terminal – $25,000
  • Palomino Highlands – $25,000
  • Tatavium Mountains – $25,000
  • San Chianski Mountain Range – $25,000
  • Mount Gordo – $25,000

Can You Customize?

Again, the answer is yes! You have a couple of options to customize your brand new yacht, each option has a variety of color options to further improve upon the ambient lighting, overall style, and more.

For example, you can select your lighting , which changes every single bulb on the boat to a specific color of your choosing. This works best at night, obviously.

Next, the player can choose their fittings, which include the handrails and whatnot along the yacht. Gold seems to be a personal favorite of many players, though it does add an extra $750,000 onto the cost.

Also, you are fully capable of changing the flag and the name of the flag flying on your yacht. The flags are all of a variety of countries, so yours will probably be there, too.

Lastly, you can select the overall color scheme of the entire boat, making it stand apart from your friend who decided to cramp your style and buy the same thing with their money. There are quite a few options, though white appears to be the most popular as of right now. That should change soon, thankfully.

Is There More Than One?

There are currently three purchasable yachts for the player to spend their hard-earned in-game money on. These include The Orion, The Pisces, and The Aquarius. Each one has its own increasing cost and very specific features and amenities.

  • Costs $6,00,000
  • Three guest rooms with en-suites
  • Large sun deck
  • Shitzu Tropic
  • Speedophile Seashark

The Pisces:

  • Costs $7,000,000
  • Buckingham Swift Deluxe
  • Pegassi Speeder
  • Nagasaki Dinghy
  • 2 Speedophile Seasharks

The Aquarius:

  • Costs $8,00,000
  • Buckingham SuperVolito Carbon
  • Lampadati Toro
  • 4 Speedophile Seasharks

Overall, any of the three purchasable yachts would be an interesting addition to your vast empire and collection. If you have the money to spend, then why not go for it!

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GTA Base

The Aquarius Yacht

The Aquarius Yacht

The Aquarius Yacht is one of the Galaxy Super Yacht properties available in GTA Online.

It has been added to the game as part of the 1.31 Executives and Other Criminals update on December 15, 2015 .

How to buy The Aquarius Yacht in GTA Online:

The Aquarius Yacht can be purchased from DockTease for a price of $8,000,000 .

This is luxury living on the water - fully staffed and packed with perks. This floating apartment isn't for driving though - enjoy the amenities while your personal captain will move you between your choice of 12 scenic ports around Los Santos and Blaine County for a fee. The Aquarius - This one. Obviously.

The Aquarius Yacht comes with:

  • 210ft yacht with timeless exterior styling
  • Three beautifully appointed guest rooms with en-suites
  • Expansive sun deck for entertaining
  • A Buckingham SuperVolito Carbon
  • A Lampadati Toro
  • A Nagasaki Dinghy
  • 4 Speedophile Seasharks

Galaxy Super Yacht Properties: Features & Customization

Property Information

  • Property Type Galaxy Super Yacht
  • Acquisition DockTease
  • GTA Online Price $8,000,000
  • Vehicles Capacity 2

Release Information

Game Edition: GTA Online

  • DLC / Title Update 1.31 Executives and Other Criminals
  • Release Date December 15, 2015
  • Platforms PC PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X|S PlayStation 4 Xbox One

The Aquarius Yacht Model

GTAOnline Yacht Model 0 Aquarius

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Can You Drive The Super Galaxy Yacht In GTA Online?

Can You Drive The Super Galaxy Yacht In GTA Online?

Hey there, GTA Online enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into a topic that's been buzzing around the community for a while now: the Galaxy Super Yacht. This isn't just any boat in the vast ocean of GTA Online. It's a symbol of luxury, a floating piece of art that has players scratching their heads with one big question – can you actually drive this beauty?

Think of the Galaxy Super Yacht as the crown jewel of Los Santos ' waters. It's big, it's flashy, and it's got everyone talking. But here's the catch: despite its grandeur and the freedom that GTA Online offers, there's a bit of mystery shrouding this vessel. Why is this such a hot topic, you ask? Well, it's not every day you get to steer a multimillion-dollar yacht in a world where you can pretty much do anything.

The Debate: Can You Drive the Galaxy Super Yacht?

Alright, let's cut to the chase and tackle the big question head-on: Is it possible to take the wheel of the Galaxy Super Yacht in GTA Online? This has been a burning question for players ever since this floating palace made its grand entrance in the game. It's not just about the luxury or the status symbol; it's about what you can actually do with this yacht.

First things first, the Galaxy Super Yacht is undeniably a showstopper. It's like the Rolls Royce of the sea, decked out with all the bells and whistles you can imagine. But when it comes to GTA Online, it's not just about looking good; it's about action, adventure, and yes, driving cool vehicles. That's where the debate heats up.


On the flip side, there are reasons to think that maybe, just maybe, the Galaxy Super Yacht wasn’t meant to be driven. Maybe it's designed to be more of a status symbol, a trophy for those who have made it big in the criminal underworld of GTA. A place to chill, plan your next big move, or just enjoy the view. But is that all there is to it?

Rockstar's Stance and Game Mechanics

Now, let's shift gears and look at what Rockstar Games, the creators of GTA Online, have to say about the Galaxy Super Yacht. Understanding their perspective is crucial because, at the end of the day, they're the puppet masters behind the scenes, and their vision shapes our gaming experience.

Rockstar Games has a reputation for packing GTA Online with surprises and endless possibilities. They've given us a world where almost anything goes – from skydiving off skyscrapers to pulling off elaborate heists. But when it comes to the Galaxy Super Yacht, their approach seems a bit different.


To wrap up our deep dive into the enigma of the Galaxy Super Yacht in GTA Online, we've sailed through some interesting waters. The big question – "Can you drive the Galaxy Super Yacht?" – remains somewhat of a mystery, akin to an urban legend within the virtual streets of Los Santos.

From our exploration, it's clear that while the Galaxy Super Yacht epitomizes luxury and exclusivity, its role in GTA Online is more static than dynamic. Despite the game's reputation for pushing boundaries and offering a plethora of interactive experiences, this particular vessel remains an exception, a jewel in the crown that's admired but not maneuvered.

This decision by Rockstar Games, whether for technical, thematic, or future planning reasons, adds a unique flavor to the game. It keeps players talking, guessing, and hoping. Maybe one day we'll see this grand yacht set sail under our command, but for now, it stands as a symbol of aspiration and achievement in the game's rich tapestry.

So, while you might not be able to captain the Galaxy Super Yacht across the virtual seas, it serves as a reminder of the diverse and ever-evolving world that Rockstar has crafted. It's a world where surprises lurk around every corner, and sometimes, the allure lies in the unknown and the unattainable.

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GTA Online: How to complete Superyacht Life Missions

Image of Mohid Shahid

Step into the world of luxury and conquer the seas with the Superyacht Life missions in Grand Theft Auto Online . In this high-stakes quest, you are assigned to go against a rival gang’s attempts to disrupt the balance through a series of less-than-legal activities.

From extraction of cargo to killing a few folks, a total of six adrenaline-pumping missions are part of this quest which can be played with up to four players. And with the Weekly GTA Online update, there’s an added incentive—you can now earn a lucrative bonus of $100,000 per mission until May 15, making the rewards as enticing as the thrill of the chase itself.

How to access the Superyacht Life missions in GTA Online

As the name suggests, to play these missions, you must first reach millionaire status by purchasing the Galaxy Superyacht . Once the luxurious boat has been purchased, meet with the captain at the yacht’s bridge to begin the available mission. 

An image of a yacht with a helicopter flying over

Alternatively, you can call the captain directly and request a job to initiate the quest. Both of these options are available as long as you haven’t completed the whole quest line before.

All Superyacht Life missions in GTA Online

Mission 1: overboard.

The first mission involves a group of thugs stealing the yacht’s jet skis and documents specifying that said yacht is a permanent resident of international waters.

Get on a jet ski and begin tracking down the thugs docked near the Vespucci Canals. Eliminate them and retrieve the docs. While doing this, you will also have a high Wanted level and run to save your life.

After dealing with the enemies, the captain will call again, alerting you that the thugs are part of a rival yacht club. You need to head over there and sink a total of 10 boats.

A guy riding a speed boat in front of a yacht.

The last objective is to get rid of your high Wanted level , then the mission is completed.

Mission 2: Salvage

After the success of the first mission, Captain Brendan sends you to collect salvage from the sunken cargo ship near the yacht. To start the mission, speak with the captain and head over to the southern section of the boat. Dive into the water and follow the tracker as it leads you to the cargo.

While underwater, a distress call from Captain Brendan will let you know that he has been kidnapped. Worse, the cargo has been collected from the ship has been stolen. A new objective will pop up, asking you to save the man.

Proceed to the designated location on the map and discreetly eliminate all enemies. If you are detected, the kidnappers will execute the captain. Rescue the captain and rescue the goods to complete the mission.

Mission 3: All Hands

After the events of the second mission, an unknown party starts to set the Pacific Country Club members’ cars on fire, and it’s up to you to stop it.  To extinguish the fire, the captain will direct you to steal an airplane called Tula .

An image of a plane flying.

Head over to the Los Santos International Airport and eliminate the 10 coast guards patrolling the entrance. Using stealth can make things easier because getting caught will net you a two-star Wanted level. Simply board the Tula after clearing the guards.

After boarding the airplane, you will see eight water gauges on their HUD that require filling. To do so, land the aircraft on the water and wait until all tanks are filled. Then, proceed to the Country Club’s garage to extinguish the fire. Upon arrival, Kkangpae (the man responsible) and his goons will open fire on the plane, adding another challenge for you to overcome.

Extinguish the fire to receive a call from the captain, who tells you about another garage where Kkangpae’s men have set six more cars on fire. Fly the plane over there and extinguish this fire as well. This time, there is no need to fight anyone: Simply return to the yacht with the Tula after saving the cars to mark the mission complete.

Mission 4: Icebreaker

Captain Brendan formulates a plan to take revenge on Kkangpae and his men. The captain directs you to infiltrate the rival gang’s warehouse near the Cyprus flats by destroying 10 AC units.

This is a straightforward mission where you must destroy all the AC units while surviving the attacks of Kkangpae’s goons. Next, the captain will direct you to steal Benson, a product ready to be sold by the gang, and then to sell it directly to the buyer yourself.

Mission 5: Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage is one of the most intense missions in the Superyacht life questline as it involves surviving three waves of Kkangpae’s men trying to hijack the Super Galaxy yacht in extremely unfavorable weather.

Due to the harsh weather, the yacht generators have malfunctioned, and the anti-aircraft systems have gone down with them. Using this as an advantage, enemies attack the yacht from sea and air alike. It’s up to you to stop them.

You will need heavy armor to withstand the three waves of enemy attacks. The yacht’s generators will reactivate after the first two, triggering the anti-aircraft system, which targets and destroys helicopters surrounding the yacht, making your life easier for the final showdown.

Mission 6: D-Day

Captain Brendan is fed up with Kkangpae and his gang, so he tasks you with eliminating the leader on his yacht. To avoid detection, he advises using a submarine to disarm the mines placed nearby.

A man driving a submarine underwater.

Track the yacht and disarm any mines in the vicinity. Once the area is safe, board the ship and take care of Kkangpae and his crew. Expect the leader to flee via his helicopter onboard: Use the RPG to take it and finish GTA Online ‘s Superyacht Life quest in style.

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GTA Online update for the week of May 9

Live that Superyacht Life in Los Santos this week

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GTA Online promo art for Superyacht Life missions

The weekly GTA Online update for May 9, 2024 , is live with reward events, discounts, prizes, and some high seas adventures.

Our GTA Online weekly update guide will tell you everything happening in Los Santos this week.

GTA Online special events

GTA Online promo art for Superyacht Life missions

This week’s update is all about living large on the high seas. Pick up a Galaxy Super Yacht for 30% off this week at the Dock Tease website if you don’t have one yet — with the discount, the cheapest one starts at GTA$ 5,600,000 .

Once you own your yacht, you can visit or call Captain Darcy to start Superyacht Life missions and earn 2x GTA$ and RP this week. Completing one Superyacht Life mission will get you a bonus of GTA$ 100,000 and completing three will get you another GTA$ 100,000 bonus.

GTA Online promo art for the Superyacht Life Hoodie

On PlayStation and Xbox, Superyacht Life missions will earn you Career Progress along with rewards like the Captain Cap and Superyacht Life Hoodie .

What are the 2x GTA$ and RP events in GTA Online this week?

GTA Online promo art for Hidden Caches

If you’ve got a Kosatka submarine along with its sonar upgrade (which just so happens to be 30% off this week), you can use it to earn 2x GTA$ and RP by completing Hidden Caches .

What are the 3x GTA$ events in GTA Online this week?

GTA Online promo art for Extraction event

The Extraction event is paying out 3x GTA$ and RP this week. In it, two teams will compete over a high value executive — one team of bodyguards trying to protect them, and one team trying to take them out.

What vehicles are for sale in GTA Online this week?

GTA Online promo art for vehicles for sale at Premium Deluxe Motorsports this week

What’s in Premium Deluxe Motorsports Showroom this week?

Head to Simeon’s Premium Deluxe Motorsports showroom for:

  • Ocelot Swinger (30% off)
  • Lampadati Viseris
  • Vulcar Warrener
  • Pegassi Bati 801RR

What’s in the Luxury Autos Showroom in GTA Online this week?

GTA Online promo art for vehicles for sale at Luxury Autos Showroom this week

At Luxury Autos over in Rockford Hills, you can pick up the:

  • Grotti Turismo Omaggio
  • Vapid Dominator GT

What’s the Lucky Wheel prize car in GTA Online this week?

At the Diamond Casino, spin the wheel to win the Annis Euros .

What are the Salvage Yard Robbery targets in GTA Online this week?

If you’ve set up a Salvage Yard , you’ll be looking for:

  • Överflöd Autarch
  • Dinka Jester Classic
  • Annis Hellion

Which properties are discounted in GTA Online this week?

The Galaxy Super Yacht and its upgrades, the sonar upgrade for the Kosatka sub, and all boats are discounted 30% this week.

What is the Gun Van selling in GTA Online this week?

Track down the Gun Van this week to pick up:

  • Battle axe (30% off)
  • Tactical SMG (40% off with GTA+)
  • Unholy Hellbringer
  • Sniper rifle
  • Marksman pistol
  • Battle rifle

And if you’re playing the main game, don’t miss our list of GTA 5 cheats .

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    Features: 2 helipads, hot tub. Vehicles: 7 (Buckingham SuperVolito Carbon, Nagasaki Dinghy, Lampadati Toro, 4 Speedophile Seasharks) Lastly, let's take a peek at the most expensive yacht in the game — the Aquarius. This is by far the most expensive safehouse/property in all of GTA Online, at a whopping $8,000,000!

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    r/gtaonline: Grand Theft Auto Online - Rockstar's ongoing ever expanding multiplayer system, introduced with Grand Theft Auto V. ... Once you complete the A Superyacht Lift missions, the cost to move your Yacht drops from $25,000 to $10,000 and you unlock the Captain outfit. FAQ. Any questions about the yacht, what it can do, or the missions ...

  10. THE Yacht Guide (Executives and Other Criminals DLC)

    To buy a yacht in GTA Online, you need to open your phone, head to the internet, then to vehicles and transportation. Click the "Galaxy Super Yacht" banner, pick your yacht, and set your options. Then click "Buy Now," and you will immediately receive a notification and a new contact. Once you get the notification, head back out to the ...

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    Put the boat where you want. Then that will be your first choice whatever lobby you go to. GO to the bridge on the top floor and then ask your captain to move it. I want to move my yacht to vespuci beach near the pier but when I pay my captain to go there he will stop next to the airport and not near the pier….

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    GTA Online - All Yacht Missions. As part of the Los Santos Summer Special update in Grand Theft Auto Online, players can engage in a series of six missions called "A Superyacht Life." These missions are assigned by Brendan Darcy, the captain of the player's Galaxy Super Yacht, and can be played by a group of 1 to 4 players.

  15. GTA Online's richest players finally have something to do ...

    Super yachts in GTA Online don't actually do anything. Players can't move the yacht themselves; instead, they can pay a captain $25,000 to do it for them. (Actually this is starting to sound a ...

  16. Grand Theft Auto Online Yacht FAQ

    The Yacht is the newest expensive addition to GTA Online. Here is everything you should know about them. Helicopter - the player can request a helicopter aboard their yacht, but it will cost them $1000 to have it waiting on the deck. Boat - you can also request a boat to be delivered along the shoreline near an anchor point.

  17. Can you drive the Galaxy Super Yacht in GTA Online?

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  19. The Aquarius Yacht

    The Aquarius Yacht can be purchased from DockTease for a price of $8,000,000. This is luxury living on the water - fully staffed and packed with perks. This floating apartment isn't for driving though - enjoy the amenities while your personal captain will move you between your choice of 12 scenic ports around Los Santos and Blaine County for a fee.

  20. Can You Drive The Super Galaxy Yacht In GTA Online?

    First things first, the Galaxy Super Yacht is undeniably a showstopper. It's like the Rolls Royce of the sea, decked out with all the bells and whistles you can imagine. But when it comes to GTA Online, it's not just about looking good; it's about action, adventure, and yes, driving cool vehicles. That's where the debate heats up.

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