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How to get a MW2 Ghost costume for Halloween

Image of Gordon Bicker

Call of Duty fans don’t have a ton of options when it comes to Modern Warfare series-themed costumes for Halloween, but characters such as Ghost definitely can make your costume fashion very memorable indeed.

However, that will only happen if you know how to get a great quality costume put together. Let’s go through how to get an MW2 Ghost costume for this spooky Halloween season.

Best places to buy a MW2 Ghost costume for Halloween

The easiest way of getting a Ghost costume will be to buy one but specific MW2 costumes are of course going to be scarce in retail stores. This is why online marketplaces will be the best way to go for getting one . However, it’s important to make sure the quality is good and you aren’t scammed by anyone when purchasing.

Etsy has plenty of items created based on games. These kinds of products get listed and de-listed on a quite frequent basis so you will have to be quick when finding something that fits the theme for you. Search up “Ghost MW2 Mask” or “Ghost MW2 Costume” and you will notice quite a few results pop up.

Some of these will be (very) strange-looking and not the best at all. From my searches thorough, there were plenty more that would be perfect for a costume. Be sure to only purchase from a seller with high ratings (such as five stars) and who has a lot of real reviews. This will increase the chances of it being a safe purchase.

Image from the Haunting event in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II which showcases the character Ghost standing behind someone who is holding a carved glowing pumpkin.

Amazon is another useful place to look for a Ghost MW2 costume. At the time of writing, I recommend this mask for $15.99 for as long as it stays up. There are over 150 existing reviews on this product too with many bought recently. It’s a little on the cheaper side but it keeps the price low and allows you to expand to purchasing other parts of the costume.

Speaking of which, if you are using Amazon it is much more difficult to find a full-set costume so you will have to branch out and start to mix and match unrelated gear . This is quite similar to making a costume for Ghost from scratch which will be highly rewarding. The end result may even allow you to cause some haunting jumpscares for your friends . For starters, here is a list of items I recommend that you look into pairing with the mask.

  • Tactical Helmet (Airsoft helmets are great for this)
  • Heavy Grey Raincoat (If aiming for that style of Ghost)
  • Tactical Black Fiber Vest
  • Tactical Scarf Wrap (no-hood)
  • Skull Gloves
  • Buckle (clip) Belt
  • Grey or Black Cargo Pants
  • Heavy Boots

Another great place to get a costume is eBay , though I highly recommend trying Etsy and Amazon first before eBay. The same suggestions from Etsy apply to eBay: search general terms for Ghost ( MW2 ) costumes and make sure the seller is reliable and has mainly positive feedback overall. There are actually a lot of decent-quality options on eBay to find but it mainly is masks which isn’t a ton of help for the overall look.

Safety point for buying an MW2 Ghost costume

Image from the Call of Duty Haunting event with a character wearing a glowing blue pumpkin mask with guns and flames in the background.

When you’re on the lookout for costumes I know it is very easy to stumble into a website you think may be reliable for cheap and quick costumes.

Although there can be a lot more negatives hidden under the surface. AliExpress for example could be a risky place to try and get Halloween costumes from —especially material-wise. If something is extremely cheap and looks too good to be true, the age-old saying of it probably is will likely be correct.

Nonetheless, if you’re safely finding the costume through other mainstream online stores then you will no doubt find some great offerings once you navigate through the lesser choices, and you’ll be cosplaying Ghost from MW2 in no time .

An empty crowd before the start of the 2023 CDL Major 2 in Boston.

Shop Blizzard Gear Store merchandise.

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Call of Duty Ghost Mask: A Guide to Finding and Choosing the Perfect One

' src=

Call of Duty Ghost Mask is a popular item among fans of the Call of Duty franchise. The mask is inspired by the popular character Ghost, who first appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The mask has become a popular accessory for fans of the game who want to show their love for the franchise.

The Call of Duty Ghost Mask is available for purchase on various online platforms, including Etsy and Amazon. The mask is sold in different styles and materials, ranging from full-face masks to balaclavas. While the mask is not a medical-grade product, it is a popular accessory for Halloween costumes, cosplay events, or airsoft and paintball games.

The popularity of the Call of Duty Ghost Mask has also led to the creation of other merchandise featuring the Ghost character, such as t-shirts, hoodies, and other accessories. The mask has become a symbol of the Call of Duty franchise and its loyal fanbase. As the franchise continues to evolve, it is likely that the Call of Duty Ghost Mask will remain a popular item among fans.

Origins of the Call of Duty Ghost Mask

The Call of Duty Ghost Mask is an iconic piece of headgear worn by Simon “Ghost” Riley, a character in the Call of Duty video game franchise. The mask made its first appearance in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, released in 2009.

The developer behind the game, Infinity Ward, was looking to create a character that would stand out from other soldiers and be instantly recognizable to players. The mask was designed to be both intimidating and mysterious, with its skull-like appearance and the fact that it covers Ghost’s entire face.

The origins of the mask within the game’s storyline are also shrouded in mystery. It is hinted that Ghost wears the mask to hide his identity and protect his loved ones from retaliation by his enemies. However, the exact reason for the mask’s use is never fully explained.

Despite this lack of explanation, the Call of Duty Ghost Mask has become an iconic symbol of the franchise. It has been featured in merchandise, cosplay, and even real-life military uniforms. The mask’s popularity has also led to speculation and fan theories about its origins and purpose within the game’s storyline.

Symbolism in the Game

The mask worn by Ghost in Call of Duty has a significant symbolic meaning in the game. The skull motif has long been associated with death and danger, making it an appropriate choice for a soldier in a combat zone. The mask represents the fearlessness of Ghost and his ability to evade death in the face of danger. It is also a symbol of the anonymity that Ghost maintains throughout the game, adding to his mystique and making him a more interesting character.

The mask is also a way for Ghost to hide his true identity, which is a common theme in the game. Many characters in Call of Duty wear masks or have code names, which adds to the intrigue and mystery of the game. Ghost’s mask is unique in that it is a skull balaclava, which serves to intimidate his enemies and add to his reputation as a skilled and deadly soldier.

In addition to its symbolic meaning, the mask also serves a practical purpose in the game. It helps to conceal Ghost’s face and identity, making it more difficult for his enemies to identify him. This allows him to move more freely and operate more effectively in combat situations.

Overall, the symbolism of Ghost’s mask adds depth and intrigue to his character, making him one of the most iconic and memorable characters in the Call of Duty franchise.

Design and Aesthetics

The Call of Duty Ghost mask is a highly recognizable and iconic piece of gaming merchandise. The mask is designed to resemble a skull with a menacing expression, which is fitting for the game’s themes of war, survival, and stealth. The mask is available in a variety of materials, including resin, plastic, and cloth, and can be worn as a costume accessory or used as a display piece.

The mask’s design is based on the character Simon “Ghost” Riley, a former British special forces operator who becomes a member of the Ghosts, a fictional elite special forces unit in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The mask has become a symbol of the Ghosts and is often associated with the character’s mysterious and deadly persona.

The mask’s aesthetics are highly detailed and realistic, with intricate skull features and a weathered, battle-worn appearance. The mask is often painted in a dark, muted color scheme, which adds to its ominous and intimidating appearance. The mask’s design has been praised by fans of the game for its accuracy and attention to detail, and has become a popular item for cosplay and Halloween costumes.

In addition to the standard Ghost mask, there are also variations available, such as masks with added 3D features or masks with integrated balaclavas. These variations add to the mask’s versatility and allow fans to customize their look to their liking. Overall, the Call of Duty Ghost mask is a well-designed and visually striking piece of gaming merchandise that has become a staple of the franchise’s iconography.

Popularity Among Gamers

Call of Duty’s Ghost character has become a fan favorite, with his skull mask and mysterious persona. The character’s popularity has only grown since his debut in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Gamers have been drawn to Ghost’s enigmatic nature, making him a popular subject for memes and fan art. His iconic skull mask has become a symbol of the Call of Duty franchise, and many players have even cosplayed as the character at gaming conventions and events.

Ghost’s popularity has also been fueled by the fact that his true identity and backstory remain shrouded in mystery. This has led to countless fan theories and speculation about who he really is and why he wears the mask.

Despite the character’s popularity, there has been some controversy surrounding his recent face reveal in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). Many fans were disappointed with the reveal, claiming that it didn’t live up to their expectations or the image they had built up in their minds.

Overall, Ghost’s enduring popularity among gamers is a testament to the character’s iconic design and mysterious persona.

Call of Duty Ghost Mask in Popular Culture

The Call of Duty Ghost Mask has become an iconic symbol in popular culture. The mask is worn by Simon “Ghost” Riley, a British special forces operator in the Call of Duty franchise. The mask features a skull design with red-tinted glasses, and it has become a popular meme on social media.

The popularity of the Call of Duty Ghost Mask has led to its appearance in various forms of media. The mask has been featured in music videos, movies, and television shows. It has also been used in cosplay and Halloween costumes.

In addition to its appearance in popular culture, the Call of Duty Ghost Mask has also been the subject of controversy. Some have criticized the mask for its violent imagery and association with military culture. Others have defended the mask as a harmless representation of a fictional character.

Despite the controversy, the Call of Duty Ghost Mask remains a popular symbol in popular culture. Its unique design and association with the Call of Duty franchise have made it a recognizable icon among gamers and non-gamers alike.

How to Get the Ghost Mask

The Ghost Mask is a popular item among Call of Duty fans, and many players want to know how to get it. There are a few ways to obtain the Ghost Mask, and this section will explain each of them.

Pre-Order Bonus

One way to get the Ghost Mask is by pre-ordering certain versions of Call of Duty games. For example, the Simon Riley mask code was a pre-order bonus for Call of Duty: Ghosts. It was included with pre-orders from certain retailers, such as EB Games and Gamestop. However, not all pre-orders included the code, so players should check with their retailer to confirm.

Special Editions

Another way to get the Ghost Mask is by purchasing special editions of Call of Duty games. For example, the Logan Ghost mask was a bonus for the Hardened and Prestige editions of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Players who purchased these editions received a code to unlock the mask.

In-Game Challenges

Some Call of Duty games include in-game challenges that reward players with the Ghost Mask. For example, in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, players can unlock the Ghost Stealth Operator skin by completing the “Nevermore” challenge. This challenge requires players to get 15 kills with a weapon equipped with a Solozero NVG Enhanced scope in 10 different matches.

Purchasing from Third-Party Sellers

Players can also purchase the Ghost Mask from third-party sellers, such as Etsy. However, players should be cautious when purchasing from these sellers, as there is a risk of receiving a counterfeit or low-quality product.

Overall, there are several ways to get the Ghost Mask in Call of Duty games. Players can pre-order certain versions of the game, purchase special editions, complete in-game challenges, or purchase from third-party sellers.

Variations of the Ghost Mask

The Ghost Mask is a staple of the Call of Duty franchise, and has undergone several variations over the years. Here are some of the most notable variations:

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 : The original Ghost Mask featured a skull design with a red bandana tied around the forehead. It quickly became an iconic symbol of the game.
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts : The Ghost Mask in this game featured a more realistic design, with a skull faceplate and a black balaclava covering the rest of the head. The design was also more customizable, with players able to choose from different patterns and colors.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) : The Ghost Mask in this game features a more tactical design, with a black skull faceplate and a black balaclava covering the rest of the head. The design is similar to the Ghost Mask in Ghosts, but with a more modern and streamlined look.
  • Call of Duty: Warzone : The Ghost Mask in Warzone is similar to the one in Modern Warfare (2019), but with additional customization options. Players can earn different variations of the mask by completing challenges or purchasing them in the in-game store.

Overall, the Ghost Mask has remained a popular and recognizable symbol of the Call of Duty franchise. Its variations over the years have allowed players to customize their characters and express their individuality within the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i buy a mw2 ghost mask on amazon.

Amazon has a variety of options for those looking to purchase a MW2 Ghost Mask. Simply search for “Call of Duty Ghost Mask” and you will find a selection of masks available for purchase.

Is it possible to find a Call of Duty Ghost Mask on eBay?

Yes, eBay also has a selection of Call of Duty Ghost Masks available for purchase. However, it is important to ensure that the seller is reputable and that the product is of good quality before making a purchase.

What is the process for making a Call of Duty Ghost Mask?

The process for making a Call of Duty Ghost Mask can vary depending on the materials used and the level of detail desired. There are many tutorials available online that provide step-by-step instructions for creating a Ghost Mask using materials such as foam, plastic, and paint.

What is the origin of the Ghost Mask in Call of Duty?

The origin of the Ghost Mask in Call of Duty is not fully explained in the game. However, it is believed that the mask is worn to maintain anonymity and to strike fear into the hearts of enemies. The skull design is also thought to represent death and danger.

Where can I find a Kid’s Call of Duty Ghost costume on Amazon?

Amazon has a selection of Kid’s Call of Duty Ghost costumes available for purchase. Simply search for “Kid’s Call of Duty Ghost Costume” and you will find a variety of options to choose from.

What is the significance of the skull mask worn by characters in Call of Duty?

The skull mask worn by characters in Call of Duty is thought to represent death and danger. It is also believed to be a symbol of anonymity and fear, as it conceals the wearer’s identity and strikes fear into the hearts of enemies.

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How do you get ghosts in mw3?


To get the Ghost in Modern Warfare 3, you need to digitally pre-order the game. Pre-ordering the game will give you immediate access to the Ghost Operator skin, which can be used in both Warzone and Modern Warfare 2.

How do you get the zombie Ghost in Modern Warfare 3?

To obtain the Zombie Ghost operator skin in Modern Warfare 3, you need to pre-order the digital edition of the game. Once you have pre-ordered, you will have access to the unique Zombie Ghost skin.

Will there be a Ghost in mw3 2023?

Yes, Ghost will be making an appearance in Modern Warfare 3. Alongside Captain John Price, Sergeant John ‘Soap’ MacTavish, and Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley, Ghost will be part of the squad helping to hunt down the antagonist, Makarov.

How do you get the zombie Ghost?

To unlock the Zombie Ghost Operator skin in Modern Warfare 3, you simply need to pre-order the game digitally. Once you have pre-ordered, you will have immediate access to the Zombie Ghost skin.

How do you get the zombie Reaper?

The zombie Reaper is a special unit in Modern Warfare 3 that can be obtained by owning the Halloween 2021 Badge, or by beating Manor on Burdensome mode on Mondays.

New MW3 “GHOST” With All Finishing Moves(Standing, Prone & Downed) | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

No information available.

Is Ghost an undead?

Ghosts are a common form of the undead in various cultures and works of fiction. While the term “undead” is often associated with horror and fantasy, it is occasionally used in reference to real-life attempts to revive the dead using science and technology.

What happened to Ghost in mw3?

In Modern Warfare 3, Ghost and Roach are betrayed by General Shepherd during a mission. They are shot by Shepherd with a .44 Magnum Revolver and are subsequently incinerated, leading to their deaths.

Is CoD Ghosts after mw3?

Call of Duty: Ghosts is a standalone installment in the Call of Duty franchise and is not a direct sequel to Modern Warfare 3. It is set in a different timeline and features new characters and storylines.

How old is Ghost from mw3?

Ghost is in his mid-late twenties during the events of the main missions in the Modern Warfare series.

Can you get Ghost in cod?

To obtain the Ghost stealth skin in Call of Duty Mobile, you need to link your account with Activision, Facebook, or Google. Once linked, you can claim the skin from your in-game mailbox.

Where does Ghost appear in cod?

Ghost appears in the mission “The Hornet’s Nest” with Task Force 141. He manages to escape with Captain MacTavish and Roach aboard Nikolai’s helicopter.

Can you buy Red Team 141 Operator Pack?

The Red Team 141 Operator Pack, which includes playable Operators Ghost, Farah, Price, and Soap, can be obtained by pre-ordering the Vault Edition of the game.

Will mw3 have zombies?

Modern Warfare 3 does not have traditional round-based Zombies mode like other Call of Duty games. Instead, it offers large-scale extraction gameplay that combines elements of Zombies and Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode.

Is there a zombie mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3?

Yes, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has a Zombies mode that offers large-scale extraction gameplay. It is a mashup between Zombies and the DMZ mode from Modern Warfare 2.

Can I use MW2 operators in mw3?

Yes, you can use MW2 operators in MW3. Any operators you have acquired in MW2 can be carried forward and used in MW3.

Why does Ghost wear a mask?

Ghost wears a mask to protect his identity and remain anonymous.

Is mw3 a sequel to mw2?

Yes, Modern Warfare 3 is the sequel to Modern Warfare 2. It serves as the third and final installment in the original Modern Warfare trilogy and the eighth overall installment in the Call of Duty franchise.

How tall is König?

The exact height of König is not given. However, he is described as being taller than 6’4″.

Why is zombie Ghost jaw broken?

Ghost’s jaw is broken because he was going to change and become a better person. To prevent himself from hurting others, he broke his own jaw, showing his heroic nature.

Why does Ghost wear a skull mask?

Ghost wears a skull mask to symbolize his mysterious and deadly nature. It also helps to conceal his identity and strike fear into his enemies.

Are all undead evil?

While most undead creatures are associated with evil, there can be exceptions to the rule. Some undead beings may retain elements of their good nature or exhibit different characteristics.

Are zombies dead or alive?

Zombies are considered legally dead as they lack a functioning heart and lungs. They are not alive in the traditional sense as their bodies are reanimated and controlled by external forces.

What happens after ghost dies?

After Ghost dies, his close friend Tommy takes his own life and falls on top of Ghost’s body as a way of honoring and grieving his loss.

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Biography [ ]

Makarov profile

Profile of Makarov.

Early Military/Terrorist Career [ ]

According to the intelligence that was gathered by General Shepherd , Vladimir Makarov graduated from the Frunze Military Academy as a captain in the Russian Army by serving as a paratrooper in the 98th Guards Airborne Division of the VDV . In the early nineties, he was stationed in Berlin during the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Later on in his career, he made it into the Spetsnaz and served two tours in Chechnya during the First Chechen War . It was believed a company under his command was involved with some of the most brutal "cleansing" raids. [4]

At some point, the U.N. held an inquiry to investigate these charges of human rights violations. Makarov's name appeared at the top of the list that was presented by an EU Investigation panel, but the inquiry was dropped when Makarov opted for discharge from the armed forces. This incident would mark the beginnings of his pathological hatred and jealousy toward the West and the Russian government for giving him no other option but to leave the armed forces. Afterward, Makarov brought his past military training to bear in many criminal and terrorist enterprises such as human trafficking, money laundering, the bombings of military/civilian targets and assassinations. At some point, the leader of the burgeoning Ultranationalist Party , Imran Zakhaev , took notice and allowed Makarov a position within his anti-Western movement. It was said Makarov was "kept in check" by Zakhaev during this partnership.

Zakhaev's assassination attempt [ ]


Makarov in 1996.

In 1996, Makarov along with his fellow soldier Yuri were present in Pripyat when Zakhaev was trading the fuel rods for the gold to fund the Ultranationalists and witnessed Zakhaev being shot and having his left arm mutilated by Lieutenant Price during the deal. Makarov drove Zakhaev away from the area, saving his life and earning his trust.

Crisis in the Middle East [ ]

Vladimir Makarov during Shock and Awe MW3

Makarov watching the Nuke go off.

Makarov was present during the U.S. Marine Corps invasion of the Middle East in an attempt to remove Khaled Al-Asad from power in 2011. He gave the order to detonate a nuclear device after receiving a phone call from Al-Asad (Who was actually hiding out in his safehouse in Azerbaijan) watching the detonation from Al-Asad's safehouse, with Yuri being the only one to witness this. The blast resulted in the deaths of over 30,000 Marines. Among the dead were Sgt. Paul Jackson , Lt. Vasquez , Cpt. Pelayo and Lt. Volker . This was the start of Makarov's madness as his hatred escalated even further. This event would also be a reason for Lieutenant General Shepherd 's (Who served as the invasion force's supreme commander) motives in 2016. [5]

Rise to power [ ]

Zakhaev was killed by John "Soap" MacTavish thanks to the combined U.S. Marines , Loyalist and SAS forces at the climax of the Second Russian Civil War which caused the Ultranationalist Party to splinter. [6] Makarov's resources and contacts within the criminal world allowed him to assume control of a large portion of the dissolved Ultranationalist Party that was known officially as the " Inner Circle ". [7]

After the Ultranationalists became the victors in the Second Russian Civil War through the Russian presidential election on August 10, 2016 , Makarov played some part in the new Ultranationalist Russia under the mainstream party's newly elected leader and President Boris Vorshevsky . However, Vorshevsky and the other moderate Ultranationalist leaders knew Makarov's extreme tactics would deter any hopes of trying to distance the party from its violent past and winning the support of the Russian people and for Makarov causing strained relations with the United States and the Russian Loyalists. Another reason behind his removal was his vision to see Russia return to autocratic rule, which was the time of the Tsars. His vision could have incurred the wrath of a large number of members in the party including Vorshevsky, because this vision endangered their position as the new ruler of Russia. To ensure the Ultranationalist position as Russia's legitimate representative to the world, Vorshevsky, backed by a strong majority of members in the party, removed Makarov and his men with immediate effect and tried to improve relations with the United States and the Russian Loyalists. Furious with Vorshevsky's decision, Makarov vowed to kill Vorshevsky and his inner circles by calling all of them traitors to their cause. A news clipping in his safehouse confirmed this newfound hatred, explaining continuous attacks that conducted by the Inner Circle toward Russia and the Western interests for the next five years. [8]

In 2015, he became the CIA 's most wanted terrorist (This could be seen in the cutscene for " Return to Sender ").

Blaming the team for Zakhaev's death [ ]

Many newspaper articles stated Makarov held up photos of Bravo Team ( Gaz , Griggs , Price and MacTavish ) and declared them to be responsible for the death of Imran Zakhaev. Most likely, Zakhaev's death was the reason why he held a grudge against Price. The other news articles showed him responsible for several attacks in London and Moscow, threatening the Ultranationalists' removal from the government, fulfilling his vow to eliminate the traitors to their cause. [9]

Staging the Plan [ ]

In 2016, General Shepherd and his Task Force 141 were seemingly responsible for capturing Makarov and bringing him to justice. Shepherd selected an American soldier named Joseph Allen from the 75th Ranger Regiment and groomed him to become a CIA agent. [10]

"Alexei Borodin" [ ]

Shepherd inserted Allen within Makarov's terrorist cell, seemingly for the purpose of some deep cover operation. However, unknown to the young soldier, Makarov knew who he was and saw him as a pawn to further escalate the tensions between the Russian government led by Vorshevsky and the U.S. government by implicating him in a terrorist attack, resulting in a new conflict between Russia and America. [4]

Airport Massacre and Global Conflict [ ]


Makarov and his team begin the assault.

Makarov and his men launched their terrorist attack on Zakhaev International Airport with their latest member, Alexei Borodin, (Joseph Allen) in tow. By the end of the assault, it was apparent that Makarov knew Borodin was an undercover CIA operative. He killed Allen and left his body at the scene of the massacre, implicating the American soldier in the attack. Makarov explained to his men his actions were meant to bring a full-scale war between the United States and Russia. Incidentally, General Shepherd also wanted a war between the United States and Russia as part of a plan to become a national hero and deliberately sent Allen to die. [4] Yuri, who was seemingly aware of Makarov's true plan, tried to stop the massacre by informing the FSB only for him to be shot and left to die for betraying his old friend. Yuri tried vainly to stop the massacre, only to collapse due to the massive loss of blood from his wound. Eventually, he was rescued and held a deep grudge toward Makarov for his betrayal and his violent acts against his own countrymen since then. [5]

Presumed Location [ ]

The war ensued and General Shepherd was given supreme command over the military and a mandate to continue his search for Makarov, who the General truly needed dead so he could bury any evidence of foul play. Makarov and his men were tracked down to two possible locations. One element of the Task Force was sent after Makarov in his safehouse in the Caucasus Mountains and another was sent to assassinate him at an airplane graveyard in Afghanistan . Shepherd began to purge his own Task Force of anyone who knew about his involvement with the airport massacre and the surrounding events. Makarov (present at the Airplane Graveyard and unlikely to evade Shepherd for long without his forces or safehouse) was contacted by Captain Price , who asked for intel on Shepherd's whereabouts. Realizing his only hope for survival was getting rid of Shepherd, Makarov agreed to tell Price about the location of Shepherd's base, Site Hotel Bravo . Price and MacTavish acted on this information and assassinated Shepherd, giving Makarov a window to escape and go underground.

Escalation [ ]

Vladimir Makarov dossier MW3

Makarov's dossier in Modern Warfare 3 (Note that now he's called Vladimir A. Makarov).

Following Shepherd's betrayal of the Task Force, Makarov went underground. Two months later, after the initial Russian invasion of the United States failed, Makarov planned a massive terrorist/military blitzkrieg attack on all European capitals and major cities with the goal of Russia being the supreme ruler of the continent. To achieve this goal, he secretly procured and produced a large arsenal of deadly chemical weapons to be used as a first strike weapon on many key government and military installations throughout Western Europe. To cover his trail, Makarov convinced Viktor "Volk" Khristenko to become his bomb-maker and Volk created a front company called Fregata Industries , distributing the chemical weapons to various rogue shipping outlets in Africa and Europe. To further cover his tracks, Makarov rallied a Somalian warlord named Waraabe to take control of several African paramilitary groups in Sierra Leone, Somalia and presumably other African countries to seize control of the aforementioned outlets. Makarov also recruited most of the Russian military to his plan of invading Europe and plotting a coup d'état against President Boris Vorshevsky by using the Russian people's belief that their war against the U.S. was still justified and convincing the top Russian officers that Vorshevsky's peace agreement was a mistake.

With his chemical weapons ready and military invasion force settled, Makarov hijacked President Vorshevsky's plane en route to negotiate a peace treaty with the United States and NATO. Makarov's men forced the plane to crash land they swarmed the site. Makarov killed Andrei Harkov , Leonid Pudovkin and the rest of the President's security detail . With Vorshevsky's as his hostage and the majority of the Russian Command structure swearing loyalty to the Inner Circle, Makarov effectively became the de facto leader of Russia.

Assassination Attempt and Vorshevsky's Daughter [ ]

With a full-scale war on the European continent, Makarov met with his advisers, whose identities or nationalities are never disclosed to the player, in Prague. Aware he was the target of assassination like Zakhaev before him, Makarov set a trap for the TF 141 operatives. Price and Yuri escaped, but Soap was mortally wounded and eventually died from his injuries. Makarov talked to his second in command, who was stationed in an Ultranationalist stronghold not far from Prague and discussed their plans to capture Alena Vorshevsky . Makarov's men got there before Delta Force could and took her to an Ultranationalist base in a diamond mine in Eastern Siberia. However, a joint operation by both Delta Force and TF 141 rescued both Vorshevskys. A separate Special Ops assignment by Frost blows up the mine, killing most of Makarovs loyalists. Still furious over his abduction and betrayal by his own men and with most of Makarov's loyalists killed in the mine, Vorshevsky launched a purge to arrest every last hardliner in the party and bring them before the International Criminal Court . Fearful he might face the same fate, Makarov fled from Russia along with his small band of surviving followers.

Makarov Just About To Kill Captain Price

Makarov aiming his gun at Price as he was about to kill him.

With the war over, Makarov went into hiding in the Arabian Peninsula at the Hotel Oasis . In January, Price and Yuri assaulted the hotel, intent on killing him. Price caught up with Makarov, preventing his escape by helicopter by killing the pilots. As the helicopter crashed in the ensuing chaos, Makarov beat Price to his Desert Eagle and was about to kill him before being shot by Yuri. Makarov retaliated by executing the Mozambique Drill on Yuri, shooting him in both his shoulders before killing him with a shot to the head. Enraged by the loss of another ally, Price beat Makarov down, punching him in the face and slamming his head into the roof. Eventually, Price wrapped a steel cable around his throat and slammed him through the glass roof. The roof broke, sending Price and Makarov tumbling to the floor below. Price landed on his back and suffered no major injuries, but the steel cable yanked Makarov upwards as he fell, causing his spine and neck to be broken, killing him instantly. Price lit a cigar as he looked upon Makarov's hanging body, knowing his reign of terror was finally over.

Death ( Time Paradox ) [ ]

Makarov's presence at the 1996 Chernobyl Assassination cost him his life in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered . While he was monologuing to Yuri inside the Jeep and watching the weapons deal between Imran Zakhaev and the Spetsnaz soldier, Makarov was shot and killed by Price using a Barrett .50cal after Zakhaev got his arm blasted off by the sniper .

Associates [ ]

  • Yuri - Status - K.I.A. A former right-hand man and friend of Makarov and the Ultranationalists . Yuri attempted to stop the airport massacre but was shot and left to die at the airport instead. This influenced Yuri to side with Task Force 141 in the hopes of getting revenge against his former ally. Makarov was wounded by Yuri only to get three fatal shots from his former friend in " Dust to Dust ".
  • Imran Zakhaev - Status - K.I.A. An arms dealer and former chairman of the Ultranationalist Party . Served as a mentor to Makarov. Makarov saved him from bleeding out when his left arm was severed in an assassination attempt . Killed by John "Soap" MacTavish in " Game Over ".
  • Victor Zakhaev - Status - K.I.A. Imran Zakhaev's son and commander of the Ultranationalist forces in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare . Killed by himself in " The Sins of The Father ".
  • Khaled Al-Asad - Status - K.I.A. The leader of the OpFor and organizer of the coup in the Middle East . He was ordered by Makarov on the phone to detonate the nuclear device in " Shock and Awe ". Killed by John Price in his safehouse in Azerbaijan.
  • Alejandro "Alex the Red" Rojas - Status - Alive/K.I.A. An arms dealer who supplied Makarov for the airport massacre . Hiding in a favela in Rio De Janeiro and protected/defended by the local militia . Captured and tortured by John "Soap" MacTavish , Simon "Ghost" Riley and Gary "Roach" Sanderson . He could be killed by the player at the start of " The Hornet's Nest ".
  • Joseph "Alexei Borodin" Allen - Status - K.I.A. An undercover CIA operative. Executed by Makarov in order to instigate the Russo-American War at the end of " No Russian ".
  • Viktor - Status - K.I.A. One of the terrorists who assisted Makarov in " No Russian ". Killed by the H.V.I. in " Exodus ".
  • Anatoly - Status - Unknown One of the terrorists who assisted Makarov in " No Russian " and one of the getaway drivers.
  • Getaway Driver - Status - Unknown One of the terrorists who assisted Makarov in " No Russian " and one of the getaway drivers.
  • Lev - Status - K.I.A. One of the terrorists who assisted Makarov in " No Russian ". Killed by either the FSB or Alexei Borodin on the runway.
  • Kiril - Status - K.I.A. One of the terrorists who assisted Makarov in " No Russian ". Killed by either the FSB or Alexei Borodin on the runway.
  • Viktor "Volk" Khristenko - Status - Alive (P.O.W.) Makarov's bomb-maker who was hiding in Paris . A large land battle was fought to ensure his safety for interrogation. Responsible for dealings with Waraabe and chemicals that are released in Paris and London .
  • Waraabe - Status - K.I.A. The leader of the Somali Militia . Served as one of Makarov's foreign contacts through Volk and assisted in transporting the chemical weaponry. Killed by John Price in " Return to Sender ".
  • Major Petrov - Status - Unknown. A hearable character that appeared in the mission, " Eye of The Storm ". He could be heard speaking to the Czech people over the public address system. It was unknown whether he was the same Major from the mission, " Cliffhanger " from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or not.
  • Alexi - Status - K.I.A. A member of the Inner Circle and probably commander of the cell in Prague Castle. Seen talking to Makarov about Alena Vorshevsky in " Stronghold ". Killed by John Price in the explosion of a frag grenade.

Acts of Terrorism [ ]

  • 2001 - To start Makarov's reign of terror off, Imran Zakhaev ordered Makarov to bomb a Moscow city bus. The mission succeeded with 29 people killed and 19 injured.
  • 2001 - The bombing of Piccadilly Circus by using a modified London Underground train filled with explosives by killing or wounding 407.
  • 2001 - The massacre of the GUM department store in Moscow. 87 are dead or wounded.
  • 2002 - The hijacking of a Greek oil tanker in the Mediterranean Sea. The Hellenic Navy boarding party along with the two crew members are killed or wounded before the $3 million ransom was paid.
  • 2002 - The murder of the three Russian infantry soldiers.
  • 2002 - The $1.5 million was stolen from a ZBV bank.
  • The assassinations of the political leaders, arson and the bombing of the opposition parties.
  • The murder of a Moscow-based journalist named Ilya Lovitch who was investigating political crimes in the region.
  • 2003 - The bombings of several government buildings in Kazakhstan. 245 are dead or wounded.
  • 2003 - The hijackings of the two Kreigler Airliners. 378 are dead or wounded. Eight of them are his own men.
  • 2004 - Robbed a HBS bank in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • 2004 - The abduction of the 15 college students from Russia. The five students are killed or wounded.
  • 2004 - The bombing of the two embassies in Africa. 28 are dead and 48 are injured.
  • 2005 - The hold-up of an armored truck in Moscow and stole the three million rubles (Approx. $100K). The three security guards are dead or wounded.
  • 2005 - The hijacking of the cruise ship in the Baltic Sea and tortured the U.S. passengers until the $5 million ransom was paid.
  • 2006 - Robbed the Russian State Postal and Banking Service Depot of the 32 million rubles (Approx. $1.2 million).
  • 2006 - The murder of a famous British designer named Rob Millington.
  • 2006 - The murder of the three US airmen that are based in Turkmenistan.
  • 2006 - Helped coordinate the attacks by Janjaweed militias and Sudanese military against the rebels. Implicated in human rights abuse.
  • 2007 - The capture and beheading of the Mossad attaché to Ukraine who was investigating Makarov's links to the Islamic extremists.
  • 2007 - The assassination of a Pakistani politician named Hasni Al'Bura.
  • 2007 - The bombing of Russia-Germany gas pipeline in Belarus because Gasneft refused to pay a fee to prevent “disruption to service”.
  • 2007 - Robbed $15 million worth of diamonds and other gemstones from a Siberian mining company.
  • 2008/2009 - The bombing of a Swedish furniture store in a shopping mall that was located in St. Petersburg. The 100 people are killed or wounded.
  • 2008 - The ambush of an FSB vehicle. Five agents dead or wounded.
  • 2008 - The abduction and murder of a SibGaz owner's wife and daughter.
  • 2009 - The bombing of the Baku-located U.S. oil company offices. The three people are dead or wounded.
  • 2009 - The unsuccessful bomb plot against the English-speaking school in Moscow.
  • 2009 - The unsuccessful rigging of the explosives in a Moscow-located soccer stadium. The authorities burst a pipe to halt the match, denying publicity to Makarov.
  • 2009 - The trafficking of over $2.1M worth of weapons, drugs and people.
  • 2011 ( Day 3 ) - Gave Al-Asad the order of detonating a nuclear device, killing or wounding approx. 30,000 U.S. Marines, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy SEALs and NEST team and an unknown number of OpFor among others.
  • 2016 ( August 12 (Day 3)  ) - The massacre of Zakhaev International Airport in Moscow which provoked the Russo-American War . (234 civilians with unknown amount of security personnel and FSB members killed or wounded; total of 243 people killed according to Return to Sender cutscene).
  • 2016 ( October 3 ) - The abduction of Russian President Vorshevsky . An unknown number of FSO agents are dead or wounded.
  • 2016 ( October 6 ) - The detonation of unknown chemical weapons as a prelude to Russian invasion of Europe. 35,000 deaths in Paris ( Bag and Drag cutscene) and an unknown number of military and civilian deaths throughout the rest of Europe.
  • 2016 ( October 13 ) - Abduction of Alena Vorshevsky from her safehouse in Berlin. Unknown number of her bodyguards dead.
  • 2016 ( October 14 ) - Last-ditch attempt to nuke Europe by coercing nuclear launch codes out of President Vorshevsky. Foiled by Delta Force and Task Force 141.

Human Trafficking [ ]

Mainly involved in moving the women from the poorer parts of Eastern Europe to Western Europe with promises of well-paid jobs only to be forced into prostitution across Europe, the Persian Gulf and the United States.

Money Laundering [ ]

Used the connections in Russian and Ukrainian banking to clean the money that was earned in drugs and weapons dealing that was done mainly through the transfers to Cyprus, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

Drug Smuggling [ ]

Provided muscle and safe passage of the Russian section of the Herdin Trail from the poppy fields of Afghanistan.

Newspaper Excerpts [ ]

During the introduction of " No Russian ", several newspaper pages concerning Makarov, from “The World Today” and others are flashed on the screen. Some paragraphs or whole articles are just repeated on the other newspapers.

Some newspaper clippings are also found in Makarov's safehouse, mentioning a bombing of Piccadilly Circus by Makarov, his views about Zakhaev and Russia taking notice of the airport massacre.

Call of Duty: Mobile [ ]

Makarov appears in Call of Duty: Mobile , introduced in the Season 7 Radioactive Agent as a playable character and also a character in the Comics, as an antagonist.

Makarov is revealed to have used an underground lab somewhere in a desert to attempt to recreate Nova Gas . The lab, which was also used as a missile silo that housed missiles containing the replicated Nova Gas. Makarov then releases the gas and sends his team of mercenaries in Hazmat suits to ambush Ghost and Tank , who had raided the place. Ghost barely makes it out alive as his entire team is killed. However, Makarov remotely launches the missiles, leaving Ghost with no chance to stop them.

Makarov is later seen again in a jungle base, apparently having gathered supplies & weapons for his upcoming plans. However, before he can proceed, he is interrupted by the arrival of Mara in her team consisting of Golem , Otter and an unnamed Frogman , who storm into the base in an attempt to thwart his plans. Makarov runs away, relentlessly being pursued by Mara. Just before she can reach him however, Mace , who is revealed to be working for Makarov, intercepts her. A brief fight ensues which ends in a standoff with Mara holding Makarov at gunpoint. Mace, in a twist of events, betrays Makarov by shooting him in the head. This in turn causes Mara to lose sight of him and Mace successfully launches an EMP missile located in an underground bunker he escaped into.

Though presumed dead, Makarov unexpectedly appears again later, at a Soviet base that was stated to possibly be of importance to the Five Knights . When Ghost arrives to investigate, Makarov makes himself known by saying "The enemy of my enemy, is my friend." Ghost is shocked to see him still alive, as Mara had confirmed that he had been shot in the head. Makarov says that Mace also saw him die but "appearances are deceiving" and that he needed to fake his death since their goals had diverged. Makarov also states that he knows that Ghost has arrived to seek information on how to defeat The Five Knights and that he has said information. When questioned about their identity and goals, Makarov says that the Knights consist of 5 individuals with different goals who were useful to each other as he was useful to them and proceeds to list them off. Rorke heads the mercenaries, Hidora , who is looking for corporate profits, Mace , only wanting the downfall of the government, Raul Menendez , who wants control of the system by hijacking it, and a fifth member whose identity Makarov says will keep secret, unless Ghost takes him in.

Ghost agrees, but as they exit the facility, they are ambushed by Templar . Ghost tells Makarov to run while he engages Templar, which he does.

Makarov is later shown to have taken Ghost's body, seen dragging it towards a cliff. While there, he rendezvouses with a team of Ghosts led by Captain Merrick , and hands them over Ghost's body in exchange for a briefcase.

Makarov, having escaped from Siberia, discusses how to obtain various assets belonging to his enemies with a crew of his. He then notes said assets are being auctioned at the Hacienda, one of the most secure underground locations. Since he does not have the resources to properly bid for it, he plans to steal it.

He later arrives at the Hacienda to begin his heist. Midway into the mission, he suddenly turns on one of his colleagues, declaring he is an "impostor". Despite the man's attempt to kill Makarov for his betrayal, he is gunned down. With the help from his remaining colleagues, Makarov manages to infiltrate further into the Hacienda, but finds that the package is gone. He is then greeted by Dame , apparently alive and well. They both express surprise as they expected each other to be dead, Dame says that she didn't expect Makarov to steal the asset and asks if he has an escape plan, which Makarov replies in the affirmative. An excavator truck busts through the wall, before another operative orders Dame to stand down.

Dame admits to being impressed by Makarov's escape plan, but reveals she isn't out of tricks either; she has placed a half-ton of plastic explosives around the Hacienda, rigged to a dead man's switch, in the event Makarov chose to use his weapons. Makarov doesn't understand the situation, though he's not complaining, Dame declares that she's going to help Makarov as there are "many debts to be repaid".

Makarov isn't seen again until some time later, in the Caucasus accompanied by Wraith and Sophia Couteau , he meets up with Nyx , Kryptis and Roger Vachon, a representative of Ortelius . He later discusses business matters with Vachon, stating that he has been keeping a low profile, but recent events have led him to take action. He believes that Ortelius will help fund the next stage of his operations. Vachon offers him a price, to which Makarov seems displeased by, Vachon says that if he's unsatisfied with the amount, he is authorized to offer a significant bonus, provided he agrees to certain provisions. Makarov begins to question Vachon, asking if that's what Nikto did. He states that Nikto is a born follower and that he's great as an "attack dog", but he doesn't accept provisions as he isn't Nikto, any more then he is "Vachon".

Vachon asks what he means, to which Makarov replies that it took a hacker collective 6 months to collect data contained in his briefcase, which include confidential identities, medical histories, known addresses and thousands of names. Makarov proceeds to divulge "Vachon"'s full details: Roger Vachon's real name is Cedric Montpierre, a resident of Zurich, he has a wife named Helene and 2 children, Roman and Celeste. Just then, Montpierre's phone in his shirt pocket rings, Makarov then tells him to answer the call, as that is his wife calling him.

Just as Montpierre picks up the call, Kryptis, who was attacked by Sophia and Wraith earlier, bursts into the room. Montpierre orders him to stand down as Makarov has his family. Makarov promises to return Montpierre's family to him unharmed, once he answers a few questions for him, starting with who does he really work for.

Some time later, Makarov is still in the Caucasus with Sophia and Wraith. He is delighted to learn that Atlas Corporation has agreed to meet with him, at a location of his choosing. Both Sophia and Wraith believe it's a trap set to kill him and try to dissuade him. Makarov is offended they think he is that naïve, but nonetheless admits they're right as he fully expects they will try to kill him. He then offers advice to Sophia: that he has made Atlas Corporation afraid. When he forces his enemy to act out of fear, he forces them to act before they're prepared, and those who aren't prepared make mistakes, that by agreeing to meet with him, Atlas has made their first mistake.

Elsewhere, in the coast of the Caspian Sea, a decoy of Makarov is present. When Hidora Kai ambushes his target, he realizes it is not Makarov. This is revealed to be a setup by Dame , whom Makarov gives the order to kill Hidora and his group of undercover operatives.

Makarov later infiltrates New Vision City , with his group hiding out in a shipping container that is moved into a warehouse along with several other containers. Once inside, Sophia breaks through the container and reports clear. Wraith admits she is impressed by his plan even though she put their chances at a hundred to one. Makarov thanks Montpierre for use of his "executive priority shipping", which allowed to bypass security scanners and screening. When Montpierre asks about his family, Makarov says that he has already let them go, as he sent word as soon as they touched down. He tells Montpierre that he has lived up to his end of the bargain before shooting him dead.

While he does this, Wraith packs a large quantity of C4 into a duffel bag, noting they don't have much time and they still have a lot of ground to cover, so Makarov tells them to grab their toys and get moving. Sophia asks if Makarov really did let Montpierre's family go, unharmed, as he had promised. Makarov confirms that he did, adding that he is not a monster. Just then, a squad of armed troops enter the warehouse, together with Samael .

Makarov narrowly escapes from Samael and his troops by guiding Sophia and Wraith to an open section of the warehouse's roof. All three manage to climb out undetected. He then leads the trio to another section of New Vision City, with Wraith rigging explosive charges at various points along the way. He notes how the directions given to him by Montpierre were very accurate, and hopes that the place they're heading to is as lightly guarded as he described.

After Wraith finishes setting up the last charge, Makarov tells Sophia to enter a building, with him following behind and holding the guard at the entrance at gunpoint, then tells Wraith to lock down the place, though she's already done it before he told her to do so. He forces his way into a secret room with other men, and tells them to put their hands up. He then shoots the guard he was holding at gunpoint dead, and the men in the room surrender.

Sophia notes that if the place is as important as Makarov said it is, Atlas Corporation isn't putting up much of a fight to defend it. He replies that to Atlas, New Vision City is all the protection it needs, and reminds her that they threaded a very tiny needle to get to where they are now: the place is revealed to be Atlas' secure digital archive, where every technological innovation, every strategy it has devised and every dirty secret is stored, basically Atlas Corporation's brain.

Sophia informs Makarov that they have company, which surprises him as he thinks he has misjudged them as they are more competent than they appear. Wraith asks if it's time to blow the place, but Makarov says no and decides to put up a fight instead, to make Atlas believe they're desperate, although Sophia thinks they are desperate. He isn't concerned however, as he picks up his grenade launcher and starts firing while laughing maniacally.

The trio are then pinned down by Atlas reinforcements, and Makarov decides it is time to go, and tells Wraith to set off the charges. As she does, multiple explosions go off in New Vision City, rattling the office that Ether , the Director and Samael are in, as well as shocking the UAC troops who have just arrived there. As New Vision City's landscape is reduced to flames and ashes, Makarov relishes in it, telling Wraith that it is a thing of beauty. Sophia praises him for his good work, but wonders what this has to do with finding Ghost . He replies that it isn't time for that yet, as he is greeted by Spectre , who is overjoyed to see them.

His group opens fire on Spectre, who activates his Poltergeist to evade them. Makarov is knocked down by a now-invisible Spectre, and so is Wraith, to Sophia's horror. He quickly gestures for Sophia to shoot at a nearby hydrant, which sprays water into the surrounding area and disables Spectre's Poltergeist. He tells Sophia and Wraith to get into formation, before Spectre resumes their battle.

Spectre lunges at Wraith, tackling her and throwing her into a nearby building. Makarov attempts to shoot him, but Spectre kicks his weapon away and cuts off his right arm with his sword. Makarov is then thrown aside, knocking down Sophia as well. Just before Spectre can finish off Makarov, Wraith recovers and shoots Spectre multiple times on the head, presumably killing him.

Makarov is tended to by Wraith, who wraps a tourniquet around his severed arm, and is escorted away by her and Sophia, who has an idea. He is loaded onto an ambulance, but before they can drive away, a bright light illuminates the background--revealed to have emanated from an orbital strike on Atlas Corporation's Sky Carrier. Afterwards, Sophia and Wraith drive the ambulance out of New Vision City with an unconscious Makarov in tow.

Some time later, Makarov is given a new prosthetic arm for his severed one, though he complains about it making him itch, which he cannot scratch and he can't sleep with it either, deeming the arm a curse. Wraith says that they work with what they have, and maybe Makarov should've actually blown up the archive so that he wouldn't whine, but he says that the bomb planted there was just for show, and considering Atlas hasn't discovered the root access she gave them to the archive, the decoy worked as intended.

Meanwhile, Sophia also has complaints of her own. She complains that Makarov had told her for 6 months, that the archive would've had information on how to find Ghost, but so far, there's nothing. Frustrated, Makarov slams his arm on the table and scolds Sophia for leeching off other people's efforts and to start working for herself, with Wraith being unable to do much to help.

Gallery [ ]

  • Oddly, however, both of his eyes were green in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 , even if his dossier mentioned the differences of his eye colors.
  • Even more strange, his Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC model also has same-colored eyes.
  • According to Soap's Journal , his blood type is A positive.
  • The 'Infamy' trailer which Makarov narrates was released on his birthday.
  • As well as this, there is a picture by Gerard Van Honthorst within the room.
  • In the February 2010 issue of Game Informer , Makarov was ranked #4 on "Top 10 Villains of '09".
  • In the Redemption trailer, Makarov is seen wearing the same clothes from "No Russian".
  • Makarov's initials are "Makarov, V. R." in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 , but are "Makarov, V. A." in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 .
  • Makarov is the announcer for the Inner Circle in the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 .
  • The newspaper articles that are shown at the beginning of "No Russian" described Makarov as "on par with Al-Qaeda" in terms of the threat that he posed to the world.

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  19. How do you get ghosts in mw3?

    Why does Ghost wear a mask? Ghost wears a mask to protect his identity and remain anonymous. Is mw3 a sequel to mw2? Yes, Modern Warfare 3 is the sequel to Modern Warfare 2. It serves as the third and final installment in the original Modern Warfare trilogy and the eighth overall installment in the Call of Duty franchise. How tall is König?

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    "Earn Makarov's trust." — Description "No Russian" is the fourth mission of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered. Taking place in Zakhaev International Airport, the controversial mission saw the player take part in a massacre of civilians in a false flag operation. The events of "No Russian" played a major role in starting World War III. It ...

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  23. Vladimir Makarov

    For other uses of Makarov, see Makarov. For the character in the reboot, see Vladimir Makarov (Reboot). "Revenge is like a ghost. It takes over every man it touches. Its thirst cannot be quenched, until the last man standing has fallen. The world's men of action will look and wonder... how it came to this. You may be able to destroy me, but the beast will eventually come for you." — Makarov ...

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