The Best Movies Based on Stephen King Novels

the revenant king of rubrum light novel

Stephen King is one of the most famous authors in modern literature.  Most people have heard of him and you’ve most likely seen at least one movie based on his novels. His extensive works include thrillers, fantasies and supernatural genres. The brilliance of King’s writing means that directors jump at the chance to turn one of his books into a movie. We are going to guide you into the weird and wonderful world of Stephen King movies. Here are some of the best.

Children of the Corn – 1984

Can you imagine being trapped in a small town full of murderous children? In this heart-stopping thriller, a young couple is hunted by a cult of children that murder anyone over the age of 18. What makes this film even better is the acting of the evil children, which will send chills up your spine. 

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Stand by Me – 1986

Stand By Me isn’t a thriller, and it doesn’t have the quirkiness we’re used to from the novelist. Instead, it’s a thought-provoking drama about a group of young boys who embark on a journey to find the body of a missing boy. What they find instead is a frank look at each other’s lives and the effects of class differences and abuse. It’s also regarded as the late River Phoenix’s best performance. 

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Misery – 1990

Kathy Bates terrified most people with her standout performance in Misery. After being in a car crash a novelist is rescued by a kind woman, who’s also his biggest fan. When she learns he has killed off her favorite character from the books, she turns into a complete headcase. The situation quickly turns into a fight for life and freedom as the injured novelist tries to escape the clutches of the deranged stalker. 

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The Shawshank Redemption – 1994

You’ve probably seen this movie in a lot of “must watch” lists, for a very good reason. Put simply, it’s an absolute masterpiece. The all-star cast include Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman as two prisoners from different walks of life. One is guilty, the other is innocent, but most find comfort and solace in their friendship. The movie focuses on finding redemption through acts of decency. 

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Cujo – 1981

Can a movie about a rabid St Bernard really be that scary? If you’ve seen it, then you know the answer. A bored housewife, a broken-down car and a dog with rabies are the perfect mixture for this thriller. It’s not got the deepest plot and it won’t leave you with any questions, but you’ll never look at your pet the same again. 

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Carrie – 1976

This is the movie that defined Stephen King and made viewers everywhere demand more adaptations. Carrie is a shy girl with no friends. What makes things worse is her fanatically religious mother, whose views on the world directly affect Carrie. The young girl is tormented by her school friends and decides enough is enough. Prom nights coming and she’s about to get her revenge. Definitely, one to watch.

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The Mist – 2007

Stephen King fans waited a long time for his short story to be adapted into this movie. After a storm hits town, it leaves an unusual mist behind. The following morning the Drayton family and a neighbor go to the grocery store and find themselves trapped. The mist is closing in and something sinister lurks inside it, with a lust for human life. If you haven’t seen this movie, then you’re in for a treat. 

View this post on Instagram Fudge it, here’s another flick for the #10moviesin10days challenge! IMHO, one of the finest horror movies ever made…one that truly made you question who the real monsters were…Awesome challenge @davidellis01 Thanks for the tag! #themist #themistmovie #fromupthemountain A post shared by scottyscottyoxenfree (@scottyscottyoxenfree) on Sep 21, 2018 at 11:43pm PDT

The Shining – 1980

All work and no play…means you might have missed the greatest thriller movie of all time. Yes, The Shining takes place in an isolated hotel, where an evil presence is lurking. It takes over the father, played by Jack Nicholson. His son tries to use his psychic powers to alert people as to what’s happening in the hotel, but his father is becoming more violent and deranged. Terrifying, beautifully directed and there are some fantastic one-liners. 

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the revenant king of rubrum light novel

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6 Great — and 6 Horror-ble — Stephen King Adaptations

the revenant king of rubrum light novel

Stephen King is the most prolific and successful horror writer of the last century, penning everything from novels and short stories to screenplays. By exploring the darkest corners of his imagination — and Maine — King has not only invented iconic characters and monsters, but he has gotten at the root of what makes us all squirm. Even though King’s work has been adapted into TV specials, films, shorts and series, not all of these moves from page to screen translate well. Here, we’re taking a look at five of the best adaptations of King’s work — and five of the worst.

To provide us with some parameters, we’re sticking to movies, but we’re disallowing sequels, which are often really bad. That said, you won’t see The Stand (1994), Lisey’s Story  (2021)  or Children of the Corn: The Final Sacrifice (1992) on this list — for better or worse. And while acclaimed films like The Shawshank Redemption (1994) and Stand By Me (1986) would normally top our list of the best page-to-film adaptations of King’s work, we’re narrowing our focus to the horror genre.

Best: Misery (1990)

Misery is, perhaps, the greatest book-to-film adaptation in all of horror history. It follows Paul Sheldon (James Caan), a writer who’s abducted from the site of a car accident and whisked away to the secluded home of his “number one fan,” an obsessive stalker named Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates). As Sheldon fights to outwit the hot-tempered Wilkes, he fears that his mind games won’t be enough to get him out from under Annie’s thumb. In fact, Bates’ incredible performance earned her a well-deserved Academy Award.

the revenant king of rubrum light novel

Book fans will be happy to hear that the movie works hard to translate each terror-inducing second of the novel to the screen, including the more graphic moments. (Remember the hobbling scene, anyone?) Best of all, the tension isn’t stretched out too long; at a tight 107 minutes, the film does a great job of keeping you on edge the whole time. Even King is a huge fan of the Misery adaptation — and it’s always great to have the author’s seal of approval.

Worst: Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Loosely based off of King’s “Trucks” short story, Maximum Overdrive is a dark comedy with supernatural elements and a very ’80s soundtrack. In fact, AC/DC, King’s favorite band, released their Who Made Who album as the movie’s soundtrack. So, yeah, at least we got something out of this total flop. To make matters more perplexing, this mess of a movie stars the likes of Emilio Estevez ( The Breakfast Club ) and Yeardley Smith ( The Simpsons ) — and it marks King’s directorial debut.

the revenant king of rubrum light novel

When Earth comes into contact with the tail of a comet, inanimate machines — ATMs, trucks, vending machines, lawnmowers, chainsaws, electric hair dryers, pocket radios, and so on — gain a semblance of sentience and start killing people. All you really need to know is that King has since disowned the film, calling it a “ moron movie ” and vowing to never direct again. You may have fun roasting this movie as you watch it, but don’t expect much else from Maximum Overdrive.

Best: Doctor Sleep (2019)

Published in 2013, a whole 36 years after The Shining hit shelves, Doctor Sleep was turned into a movie just a few years after publication. The story follows a now grown Danny as he struggles to have a normal life, permanently marked by his childhood experiences at the Overlook hotel. Call it fate or the power of psychic connection, powerful forces bring Danny back to the site of his childhood trauma in a movie that was well-received by fans of the original.

the revenant king of rubrum light novel

Directed by Mike Flanagan and starring Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson, Doctor Sleep was a box office success, and was met with positive critical reviews. Stephen King fans and fans of the original film were impressed by Flanagan’s ability to stay true to the text of the book while also referential to the 1980 film (an adaptation that significantly departed from the written text). Don’t expect jump scares, but do expect a slow-burning thriller that has earned its lengthy run time.

Worst: Firestarter (2022)

Not so much a horror film as a sci-fi thriller, this box office flop has earned a place on our list of worst Stephen King adaptations. Firestarter , based on a novel of the same name, follows Charlie– a young girl born to supernatural parents, whose pyrokinetic powers are an inconvenient features of her childhood temper tantrums. While her parents want to help her control her powers, government agents are also interested in how they might control and use her powers themselves.

the revenant king of rubrum light novel

Zac Efron failed to impress us (or critics, or audiences across the board) as Charlie’s father. And director Keith Thomas’ attempts to use music or lighting to amp up suspense did little to add intrigue to the film. Critics noted that it fell short when compared to its 1984 adaptation of the same book, which is saying something, given how poorly that film was received in the first place.

Best: Carrie (1976)

Carrie was the first novel King ever published, so not only did the story launch his film career, but it kicked off the parade of Stephen King film adaptations as well. The Brian De Palma-directed film stars Sissy Spacek as the socially awkward, sheltered teenager Carrie White and Piper Laurie as Carrie’s ultra-religious, abusive mother.

the revenant king of rubrum light novel

While navigating both a brutal home life and tumultuous high school experience, Carrie develops supernatural powers, which, in the face of the continued abuse, become uncontrollable. Carrie might not be the first film you think to queue up when you’re having a scary movie night, but from the iconic bucket of pig’s blood at prom scene to De Palma’s inventive cinematography, it’s an undisputed classic. Although the ending isn’t quite as destruction-filled as that of the source material, the film — and Spacek’s Academy Award-nominated performance — still garnered praise from King.

Worst: Children of the Corn (1984)

Sometimes, a great story just won’t work on film, and this is one of those times. Based on King’s classic short story of the same name, Children of the Corn is set in Gatlin, Nebraska and centers on the children of the town who, to appease an entity called “He Who Walks Behind the Rows,” ritually murder adults. The goal? Besides appeasing this monster, it’s all about ensuring a prosperous harvest.

the revenant king of rubrum light novel

While Rolling Stone praised it for being a tense slasher, Children of the Corn’s children don’t quite work here; we can’t get over what Vincent Canby of The New York Times  called the “farmbelt biblical” speak. Despite a strong premise, the terrible effects and painful-to-watch performances turn this Midwestern gothic tale into something laughable.

Best: It: Chapter 1 (2017)

Pennywise the Dancing Clown is perhaps the most iconic monster in King’s horror universe. In the novel, the intergalactic shape-shifting being terrorized the kids of Derry, Maine for over 1,000 pages, so trying to capture all the details of the lengthy work made for a tall order. While Tim Curry’s Pennywise in the 1990s mini-series adaptation is memorable, the 2017 adaptation of I t truly stole King’s heart.

the revenant king of rubrum light novel

To do just justice to the source material, the film was split into two parts; It: Chapter 1  centers on Bill (Jaeden Martell), a middle-school aged kid whose brother, Georgie, disappears one rainy day. The following summer, Bill and his pals — members of the so-called “Losers Club” — head to the Barrens, a wasteland on the edge of Derry, to look for answers. In this iteration, the killer clown is played by Bill Skarsgård, who gives a deeply unsettling performance. Of the movie, King said , “I had hopes, but I was not prepared for how good it really was.” It: Chapter 2  is a pretty solid entry as well, but there’s nothing quite like the first, terrifying film.

Worst: Cell (2016)

Although John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson found success in 2007 with the adaptation of King’s 1408 , the duo’s 2016 outing didn’t pan out so well. Initially, horror great Eli Roth ( Hostel ) was set to direct Cell , but that didn’t pan out either. And even though King co-wrote the script, the rather forgettable Cell suffers from being stuffed with genre cliches.

the revenant king of rubrum light novel

What kinds of cliches, exactly? Well, this sci-fi horror film does zombies dirty. In it, Cusack’s character struggles to reunite with his son after a strange broadcast over the global cell phone network turns countless humans into animalistic zombies. Unfortunately, Cell is lacking in tension and feels downright generic. The bottom line: It’s a bad zombie film and a bad King adaptation.

Best: The Dead Zone (1983)

Set in Castle Rock, Maine, The Dead Zone is a bit more of a science-fiction thriller than a straight up horror film. Still, it manages to incorporate some otherworldly elements that make it feel like a part of King’s larger horror-verse. A review for The New York Times perhaps put it best, noting that The Dead Zone is “a well-acted drama” and “more eerie than terrifying, more rooted in the occult than in sheer horror.”

the revenant king of rubrum light novel

At the beginning of the film, Johnny Smith (Christopher Walken) has a coma-inducing car accident. When Johnny wakes, five years have passed, and his former girlfriend is married with a child. The supernatural element comes into play when Johnny learns that he can see aspects of peoples’ lives by touching them. This ability helps him solve a string of murders and, later, encourages him to try and change the course of the future. We won’t spoil anything, but just know that this David Cronenberg-directed (The Fly) adaptation is certainly worth the watch.

Worst: The Dark Tower (2017)

Okay, so The Dark Tower is more of a sci-fi Western than a horror film, but we’re including it here for two reasons. First of all, it’s kind of the keystone of King’s literary universe; the mythical Dark Tower supports various realities, so, in the book series, several of King’s characters, settings and other touchstones pop up. And, second, it has got to be one of the most disappointing, overly hyped films of the last decade.

the revenant king of rubrum light novel

In the film the formidable Idris Elba plays Roland Deschain, a gunslinger tasked with protecting the titular structure, while Matthew McConaughey plays his foe, Walter O’Dim — a.k.a. The Man in Black. But big-name actors couldn’t save this adaptation from failure. Stuck in production purgatory for years, The Dark Tower could’ve been the first in a successful film franchise (or cinematic universe), but, instead, it turned out to be, as one reviewer put it , “not even bad enough to be fun.”

Best: The Shining (1980)

Directed by film icon Stanley Kubrick, The Shining follows Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), a writer who scores a job as the wintertime caretaker of a mountainside resort known as the Overlook Hotel. Jack’s wife, Wendy (Shelley Duvall), and his young son, Danny (Danny Lloyd), relocate with him, believing it will be a vacation from their worries back home. But the Overlook isn’t what it seems; the family soon encounter both violent and seductive apparitions; Danny learns of his own latent supernatural ability; and Jack’s mental health deteriorates.

the revenant king of rubrum light novel

Although it received its fair share of criticism at the time, The Shining  has won more favor over time. Packed with memorable imagery and made more visceral by Nicholson’s potent performance, Kubrick’s film is chilling, but slow-moving. In the ’80s, that felt antithetical to conjuring up on-screen jump scares, but now we’re perhaps more accustomed to variety in the horror genre.

Still, it’s worth noting that King hated  Kubrick’s adaptation, though he would later come to admit the ways that the film shaped the genre of horror in film. And that’s precisely what makes this entry a must-watch in the canon of horror movies.

Worst: The Lawnmower Man (1992)

Supposedly adapted from an original screenplay called “CyberGod,” The Lawnmower Man takes its name from King’s short story of the same name. In fact, the film was first billed as Stephen King’s The Lawnmower Man , but the master of horror sued to have his name removed from the work — and for good reason. In King’s story, a lawn-mowing service man makes ritualistic sacrifices to the deity Pan. Here, however, Dr. Lawrence Angelo (Pierce Brosnan) experiments on a man named Jobe (Jeff Fahey).

the revenant king of rubrum light novel

While Jobe receives superhuman abilities, he also becomes more aggressive — and more eager to become a fully digital entity. King sued, claiming that the film bore little resemblance to his work and, therefore, his name should be removed from the movie and any promotional materials. Good call — we wouldn’t want to be associated with this Frankenstein -inspired flop either. 

Legal issues aside, the special effects have aged about as well as the graphics in a PlayStation 2 game. But, more than that, Lawnmower Man is a film marked by heaps of melodrama and terrible performances. If you can even call this one a Stephen King adaptation, it would, undoubtedly, be at the bottom of the barrel.


the revenant king of rubrum light novel

The Revenant King of Rubrum

There were two souls. One was assiduous with an unyielding will. One was effortlessly cunning with wisdom beyond many. And now, they are one. The universe will pray. *** *** *** Marcius Aemilia was killed during a duel because his opponent cheated by using a vicious poison. Fortunately, he was resurrected by an outer god with an agenda. Agreeing to be the god's agent within his homeland, Marcius was now back with a vengeance and dedication to save his family and clan from their unjustified demise. But wait. He was not alone. Along with Marcius, came the soul of Joseph Redwoods, who had read all the future events of Marcius's world from the pages of a novel. So, what do you get when you combine the souls of a vengeful heir and a cunning geek? Chaos, mayhem, disaster and good old ass-kicking. *** *** ***

9 A Stroke of Luck

Marcius was laying on his bed while browsing the system 'Shop.'

He currently had 800 bounty he gained from killing Felix. So, he wanted to see if he could buy some interesting things. Besides, he didn't have any time to study the system functions in the last few days because he was busy with all the work and training. Now, he had a little time to rest before his next big plan began.

In the system shop, Marcius could see a lot of interesting skill books, artifacts and weapons.

He could see cheap items like modern firearms, bombs, bulletproof vest and some lowest tier of magical artifacts from other worlds. And he unfortunately noted that even the cheapest price item, a modern pistol, costed 15 bounty points. Of course, some items could have been cheaper, like pills of various kind. But all of those pills have to be bought in batches and it made them pricier.

And he also noticed some of the expensive items. Like 'Seed of Chaos' at 720,000,000 bounty points, or 'Frozen Heart of Dragon Emperor Ryal' at 500,000,000 bounty points.

Most of the items at the top had been grey out, so that Marcius couldn't even read their names. The highest price item he could see is 'Dimensional Shard' at the price of 3,700,000,000 bounty points.

After looking around for a while, Marcius decided to just forget about items at the higher spectrum of the list.

Although, he did find something interesting.

They were 'Scout Drone' and 'Obsidian Edge.'

Scout drone was the product of a civilization which combined magic with technology. It came with a high-tech looking tablet through which he could control or watch the surveillance process. It had very good quality cameras and sound-recording system. It could turn invisible and intangible using magic. It ran indefinitely using a magic core as battery. It even had a certain level of programmed intelligence.

Information was key and if Marcius could spy around the city and his enemies, he would have a huge advantage against anyone. The drone was the size of a small fly, and it could guarantee to reach anywhere.

And the other item 'Obsidian Edge' was a black long sword with stylish cravings. It was said to be forged by mixing the chunks from a meteor with various strong metals. It was described as nearly indestructible by physical means.

He could use it as a temporary weapon before he could cultivate and bond with a spirit weapon. Or he could even upgrade the 'Obsidian Edge' with magical means and bond with it.

Form Joseph's memories, he could think of several methods to upgrade a weapon into magical one.

There were several strong weapons in Rubrum from what he remembered, but he couldn't obtain any of them in the immediate future.

The scout drones were pretty cheap because they were purely for surveillance purposes. Each costed 75 bounty points and he bought six of them. All six of them were automatically connected to a single tablet which was given free-of-charge.

The sword costed 250 bounty points and after he bought all the desired items, he was left with 100 bounty points.

He sent three drones into the city, one drone into the compound of Argus family and the last two into the premises of Sergia clan. And he commanded them to spy any movements and actions until they found something suspicious or interesting.

He also tested his new sword by swinging it around and found out that not only the sword was very light, it was also extremely sharp.

He was so going to upgrade it into a spirit weapon.

Even if he later found some more powerful weapons, he could easily figure out a way to allow himself the usage of more than one spirit weapon.

Life was good.

*** *** ***

Marcius looked on towards the stone boulder in front of him.

"Haaa!" He shouted as he tried to cut it in half with his new sword.

The obsidian edge cut through the stone like a knife would through butter. It was a clean cut.

Marcius lightly touched the blade of the black sword and it was still as sharp as ever.

Today, he was testing his newly acquired weapon. But he was not using 'Movement of Gaea.'

The techniques he was using were 'Red Serpent Slash' and 'Seven Circles Position.' Those were the techniques original Marcius practiced. And unlike 'Movement of Gaea' the two techniques were pure martial arts. They couldn't be performed using spirit energy.

'Red Serpent Slash' was an offensive technique which reminded him of a samurai sword draw. It targeted the weak points of enemies by striking them with single strong sword slashes or thrusts.

'Seven Circles Position' was a movement technique similar to 'Movement of Gaea' but instant of speed, it focused on positioning.

Marcius again took an attack position as he put the sword back into the scabbard. And then he sprung forwards and struck. This time, the target was a huge tree and it was cleaved into two halves right from the middle.

"Nice sword. And good techniques."

Marcius sharply turned around to see a young girl around his age standing not far behind him.

"Who are you?" He questioned warily. He didn't even notice that she had gotten this close.

"Oh, hi! Please do not mind me. I'm just enjoying a good show." The girl replied with a smile.

Now that he looked more clearly, he could see that the girl was really pretty. She had bright blue eyes, a well-defined nose with sharp jawline. Her smile was pretty and, her skin took a darker shade but it just made her look more exquisite.

When she spoke, Marcius could notice that her voice was richer than the natives of Mediolan.

"Are you a member of Aemilia clan?" He questioned the girl again.

"No. I'm here on business actually." She replied still smiling. And then the smile faded as if she had been startled by something.

"Sorry to cut the conversation short. But it is time for me to go." The girl continued as her smile returned.

"See ya later, cute boy."

And then, the girl vanished out of existence. It was as if she was never there.

"What the hell." He muttered. "Is she a spy? No, if she is a spy, she would be a very stupid one to show up just like that. She said she is on business."

"Who is she…" Marcius murmured but only the wind could hear his words.

As Marcius walked along the corridor of lord's keep, he still couldn't shake the feeling that he should recognize the girl from earlier, but his memories came up empty.

He was heading towards his mother's office.

'Is she someone from I read from the novel? She seems really familiar.' He thought.

He arrived at the destination and knocked twice on the door.

"Who is it?" Helen's voice sounded from the inside.

"It is Marcius, mother."

"Come in."

His mother was, as always, working at her desk. When he went in, Helen looked up.

"Just so we are clear, I'm still mad at you." She started.

"For the soul medium?"

"For the soul medium." His mother confirmed.

"And I had apologized many times." Marcius replied with a bit of frustration.

"So you have had." Helen shrugged. "Let's just both assumed I forgive you for the moment. And we can carry on with the conversation."

Helen handed him some papers.

"We got some professional opinions on your potion formula. It works just like you described. If we can mass produce the potion, it will be a huge boon for our clan."

Lady Aemilia continued as Marcius read through the documents.

"And that is where the problem lies. The Aemilia clan do not have enough alchemy personnel to mass produce the potion. We had to find a suitable organization to collaborate with."

"Blue Star Trade Guild." Marcius read out the name from the writings.

"Yes. They are a credible organization which mainly specialized in potion and pill business. They also trade in other goods, but that is beside the point."

"They are a trader guild. How will they mass produce green blood?"

"They have an entire branch-hall dedicated to alchemy. As I mentioned, they are very specialized. They are also the main supplier of 'Heart Pill' in Mediolan."

"The healing pills?" Marcius questioned.

His mother answered with a nod.

"They even visited our lord's keep this afternoon to discuss business."

"Wait… heart pill, Blue Star Trade Guild… they are run by Sabbargh family, right? The owner is Dina Sabbargh."

"So, you have heard of them."

"A little."

Now, Marcius remembered why he was familiar with the little girl from earlier. According to novel, Sabbargh family would play a vital role in the upcoming events.

"They are also business rivals of Argus family. Once we work together and they started selling green blood,"

"They will gain a larger hold on the market than Argus family." Marcius grinned.

"Killing two birds with one stone." Helen added with a similar smile.

"And on that note, I need you to negotiate with Sabbargh family."

"I mean… I can do that. But why me?" He asked.

"Apparently, they are impressed with your formula and want to meet the genius behind all this. If you can negotiate on our behalf, I think we will gain better benefits out of this deal." Helen replied.

"I understand, mother."

When Marcius arrived back at his room, he sat down on a chair and reflected on his great luck.

'Blue Star Trade Guild, Sabbragh family, Dina Sabbargh and her daughter Karla Sabbargh… Well, the next part of my grand plan just got a lot easier.' He thought with a faint smile.

"Yup. Life is Good."

Author Notes

MidnightMK here!

I hope you enjoy this chapter. See you in the next one!


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the revenant king of rubrum light novel

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Autobot City was in ruins. As Skyfire flew closer, the unforgiving light of dawn revealed the full extent of the damage. Great chunks of the outer walls had been sheared away, and it was hard to imagine how any living thing could have survived the attack. Yet when he commed requesting permission to land, he was immediately greeted by a tired-sounding Blaster. “Come right on in,” the Autobot communications officer said. “Sorry ‘bout the mess.”

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My Writing AltarSome writers have rituals, yes - but I may have taken that concept to the next level. Starscream is so much more to me than just a favorite character, or a character I love to write about. He’s my muse and my spirit guide, and I’m not...

My Writing Altar

Some writers have rituals, yes - but I may have taken that concept to the next level. Starscream is so much more to me than just a favorite character, or a character I love to write about. He’s my muse and my spirit guide, and I’m not simply writing The Revenant King about him, but also for him. 

This little transparent Starscream has been with me for a while, and he often perches on my laptop keyboard while I’m writing. This year, just before Nanowrimo started, I happened to find a piece of orgonite sitting in the gutter near my chosen writing cafe. Orgonite is a composite of metals and crystals, suspended in a resin matrix. It’s supposed to purify energy and… stuff. 

I’ve made these before, and I suspect I’m one of the few people who could have come across it and recognized, at a glance, what it is. Needless to say, I adopted it forthwith! I feel it makes a glorious pedestal for my little ghost!Seeker to perch upon while I’m writing. Sure I get some funny looks, but I just smile. 

Yes, we writers do have our rituals. This is just a sampling of mine. 

Made it halfway! Well, not really. I’m halfway to this month’s goal of writing 50k for my upcoming Starscream/Skyfire novel, The Revenant King for Nanowrimo. The actual novel will probably be at least twice that length, but this still feels like...

Made it halfway! Well, not really. I’m halfway to this month’s goal of writing 50k for my upcoming Starscream/Skyfire novel, The Revenant King for Nanowrimo. The actual novel will probably be at least twice that length, but this still feels like (significant) progress! 

Like many writers, I get a lot of inspiration from music - and this is is the song that started it all! I came across it in 2014. While I was listening to it (over and over), it suddenly hit me: 

The frantic, rushing, racing, panicked feeling of trying to get away from oneself - to get out of one’s skin - to escape from something terrible - which I was already associating with Starscream flying, could be dead Starscream flying. 

Which creeped me out immensely, but in a… good… way? Albeit a way that is also sad and depressing, at least for anyone who loves Starscream.

What came to me is that when he dies, he actually has no idea what has happened to him. The idea of his own death is inconceivable to him, like something that could happen in theory , but not actually. 

So he has an experience in which his consciousness continues almost seamlessly after the death of his body, and he continues to act as if (and to believe) that he’s still alive.

That’s the idea-germ that is now (finally) taking shape in the form of my novel-in-progress, The Revenant King. 

I love this drawing by Taiyari, showing a ghostly Starscream watching over a grieving Skyfire. It’s so perfect for the story I’m writing with The Revenant King. Taiyari has done a lot of other wonderful art, so be sure to check it out, here!

I love this drawing by Taiyari, showing a ghostly Starscream watching over a grieving Skyfire. It’s so perfect for the story I’m writing with The Revenant King. Taiyari has done a lot of other wonderful art, so be sure to check it out, here!

The Revenant King: Synopsis

Starscream isn’t dead. He isn’t! Sure, Galvatron shot him, and yes, it hurt. It hurt a lot. But when the blast faded, he was left standing. The conclusion is obvious: Starscream is invincible! The trouble is, no one else seems to notice. Everyone else treats him as if he’s in visible.

Everyone, that is, except Starscream’s two dead trinemates, who insist that Starscream needs to join them in the Allspark. Which is ridiculous, because there’s no such thing as the Allspark, and definitely no such thing as ghosts, and in any case - Starscream! Isn’t! Dead!

But Skyfire seems to think he is. He weeps over the ashes in that nameless tomb as if they really belong to Starscream, and Starscream is powerless to tell him otherwise. Watching the mech he could never stop loving grieve for him is torture.

It gets worse when he learns that Skyfire is in danger - and it’s Starscream’s fault. With both their lives in the balance, Starscream needs to come to terms with his strange condition and find a way to reverse it - fast.

Starscream Confronts Death: Excerpt from The Revenant King

It was, almost certainly, the body of a Seeker. Or had been. Starscream could tell by the shape of the legs, the distal components of which were the largest chunks of the carcass left intact. Or indeed, in any form that was halfway recognizable. The rest was a smoldering ruin of iron-gray fragments. He caught sight of the outline of a partial Decepticon insignia on one of the larger bits, which therefore must have been part of one of the wings. And in another part of the pile, a single darkened optic stared up at him, its cracked lens almost accusing.

Starscream’s first, irrational thought was that it might be Thundercracker. Or Skywarp. But that didn’t seem quite right. Both of them had fallen during the battle at Autobot City, and their bodies had been among the excess cargo the Decepticons had needed to throw into space during their retreat. Which had been days ago. It couldn’t be either of them, so who was it? One of the newer recruits? And why in Pits were their remains scattered all over  his  podium, at  his  coronation?

Something brushed against Starscream’s leg. The touch was whisper-soft, almost imperceptible. Starscream froze, gripped by a sudden, unreasoning horror. It took a measured effort of will to force himself to glance down. For several kliks, his mind refused to process what he was seeing. Because what had touched him was a scrap of charred fabric. Metal-weave velvet, to be exact. Royal purple.

Which meant… no! That was impossible. This dead… thing wasn’t…  him.

It couldn’t be, because he wasn’t dead. He was here; intact, alive. Starscream glanced down at his hands, his arms, his chest, his wings. He was solid, he was real, and this… this ruinous husk… it had to be fake. An illusion, like one of Hound’s holograms. A hologram? Yes! That made sense. It would explain everything. Starscream took aim. His beams, as he’d predicted, went straight through the ‘body’ without disturbing so much as a fragment of rubble.

Starscream threw his head back and laughed. He laughed so long and hard that he almost choked. It wasn’t real. The… thing really was just a hologram, a trick meant to confuse him. The Autobots must have put it here when he wasn’t looking, and they would pay dearly for that.

the revenant king of rubrum light novel

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More on The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge

Introduction see all, summary see all.

  • Prologue: September 1, 1823

Chapter 1: August 21, 1823

  • Chapter 2: August 23, 1823
  • Chapter 3: August 24, 1823
  • Chapter 4: August 28, 1823
  • Chapter 5: August 30, 1823
  • Chapter 6: August 31, 1823
  • Chapter 7: September 2, 1823 – Morning
  • Chapter 8: September 2, 1823
  • Chapter 9: September 8, 1823
  • Chapter 10: September 15, 1823
  • Chapter 11: September 16, 1823
  • Chapter 12: September 17, 1823
  • Chapter 13: October 5, 1823
  • Chapter 14: October 6, 1823
  • Chapter 15: October 9, 1823
  • Chapter 16: November 29, 1823
  • Chapter 17: December 5, 1823
  • Chapter 18: December 6, 1823
  • Chapter 19: December 8, 1823
  • Chapter 20: December 15, 1823
  • Chapter 21: December 31, 1823
  • Chapter 22: February 27, 1824
  • Chapter 23: March 6, 1824
  • Chapter 24: March 7, 1824
  • Chapter 25: March 28, 1824
  • Chapter 26: April 14, 1824
  • Chapter 27: April 28, 1824
  • Chapter 28: May 7, 1824

Themes See All

  • Visions of the American Frontier
  • Man and the Natural World
  • Strength and Skill
  • Exploration
  • Perseverance

Characters See All

  • Captain Andrew Henry
  • John Fitzgerald
  • Jim Bridger
  • Kiowa Brazeau
  • Yellow Horse
  • The Voyageurs (Antoine Langevin, Toussaint Charbonneau, "Professeur," and Dominique and Louis "La Vierge" Cattoire)
  • The Old Arikara Woman
  • William Ashley

Analysis See All

  • What's Up With the Title?
  • What's Up With the Ending?
  • What's Up With the Epigraph?
  • Tough-o-Meter
  • The Anstadt
  • Pyres and Graves
  • The Bear Claw

Quotes See All

  • For Teachers
  • (Please note that we pulled a McFly and jumped backwards in time from the prologue.)
  • We open with William H. Ashley, a businessman with the "Rocky Mountain Fur Company," as he struggles to make a deal with a Frenchman named Kiowa Brazeau (1.1.1).
  • Kiowa runs a little trading post, and Ashley wants equipment. Unfortunately, Kiowa is currently awaiting a shipment from St. Louis, so it'll be a little bit before Ashley will get his goods.
  • Kiowa does have an immediate suggestion, however: Ashley should send a letter back to St. Louis regarding "Colonel Leavenworth's debacle" (1.1.6). Sounds juicy. With that, Kiowa grabs some writing gear for Ashley and goes on his merry way.
  • Here's the gist of Ashley's letter: two weeks ago, the Rocky Mountain Fur Company was attacked by a native tribe known as the Arikara, with whom they had been friendly before. The attack was brutal.
  • After their defeat, the company retreated. They gained additional support from Colonel Leavenworth and the U.S. Army, along with about 400 Sioux warriors who joined their side simply because they despise the Arikara, before readying a mighty assault...
  • This assault was a disaster. Ashley doesn't give details, but his boys got their butts handed to them. Even worse, this also means that most traders in the area are closing up shop.
  • But Ashley spins like a politician, arguing that this means they can make a lot of money by sneaking trappers into the area. To this end, he'll be sending Captains Henry and Smith straight into the lion's den to make some sweet cash.

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the revenant king of rubrum light novel

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the revenant king of rubrum light novel

The Revenant King

By visigoth.

the revenant king of rubrum light novel

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the revenant king of rubrum light novel

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