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Penance Stare

The Penance Stare is a supernatural ability that incapacitates victims and is only performed by the Spirits of Vengeance or Ghost Rider . When in close combat, the Ghost Rider locks eyes with his opponent and induces self-mortification by imposing him or her every negative actions, behavior and sensation, and sins to the pain of others that individual has ever committed in their lifetime. Its effects are similar to the soul searing effect of hellfire . It can, however, backfire with certain individuals.

While normally used on the "innocent", Ghost Rider seeks to punish those for their sins through this ability. The host will seek to punish those they deem guilty, however the spirit may choose to use the stare on anyone they judge guilty of sin, whether they be hero or villain. In its default usage all life is considered a sin to the Penance Stare, however the host of the spirit of vengeance tempers and focuses the ability based on their morality, [1] and can thus be used to focus on specific sins as well.

Recently, this ability can paralyze multiple individuals without locking into their eyes but still causing great sorrow.

  • The Penance Stare's effects are diluted if the recipient of it has too many eyes, like Zodiak [2] and Spider-X , [3] and it is totally ineffective against blind people, like Snowblind . [4]
  • When used on Mr. Hyde , it triggered his transformation back to his unpowered state, though Mr. Hyde may have fled before it could take full effect. [5]
  • Deathurge was unfazed by the Penance Stare, apparently due to him being the embodiment of self-destruction and his connection to Oblivion . [6]
  • When used on both the original Venom , Agent Venom , and Carnage , the Penance Stare backfired due to their symbiotes. [7] [8] [9]
  • Centurious was unaffected by the Penance Stare because he had sold his soul to Mephisto . [10]
  • Choam was immune to the Penance Stare, implicitly due to being a corpse that was somehow reanimated by Anton Hellgate . [11]
  • Deacon did not have any regrets, so when the Penance Stare was used on him, he just laughed it off and compared it to being tickled before impaling Ghost Rider. [12]
  • When used on Deadpool, it showed him a "highlight reel" of the events that lead him to him becoming what he was and turned the Ghost Rider back into Johnny Blaze, showing that Deadpool's greatest victim is himself. [13] The Penance Stare was also used similarly on Terror which allowed him to remember the past lives of his body parts. [14]
  • Noble Kale used the penance stare on Wolverine , focusing on the sins he committed on only one day during World War I to break him free from mind control. [15]
  • When used on The Punisher it failed, as Deadpool used an angel feather on the Punisher before his encounter with the Rider, as Ghost Rider's abilities fail on those who have divine protection on their soul. [ citation needed ] The Penance Stare was later shown to work on Punisher, causing him to throw up from the pain. [16]
  • When The Rider, a version of Frank Castle with the combined powers of Ghost Rider and a Herald of Galactus, tried to use it on a baby version of Thanos after being sent back in time by Odin, it didn't work because Thanos was still innocent at that point in time. [17]
  • When a Sarge -controlled Robbie Reyes used the stare on Carol Danvers trying to punish her for being half-Kree and the sins of her people, she was able to push through the pain due to the numerous traumas inflicted on her for her identity, citing being tired of being punished for existing, enough to knock the Ghost Rider away, avoiding further damage. [18]
  • Captain Glory was "gene-modded" to be wholly incapable of feeling guilt on the battlefield, making him totally immune to the Penance Stare. [19]
  • The Penance Stare only stunned Conan for a few seconds, though this may have only been due to interference caused by Nightmare . [20]
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  • ↑ Savage Avengers #21

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  • 1 Maya Lopez (Earth-616)
  • 2 Peter Parker (Earth-616)
  • 3 Earth-616

Screen Rant

Ghost rider's ultimate attack is totally broken (& it's marvel's fault).

The Penance Stare should be one of the Marvel's deadliest attacks, but so many characters have escaped it, Ghost Rider now seems pathetic.

The all-powerful ability of Marvel's terrifying Ghost Rider  has lost its edge. When confronted with the Penance Stare, those the Rider judges as guilty are meant to feel the full brunt of the suffering they've brought onto others. It's an ability that is meant to be able to destroy some of Marvel's most powerful beings. However, the number of heroes and villains that have survived confrontations with Ghost Rider has been steadily increasing, putting into question how effective the Spirit of Vengeance actually is.

The first use of the Penance Stare belongs to the Danny Ketch version of Ghost Rider, who used it on Mr. Hyde in Ghost Rider #4 . Traditionally, when Ghost Rider locks eyes with the guilty, they are overwhelmed with the anguish they've wrought, inducing catatonia, and in some cases, complete immolation. Aside from common criminals, Ghost Rider has proved the Stare works against foes as powerful as Doctor Strange, as seen when he nearly killed Strange in Ghost Rider #3 .

Related:  Ghost Rider's New Forever Penance Power Is His Most Brutal Yet

However, many recent stories have shown heroes and villains overcome the Penance Stare. While it's a move that can underline a character's willpower or lack of empathy, this trick has been used so frequently by Marvel's creators that now basically no-one is susceptible to Ghost Rider's ultimate attack. In Thunderbolts #29 , Ghost Rider attempts to use his fabled attack on the Punisher, only for Frank to survive, telling the Spirit that he " regrets nothing. " The Mad Titan Thanos was confronted with the Penance Stare in Thanos #15 , but his reliving of the torment he's inflicted brought him joy instead of suffering. The stare did  cause the Venom symbiote pain in Ghost Rider & Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #6 , but not enough to immobilize or defeat him. And Ghost Rider was absolutely shocked in Avengers #16 when Captain Marvel rebuked him and his attack, claiming she was sick of the punishment she had already lived through.

Those are just the opponents who even experienced the Penance Stare, with other stories depicting the attack failing because they lack a human soul or even just have more than two eyes. Needless to say, for a Spirit of Vengeance , Ghost Rider's "ultimate" move is getting less and less impressive with so many contrived exceptions. In the past, Reed Richards has speculated that the Ghost Rider is one of the greatest powers in the Marvel Universe, capable of taking down the Hulk, and is limited only by his remit of taking vengeance on the deserving. However, while every ultra-powerful hero needs limits, what does Ghost Rider's Penance Stare actually mean if every time it's used, the victim finds a way to dodge the effects?

While various forms of physical immunity make some sense, that's not the case for the amount of times Marvel has allowed heroes, villains and anti-heroes to get away from the Ghost Rider's judgement by bringing their personal feelings into it. Just because Thanos has no qualms about the people he's killed doesn't mean he's exempt from what is generally portrayed as an objective judgement. As more characters survive the Penance Stare , the reasons are becoming increasingly flimsy, and it's coming at the cost of Ghost Rider's reputation. If the Stare doesn't work on human mass-murderers like Frank Castle, Ghost Rider's divine judgment is ultimately pointless.

Facing off against the Spirit of Vengeance and surviving is a good way to show off how tough a character is or how powerful a will they posses. However, in doing this so often, Marvel is cheapening what should be one of the most powerful attacks in its universe, and making Ghost Rider less of a threat than the comics continue to claim he is.

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ghost rider vs the hulk

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thats a tough won, but in the end i think hulk would win because he could just smash ghost rider into little tiny bone fragments. and ghostrider would have trouble hurtin him because he could just heal and get angrier and smash the living crap out of ghostrider. so hulk it is

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All Ghost Rider would have to do is make eye contact.

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i know thats why i say ghost rider

yeah but hulk is an innocent he isnt a killer who does it for fun. the penance stare would not work because hes not evil.

You don't need to be "evil" for the Penance Stare to work on you, you just need to have caused death and destruction... and have a soul. Hulk fits that profile.

Post Edited:2007-06-29 12:28:38

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Ghost Rider's penance stares kills all.

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ghostrider has that stare that kills along with hell fire so ya Ghost rider

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Hulk isn't by any means innocent, he's not exactly a killer but he leave everything he's around in shambles. If Hulk new about the Penance Stare he could just avoid eye contact, rush him and boot him across the state, or into the side of a building.

but hulk isn't that smart so he will look in his eye

I think along Hulk's travels someone might have mentioned to him about the guy with the flaming skull and the death stare. Also, I think I've only bought like one GR title and it didn't have the penance stare. Does it KILL people or just cause them severe emotional drama? Hulk's healing factor is absurd right now, he could probably recover from anything. Plus with the new story of Hulk losing his wife and unborn child, the Penance Stare might not work at all.

it kills people cause either take there soul or burns it

They were on the same team for a while, but Hulk thinks he is rightous enough to be immune to the penance stare when he most definately is not. Hulk is not the type to avoid someone or something that might or might not hurt him.

The Penance Stare causes someone with any spiritual guilt to fall into a catatonic state, it bypasses regeneration or other forms of physical healing as it represents GR b*tchslapping the persons soul. Hulk's sins are wrath and pride... he is succeptable to the Stare.

Post Edited:2007-06-29 15:50:05

and if hulk dosen't have guilt bruce does

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Phorqe says:

"I think along Hulk's travels someone might have mentioned to him about the guy with the flaming skull and the death stare. Also, I think I've only bought like one GR title and it didn't have the penance stare. Does it KILL people or just cause them severe emotional drama? Hulk's healing factor is absurd right now, he could probably recover from anything. Plus with the new story of Hulk losing his wife and unborn child, the Penance Stare might not work at all. "

I think maybe your trying to hard. GR wins.

The Hellfire Club says:

"Phorqe says: "I think along Hulk's travels someone might have mentioned to him about the guy with the flaming skull and the death stare. Also, I think I've only bought like one GR title and it didn't have the penance stare. Does it KILL people or just cause them severe emotional drama? Hulk's healing factor is absurd right now, he could probably recover from anything. Plus with the new story of Hulk losing his wife and unborn child, the Penance Stare might not work at all. "

I think maybe your trying to hard. GR wins."

Just food for thought. Death stare is pretty hard to beat.

"The Hellfire Club says: "Phorqe says: "I think along Hulk's travels someone might have mentioned to him about the guy with the flaming skull and the death stare. Also, I think I've only bought like one GR title and it didn't have the penance stare. Does it KILL people or just cause them severe emotional drama? Hulk's healing factor is absurd right now, he could probably recover from anything. Plus with the new story of Hulk losing his wife and unborn child, the Penance Stare might not work at all. "

Thats what EVERYONE is saying.

Just food for thought. Death stare is pretty hard to beat."

thought it was penance stare :P

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If the penance stare works, & Ghost Rider is able to get Hulk to hold still long enough (a few seconds) to execute the penance stare (not likely), then, Ghost Rider would win. Otherwise, I think it'd be a good long fight, but GR would just keep pissing the Hulk off more & more, & he'd just get stronger & more durable, & eventually, the sun would rise and Ghost Rider would revert back to Johnny Blaze ( or Dan Ketch) & then Hulk would easily SMASH.

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I don't think the sun rising matters any more. Unless something happened recently, I don't think it's matter for awhile actually.

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Rider wins.

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Depends. If Hulk did something bad like kill somebody or anything like thatm then the Ghost Rider as an entity, and not just Johnny Blaze, is after him. In WWH, Doc Strange said it. If Ghost Rider was in control and actively fought the Hulk, he would win. But JB was in control and Hulk didn't do anything wrong, because he was just vengeful, so when The Ghost Rider Spirit took over, he left. So it depends on the circumstances.

And no, Hulk can't just smash Ghost Rider into tiny bone fragments.

@Jake454 :  He's not susceptible to the sun anymore. That's old, and he learned to control it completely.

Hulk's only way of really winning this is BFR

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didnt hulk smash him already

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Just give hulk a nice pair of sun glasses and he wins... ;)    Just kidding.. like everyone said, GHOSTRIDER. 

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Believe it or not (and it is hard to believe) Hulk has never actually killed an innocent person in Earth 616. If you read the story arc about Banner being on the run from a secret organization that's after his blood you can see how shaken up Banner is when he finds out that a building the Hulk brought down had a small child in it. Later you find out that it was super imposed. So Penance Stare might not have as big of an effect as you may think. I like both chars Hulk being my #1 and Ghost Rider being my #3 favorite heroes with Captain America in the middle. But I'm going to say Hulk would probably win in a legit elongated fight. He has resistance to mental attacks and I'm pretty sure Penance Stare falls into that category. On another message board someone mentioned Hulk being immune to it in the World War Hulk fight that they had which I have that comic in a trade paper back so unless something was omitted I never see that happening. But Green Scar Hulk makes fairly easy work of Ghost Rider there. And when Ghost Rider goes full power because Hulk beat all of the Johnny Blaze out of him he rides off because Hulk was not fighting innocents, nor does he spill innocent blood (he actually saves a group of civilians when Dr. Strange uses the power of Zom from a collapsing building). Even at his full power though I'm not sure he could beat the Hulk because Green Scar Hulk took out Sentry who has the power of a million exploding suns. And that's a pretty large magnitude of measurement.

Short Answer imo Hulk.

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Johnny Sorrow, the Destroyer Armor, heck, even Judge Fear. Deathstares are no joke.

But I do want to point out that Hulk under Banner never killed anyone. As far as the fight goes, I have no idea.

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Ghost Rider.

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User Lists: 41

Ghost Rider, not even close. Ghost Rider is more athletic, smarter and almost as strong as the hulk. Not to mention his range attacks will keep Hulk from doing any challenge. And then of course, there's penance stare. And for those who think the Hulk doesn;t have guilt, of course he does. He's killed plenty of people (unintentionally) and cost people millions in damage.

@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26 : How strong is Ghost Rider again? Cause Hulk is one of if not the strongest conventional Marvel hero there is.

Avatar image for mrdirector786

The only way Hulk can win is through BFR. Otherwise, he will be unable to even do any real damage to Ghost Rider because he doesn't have any holy or unholy means of attack.

Avatar image for mysterioz

This happened in the cartoon rider one because he use the penance stare so.............

Avatar image for shadowknight2290

@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26 :

ok yes hulk has guilt but he isnt an intentional sinner he does what he does to survive not for his own selfish gain so the penance stare doesnt work and ghost rider is no where near as strong as the hulk being the fact that hulks strength is virtually limitiless and hes only faster when hes on his bike and intelligence really doesnt play a big factor because hulk has beaten spider man and mr fantastic both of which have genuis level intelligence and as for athletism imagine hulk playing a game of foot ball you really dont get much more athletic than that

@god_spawn said:

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As I recall, when Johnny Blaze turns into the Ghost Rider in WWH there's this huge explosion, and the Hulk screams in agony, the page after the Hulk appears fine, but in the page where he creates the explosion he clearly is creating enough heat to at least put the Hulk at some discomfort. This being said WWH is the strongest incarnation of the Hulk. And if the Ghost Rider merely emerging, and using a small portion of his power to remove the rubble from his body generates enough heat and force to put the Hulk at some discomfort, then if he actually unloads the Hulk is definitely going to be in a lot of trouble. Now I hear talk of "Is this Johnny Blaze, or the Ghost Rider, because the Ghost Rider doesn't fight the innocent". However, this forum clearly states Hulk vs the Ghost Rider, so regardless of whether or not the Hulk is innocent isn't an issue, the fact is somehow Ghost Rider has decided he wants to fight Hulk. Even without the Penance Stare, Ghost Rider would incinerate the Hulk, or wrap a chain around his neck and drag him to hell if he has to. Ghost Rider is way out of the Hulk's league.

Thanks for reading,

@higher_evolutionary said:

to the best of my knoweledge hulk has never won againt GR and techinically should never win. If you are talking about WWH he fought Gr, the spirit of vengence took over and he left , that's not really a victory!

Avatar image for mutenroshi

Ghost Rider can easily BFR Hulk

@MutenRoshi said:

Does he really need to restor to BFR?? could he not beat Gr with his hell fire or the cool chain or the penance state??

Avatar image for suiken_seiji

He's beaten Hulk with no effort in the past by simply burning away the oxygen around Hulk.

WWHulk never beat Ghost Rider. He was having problems with a restricted powered Ghost Rider, where Johnny was in control; which dramatically decreases the power of what the Rider is truly capable of. Hulk can only contend with a Johnny possessed Rider, and even than has been defeated in the past by a Johnny possessed Rider.

Hell Fire works great on the Hulk, Penance Stare isn't needed.

Avatar image for hulktheultimate

Sadly Hulk loses.. I wish you didn't pick the original hulk, maybe World Breaker or WWH? :|... Some variant of Hulk that could possibly beat GR?.... Whatever.

@HulktheUltimate :

Sad to say, no Hulk can beat Ghost Rider (including World Breaker or WWH). Hulk has no answer to putting down Ghost Rider nor does he have any defenses for Hell Fire. Ghost Rider has multiple ways of winning, Hulk... I can't even think of one, even it was BFR.

@Suiken_Seiji said:

@HulktheUltimate : Sad to say, no Hulk can beat Ghost Rider (including World Breaker or WWH). Hulk has no answer to putting down Ghost Rider nor does he have any defenses for Hell Fire. Ghost Rider has multiple ways of winning, Hulk... I can't even think of one, even it was BFR.

i second that.

@Suiken_Seiji : You're probably right.. Even if hulk had the endurance and strength and if penance stare did not effect him.. I have the feeling it would end up as a stalemate or GR winning. Sorry Hulk, :(((

@HulktheUltimate said:

That is correct because you see no one heals as fast as ghost rider, it has been said that only god can kill a rider (i can post scans if you like). so winning by physical means is almost out of the question because ghost rider would just heal instantly or even fight without being stopped (Gr has fought while his head was cut off and was able to regenerate the head once the fight ended).

the other option is BFR which hulk might technically pull a win, he could grab the ghost rider and throw him into space or somewhere else. That's hulks only option :)

Ghost rider on the other hand has various options so yeah GR all the way !!

Avatar image for leonkarlen123

Go to hell Hulk! (No more Hulk)

Avatar image for jezzupwuzzup

Would the stare work on the Hulk?

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ghost rider penance stare hulk

ghost rider penance stare hulk

Ghost Rider vs. Hulk: Who Would Win in a Fight & Why?

Avatar photo

When it comes to Marvel Comics, few characters embody raw power and intense determination quite like Ghost Rider and the Hulk . Both characters have been thrilling fans for decades with their abilities to take down the most formidable foes, leaving destruction in their wake. Ghost Rider is a divine being, an embodiment of vengeance itself, and Hulk is a result of an accident that perfectly embodies pure anger. With everything said, both characters are powerful and nearly indestructible, but if it ever came to a fight between Ghost Rider and Hulk, who would win in a fight and why? 

Ghost Rider would win in a fight against Hulk. With all Zaratahos’ power at his disposal, Ghost Rider is a borderline cosmic entity in terms of power. Ghost Rider has more versatile abilities, and even though Hulk is extremely difficult to injure or kill, Ghost Rider’s penance stare might slow him and revert him into Bruce Banner form. Hulk, on the other hand, can counter Ghost Rider only when it comes to raw strength but has nothing in his arsenal to neutralize him. 

Now that we’ve covered the main answer, it’s time to analyze how we came to our conclusion. In the rest of this post, we’re going to analyze Ghost Rider’s and Hulk’s powers, abilities, strength, durability, and other aspects and try to give you an objective overview of the fight. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

The Hulk is widely recognized for his immense strength, but there’s more to this powerful character than just raw power. The Hulk possesses a unique ability to harness and control gamma radiation, and his level of radiation emission increases as his anger grows. Additionally, he has a heightened sense for detecting astral projections and is completely resistant to certain types of mental manipulation. Combined with his brute strength, these abilities make the Hulk a formidable opponent in any fight. 

Hulk infinite potential 1

On the other hand, Ghost Rider is an entity that has taken over an individual. As a divine spirit, Ghost Rider has unparalleled power over souls. He is best known for his two signature abilities: the Penance Stare, which allows him to inflict punishment on individuals or entities by reflecting their sins back at them, and the manipulation of Hellfire, a powerful force that can burn materials, beings, and even souls. In addition, Ghost Rider can control minds, resurrect the dead, and read thoughts, among many other supernatural powers related to the spiritual and mystical realms.

Ghost Rider penance stare

Penance Stare might not outright kill Hulk since he is not evil by nature, but it might slow him down enough for him to revert to Bruce Banner. Ghost Rider’s powers and abilities are simply too versatile and cosmic in their scope, so this point goes to him. 

Points: Ghost Rider (1:0) Hulk

20 Strongest Versions of Hulk (Ranked)

Strength and stamina .

Ghost Rider can, on average, lift up to 5 tons, but due to the divine nature of his powers, his strength can be further augmented to immeasurable limits. Since being possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance replaces normal human processes, Ghost Rider doesn’t have to eat or drink. Due to not having any muscle tissues while in the divine form, his stamina is nearly limitless. Ghost Rider’s powers are not connected to his stamina. They are connected to Zarathos and under circumstances that grant him powers. 

Ghost Rider throws crane into the air

Hulk was exposed to gamma radiation, which is the source of his powers. Hulk’s physiology had to change on a molecular level to gain access to incredible strength. Hulk’s strength is immeasurable. The angrier he gets, the stronger he gets in turn. Since there’s theoretically no peak to the level of anger he can achieve, his strength is also limitless. Only a few characters in the Marvel Universe can match Hulk’s levels regarding strength and stamina, so this point goes to him.

Hulk power

Points: Ghost Rider (1:1) Hulk

15 Strongest Versions of Ghost Rider (Ranked)

Ghost rider is certainly not the fastest character in the Marvel Universe , but he is known to achieve supersonic speeds regularly and, on occasion, even speeds that are massively faster than light. He can further enhance his speed with the famous “Hellcycle,” and he can likewise fly and open portals to other dimensions and planes of existence. Ghost Rider is extremely mobile, and this speed also reflects in combat. 

Ghost Rider defies laws of physics with Hellcycle

Hulk has a bulky physique, but his super-strong muscles allow him to move faster than you could have imagined. He can leap and jump incredibly high, and while swimming, he managed to match Namor’s speed . This is an incredible feat, and just like with Ghost Rider, his speed translates to combat well. Even though Hulk primarily utilizes his godlike strength, he can be quite mobile when he needs to be.

Hulk dodges thors hammer

With everything said, even though both Hulk and Ghost Rider are fast, Ghost Rider is a bit faster and more agile. 

Points: Ghost Rider (2:1) Hulk

As the Spirit of Vengeance, Ghost Rider is nearly indestructible and possesses immense immunity to damage. Ordinary weapons and even exorcism have little to no effect on him. The transformation process sees his flesh and tissues dissolve to reveal a bony structure that is highly resistant to harm. It is only with the use of holy weapons that Ghost Rider can be effectively hurt or defeated, and holy weapons are hard to come by. 

Ghost rider durability

The Hulk is known for his exceptional durability and robustness, making it difficult to cause him harm. Conventional weapons made out of Vibranium and Adamantium are the only known materials capable of penetrating his skin. However, even if you were to successfully wound the Hulk, his remarkable healing factor would quickly kick in, enabling him to recover near-instantaneously, enraging him and making him an even greater threat. This is what makes the Hulk a formidable force to be reckoned with in any fight.

Still, Hulk can be injured by divine beings, and Ghost Rider can count himself as one, while Hulk simply has nothing to throw at Ghost Rider. Except for his strength, that wouldn’t do much against an undead skeletal being. 

Points: Ghost Rider (3:1) Hulk

Ghost Rider vs. Galactus: Who Would Win in a Fight?


Ghost Rider is slightly above average when it comes to intelligence. He has a vast knowledge of the occult and a deeper insight into the human psyche due to his unique powers that mostly rely on “reading souls.” 

It never feels fair to compare Hulk’s intelligence to anyone else since the other character will most likely lose especially since I have to compare Bruce Banner’s intelligence and not Hulk’s per se. But, as well all know, Hulk is just the other side of the coin, and Bruce Banner, the other side, is among the smartest minds in the galaxy. He is super-genius with immeasurable intelligence. He is an expert in the fields of nuclear sciences and physics. Occult knowledge can’t measure up to this, so this point goes to Hulk – or, to be more precise, to Bruce Banner. 

Points: Ghost Rider (3:2) Hulk

Combat Skills 

Ghost Rider has no formal training when it comes to martial arts or combat, but he manages himself quite well when he needs to. He is extremely skilled when it comes to utilizing his Mystical chain , and he is not the one to run away from a fight. 

The Hulk is a highly skilled fighter known for his mastery of hand-to-hand combat and proficiency with various weapons. He has been trained by some of the most renowned martial artists in the Marvel Comics universe , making him a formidable opponent in any physical altercation. 

Hulk combat

Relying on combat skills and strength alone wouldn’t be the best approach for Ghost Rider to fight against Hulk. This point goes to Hulk. 

Points: Ghost Rider (3:3) Hulk

Ghost Rider vs. Hulk: Who Wins? 

As you can see, the two are pretty evenly matched. Still, he has a slight advantage due to the nature of Ghost Rider’s powers. He might not be able to necessarily neutralize Hulk, but he might shock him just long enough to revert into Bruce Banner. It is unknown to what extent Ghost Rider’s penance gaze would work against Hulk, but the Jade Giant is far from blameless in some aspects. Hulk simply doesn’t have anything in his arsenal to deal with any divine being, much less against Ghost Rider. Even if he somehow manages to destroy his current body, the Spirit of Vengeance simply moves on. 

Avatar photo

Valentina Kraljik is a writer and editor at Comic Basics with a passion for all things related to comics and their respective cinematic universes. Armed with a degree in Information Sciences, she brings a unique and informed perspective to her work. Valentina is renowned for her writing on a wide range of comic book heroes and their respective universes. She has a talent for uncovering obscure information related to even the most elusive superheroes. Her love for the genre was first sparked by "X-Men" and "Blade," the latter of which remains her all-time favorite superhero. While her expertise primarily lies within the realm of Marvel, she occasionally ventures into DC territory as well. Valentina's commitment to objectivity and insightful analysis shines through in her writing. She strives to bring fresh perspectives to even the most familiar subjects, and her blend of academic rigor and creative flair sets her apart in the world of media writing.


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ghost rider penance stare hulk

Marvel's Hottest: Ghost Rider's Powers and Abilities, Ranked

Buckle up (and put a helmet on!) because we're ranking fifteen of Ghost Rider's most incredible and infernal abilities.

With fire and flair, the spirit of vengeance burns the road with a flame-fueled ride. One of the most intimidating and powerful members in the Marvel canon, Ghost Rider bursts from the panels on the prowl for the souls of wrongdoers with a sinister skeletal smile. Whether we're talking Johnny Blaze, Robbie Reyes, Daniel Ketch or Alejandra Jones, this skeleton sin-eater is one scary superhero.  With the studded leather jacket, flame-spitting motorcycle, and signature stare, this hero is easily a few steps away from Marvel's more friendly roster. Yes, we can all agree that the character is pretty gnarly for someone associated with the likes of Captain America, The Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man, but there's no denying Ghost Rider's got some serious style. We're just glad the character is one of the good guys.

But what exactly does Ghost Rider do that makes the character so awesomely fearsome? A flaming skeleton on a motorcycle could be something ripped off of a Meat Loaf album cover, what separates the entity from Scorpion at a Sons of Anarchy convention? Well, for one thing, Ghost Rider has quite an array of supernatural skills that even give Doctor Strange a run for his money, a monster mode of transportation, and don't even get us started on that scare factor. Ghost Rider has some pretty impressive powers and we're going to go through them all today. Say your prayers, dust off your leather, and hold on tight to those handlebars as we take a long ride and look deep into those soul-burning sockets as we rank the best powers of the Ghost Rider.


We know what you're thinking, "A motorcycle isn't a superpower." You're right, a motorcycle isn't a superpower. But the ability to summon a flame-spitting, trail-blazing, nightmare motorbike from the underworld? We'd consider that a little bit above average.

Ghost Rider's bike is like Thor's hammer or Cap's shield, they just aren't the same without it. With a name like Ghost Rider, you pretty much need some impressive form of transportation. Some might say that a metallic, flaming, skeletal motorbike with wheels of fire is overkill, but we prefer to think of it as appropriately bombastic.


Nowadays, these traits are pretty standard with most superheroes. But consider this observation if you will, Johnny Blaze, the first Ghost Rider, was a professional stunt rider before he was bestowed the infernal alter-ego. You could make the argument that Blaze already had a jumpstart on the physicality portion of the superhero checklist. Either way, the increased attributes are a welcomed plus to the arsenal.

That all being said, Ghost Rider certainly packs quite a literal punch, being able to send enemies yards away with a skeletal fist is pretty impressive in conception. Its attributes are divinely given, so it makes sense for them to be stronger than average. After all, it's not like a flaming demon of vengeance to go down easily.


This one is practically a given, but we have to include it. When most superheroes get their powers, they don't change much in the looks department. Characters like Peter Parker or Tony Stark still look like themselves after their inciting incidents, but characters like Bruce Banner and, obviously, Johnny Blaze take that notion and toss it out the window.

The transformation from man to rider is without a doubt one of the most incredible sequences to grace Marvel Comics. Seeing Johnny Blaze (or anyone for that matter) burst into a flaming skeleton consumed in Hellfire is a pretty unforgettable sight. Bruce Banner can keep his green roid-rage, literally erupting as a spirit of fiery vengeance is easily the more impressive stunt.


The comic book world has no shortage of empaths, just look at Mantis, Professor X, and Raven. But whereas those empathically gifted individuals use their powers to communicate or detect peril, Ghost Rider's variation of this ability is used to scope out potential targets. Like a supernatural sense of smell, the Ghost Rider can detect the condition of a person's soul, judging them with ethereal flames.

Ghost Rider's empath abilities allow him to detect and decipher the sinful from the righteous. Whether the character is in its spirit form or not, they are still able to detect an impure soul. Ghost Rider is drawn to these energies, particularly strong in the Nicolas Cage-led adaptation, as if hankering for wicked souls to burn.


Since the character's power comes from paranormal means, it's a given fact that Ghost Rider has a general understanding of the occult. Though not as practiced and studied as a certain sorcerer supreme, the knowledge of beings and planes both divine and infernal is present in nearly every version of the character. As the saying goes, experience really is the best teacher.

This knowledge of the occult allows Ghost Rider to manipulate certain spells whether common or demonic. This is shown in dealings with Mephisto or other lesser demonic entities that cross its path. But no matter what Ghost Rider's up against, it'll have a leather-clad leg up on monsters and demons from other dimensions.


Similar to Spider-Man's Spidey Sense, Ghost Rider possesses a supernatural sense that alerts him to the presence of any supernatural being or entity that enters the entity's home plane. Whether they be a demon, ghost, or other entity good or evil from an ethereal plane or dimension, Ghost Rider will know. Perhaps "spirit sense" would be a more appropriate title?

Similar to its empathetic abilities, Ghost Rider's superior senses are able to detect any supernatural occurrence near him. When paired with its empath skills, Ghost Rider can determine whether or not the entity is friend or foe. This makes him formidable against nearly any nonhuman or noncorporeal enemy.


Wolverine's not the only one around here with incredible healing skills. Ghost Rider doesn't take a fall very easily, but certain obstacles like holy magic and the like can cause him to stumble. Thankfully, the character is packing a heck of a healing factor. The dude can even regenerate missing limbs if need be. That's pretty impressive for a walking skeleton, wouldn't you agree?

If shot, severed, or otherwise mutilated by mortal means, Ghost Rider can easily put himself back together and get back in the game. The entity might be a little more than ticked off when they get back up, but all the better for beating the bad guys with, right? These dry bones might be a bit more difficult to connect.


As mentioned before, it's incredibly difficult to hurt Ghost Rider, no matter what version. The character is impervious to most dark magic, bulletproof, fireproof (obviously), and all with the ability to pull itself back together. Believe us, not all of the Marvel mainstays can say that.

Bullets melt within its flames -- most blunt instruments won't phase the Rider, and anything non-magical won't even leave a scratch. The Spirit of Vengeance has had its entire skull shattered and even walked away from a massive Hulk beating! When your durability has even the god of thunder and Sorcerer Supreme casting a watchful eye, you know you've got some skills.


Now we're getting into some really bad mojo: Ghost Rider's soul manipulation. Along with the being's empathic abilities, of course able to detect and identify a damned soul from an innocent one, Ghost Rider possesses the ability to bend and control the noncorporeal essence of just about anything. We can't name too many other Marvel members with this ability.

Not only can Ghost Rider perform a Soul Read to see into the sins or innocence of another, but the character can actually consume an impure soul, leaving the body a lifeless husk. It's starting to sound like the Spirit of Vengeance might have influenced a certain group of specters from Azkaban. All joking aside, we are in a slight shock that a "good guy" has this incredibly sinister ability.


No, this is not the same thing as the previously mentioned soul manipulation! Ghost Rider also possesses the ability to interact and purify the sins of a mortal soul, regardless of whether they are damned or innocent. Though this act is a great deal more benign than the one prior, it can still leave some damage

Like an enhanced Soul Read, Ghost Rider can look inward and see all the past sins committed by a mortal soul. After doing this, the character  can purify the host by consuming the sins. This act will make the soul innocent, but it leaves the host emotionally altered. They can be drained of all emotion or have a complete breakdown. Either way, it's no picnic.


Scorpion's not the only one with a flaming skull and chain-whip. Let's just say Ghost Rider has the upgraded version. This chain of perdition is a great deal more than a way to round up some souls. Depending on the mind of the ghostly wielder, its potential can be incredibly deadly.

Because the weapon is linked to the Ghost Rider's mental abilities, the chain can be manipulated into a number of different weapons. It can be the standard fiery whip and lasso, a bo staff, and even a collection of shuriken. Easily one of the most versatile weapons in the Marvel canon, this piece of flaming metal is certainly a deadly asset in Ghost Rider's arsenal.


Being consumed by infernal fire and flames, this ability should come as no surprise. Ghost Rider can summon and manipulate streams of Hellfire to whatever the situation might call for. The Spirit can form it into weapons, projectiles, or use it for a shield. Basically, Ghost Rider is a scarier version of the Human Torch, minus the flying ability.

Ghost Rider's fire conjuring allows the character to imbue weapons with a fiery blaze, channel the flames from its hands like a shotgun, and cause it to rain down from the sky upon his foes. Like the chain, the conjuring ability is limited only by the character's will and imagination. The sky is literally the limit for these fearsome flames.


Of course, we can't talk about Ghost Rider's fire conjuration without addressing the character's fire projection. We're not talking about conjuring images or portals with the flame (though the character can do the latter!). We're talking spewing a fountain of Hellfire out of its eye sockets and mouth like an infernal dragon.

Not only is this attack the stuff of nightmares, but it certainly leaves the target more than a little toasty. Demons and mortals alike have all felt the burn of Ghost Rider's blazing breath, and it's always quite the spectacle. As amazing as it is, we'd imagine Johnny Blaze packs a few mints on hand to take care of that sulfur smell afterward.


Aside from gods, demigods, and other divine characters in the Marvel Universe, we can't name many superpowered humans granted immortality. We've already mentioned how outright impossible it is to do permanent damage to him, but sometimes fans forget the exact extent. Not only is Ghost Rider incredibly invulnerable, but the character is also impeccably immortal.

According to Ghost Rider lore, since the riders were created by God, only God can destroy them. That's quite a factor to put on the superhero resume. Even the mighty Thor lost his divine powers at one point, so seeing a character this powerful really gives some perspective. Perhaps a bit OP, but when dealing with the likes of Mephisto and other demonic threats, it certainly couldn't help to have some life insurance.


Admit it, you all knew this one was coming. The Penance Stare is Ghost Rider's coup de grace of superpowers. It's a devastating finishing move that leaves its victims burnt to a crisp on the floor. There are few Marvel characters that can boast this chilling ability.

For those few unfamiliar, Ghost Rider's Penance Stare forces its victim to feel all the pain their sins have caused others, damning them for all eternity. Just reading that is enough to give us shivers. Superman might have the Phantom Zone, but feeling other people's pain for... forever is leagues more severe than imprisoned in a cheap CGI effect. The Penance Stare is without a doubt the darkest of all Marvel abilities.

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The man known only as the Ghost Rider is a mysterious figure who uses supernatural powers to fight those who hurt the innocent as a superhero . He is among the strongest beings on the planet alongside Hulk and Thor .

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Biography [ ]

Early life [ ].

The man who becomes Ghost Rider

The early life of the man who would become Ghost Rider is unknown, nor about how he became the Ghost Rider. At some point he was endowed with supernatural powers which he uses as a superhero to protect and avenge the innocent.

He calls the power the Ghost Flame . The powers are possibly related to the Christian faith since he leaves behind a trail of brimstone , referred to nowadays as sulfur .

Ghost Rider on his motorcycle

He rides a motorcycle and wears black leather. When he transforms he is able to form large spikes on his shoulders and forearms in addition to engulfing his body and cycle in flames. The Ghost Flames also make his cycle travel at incredibly fast speeds.

Due to his supernatural strength and endurance, he does not need a helmet . Though he does where one while in his human form.

Activating his powers

In order to transform, he needs only put his hand on a small sigil , which he installed into his cycle. The transformation starts with his hand then the flames engulf his entire body. He appears as merely a skeleton surrounded by flames.

Swinging his chain whip

He also uses a large chain that he uses like a whip. He is able to call upon this whip through the Ghost Flames. He can wrap people with it and it is also supernaturally strong.

A side effect of his abilities is heating up the area nearby. Though not always noticed by humans, it can cause problems with gas and water pipes.

A hot head

Whether because of his supernatural powers or his own sense of justice, Ghost Rider is drawn to any place where an innocent person suffers. He decided to dedicate his life to stopping injustice wherever it occurred. He uses his Penance Stare to make people feel guilty for all the pain they suffer.

He does not shave often and has an unkempt look. He has long hair that he puts into a ponytail.

Chasing the X-Man

At some point he encountered the mutant Gambit in some way in what appears to be a sewer . He probably went after him because of his association with the Thieves Guild .

The X-Men saw a brief glimpse of this encounter through Cerebro when they were trying to retrieve memories of Henry Peter Gyrich after Robert Kelly was kidnapped by Sentinels . Gambit made no mention of this encounter so it is unknown what happened exactly.

New Mission [ ]

At some point, Ghost Rider was drawn to a small town outside of Chicago . He had known that something catastrophic had happened to the town. It is unknown, though likely, that some innocent person had died.

In the cemetery

When he arrived he rode to the top of a hill near a cemetery where he saw the town in ruin. Firefighters were hosing down the blazes that had destroyed numerous buildings. He found that much innocent blood had been spilled.

He saw Rick Jones on his own motorcycle riding up to one of the firemen. Ghost Rider overheard the firefighter telling the other cyclist to move on since there was nothing left for anyone. When Rick asked what had happened, the firefighter explained that the Hulk destroyed their down. Rick then left.

Realizing that he need to make this Hulk creature suffer for what the beast had done, Ghost Rider set off on a new mission of vengeance.

He touched the Ghost Flame sigil and transformed. He raced down the road towards Chicago, where he believed the creature to have gone.

Ghost Rider knocks away a fellow cyclist

While driving over a bridge, he passed Rick causing the boy to fall off. Knowing that he could not allow the innocent person to be harmed, Ghost Rider whipped out his chain and caught the boy before he hit the bottom.

Ghost Rider rides away

He pulled Rick back onto the bridge and he was shocked to see the flaming skeleton. He told Rick that his mission was not with him but with a savage destroyer. He whipped the chain around to pull it back into his hand. He turned the bike around and sped off.

Ghost Rider rode around the city near Lake Michigan . Since he was in his Ghost Rider form, he unknowingly caused a kitchen in a Soup Kitchen to explode.

Hearing the call of an innocent

He heard the explosion then a woman scream while on an overpass . He stopped his bike to listen. He saw the flames of the soup kitchen and believed that Hulk was hurting more people.

Green Giant [ ]

He sped off doing a wheelie off the overpass. He rode over to the kitchen and burst through the side dropping down in front of Hulk, an enormous green giant. He saw that the beast was approaching an elderly nun trapped under debris.

Accusing Hulk of wrongdoing

Ghost Rider told the creature that his reign of terror was over. He shot fire from his hand knocking Hulk out of the building.

He grabbed the nun from the burning building and drover her out. He saw Hulk trying to stand again so he blasted him back over a building.

Helping an innocent

He set the nun down but as she awoke she was scared of his appearance. He transformed back to his normal human self and comforted her by saying that the monster was gone. He then stated that the Hulk's day of judgement had finally come.

He drove off to hunt the beast down. While later explaining the situation to a police officer , the nun explained how she wondered why the fire did not hurt him.

Transforming into the Ghost Rider

While riding through the city, he saw numerous helicopters flying over the city. He realized they were searching for the Hulk so he transformed.

Eventually he came across a police barricade blocking off a large portion of the city. He saw that Rick had run the barricade by going over it from a nearby building.

Eluding the police

Rather than go through the same effort, he simply did a wheelie and jumped over the police cars and into the blocked off area. He then passed Rick, though did not knock him down again.

Grey Area [ ]

Ghost Rider tracked Hulk to a city dump . He said to himself that Hulk would know vengeance.

Stopped by a punk kid

At that point, Rick drove up and blocked his path. He told Ghost Rider to stop hunting his friend. Not understanding their relationship, he warned the boy not to interfere.

Rick demanded to know why Ghost Rider should be the one punishing Hulk. He stated that he felt a grave injustice surrounding the Hulk and knew innocents would be hurt.

Confronting Rick Jones

Rick yelled at him saying that the Hulk is the one suffering the injustice. Ghost Rider told him that if Rick got in his way that the boy would suffer the same punishment as Hulk.

Rick not hurt by his flames

Rick then got off his bike and grabbed his handlebars. He told Ghost Rider that Hulk did not want to hurt anyone and just wanted to be left alone.

Ghost Rider was shocked that the Ghost Flames were not hurting the boy's hands. He realized that Rick must have been pure at heart and was meaning every word that he said.

However, Ghost Rider's mission was still the same. He had to stop innocents from dying, whoever they may be. Rick went to his fallen cycle and grabbed his helmet.

Impressed by the kid

He told Ghost Rider that if the Hulk was about to hurt anyone that he would be the one to stop him. He got onto the back of Ghost Rider's cycle and told him to go.

Ghost Rider smashed through the fence and drove up a pile of cars to leap off the top.

Bad Man [ ]

As the two rode through the city, they saw Hulk struggling with a Hulkbusters helicopter.

Seeing the true enemy

Seeing this, Ghost Rider believed that Hulk was hurting an innocent person within the helicopter. Rick pointed out that the Hulkbusters were not innocent to begin with.

Eventually they saw the helicopter crash into a building through the roof. Ghost Rider drove up to the building's front door and rode in. They drove through the building until they got to the level where Hulk had landed.

Ghost Rider smashed through a wall and entered an apartment . They saw a major named Glenn Talbot holding a Tranquilizer Ray at Hulk.

Rick scream out but Glenn fired the tranquilizer ray and hit Hulk.

Finding the true enemy

Hulk grew angry and began smashing the building causing it to fall apart. Ghost Rider grabbed Glenn and smash through another wall.

The three of them flew through the air and landed safely on the ground.

Ghost Rider threw Glenn onto the street and the tranquilizer ray fell next to him. Rick got off the cycle and took off his helmet. They heard Hulk smashing the building as it collapsed.

Penance [ ]

Giving Glenn what he deserves

Ghost Rider picked up Glenn demanding to know what the major was thinking. He used the Penance Stare to search into his soul where he saw numerous instances of Glenn ruthlessly pursuing and attacking Hulk.

At that moment, Ghost Rider realized that Hulk was indeed the true innocent as Rick had said, and that his mission was misguided.

He warned Glenn that if the Hulk died that the blood would be on the major's hands. He dropped Glenn who began to weep as of a result of the Penance Stare.

Ghost Rider looked over to see Rick calling out to Bruce Banner , the alternate identity of Hulk. He began moving debris away in an effort to find him. Bruce weakly called out.

Finding out the truth

Ghost Rider realized that Bruce was the innocent one in all of this.

Rick asked Ghost Rider to blast the debris away to free his friend. However, Ghost Rider knew that if he did the rubble would shift and may kill Bruce.

Rick called out to Bruce saying that he needed to get mad so he could transform into Hulk. They knew that only Hulk's strength could free Bruce. Unfortunately, Bruce was tired from the tranquilizer ray and would not get angry.

Helping his new friend

Ghost Rider told Rick that if Bruce could not save himself, he would have to save Rick. Picking up on his meaning, Rick began crying out to Bruce as if he was being attacked.

Eventually Bruce transformed and Hulk burst out of the rubble and landed next to Rick. Rick was glad to see his friend alive and hugged him.

Hulk walked towards Ghost Rider believing that he was the one hurting Rick since he attacked Hulk earlier. Ghost Rider admitted that he was once Hulk's enemy.

Burning Through the Poison [ ]

Dodging Hulk

Hulk tried to punch Ghost Rider, but he was easily about to step out of the way due to his slow swing. Hulk collapsed onto on knee. When Rick asked about him, he said he was tired.

Another helicopter landed and out came a woman named Betty Ross and another super powered man named Doc Samson . The two ran out and towards the group.

Samson helped Glenn who was rambling on about Hulk's blood on his hand and only following orders. Betty ran to Hulk, who she apparently loved, and asked the green giant what was wrong.

Hulk wasn't guilty

Betty stood and demanded to know who Ghost Rider was. She thought that he was the one who poisoned Hulk. He explained to her that she was accusing the wrong person, just as he did.

As Samson was helping Glenn into the helicopter, he informed them that Glenn had emptied the entire tranquilizer ray into Hulk. She explained that the tranquilizer was in full effect, and that if Hulk became Bruce again it would poison him and he would die.

Hulk began to transform back into Bruce. Rick walked over as Betty begged Hulk not to give up. Ghost Rider realized that anger was the best way to bring out the Hulk.

Ghost Rider walked over from his cycle with a large flame in his hand. He told them all that he would right the wrong of hunting and attacking Hulk.

Whipping his chain

He transformed the flame into his chain whip and wrapped it around Bruce. He pulled Bruce in close as Betty screamed. He commanded his cycle to circle around them sending up flames. Soon it became an enormous wall of fire.

Ghost Rider told Bruce to remember all of the injustice, pain, and anger he experienced in his life. He used his Penance Stare to search Bruce's mind for several memories of Hulk being attacked.

Taking down the Hulk to help him

Bruce grew angry and transformed into the Hulk. He flexed his arms and broke free of Ghost Rider's chain. Hulk roared and knocked Ghost Rider out of the circle of flames.

Rick ran to Ghost Rider while Hulk waved the flames away. Eventually the cycle stopped circling and the fires died down.

Powers for Good [ ]

Too strong for Ghost Rider

Samson then picked up Hulk and threw him through a building, which then collapsed. The two continued to fight but Hulk knocked the doctor away.

Ghost Rider got onto his cycle and rode towards him. He touched the sigil giving him a fireball, which he threw at Hulk to knock him back into a wall.

Ghost Rider got another fireball and threw it at the giant. Hulk flew backwards into a train car. Samson then lifted the train car and dropped it on Hulk.

Need to stop Hulk

He drove up to the train car along with Betty and Rick. He asked Samson if he had killed Hulk. Samson implied that he could not have.

Hulk suddenly flew out of the train car and landed in front of Ghost Rider. He picked up his motorcycle and tossed it, with Ghost Rider on it, aside.

His ride destroyed

Ghost Rider crashed and his bike appeared to blast apart. Samson tried to attack him but Hulk batted him away.

As Ghost Rider got up, he saw Rick and Betty talking to him. Both were saying how they no longer liked him. They were talking about how he ruined their lives and how they hated him. The two began to weep as they did it.

Ghost Rider stood by as his cycle fixed itself, realizing that fighting the Hulk was futile, and dangerous, but hurting him emotionally would get him angry enough to burn through the poison.

Hulk eventually yelled out and began destroying a train engine . He eventually stopped when the poison burned through his system.

Betty and Rick then tried to talk to him but Hulk thought he no longer had any friends. They tried to explain how they were helping him, but this only confused Hulk.

Hulk leapt away making his friends feel terrible for what they had done. Rick realized that they had broken his heart.

Bidding farewell

Ghost Rider rode up telling the group that what they did was noble. Though they hurt Hulk's spirit, they saved his body. He told them that this was a true act of friendship, and something he could not do. He claimed that Hulk's heart would eventually heal.

Flying off

Ghost Rider then rode off flying through the city.

Planet Eater [ ]

Some time later, Ghost Rider learned that Galactus was in New York City with his Herald Terrax . Ghost Rider sped there and found the planet eater battling the Fantastic Four , the God of Thunder Thor , and a woman named Frankie Raye .

Coming in to save the day

He saw that Galactus had defeated Thor and though he was weakened, the Fantastic Four were no match for him. Ghost Rider announced his presence and road up on his cycle. Thing wondered why so many other superheroes were on fire.

Confronting the planet eater

He introduced himself and explained to Galactus that he comes to wherever innocent blood is shed. He points out that Galactus has shed much innocent blood.

Human Torch realized that the Ghost Rider was real, having thought him merely a myth. Thing wondered why so many superheroes appeared in the same place at the same time.

Ghost Rider drove up to Galactus and stopped before him. He asked the giant if he was ready to face the agony of those the planet eater had killed.

Galactus did not know whether he was a mortal or demon and ordered him away. He claimed to have no time for his games. Ghost Rider stated that he wasn't playing any games.

Ghost Rider readies his attack

He then used his Penance Stare on Galactus. Ghost Rider made him feel the torment of a billion billion souls that he destroyed. Galactus was forced to experience the pain of eternal guilt.

Taking down Galactus

Galactus then saw a vision of each and every creature he had ever caused the death of. The sensation overwhelmed Galactus and he fall backwards onto the ground, defeated.

Frankie began to sob into Johnny's chest, feeling sorry for the planet eater.

Did what Thor and the Fantastic Four could not

Ghost Rider announced to Galactus and the other heroes that his task was complete. He stated that the planet eater's fate was in mortal hands.

Speeding away

He turned his bike and sped away.

After he left, Thor recharged Galactus and Frankie became his newest herald called Nova. Galactus left the planet promising never to threaten it again.

Powers and Abilities [ ]

Leaving behind brimstone

The true nature of Ghost Rider's abilities are unknown. Even the mighty Galactus did not know whether he was a mortal , demon , or some combination of both. Though Rick Jones' discovery of brimstone in Ghost Rider's trail would imply some kind of supernatural origin.

Ghost Rider's most iconic power is the Ghost Fire . This is the source of all his other powers and abilities. The Ghost Fire appears to burn away all his skin and muscle until there is nothing but bone. At the same time, it encases his entire body in a supernatural fire.

Ghost Rider on his motorcycloe

In addition to changing his own body, the Ghost Fire also changes his motorcycle. The cycle is also covered in flames, most noticeably replacing the rubber tires with fire. The motorcycle can then move at incredibly fast speeds, with enough force that it can knock people aside. The motorcycle is also not bound by the laws of gravity. Ghost Rider can easily jump over other cars and appears to have limited flight capabilities. The motorcycle also has the ability to repair itself when damaged. It is unknown if it can be repaired all the time or only when damaged in its Ghost Fire state.

The Ghost Fire gives him incredibly enhanced strength and durability. He can survive a tremendous amount of punishment, even from mighty beings like the Hulk. He is also strong enough to fight Hulk in hand-to-hand combat, though apparently not enough to defeat him. This would put probably put him in the same league as the Asgardian Thor who similarly fought but could not defeat Hulk.

The Ghost Fire also makes him seemingly invulnerable to the heat and damage caused by fire. However, the Ghost Fire has a side effect causing nearby objects to greatly increase in temperature. If he is not careful, Ghost Rider can inadvertently cause massive damage due to the heat he radiates.

The Penance Stare

Ghost Rider's most powerful ability is the Penance Stare . This causes its victim to suffer all the pain and guilt that they have caused to other people. This causes mortal men to fall to their knees weeping. The more the person has caused suffering, the stronger the reaction they have to the Penance Stare. The stare is strong enough to topple even the mighty planet eater Galactus, who would have seemingly died after the experience.

Shooting fireballs

For offensive purposes, Ghost Rider can create powerful fireballs from the sigil in his motorcycle. The fireballs are strong enough to send a powerful being like the Hulk flying back with enough force to crash through a brick wall and into a car.

In addition to the powerful fireballs, he can shoot fire from his hands in smaller blasts. These are also quite powerful and do not require the use of the sigil.

His last iconic feature is his chain whip . Though he has a chain wrapped around his chest, he can create one from his hand. He can use the chain for grabbing people for whatever reason. It is unknown whether the chain was created through his powers or simply altered by it. Its strength is unknown as it was only seen being tested by the incredibly strong Hulk. Though he certainly could, Ghost Rider does not seem to use it for offensive purposes.

Personality [ ]

A determined person

Ghost Rider is a man of extremely high morals. He is bound only by the determination of helping the innocent from those who would hurt or kill them. He travels the world seeking out the non-innocent and making them suffer for what they have done. It is not known whether he does this out of some sense of justice or if he must as part of his powers.

He seems to be able to sense injustice, having felt an injustice around the Hulk. He also seems drawn to come to certain locations at moments where great injustices have or will occur. He was able to find the general area of Chicago where the Hulk, having transformed into Bruce Banner, was hiding though unable to exactly pinpoint him.

Not above admitting mistakes

However, in his quest for justice, there have been times when he has needed to protect innocents even from himself. There have been instances where his powers have inadvertently put people into danger while he was distracted on his mission. There have also been times when he has sought out a person for what he perceived was hurting innocents when the person was in fact innocent themselves. In each of these instances, Ghost Rider is quick to fix the situation and will readily apologize. He is more concerned with helping people and cares nothing about how he is perceived by others.

Once he has used his Penance Stare on a victimizer, Ghost Rider leaves them alone. Since the person has atoned for their wrongdoing they are free to live their life in any way they feel, though hopefully making better choices. Even someone as infamous and powerful as Galactus meant nothing to him after his punishment. To Ghost Rider, his mission with the planet eater was over and he had to move onto someone else.

Relationships [ ]

Ghost Rider is a solitary person. He appears to have no friends and no known family. His interactions with other people are typically brief and end after whatever guilty person he is hunting is punished.

Ghost Rider and Rick

The closest person that he has ever had a relationship with is fellow cyclist Rick Jones. Ghost Rider was impressed that not only was the young man as determined to find the Hulk as he was, but was just as dedicated to helping people. He was impressed that Rick was pure of heart having only the desire to aid his friend. The two teamed up to hunt the Hulk and find the source of the injustice surrounding him. Once that was over, Ghost Rider left Rick behind as he went to find another mission.

He has teamed up with other superheroes such as Doc Samson, the Fantastic Four, Thor, and Frankie Raye as well as the powerless human Betty Ross. These alliances, however, were merely for the purposes of tackling a greater threat and nothing more.

Background [ ]

Ghost Rider's flaming head

Ghost Rider was voiced by Richard Grieco in both of his speaking appearances. His appearance in X-Men was a cameo appearing in only one brief shot with an animal growl.

Grieco appeared in Fantastic Four along with John Rhys-Davies as Thor. Rhys-Davies also appeared in The Incredible Hulk 's " Mortal Bounds " as one of the many connections between the two series.

Ghost Rider's real name is never revealed in either series. However, his design is based on the Daniel Ketch version who was the Ghost Rider character in the comics at the time having replaced the original Johnny Blaze. Ketch was the first to use the Penance Stare, had spikes on his clothing, and used that motorcycle design.

The first, and currently only, animated version of Daniel Ketch.

Rich Trueblood produced the episode " When Calls Galactus " and directed " Innocent Blood ".

Ghost Rider Transform Sans Helmet

See above for in-episode comparison

It appears that "Innocent Blood" had originally animated Ghost Rider's human form without any helmet, as seen in a brief transformation shot during the credits. Likely, one was added to him due to concerns over various helmet laws in the United States.

Proposed Stories [ ]

" Innocent Blood " was intended as a backdoor pilot for a Ghost Rider spin-off. Obviously, a Ghost Rider series was not picked up.

Ghost Rider was planned to appear in an episode of Spider-Man that never made it passed the initial concept stage. In the proposed episode, Mysterio would have found the Time Dilation Accelerator and used it to rob banks. During his travels he would have encountered Dormammu and the two would have teamed up. Ghost Rider would have appeared and together with Spider-Man would have stopped Mysterio and Dormammu. However, Ghost Rider would be unavailable due to his appearance on an UPN series, as Fox Kids did not want to promote another network in any way, while Mysterio supposedly died in the fifth season episode " The Haunting of Mary Jane Watson ".

In the Comics [ ]

Daniel Ketch is possessed by the cursed spirit of a man named Noble Kale, an ancestor of Ketch.

Ketch is the second Ghost Rider, not counting the unrelated character who would be renamed the Phantom Rider . The first was the stunt driver Johnny Blaze , who did appear in the 2000 Spider-Man video game and in Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. . Blaze sold his soul to the demon Mephisto to save his father figure from cancer. The man was cured of the cancer but killed in a stunt accident. The entity that possessed Blaze was a demon named Zarathos. Later in Blaze's story he was rid of Zarathos, though retaining some of his powers. Zarathos would later return in Danny Ketch's story as a villain.

Ketch, who was revealed to be Blaze's long-lost brother, was attacked by gangsters along with his sister when he found a motorcycle with a sigil and turned into Ghost Rider. When Ketch and Blaze met, they found that their family was cursed to being hosts for Noble Kale.

The Ketch-Ghost Rider often comes into conflict as well as fighting alongside other heroes such as Doctor Strange , Blade , and Spider-Man.

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Which Marvel character can Kratos beat?


1. Can Kratos beat Thor from Marvel?

Yes, Kratos could defeat the standard Thor from the Marvel Universe, but not Odinforce Thor who is far more powerful.

2. Can Kratos beat Hulk from Marvel?

Kratos would have a difficult time defeating Hulk in the Marvel Universe as Hulk’s strength and durability are on a level that Kratos may not be able to match.

3. Can Kratos beat Wolverine from Marvel?

Yes, Kratos could defeat Wolverine in a fight due to his superior strength and combat skills.

4. Can Kratos beat Spiderman from Marvel?

While regular Spider-Man would be no match for Kratos, an alternate version of Spider-Man with the Beyonder power could easily defeat Kratos.

5. Can Kratos beat Thanos from MCU?

Kratos would be able to defeat Thanos from the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to his superior strength, speed, and arsenal of weapons.

6. Can Kratos beat Superman from DC?

No, Kratos would not stand a chance against Superman, as Superman possesses superhuman strength and invulnerability that surpasses anything Kratos has faced.

7. Can Kratos beat Goku from Dragon Ball Z?

No, Kratos would not be able to defeat Goku from Dragon Ball Z due to Goku’s immense power and abilities.

8. Can Kratos beat Wonder Woman from DC?

No, Kratos would not be able to defeat Wonder Woman, as she possesses superhuman strength, speed, and combat skills that would surpass Kratos’ abilities.

9. Can Kratos beat Galactus from Marvel?

No, Kratos would not be able to defeat Galactus, as Galactus is a cosmic entity with immense power and the ability to consume entire planets.

10. Can Kratos beat Juggernaut from Marvel?

No, Kratos would not be able to defeat Juggernaut, as Juggernaut possesses immense strength and invulnerability that would make him nearly unstoppable.

11. Can Kratos beat Ghost Rider from Marvel?

No, Kratos would not be able to defeat Ghost Rider, as Ghost Rider possesses supernatural abilities and the power of the Penance Stare, which would incapacitate Kratos.

12. Can Kratos beat Doom Slayer from Doom?

It would be a close fight, but Kratos would have the advantage due to his superior combat skills and arsenal of weapons.

13. Can Kratos beat Pikachu from Pokemon?

Yes, Kratos would easily defeat Pikachu, as his god-level strength and combat skills would far surpass anything Pikachu can do.

14. Can Kratos beat Madara from Naruto?

Yes, Kratos could defeat Madara from Naruto, as he possesses god-level strength and combat skills that would overpower Madara.

15. Can Kratos beat Hercules from Marvel?

Yes, Kratos has already defeated Hercules in combat and is considered to be physically superior to him.

16. Can Kratos beat Hulk from Marvel?

Yes, Kratos could defeat Hulk in combat, as Hulk’s strength and durability are no match for Kratos’ god-level powers.

17. Can Kratos beat Ghost Rider from Marvel?

No, Kratos would not be able to defeat Ghost Rider, as his supernatural abilities and the power of the Penance Stare would overwhelm Kratos.

18. Can Kratos beat Wolverine from Marvel?

Yes, Kratos could easily defeat Wolverine, as his god-level strength and combat skills surpass anything Wolverine can do.

19. Can Kratos beat Spiderman from Marvel?

Yes, Kratos could defeat Spider-Man, as his god-level strength and combat skills are far superior to Spider-Man’s abilities.

20. Can Kratos beat Captain America from Marvel?

Yes, Kratos would have no trouble defeating Captain America in combat, as his god-level strength and combat skills far surpass Captain America’s abilities.

21. Can Kratos beat Ghost Rider from Marvel?

No, Kratos would not be able to defeat Ghost Rider, as his supernatural abilities and the power of the Penance Stare would overpower Kratos.

22. Can Kratos beat Iron Man from Marvel?

Yes, Kratos could defeat Iron Man in combat, as his god-level strength and combat skills surpass Iron Man’s abilities.

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