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  1. Genoa Sheet-Lead Control Systems

    From Antal, we tested the 150-size genoa lead (model 4654), which sports a 60-millimeter sheave and is recommended for sailboats up to 42 feet, along with the model 4520 anodized-aluminum track. Garhauer submitted two of its lead cars (EZ-G3 and EZ-G3B), as did Harken, which sent the G274B and G2747B for review.

  2. Genoa Cars

    Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats. Rig-Rite, Inc. Phone: (001) 401-739-1140 -- FAX: (001) 401-739-1149 Ordering/Questions: Genoa (Jib) Cars: These Genoa Cars (Genoa Slides, Jib Cars, Genoa Lead Blocks) are designed to fit on a variety of different Tracks, and are held in position on the track either by a spring or screw ...

  3. Genoa Lead Car Systems

    Genoa lead cars allow sailors to change the sheeting angle of the genoa so the sail has a more efficient shape. Not only for racers, people with furling genoas need adjustable leads when genoas are partially furled. Cars are available in both T-track and ball bearing configurations. Typical Boat Length: Small Boat: 22' - 28' (6.7 - 8.5 m)

  4. Sailboat Traveler Cars, Tracks & Hardware

    5. 6. Fisheries Supply is your premier supplier of sailboat traveler track and cars from trusted brands like Harken, Lewmar, Schaefer and Ronstan. We offer a full range of quality traveler hardware including complete kits, multiple sizes of track, control ends, traveler cars, blocks, end stops and more - everything you need to run your genoa ...

  5. Sail Trim: Rigging Adjustable Sheet Leads

    However, my boat is a child of the '80s, and her old genoa track isn't compatible with the fancy roller-bearing genoa cars of today. And neither, if I'm to be totally honest about it, is my wallet. (A rough calculation for new tracks, cars, track ends, jammers and lines comes out at over $1,000.)

  6. Genoa cars and sliders for 32mm track

    A popular range of genoa cars and sliders designed to run on 32mm (11/4") 'T' track. All are manufactured from high quality marine grade aluminium and finished with our unique 'Spectro' grey anodised finish for added protection. All cars and sliders featured on these pages have moulded nylon inserts to ensure free, smooth running under load and ...

  7. Travelers, Tracks & Genoa Cars

    Travelers, Tracks & Genoa Cars. Shop a full range of Travelers, Tracks & Genoa Cars at MAURIPRO Sailing Store. Includes technical support, low prices and free shipping on orders over $99.

  8. Ronstan Sail Tracks, Cars & Travelers| Fisheries Supply

    19 mm I-Beam Track End. SKU: 173706 | Item ID: RON RC61980. Special Order Only. 1-39 results of 39. Upgrade your sail control with Ronstan tracks & travelers! Find jib, genoa & mainsheet systems for smooth sail adjustments. Durable, efficient & built for all boat sizes.

  9. Travelers & Genoa Leads

    32 mm Big Boat Mainsheet/genoa cars End controls/track Cars: 1361 - 2041 kg MWL. Travelers & Genoa Leads Windward Sheeting High-strength aluminum Designed for racing 386 - 2041 kg MWL 22 - 32 mm. Travelers & Genoa Leads CRX Roller Captive Torlon® rollers PCRX system pivots 1497 - 15000 kg MWL

  10. Genoa Cars for 1" T-Track

    Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats. Rig-Rite, Inc. ... Twin-sheet Genoa Car for 1" T-Track - Silver: Sch 32-88: Twin-Sheet Lead Block for 1" T-Track has clear Anodized finish and 1 1/2" wide Aluminum sheave on Nomex/Teflon Bearing for low-friction and high-strength. Extruded Aluminum Slide is (maximum) 3 1/4" long x 1 5/16" wide and ...

  11. How to Set a Genoa Sail Car

    First, the Genoa is a good-sized sail, and it will propel your boat forward by deflecting or "bending" the wind, from the wind's initial direction to a different direction that is more aft. In effect, the Genoa (or any sail generating LIFT) is "throwing air" backwards, which has the same Newton's Laws effect as throwing bricks or sandbags over ...

  12. Genoa Cars for 1 1/4" T-Track

    These Genoa Cars or Slides (Jib Slides, Jib Cars, Jib or Genoa Lead Blocks) are designed to fit on US Standard 1 1/4" T-Track (1 1/4" x 3/16") and are held in position on the track either by a spring or screw pin, or by means of a line control system. Racing boats, will often use a line control system, for ease of use and precise adjustment.

  13. DIY: Replacing Track

    That gave a figure of 1,590lb, well inside the 2,300lb maximum working load (MWL) of Harken's G273B midrange genoa car. In 40 knots with a 336ft2 sail, equal to a 100 percent jib, the loading is just a tad above MWL at 2,317lb. Dialing the wind speed up to 45 knots and the sail area down to a prudent 200 ft2 gave me a sheet load of 1,746lb.

  14. Genoa Car Systems

    The Genoa Car Track is fitted along the side deck so that the angle and the length covers both extremes of controlling the shape of the jib, genoa, yankee or any other foresail, and especially furling headsails. Basics: As far aft as possible to get the correct sheeting angle with the sail sheeted hard in while a yacht is close hauled.

  15. Quality Sailboat Genoa Car systems from Duck & Sail store

    12.87€. Add to Cart. Showing 1 to 24 of 24 (1 Pages) Duck & Sail provides to you and for your yacht the excellent Sailboat Genoa Car systems delivered straight from our European warehouses. Save your money for fun in the sun and order Sailboat Genoa Car systems on-line with the best price. With passion.

  16. The Genoa Sail Explained: A Complete Guide

    A Genoa is a headsail extending past and overlapping the mast. Genoas are typically larger than 115% of the foretriangle, with sizes varying between 120% and 150%. This sail is often combined with a smaller main sail on masthead-rigged bluewater vessels but is also common on modern fractionally rigged vessels.


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  18. Schaefer Tracks & Traveler Systems

    Schaefer tracks, constructed from thick-walled, hardcoat anodized aluminum, offer exceptional corrosion resistance, while heavy-duty traveler cars with captive stainless steel ball bearings handle high-impact loads from maneuvers like jibing. Delrin ball bearing sheaves minimize friction, and fast release cam cleats allow for easy sail adjustments.

  19. Lewmar Traveler Parts & Systems

    1-45 results of 58. Lewmar products. So don't settle for less than Lewmar when it comes to your traveler system. Upgrade or repair your Lewmar traveler! Find parts for old & new Lewmar mainsheet & genoa cars, tracks, systems. Expert advice & fast shipping for smooth sailing.

  20. Sunrise Yachts Sponsor 2011 Moscow International Boat Show (MIBS)

    Sunrise Yachts, a luxury yacht building company which is based in Turkey, has been made a main sponsor of next year's 2011 Moscow International Boat Show (MIBS). The four-day Russian yacht show event is currently scheduled to run from April 14-17 at the Moscow's Crocus exhibition centre.

  21. Ferretti Group announces its presence at Moscow Boat Show 2013

    The Ferretti Group, one of the world top companies specializing in the design, building and sale of motor yachts, with an amazing portfolio of eight of the most exclusive and prominent brands, is thrilled to announce its participation in the Moscow Boat Show 2013. From 12 to 17 March, two of the Group fleet's most successful yachts will be presented as absolute premieres for the Russian ...

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    Moscow Boat Show provided the perfect platform from which to preview new products, evaluate market trends, and establish long-lasting and commercially profitable partnerships. Despite the dynamic changes taking place in Russia and the rapid growth of the yachting sector, the show continued to complement and reflect the industry's demand and ...