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An inexhaustible source of adventure, Australia is the quintessential superyacht destination. Overflowing with iconic destinations that bask in the country’s infectious laid-back style, it is no wonder Australia is an enduring favourite for sport, adventure and natural wonders.

 With an eclectic mix of unique experiences, there are memories to be made in Australia that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Escape to a country that in one moment will leave you in awe at its untouched natural beauty, and the next throw you into the very heart of the some of the world’s most exhilarating events. Beaches are more than a spectacular blend of sand and sea in this colourful country; they’re a lifestyle and inhabit every piece of Australia’s coastal character, from the boho fashion of the locals to the delicious seafood cuisine served in waterfront restaurants.

Australia boasts an all-year-round cruising calendar, outstanding tourism experiences and world-renowned refit and maintenance facilities that welcome the global superyacht fleet. For those willing to indulge their inner hedonist, Australia is the ultimate superyacht playground.

Unique experiences, all-year-round

Summer and Winter cruising seasons afford Australia an irresistible outdoor spirit that lasts 365 days a year – rather fortunate given the abundance of experiences that await…

A country surrounded by water, Australia is a superyacht haven. Ranging from unspoilt, secluded stretches of glowing white sands to towel-strewn golden paradises and rough surfing havens, beach-lovers will never be disappointed here. Diversity reigns supreme in this huge island nation, where a cruising itinerary can encompass an amazing range of sights not found anywhere else in the world.

From the stunning coral reefs of Queensland, to the spectacular waterways of New South Wales and the crocodile-filled waterholes of the Northern Territory, Australia is a truly unique yachting experience. The kaleidoscopic colours of the Great Barrier Reef are the pinnacle of any diver’s fantasy. From Port Douglas down to Bundaberg stretches 300,000 square kilometres of coral cays, brimming with marine treasures and exquisite sea life. There is simply no better destination for water-based activities.

Not all of the adventure is concentrated at sea. Step inland and discover Australia’s diverse flora and fauna, along with a rich Aboriginal culture. Stop off to play with kangaroos, koalas and wombats or sample fine wines at one of Australia’s exemplary vineyards. The rugged beauty of The Kimberley and Tropical North Queensland presents the opportunity to learn something new. Immerse yourself in 50,000-year-old Aboriginal rock art, brush up on your bush tucker skills or get an awe-inspiring perspective of it all from the sky.

For those who can’t stay too long away from the hustle and bustle of a city, world-class marina facilities in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne can take you right back into the action. Sydney is perfect for a long weekend of luxury comforts, fine dining, and high-end shopping. New Year’s Eve onboard a superyacht with the backdrop of Sydney’s Opera House and Harbour Bridge is certainly one for every owner’s bucket list. Head down to Melbourne, the events capital, for some of the world’s best events. From the Harbour, you are a short tender cruise from the major sporting events held throughout the year, including the Grand Prix, Melbourne Cup and Australian Open. Alternatively, a short walk down the newly renovated dockside will bring you to the Marvel Stadium, where leading artists flock to perform.

Indulge in infinite luxury

No matter where in the country your itinerary may take you, Australia’s highlife is never far away.

Premium superyacht marinas scattered across the islands lead into luxurious five-star resorts, leaving your yacht in good care while you delve into an authentic barefoot island retreat. Ideal for groups carrying a wide demographic, the Whitsunday Islands offer everything from chic beach glamour to high-octane water sports.

Should you wish to venture into Australia’s richly diverse regions, the Luxury Lodges of Australia will welcome you in sumptuous style. A collection of the finest lodges and camps around Australia, Luxury Lodges offers over 250 individual experiences and activities that connect guests to Australia’s most breath-taking locations, unlocking their curiosity and adventure-seeking spirit. The standards of comfort and service in Australia’s high-end heritage sites are parallel to that of a stay onboard one of the finest superyachts. Whether overlooking the Ningaloo Reef on Australia’s West Coast, staying in the world-renowned Barossa Valley wine region in Southern Australia or dining underneath the iconic Ayers Rock in the World Heritage listed Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, the Lodges deliver a truly special experience.

If you prefer not to stray too far from the natural playground of the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns and the Whitsunday Islands offer a selection of high-end luxury resorts. Surrounded by a bewitching blend of sublime landscapes, intriguing marine life and infinitely perfect anchorages, the tropical coast marinas offer something for every superyacht party. Superyacht owners have enthused that being able to explore the coastal towns without the need for a security detail has added a special touch to their Australian exploits.

World-class superyacht facilities

Nowhere else in the world can a superyacht sit so detached and isolated yet still be within a short cruise from premier, state-of-the-art shipyard facilities. Australia has a thriving refit and maintenance industry that has benefitted recently from significant investment to cater to larger vessels, meaning no project is too complex.

All along the East Coast there is an array of shipyards that constantly makes sure the South Pacific superyacht fleet is well serviced and pristine. The capabilities available are not to be understated. In Cairns, the world’s largest Mobile Boat Hoist at BSE Maritime Solutions gives the area significant pulling, and lifting, power. The City can accommodate superyachts of up to 140m in length, while highly experienced agents take great care in providing everything needed for a seamless transition from or to life at sea. Cairns itself provides the perfect setting for a superyacht homeport, situated between the Wet Tropics Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, two World Heritage listed natural wonders.

Queensland’s vibrant South East region boasts a similarly impressive offering. The well-established facilities in Brisbane and the Gold Coast have given the green light to significant investments as they prepare for an influx of visiting superyachts. Rivergate Marina & Shipyard has its own prominent international reputation, having completed over 250 superyacht projects since opening in 2006. Rivergate’s positioning on the Brisbane River provides easy access to both the bustling city and the immaculate cruising grounds of Australia and the South Pacific.

The Australia Marine Complex in Henderson, Western Australia is home to Echo Yachts and Silver Yachts, both multi-award-winning superyacht builders with glowing international reputations. The delivery of 84m trimaran White Rabbit by Echo Yachts in 2018 earned worldwide acclaim for reimagining the possibilities of comfort and efficiency onboard a superyacht. Superyacht projects undertaken in Australia not only benefit from the thousands of specialised trades that surround each facility and the historic expertise in aluminium, but also from the significant exchange rate advantage of the Australian Dollar.

New possibilities

With the intimacy of a small island and the might of a first world country, Australia is the South Pacific superyacht hub with a perfect balance to ensure there is never a dull moment. Some of the world’s largest superyachts frequent the sanctuary of Tropical North Queensland’s marinas as a homeport and gateway to the excitement of the South Pacific islands. Hollywood star Will Smith became the first to officially charter a foreign flagged superyacht in Australia following the passage of new legislation in 2019. Since then, interest in superyacht charters has blossomed from the tropical northern areas down to the isolated splendour of Tasmania.

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White rabbit golf is the biggest super-yacht to be built in australia.

INSIDE a gigantic shed on the southern Perth coastline, hundreds of dedicated workers have joined forces to save Australia’s super yacht industry and make nautical history in the process.

When complete, they can lay claim to having helped create the biggest aluminium trimaran super yacht in the world.

At 84m long (longer than Perth’s Swan Bell Tower is tall) and 19m wide, and with enough accommodation for 22 guests and 30 crew, it will also be the biggest super yacht built in Australia.

The team, which numbered more than 300 at the peak of the project, is due to finish its three-and-a-half-year mission to deliver this dream vessel, dubbed White Rabbit Golf, to a wealthy Singaporean client before the middle of next year.

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Echo Yachts, based at Henderson, is undertaking the prestigious job, which director Mark Stothard said was a lifeline for Australia’s super yacht industry.

Echo Yachts director Mark Stothard.

“We feel very fortunate we were chosen. It has reinvigorated the super yacht industry and we’ve had a number of opportunities off the back of this project,” he said. “Echo Yachts and Hanseatic are the only super yacht builders left in Australia.

“We brought in some retired crew to impart their knowledge down the line so that we can make sure we’ve got an industry like this intact and we can take on vessels like this in the future.

“If we hadn’t have got this project a lot of the knowledge would have been lost.”

Mr Stothard, who has sold almost $1 billion worth of boats over 30 years and owns the luxury cruise vessel True North together with founding director Craig Howson, said working on White Rabbit Golf and its 46m-long shadow vessel, which is already in Singapore and can carry an additional 22 people, was the pinnacle of his career.

This is the biggest super-yacht to be built in Australia and it's being constructed in WA.

“I live and breathe this sort of work and this has been rewarding all the way through,” he said. “Working on the vessel will no doubt be the pinnacle of a lot of people’s careers. In ship-building terms, it’s quite unusual because it’s diesel-electric.

“The design and engineering innovation that’s gone into it really gave people the chance to explore boundaries.”

One2three Naval Architects in Sydney did a lot of research to come up with the right structure.

Internationally renowned Fremantle-based super yacht designer Sam Sorgiovanni, who worked on a super yacht for golfer Greg Norman, is behind the White Rabbit Golf’s interior and exterior styling.

“There’s no question that in terms of Australia’s industry, it’s the biggest and greatest thing we’ve ever worked on,” Mr Sorgiovanni said. “The fact it’s a trimaran makes it unique in the industry.”

The interior will have an art deco overtone with some gold accents. Everything has been custom-made, from the hand-selected onyx counter tops in the owner’s and some of the VIP cabins, to the carpets.

“It’s the pinnacle of personalisation, right down to the cushions and cutlery,” Mr Sorgiovanni said.

Mr Stothard said the White Rabbit Golf had a lot of “wow” factor, including a mirror finish all over the vessel.

“It will take three years to paint it in total,” he said.

The shadow vessel, MY Charley, is an impressive talking point in its own right and “carries all the toys” that the client, a keen scuba diver, requires. A helipad, hovercraft, 12m catamaran and decompression chamber are some of the stand-outs.

The shadow vessel has been getting a workout since it was handed over in January. “He (the client) loves it and uses it a lot,” Mr Stothard said.

“It’s always nice to fulfil someone’s dream.”

The White Rabbit Golf

Weight 3000 tonnes

Carries 22 guests and 30 crew

mega yacht australia

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Yacht enthusiasts at the Superyacht Soiree at Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney on 11 March 2023

‘Yachts at the top’: power, privacy and privilege in the world of Australian superyachts

Superyachts are floating markers of power and luxury, and sales are booming. As Australia hopes to lure more of the vessels and their elite clientele, what do we know about this world?

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Visible from the footpath at the water’s edge, the superyachts berthed at Melbourne City Marina bob gently up and down, their sleek and shiny exteriors reflecting the placid waters below.

For me, and most people on this planet, this is about as close as we are likely to get to a superyacht. In Australia, that’s a pleasurecraft longer than 24 metres. Internationally, the starting length is 30 metres. The City of Melbourne recently spent $1.97m upgrading Victoria Harbour, including its four superyacht berths, to fit vessels up to 67 metres long. But for the tiny portion of the world’s ultra wealthy for whom superyacht size is a matter of concern, 67 metres is fairly moderate. The longest privately owned superyacht in the world is the 180-metre Azzam, reportedly built for the former president of the United Arab Emirates , the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Superyachts are markers of power and extravagance. They are floating, transportable six-star hotels, capable of including everything from nail parlours to gyms, helipads and boardrooms, marble bathrooms and priceless art, as well as what the industry calls “toys” – from jet skis worth the equivalent of the average Australian worker’s salary to private submarines worth millions.

In a recent memoir, the longtime Australian seafarer and superyacht captain Brendan O’Shannassy writes: “Until space travel becomes a commercial reality, [superyachts] are the greatest display of wealth on the planet.”

Yacht enthusiasts at the Superyacht Soiree at Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney on 11 March 2023

For all their capacity to allow long-distance travel in extreme luxury, though, superyachts aren’t frequent visitors to Australian waters. The local industry has been lobbying to change that, and state and federal governments have made superyacht-friendly moves, hitching millions of dollars in public infrastructure upgrades and tax concessions to claims that these will bring millions in economic benefits to every port in which a vessel makes anchor.

But despite public money going towards establishing and upgrading infrastructure that is only accessible to the very privileged few, there’s been little public scrutiny of this elite industry.

S uperyachts are not super common, although their numbers are growing. Sales company Edmiston recently estimated that the global fleet comprised a total of 5,892 vessels – representing an increase of 44% over the last decade. Most of those yachts are between 30 and 50 metres (4,957); 13% are between 50 and 80 metres (753) and 3% are over 80 metres (182).

There are only about 120 superyachts owned by Australians, concentrated mostly around Sydney Harbour and south-east Queensland. About half of them are charter vessels. It’s likely all of them have, at some point, been through Captain Richard Morris’s hands.

Fresh off the plane from the Dubai Boat Show, Morris tells Guardian Australia that he got his start in the merchant navy at 17, before landing a job as a deckhand two years later on the 86-metre superyacht Nabila, owned by the influential and extravagant Saudi arms dealer, fixer and liaison of presidents and tycoons Adnan Khashoggi. Nabila was Khashoggi’s third yacht and the height of ostentatious luxury when it launched in 1980. Its 100 rooms included Italian hand-carved onyx bathrooms, a patisserie, a movie theatre, a hair salon, a hospital with an operating theatre, and 320 metres of Italian leather upholstery. When Khashoggi’s empire began to decay in the late 80s, he sold Nabila to Donald Trump for $29m – considered a bargain – with the businessman who would later become US president renaming the yacht the Trump Princess .

Morris, meanwhile, left Nabila after a year and began building his own career as a seafarer, becoming a captain at just 27 and a master mariner. He moved ashore in 1999 and was hired by NSW Maritime to build a new superyacht marina in Rozelle Bay.

Superyacht captain Richard Morris

“That was the beginning of superyachting in Australia,” Morris says. “Prior to that, only a few people here had superyachts, because there was the tall poppy syndrome – high net wealth Australians were reluctant to show their extreme wealth.”

The Sydney Olympics in 2000 changed that, Morris says. The marina development was partly to accommodate the super wealthy who were planning to bring their yachts down for the Games. Morris managed the marina for the next decade, before moving into local superyacht sales and charters.

The Sydney experience is one that the industry is keen to replicate for the forthcoming Brisbane Olympics. The mining magnate Gina Rinehart may have been lampooned by the public in 2021 when she complained that she had nowhere to moor her yacht in Brisbane , but the Queensland Labor government appears to agree it should invest in more superyacht infrastructure. It’s had a multiyear superyacht strategy since 2018, and in May last year it was updated and extended to take the Olympics into account.

Its listed achievements so far include $28m to upgrade the Cairns Marine Precinct, $2.87m for a 160-metre superyacht berth on the Gold Coast, and planning for 80-metre superyacht facilities and additional marinas in new developments on the Spit. Its stated goal is for Queensland to be “world recognised as the major superyacht hub in the Asia-Pacific region”. Economic modelling for industry lobby group Superyacht Australia argues the 2032 Games presents “an unparalleled opportunity to springboard the sector on to the global stage and demonstrate the prosperity the sector can support in Australia”. It hopes Australia will reach 8% of the global market – that’s 533 vessels – in the next three years, which it says will yield hundreds of millions of dollars in direct economic benefits.

Yacht enthusiasts at the Superyacht Soiree at Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney on 11 March 2023

Until just prior to the pandemic, superyachts could not come to Australia without the owner paying a hefty tax on the vessel, with the visiting multimillion-dollar vessels treated as though they were being imported permanently into the country. That changed with the passage of the Special Recreational Vessels Act 2019. The act, which relieves the owner of having to pay import duties including GST, was hitched as a rider to various unrelated bills by the Coalition government until it was passed as a standalone just before Christmas in 2019.

The legislation allows foreign vessels to be chartered while in Australian waters, with GST payable only on the charter itself.

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The then member for the Queensland seat of Dawson, George Christensen, claimed it as a pet project. “I have been very, very pushy in getting this legislation to come forward,” Christensen said at the time.

Christensen claimed the bill was “just about ensuring that local communities can get some of the coin that these people drop”. Labor passed the bill with minor amendments.

Since then, six superyachts have applied for a temporary licence, with just four making the trip.

‘It’s your world’

The industry estimates that the local market for superyacht charter or purchase is 1% of the population. It sees it as a subset of the cruise market, which is estimated to capture about 5% of Australians.

It’s hard to ignore the symbolism of that figure, the 1%. Morris’s anecdotes help to illustrate just how that plays out in practice. In 2011, the manager of U2 called him, he recalls, hoping to find a suitable superyacht for the band who were dissatisfied with the crowds at the Park Hyatt. (He was unable to find one that met the band’s specific desires.) That same year, Morris put up the actor Kevin Spacey in the 37-metre Tango during Spacey’s run as Richard III in Sam Mendes’s production that toured Sydney’s Lyric theatre.

“Dinner was at 1am and [Spacey’s] guests would leave at 4am. Then the yacht would move to Rose Bay and he’d sleep till midday, and then come back and do it all again,” Morris says.

“It’s an option for these very high-profile people. They’re anchored in the middle of the harbour. The level of security and discretion that a superyacht provides is much better than any hotel. They can control their world. And that’s the essence of yachting – it’s your world.”

When Covid lockdowns hit, owners of superyachts raced to their vessels, escaping up to the Great Barrier Reef instead of staying at home, Morris says. The associated freedom saw a boom in superyacht sales in 2021 . Since the onset of the war in Ukraine, however, superyachts have also become associated with sanctioned Russian oligarchs. Not without reason: they represented 30% of the global market. Documents recently revealed, for example, that the former Chelsea FC boss Roman Abramovich owned 16 superyachts , a full eight of which were support vessels for the 162.5-metre A$649.5m Eclipse he’d had built in 2010.

Morris says there were Russians who had planned to come to Australia prior to the war – one of whom was going to contract him to manage his yacht. It would have put millions through his business. The sanctions, though, have “put the fear of God through the industry”, he says.

“If I was managing a Russian yacht I would have gotten rid of it. It’s so lucrative, though, that a lot of people didn’t. I’m glad that the Russian client didn’t come. Sure, I missed out on huge revenue, but that’s not the point.”

T he 2032 Olympics aren’t the local industry’s only goal. Another is to bring more vessels to Australia to make use of the shipyards – mainly in Queensland and Western Australia – for maintenance, retrofitting and building. Another still is to increase the number of Australians joining the superyacht workforce.

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On Facebook groups like Superyacht Crew , keen industry up-and-comers post pictures of themselves – snorkelling, in uniform, sipping a glass of wine in a party dress – alongside their formal qualifications and experience. The semi-casual CV comes with added notes about the seafarer’s personality, including whether or not they have tattoos (being tattoo-free appears to be a selling point).

Employment standards, however, can vary. Commercially registered yachts available for charter, which usually have permanent captain and crew despite the rotating guest list, are bound by the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, which lays out minimum standards of employment, including legally enforceable contracts, maximum working hours per week, shore leave and annual leave entitlements, and the right to return to your country of residence for free. Enforcement of those standards is the responsibility of the country under whose flag the ship sails, and yachts chartering out of Australia need to be registered here.

Private yachts are a different story. They are not automatically covered by the Maritime Labour Convention, and employment contracts are often managed by owners’ personal office staff. Non-disclosure agreements are common, and rumours abound that upsetting the wrong people on board can see you unceremoniously dumped at the nearest port.

Superyacht crew in Australia are not covered by any union-based collective bargaining agreements. The Maritime Union of Australia national secretary, Paddy Crumlin, tells Guardian Australia that the MUA doesn’t have a real presence among the superyacht labour force, but alleges exploitation and harassment are rife. Morris vehemently rejects this, saying the working conditions on superyachts are “exceptional”, better than cruising or commercial shipping, higher paid, and far exceeding the minimums set by the Maritime Labour Convention.

Guardian Australia was unable to speak to any junior superyacht crew directly, despite attempts, but a survey of 402 superyacht crew members conducted by the International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network in 2018 described them as mainly well paid. More than 90% of survey respondents – male and female – said they felt safe on board, though 53% of female crew said they had experienced discrimination, harassment or bullying from owners, other crew or guests, compared with 30% of men, who most commonly experienced it from captains or other senior crew. The level of work-related stress was high, particularly among women.

No matter who ultimately owns them, private yachts are likely to be flying what the industry calls a “flag of convenience”, which can make standards harder to enforce, as the boat can spend very little, if any, time in its country of registration. Flags of convenience are a common maritime business practice, though, including in cruising and freight. And the results can be ironic: a cursory registry search of some high-profile private superyachts reveals, for example, that the mining magnate Andrew Forrest’s 58.2-metre Pangaea Ocean Explorer – which will shortly carry out environmental surveys on the DNA of ocean life, assisted by $3m in federal funding to Forrest’s Minderoo Foundation – sails under the Jamaican flag. Clive Palmer’s 56-metre $40m yacht, despite being patriotically named Australia , is registered in Malta.

Control, chameleons and seasick fish

What is it that draws the ultra rich to yachting?

“Control,” says David Good, the chief executive of industry peak body Superyachts Australia. “You can control the itinerary, who is on board and what food is going to be served. During the pandemic, when you were on board was probably the only time you could fully take control of who was going to be with you and your family. Covid was probably one of the best things that ever happened to boating in general.”

Superyachts Australia CEO David Good

Sam Sorgiovanni concurs. He’s used to catering to the whims of wealth: a sought-after designer based in Western Australia with about 35 years of experience, Sorgiovanni estimates he’s designed at least 20 superyachts. The biggest challenges usually relate to balancing functionality with the budget constraints of the commissioner. But some design requests are more complicated.

For the Nirvana, Sorgiovanni says his company designed two onboard terrariums for chameleons, water dragons, turtles and frogs, and a separate cricket facility to breed the reptiles’ food. The terrarium included curtains to shield the animals from the disco lights of an adjacent salon. On Anastasia and Barbara – owned by the same Russian billionaire as Nirvana – the designers were asked to include fish tanks. Unfortunately, they later discovered, fish kept in a tank on a boat die – from seasickness.

The origin of most of the super wealth that fuels superyacht ownership is natural resources, Sorgiovanni says. But criticism of the industry, he says, echoing Morris, is “tall poppy syndrome”.

“Yachting is the greatest redistribution of wealth around. Although it is for the privileged few, if you take a 100-metre yacht, there’s 50 crew on board, they’re all being paid, they’ve all got families, and wherever that yacht goes, especially if we’re allowing them to come into charter, as soon as it pulls into port … it would be millions generated every time the vessel comes in,” he says.

“It’s a pyramid. We’ve got the yachts at the top, and a pyramid of suppliers underneath it.”

Yacht enthusiasts at the Superyacht Soiree at Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney

S altwater and air is hard on boats, and superyachts require a lot of money for upkeep, and a lot of maintenance. So when an owner abandons ship, the vessels suddenly become very large and very unwieldy public burdens.

In February, the government of Antigua and Barbuda claimed and put up for auction the 82-metre Alfa Nero, which it said had been abandoned in Falmouth Harbour since early last year. The owner is rumoured to be the Russian oligarch Andrey Guryev; Guryev has denied owning the yacht, according to other reports.

That same month, the 29-metre superyacht Nakoa broke free of its moorings in Honolua Bay in north-west Maui, Hawaii, and drifted before running hard aground in shallow water, peppered by rocks and reef.

The US Coast Guard seized jurisdiction of the yacht after its owner, the charter mogul Jim Jones, informed authorities that he would not organise or pay for the boat’s salvage. Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources said in a series of statements that Jones would instead receive a bill of at least US$460,000 for the salvage effort, and may face further penalties and possible legal action.

Facing widespread criticism, Jones told Honolulu media that he was “taking responsibility” for the matter. “We’ve been talking to the DLNR to let them know we’re not leaving them with the bill,” Jones said. “We’re not running.”

Timely and safe salvage was important to the local community but also to the environment. The grounding occurred just outside a significant marine conservation zone, and the yacht struck and damaged at least 30 corals and live rocks, its hull leaking diesel into the reef. Footage of the wreck circulated on social media, where commenters raged about the fuel seeping into the pristine water and the damage to the reef.

It took contractors three salvage attempts over nearly two weeks to dislodge the 122-tonne Nakoa. On 5 March, three tugboats managed to drag it back into the water. As they set off to tow the yacht to Honolulu, a pod of humpback whales surfaced and escorted the boats out of the bay, away from the marine sanctuary.

The Nakoa never made it back to dock . Halfway to Honolulu, the yacht began listing heavily. Unable to be dragged any further, it was scuttled in the deep channel between the islands of Maui and Molokai, and left to sink to the ocean floor.

The whales swam on.

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Aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef with a naturally heart-shaped coral formation.

Yacht Charter Australia

Vast, varied, and vibrant, an Australia Yacht Charter will bring you a true taste of adventure unlike any other destination.

The coastline of Australia is ideal for the adventurous charterer. Ancient cultures sit side by side with cosmopolitan cities, while natural beauty abounds in the miles of deserted beaches that ring the continent. The Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands are headline acts for yacht charters heading for an Antipodean adventure. From underwater caves for divers to shallow coral gardens for snorkelers, these stunning waters deliver off-the-beaten-path cruising at its most spectacular. These breathtaking excursions seamlessly complement the ultra-luxurious atmosphere of your luxury charter yacht.

A superyacht charter in Australia offers excitement and unbelievable scenery

Embarking on an Australian Yacht Charter unveils a realm of unparalleled adventure, encapsulating the essence of yacht charter Australia. This journey introduces you to the majestic Great Barrier Reef, the serene Whitsunday Islands, and the secluded luxury of private island resorts, offering a luxury yacht charter vacation amidst Australia’s breathtaking natural splendor.

Coastal Wonders and Cultural Riches

The expansive Australian coastline beckons adventurous charterers with its blend of ancient cultures and modern cities, its wild west coast, unspoiled coastal towns, and sites rich in significant Aboriginal heritage. Charter Yachts Australia presents an extraordinary opportunity to navigate Australia’s diverse landscapes, from its wild and rugged coasts to the tranquil waters surrounding private islands.

Marine Majesty and Luxurious Voyages

As you sail aboard luxury yachts, marvel at the marine life flourishing beneath the waves of the incredible Great Barrier Reef. The popular yacht charter destinations along the east coast, including the vibrant cities of Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns, offer a harmonious blend of natural beauty and urban sophistication. Here, exciting cruising destinations like Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island enrich your journey with their unique charm.

From Coral Gardens to Vineyard Valleys

The adventure extends beyond the sea to the secluded bays and spectacular waterfalls of Queensland, where scuba diving and snorkeling in the coral-rich waters introduce you to a vivid underwater world. The luxury charter yacht experience is further enhanced by visits to exclusive Salt Water Restaurants and boutique wine producers, offering a taste of Australia’s exquisite local produce.

Starry Nights and Underwater Wonders

Whitsunday charters reveal the incredible night sky and the vast underwater world home to whale sharks and nestled along western Australia’s coastline. The journey promises encounters with rare species in commercial dive areas and the exploration of iconic Australian landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

A Mosaic of Experiences on the Australian Seas

This yacht in Australia adventure, tailored for luxurious vessels, invites you to discover endless anchorages and key cruising areas, celebrating the nation’s local culture and best local dishes. Whether you’re indulging in action-packed jet skiing, fishing in the Indian Ocean, or exploring the excellent wine regions, an Australian yacht charter offers a mosaic of experiences, making every moment aboard a motor yacht or sailing yacht an unforgettable chapter in your journey.

Get in touch with an Australia yacht broker

If you want to enjoy a luxury yacht charter in Australia aboard a crewed motor yacht, sailing yacht, or catamaran, then get in touch with Northrop & Johnson. We can connect you with the best yachts for charter in Australia, including boats built by the world’s leading luxury yacht builders. Our brokers boast unparalleled destination expertise and will tailor a yacht charter itinerary that is bespoke to you. Contact our team today or browse our luxury yachts for charter.

What other motor yacht charter destinations are near Australia?

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Charter Highlights Australia

  • Dive or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, including the spectacular Cod Hole
  • Venture inland to Hunter Valley and choose from over 90 vineyards for wine-tasting
  • Explore the Aboriginal culture inland
  • Enjoy a private sunset ascent over the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Partake or spectate at the iconic Aussie surf haunt of Byron Bay
  • Hike the Daintree Rainforest, Cairns
  • Dine at the exclusive Salt Water Restaurant

Australia Yacht Charter Itinerary

mega yacht australia

Best Yachts for Charter in Australia

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Yacht charters with Northrop & Johnson start at US$50,000 per week and rise to more than a million for the world’s most luxurious vessels. We have access to the best crewed yachts for charter in Australia from 30-meters. Whether you are seeking a luxurious motor yacht, sailing yacht, or catamaran, our team can connect you with your ideal vessel. If you want to explore one of the world’s most exciting cruising destinations aboard a yacht charter in Australia, contact our team today or browse our luxury yacht rentals.

What's the weather like in Australia?

Australia is a vast country with diverse climate zones, so the weather can vary significantly depending on the region and the time of year.

Northern Australia

The northern regions, including the tropical areas of Queensland, the Northern Territory, and Northern Western Australia, experience a tropical climate characterized by distinct wet and dry seasons. The wet season typically occurs from November to April, with high temperatures, humidity, and heavy rainfall, often accompanied by tropical cyclones. The dry season, from May to October, is characterized by cooler temperatures, lower humidity, and clear skies.

Eastern Australia

The eastern coast, including cities like Sydney and Brisbane, has a temperate climate with mild winters and warm summers. Summers (December to February) are generally warm to hot, with occasional heatwaves and thunderstorms. Winters (June to August) are mild, with cooler temperatures and occasional rainfall.

Central Australia

The central desert regions, such as the Outback and the Northern Territory’s Red Centre, have a dry, arid climate with hot days and cool nights. Summers can be extremely hot, with temperatures soaring above 40°C (104°F), while winters are mild during the day but can be quite cold at night.

Southern Australia

The southern regions, including Adelaide, Melbourne, and Perth, have a Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Summers (December to February) are typically hot and dry, with occasional heatwaves and bushfires. Winters (June to August) are cool and wet, with rainfall more evenly distributed throughout the season.

When you book a luxury yacht charter in Australia with Northrop & Johnson, our charter brokers will advise you on the best region to explore based on the time of year and craft an incredible charter itinerary bespoke to you. Contact our team today.

What marine life can I see during an Australian yacht charter?

The marine life in Australia is diverse, with one of the best marine life destinations along the incredible Great Barrier Reef. Marine life in Australia includes:

  • Whales, including whale sharks, humpback whales, and minke whales
  • Dolphins, including the Australian humpback dolphin, orcas, spinner dolphins, and dusky dolphins
  • Sharks, including whitetip sharks, grey nurse sharks, tiger sharks, and bull sharks
  • Seals, including the Australian sea lion and New Zealand fur seals
  • Manta rays and stingrays
  • Maori wrasse
  • Dugongs, or sea cows
  • Turtles, including leatherback sea turtles and flatback sea turtles

If you want to explore Australia’s vast underwater world while on a luxury motor yacht or sailing yacht charter, Northrop & Johnson can help. Our crewed yachts all boast incredibly knowledgeable crews and captains who will be able to take you to the best dive and snorkel sites in Australia. Contact our team today.

What wildlife can I see in Australia?

Australia boasts fantastic wildlife, including rare species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. Expect to see:

  • Kookaburras
  • Tasmanian Devils

What types of yachts can I rent in Australia?

You’ll find a superb selection of the most luxurious yachts for charter in Australia, especially when you book a charter with Northrop & Johnson. Our charter yachts include motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, sport yachts, fishing yachts, superyachts, and mega yachts, including vessels built by the world’s leading shipbuilders. Contact our team today if you want to rent a motor yacht or sailing yacht in Australia, or browse our luxury yacht rentals.

What are some popular yacht charter destinations in Australia?

Australia is a vast country offering a spectacular selection of charter destinations. Key cruising areas with yacht charters include:

Whitsunday Islands

Located off the coast of Queensland, the Whitsunday Islands are renowned for their stunning beauty, pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and endless anchorages. Most of the islands are uninhabited, making this a superb destination for those in search of an island-hopping adventure. Make sure you visit the coastal enclave of Airlie Beach, a picturesque coastal town, Hamilton Island, and the breathtakingly beautiful Whitehaven Beach, which stretches for more than 7 km. Whitsundays charters are perfectly designed for the waterborne.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s premier scuba diving destinations, with countless islands, coral cays, and reefs to explore, as well as incredible wrecks. Snorkel or dive among vibrant coral gardens, swim with marine life, and visit secluded islands. A private Great Barrier charter enables you to explore this exquisite destination in luxury. Make sure you visit the picturesque Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef. The island is a protected national park and offers unspoiled beauty, wonderful beaches, and superb diving and snorkeling, including the world-famous Cod Hole.

Tasmania’s wild and rugged coasts offer an adventurous cruising experience, with dramatic landscapes, secluded anchorages, and opportunities to spot wildlife such as seals, dolphins, and seabirds. This island state sits south of the Australian mainland, and its coastline is peppered with unspoiled coastal towns ripe for exploration by luxury boat. Tasmania’s stunning wind-swept interiors are ideal for hiking and cycling, with one-fifth of Tasmania designated a World Heritage Site, including national parks and forest reserves.

Sydney Harbor

Nothing can match the thrill of cruising into Sydney Harbour – part of the world’s biggest natural harbour – with its cityscape peppered by iconic Australian landmarks, including the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Step ashore and soak up everything this vibrant city offers, including unforgettable activities, the many award-winning restaurants, and exceptional shopping. Further afield, you’ll find world-class golf courses, nature reserves, and excellent wine regions, including superb boutique wine producers.

The Kimberly Region

The Kimberly region is located on Australia’s northwest coast and boasts some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery, including towering gorges, semi-arid savannahs, spectacular waterfalls, and secluded bays. Koolama Bay is known for its superb fishing, as well as Australia’s tallest waterfall, the 50-meter high Twin Falls. Head ashore and explore unique Australian wildlife, including dingoes and rock wallabies. Other beautiful ports of call in the Kimberly Region include York Sound and Jar Island. The Kimberly region is also home to significant aboriginal heritage sites.

If you want to explore this incredible country aboard a luxury yacht, contact Northrop & Johnson. Our luxury motor yachts and sailing yachts for charter boast luxury interiors, flexible cabin configurations, superb onboard amenities, and garages loaded with water toys, guaranteeing an incredible vacation on the water.

What about game fishing in Australia?

With thousands of miles of coastline, Australia is excellent for game fishing yacht charters, with some of the best spots found on the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef, between Cairns and Cooktown. Northrop & Johnson has access to some of the best luxury yachts in Australia, including fishing yacht charters equipped with fantastic fishing gear to ensure you reel in a catch. Contact our team today.

What are the sailing conditions like in Australia?

Australia is a vast country, so sailing conditions vary from region to region.

The east coast of Australia, particularly Queensland and New South Wales, offers a wide range of sailing opportunities. The Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands are popular destinations known for their calm waters, consistent winds, and stunning scenery. Sailing conditions are generally favorable year-round, with the dry season (winter) offering mild temperatures and steady breezes.

Western Australia offers diverse sailing opportunities, from the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean to the sheltered bays of the Swan River in Perth. Sailing conditions along the West Coast can vary, with strong winds and challenging sea conditions in some areas, particularly during the summer months.

Tasmania’s rugged coastline offers adventurous sailing experiences with challenging conditions and unpredictable weather. Sailing in Tasmania requires careful navigation and preparation, particularly in the Southern Ocean.

The northern regions of Australia, including the Northern Territory and Northern Queensland, offer tropical sailing experiences with warm temperatures, clear waters, and occasional cyclones during the wet season (November to April). Sailing in northern Australia requires careful attention to weather forecasts and navigation, particularly during the wet season.

Southern Australia, including South Australia and Victoria, offers diverse sailing experiences, from the sheltered waters of Port Phillip Bay to the rugged coastline of the Great Australian Bight. Sailing conditions can vary, with strong winds and challenging sea conditions in some areas, particularly along the southern coast.

Northrop & Johnson’s charter brokers have access to the best crewed sailing yachts in Australia, including elegant sloops, cutters, and schooners. Contact our team today or browse our sailing yachts for charter.

What are the best spots for scuba diving on an Australian yacht charter?

Australia boasts some of the world’s most incredible diving spots, including the iconic Great Barrier Reef, the quieter Ribbon Reefs, and numerous incredible wrecks. Each location offers a unique underwater adventure, from vibrant coral gardens to historic shipwrecks teeming with marine life.

Is there an opportunity to enjoy local produce and cuisine on my yacht charter?

Definitely! Australia’s diverse culinary scene is celebrated worldwide. You can enjoy fresh local produce, seafood, and award-winning wines, especially when cruising near regions known for their boutique wine producers and excellent wine regions. Additionally, don’t miss the best local dish: every region, city, or village will have one. Taste all of them and then find your personal best local dish. Try both the many award-winning restaurants and local little bistros to enjoy this incredible country.

A must experience is dine at the exclusive Salt Water Restaurant: in the heart of the barrier reef on Lizard Island, is one of the best restaurant to enjoy Australian food while watching a stunning sunset and the incredible night sky of the South Pacific.

What unique wildlife can I expect to see while yachting in Australia?

Australia’s waters are home to an incredible array of marine life, including the majestic whale sharks, rare species of turtles, and colorful reef fish. On land, keep an eye out for unique wildlife such as kangaroos, koalas, and various bird species.

Is there an exclusive anchorage for a more private yacht experience?

Yes, Australia’s vast coastline offers numerous secluded bays and exclusive anchorages, ensuring a private paradise for those seeking solitude or a romantic getaway. These spots allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of Australia away from crowded tourist spots. Our charter brokers will guide you in choosing the perfect exclusive anchorage for your vacation.

Can I experience the local culture during my yacht charter?

Engaging with the local culture is a highlight of any Australian yacht charter. From indigenous cultural tours to local festivals and markets, there are ample opportunities to immerse yourself in the vibrant Australian way of life and enjoy the best local dishes.

What makes the east coast offers so appealing for yacht charters?

The East Coast of Australia is renowned for its world-famous beaches, secluded islands, and lively cities like Sydney and Brisbane. The region’s diverse offerings make it an ideal cruising destination, with something to suit every charter guest’s interests.

How can I make my yacht charter in Australia an unforgettable New Year's Eve experience?

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in style by anchoring in Sydney Harbour, known for its spectacular fireworks display and vibrant celebrations. This unforgettable experience combines luxury yachting with one of the world’s most iconic New Year’s Eve events.

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Oneworld Charters


Redefining Luxury Yachting in Australia

mega yacht australia

Vessel Length

31.5m / 103ft

Hourly Rates

$3,300 – $3,700 /hr

Guest Capacity

Events: 100 / Overnight: 12

mega yacht australia

Winter in the Whitsundays?

Escape winter and soak up the sun in the Whitsundays on board Oneworld.

Explore the heart of the Great Barrier Reef in unparalleled luxury, enjoying the freedom that only a superyacht can offer.

Whitsundays Dreaming

AUGUST – OCT 202 4

For up to 12 guests overnight Pricing starts at $1,785 pp/night*

*Based on 10 guests over a 7-night stay.

mega yacht australia

Launched in 2018, Oneworld has forged a reputation for being one of Australia’s most exclusive charter yachts.

A stylishly appointed 32m superyacht, Oneworld has a modern interior finished with exquisite details. Three spacious decks ensure there are ample outdoor lounging and dining options, with the upper deck boasting a jacuzzi and outdoor bar.

Oneworld is an impressively built yacht with uncompromised naval engineering and has been impeccably maintained. Zero-speed stabilisers ensure comfortable cruising.

The crew are consummate professionals and are renowned for going above and beyond to provide clients with the best possible chartering experience.

mega yacht australia

Overnight Escapes

Chartering a superyacht is an experience like no other. On a yacht, you are truly free to explore.

mega yacht australia

Host an unforgettable event onboard Oneworld.

From large corporate events for 100 guests to intimate occasions and exclusive stays, Oneworld can cater for a wide array of events.

mega yacht australia

Charter Rates

View our hourly , overnight & weekly seasonal rates

mega yacht australia

Catering Packages

We offer a range of catering packages to suit any taste

mega yacht australia


Oneworld’s technical specifications

8 hourly

Explore Oneworld

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” – JACQUES COUSTEAU –

mega yacht australia

mega yacht australia



  • Length 42m/137.8ft
  • Week USD$125,000
  • Australia’s Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands. South Pacific and Fiji winter itineraries.
  • Rates are weekly MYBA Terms + expenses + local taxes




  • Length  31.5 m / 103-ft
  • Daily AUD  $20,000
  • Weekly AUD  $110,000 + Tax + 30% APA
  • Cruising Locations: Australia, Gold Coast, Great Barrier Reef, Hamilton Island, Hayman Island, Pittwater, Queensland, Sydney Harbour, Whitsundays, Sydney, Sydney
  • Cruising Speed: 15 knots

BLUESTONE-1 30.5 m

BLUESTONE-1 30.5 m

  • Guests  10 / 50-100
  • Length  30.5 m / 101-ft
  • Daily AUD  $28,000



  • Guests  180
  • Length  54.0 m / 176-ft
  • Daily AUD  1-20pax – $10,000 + GST per hour
  • Daily AUD  21-110pax – $15,000 + GST per hour
  • Daily AUD  111-180pax – $20,000 + GST per hour
  • Weekly AUD  $A495,000 incl GST + 30%APA
  • Overnight AUD  $A82,500 incl GST + 30%APA
  • Cruising Speed: 16 knots

Aurora 26m

  • Guests  8 – 24
  • Length  26.0 m / 84-ft
  • Daily AUD  4 hour charter $10,000, additional hours $2,300 per hour + GST
  • Daily AUD  $90,000 + GST per week
  • Cruising Speed: 11 knots
  • Public holiday surcharge of 15% applicable on day charter rates

mega yacht australia


  • Length 35m / 116-ft
  • weekly AUD$210,000, $30,000 every day after
  • daily AUD$30,000, $3000 every hour after ($55,000 per day in peak season)
  • Perth/Fremantle, Rottnest Island and Kimberley region itineraries, enquire about SE Asia and the South Pacific

mega yacht australia


  • Length 40.2m/131.1ft
  • Week USD$120,000
  • Day AUD$22,000

mega yacht australia


  • Length 26m/85.3ft
  • Hour (Nov-Feb) $AUD1350
  • Hour (Mar-Oct) $AUD1150
  • Day $AUD8000
  • Weekly $AUD55000

mega yacht australia


  • Guests  Max 36 (Overnight: 6-8)
  • Length 25m / 82ft
  • NYE 6 hours from AUD$45,000 + GST (all inclusive)
  • High Season: $84,000 WEEK
  • $12,500 DAY $1,440/hr
  • Low Season: $72,000 WEEK
  • $10,500 DAY $1200/hr
  • Sydney itineraries
  • Personal Chef or customized catering



  • Guests  Max 45 (Overnight: 8)
  • Length 37m / 121.39ft
  • All Seasons: AUD$2750/HR
  • 4-hr minimum
  • Sydney summer and possible QLD winter itineraries
  • Personal Chef or customised catering

mega yacht australia


  • Guests Max 110 (Overnight 10/12)
  • Length 37m/122ft
  • Week USD $120,000 + GST
  • Day AUD$29,000 + GST
  • Sydney itineraries

mega yacht australia

Tango 42.5m

  • Length 42.5m / 140ft
  • 4 hours AUD$21.000
  • Day AUD$45.000
  • week AUD$180.000
  • Operates in Sydney during summer and in Whitsundays during winter

mega yacht australia


  • Length 33m / 110ft
  • hour<60guests $2800
  • hour 60-80guests $3,000
  • hour >80guests $3200
  • week USD$60,000
  • Summer in Sydney, Winter in Whitsundays

mega yacht australia


  • Guests 70 guests inshore
  • 8 guests in 4 cabins
  • Length 36.5m / 120ft
  • Per Hour AUD$3250
  • 4-hours AUD$13000
  • Week: low season USD$100,000
  • Week: high season USD$125,000
  • Operates in Sydney during summer and in Whitsundays, Great Barrier reef during winter

mega yacht australia

Oscar II 31.5m

  • Guests 64 inshore
  • Length 31.5m / 103ft
  • Hourly: AUD$2,200 offpeak
  • Hourly: AUD$2,500 peak
  • Public Holidays: add 20%
  • includes crew and GST
  • Operates in Sydney

mega yacht australia

  • Length 29.87m / 98ft
  • 4 hours AUD$9000
  • Option of either BYO or Package
  • Rates can be different due different months
  • Operates in Sydney only

mega yacht australia


  • Overnight 8(>2 nights)
  • Length 32 m / 104ft
  • DAY(8hours) $AUD9,000
  • HOUR $AUD1,500
  • Year round in North-Queensland: GBR and coast from Cape York to the Whitsunday Islands



  • Cruising 34 inshore / 12 offshore
  • Sleeps 8 guests
  • Weekly AUD$55,000 + GST
  • Hourly AUD$1800-2000 p/hr
  • Sydney summer season – winters in QLD

mega yacht australia

  • Guests  Max 30 (Overnight: 8)
  • Length 26.5m / 86.94ft
  • High Season: $1750/HR
  • Low Season $1600/HR
  • Sydney and Australia wide itineraries

mega yacht australia

  • Length 23.46m / 77ft
  • hour (Apr-Sep) AUD$1100
  • hour (Jan-Mar) (Oct-Nov) AUD$1400
  • hour (Dec) AUD$1600

mega yacht australia

  • Day(8 hours) AUD$10.500
  • week AUD$55.000
  • Included crew and GST. Over 15 guest requires additional crew
  • Operates from Hamilton Island: Whitsundays and GBR

mega yacht australia

  • Length 21.34m / 70ft
  • 4 hours AUD$4200

mega yacht australia

  • Guests Max 16
  • Length 17.3m / 57ft
  • High Season: $600/HR min 4 HRS $2400
  • Low Season:   $POA/HR
  • Sydney or Hamilton Island itineraries

mega yacht australia

  • Length 16.76m / 55ft
  • Hour(Apr-Sep) $AUD 625
  • hour(Jan-Mar+Oct, Nov $AUD725
  • Hour(Dec) $AUD795

mega yacht australia

  • Hour(Apr-Sep) AUD$600
  • Hour(Jan-Mar,Oct-Nov) AUD$625
  • Hour(Dec) AUD$675

mega yacht australia

Australian’s leading yacht charter company Fraser Yachts is the world’s premier, luxury yacht charter and sales Company and specialises in providing the finest luxury yachts to destinations throughout the world. Whether you are interested in a luxury motor yacht, racing or classic sailing yacht charter, a superyacht charter or a mega yacht charter, we are able to find the perfect solution to guarantee you an unforgettable private yacht charter experience. The adventure of a lifetime awaits aboard your chosen yacht.

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Cruise in inimitable style and experience real freedom.  The adventure of a lifetime awaits aboard the world’s greatest superyachts, all curated by your own professional broker.

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From the global fleet of mega yachts offered for sale, we hand-pick the best opportunities and share our expert knowledge, so that you can make the best decisions.

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Our reputation is your recommendation. Since 1975 all our knowledge has been distilled into one goal, making sure you enjoy the best yachting experience.  If it involves yachts, we’ve got you covered.

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Our directly employed brokers share market-leading intelligence and powerful client database insights with our experienced global team to ensure the best outcome for you.

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build a yacht

Your vision. Our expertise.

From first concept to maiden voyage and beyond, we work on your behalf so you can enjoy building your dream yacht. Together we bring your unique vision to life.

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refit a yacht

Asset upgrades. Enhancing your investment.

We work with you to transform your yacht into the one you want to own. No other company has more in-house knowledge and experience than Burgess and it’s all on your side.

yacht management

Your enjoyment. Our responsibility.

Our aim is to allow you to get maximum enjoyment from your luxury yacht without any of the day-to-day operational concerns. We take care of everything on your behalf.

Yacht owners

You live the dream. We take care of it.

Get more out of your owner experience knowing that we have all your yachting requirements in hand. Working with your captain and crew, we reduce risk and increase enjoyment.

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crew services

Your crewing needs. Our tailored support.

Crew are a vital part of your yachting experience. We are your trusted partner in every aspect of their employment, from sourcing to payroll, training to insurance and beyond.

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Leading change. It's our business.

We love the ocean and we want future generations to enjoy it too, so it’s our responsibility to protect it. 

Find out how we’re driving sustainability from the inside out.

Burgess - luxury superyachts

Whether you’re considering your first charter or building your fifth yacht, Burgess has the expertise you need. Learn how our global brokerage team consistently sells more yachts like yours than anyone else. Talk to our charter team about personalised luxury yacht charter experiences. If you own a yacht, find out about our full-service support and if you plan to build a series or full-custom superyacht, find out how our experts can help you turn your vision into a reality.

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5 stunning private Mediterranean islands to add to your charter

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Price reduction on FORCE BLUE

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Burgess Global Clean Up 2024

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Price reduction on 33.2m LEVANTINE II

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Burgess expands into South America

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Price reduction on BG

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Charter KADIMO'S

Available between 10 June - 10 July

Elevator serving lower to sun decks means the boat can accommodate all generations

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Available 1-12 July and August onwards

Spa facilities including massage and beauty rooms, private master deck and indoor and outdoor cinemas

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Australia guide

  • Ideas & Tips
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Guide to Australia

A spectacular canvas of nature’s finest work

Discover a place where proud Aboriginal heritage and rugged outback life meets modern metropolises and thriving underwater worlds. Australia’s vast open plains of arid desert contrast with lush forests and snow-cloaked mountains whilst its crowning glory, the magnificent Great Barrier Reef creates the perfect concoction for a hedonistic and unforgettable vacation.

With over 50,000 km of coastline linked by more than 10,000 beaches boasting world-class marinas and ports, choice and diversity is a strong theme of any luxury yacht charter adventure Down Under. Sydney ’s fantastic natural harbour offers a gateway into a melting pot of experiences within this dynamic city, from the Sydney Opera House to a myriad of chic bars and boutiques. Watching the kaleidoscopic fireworks dancing over the Harbour Bridge with family and friends from the comfort of your superyacht is a truly unbeatable way to see in the New Year.

Justifiably one of the world’s seven natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef is unrivalled in oceanic phenomenon. An afternoon’s helicopter ride over the reef will leave you awe-struck by the breath-taking aerial views showcasing it in all its glory. Scuba-divers and snorkellers can take to the warm waters to experience the mesmerising coral formations teeming with marine life close-up.

Set off the coast of Queensland, the idyllic Whitsunday Islands lie within the Great Barrier Reef, shimmering with secluded retreats. Ancient granite peaks encompassed with water form eerie and exciting dive sites and safe swimming waters surrounding the mostly uninhabited archipelago. Flora and Fauna scatter the wild landscapes and the welcoming hospitality of the locals.

The largely uninhabited north-west coast of Western Australia is home to the remote, pristine Ningaloo Reef – one of the best places in the world to see whale sharks – who arrive in large numbers every year. The City of Light, Perth, attracts visitors to its boutique hotels. South Australia is renowned for its cultural diversity, winelands, fine wines, arts, world-class restaurants.

Watch turtles nesting on the Sunshine coast, sample fine wines amongst the tumbling winelands of the Mornington Peninsula and go in pursuit of the Tasmanian Tiger in the wild and rugged terrains of Tasmania. Proud native cultures and mythical ancestors, home to some of the world’s largest world heritage sites.

If you are interested in a luxury yachting vacation in crystal waters of the Australia view all Australia Charter Yachts which are available to rent.

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Bondi Beach

One of the world's most iconic beaches

Challenger Bay

Explore magical marine life

Coogee Beach

Surfer's paradise

Curtin House

The heart of Melbourne

Featured Yachts in Australia

To help you in your search for your perfect luxury charter yacht for your next vacation, we’ve selected some of the finest and most exclusive superyachts and megayachts that are currently available for charter in Australia.

Asteria yacht charter in Australia

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  1. Australian millionaire’s 73m superyacht Hasna listed for sale at EUR 98

    mega yacht australia

  2. Super Yachts Perth

    mega yacht australia

  3. MISCHIEF 54.0 m

    mega yacht australia

  4. Inside the largest yacht built in Australia

    mega yacht australia


    mega yacht australia

  6. Majesty Yachts

    mega yacht australia


  1. Mega-Yacht Touches Trees During Transportation

  2. Come Aboard Luxury Super Motor Yacht Walkthrough 90ft Horizon E84 Motor Yacht Kokomo

  3. Super Yacht AUSTRALIA docked at Southport yacht club

  4. Motor Yacht LANCE

  5. Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts in the World 2023

  6. Horizon Yacht Australia and JSW Ride Day


  1. AUSTRALIA Yacht • Clive Palmer $30M Superyacht

    The AUSTRALIA Yacht's Market Value. Estimated to be worth a staggering $30 million, the AUSTRALIA Yacht truly is a symbol of luxury and opulence. Accounting for her annual running costs, the total outlay circles around $3 million. As with any luxury yacht, the price range can differ widely based on aspects such as size, age, degree of luxury ...

  2. Australia Luxury Yachting Guide

    The Australia Marine Complex in Henderson, Western Australia is home to Echo Yachts and Silver Yachts, both multi-award-winning superyacht builders with glowing international reputations. The delivery of 84m trimaran White Rabbit by Echo Yachts in 2018 earned worldwide acclaim for reimagining the possibilities of comfort and efficiency onboard ...

  3. Mega Yacht for sale

    Australia (English) ... Mega Yacht By Condition. Used Mega Yacht 654 listings . New Mega Yacht 259 listings . Makes of mega yacht. Azimut 132 listings . Sunseeker 76 listings . Custom 43 listings . Benetti 28 listings . Galeon 28 listings . Pershing 28 listings . Cruisers Yachts 24 listings .

  4. White Rabbit Golf is the biggest super-yacht to be built in Australia

    The White Rabbit Golf. Length 84m. Width 19m. Weight 3000 tonnes. Carries 22 guests and 30 crew. INSIDE a gigantic shed on the southern Perth coastline, hundreds of dedicated workers have joined ...

  5. Mega Yacht for sale

    Of the 939 mega yacht for sale on YachtWorld currently, there are 287 new vessels and 652 used and custom yachts listed by professional yacht brokers mainly in the following countries: United States, Italy, France, Spain and Turkey. During the preceding 30 days, YachtWorld has witnessed the listing of 72 mega yacht boats available for sale.

  6. Australian Superyachts, New Luxury Yachts For Hire, Super Yacht Sales

    Specialists in new Luxury Super Yacht Sales, Purchase, Charter & Management, and Superyacht Hire in Sydney, Gold Coast, and all throughout Australia - Australian Exclusive Distributor for Gulf Craft Majesty Yachts Australian Superyachts Pty Ltd is a multi-faceted yachting services company providing vital support and assistance to the Australian superyacht sector.

  7. 'Yachts at the top': power, privacy and privilege in the world of

    Most of those yachts are between 30 and 50 metres (4,957); 13% are between 50 and 80 metres (753) and 3% are over 80 metres (182). ... and yachts chartering out of Australia need to be registered ...

  8. Sales

    Sales. Every yacht is special and we know you are too. That's why Australian Superyachts sells only the best yachts in the world. Every one of our superyachts has been crafted to be your perfect escape. Australian Superyachts is the exclusive Australian distributors for Gulf Craft Majesty Yachts and Nomad Yachts; high-quality yachts built to ...

  9. Luxury Yacht Charter Australia

    Our charter yachts include motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, sport yachts, fishing yachts, superyachts, and mega yachts, including vessels built by the world's leading shipbuilders. Contact our team today if you want to rent a motor yacht or sailing yacht in Australia, or browse our luxury yacht rentals.

  10. ONEWORLD Charters

    Launched in 2018, Oneworld has forged a reputation for being one of Australia's most exclusive charter yachts. A stylishly appointed 32m superyacht, Oneworld has a modern interior finished with exquisite details. Three spacious decks ensure there are ample outdoor lounging and dining options, with the upper deck boasting a jacuzzi and outdoor ...

  11. Mega Yacht for sale in Australia

    Find Mega Yacht for sale in Australia. Offering the best selection of boats to choose from.

  12. Superyacht Charters Australia

    SPECIFICATIONS. Guests 10 / 50-100 Length 30.5 m / 101-ft Daily AUD $28,000 Weekly AUD $110,000 + Tax + 30% APA Cruising Locations: Australia, Gold Coast, Great Barrier Reef, Hamilton Island, Hayman Island, Pittwater, Queensland, Sydney Harbour, Whitsundays, Sydney, Sydney

  13. Australia Yacht Charters

    For convenience we have listed the average prices for motor yacht and sailing yacht charters in the Australia below; For motor yacht rentals in Australia, prices can range from $81,578 to $784,092 per week, plus expenses. For luxury sailing yacht rentals in Australia, prices can start from $43,000 weekly, plus expenses.

  14. Luxury Yacht Charters Sydney & Australia

    Australian's leading yacht charter company. Fraser Yachts is the world's premier, luxury yacht charter and sales Company and specialises in providing the finest luxury yachts to destinations throughout the world. Whether you are interested in a luxury motor yacht, racing or classic sailing yacht charter, a superyacht charter or a mega yacht ...

  15. Superyachts, Luxury Mega Yachts for Sale & Charter

    Whether you're considering your first charter or building your fifth yacht, Burgess has the expertise you need. Learn how our global brokerage team consistently sells more yachts like yours than anyone else. Talk to our charter team about personalised luxury yacht charter experiences. If you own a yacht, find out about our full-service ...

  16. Largest Mega Yachts for Sale in 2023

    Top 5 Mega Yachts for Sale in Australia on . Thanks to a temperate climate year-round, Australia is an excellent yacht destination for those who want to take in big city stops, secluded beaches, and dive some of the world's most famous sites. The five mega yachts for sale in Australia are:

  17. 8 Superyacht Power Boat Boats for Sale in Australia

    Superyacht. Steel. 110.2ft (33.6m) Mono Displacement Hull. Dealer New Boat. QLD. Contact seller View details. If the price does not contain the notation that it is "Sail Away", the price may not include additional costs, such as stamp duty and other government charges. Please confirm price and features with the seller of the boat or accessory.

  18. Mega Yacht for sale in Sydney

    2010 Sunseeker 30M Yacht. A$6,500,000. Ray White Marine | Sydney, New South Wales. Request Info. <. 1. >. * Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price. Boats Group does not guarantee the accuracy of conversion rates and rates may differ than those provided by financial institutions at the time of ...

  19. Boats for sale in Australia

    Power-mega-yacht. Mega Yacht. Power-motor-yachts. Motor Yachts. Power-motorsailer. Motorsailer. Power-other. Other. Power-pilothouse. Pilothouse. Power-power-catamaran. ... Prices for yachts in Australia start at $44,098 for the lowest priced boats, up to $17,409,567 for the most luxurious, opulent superyachts and megayachts, with an average ...

  20. Australia Yacht Charter Guide

    With over 50,000 km of coastline linked by more than 10,000 beaches boasting world-class marinas and ports, choice and diversity is a strong theme of any luxury yacht charter adventure Down Under. Sydney 's fantastic natural harbour offers a gateway into a melting pot of experiences within this dynamic city, from the Sydney Opera House to a ...

  21. Riviera

    Newport Beach International Boat Show - April 18 - 21, 2024Suncoast Boat Show - April 19 - 21, 2024Seattle Boats Afloat - April 25 - 28, 2024Catawba Island Boat Show - April 26 - 28, 2024Pacific Sail and Power Boat Show - May 16 - 19, 2024Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show - May 23 - 26, 2024.

  22. Mega yacht for sale

    2013. $530,980. Seller MarineMax Dallas Yacht Center. 63. Contact. 888-214-1572. Sort By. Filter Search. View a wide selection of mega yacht for sale in your area, explore detailed information & find your next boat on #everythingboats.

  23. Yachts & Superyachts

    The longest yacht in the world is Azzam, measuring 180.61m (592'7'). She was built in 2013 by Lürssen. The largest yacht in the world is Fulk Al Salamah, built by Mariotti in 2016, with a volume of 20,361 GT. On average, yachts are 36m long with a volume of 341 GT. A total of 275 yachts were built last year. Close.