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"Ghostboy" is the ninth episode of the first season of Teen Titans Go! , and the ninth overall episode of the series.

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Synopsis [ ]

Beast Boy has been pranking Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Robin a lot, so the Titans decide to give Beast Boy a taste of his own medicine and turn him into a fake "ghost"!

Beast Boy fails to prank Robin , Cyborg , and Raven , so he realizes that the only one who falls for his

Failed at robin

BB trying to scare robin.

pranks is Starfire , the most innocent and gullible of all the Titans . Beast Boy spots Starfire in the garden watering a flower. He prepares to scare her as a gorilla when a mosquito starts bothering Starfire. It bothers her so much that she vaporizes the mosquito, killing it. However, she also accidentally throws a watering can that lands on

You are a ghost

Your a ghost!

Beast Boy's head, causing him to have a lump on his head and to say "ow". This makes Starfire believe that Beast Boy was the mosquito, and Beast Boy takes advantage of her and led her to believe that she "killed" him. Starfire then spots Beast Boy in the bushes and thinks that he is a "ghost".

Starfire goes to tell the Titans that Beast Boy is a "ghost", but Beast Boy stops her and convinces her

Bb in coffin

BB in a coffin.

that she needs to be Beast Boy's servant. He also claims that she cannot tell anyone because that's how ghosts work on Earth (according to him). Starfire cleans all of Beast Boy's dirty clothes, on his orders, when Robin enters the room and asks why Starfire is smelling clothes. Starfire tells him that, on her home planet, smelling them brings you good luck. She proceeds to smell one, causing Robin to leave the room in disgust. The other Titans start to get suspicious, because Beast Boy hasn't tried to do anything to them. Starfire passes right in front of them and falls to the ground. The others tell Starfire that she has been pranked by Beast Boy making her really furious. They all decide to get revenge on Beast Boy.

The next day, Beast Boy wakes up in a coffin, and saw that the other Titans are mourning him. He isn't completely convinced that he is a "ghost," but when his hand passes through a solid object and jumps right through Robin (giving him a chill up his spine), he believes. In reality, Raven had put a spell of transparency on Beast Boy so that he can pass through solid objects.

Cyborg as a ghost

Cyborg died.

Beast Boy, believing himself to be invulnerable now, decides to "do what he's always wanted to do" which is: jump into a volcano (much to Cyborg's shock), forcing the Titans to follow in order to stop him from really becoming a "ghost." At the volcano, Cyborg spots a mountain lion, and walks toward it thinking it was Beast Boy in the form of a mountain lion. Cyborg becomes a ghost after being brutally mauled by the mountain lion, but that doesn't stop the others from going after Beast Boy. Robin becomes a ghost after plummeting from the cliffs after showing off his acrobatic skills, making him happy for a short time because he finally had a superpower of being able to fly. Raven and Starfire become ghosts after being hit by random lasers falling from the sky, despite it being common to be struck by a stray laser from space on Starfire's home planet, Tamaran . Being all ghosts, they decide to pass through the volcano, when they spot Beast Boy at the

Bb tells he knew

top, ready to jump. They confront him, telling him he is not a ghost, only for Beast Boy to reveal he knew they were fooling him. The Titans all get mad at Beast Boy, having lost their lives to save his (Starfire going as far as to push him). Beast Boy doesn't care, satisfied with the prank being pulled off. As he prepares to walk off, however, he ends up slipping on a rock, falling into the volcano anyway (like Robin did). Now Beast Boy is a ghost for real, just like the rest of his teammates, who proceed to laugh at him as the episode irises out ...

Only to cut to the true final scene, with the now deceased Titans wondering what to make of their situation, Cyborg even asking, "So... what now?"

Characters [ ]

  • This is the first episode that aired as a single segment, with a rerun of " Legendary Sandwich ."
  • This is the first episode where all five Titans are the only characters in the episode.
  • Silkie is absent for the third time.
  • It's unknown why Starfire didn't use the washing machine in laundry room to wash Beast Boy's clothes, which was previously shown in " Laundry Day ".
  • Beast Boy reveals that his life-long dream is to jump in a volcano. However, this isn't actually his dream, as he was just messing with the other Titans.
  • Beast Boy could have turned into a bird or any flying animal to avoid falling in the volcano.
  • Raven or Starfire could've caught Robin to prevent him from falling to his death. Although Cyborg attempted to save Robin and failed since he was intangible, the two Titans who were alive didn’t.
  • The title of this episode is a pun to Beast Boy.

Continuity [ ]

  • This is the second time Cyborg dies. (the first time is in " Laundry Day ")
  • Beast Boy is seen naked for the second time. (the first time is in " Laundry Day ")
  • Starfire's exclamation of not lying is later explored in " Starliar ".
  • Robin's desire to gain superpowers is the plot of " Super Robin ."
  • This is the first time where Beast Boy was the main antagonist.

References [ ]

  • The difference is that while Beast Boy wanted to prank her in this episode, Starfire was accidentally caught in the crossfire of a prank intended for Cyborg.
  • The episode is also similar to the Teen Titans comic, "The Beast Boy Who Cried Wolf", where Beast Boy pranks all of his teammates.
  • When Robin, Cyborg, and Raven are sitting on the couch wondering why Beast Boy hasn't tried to prank them in a while, Robin is seen reading a Plastic Man comic.
  • Beast Boy has a Batman shirt in his room.
  • Beast Boy's dinosaur form at the beginning resembles the "Velociraptor" from the Jurassic Park franchise. The shape of his face and the sickle-like claws support this.
  • Robin falling to his death from a high altitude is similar to how his parents died.
  • When Starfire enters the living room and collapses, there are very few items on the ground, but after she goes into a rage, the ground is littered with the usual items, including the Darkseid Plushie .
  • Even though Raven made Beast Boy intangible, he was still able to touch the coffin.
  • Robin refers to the spell as a "transparency spell", when it's actually an intangibility spell. There is a chance, however, that the writers simply couldn't remember the word, and went with the closest possible word.
  • Raven becomes a ghost, even though in " Salty Codgers ", she stated that she does not have a soul because she's half-demon. However, it's possible that she was lying, as Robin successfully traded her soul to the Puppet Wizard in " Puppets, Whaaaaat? "
  • It's unknown why Beast Boy didn't turn into a bird or any flying animal to avoid falling into the volcano. Though this could be a deliberate error.

Running Gags [ ]

  • Raven and Starfire getting randomly killed by lasers.
  • The Titans all dying unexpectedly.

Transcript [ ]

The transcript for "Ghostboy" can be found here .

Gallery [ ]

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    Beast Boy fails to prank Robin, Cyborg, and Raven, so he realizes that the only one who falls for his pranks is Starfire, the most innocent and gullible of all the Titans. Beast Boy spots Starfire in the garden watering a flower. He prepares to scare her as a gorilla when a mosquito starts bothering Starfire. It bothers her …