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Andreas Fritsch wurde 1968 in Buxtehude geboren und segelt seit Kindesbeinen erst mit der Jolle später dann eigenen Kielschiffen auf der Elbe und später der Ostsee. Nach einem Studium der Politikwissenschaft, Germanistik und Geschichte in Münster begann er als Journalist zu arbeiten und wechselte 1997 zur Redaktion der YACHT. Seit 2001 kümmert er sich schwerpunktmäßig um die Themen Reise und Charter und ist im Zuge dessen in fast allen Revieren weltweit unterwegs und chartert auch regelmäßig vor allem im Mittelmeer, erklärtes Lieblingsrevier ist dort Griechenland. Er hat zwei Revierführer fürs Mittelmeer geschrieben (Charterführer Ionisches Meer und Türkische Küste). Neben der Reise ist er Fan der Open 60 und Maxi-Tri-Szene und schreibt zu den Themen immer wieder in der YACHT. Seit einigen Jahren segelt er mit einem GFK-Klassiker vom Typ Grinde auf der Ostsee.

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Baltic Sea Schleimünde and Maasholm open later

andreas fritsch yacht

Work is progressing, but guests will not be able to call at Schleimünde again until after Ascension Day. Maasholm will be accessible from 1 June.

andreas fritsch yacht

Kiel Canal The ultimate NOK guide for pleasure boaters

andreas fritsch yacht

EU-wide recognition of driving licences Skippers are asked for their opinion

andreas fritsch yacht

Biodiesel HVO100 Eco-fuel reduces diesel pest - now available for everyone

andreas fritsch yacht

Community of Damp frustrated Tenant puts the brakes on rapid reopening

andreas fritsch yacht

A portrait of Caribbean destinations Cuba - Caribbean as it was 50 years ago

andreas fritsch yacht

A portrait of Caribbean destinations Belize - coral reefs and magical holes

andreas fritsch yacht

A portrait of Caribbean destinations Bahamas - endless sea of islands

andreas fritsch yacht

A portrait of Caribbean destinations Leeward Islands - island hopping at its best

andreas fritsch yacht

Baltic Sea storm surge 13 million to rebuild Damp marina

andreas fritsch yacht

A portrait of Caribbean destinations Windward Islands - the island dream

andreas fritsch yacht

Harbour porpoises in the Baltic Sea "We have to solve the gillnet problem!"

andreas fritsch yacht

A portrait of Caribbean destinations The British Virgin Islands - the Caribbean bestseller

Baltic Sea : New hope for the Damp marina

Andreas Fritsch

 ·  09.02.2024

Baltic Sea: New hope for the Damp marina

The news came out of the blue at the beginning of February: per NfS, the Closure of the Damp marina until 31 December 2024. For over 300 owners with permanent berths and the local businesses from the charter and service sector, this is a blow to the bottom line. The closure came very late; other harbours that were similarly affected, such as Maasholm, had already closed their facilities much earlier, but initially until the start of the season, i.e. at the beginning of April. Damp closed late, but then for the whole year, mainly to prevent ships from entering the harbour.

Bad news for the owners. "The harbour operators' communication with the permanent berth holders is a real problem. We only received a letter for the first time at the beginning of February, which then only communicated the closure of the harbour for the whole year," says Mathias Metzger, Chairman of the Yacht Club Damp. Of course, the club is aware of the extent of the damage and understands the difficult situation, but "it would simply help if the operator had sought dialogue and informed us earlier. So now many are faced with the question of what to do? A few have managed to find another berth, but these are currently in short supply on the coast." Of course, everyone had realised that it would be difficult to open at the start of the season, but they had at least hoped for a later start or a partial opening. Some members who are already retired are now planning to simply crane later and then go sailing for two or three months. But many of them can't do that.

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According to Damp's mayor Barbara Feyock, one reason for the closure was that it had not yet been clarified whether there was still debris at the bottom, and there was even talk of two missing containers. In addition, the commissioning of the repairs is taking a long time, as the state has not yet published the funding guidelines from the storm surge fund and the municipality of Damp and the tenant of the harbour, Ostsee-Resort Damp, have not yet been able to agree on how the approximately four million euros, which according to an initial expert opinion are necessary for a restoration, will be shared. She also emphasised that the closure could be lifted again as soon as a repair schedule was in place.

Now there is movement in the matter

Mayor Feyock told our sister magazine YACHT today: "We have a promise from the state that the details of the funding will be published this month. There will also be a municipal council meeting on 20 February where we will decide how to proceed."

And possible creative partial solutions are emerging, as Martin Janssen, Managing Director of Yachtzentrum Damp and the charter company Real Sailing, who is directly affected by the closure with his company, explains. "For us, it's about 20 jobs in the yacht service that depend on the harbour. We have been able to bring all of our winter berths into the harbour, but if we can't use the crane and some of the jetties for craning in and setting up the masts in spring, we will have real problems. How will we get the ships back into the water? And how will we get new orders for next winter?"

He was also caught off guard by the lockdown, as nobody had spoken to him about it before publication. They are therefore working flat out to find a solution. "I have commissioned a sworn harbour construction expert, who has already been here, to investigate whether a partial opening is possible. The report will be available to us in a few days and I will make it available to the municipality."

However, the inspection had already shown that it should be possible to partially operate the jetties behind the harbour master's building, which have little to no impact, if some manageable damage is repaired at short notice or a few metres of some bridges are closed. "Partial operation with around 150 berths should be possible," says Janssen.

Of course, there is still the problem of the partially sagging stone breakwater that protects the harbour. In some areas, it is only 70 centimetres high. However, the inner area of the harbour behind the crane is the best protected, according to Janssen. The expert opinion he has commissioned will probably also include a swell simulation.

Optimistic view for the 2024 season in Damp

Janssen also has an update on the municipality's statements that two missing containers are probably still in the harbour basin: "We were out in the harbour with the salvagers and divers for days after the storm. The sea rescuers told us that parts of the containers had washed up just outside Damp." And during the dives, they also fished fridges with drinks that were in the containers out of the harbour basin. But it can't be that difficult to map the harbour basin once, as this was already done in Schilksee shortly after the storm. He is optimistic that something will happen in the next few weeks so that the season in Damp can at least partially take place.

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  • Over 200 total losses - "Schilksee resembles a battlefield"
  • Will the insurance companies pay for the damage?
  • Damage to the infrastructure - is the 2024 season at risk?

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As an experienced general manager, Andreas Fritsch (60) looks back on an exemplary career at DACHSER spanning more than four decades and almost all career stages. After completing his vocational training as a forwarding agent and taking his first career steps, the Frankfurt native moved to Bielefeld as branch manager in 1989. Since then, he has developed the location into one of the largest and most successful in the European DACHSER network. In recent years, Fritsch has also managed the development of the branch in Kassel, which will complete DACHSER's European Logistics network in Germany from 2021. For over ten years, he has represented the interests of the decentralised operational units to DACHSER's Management Board as spokesman for the branch managers.

Continuing the long-standing, value-driven growth

As Managing Director European Logistics Germany, Andreas Fritsch will continue the long-standing, value-driven growth of the European Logistics business line in the German market, while at the same time anchoring and driving forward key topics such as digitalisation, climate protection and the recruitment of skilled staff in the business unit.

In his new position, Andreas Fritsch reports to the COO Road Logistics, Alexander Tonn. DACHSER's 40 European Logistics branches in Germany moved around 30.7 million consignments weighing 15.0 million tonnes in 2021.

andreas fritsch yacht

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Dachser on the winner’s podium.

For the second time in a row, a DACHSER trainee has won first place in the “Best Trainee” competition organized by the trade journal VerkehrsRundschau. Patrick Lipiec, a trainee in freight forwarding and logistics services in his second year of training at DACHSER’s Hegau-Bodensee logistics center in Steißlingen, won out against more than 1,226 participants.

"A good start, which motivates us a lot"

Since the beginning of April, DACHSER Food Logistics has been represented with a branch in Belgium. From Tournai, near the French border, it primarily serves the food industry in western Belgium. The focus of the offering is on export solutions for the internationally oriented Belgian food industry. Branch Manager Markus Biemüller reports on the start in Belgium, the feedback on the market and future challenges.

Statement by Dachser CEO Burkhard Eling on the military conflict in Ukraine

Peace and the free movement of goods are fundamental prerequisites for the positive, free development of all societies. In this spirit, Dachser has grown as an international logistics provider over the past decades. We therefore deeply regret the escalation of the military conflict in Ukraine. Among other things, the conflict will also have a substantial impact on supply chains in Eastern Europe.  Our first priority is the safety of all drivers transporting consignments on behalf of Dachser. We have therefore today imposed an immediate takeover and loading stop for all shipments to Ukraine. This applies to all European transports of our Cargoplus service segment, which specializes in FTL and LTL transports to the CIS countries, among others, as well as to all transports from the European Logistics network that are handled in Ukraine by our partner ACE. Regular traffic from our platform Strykow (Poland) to Kiev will be discontinued. All trucks that are currently still on their way to Ukraine have to be returned in coordination with the customers. We are in close contact with our Ukrainian partner, who has also closed his warehouses. In air freight, the airspace over Ukraine has been closed in a wide radius. Take-offs and landings are not possible here, so that congestion at the alternative airports is to be feared.  Our European Logistics and Air & Sea Logistics teams are closely monitoring developments in the situation and are in close contact with our customers. This also applies in particular to restrictions on the movement of goods that may arise in the coming days as a result of the sanctions announced against Russia. Background: Dachser's activities in Ukraine and Russia. Dachser does not have its own locations in Ukraine, but works there with its partner ACE Logistics. The Estonian company is also Dachser's partner for the Baltic states and joint venture partner in Finland. The Cargoplus service segment handles additional full truckload services. In Russia, Dachser has been represented by its own national company since 2008 and provides services in the Road Logistics and Air & Sea Logistics business segments. Around 160 staff are employed at seven locations. In 2020, Dachser Russia handled around 17,000 consignments and generated revenue of EUR 21.6 million.  

Equipping for tomorrow's technologies today

A transition to zero-emission technologies is coming in logistics. The legal framework for it was established a long time ago. In the years to come, work must proceed at pace to develop the corresponding technologies and make them market-ready. DACHSER is already dealing with them intensively and integrating them into productive network processes. Thoughts from CEO Burkhard Eling.

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Executive coach, trainer moderator,  leadership entwicklung,, persönlichkeitsentwicklung,, talententwicklung  (tma, pcm).

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Coach, mediatorin eingetragene mediatorin,, konflikt- und krisenmanagement,, talententwicklung.

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Executive coach, trainer leadership development, talententwicklung,,  kommunikation (tma, pcm).

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Coach, trainer mentale stärke,, konfliktmanagement,  kämpfen können um nicht kämpfen zu müssen,  rebel with a cause.

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Coach und Trainerin HR-Spezialistin, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Talententwicklung (TMA, PCM)

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Beraterin, spezialistin für hr analytics persönlichkeitsanalyse.

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Trainer, Coach Mentale Stärke, Konfliktmanagement

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Trainer, coach talent- und teamentwicklung (tma), kommunikation  .

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Trainer, coach, markenstratege webdesign, kommunikation,, digitalisierung.

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Berater, trainer employer branding, talententwicklung, kommunikation (tma, pcm).

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Graphic recorder, , organisationsentwickler, gut gemacht, gut gemeint.

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Dazu zählt der Umstand, dass Berater - als fix verpflichteter Teil eines Beratungsunternehmens - schlicht ausgelastet werden müssen. Sehr viel hat dies mit den ökonomischen Beweggründen des Beratungsunternehmens zu tun - doch nicht unbedingt mit Ihren.

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Unsere trainer und coaches verfügen über einen wahren schatz an erfahrung und anwendungswissen., das kann die erfolgreiche, langjährige tätigkeit als ceo sein - oder die wiederholte rolle als olympia-teilnehmer, die spitzenleistungen verlangt. , über uns.

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Prof. Andreas Fritsche

Fields of work and expertise.

Prevention Insulin therapy  

Professional Background

Professorship nutritional medicine and prevention at the university tübingen, honors and awards.

Bürger-Büsing Award Diabetology 2018

Werner Creutzfeldt Award (DDG) 2015

Ernst-Friedrich Pfeiffer Award (DDG) 2003

Gold Star Awards Luxury Background


Katsiaryna Prystupa, Rebecka Renklint, Youssef Chninou, Julia Otten, Louise Fritsche, Sebastian Hoerber, Andreas Peter, Andreas L Birkenfeld, Andreas Fritsche, Martin Heni, Robert Wagner

Comprehensive validation of fasting-based and oral glucose tolerance test-based indices of insulin secretion against gold standard measures

Robert Wagner, Sabine S Eckstein, Louise Fritsche, Katsiaryna Prystupa, Sebastian Hörber, Hans-Ulrich Häring, Andreas L Birkenfeld, Andreas Peter, Andreas Fritsche, Martin Heni

Postprandial Dynamics of Proglucagon Cleavage Products and Their Relation to Metabolic Health

Hajime Yamazaki, Shinichi Tauchi, Jürgen Machann, Tobias Haueise, Yosuke Yamamoto, Mitsuru Dohke, Nagisa Hanawa, Yoshihisa Kodama, Akio Katanuma, Norbert Stefan, Andreas Fritsche, Andreas L Birkenfeld, Róbert Wagner, Martin Heni

Fat Distribution Patterns and Future Type 2 Diabetes

Lore Wagner, Ralf Veit, Louise Fritsche, Hans-Ulrich Häring, Andreas Fritsche, Andreas L Birkenfeld, Martin Heni, Hubert Preissl, Stephanie Kullmann

Sex differences in central insulin action: Effect of intranasal insulin on neural food cue reactivity in adults with normal weight and overweight

Norbert Stefan, Katrin Sippel, Martin Heni, Andreas Fritsche, Robert Wagner, Carolin E M Jakob, Hubert Preißl, Alexander von Werder, Yascha Khodamoradi , Stefan Borgmann, Maria Madeleine Rüthrich, Frank Hanses, Martina Haselberger, Christiane Piepel, Martin Hower, Jürgen Vom Dahl, Kai Wille, Christoph Römmele, Janne Vehreschild, Melanie Stecher, Michele Solimena, Michael Roden, Annette Schürmann, Baptist Gallwitz, Martin Hrabe de Angelis, David S Ludwig, Matthias B Schulze, Bjoern Erik Ole Jensen, Andreas L Birkenfeld

Obesity and Impaired Metabolic Health Increase Risk of COVID-19-Related Mortality in Young and Middle-Aged Adults to the Level Observed in Older People: The LEOSS Registry

Slim in the long run - How to defeat the yoyo effect?

Swr betrifft, 45 min.

Woman using glucometer on blue background, top view

Sugar in the blood - the underestimated danger of diabetes

Anyone who wants to avoid type 2 diabetes should do one thing above all: give sugar a wide berth. But that's not so easy. Sugar in foods is well hidden, and not all well-intentioned dietary recommendations lead to success.

Obesity overweight diabetes fitness abdomen adult background

How unhealthy is body fat?

abnehmen durch training

How can I lower my risk of diabetes?

concept of intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet, weight loss. fork and knife crossed on a plate

Healthy diet for beginners

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German Center for Diabetes Research

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Pandemic : Covid-19 consequences: Charter market in a state of emergency

Andreas Fritsch

 ·  24.03.2020

Pandemic: Covid-19 consequences: Charter market in a state of emergency

The coronavirus crisis has been hitting the charter market with unprecedented severity for weeks now. Fleet operators and agencies across the board are reporting an almost complete standstill in bookings, with many existing contracts having to be postponed or cancelled.

However, the Germans are proving to be encouragingly crisis-proof: "I've been in the charter business for 30 years now and have experienced a lot. But the way customers are reacting now is simply impressive," says Dirk Kadach, Head of Marketing at 1. Klasse Yachten in Heiligenhafen. "Almost everyone has reacted flexibly and kindly, showing understanding for our situation and rebooking instead of cancelling. Our ports on the Baltic Sea are now closed until 19 April. We are offering customers other dates this year or in 2021." The boats are ready to go at the jetty, as he shows in a YouTube video.

Nevertheless, the situation is now becoming more difficult because the season is starting at the North German bases in Mallorca and Croatia. In Spain, the authorities have extended the state of emergency and thus also the closure of the ports until 11 April - rebooking before cancelling is the trend there too. The same applies to Croatia: although the government there has not imposed an entry ban, Germans would have to go into a 14-day home quarantine after entering the country, meaning that travelling has become virtually impossible.

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But in the Mediterranean, flights are of course a second problem. It is difficult to estimate whether customers will be able to get them at a later date without any problems. As soon as the crisis subsides, the travel market is likely to pick up again with considerable catch-up potential, and flights could then become a scarce commodity.

  Klaus Pitter

In the industry, the preference for rebooking cruises is very clear: the vast majority of fleet operators offer such rebookings, such as Pitter Yachting in Croatia, Sun Charter or VPM/Bestsail for all bases. In addition, many companies are very accommodating to customers who are still hesitant about booking a holiday: "We currently only require a 10 per cent deposit for a booking instead of the usual 30 to 50 per cent. And the final payment only has to be made two or three weeks before the start of the cruise, so that customers don't have to worry about booking in late summer or autumn," says Klaus Pitter, Managing Director and co-owner of Pitter Yachting. Each company goes its own way, customers should check the providers' websites or ask their agency.

At this point, the dilemma of charter customers becomes apparent: those who have already booked a charter are faced with the question of what to do: Rebook? Cancel? Every day, the YACHT editorial team receives questions from worried sailors: Can I cancel free of charge because there is now a worldwide travel warning from the German Foreign Office? Others enquire whether they should pay the second instalment of a charter or not. Still others are asking whether they should book a holiday later in the year or wait and see how the coronavirus crisis develops.

From a legal perspective, there is bad news for customers who have concluded a normal bareboat charter. As their contract is not governed by the very customer-friendly travel law, but almost always by the rental law (exceptions are often berth charters, flotillas or fun regattas), the new law means that they will not be able to take out a bareboat charter, Global travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office This does not automatically mean that they are entitled to reimbursement of their travelling expenses. Benyamin Tanis from the law firm Ben Tanis/von der Mosel in Kiel, who dealt with the issue on behalf of VDC, explains how tricky the situation is.

"There are basically two variants in the corona crisis. One involves the 'impossibility' of providing a service, i.e. the provision of a boat, for example because the destination country of the voyage has closed the harbours or imposed a regional quarantine. As a rule, this would amount to a refund of the payments made because the fleet operator is unable to provide its service." However, this would be different if the coronavirus crisis were to be categorised as a "cessation of the basis of business" on both sides. "Then, according to EU law, a 'balancing of interests' would have to take place. As a rule, this would also mean that both sides would not have to fulfil their obligations and payments already made would be reimbursed. However, in the event of a dispute, this must be clarified by the court at the place of the contract. However, this is usually not worthwhile due to high legal, translation and travelling costs. Of course, fleet operators abroad would also be aware of this.

The corona pandemic is a case of force majeure, which makes it legally complicated. It can be difficult to simply cancel the contract with full reimbursement of costs. Customers should take a critical look at how to proceed. The easiest way is certainly to contact the fleet operator and/or the agency and discuss postponing the date of the cruise; most companies are happy to do this at no extra cost. However, some companies, such as the French Dream Yacht Charter, reserve the right to demand the possible and usual increase in the price list as a surcharge if you postpone to 2021.

If the skipper or crew are unable to reschedule, the only option is to cancel the existing contract. If this is later than the current dates for port and travel closures in individual countries, for example in France or Spain until April, it will be expensive: "Then the cancellation rules from the terms and conditions of the charter contract apply," says Christian Zaloudek, board member of the Association of German Yacht Charter Companies (VDC). "Most contracts stipulate deadlines of four to six weeks before the start of the trip at the latest." If the charter crew cancels, the deposit or part of it is often due as a fee.

Another problem is that some fleet operators may no longer be in a position to refund all deposits so shortly before the cruise. The ships are already serviced and in the water, the berths booked and paid for, as are insurance policies and staff salaries. It may well be that many companies do not have the necessary liquidity to pay. If the crisis continues into the summer, it is possible that some companies will run into difficulties.

Many are already taking massive countermeasures, and many fleet operators are talking about short-time working or forced leave for staff. How do company owners view the uncertain future? Klaus Pitter from Pitter Yachting is quite open about this. "Of course, we would all like the season to start in June, but to be honest, I'm now expecting August. The only problem with the charter industry is that, unlike industrial companies, we can't simply make up for the loss after the slump by working extra hours or extra shifts. The weeks we lose in spring are lost."

However, the Austrian also believes he is well equipped to withstand a whole year of crisis if necessary. "Most of our ships belong to owners, so the burden of the downturn is spread across many shoulders. Only very few owners have financed their boat with high loans, most of them can withstand a longer lean period. This is of course different for pure investor companies that own all the ships." Pitter is crisis-tested; the company survived the Balkan War in the 1990s.

It is no secret that the markets in Croatia and Italy in particular are considered difficult due to the high level of competition. However, no insolvencies have been reported to date. However, they also have advantages: "I believe that when things start up again, the Croatian market will be the first to pick up again, as the easy car journey is unbeatable on the Mediterranean," says Klaus Pitter. Marc Rosendahl from Sun Charter, which has a base in Pula and elsewhere, has a similar view: "During the crisis, people have also learnt that sailing as an individual form of travel is much safer than the cruise industry, for example, where hundreds of customers had to spend weeks in forced quarantine on the ships!"

For the charter industry, the next few months are likely to be the most nerve-wracking in its history. When will the number of infections fall? When will lockdowns be lifted? When will business normalise again? Will the state help quickly and unbureaucratically with loans, tax deferrals or subsidies? In France, for example, the state is said to have suspended customers' cancellation rights in order to protect the travel industry. In Germany, too, discussions on similar steps are reportedly already underway behind the scenes. Whatever the final outcome, the next two or three months are likely to be the toughest test of their existence for many companies.

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  14. Are tablets suitable for as little as 300 euros?

    Photo: Andreas Fritsch/YACHT Lack of computing power: If the tablet has less than less than four gigabytes, there are grey edges in some apps. With the Navionics app, however, it runs smoothly and without any problems. We know from testing experience and also from the manufacturer NV-Verlag that the application requires a relatively large ...

  15. DACHSER appoints Andreas Fritsch as Managing Director European

    Andreas Fritsch will lead and further expand DACHSERs German business with the transport and storage of industrial goods as Managing Director European Logistics Germany from 1 January 2023. The experienced general manager of the logistics centre Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Bad Salzuflen near Bielefeld will take over this area of responsibility from COO Road Logistics Alexander Tonn who has led the ...

  16. Unser Team

    Vorhang auf für das Team der Fritsch Consulting Group! ANDREAS FRITSCH. Executive Coach, Trainer Moderator, Leadership Entwicklung, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Talententwicklung (TMA, PCM) GABRIELLA FRITSCH. Coach, Mediatorin Eingetragene Mediatorin, Konflikt- und Krisenmanagement,

  17. Webinar on 15.02.2024 : Greece sailing area guide for ...

    Andreas Fritsch · 01.01.2024. A yacht sails off Amorgos | A. Fritsch/YACHT ... This is exactly what YACHT editor Andreas Fritsch to you in a webinar. He is head of the travel and charter department at YACHT, has been sailing in the Aegean for 25 years and is the author of a guide to Greece. Contents of the seminar: Starting harbours: ...

  18. Institut AIFB

    M.Sc. Andreas Fritsch Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter; Tel.:+49 721 608-44522; Email: andreas fritsch∂kit edu; Raum: 1A-18 (Geb. 05.20) Sprechstunde: Do, 13:00 bis 14:00 Uhr. Forschungsgruppe: Betriebliche Informationssysteme (nach Vereinbarung) vCard; Forschung und Innovation. Mein Forschungsschwerpunkt liegt auf der Integration von ...

  19. Andreas Fritsche

    Prof. Andreas Fritsche Head of Division "Prevention and Therapy of Type 2 Diabetes" +49 7071 29-85669. Email me . Fields of Work and Expertise. Prevention Insulin therapy . Professional Background. 2016 Professorship Nutritional medicine and prevention at the University Tübingen ...

  20. Pandemic : Covid-19 consequences: Charter market in a state ...

    Closed ports, cancellations, booking freezes - the charter industry is battling the virus. What customers need to know and can do now