Haunted Places in Athens, Texas

haunted places in athens tx

Killough Monument

Bullard, texas.

Killough Monument stands in remembrance of the 1838 Killough Massacre, said to be the largest and last Native American attack in East Texas. Eighteen people were killed here, and it's said that at least some of their spirits have remained behind. Visitors have seen black apparitions and noticed strange feelings ...

Beckham Hotel

Mineola, texas.

This 1880s hotel building is said to be haunted. One ghost, called Elizabeth, wears a long dress and often carries a parasol. Reports say she is most often seen on the stairs on Mondays at about 3 a.m. She is said to have fallen down the stairs to her death. ...

Emhouse School

Corsicana, texas.

This schoolhouse has been abandoned since the late 1950's, but allegedly paranormal activity has been and is still being reported inside the abandoned building. People have seen a flying apparition on the upper level of the building, and spectral lights have been observed on the upper and lower levels of ...

Dresden Cemetery

Barry, texas.

Rumors have it that this cemetery was built on an old Native American burial ground and that behind the back chain link fence you can see the sunken in graves of slaves. I don't know if any of this is true but the paranormal activity that occurs here cannot be ...

Lone Oak Cemetery

Blooming grove, texas.

The Lone Oak Cemetery is a small graveyard that's rumored to be haunted by ghosts who whisper and make odd noises and flicking sounds along the barbed wire.

Clifton Cemetery

Emory, texas.

The story was told to me from my mother .... When she was a child a little girl had passed away around 10 or 11 years old. After her grave was prepared (dug) ground water had seeped into the grave. That night she came to the grave diggers and warned ...

Hampton Inn & Suites - Mesquite

Mesquite, texas.

Guests and employees both have experienced ghosts here. Folks have seen a male apparition wearing black pants and brown shoes, and have spoken to a ghost girl, not realizing she was a ghost. A pervasive feeling of being watched also has been reported.

Rogers Hotel

Waxahachie, texas.

The building that once housed the Rogers Hotel is now reported to be an office building, but it has a haunted history. According to reports, a live-in maintenance man got the fright of his life when a stranger in period clothing knocked at his door while the hotel was still ...

haunted places in athens tx

Catfish Plantation

Seen on many TV shows, Catfish Plantation was a historic house that was turned into a restaurant. The spirits attached to the town must have liked the idea. The friendly haunts here have been reported to flirt with the women, brew up a pot of coffee, or set fry baskets ...

Burleson House

This historic two-story residence was built in 1915, and previously managed by a family-owned honey company. This house is one of the most haunted in Texas, with many apparitions being seen and heard in the old house. Doors open and close by themselves, voices are heard at night, and footsteps ...

haunted places in athens tx

Adolphus Hotel

Dallas, texas.

This 1912 hotel is home to many spirits, according to the local lore. Among them are a sad bride who was said to be jilted in the 1930s and hanged herself--she haunts the 19th floor. Witnesses have seen her apparition, and with it heard her sobbing and the sound of ...

haunted places in athens tx

Hotel Lawrence Dallas

This hotel opened in 1925, and a lot of mysterious happenings occur here. On the 10th floor, witnesses have reported the sound of crying and footsteps in high heels, along with cold spots and strange shadows -- it is said that a woman in the 1940s jumped or fell to ...

Snuffer's Restaurant

The ghost of a hazy figure has been seen in the hallway leading to the restrooms. It is believed to be that of a woman that died during a fight there long ago. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

Le Méridien Dallas - The Stoneleigh

The Bolla Bar inside the 1923 Stoneleigh Hotel is said to be haunted by restless souls who passed away in the hotel, especially during thunderstorms. Witnesses say strange things have happened here for years: Lights flicker, the elevator works on its own, apparitions scare guests and glasses shatter for no ...

Renaissance Dallas Hotel

According to local legend, a man jumped to his death from this hotel's roof, landing on the west side of the building. Witnesses say unexplained sounds come from the rooms and that the area of the roof is haunted.

haunted places in athens tx

1895 Tarlton House

Hillsboro, texas.

At this bed-and-breakfast inn, as the name implies built in 1895, builder Mr. Tarlton himself is said to wander in spirit. Rumor has it that he hanged himself on floor 3 after his second wife died. Witnesses have heard his footsteps and felt cool gusts of wind on their faces. ...

Princeton Cemetery

Princeton, texas.

I have personally have been down to my local cemetery and experienced so pretty heart pounding stuff. I have played Ouija there, email me for info about that. But I have heard voices and footsteps and on one occasion, I saw kind of like a face or something out of ...

Park Lane Apartments

Arlington, texas.

People report seeing figures in their apartments when there is no one around. Strange noises are heard, such as the sound of babies crying, and the faucets turn on and off by themselves. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

Antioch Rest Cemetery

Grandview, texas.

Antioch Rest Cemetery in Grandview Texas has a long history of paranormal activity. People have reported that they have had rocks thrown at their cars when parked across the road or even when driving by with nobody around. We experienced this for ourselves, and while we weren't able to ...

Six Flags Over Texas

The ghost of a woman named Annie is said to haunt the Texas section of the park; she is commonly seen and sometimes photographed in the Old Time Parlour and has also been reported by Texas Giant and Runaway Mountain. She is thought to have died nearby in the 1900's. (Submitted ...

haunted places in athens tx

Turner Auditorium

Nacogdoches, texas.

A ghost named Chester haunts the theater building, who is rumored to have been an architect of the building, but passed away before its completion. Legend has it that the building was erected backward and he killed himself in disgrace. His ghost has manifested as a face on a stage ...

Stephen F. Austin State University - Griffith Hall

On the third floor, rumor has it that a female student once jumped out the window after playing with a Ouija board. Her ghost causes the lights in the shower room to flicker at the same time every night, at the exact time she died. Her apparition has been seen ...

Stephen F. Austin State University - Mays Hall 11

According to some reports, the building was once a hospital with a morgue in the basement. Other reports say the city hospital did not actually have a morgue in the basement. A 1940s-era ruined bomb shelter is said to be one one end. An eerie, negative feeling is said to ...

haunted places in athens tx

Sterne-Hoya House

An former housekeeper reported that she felt a happy presence in the house, and described a gentle pressure upon her body while in the attic. She encountered a negative feeling in the cellar.

Slaton Cemetery

Daingerfield, texas.

Slaton Cemetery has earned itself the nickname "Blue Light Cemetery" because of its ghostly blue light that is said to float around here. Cold spots and bushes that move without a breeze also have been reported, as has a mysterious tractor beam that dragged in a driver's car while something ...

Bethel Cemetery

Coppell, texas.

Bethel Cemetery, founded in 1853, reportedly contains a haunted grave marked with strange symbols. Legend has it that photographs of this grave, belonging to Oda Kirby ("Lived and Died Sept 17, 1909"), will all turn out overexposed.

River Legacy Park

At River Legacy Park are several places rumored to be haunted. One of them is Hell's Gate, along a shady trail through swampland. Local legend has it that it was along this trail that captured Union spies were marched on their way to be hanged. Here, phantom sobs and prayers ...

The Woodbine Hotel and Restaurant

Madisonville, texas.

Dating back to 1904, the historic hotel and restaurant is believed to be haunted. Perhaps eight or nine hauntings are attached to the old building, but only prominent one is that of a female spirit known as 'Clara' (the spelling varies depending on the source). Room #007 is rumoured ...

Armstrong Browning Library

Waco, texas.

Famed writer Elizabeth Barrett Browning's ghost is said to walk here at night, carrying a candle and wearing a white gown. She has also been seen looking out an upstairs window. There is a statue of Browning in front of the library, and although its arms are at its sides, ...

Belaire Theatre - Artisan Center Theatre

Hurst, texas.

Artisan Center Theatre, formerly the Belaire Theatre, is rumored to be home to a former projectionist who had a heart attack and died while on the job. Witnesses say there are also a ghost girl, with whom folks have interacted, and the spirit of a man named Neil, who's not ...

haunted places in athens tx

Haunted Hill School

Grapevine, texas.

This building built in the year of 1960 and was Hill School of Grapevine (ceased operations in 2013) is a very haunted building. When the building first got remodeled, and Kathy Edwards (Head of school) was looking for a building. The outside was remodeled. The inside was empty, completely. There ...

Cameron Park - Jacob's Ladder

An old staircase called "Jacob's Ladder" is found near the south end of Cameron Park, near Redwood Shelter. It is 88 steps from start to finish, and can be daunting on a summer day. But locals swear that if a couple tackles the infamous staircase at night, the ...

I have heard a lot of ghost radio replies here. It is believed (by me) That there are two ghosts. The husband and wife. Friendly because one of them clearly said "Hi." Some people get slightly freaked out when they are there. (Submitted by R. Hubbs)

Lindsey Hollow Road

Local legend has it that two brothers haunt this area. Vigilantes hanged them from a tree here in the 1880s. Witnesses have seen their apparitions hanging from the tree, have heard screams and have described a feeling of being paralyzed.

Cameron Park - Lover's Leap

There are countless "Lover's Leaps" - it seems that whenever there is a tall cliff somewhere in the world, someone has spun a story about two star-crossed lovers who decided to end their lives there, because society wouldn't let them be together in peace. Well, here's another one - ...

Cameron Park - Witch's Castle

Cameron Park is a busy place for the paranormal - check out nearby "Lover's Leap" and "Jacob's Ladder" for examples. But by far the most well-known story is that of the Witch's Castle, which is the popular name for a set of ruins found deep within the park. ...

Wayside Avenue

Fort worth, texas.

This neighborhood built is the 1930s has a street that is said to be haunted. A white shadow of a sad little boy that shows up in lawns and rooms. No one knows where he come from, but he has been seen by many of the residents there. (Submitted ...

Rainbow Lake

Woodway, texas.

Local legends surrounding this area include witchcraft and peeping Toms. Folks have seen figures and heard screams, and a ghostly man is said to roam in the deep woods. This is a private area; no trespassing is allowed.

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse is housed inside a building that was originally constructed as an upper-class bathhouse in 1890, and its ghost has been traced back to the bathhouse. Historians speculate that the victim may have won some coin at a nearby gambling spot. As a result, he was ...

David Dalton Salon

Formerly a bookstore, the now salon and café is still believed to be haunted, A shadowy apparition has been seen on the stairs. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

haunted places in athens tx

Whistle Stop Cafe

Van alstyne, texas.

Staff and diners at this café have reported ghostly voices, chairs moving around of their own accord and a clock that routinely falls off the wall for no apparent reason. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

haunted places in athens tx

The Texas White House

At this 1910 building, now a bed-and-breakfast inn, a ghost is said to visit the Lone Star Room. The apparition of a man has been seen here, and his presence has been felt moving around in the room by some guests.

Thistle Hill

Thistle Hill was originally built in 1903-1904 for Electra Waggoner Wharton, daughter of wealthy rancher and oilman William "Tom" Waggoner and his wife Ella. The historic home is now available for touring and private events. Witnesses say that the 1970s renovations may have awakened some spirits, as two apparitions began ...

Arthouse Apartment Living

Keller, texas.

There are apparently numerous reports of paranormal activity amongst the residents of this apartment complex. Some hear disembodied footsteps climbing stairways. Others swear that power outages and elevator malfunctions have otherwordly causes. Despite it all, we're told by at least one resident, it's still a great place ...

Diboll House

Diboll, texas.

This small residential property is believed to be haunted. It was apparently a former sector of a nursing home, before conversion to a one story house. Former resident reported being attacked by an aggressive entity, and of seeing a shadowy apparition running through the hallways at night. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

Green Olive Interiors

The interior design building is housed in the oldest building in the city, and it believed to be haunted by several apparitions. The apparition of a white figure has been staring out of an upstairs window, and an orange ball of light has chased staff and passer-by's. People have reported ...

The Bull Ring

A former gambling parlour in 1910, the Bull Ring is located in the historic district of the Fort Worth Stockyards. The building is believed to be haunted by several apparitions and ghostly voices are heard. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

Stockyards Hotel

Ghost tours of the area are available, and they begin in this hotel and visit several other nearby buildings. Room 218 of the hotel is believed to be haunted.

haunted places in athens tx

Miss Molly's Hotel

In the historic Stockyards of Fort Worth Miss Molly's is allegedly haunted by ghosts from its former bordello days including the ghost of a cowboy that is mostly seen in the aptly named Cowboy Room.

Goatman's Bridge - Old Alton Bridge

Argyle, texas.

The Old Alton Bridge, aka the Goatman's Bridge, is rumored to be a site where satanic practices have occurred, and as a result, a half-goat, half-man creature was conjured up. According to the legend, those who parked on the bridge and honked three times would call up the Goatman. Reports ...

haunted places in athens tx

» Cemeteries near Athens, TX » Find museums in Athens, TX

  • Hallowed Grounds Haunted Park

Duis autem vel eum iriure dolor in hendrerit

  • Things To Do

Hallowed Grounds Haunted Park

  • Address: 2705 Highway 31 West, Athens, TX 75752
  • Category: Entertainment

(903) 477-0603

Hallowed Grounds Haunt Park featuring 3 all new haunt attractions.

  • Grimrot's Festival, a haunted house that shows you the truth behind the famous Monkey Road in Athens TX.
  • A horror icon museum where you can take a picture with your favorite villain.
  • Take a walk through the halls of Hall Asylum where your phobias are larger than life and you can't escape.

Open Friday and Saturdays from 7-midnight during the month of October. 

Admission $15 per person. Discounts are available for seniors, children under 5, educators, military, first responders, and health workers. Must show proof to receive discount. 

haunted places in athens tx

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Spooky Haunted Houses to visit in East Texas

This list of spooky haunted houses in East Texas will have your weekends planned for the month of October.

Haunted Houses to visit in East Texas

No matter if you are looking for something that makes you scream or a low-key family-friendly haunt, then this list of haunted attractions has you covered.

When to Visit East Texas Haunted Houses

October is the peak season for most haunted houses in East Texas. Although, some open in mid-September.

Be sure to check each haunted house in advance for exact dates, hours, and detailed information.

Haunted Houses in East Texas

Haunted Houses to visit in East Texas

Corpse Grove Haunted Trail – 1/2 Mile of Terror!

Where: 15972 State Highway 64 East, Tyler, TX 75707

When: Oct 1- 31

Cost: General admission starts at $10

Details: Come play with the Lady in White, as she haunted her playground.

The Wicked Playground is over 1/2 mile long with unique scenes that will fright those who take the trail.

On Saturday, you can purchase a VIP ticket to a ghost hunt. Ticket holders will be guided by professional ghost hunters to help search for paranormal activity.

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Doc Wilkes House of Horrors

Where: 1228 Market St. Longview, TX 75604

When: Friday & Saturdays in October

Cost: General admissions start at $20

Details: This is one of the best-haunted houses in the area. It’s East Texas’s oldest and longest-running haunted attraction.

Doc Wilkes House of Horrors has two attractions, Doc Wilkes house, and Milroy’s Maze.

Haunted Houses to visit in East Texas

ETX Zombie Hunt

Where: 22011 Southwest Fwy, Richmond, TX 77469

When: Weekends in October

Details: The hunt is a timed ride on a tractor-pulled trailer that is armed with paintball markers.

This interactive game takes players through a city where the zombie is hiding. The goal is to eliminate as many zombies as possible!

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Graystone Haunted Manor

Where: 13481 968 W. Longview, Texas 75602

When: Sept. 30 – Oct. 29

Cost: Starting at $25

Details: There are five attractions at GHM including The Manor, Oak Raven Cemetery, Labyrinth of Time, the Karnival of Karnage, and Spooky Woods.

Visitors can dine at the Boneyard Bistro, watch horror movies at the outdoor theater, or browse the gift shop.

For $5 you can visit the museum that is filled with rare oddities and fortune tellers.

Gleaux Car Wash – Tyler

Where: 6313 S Broadway Ave, Tyler, TX 75703

When: Friday nights in October

Cost: $30 per car

Details: Enjoy this “Fright Night” drive-thru car wash every Friday and Saturday night through Halloween.

Not only do you get your car squeaky clean, but a few frights from monsters and zombies along the way.

Tune to 107.7 FM during the car wash to make it a little more spooky.

Haunted Houses to visit in East Texas

Hallowed Grounds Haunted Park

Where: 2750 W. Corsicana St. Athens, TX 75751

Details: This event features craft vendors, food trucks, two haunted houses, a museum of horror icons, and free parking.

Admission includes Grimrot’s Festival haunted walk-through, The House of Wax, and The Hall Asylum haunted walk-through. This is a haunted experience you don’t want to miss.

Halloween Express

Where: 400 E Austin St, Jefferson, TX 75657

When: Every Saturday in October

Details: Hop on board the Historic Jefferson Railway for a spooky family-friendly event. Offering both day and evening trains in October.

This 40-minute trip will take a guest along the railroad tracks through The Twisted Woods with an animated storyteller that will keep riders engaged with its ghost stories.

You may see a ghostly spirit or monster emerge from the swamplands of East Texas. But don’t worry, you might get startled, but this is not a scary train ride.

It’s a fun activity to do with the family this Halloween season.

Nacogdoches Haunted Trail Ride

Where: 170 Feeder Access Rd. Nacogdoches, TX 75964

When: Last 2 weekends in October

Details: Hop on board this Hay Ride of spooky scenes of terror! The hay ride takes guests through the fields ad woods with haunted scenes along the way.

Thrillvania Haunted House Park

Where: 2330 Co Rd 138, Terrell, TX 75161

When: Oct. 8 – Oct. 31

Details: Be prepared for a thrilling night of haunts. Located on 50 haunted acres, with 3 haunted houses.

World of Khaos

Where: 816 East Oakwood Street Tyler, TX 75702

When: Thursday – Sundays in October

Details: This is what nightmares are made of! Admission includes entrance to both haunted houses…if you can handle how frightening they are.

If you are looking for the fright of your life, then is a must-do this Halloween season.

Yesterland Spooktacular Nights

Where: 15410 Interstate 20 Canton, TX 75103

When: Sept. 17 – Nov. 6

Cost: Starting at $22

Details: When the sun goes down, this park gets spooky. Admission includes nightly fireworks, amazement park, vertigo vortex, jack-o-lanterns maze, zombie paintball, funhouse, and a creepy corn maze.

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Haunted Houses to visit in East Texas

Halloween is the time to explore a real haunted house, read about paranormal reports, listen to ghost stories, and find the best-haunted experience around.

If you are looking to hear strange noises, tour a historic jailhouse, participate in costume contests, and get scared by unexplained light, then you need to visit these haunted houses near you.

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Is the Haunted Monkey Bridge in Athens, Texas Based on a True Story?

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The bridge itself may no longer be standing, but there are plenty of creepy stories floating around in Athens, Texas about a landmark that has a strange history behind it.

haunted places in athens tx

Over the last several decades, stories of devil worshippers in underground tunnels and ritual sacrifice have sprung up to go along with the tales of screaming monkey ghosts terrorizing anyone who visits the area at night.

According to one legend, in the 1960s, the bridge that became known as Monkey Bridge was the location of a circus train derailment. After the accident, the performing monkeys riding in a boxcar escaped, killing their human captors before disappearing into the night, per the athensreview.com .

Separating Fact From Fiction at Monkey Bridge

After many years of passing down the various stories of how Monkey Bridge came to be, wild tales about monkey ghosts and tunnels under the town for satanic worship became part of the legend, according to WFAA . Rumor has it that five tunnels throughout the town connect, making the shape of a pentagram.

Let's look at the facts. While I couldn't find any news stories about a circus train derailment in the area, there is a Fuller Park in Athens, which is the final resting place of property owners Reverend Medford Lee Fuller and his wife, Virginia . Fuller built the park in 1938 after his wife died, and he's still there, buried beside his wife.

The Athens, Texas Tunnels

What about the tunnels? The Tyler Morning Telegraph reports that when geologists did multiple soil surveys, they came to the conclusion that the land simply couldn't support a system of multiple tunnels, due to the composition of the ground itself. The water table is too high for a massive network of underground passageways, according to the Athens Daily Review .

However, the creepy stories of Monkey Road and the legend of mysterious tunnels persist . Described as one of the ‘spookiest places in Athens’, it would be the perfect place for a Halloween road trip to do some ghost hunting - especially if you're an animal lover.

Did You Know Texas Is One of the Top 10 Haunted States in the Nation?

10 myths about texas that even some natives believe, more from kusj-fm.

Proposed Monkey Testing Facility Is Causing Issues For Texas Residents

Hallowed Grounds Haunt Park

Photo of Hallowed Grounds Haunt Park - Athens, TX, US. Nun

Location & Hours

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2705 W Corsicana St

Athens, TX 75751

Amenities and More

About the business.

What’s included: haunted walk-through of Hatchersvillle with the hillbilly cannibals, visit the clown rejects, and a museum with all of your favorite horror icons. Outdoor event Valid dates: All Fridays and Saturdays in October from 7 p.m. until midnight Hallowed Grounds Haunt Park Everyone knows that October is the best time for spooky stuff. This Halloween season, Hallowed Grounds Haunt Park has prepared three main attractions for the visitors. …

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Haunted Houses Near Me

Other Haunted Houses Nearby

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Do You Know the Haunted Tales of Monkeys and Tunnels in Texas?

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East Texas is full of history. Some good, some bad and some history that will make your skin crawl. To the locals of a particular area, those stories could be second hand knowledge. To others, those stories are unknown. For instance, I had never heard of the tale of the haunted Monkey Bridge and Fuller Park in Athens, Texas and the supposed tunnels underneath the city.

haunted places in athens tx

Haunted Monkey Bridge and Fuller Park

I just happened to stumble across this searching "Athens Texas" on YouTube. It was titled, "Haunted Monkey Bridge and Fuller Park. Athens TX." Okay, cool. It was a seemly innocuous tour of the woods in Athens that started at the corner of Wilson and West College Street. The gentleman in the video talked a little about the story of the area.

From there, I went down the rabbit hole.

I had never heard this story before. First thing I came across was the story of Monkey Bridge, or Thunder Bridge. In the 1960's, a circus was coming through town on the railroad and the train derailed around the bridge. Supposedly, the monkeys that survived escaped and killed their handlers. Stories say that people can hear the handlers screaming and the howls of the monkeys at night along West College Street.

The story continues that Medford Fuller captured the surviving monkeys and held them in cages at Fuller Park. It is said that he performed rituals and did unspeakable things to those monkeys. You can still see these cages in the abandoned park along with the grave stones of Medford Fuller, and his wife, Virginia, in Fuller park.

Tunnels Underneath Athens

It is also told that Fuller park is home to one of five entrances to a labyrinth of tunnels that form a pentagram underneath Athens. The story of these tunnels goes from they lead to a coffin at the center to they were part of the Underground Railroad to the tunnels were used during prohibition to there is no way tunnels could exist underneath Athens because the ground wouldn't be able to support it. The beauty of an urban legend, it's hard to distinguish the truth from the myth.

Sometimes it's fun to go down a rabbit hole of unexplained phenomena and weird stories in East Texas that most may not even know about.

Source: Athens Review Source: Tyler Morning Telegraph Source: The Daytripper Source: Black of Day

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haunted places in athens tx


haunted places in athens tx

Haunted Houses, Spook Walks & Other Halloween Attractions in Athens

haunted places in athens tx

Forest of Fear Drive

Located in Cleveland 832-401-8152-->

Located on 10 acres in San Jacinto County, our 1/3 mile drive is shrouded by towering trees and the dark night sky. Forest of Fear Drive is the most frightening haunted drive through in East Texas! The drive through experience incorporates real actors and animatronics, along with scenes set on both Read More

haunted places in athens tx

Dark Hour Haunted House

Located in Plano 469-298-0556-->

There are Backstage Tours available for this season, but the haunted house will not be open normally for the Halloween 2020 Season. Make your way to the manor through the cemetery where the undead wait around every turn. The witches anticipate your arrival, but do not expect your survival. Read More

haunted places in athens tx

Screams Halloween Theme Park

Located in Waxahachie (972) 938-3247-->

Screams® Halloween Theme Park is the ultimate Halloween experience in the D/FW Metroplex with 5 Haunted Houses & a whole lot more! Each of the haunted houses has a unique theme - they are sure to find what makes you Scream!! And there's so much more - the Cool Ghoul Boolevard and Rottingwood Read More

haunted places in athens tx

Visit Website

haunted places in athens tx

Categories: Haunted Houses | Escape Games

haunted places in athens tx

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haunted places in athens tx

Categories: Paranormal Events | Ghost Tours | Pub Crawls

haunted places in athens tx

Categories: Drive-Through | Haunted Houses | Haunted Trails

haunted places in athens tx

Categories: Haunted Houses | Halloween Festivals & Parades | Ghost Tours | Escape Games | Other Events

haunted places in athens tx

Categories: Haunted Trails | Halloween Parties & Nightlife

haunted places in athens tx

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haunted places in athens tx

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Hunting for scares and screams in a Texas Halloween Haunted House near Athens? We've got you covered.

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Thrillvania Haunted House Park

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The 17 Most Haunted Places in Texas

Deep in the heart of the Lone Star State, where everything is bigger and bolder, ghost stories are no exception!

Texas, affectionately known as the “Big T,” is teeming with spine-chilling tales and eerie locales that will leave you quaking in your cowboy boots.

So, saddle up and join us as we explore the 17 most haunted places in Texas – where the paranormal activity is as big as the state itself! With the vastness of Texas and the sheer volume of hair-raising haunts, we’ve decided to wrangle these spooky spots by region.

Simply mosey on over to the buttons below to navigate through the different areas of Texas, and prepare to be spooked. Because when it comes to the most haunted places in Texas, we ain’t foolin’ around, partner!

Haunted Places in East Texas

1. historic bowers mansion, palestine.

The Haunted Historic Bowers Mansion, Palestine TX

The Historic Bowers Mansion in Palestine , Texas, is a 140-year-old Victorian masterpiece, standing proudly as a Texas Historic Landmark. Just a stone’s throw away from downtown Palestine, this beautiful mansion harbors a dark past, shrouded in death, murder, and suicide.

In the 1950s, tragedy struck when the then-owner, Mr. Bowers, murdered his wife Mary. As police approached the home, Mr. Bowers took his own life. Locals believe that the spirits of the tormented couple, along with others who met their untimely end at the mansion, still haunt the premises.

Until recently, no paranormal group had been granted access to investigate this infamous location.

Now, Haunted Rooms America offers you the chance to uncover the secrets lurking within the Bowers Mansion. You’ll delve into the history, learn about the ghosts that haunt the site, and explore this immense, haunted location.

2. Jefferson Hotel

124 w austin st, jefferson, tx 75657.

The Haunted Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson TX

The entire town of Jefferson seems to be rife with paranormal activity, but one of the particular hotspots here is The Jefferson Hotel. It is not only one of the most haunted hotels in Texas , but it is also thought to be one of the most haunted hotels in America .

Ghosts here have a bit of a mean, or maybe just mischievous streak, as they are known to throw things at the guests and even lock them in their rooms! However, that is only the beginning!

Other reports of paranormal activity include knocking on the walls in the middle of the night, footsteps running down the hall, children laughing, disembodied voices, and strange shadows. Considering people regard Jefferson as the most haunted town in Texas, the Jefferson Hotel is certainly worth a visit.

Learn more about the haunted Jefferson Hotel, Jefferson Texas

3. The Grove

405 moseley st, jefferson, tx 75657.

The Haunted Grove in Jefferson TX

Originally built in 1861 as a private residence for Frank and Minerva Stilley, The Grove stands to this day pretty much as it did back then. Over the years it has gained quite a reputation, with many people regarding it as one of the most haunted houses in the Lone Star State.

It’s reportedly haunted by many spirits including a glowing white figure, believed to be the ghosts of the former owner Minerva Stilley. The Victims of the infamous Reconstrucion-era murders are said to haunt here too. In addition there have been many reports dating back over 100 years of paranormal activity in the house.

Learn more about the haunted Grove, Jefferson Texas

4. Bragg Road

Bragg Road Saratoga TX

Bragg Road, in Saratoga – perhaps the most well known of haunted roads in Texas. If you ask pretty much anyone in East Texas they will tell you the legend associated with Bragg Road.

The reports say that most nights you can see a flickering light in the distance as you drive down the old logging road. Known by locals as the Ghost Road Light (aka Big Thicket Light, Saratoga Light, and Bragg Road Light).

It is said that this is actually light coming from the lantern of a railroad worker who is still searching for his head after being decapitated by a train!

Other East Texas haunted places:

  • Most haunted places in Tyler, TX

Haunted Places in Central Texas

5. the magnolia hotel, 203 s crockett st, seguin, tx 78748.

The Haunted Magnolia Hotel in Seguin TX

Built in 1840, the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin is believed to be one of the most haunted hotels in Texas. Haunted by at least 13 spirits, the hotel is home to a wide array of paranormal occurrences. After restoration in 2013, activity apparently exploded, with common experiences such as doors slamming shut by unseen hands, unexplained shapes and figures appearing in photos, furniture moving on its own, disembodied voices, phantom footsteps, and more.

The hotel is constantly in demand by paranormal experts and ghost hunters nationwide. Having been featured on TV shows such as Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, Discovery Channel’s When Ghosts Attack, and Destination America’s Ghost Brother’s, it’s reputation as one of the most haunted locations in America continues to grow.

6. Littlefield House

302 w 24th st, austin, tx 78712.

The Haunted Littlefield House

The Littlefield Home looks like a beautiful fairy castle, but don’t let that fool you, it is reportedly one of the most haunted houses in Texas .

It is said to be haunted by Alice Littlefield, the former mistress of the house. It is said that she was insane and that she rarely left the house while she was alive, so it makes perfect sense that she has stuck around after her death.

She is often seen wandering around upstairs and people have also heard her playing the piano.

7. The Driskill

604 brazos st, austin, tx 78701.

The Haunted Driskill, Austin TX

Built in 1886 by Colonel Jesse Driskill, the now historic downtown Austin landmark is apparently home to its former owner. His presence making itself known to staff and guests by the unexplainable cigar smell coming from empty rooms.

As well as Driskill himself haunting the hotel, it is also home to the spirits of two brides who reportedly committed suicide in room 525, twenty years apart. Their presence is often felt in the room with an unneasy feeling and guests becoming overcome with sadness.

The apparition of a small girl holding flowers has also been seen throughout the hotel, mainly on the stairs but also in many other common areas.

Learn more about the haunted Driskill Hotel

See more haunted places in Austin

Haunted places in NORTH TEXAS

8. baker hotel, 200 e hubbard st, mineral wells, tx 76067.

The Haunted Baker Hotel & Spa, Mineral Wells TX

The Baker Hotel is currently closed (undergoing renovation), but the hauntings began long before the doors closed.

There are two main spirits that are blamed for the paranormal activity that is reported here and both have been spotted on a number of occasions.

The first is the ghost of a bloody nude woman up on the seventh floor who many people have suggested could be the mistress of the one-time manager of the hotel who is said to have jumped to her death from the balcony when she was no longer able to cope with the emotional turmoil that the affair caused.

The other spirit is apparently the ghost of a man who was killed when he was caught in the elevator door.

Read more about the haunted Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells TX

9. Haunted Hill House

501 ne 1st st, mineral wells, tx 76067.

Haunted Hill House, Mineral Wells TX

If you’re looking for evidence of the paranormal, then the sheer number and variety of the reports emanating from this house will leave you astounded. EVP’s are commonplace, the dark figure of a man known as the shadow man is also another common sighting.

The most unsettling of all the happenings here, however, is the sheer number of physical attacks people have reported – from being scratched and pushed, to even being bitten!

Simply put, this is one of the most haunted houses in Texas! If you want to experience a truly haunted location then this is it!

Many people have been so freaked out by the paranormal activity here, they’ve run out of the building never to return!

10. Old White Sanitarium

508 olen st, wichita falls, tx 76301.

White Sanitarium Wichita Falls

If you are a fan of the paranormal, then you already know that there are few things that are scarier than a creepy old abandoned asylum!

The White Sanitarium in Wichita Falls, Texas is certainly no exception to that rule. It has long been rumored that some very strange experiments conducted inside the asylum which could be the reason why it has become so haunted.

People who have visited the property say that they have heard screaming children, seen lights go on and off and even seen some ghosts sitting playing cards!

Apparently, the building has been purchased by a private individual who now lives there – what a brave soul! When it comes to real haunted houses in Texas, there’s surely none that can say they were once a haunted asylum too!

11. White Rock Lake, Dallas

white rock lake ghost hunt

White Rock Lake in Dallas has a chilling history that whispers of ghostly encounters, particularly with the infamous Lady of the Lake.

This local legend has endured for generations, with many claiming to have seen her and even offered her a fateful ride. The lake’s dark past includes numerous murders and body dumps, with two suicides in 1935 and 1942 potentially linked to the mysterious lady’s identity.

The first sightings of the Lady of White Rock Lake date back to the 1930s, predominantly reported by local high school students.

Anne Clark, a local writer, published an account in 1943 of a young couple encountering the lady before she disappeared during their attempt to drive her home. Over the decades, similar stories have emerged, keeping this eerie legend alive.

See also: Haunted Hotels in Dallas Forth Worth

Though the authenticity of these tales is often debated, some reliable and trustworthy individuals have shared their personal experiences.

The Lady of White Rock Lake remains a spectral figure of Dallas’s past, refusing to fade away. Ghost hunts and events are available those brave enough to venture around the lake at night.

Haunted Places in West Texas

12. de soto hotel, 309 e mills ave, el paso, tx 79901.

The Haunted De Soto Hotel, El Paso

With a history dating back more than a hundred years, the De Soto has welcomed thousands of guests and staff over the years. Some of whom have chosen to stay behind after death.

Some of the reports eminating from this inconspicuous old building are rather terrifying. Common occurences include but aren’t limited to people being bitten, scratched, and touched in various rooms and areas around the hotel.

Paranormal investigators have captured many pieces of evidence on past investigations, documenting scratches and bite marks! Investigations have also thrown up a number of clear EVP’s, with what sounded like a demon answering questions on one particular investigation.

PLEASE NOTE: On Feb 4 2022, a devastating fire burned the building to the ground. It’s hopeful the building will be restored to once again welcome ghost hunters through its doors.

Learn more about the hauntings of the De Soto Hotel.

See more haunted places in El Paso

13. Olde Park Hotel

107 s 6th st, ballinger, tx 76821.

The Haunted Olde Park Hotel, Ballinger

Built back in 1886 as a Cowboy lodgings, the Olde Park Hotel has had a number of uses in its history including as a schoolhouse, courthouse, brothel and bordello.

The activity and the experiences at this historic building are both vast and wide-ranging. Visitors to the Antique Store, have had conversations with women in “costume” who they thought worked there only for them to disappear! It’s believed they were the spirits of the working women from the time it was a whorehouse.

Read more about the ghosts of the Olde Park Hotel

Haunted Places in South Texas

14. presidio la bahia, 217 us-183, goliad, tx 77963.

The Haunted Presidio La Bahia, Goliad TX

The first stop on our tour of Texas ghost stories, leads us to Presidio La Bahia, in Goliad. Presidio La Bahia was founded back in 1721 and over the years there have been many Texas Revolution conflicts that have taken place at the fort including both the Battle of Goliad and the Goliad Massacre.

As you can probably imagine Presidio La Bahia has seen a great deal of death, so it is hardly a great surprise that it is regarded as having several ghosts. There is an abundance of spirits trapped here, some of them scared and hurt, but most of them angry!

There have been frequent reports that the cries and screams of injured soldiers can be heard coming from the fort at night and there have been reports of witnesses seeing the apparitions of soldiers as well.

Learn more about the haunted Presidio La Bahia, Goliad TX

15. Hotel Galvez

2024 seawall blvd, galveston, tx 77550.

The Haunted Hotel Galvez, Galveston TX

The Hotel Galvez is one of the oldest hotels on Galveston Island and it is also one of the most haunted locations in Texas.

Room 505, in particular, is said to be haunted and many guests cannot make it through the night due to feeling so uneasy in the room.

There is often an unexplained scent of Gardenias in the hotel which is said to signal the ghost’s presence. The spirit is known as ‘The Lovelorn Lady’ and she has been seen wandering the halls on the fifth floor of the hotel.

She died in the hotel after hanging herself when her husband died at sea.

Learn more about the haunted Hotel Galvez, Galveston TX

See more haunted places in Galveston

16. Yorktown Memorial Hospital

728 w main st, yorktown, tx 78164.

Haunted Yorktown Hospital, Yorktown TX

The hospital was built in the forties and remained open until 1988, but even before it closed its doors the staff, patients and visitors were reporting paranormal activity in the building, so imagine what it must be like now that it is abandoned!

One of the most well-known ghosts in residence is a man named TJ who died of a heroin overdose. He was dumped on the front step by his friends, but as they failed to ring the bell nobody discovered him until the next morning by which time he was already dead.

He is said to haunt the hospital but seems to be in good spirits as he tends to joke around with any of the ladies who enter the old hospital. He is particularly fond of pinching them on the butt!

It has also been claimed that if anyone with tattoos or body piercings enters the chapel then the spirits of the nuns who built and operated the hospital will choke or hit them for defiling their bodies.

The on-site caretaker has also described seeing black ‘shapes’ the size of a large dog, and a large man with glowing red eyes! These are just a small number of the many reports that have come from this extremely haunted building!

Learn more on the ghosts at the haunted Yorktown Hospital

17. Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio

Emily Morgan Hotel

Particularly active floors include the 3rd, 7th, 9th, 11th, and 12th, where guests have witnessed strange occurrences such as wine bottles sliding off tables, toilet seats banging, and dark figures gliding through rooms. Elevators at the hotel also seem to have a mind of their own, repeatedly visiting floors without any apparent reason.

Built in 1924 in a Gothic style, the Emily Morgan Hotel was originally a medical center, complete with terra cotta gargoyles depicting various ailments. In 1976, the building was converted into an office space before being renovated in 1984 to become the hotel it is today.

The hotel’s name pays homage to Emily D. West, a servant woman known as Emily Morgan, who played a significant role in the Battle of San Jacinto during the Texas War for Independence. Legend has it that Emily delayed Mexican General Santa Anna long enough for the Texas army to storm the camp and secure victory.

Other Texas haunted locations worth mentioning:

  • Old Williamson County Jail, Georgetown


Old lavaca Jail

Haunted Old Lavaca County Jail Ghost Hunt, Hallettsville TX

Anson opera house seating

Anson Opera House Overnight Ghost Hunt & Optional Sleepover, Anson, TX

Kell house museum Ghost Hunt

Kell House Museum Ghost Hunt, Wichita Falls TX

lady of white rock lake

The Original White Rock Lake Ghost Hunt, Dallas, TX

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The 12 Most Haunted Places in Texas

Texas does everything bigger and the most haunted places in Texas is no different. These places will frighten even the most avid ghost hunter.

haunted places in athens tx

In the heart of the Lone Star State, where everything is bigger, the ghost stories and paranormal lore are no exception. Texas is brimming with spine-chilling tales and eerie locales that will leave you trembling in your cowboy boots. Venture with us on a journey through the most haunted places in Texas where paranormal activity looms large!

Go on a spooky scavenger hunt !

Unleash your inner ghostbuster on an exciting ghost tour scavenger hunt ! Uncover the hidden secrets of Austin as you venture into haunted places and delve into its paranormal past. Similar to our regular city scavenger hunts, the ghost hunt takes you on a thrilling journey to important landmarks where you’ll answer questions and take on spooky challenges. Beware, these ghost walks come with a sinister twist! During camera challenges, you may catch a glimpse of an unexpected extra teammate!

Texas is one of the best destinations for all things haunted. With its long and diverse history, rich cultural traditions, and stunning landscapes, Texas has earned a reputation as one of the most haunted states in America. The echoes of the past reverberate throughout Texas with its military history alone accounting for thousands of deaths and potential hauntings. From the lingering spirits of Confederate soldiers from the American Civil War to the restless souls of The Alamo’s 13-day siege, the state is steeped in tales of tragedy and paranormal activity.

1. Historic Bowers Mansion

The Historic Bowers Mansion in Palestine, Texas, is a magnificent 140-year-old Victorian masterpiece that proudly stands as a Texas Historic Landmark. Nestled just a short distance from downtown Palestine, this stunning mansion is also tinged with a darker side, intertwined with tales of death, murder, and tragedy.

In the 1950s, a profound tragedy struck when the then-owner, Mr. Bowers, committed a heinous act by taking the life of his wife, Mary. As law enforcement approached the mansion, Mr. Bowers tragically took his own life, leaving behind a haunting legacy. Locals have long believed that the spirits of the tormented couple, along with others who met their untimely end at the mansion, continue to linger, shaping its eerie haunted house reputation.

2. The Alamo

The legendary Alamo is a Texas landmark that not only holds historical significance but is also steeped in tales of the paranormal. Nestled in San Antonio, The Alamo’s haunting reputation has drawn countless ghost tours and intrigued ghost hunters for years. Visitors and personnel have reported spine-chilling encounters with the spirits of fallen soldiers. Apparitions of brave Texan and Mexican soldiers are said to roam the limestone walls, forever bound to this site of their ultimate sacrifice. Eerie echoes of battle cries can still be heard reverberating through the air, a haunting reminder of the fierce 13-day siege that transpired here in 1836.

One of the most compelling specters is that of a young boy, whose identity remains a mystery. An uncanny apparition of none other than the iconic John Wayne himself has been purportedly seen here. A legendary actor, connected to The Alamo’s history via his portrayal of Davy Crockett, reportedly wanders the walls today.

The haunting atmosphere is further intensified by the lingering aura of the thousands of bodies left unceremoniously buried on the grounds after the siege. The Alamo became their eternal resting place, and their memories continue to echo in the whispers of the wind and the shadows cast on the walls. For those brave enough to explore the Alamo’s chilling mysteries, after-hour tours can be arranged for groups.

Explore more spooky sites on our “ San Antonio Ghost Tour Scavenger Hunt: The Spirits Of San Antonio .” Numerous reliable reports have documented sightings and eerie sounds of ghosts throughout downtown San Antonio. From The Alamo to the hotels, the Tobin Center, and the Briscoe Museum, paranormal activity has been observed and experienced by all over this old American city.

3. Jefferson Hotel

In the mysterious town of Jefferson, where paranormal phenomena abound, The Jefferson Hotel stands as a focal point for ghostly encounters. Renowned not only in Texas but across the nation, this historic hotel has gained a reputation as one of the most haunted establishments in America.

Within its walls, mischievous, and perhaps malevolent spirits, have been known to throw objects at unsuspecting guests and mysteriously lock them in their rooms. But that’s just the beginning of the chilling occurrences. As night falls, the air fills with the sounds of mysterious knocks on the walls, phantom footsteps racing down empty corridors, and the echoing laughter of children who are nowhere to be seen. Disembodied voices whisper in the shadows, adding to the palpable sense of unease.

4. Bragg Road

Bragg Road, nestled in Saratoga, stands as the most renowned haunted road in Texas, captivating the imaginations of all who hear its chilling legend. Among the East Texas locals, the tale of Bragg Road is a well-known and spine-tingling legend.

Travelers along this old logging road have shared accounts of flickering light in the distance, casting an otherworldly glow as they venture forward. This elusive phenomenon is aptly named the Ghost Road Light, also known as Big Thicket Light, Saratoga Light, and Bragg Road Light. The haunting narrative originates from the lantern carried by a tragic railroad worker. It is said that he met a gruesome fate, losing his head to the merciless blades of a passing train. Yet, even in the afterlife, he remains trapped in eternal search by lantern light, forever seeking the head he lost.

5. The Magnolia Hotel

Dating back to 1840, The Magnolia Hotel in the small town of Seguin, Texas, has earned a formidable reputation as one of the most haunted hotels in Texas. Within its historic walls, at least 13 poltergeists are said to roam, manifesting in an array of chilling paranormal phenomena. The hotel’s restoration in 2013 seemed to awaken these otherworldly inhabitants, unleashing a surge of spectral activity that continues to captivate and terrify all who enter.

Visitors to the Magnolia Hotel have encountered doors that slam shut as if guided by unseen hands, while strange shapes and figures materialize in photographs, defying rational explanation. Furniture mysteriously shifts and moves on its own, and ethereal voices echo through empty rooms, sending shivers down the spines of those who bear witness. Phantom footsteps reverberate through the hallways, only adding to the eerie ambiance of the place.

The hotel has become a mecca for paranormal experts and ghost hunters from far and wide, drawn by its reputation as one of the most haunted locations in the country. Featured on esteemed TV shows such as Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures , Discovery Channel’s When Ghosts Attack , and Destination America’s Ghost Brothers , the Magnolia Hotel’s notoriety as a haunted hotspot is firmly cemented.

6. The Driskill Hotel

Dating back to 1886, the iconic downtown landmark of Austin, The Driskill Hotel, was originally built by Colonel Jesse Driskill. Today, it holds a storied history, and its former owner seems to linger in the shadows, making his presence known to both staff and guests. The unmistakable scent of cigar smoke wafts through empty rooms, a ghostly reminder of Colonel Driskill’s enduring spirit.

However, Colonel Driskill is not the sole specter haunting the halls of this historic hotel. The tragic tales of two brides who allegedly took their own lives in room 525, twenty years apart, have left an eerie imprint on the space as well. Guests who stay in this room report an overwhelming sense of unease and inexplicable sorrow that seems to envelop them.

In addition to these haunting stories, a spectral presence of a little girl, clutching a bouquet of flowers, has been spotted throughout the hotel. Her apparition often graces the grand staircase, as well as various other common areas, leaving a sense of both wonder and trepidation in those who bear witness to her ghostly form.

For more haunted adventures check out our “ Austin Ghost Tour Scavenger Hunt: Austin Ghost Hunt .” Join us on this fun-filled ghost hunt, as we explore the city’s spookiest places and interactively discover their eerie secrets.

7. La Carafe

Houston’s La Carafe is not your average bar. It boasts a unique and bewitching charm that draws patrons back time and again. Established in 1847, this historic gem holds the title of the oldest pub in the downtown Market Square District. Stepping into this cozy nook feels like descending into a time capsule, every corner brimming with eclectic history.

Adorned with black and white photographs and steeped in stories of famous figures like Sam Houston, La Carafe is a place where the past comes alive. But with such antiquity comes tales of the supernatural, as a couple of resident phantoms have chosen to make this place their abode.

Among the spectral residents is Carl, a former bartender who seemingly never left. Even after closing time, he diligently keeps an eye on the establishment, particularly on the vacant second floor. Patrons have recounted mysterious occurrences, from the sound of breaking glasses to unsettling footsteps and ghostly bangs. The bathroom, in particular, is said to harbor inexplicable cold spots that send shivers down the spines of those who encounter them. Despite the spectral company, La Carafe remains a beloved spot, where patrons can enjoy candlelit dinners with a few invisible friends.

8. USS Lexington

In Corpus Christi, the USS Lexington carries a legendary nickname, “Blue Ghost,” earned during its valiant service in World War II. However, its haunting reputation goes beyond the battlefield, as local residents believe the ship to be occupied by lingering spirits. Among the reported apparitions is an engine room operator, who tragically lost his life during one of the ship’s battles and is said to wander the vessel in the stillness of the night. Visitors have recounted eerie experiences, from doors mysteriously slamming shut to lights flickering on and off without any logical explanation. It’s as if the spirits of the past continue to roam the ship’s historic decks.

Despite its ghostly lore, the USS Lexington is a cherished national treasure that welcomes inquisitive guests to explore its hallowed grounds. The ship generously allows visitors to immerse themselves in its history, but do check the website for admission times and safety guidelines. For the truly fearless, a special one-or two-night program offers the chance to spend the night aboard the ship, an experience that promises both excitement and chills. As the “Blue Ghost” remains a poignant reminder of the past, this revered vessel beckons those with a taste for history and the brave at heart to delve into its haunted mysteries.

9. Marfa Lights

Marfa, a remote and charming artist colony nestled in the desert, is not only known for its delectable food and delightful cocktails but also for an intriguing phenomenon that has fascinated Texans for generations—the Marfa Lights. These mysterious yellow-orange spheres, which hover just above the desert foliage, near US Route 67, have left people pondering their origin. Are they UFOS, the restless spirits of Spanish Conquistadors, or simply a mundane reflection of car headlights in the atmosphere? Despite countless theories, the enigma of the Marfa Lights endures, and to this day, they remain unexplained.

Before embarking on an investigation of these otherworldly lights, take the time to bask in the beauty of Marfa for a couple of days.

10. Hotel Galvez, AKA the “Queen of the Gulf”

Once the bustling heart of Texas, Galveston thrived as a prominent commercial center until destructive natural disasters and other calamities struck, causing its population to dwindle. The devastating Hurricane Ike in 2008 further reduced the city’s residents from 57,000 to 48,000. Since then, Galveston has been on a quest to revive its quaint charm, welcoming new enterprises to breathe life back into its streets. However, this isn’t the city’s first attempt at rejuvenation. In the aftermath of the catastrophic hurricane in 1900, Galveston sought to rekindle its appeal with the majestic Hotel Galvez—a magnificent structure adorned with features reminiscent of the Spanish Colonial era.

Though a product of the past, the hotel has left behind spectral remnants that persist to this day. Among the rumored phantoms is Audra, a tragic bride-to-be from the 1950s who occupied room 501 while her fiancé was away at sea. Devastated by the news of his ship’s demise and the loss of all hands, she met a sorrowful end by hanging herself in her room. In a heart-wrenching twist, her fiancé miraculously survived the shipwreck and returned to the Galvez, only to find his beloved lifeless. To this day, guests and employees report sensing the presence of the forlorn spirit, and doors mysteriously slam shut in the stillness of the night. Strange smells and visions of ethereal orbs are also common occurrences that add to the hotel’s haunted aura.

11. Yorktown Memorial Hospital

Founded by the Felician Sisters, Yorktown Memorial Hospital came into existence in the 1950s with a noble mission to aid alcoholics and drug addicts. However, since its inception, the hospital has borne witness to a tragic history, with over 2,000 troubled souls meeting their end within its walls. It is believed that the spirits of many of these patients still linger within the abandoned halls, haunting the building to this very day.

Ghost-hunters who venture to south Texas and into the now-deserted facility often recount spine-chilling encounters, feeling as if they are being pushed, touched, and even having their shirts tugged by unseen forces. The hauntingly aggressive nature of these encounters leaves visitors both amazed and unnerved.

12. Presidio La Bahia

Our last stop on the haunted tour of Texas takes us to Presidio La Bahia in Goliad, a place steeped in tragic events. Founded in 1721, the fort was the site of numerous conflicts during the Texas Revolution, including the infamous Battle of Goliad and the heart-wrenching Goliad Massacre. With such a tumultuous past, Presidio La Bahia has become a hotbed for paranormal activity, with countless spirits said to be lingering within its walls.

Some spirits are trapped, scared, and hurt, while others are consumed by anger and unrest. Visitors to the fort have reported hearing cries and screams of injured soldiers echoing through the night, haunting reminders of the tumultuous past. Witnesses have also claimed to see the apparitions of soldiers. As darkness descends upon Presidio La Bahia, the souls of the past make their presence known, leaving an indelible mark on those who dare to explore the haunting history of this historic site.

Closing Thoughts

Visiting the most haunted places in Texas is a journey that takes you beyond the realm of the ordinary and into the mysterious and unexplained. A visit to each of these locations carries with it a rich tapestry of history, tragedy, sightings, and legend. From the chilling apparitions that roam the halls of old buildings to the eerie sounds that echo through abandoned spaces, these encounters leave a lasting impression on the adventurous soul.

Looking for a dark tourism adventure for Halloween? Take a look at our “ Most Haunted Places in The World ” for more spooky places to visit.

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The best places to see UFOs in Texas are Bragg Road , with flickering lights casting an otherworldly glow, and the Marfa Lights’ with mysterious yellow-orange spheres that hover over the landscape.

Hotel Galvez , The Driskill Hotel , Magnolia Hotel , and The Jefferson Hotel are the best-haunted hotels to visit in Texas. Pair one of these haunted hotels with an interactive Texas ghost tour !

Among the most haunted places in Texas , the infamous Magnolia Hotel holds the reputation of being Texas’ most haunted hotel. For more spooky places to explore check out the “ Most Haunted Places in The World . “

USS Lexington has a haunting reputation beyond the battlefield. Though it’s popular for historic tours, local residents believe the ship to be occupied by the lingering spirits of soldiers.

Presidio La Bahia and The Alamo are the best haunted Texas Revolutionary sites to visit in Texas. After you visit these sites check out our Austin ghost tour and San Antonio ghost tour .

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Haunted sites across texas, eric miller.

Is haunted historic? That’s the great question. We love haunted things – buildings, roads, lights, natural disasters, battlefields, cemeteries and many more. Ghost tours are very popular. Some folks study the paranormal and try to quantify very elusive legends. But is haunted also historic? Does a list of haunted places merit a “trail drive?”

According to one historian, the answer is unquestionably yes.

Michael Grauer, former curator of history at the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum, thinks haunted and historic are really a yin-yang concept that describes opposite but interconnected forces.

There’s no shortage of haunted sites in Texas. Anywhere someone has witnessed or felt something that they can’t explain can become a haunted site. Some well-known haunted sites include Caddo Lake, USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, Presidio La Bahía in Goliad, The Alamo in San Antonio, the entire town of Jefferson and the Ghost Road outside Saratoga.

Still more haunted sites are the Monkey Bridge in Athens, Goatman’s Bridge in Denton, the Devil’s Backbone Tavern in Fischer, the White Lady of the Rio Frio, Catfish Plantation Restaurant in Waxahachie and the Yorktown Memorial Hospital.

We all have personal favorites of haunted sites. Here are a few highlights from my research.

The Bivins Mansion in downtown Amarillo is one of the oldest structures in town. Built in 1905 as the “town” house of the pioneering Bivins family, it has been a private home, the public library and headquarters for the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce and other Amarillo non- profits. As the late Amarillo City Commissioner Diane Bosch told me, “This may be the most haunted building in town.” Most frequently locals tell stories of a cook still hanging around the mansion, as suggested by the smell and sound of frying bacon. The mansion’s top floor was the ballroom, site to many parties with music and dancing. Sometimes, workers hear footsteps upstairs, yet the ballroom is empty, holding the HVAC system for the building.

Historic hotels are frequent locations for haunting stories, which makes sense to Grauer, now McCasland Chair of Cowboy Culture at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, since so many people pass through hotels. With people come events, like backroom deals, notable guests, disagreements, fistfights, gunfights and robbery and murder.

The Driskill Hotel in Austin is one of the state’s most famous hotels. Always home to political and business leaders, it may have hosted more backroom deals than any other Texas building. It’s no surprise it is haunted. But don’t forget the Hotel Galvez in Galveston, the Menger in San Antonio, Miss Molly’s Hotel in Fort Worth and the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin. Big city or small town, large hotel or small, each one has a special vibe and a special place in history.

Night at the Museum was a very popular movie franchise. But the films have nothing on Canyon’s Panhandle-Plains Historic Museum, the largest history museum in Texas. Spirits abound late at night; items move in exhibits and museum employees know Sarah Jane, the spirit of a young girl who walks the hallways. Grauer worked many late nights in the museum and can personally attest to noises and spirits.

Historic cattle trails of the 1860’s and 1880’s, from Texas north to Kansas, Colorado, Montana and other places, are themselves haunted. For example, the Western Trail, active from 1874 to 1886, moved more cattle north from Texas than any other trail. Cowboys died along the way, through accidents on the job, disagreements and fights with other cowboys and very rarely, encounters with Native Americans. Most were buried in unmarked graves along the trail. Grauer believes those spirits of hard-working cowboys are still trying to complete their jobs.

Grauer’s favorite haunted site? He had the opportunity to stay overnight on a battlefield now located on private property (with the landowner’s permission) and has experienced the spiritual auras that come to life there. “Haunted does not mean spooky or bad or evil. Haunted means that there is something incomplete in someone’s life,” Grauer says.

Hauntings are one of the easiest ways to tell a story, Alex Hunt, professor of English at West Texas A&M University, believes. Maybe it’s a slice of history we don’t understand so haunted stories are a way we communicate legends. As director of the Center for the Study of the American West, one of Hunt’s favorite haunting stories is the Phantom Horse Herd of Tule Canyon.

The Battle of Palo Duro Canyon (September 28, 1874) featured the capture of more than 1,400 horses from the Comanche, Apache and Kiowa people. The horses were driven south into Tule Canyon and after giving some of the horses away to friendly Native American partners, the U.S. Army destroyed the rest of the herd, maybe 1,000 horses. Without their horses the bands of Native Americans living in Palo Duro Canyon were without a key part of their livelihood and quickly moved onto reservations. But it is said that on moonlit nights, the Phantom Herd still thunders along the rim of Palo Duro Canyon, evading final capture from all who try.

Finally, the entire city of Galveston may be haunted by the great storm of 1900, according to Galveston fan Mallory Laurel, a Special Project Coordinator for the Texas Historical Commission. This hurricane, recounted in the book Isaac’s Storm, swamped the entire city and resulted in the greatest loss of life for any natural disaster in the US. What haunts Galveston – that high water mark. Every building in the city, whether it survived the storm or was washed away, is a location of great human tragedy. The city built a seawall and raised more than 2,000 surviving structures, yet more than 100 years later that city is haunted by the what if, Laurel explains.

“What haunts us is what lingers,” Laurel says. There are plenty of ways that history haunts us, and most don’t have anything to do with ghosts.

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Eric Miller

Visit Waco Wacoheartoftexas.com

Dr Pepper Museum 300 South 5th St., Waco, TX 76701 (254) 757-1024 Drpeppermuseum.com

Visit Amarillo visitamarillo.com

The Bivins Mansion 1000 South Polk, Amarillo, TX 79105 806-373-7800

Visit Canyon canyonchamber.org

Panhandle-Plains Museum West Texas A&M University 2503 4th Avenue, Canyon, TX 79015 (806) 651-2244 panhandleplains.org

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haunted places in athens tx

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haunted places in athens tx

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haunted places in athens tx

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    The old Monkey Bridge in Athens, Texas is rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of a number of men and women who were killed during the 1960's when a circus train passing through town derailed. According to legend, a passenger carriage full of monkeys survived the accident and escaped into the woods, but not before allegedly killing several handlers.

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    According to one legend, in the 1960s, the bridge that became known as Monkey Bridge was the location of a circus train derailment. After the accident, the performing monkeys riding in a boxcar escaped, killing their human captors before disappearing into the night, per the athensreview.com. Another variation of the story, according to KYTX ...

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    2705 W Corsicana St Athens, TX 75751 Get directions Amenities and More No Wi-Fi Dogs Not Allowed About the Business What's included: haunted walk-through of Hatchersvillle with the hillbilly cannibals, visit the clown rejects, and a museum with all of your favorite horror icons. Outdoor event Valid dates: All Fridays

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    1 Visit Website The Forest Holds a Dark Secret.... or several. Take a walk through the old woods where indians, pioneers, rednecks and more have lived and died. We know many have really been buried on the property and ghosts have been known to make their presence known.

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    Fuller Park in Athens, Texas was established during the 1930's, and is believed by many to be haunted. Some claim this is because the property was once used as an orphanage called the Buckner Children's Home, while others tell stories of a group of occultists who used the park as a meeting place to perform dark magic rituals.

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    1. Historic Bowers Mansion, Palestine Join a ghost hunt with Haunted Rooms America at the Historic Bowers Mansion The Historic Bowers Mansion in Palestine, Texas, is a 140-year-old Victorian masterpiece, standing proudly as a Texas Historic Landmark.

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    The 12 Most Haunted Places in Texas. Texas is one of the best destinations for all things haunted. With its long and diverse history, rich cultural traditions, and stunning landscapes, Texas has earned a reputation as one of the most haunted states in America. The echoes of the past reverberate throughout Texas with its military history alone ...

  22. Haunted Sites Across Texas

    Historic cattle trails of the 1860's and 1880's, from Texas north to Kansas, Colorado, Montana and other places, are themselves haunted. For example, the Western Trail, active from 1874 to 1886, moved more cattle north from Texas than any other trail.

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    Posted by in US Ghost Adventures. The Athens Lunatic Asylum, now a development known as The Ridges, was a mental hospital in Athens, Ohio. It was in operation from 1874 until 1993. During its tenure, the hospital provided a wide variety of services to many different types of patients including Civil War veterans, children, and those who were ...