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Video captures the moment 160-foot ‘007’ superyacht sinks in greece.

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Sunken but not stirred.

Footage captured the calamitous moment that a massive superyacht named “007” sank — with five passengers inside — in Greece

The maritime disaster occurred Friday night after the 160-foot vessel, which reportedly sails under a British flag but is owned by a Swiss businessman, experienced a GPS malfunction off Kythos Island, SWNS reported. This reportedly prompted the captain to bring it closer to shore than was advisable.

As a result, the James Bond-themed luxury boat hit the rocks, and began taking on water with five passengers inside.

“In trying not to be sunk, he sailed closer to shore, in less than 10 meters depth — and that’s how the ship got to that position,” explained a boat owner who witnessed the catastrophe.

Accompanying footage, uploaded to YouTube, shows the swanky vessel, which sports a helipad, lying half-sunken on its side around 50 feet from the nearby Kolona Beach.

The pleasure cruiser hit the rocks off Kythos Island, Greece at around 11pm on Friday.

Thankfully, all five passengers were rescued and transported to safety before the “007” sank. “No people were hurt,” described the aforementioned eyewitness. “The coastguard was immediately aware and sent help in the night.”

Rescuers also erected an anti-pollution perimeter in the area, although there was reportedly “no diesel leakage or damage to the scenery,” the bystander said.

The luxury vessel boasted a helipad, five cabins including a master suite, and other features befitting its James Bond namesake.

Local authorities will launch a probe into the sinking of the “007,” which was delivered in 2006 by the Bodrum-based shipyard Aegean Yacht, but whose owner remains unknown.

Along with a helipad, the superyacht reportedly boasts five cabins, including a master suite, and can reportedly sleep ten people.

This isn’t the first time a luxury vessel has visited Davy Jones’ locker of late. Last month, heart-pounding footage emerged of a 130-foot superyacht capsizing and sinking stern-first into the water off the Italian coast.

In February, a Ukrainian man was arrested for partially sinking his Russian tycoon boss’s $7.7 million luxury super yacht in Spain in protest over the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine.

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The pleasure cruiser hit the rocks off Kythos Island, Greece at around 11pm on Friday.


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‘James Bond’ luxurious super yacht sinks after smashing into rocks

Dramatic footage shows the moment a 48 metre superyacht named 007 sunk after it smashed into rocks off a Greek island.

‘James Bond’ superyacht sinks off Greek coast

Aussie injured in Afghanistan shooting

Dad, kids killed as plane breaks apart in air

Dad, kids killed as plane breaks apart in air

Pilot dead after plane ejection seat went off

Pilot dead after plane ejection seat went off

A superyacht named 007 has sunk after running aground off an island on Friday.

The 49-metre long vessel hit rocks off the Greek island of Kythnos and was seen lying on its side in the sea after the five passengers on board were rescued.

The James Bond-themed luxury yacht, which has a helipad, was seen lying semi-submerged about 15 metres from Kolona Beach, The Sun reports.

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The 007 yacht lying on its side after running aground. Picture: SWNS/Mega

The boat hit rocks around 11pm on Friday and water then poured in as rescuers scrambled to get passenger on to another vessel and ashore.

The GPS reportedly malfunctioned and according to a local boat owner, the skipper then brought the vessel closer to shore.

“In trying not to be sunk, he sailed closer to shore, in less than ten metres depth, and that’s how the ship got to that position,” he said.

“No people were hurt. The coastguard was immediately aware and sent help in the night. Next morning they put up an anti-pollution perimeter.

“It appears there was no diesel leakage or damage to the scenery.”

The boat sails under a British flag but is owned by a Swiss businessman.

Anti-pollution barriers have been put in place in case of fuel leakage.

Local authorities will now conduct an investigation into the incident.

The 49-metre long vessel’s GPS allegedly failed before the accident. Picture: SWNS/Mega

The 007 was delivered in 2006 by Bodrum-based shipyard Aegean Yacht but who owns it remains a mystery.

It has five cabins, including a master suite, and can sleep ten people.

The vessel was originally 32 metre long and called Royal Enterprise but underwent an extension.

It comes after the 39-metre superyacht My Saga sank off the coast of Italy after it was battered by a storm.

Nine people were rescued from the submerging vessel on Saturday as it sunk in the Gulf of Squillace, off the coast of Catanzaro.

Dramatic footage shows the superyacht on the water for a few moments before it completely sinks stern-first.

An investigation to determine what caused the vessel to sink has been launched.

More Coverage

super yacht 007 owner

According to the Super Yacht Times , My Saga was travelling from Gallipoli, Turkey to Milazzo in Italy under a Cayman Islands flag.

Four passengers and five crew were all rescued before it sunk.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was republished with permission

An Australian tourist has been injured in a deadly shooting incident in central Afghanistan.

A dad and his two adult children were killed when the small plane they were in broke apart in the air – just days before an important milestone.

An instructor pilot has died after an ejector seat went off during ground operations.

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If this were a real James Bond scenario, it would be a darn good one. A James Bond-themed superyacht, aptly called 007 and restyled to resemble something the world-famous spy would sail, has been refloated, six full months after it was intentionally run aground.

super yacht 007 owner

On September 2, 2022, 007 ran aground off the coast of Greece, in Kolona Bay, some 15 meters (49.2 feet) from the beach. Initial reports said that some kind of navigation error had steered the vessel off course, so it hit rocks when it entered shallow waters. The hull was pierced and it started taking on water, so, to prevent it from sinking into deeper waters, the captain ran it aground.

After that, 007 tilted to the port side and eventually capsized, ending up on its side. It spent the next six months that way, with authorities seemingly in no rush to salvage it, though they did put up floating walls to keep pollution under control. As of this moment, the exact damages to the ecosystem are unknown.

super yacht 007 owner

On March 6, Greek authorities began the salvage operation, which concluded on March 22, with 007 refloated. If this happened in a James Bond movie, it would probably be the scene before the end credits, and Bond himself (Bond, James Bond) would make an appearance alongside the lady of the moment, and they would kiss as the camera would zoom out on the beautiful vessel, back in an upright position.

But this is no movie, and the situation continues to remain very strange, beyond the fact that authorities waited half a year to remove a vessel that posed a danger to the picturesque area.

super yacht 007 owner

By the looks of things, 007 has been abandoned by the owner, a millionaire businessman who was also the captain, amid claims that he deliberately ran it aground for other reasons than those having to do with the danger of sinking. One particular report, included in the second video available at the bottom of the page, says that he did it because the ship was no longer seaworthy and may have had severe balance issues brought on by repeated modifications to the hull.

super yacht 007 owner

Delivered in 2006 by Aegean Yachts as Royal Enterprise, 007 was initially a 32-meter (105-foot) that was modified extensively in subsequent refits. When it ran aground, it was 49 meters (160 feet) long and featured all the trappings of larger superyachts, including a touch-and-go helipad and an additional deck that wasn’t in the original design by Yavuz Mete.

According to the latest reports in the Greek media, the millionaire owner has been given one month to recover his superyacht, now that it’s been refloated, after which he will be liable to huge fines. Whether he’s actually coming back for it, after it spent half a year half-underwater, remains to be seen

Douglas Hensman


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"The coastguard was immediately aware and sent help in the night," the local continued, per SWNS.

"Next morning they put an antipollution perimeter," the boat owner continued. "It appears there was no diesel leakage or damage to the scenery."

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According to SuperYacht Times , the "007" was developed by Aegean Yachts in 2006 and can accommodate up to 10 people. It also has a steel hull and aluminum superstructure.

In true James Bond style, however, the identity of the owner has not been revealed.

The sinking of the 007 follows the demise of a 131-foot superyacht named My Saga, which capsized nine miles off the coast of Catanzaro, Italy in August.

Shocking footage released by the Italian coast guard showed the vessel sinking stern-first near the Catanzaro Marina.

According to the BBC , "the Italian coast guard rescued all nine people on board – four passengers and five crew. The outlet reported the ship was heading from Gallipoli to Milazzo.

An investigation of the incident is ongoing and it is still unclear what caused the yacht to sink.

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John Staluppi's Top 7 James Bond yachts

For Your Eyes Only

While some serial superyacht owners like to keep the same name for each of their yachts, other stick to a theme and there is no better example of this then John Staluppi's series of yachts named after James Bond films. As the first images of his newest in-build yacht Spectre are released , we look back at this prolific owner's yachting history.

Now renamed Wanderlust , For Your Eyes Only was John Staluppi’s first superyacht. Built in 1985, the 36 metre Denison was custom-built to satisfy Staluppi’s desire to have something different to the big yachts he had seen while cruising in his earlier smaller fishing vessels.

“I wanted to build the first boat over 100 feet (30.5 metres) that would go over 30 knots,” Staluppi said in an interview with Boat International . “The Bond movie-inspired name came because the concept seemed to match the crazy gadgets, planes, boats and high-speed cars, of the films.”

However, 30 knots simply wasn’t enough and in 1988 Heesen launched Octopussy – a 43.68 metre yacht capable of 53 knots which is also available for charter . Telling the story of the deal he made with Frans Heesen when requesting what was then the fastest yacht in the world , he explains, “The boat has to do over 50 knots. If it does under 50 knots I don't have to take the boat. If the boat does 51 knots or more, for every knot over 51 knots we would pay a $200,000 bonus.”

More about this yacht

Unfortunately Staluppi soon caught wind that His Highness the Aga Khan was planning to build a yacht capable of 65 knots and that would not do. So in 1992 the 36 metre Mulder-designed , Norship-built Moonraker was launched with a top speed of 61 knots (luckily HH the Aga Khan’s only ever achieved 57 knots). Moonraker was also the first of Staluppi’s yachts built for a more commercial purpose and immediately became part of his Millenium Super Yachts fleet when the company launched in 1998.

Casino Royale

The 49 metre Christensen superyacht Casino Royale was launched in 2008 and signified a move away from speed and towards luxury for Staluppi. Featuring interior design by Carol Williamson , the yacht offers accommodation for 12 guests across five cabins and a full beam master suite. She was sold less than a year after her launch but still retains the Bond-themed name.

Skyfall (2010)

Launched in 2010 by Trinity Yachts , John Staluppi’s 57.91 metre motor yacht Skyfall is currently listed for sale . This popular charter yacht features exterior design by Geoff Van Aller and interior design by Patrick Knowles . Accommodation for 14 guests is across two full beam VIP suites, three double rooms and one twin room with a large owner’s cabin. She also boasts a Jacuzzi, wine cellar and convertible gym.

Diamonds Are Forever

At 61 metres in length, Diamonds Are Forever represented a huge increase in size for Staluppi. The Benetti yacht was launched in 2011 to much media interest and was created specifically for the luxury yacht charter market. “We're intending to charter that boat three to four months a year,” Staluppi said at the time of its launch. “My ultimate goal, depending on the way the economy goes, is to have two or three of these boats for charter.”

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Boat of the Week: This 238-Foot James Bond-Inspired Superyacht Would Make Q Proud

"quantum of solace" is the latest in serial yacht owner john staluppi's collection, all named after james bond movies., julia zaltzman, julia zaltzman's most recent stories.

  • This Boatmaker Builds 1960s-Inspired Cruisers With a Modern Twist. Here’s How.
  • This 150-Foot Fishing Trawler Was Transformed Into a Rugged Explorer Yacht
  • These 3 Miniature Explorer Yachts Are Ready to Take You Off-Grid
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James Bond Yacht Quantum of Solace Aerial

A wry smile from Hollywood actor Daniel Craig is all that is needed to summon the image of James Bond. But if you mention a 007-themed superyacht , it’s the name John Staluppi that springs to mind. The recognition is well-earned. The serial yacht owner’s latest 238-footer, Quantum of Solace, comes with designs that even Q would marvel at.

The Brooklyn-born businessman has owned 27 boats over the course of 30 years and has named each of his superyachts after a James Bond film. The 118-foot For Your Eyes Only , built in 1985 by Denison, marked a step change from Staluppi’s smaller fishing vessels and was the first motoryacht in the US to have a combination of MTU engines with water-jet propulsion.

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ISA Unveils a Trio of Sleek New Superyachts

  • This New 394-Foot Custom Superyacht Will Be the Largest Amels Yet

But it was his second 007-inspired yacht, Octopussy, that gave Staluppi fame outside the yachting world, and made the Bond names more than a gimmick. Built in 1988, the 144-foot Heesen had an earth-shattering top end of 61 mph—a speed that every other shipyard at the time said couldn’t be done. Octopussy immediately entered the record books as the world’s fastest yacht.

James Bond Yacht Quantum of Solace Aerial

This superyacht is just one of four in the world to have a double-height atrium on the interior.  YPI

“That record was important to me because when you pull into any place there’s always a bigger boat or a prettier boat, but there’s not many people who can say, ‘Hey, this is the fastest yacht in the world,” Staluppi told Robb Report.

Over time, Staluppi has fine-tuned his requirements, saving adrenaline kicks for his cars, helicopters and jets. Today, he prefers his yachts to have a top speed of about 21 knots, transatlantic capability, and plenty of interior space. That’s exactly what Quantum of Solace provides.

Built by Turquoise in 2012, Quantum of Solace is one of just four yachts in the world to have a double-height atrium in the main salon. For Staluppi, who finds the excitement and gadgetry of Bond films a fitting association for his yachts, the design feature was a big draw. “I’ve never really seen that before and I just couldn’t imagine it. So that’s why I had to see the boat,” he says.

James Bond Yacht Quantum of Solace Pool

The contra-flow pool is another unusual feature that Q might have designed.  YPI

Staluppi bought the yacht almost “sight unseen” in 2019. “They were in Colombia and I said, ‘I’ll give you a $50,000 non-refundable deposit, bring the boat to the Bahamas on the way to Europe. If I like it, I’ll take it right on the spot. If I don’t, keep my $50,000,’” he recalls.

Staluppi liked the design a lot. Beyond the aesthetics, he is a pragmatist about his yachts. He noted that Quantum ’s garage was set up with user-friendly cranes, the beach club had door openings at water level. The boat also had a 16-foot contra-flow swimming pool “that you can actually swim in” and a professional DJ station on the sun deck that doubles up as a versatile heli-deck.

It’s also the first yacht that Staluppi and his wife have spent an unprecedented eight weeks aboard. When Covid-19 hit and his preferred cruising grounds of Europe closed, they traveled from Maine to Boston, around Nantucket and Greenport, and dropped anchor off of Martha’s Vineyard.

James Bond Yacht Quantum of Solace Top Deck

Over the years, Staluppi has moved from building super-fast superyachts to ones emphasizing space and comfort. 

“I’m the last guy that wants to anchor out, but this boat is just so stable you don’t even know you’re anchoring. I never thought I’d be able to do that,” he says.

Years of being intrinsically involved with the design, build and sale of so many yachts has made Staluppi a sought-after consultant for both owners and shipyards. In 1998, he launched his Millennium Super Yachts fleet, in which he built yachts to order. “It’s important to have a good design from the beginning, so you don’t have to have many changes,” he says. “Of course, that’s almost impossible. Anytime you build a boat, you know you’re going to have anything from $400,000 to $2 million in changes.”

From his personal builds, 2004’s World Is Not Enough is one of his favorites. “The truth of the matter is, World Is Not Enough was the fastest yacht that we’ve ever owned; it’s just nobody ever went up to that speed,” he says. Capable of 77 mph on paper, technical issues with the boat’s steering hampered its performance.

James Bond Yacht Quantum of Solace Beach Club

The laid-back but luxurious Beach Club and Spa areas would work well as a setting in a Bond movie. 

Spectre , built in 2019 by Benetti, came close to being his “perfect yacht,” but the top deck felt too small for Staluppi’s liking. By the time he realized that was the case, the build was too far along. Now, the serial yacht owner is focusing on his next project, which promises to have a multitude of Bond gadgets.

“I always say this is the last boat I’m building and then I’m building a new boat again,” Staluppi says. “Sometimes I get the urge to build a fast yacht again, but you give up a lot of luxury, and now I’m more into having a nice bottle of wine and a meal on board. If I want to go fast, I have a 92-foot Pershing for that.”

James Bond Yacht Quantum of Solace Main Salon

The sense of space throughout Quantum of Solace ‘s interior was a key feature for Staluppi, who bought the yacht virtually sight unseen. 

Staluppi has listed Quantum of Solace for $58 million with Yachting Partners International to make space for the new unbuilt yacht. The Turquoise-built yacht is actually the second with the same name. Staluppi made the decision name it Quantum of Solace , after the then-latest Bond movie, No Time To Die, was released. “I didn’t want to have a boat named that,” he says.

Speaking of which, does knowing that his yachts will always have to be connected to a 007 movie title ever bother Staluppi? “No,” he says. “I kind of enjoy it.”

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super yacht 007 owner

Patricia Farrow

AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME no other words can describe it. we live on the intracoastal waterway in Melbourne Fla. this beautiful ship of yours sailed right by one evening as we were enjoying cocktails on our balcony. Most beautiful sight we have seen all year! Thank you for creating such a masterpiece. im sure the inside is amazing!

April 9, 2013 at 6:23 pm

Reply ↓

' src=

Jana L. Sheeder, President, 1-800 Yacht Charters

Thank you for your comment, Patricia! We will pass along your wonderful sentiments to Mr. Staluppi. If you’d like to check out the yacht’s incredible interior, please visit . She is available for charter…and she is AMAZING!

April 9, 2013 at 7:48 pm

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Spirit Yachts’ brand partnership with EON Productions, Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios (MGM), and Universal Pictures International on the James Bond films began when a Spirit 54 was chosen to feature in the 2006 film Casino Royale .

This year, Spirit Yachts returns to the big screen alongside 007 in the 25th Bond film, No Time To Die .

Casino Royale :

The scene portraying Daniel Craig and Eva Green cruising into Venice onboard a Spirit 54 is now world famous. Having been handcrafted by Spirit Yachts’ skilled team of boat-builders in Suffolk, the yacht (a 54 foot design named Spirit) was shipped to the Bahamas. From there, Spirit Yachts sailed her to Puerto Rico and through the British Virgin Islands for filming. After shooting scenes in the Caribbean, the yacht was shipped to Croatia and sailed on to Venice. During filming in Venice, the yacht’s rig was taken in and out a total of 10 times to fit under multiple canal bridges. She was the first sailing yacht to go up the Grand Canal in 300 years.

Watch the yacht in action here.

Image credits: CASINO ROYALE © 2006 Danjaq, LLC & United Artists Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

No Time To Die :

A Spirit 46 features in the James Bond film No Time To Die . Bond has left active service and is enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica, where a Spirit 46 sailing yacht is featured.

Spirit Yachts CEO and Head of Design Sean McMillan commented, “ The James Bond films are a mainstay of British culture and we are honoured to be continuing our partnership with such an iconic brand.”

Sean McMillan continued, “The Spirit 46 is one of the original Spirit Yachts designs and is an example of the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every Spirit yacht. I think the yacht suits the Bond character very well because of the combination of beauty and practicality.”

Image & video credits: NO TIME TO DIE © 2021 Danjaq, LLC and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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Elegant 007 Charter Yacht

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  • Elegant 007

Elegant 007 (ex: RM Elegant)

  • Amenities & Toys
  • Rates & Regions
  • + Shortlist


72.4m  /  237'6   lamda nafs shipyards   2005 / 2017.

  • Previous Yacht

Cabin Configuration

Special Features:

  • Onboard cinema
  • 12-person spa pool
  • Swim platform
  • Broad range of water toys including kneeboard, banana boat and jet skis
The pinnacle of luxury, motor yacht ELEGANT 007's sprawling interior spaces coupled with her marvellous outdoor areas (which includes an impressive 12-person spa pool) make her an infinitely enjoyable charter.

Superyacht ELEGANT 007 is readily identifiable by her futuristic sweeping profile topped by a 250m² sun deck with a 12-person spa pool.

Interior Design

The interior, designed by Lally Poulias, accommodates 30 guests in 15 luxurious staterooms – a master suite on the bridge deck, a VIP suite, eight staterooms on the main deck and five further staterooms on the lower deck, all with a good range of entertainment facilities and served by Wi-Fi. Guest rooms include an art deco-styled dining room, a main saloon that opens aft to an 88m² deck and a second saloon on the bridge deck. There is also a gymnasium, a beauty salon, a massage room and a sauna.

Guest Accommodation

Elegant 007 offers guest accommodation for up to 30 guests in 15 suites comprising a master suite, one VIP cabin and thirteen twin cabins. There are 15 beds in total, including 15 king and 26 singles. She is also capable of carrying up to 28 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht charter experience.

Onboard Comfort & Entertainment

On your charter, you'll find plenty to keep you busy and entertained such as a dedicated library, where you can unwind in seclusion. Elsewhere the latest beauty and hair treatments are available in the luxurious beauty room or elsewhere, soothe tired limbs and reinvigorate yourself in the sauna. Kick back and relax in the well-appointed spa and maintain your fitness routine and work out in the well-equipped gym. Soak up the bubbles in style in the deck jacuzzi.

Elegant 007 benefits from some excellent features to improve your charter such as wheelchair-friendly access, making this vessel suitable for all guests. Guests of all ages and physical abilities can enjoy any part of the yacht thanks to the elevator or elsewhere, satellite communication systems keep you in touch wherever you voyage. Whether you want to work, use social media or stream movies on board this yacht, you can with Wi-Fi connectivity and guests will experience complete comfort while chartering thanks to air conditioning.

Performance & Range

Built with a steel hull and steel superstructure, she offers greater on-board space and is more stable when at anchor thanks to her full-displacement hull. Powered by twin Caterpillar engines, she comfortably cruises at 14 knots, reaches a maximum speed of 18 knots with a range of up to 3,300 nautical miles from her 180,140 litre fuel tanks at cruising speed. An on board stabilization system ensures comfort when underway.

Equipped with a selection of water-toys Elegant 007 lets you and your guests turn the Mediterranean into your own private playground. You'll be loving the huge adrenaline rush as you zip over the water on one of the Hamaha WaveRunners. In addition there are waterskis that are hugely entertaining whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. Additionally, there are wakeboards so guests can show off at speed. If that isn't enough Elegant 007 also features kayaks, inflatable water toys, kneeboards and snorkelling equipment. Elegant 007 also sports a 6m/19'8" RIB to transport you with ease.

Special Features

Book your next the Mediterranean luxury yacht charter aboard Elegant 007 this summer. She is also accepting bookings this winter on request.

With a highly experienced and talented crew of 28, you can be sure that each and every need will be met and exceeded while on board this prestigious motor yacht.


There are currently no testimonials for Elegant 007, please provide .

Elegant 007 Photos

Elegant 007 Yacht 11

Amenities & Entertainment

For your relaxation and entertainment Elegant 007 has the following facilities, for more details please speak to your yacht charter broker.

Elegant 007 is reported to be available to Charter with the following recreation facilities:

  • 3 x 6m  /  19'8 RIB Hamaha 150 HP engine

For a full list of all available amenities & entertainment facilities, or price to hire additional equipment please contact your broker.

  • + shortlist

For a full list of all available amenities & entertainment facilities, or price to hire additional equipment please contact your broker.

'Elegant 007' Charter Rates & Destinations

Mediterranean Summer Cruising Region

Summer Season

May - September

€525,000 p/week + expenses Approx $570,000

High Season

€580,000 p/week + expenses Approx $629,500

Cruising Regions

Mediterranean Greece, Turkey

HOT SPOTS:   Mykonos

Winter Season

October - April

Please enquire .

Charter Elegant 007

To charter this luxury yacht contact your charter broker , or we can help you.

To charter this luxury yacht contact your charter broker or

Update your yacht

Yacht Owner, Captain or Central Agents - Send us latest Photos, Charter Rates or Corrections Send Updates


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60m | Lurssen

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Blue Moon charter yacht

60m | Feadship

NOTE to U.S. Customs & Border Protection



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CROCUS Yacht: An 48 Meter Beauty by Admiral

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PHI Yacht – Royal Huisman’s $45 Million Superyacht

  • Zuretti Interior Design
  • Zuretti Interior
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elegant 007 yacht 2

  • Superyachts

ELEGANT 007 Yacht – Epic 72.5m Superyacht

The ELEGANT 007 yacht measures 72.48 meters in length and is built by Kanellos Bros . This Greek shipyard creates the most modern yachts in an impressively short time, according to the highest quality standards.

She was formerly named RM Elegant and held the record for being the largest yacht ever constructed by Kanellos Bros.

With her sprawling interior spaces coupled with her significant outdoor areas, she is truly an epitome of luxury.

ELEGANT 007 Yacht interior

ELEGANT 007 yacht’s interior was designed by Lally Poulias . Lally Poulias Design produces dynamic places that embrace freedom, flexibility, and ease of comfort while always serving harmony and beauty, drawing inspiration from real craftsmanship skills.

Known as ‘The Party Boat’, her interior exudes a classic vibe with a touch of modern flair, making her the perfect setting for a special occasion or event.

ELEGANT 007 Yacht exterior

Her exterior was penned by Lally Poulias , one of the leading designers in the superyacht based in Greece, that has an impressive portfolio of yacht design.

The superyacht ELEGANT 007 features an unmistakable sleek and futuristic shape that turns heads wherever she travels.

Topped with a sun deck 250 square meters in size, she is ranked amongst the most elite yachts of her type in the industry.

elegant 007 yacht

ELEGANT 007 Yacht accommodation

The ELEGANT 007 has accommodations for up to 30 guests in a total of 15 suites.

It includes one master suite, one VIP cabin, and thirteen twin cabins. Each of these staterooms has a wide variety of entertainment facilities and is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi. 

In addition, she can accommodate up to 28 crew members, ensuring a pleasant and stress-free luxury yacht charter experience.

She is also equipped with an incredible selection of water toys and accessories like the Yamaha Waverunner, kneeboards, kayaks, bananas, water skis, wakeboards, and snorkeling equipment.

ELEGANT 007 Yacht specifications

This mega yacht has a beam of 12.0 meters, a draft of 3.45 meters, and a total volume of 1,541 GT. 

She was constructed with a steel hull and a steel superstructure, providing more space on board thanks to her full-displacement hull. 

She can comfortably cruise at 14 knots, can reach a maximum speed of 18 knots, and has a range of up to 3,300 nautical miles from her 180,140-liter fuel tanks when she is traveling at cruising speed. 

She is powered by twin Caterpillar engines and equipped with a stabilization system to ensure comfort while on a cruise.

ELEGANT 007 Yacht price

The 72.48m Kanellos Bros motor yacht Elegant 007 is currently not listed for sale.

Do you have anything to add to this listing?

  • Caterpillar
  • Redman Whiteley Dixon

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The largest yachts owned by tech billionaires, from Mark Zuckerberg to Jeff Bezos

  • Megayachts have become a status symbol for the richest of the rich.
  • In recent years, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg have splurged on enormous boats.
  • These are the biggest yachts owned by tech billionaires.

Insider Today

The average Joe celebrating a personal renaissance after, say, the end of a long-term relationship or when approaching a fresh decade might commemorate it with an ankle tattoo or a sports car. But if you're a billionaire, you may instead spend hundreds of millions on a yacht .

A few years after he and his wife divorced, Jeff Bezos shelled out on a megayacht. Last year, Bezos debuted the 127-meter vessel "Koru," a Māori symbol that signifies a fresh start — perhaps referring to that with his fiancée Lauren Sanchez.

Earlier this year, just before his 40th birthday, Mark Zuckerberg became the rumored owner of a yacht originally built for a Russian oligarch.

Superyachts have increasingly become ultrawealthy status symbols , providing highly secluded leisure and networking sites. They are — even more so than real estate — the single most expensive asset you can own.

"It's a bit of a celebration of your success in life, of wealth," Giovanna Vitelli, the chair of the Azimut Benetti Group, the world's biggest producer of superyachts, told Business Insider.

While many tech billionaires have bought yachts, the richest of the rich, like Bezos, Zuckerberg, and Oracle cofounder Larry Ellison, have gone bigger. Their boats are virtual palaces at sea, decked with amenities like gyms, spas, pools, nightclubs, and movie theaters.

A look at these megayachts — broadly defined as over 70 meters long, mostly custom-built, and often costing nine figures — offers a glimpse into how the .00001% lives. It's something few others will ever get to experience. Even chartering a yacht of this size for a week typically costs upwards of $1 million.

One major thing that hundreds of millions of dollars can buy is privacy. There are likely yachts that have not been publicly recorded or registered — for example, Evan Spiegel is rumored to own the 94-meter megayacht Bliss. In an industry ruled by discretion , deciphering who owns what is typically an exercise in stringing together many clues.

Here are the largest yachts owned by tech billionaires, listed in order of length.

Jeff Bezos: Koru and Abeona

super yacht 007 owner

Amazon founder Bezos' $500 million megayacht, the 127-meter Koru, made a splash last year as she crisscrossed the Mediterranean in her first summer at sea, with her 75-meter support vessel Abeona in tow.

The sailing yacht, which is hard to miss thanks to her massive size and unique design, was host to Bezos and his fiancée Lauren Sanchez's famous friends . The couple held an engagement party on board, which reportedly drew guests including Bill Gates, Ari Emanuel, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Just a week later, they were seen on the streets of Dubrovnik, Croatia, with Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, and Usher.

Even before her completion, Koru made headlines. She drew the ire of some Dutch people, who vowed to hurl eggs after she was announced a historic bridge in Rotterdam might be taken apart to allow the Oceanco boat through. Luckily, the shipyard made alternative plans, and an egg crisis was averted.

Among yacht world insiders , Koru is widely praised for her craftsmanship.

"I heard back in 2018 or something that somebody had ordered a classic sailing yacht," one superyacht expert told BI. "You order 125 meters, that's not really going to be classic. But it is. I think it's pretty cool."

Mark Zuckerberg: Launchpad

super yacht 007 owner

Earlier this year, the yacht world was rife with rumors that Zuckerberg purchased Launchpad, a 118-meter superyacht originally designed for a sanctioned Russian businessman.

The ship made her maiden voyage in March, going from Gibraltar to St. Maarten and mooring in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Little is known about her interior, but photos show a large swimming pool and helipad. Her price, too, has been kept under wraps but is said to be nine figures.

Eric Schmidt: Whisper

super yacht 007 owner

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt made waves last year when he agreed to buy the Alfa Nero , the yacht of a sanctioned Russian oligarch, for $67 million in an auction conducted by Antigua and Barbuda. But he backed out of the deal following legal issues over her true owner. He quietly purchased Kismet instead. The 95-meter-long Lürssen-built boat was formerly owned by the Jacksonville Jaguar's billionaire owner Shahid Khan . Schmidt renamed her Whisper.

The ship can fit 12 guests and a crew of 28, according to Moran Yacht & Ship, which oversaw her construction. She features a master deck with a private jacuzzi, full-service spa, lap pool, movie theater, and outdoor fireplace.

While her final sale price was not public, she was listed for 149 million euros (about $161 million at current exchange rates), and at a charity auction in January, one week aboard the ship went for $2.4 million, according to industry outlet Yacht Charter Fleet.

Barry Diller: Eos

super yacht 007 owner

Barry Diller , the chairman of digital media company IAC, co-owns the megayacht Eos with his wife, fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg , who is immortalized by a figurehead sculpture by Anh Duong.

One of the largest private sailing yachts in the world, the three-masted Lürssen schooner measures 93 meters long. She took three years to be built before being delivered to Diller in 2009, and since then, little has come to light about her interior and features.

The power couple has hosted many celebrities on the Eos, which spends her summers crisscrossing the Mediterranean and New Year ' s Eve in St. Barts . Over the years, guests have included Oprah Winfrey, Emma Thompson, Anderson Cooper, and Bezos, leading some to believe she provided inspiration for his Koru.

Jim Clark: Athena

super yacht 007 owner

Netscape founder Jim Clark purchased the 90-meter sailing yacht Athena in 2004.

"I could easily have built a 50- or 60-meter motor yacht that would have had the same space as Athena, but I was never really interested in building a motor yacht," he told Boat International in 2016. "To my eye, she's one of the most gorgeous large sailing yachts, maybe the most gorgeous large sailing yacht in the world."

Athena has room for 10 guests and 21 crewmembers, and the only change Clark says he'd make in her design is adding more space for his kids.

"If I was forced to change something, I would convert the office on the lower deck into a children's room," he said.

The former Stanford professor tried to sell her at various points — listing her for $95 million in 2012 , $69 million in 2016, and $59 million in 2017 — but she has yet to change hands.

Larry Ellison: Musashi

super yacht 007 owner

Oracle founder Larry Ellison has owned several superyachts over the years, including the Katana, the Ronin, and the Rising Sun — which he sold to fellow billionaire David Geffen .

He purchased his current boat, Musashi, in 2011 for a reported $160 million from custom-yacht giant Feadship.

Named after a famous samurai warrior, the 88-meter-long yacht has both Japanese and Art Deco-inspired design elements. She also boasts amenities including an elevator, swimming pool, beauty salon, gym, and basketball court.

Ellison is known for his extravagant spending — private islands, jets, a tennis tournament — and yachting is among his favorite and most expensive hobbies. He took up racing them in the 1990s and financed the America's Cup-winning BMW Oracle Racing team .

Laurene Powell Jobs: Venus

super yacht 007 owner

Steve Jobs' wife, investor and philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs, inherited a nearly finished 78-meter yacht named Venus when the Apple cofounder died in 2011.

After spending years vacationing on Ellison's yachts, Jobs wanted one for himself. He designed Venus with French starchitect and decorator Philippe Starck , and she was worth $130 million at completion.

"Venus comes from the philosophy of minimum," Starck said of her design. "The elegance of the minimum, approaching dematerialization."

Jobs and Starck began working together in 2007, the designer told Vanity Fair , and held monthly meetings over four years. Venus was delivered in 2012 to Jobs' specification: six identical cabins, a design to ensure spaces of absolute silence, and the most up-to-date technology.

"There will never again be a boat of that quality again. Because never again will two madmen come together to accomplish such a task," Starck told the magazine. "It was not a yacht that Steve and I were constructing, we were embarked on a philosophical action, implemented according to a quasi-religious process. We formed a single brain with four lobes."

Charles Simonyi: Norn

super yacht 007 owner

Early Microsoft employee Charles Simonyi has purchased two megayachts from the German shipyard Lürssen: the 90-meter Norn and 71-meter Skat.

Delivered in 2023, Norn is full of luxe features, including an outdoor cinema and a pool floor that lifts to become a light-up dancefloor. She shares a militaristic style with Skat , which Simonyi sold in 2021.

Skats's name is derived from the Danish word for treasure, and she had a listing price of 56.5 million euros and was launched in 2002.

"The yacht is to be home away from my home in Seattle, and its style should match the style of the house, adapted for the practicalities of the sea," Simonyi once said .

Sergey Brin: Dragonfly

super yacht 007 owner

Google cofounder Sergey Brin has built a flotilla of yachts, boats, and toys known as the "Fly Fleet."

Named after a once-secret Google product , the largest of Brin's armada is the sleek Dragonfly , which boasts a movie theater and a helipad. The 73-meter-long vessel was built by the Australian shipyard Silver Yachts and can fit up to 18 guests and 16 crew members, according to SuperYacht Times.

Also in his fleet is the superyacht Butterfly, a mere 38 meters long. Often moored in the Bay Area, her crewmembers spend their downtime kitesurfing and giving swimming lessons to local kids.

The rest of his marine lineup includes a smaller boat called Firefly, as well as Jet Skis, foilboards, dinghies, and kiteboards. She takes a team of 50 full-time employees to manage, steer, and maintain the entire operation.

Sindhu Sundar contributed to an earlier version of this story.

Correction: May 6, 2024 — An earlier version of this story misstated Giovanna Vitelli's title. She is the chair of the Azimut Benetti Group, not a vice president.

super yacht 007 owner

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Feadship launches world’s first hydrogen fuel cell-powered superyacht.

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Feadship's Project 821 uses hydrogen fuel cell technology to provide clean, emission-free power to ... [+] the yacht in certain situations

Now that Project 821 has emerged from a massive build shed in The Netherlands, few superyacht shipyards can say they’ve made a “bigger” commitment to using alternative energy sources in a superyacht than Feadship .

That’s because this new, 390-foot-long superyacht (designed by RWD with owner’s representation by Edmiston ) can provide carbon-emission-free power from hydrogen while cruising between harbors or, to power the yacht’s the entire hotel load for up to a week without noise or carbon emissions.

"The aim has been to develop a new, clean technology not just for this project, but for the world," said Jan-Bart Verkuyl, Feadship Director / CEO Royal Van Lent Shipyard. The large size of the proposed yacht made it a good candidate to explore pure green hydrogen as the fuel-cell source. For those captivated by cutting-edge innovations, this yacht presents an opportunity for potential acquisition as it showcases the pinnacle of modern technological advancements.”

Feadship's Project 821 is the first superyacht to be powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology in ... [+] certain situations.

Although hydrogen fuel cell-powered cars and fuel cells are not new, nothing like this has been built in the yachting sector. And since there were no regulations for hydrogen storage and fuel-cell systems at class, flag-state or even IMO level, Feadship sought out expert partners from allied industries, Edmiston and Lloyd's Register to develop the appropriately scaled equipment, protocols and safety regulations simultaneously.

‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ Is Already Flooded With Negative Reviews On Steam

Wwe smackdown results, winners and grades with stratton vs. belair, biden trump debates what to know as trump pushes for 2 more faceoffs.

"The value of the research as well the development of class and flag safety regulations for an entirely new type of energy generation is an advancement we are proud to have made available to all," Verkuyl said. Next year, for example, two long-route Norwegian passenger and car ferries will enter into service utilizing the system that Project 821 has pioneered.

According to advance reports Project 821’s fuel cell technology can provide an entire week's worth of silent operation at anchor or emission-free propulsion at 10 knots while leaving harbors or cruising in protected marine zones. Project 821 also features the most efficient waste heat recovery system yet developed.

Meanwhile, with five decks above the waterline, two below, and additional mast yet to be attached, the yacht’s height is commanding. For example, the owners' deck is 121-feet above water. Yet the proportions of the exterior profile created by RWD are flowing, modern and elegant

The full owners' deck above the bridge is essentially an apartment with two bedrooms, twin bathrooms and dressing rooms, a gym, a pantry, two offices each with a fireplace, and a living room. However, the owner accommodation extends beyond a single deck. A unique and completely private vertical corridor extends to the lower deck. This includes both a spacious staircase lined with bookshelves and display nooks and an owners' elevator.

At each deck level, there are inviting private lifestyle destinations to savor such as a coffee corner and games niche on the bridge deck, a library on the main deck, and a private dining room with a sea terrace and adjacent ensuite stateroom on the lower deck. It creates, in essence, a secluded four-level townhouse-by-the sea within the much larger yacht.

Feadship's Project 821 is nearly 400-feet-long.

Jan-Bart Verkuyl says fuel cells will play an important role for yachts in the years to come considering their superior efficiency, low particle emissions and low noise radiation. "We have now shown that cryogenic storage of liquified hydrogen in the interior of a superyacht is a viable solution. Future innovations on fuel cells and onboard reforming of methanol to hydrogen are on the near horizon. For Feadship, the bottom line is that the decarbonization of Feadship's upstream process such as our extensive use of aluminum produced in a more environmentally sensitive way and the production of net-zero carbon-free fuels or hydrogen carriers deserves utmost priority."

Jamie Edmiston (Chief Executive) also shares his experience with this project. "The brief was to build the greenest and most environmentally advanced yacht ever built, without compromise. It was a huge challenge, but one that the team has embraced and delivered on. The yacht we see today, designed by RWD and built by Feadship is without doubt the best yacht ever built. I am proud to have been involved since the inception of this idea.”

Charlie Baker (Director) adds “RWD are immensely proud to have been involved in such a forward-thinking project, as a collaboration alongside Feadship and Edmiston. We hope it inspires other projects to think differently in the future.”

I hope so too!

Bill Springer

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Man gets realistic picture of his boat painted on a fence intended to hide it

A California man who was ordered to keep his boat out of sight has had the last laugh by commissioning an artist to paint a realistic image of it on the fence that obscures it.

Local government officials told Etienne Constable, of Seaside, California, in July that he had to build a 6-foot fence to hide the boat from view of his neighbors.

In a light-hearted jibe at officialdom, Constable decided to follow the directive, which said nothing about how the fence should be decorated, and asked local artist Hanif Panni to create a mural that makes it look as if the fence isn't there.

"I’m not a rule-breaker, but I like to make a political statement as necessary, as well as a humorous statement and a creative statement," he told NBC affiliate KSBW of Monterey Bay .

Man paints boat on fence erected to conceal boat

He is yet to have had any contact from the city about the mural — but he said he considers it to be covered by the right to freedom of expression as enshrined in the First Amendment.

"The reaction is extremely more than we ever expected, and we’re both just tickled about it," Constable said, referring to the stir the image has made on social media, where it has been shared many times.

Panni, who paints images across the Central Coast area, told KSBW: "I’m a big proponent of public art in spaces. It engages people in ways that reaching out and having conversations doesn’t sometimes."

And Panni added that since the Seaside boat mural has gone viral, other boat owners have approached him to see whether he can do the same for them.

super yacht 007 owner

Patrick Smith is a London-based editor and reporter for NBC News Digital.

Watch CBS News

Authorities ID boat operator who fatally struck 15-year-old Ella Adler

By CBS Miami Team

Updated on: May 15, 2024 / 6:46 PM EDT / CBS/CNN

MIAMI - The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission identified the boat operator in connection to the death of 15-year-old Ella Adler, who was struck while water skiing in Biscayne Bay on Saturday.

Authorities say Carlos Guillermo Alonso, 78, of Coral Gables, was the boat's operator.

They say he was the only occupant of the vessel on that day, according to the one-page incident report.  

FWC24ON0038760_updated-2 by sergio.candido on Scribd

The boat was discovered behind a home in the Hammocks Oaks neighborhood in Coral Gables. Neighbors described the man who lives in the home as a family man and an experienced boater. They said he was devastated by what happened.

Rodney Barreto, the Chairman of the FWC,  said this about Ella's death, "It's touched our community in a way." 

"When you're 15 years old you don't expect to go out on a boat and not come home." 

The new preliminary FWC report says she had been on a boat with 12 other people and was being towed while on a wakeboard. 

Records show Alonso owns the house where the vessel was seized.

"The gentleman who was driving the boat who is cooperating with us is Mr. Alonso," said Barreto.

"We have some physical evidence that we have recovered that we have sent to our state lab for testing." 

Barreto says officers used witness descriptions to find the boat.

"It was good old-fashioned police work by our officers. 
We asked them to go up and down the canals from Coconut Grove to South Miami. They went up and down the canals with the physical description they had and recognized the boat." 

Batteto said there was no evidence pointing to reckless or drunk driving.

It's not known if the driver will be cited or charged.

"Our job is to gather information and present it to the State Attorney, so they can do their job." 

The loss of Ella Adler prompts this warning from Barreto: "Make sure you pay attention to the water and always look around because things can happen on the water and they can happen very quickly."

"We encourage people to use a lot of caution and go to boating safety schools." 

"Florida has the most registered boats in the country and Miami-Dade has the most registered boats than any county in Florida."


Ella, the granddaughter of US Ambassador to Belgium Michael M. Adler, was water skiing with friends Saturday near the Nixon Beach sandbar when she fell in the water while being towed and was struck by another boat. The operator of that boat never stopped.

An all out search was then launched to find the boat and driver.

On Wednesday, Florida Fish and Wildlife believed they had found it. 

"I am pleased to report that we have a vessel in custody that matches the description given by witnesses," said FWC's George Reynaud. "The boat is in our custody and the owner is cooperating with us."

On Monday morning, hundreds of people attended services for Adler at Temple Beth Sholom in Miami Beach.

On Tuesday, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden stopped by in person to offer her condolences and be with the family.

"We are honored that the First Lady paid a shiva call to our family during this time of immense pain. We are touched by their support and love and we are proud to call the President and First Lady our friends for over 40 years," according to a statement from the family.

Adler was a freshman at Ransom Everglades High School and a ballerina with the Miami City Ballet.

"We are heartbroken," Ransom Everglades posted on Facebook. "Ella Adler '27 shined in our classrooms and on our stages, and she embodied the mission of Ransom Everglades School. We wish peace and comfort to her family."

"We at Miami City Ballet and the Miami City Ballet School are utterly devastated by the heartbreaking news of this tragic accident," said the organization which described Adler as a beloved student and a magnificent dancer who graced their stage. "Our hearts go out to Ella's family, friends, and everyone who had the privilege of knowing and adoring her. As we come together, we will profoundly grieve the loss of Ella, and hold dear the precious memories we were fortunate enough to create with her."

"We extend our deepest condolences to the Adler family at this difficult time," the US Embassy to Belgium said in a statement. "Out of respect for their privacy, we have nothing further."

Anyone who saw the accident or anyone who might have video footage or information about it is urged to call the Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-FWCC (3922) or Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS (8477).


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The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission has identified the person behind the wheel in the South Florida hit-and-run boating death of 15-year-old Ella Adler on Saturday.

Carlos Guillermo Alonso, 78, of Coral Gables was piloting a 42-foot Boston Whaler in Key Biscayne when officials say his boat struck Ella Riley Adler, 15, a ballerina with the Miami Ballet and granddaughter of U.S. Ambassador to Belgium Michael M. Adler. The teen had been wakeboarding behind another boat and was floating in the water, according to an FWC incident report released Wednesday.

The man piloting the boat that hit the girl sped off to the west without stopping, witnesses said. Adler was retrieved by the other boat but died of her injuries.

The vessel is in custody and Alonso is cooperating with the investigation, the FWC said in a release Tuesday .

Investigators said Tuesday it was unclear if Alonso knew Adler was there or was hit. It is unknown if alcohol was a factor. In a statement from Alonso's attorney Lauren Krasnoff, shared by , Krasnoff said Alonso was unaware he hit anybody and does not drink.

"I will tell you that Bill, who has been boating for 50 years and is a very experienced boater who knows these waters, was out boating by himself on Saturday," Krasnoff said in the statement. "He has no knowledge whatsoever of having been involved in this accident. If he hit Ella that day, he certainly did not know it. Had Bill thought he hit anything, he absolutely would have stopped. But he did not at any point think that he had hit anything, let alone a person.

"He docked his boat in plain sight right behind his house," she said, "and did not even know there was an accident on the water that day until officers showed up at his door."

Witnesses or anyone with video footage or information should contact the FWC at 888-404-FWCC or 888-404-3922 or Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS or 305-471-8477.

A total reward of up to $20,000 — $10,000 from Adler's family and a combined $10,000 from FWC and Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers — is being offered for information that leads to an arrest and successful prosecution of the driver of the hit-and-run boat incident.

What happened in the boating death of Ella Adler?

At about 4:30 p.m. Saturday, May 11 (the day before Mother's Day), Adler and several others had been enjoying some recreational boating near the Nixon Beach Sandbar in Biscayne Bay, according to the incident report. Adler was wakeboarding behind a 42-foot 2017 Hanse Fjord yacht at the same time as an unidentified female on a wake surfboard.

The two people being towed fell into the water at different times and locations, the incident report said. Adler was wearing a life jacket and had the wakeboard still attached to her feet, an FWC official told NBC6 in Miami , when she was struck by a 42-foot 2020 Boston Whaler.

A witness said the boat did not appear to swerve or slow down when it hit the girl. The yacht towing her immediately spun around back to where she was and began broadcasting distress calls, the witness told NBC6.

Where was Ella Adler killed? Where is Nixon Beach Sandbar in Florida?

The Nixon Beach Sandbar is located in Biscayne Bay, Florida, west of Hurricane Harbor near Miami.

It's a popular destination for recreational boaters and fishing for its white sands and clear shallow waters, and it "turns into a wild party spot every weekend" full of yachts and catamarans, according to the boating site .

The area was named for former president Richard M. Nixon, who owned a home overlooking the water nearby.

Who is Ella Riley Adler of Florida?

Ella Adler was a freshman at Ransom Everglades School in Coconut Grove and a ballerina with the Miami City Ballet. She is the granddaughter of Michael M. Adler, the current U.S. Ambassador to Belgium , according to the Miami Herald .

"We are heartbroken," the school said in a Facebook post Monday morning. "Ella Adler '27 shined in our classrooms and on our stages, and she embodied the mission of Ransom Everglades School. We wish peace and comfort to her family."

Adler appeared in more than 100 performances with the Miami Ballet, including "The Nutcracker," according to her obituary . In school, she performed on the dance team, acted in the school play "Chicago" and was a member of the Ransom Everglades Jewish Students Association.

"You were taken from us way too soon, and the world has been robbed of all the things you could have achieved," her father, Matthew, wrote in a letter read during a funeral service at Temple Beth Sholom in Miami Beach on Monday, the Miami Herald reported . "But you will always be here with us and your friends and family will carry your energy and spirit forever.”

First Lady Jill Biden paid her condolences in person Tuesday, according to a statement from the family.

"We are honored that the First Lady paid a shiva call to our family during this time of immense pain. We are touched by their support and love and we are proud to call the President and First Lady our friends for over 40 years," they said.

The girl's great-aunt Karen Adler started working in President Joe Biden's D.C. office in 1973 when he was still a junior senator from Delaware, according to Jewish Insider , and served as his national finance chair in 2008. Her brother Michael was confirmed as Ambassador to Belgium in 2021 .

Adler is survived by her parents Amanda and Matthew, her brother Jaden, and her sister Adalynn, grandparents Judy and Michael, and Susan and Michael Klaiman, along with several aunts, uncles and cousins.

Natalie Neysa Alund, USA TODAY, contributed to this story.

Electrostal History and Art Museum

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ARTICLES / MAY 16, 2024

New Supreme Court Ruling Impacts Yacht Owners

In the wake of the recent U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on marine insurance policies, yacht owners face a litany of new legal considerations. Fortunately, Lockton is here to help navigate these changes and ensure coverage remains effective.


The situation began after the owner of a yacht submitted a claim for damages incurred when the vessel ran aground off the coast of Florida. The insurance carrier denied the claim, stating that the yacht’s fire suppression system was out of compliance with the terms of its policy. Here’s the kicker: There was no fire onboard the yacht.

It’s not uncommon to find situations where an insurer cites “breach of warranty” to deny a claim when there is an unrelated failure by a policyholder to comply with the terms of a policy. However, that was not how this case was argued.

The issue here was “choice-of-forum,” regarding whether or not the carrier can specify where a lawsuit can be adjudicated. This includes states with a history of legal rulings favoring breach of warranty denials.

The Supreme Court ruled that choice-of-forum provisions have been consistently upheld under maritime law since the late 1950s and ruled in favor of the insurance carrier.

The ruling actually safeguards maritime law, as it gives both insurers and insureds predictability regarding how the terms and conditions of a policy will be interpreted. This is especially important given the inherent mobility of the insured vessel.

So, what’s the problem? Marine insurers typically request New York as their preferred venue for trial. Why? Although the state does not allow carriers to deny claims for unrelated breach of warranty issues, it has a specific clause stating that this law does not apply to marine insurance policies.


As a yacht owner, your best bet is to seek guidance from an insurance broker with deep experience dealing with intricate marine policies. When you work with Lockton, we start by meticulously examining existing insurance contracts to identify potential gaps or areas of concern.

After our analysis, we may recommend designing new insurance contracts or modifying existing ones to better align with your needs and preferences. By leveraging our longstanding carrier relationships, Lockton can often negotiate favorable terms to ensure you have appropriate coverage should you need it.


While the review is being conducted, you can take this time to proactively minimize your potential exposures. This may include investing in safety measures, conducting regular maintenance checks, and adhering to relevant maritime regulations and best practices.

Most importantly, you’ll want to maintain accurate records of correspondence and policy documentation. A paper trail can prove invaluable in the event of a dispute, helping defend claims and facilitating the resolution process.


By leveraging Lockton’s professional guidance and implementing comprehensive risk management strategies, together we can build a winning strategy that safeguards your yacht and gives you peace of mind as you travel the open seas.

To learn more about how Lockton can support owners of motorboats, sail boats, yachts, and mega yachts, visit our website (opens a new window) today.

For additional information regarding the legal implications of this ruling, view Lockton’s article, “ Supreme Court’s marine choice-of-law ruling is a win for insurers, with a silver lining for policyholders (opens a new window) .”

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered professional advice. Please consult with a Lockton representative for information regarding specific insurance products and services.

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    Elektrostal , lit: Electric and Сталь , lit: Steel) is a city in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located 58 kilometers east of Moscow. Population: 155,196 ; 146,294 ...

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    In 1938, it was granted town status. [citation needed]Administrative and municipal status. Within the framework of administrative divisions, it is incorporated as Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts. As a municipal division, Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction is incorporated as Elektrostal Urban Okrug.

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    The new preliminary FWC report says she had been on a boat with 12 other people and was being towed while on a wakeboard. Records show Alonso owns the house where the vessel was seized.

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