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With Argo you get easy-to-use navigation and routing, local boating knowledge, and social boating features all in one app!

Available on iOS and Android phones and tablets. Argo coverage includes the United States, Canada, and Caribbean. 

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All the navigation features you need.


Navigation Capability

Find and route to new destinations within the U.S. and Canada with our clean, easy-to-use interface.

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Customized Chart Data

You control what you see on your map. From map data to points of interest you are in control!

captain with message bubble

Community-Focused Boating

Get local boating knowledge and share your experiences with friends in your social feed.

Custom Autorouting

Plan your trip before you get out on the water. Simply let Argo know where you want to go or just tap the map and go. Argo will calculate the shortest and safest route customized based off your boat’s draft.

Argo Boating App Autoroute

Captain’s Log

Automatically save places you’ve visited or trips you have taken. Add reports, places, photos and comments along the way. Then share with friends and family so they can see where you went or follow your same route.

Argo Boating App Captain's Log

Popular Destinations

Find the best spots to visit on or near the water with recommendations from other boaters. Places are continually updated with reviews, current pictures, descriptions and comments. These include local beaches, anchorages, marinas, restaurants, dock bars and more.

Argo Boating App Destination Description

Real-Time Reporting

Get the latest on water hazards, weather and other potential issues to put you on the safest route. Create your own or comment on other reports to ensure accuracy. Customize your map so you only see pins that are most important to you.

Argo Boating App Report Pins

Connect with Boaters

Connect with other boaters by adding your current friends and meeting new ones. Message them on the water, create or comment on a post, and share your trips and experiences with the boating community.

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Argo premium.

  • All FREE Argo Features
  • 7-Day Weather, Wind, Tides
  • Offline Charts
  • Custom Depth Shading
  • Captain’s Log Reports
  • Import/Export GPX Files
  • Multiple Vessels
  • Display Routes/Tracks


  • AIS Traffic

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I love the intuitive autorouting function and my wife enjoys the social/community features for connecting with other boating friends.

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My father takes very frequent trips on his boat for the past 5-6 years and I showed him this app a few days ago & he LOVES it. He hasn’t stopped using it.

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This app needs to be in every boaters arsenal. I absolutely love it. What a service the creator has done for us and for FREE!

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Best Marine and Boating Navigation Apps

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Table of Contents

Last Updated on May 19, 2024 by Boatsetter Team

For almost everything you do today, there’s an app that will support, enhance or complement that activity. Recreational boating is no exception, and there are dozens of boating apps to help you enjoy time on the water.

Arguably, marine navigation apps are some of the most common—and the most useful—available to boaters today, with a range of options to suit different needs. Some boat GPS apps, for example, utilize NOAA raster charts, which are essentially scanned paper charts incorporated into their systems. Some apps offer vector charts, providing electronic charts that allow for scrolling and zooming in for enhanced detail.

The convenience of downloading these apps to your iPhone, Android, or tablet enables you to have them readily available regardless of the boat you’re on,  significantly enhancing your navigational capabilities.

Best marine navigation apps ( with GPS )

These are our top recommendations for boating apps that are great for marine navigation and offer GPS. Most of the apps are free to try.

1. Navionics

navionics boating app

A perennial favorite is Navionics because it’s easy to use and comprehensive in scope. Navionics mimics a standard chartplotter experience and in some cases can connect to an onboard plotter via WiFi. Creating waypoints and routes, measuring distances and understanding depth contours and aids to navigation is pretty straight forward with this app.

Once downloaded, the charts stay on your device and can be used offline which is great when you’re cruising in areas with little coverage. Bonus functionality includes weather and tide information and dock-to-dock routing that helps you set a viable course based on your vessel’s parameters like draft.

  • Price: Two-week free trial, then subscriptions starting at $14.99
  • Click here to learn more and download.
  • Get the app from Google Play Store or iOS store

iNavX marine navigation

Easy to confuse with Navionics (especially when downloading the app), iNavX is a whole different animal. There’s a $5 charge to download the app, and then you can download NOAA raster charts for free and vector charts (powered by Navionics and C-MAP) for a fee.

Beyond navigation, details on marinas, fuel docks and other facilities are also available. Weather data overlays and additional features like engine data and AIS collision avoidance information can also be viewed, but the app can get technical in a hurry and may take longer to learn.

  • Price: $4.99, plus an annual subscription

c-map boat gps app

C-MAP is the primary other choice besides Navionics for the underlying charting information that many apps use with their own user interface. The new C-MAP Embark was designed to be intuitive so after a few minutes, you won’t really be looking for the manual to manage the basics like waypoints, routes and nav aids.

A funky feature includes the app changing color based on your environment, so the charts are always easy to read regardless of the surrounding light. The basics include a free download, but chart additions and weather data will be in-app purchases.

  • Price: Free, with available in-app purchases

4. SeaPilot

seapilot app

SeaPilot sets an ambitious agenda for itself: it’s a basic navigation app (which has a free three-day trial) but it ramps up from there. You’ll need to upgrade to the premium version so you can add various chart areas, weather forecasting and routing capabilities. Beyond that, you can connect to Facebook to find nearby boating friends.

For sailors, there’s a database of polar diagrams which are graphs of the theoretical top speeds attainable by over 300 kinds of sailboats.

  • Price: Three-day free trial, then starting at $7.99

5. i Sail GPS:NOAA USA Charts

i sail gps boat app

For barebones basics, iSail is a great choice because it’s inexpensive and you can skip sign-ups and pop-ups. Measure distances to your waypoint, upload waypoints and routes and get quick ETAs to your next intermediate or final point.

iSail uses NOAA raster charts which are downloaded to the device so they can be used without Wi-Fi or out of cell range. There are few advanced features, but this app gets the job done when you need the basics. It’s for iOS only.

  • Price: $7.99, with available in-app purchases

6. KnowWake

knowwake boating app

The best way to describe KnowWake is to compare it to a road-based app you’re probably already familiar with–Waze. Like Waze, KnowWake is crowd-source and will provide information on congested waterfront locations–coastal and on 350 inland waterways.

yacht application download

On a bustling weekend, you can see how busy marinas, restaurants, boat ramps, fuel docks, and dive and snorkel sites are. You can use it in North America, on the Great Loop and in Canada as well as in parts of the Caribbean. The app uses real-time updates and it has location-sharing between users so you can find friends.

  • Price: Free!

All the boating apps above vary in price, complexity and focus, and although some are free, advanced features generally come at a price. Some take a bit of time to learn, but they’ll all put some peace-of-mind in your pocket the next time you slip the dock lines.

Bonus Apps: Boatsetter

boatsetter apps

Did you know Boatsetter has an app? Make that two! We’re proud to offer the largest peer-to-peer boat rental app that connects boat owners and boat renters, so you can get on the water without committing to boat ownership. Rent one of over 17,000 boats in 600 locations. Boatsetter isn’t the only private boat rental app , but it offers an exclusive partnership with BoatUS and Geico for insurance.

  • Price: Free! (Boat owners should also check out our Boatsetter Owner’s app , perfect for stress-free boat rental management and easy communication with renters).
  • Click here to download for iOS ; or click here to download for Android .

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Zuzana Prochazka is an award-winning freelance journalist and photographer with regular contributions to more than a dozen sailing and powerboating magazines and online publications including Southern Boating, SEA, Latitudes & Attitudes and SAIL. She is SAIL magazines Charter Editor and the Executive Director of Boating Writers International. Zuzana serves as judge for SAIL’s Best Boats awards and for Europe’s Best of Boats in Berlin. 

A USCG 100 Ton Master, Zuzana founded and manages a flotilla charter organization called Zescapes that takes guests adventure sailing at destinations worldwide. 

Zuzana has lived in Europe, Africa and the United States and has traveled extensively in South America, the islands of the South Pacific and Mexico. 

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Top 8 Best Boat Design Software in 2024 (Free & Paid)

' src=

Written by: 3DSourced

January 16, 2024

Whether you’re a student, a hobbyist, or a professional, finding the right software is the key first step to designing a boat. However, with such a wide range of programs available, you need to make sure you choose the best boat design software for you.

We usually talk about 3D software in relation to 3D printing, but 3D modeling techniques are used across many applications and industries, including boat design. In fact, 3D printing is becoming increasingly prevalent in the boat design industry, with one example being Tanaruz’s 3D printed boats .

Quick Overview

  • Free!ship : Best Free Boat Design Software for Linux
  • Sailcut CAD : Free Sailboat Design Software
  • Bearboat SP : Free Boat Designer for Small Boats & Kayaks
  • DELFTship : Intuitive Free Boat Design Tool with Professional Option
  • Fusion 360 : Best Free Boat Design Software for Beginners & Mac
  • SketchUp : Best Boat Design App for iPad
  • Autoship : Best for Naval & Marine Architecture, Best for Windows
  • Solidworks : Best for Aluminum Boat Design Software & Best for Yachts

In this guide, we review several 3D ship design software to help you do just that. We’ll take a close look at both free and professional options, so that you’ll be able to find a suitable program regardless of your budget and experience.

Read more: our feature story on 3D printed boats

yacht application download

Best Free Boat Design Software

1. freeship – best free boat design software for linux.

Yacht designed in Free!ship

Completely free and open source 

Subdivision modeling to design any hull shape

Can export designs in a range of file formats

Can submit support and feature requests 

Positive reviews from users 

Can be tricky for novices to get used to 

Not available on Mac 

Unlike most of the boat building software on our list, Free!ship isn’t developed by a company, but rather by an individual called Marven with a desire to make boat design accessible to anyone.

Free!ship is a surface modeling program for designing ships and yachts, using subdivision surfaces modeling rather than NURBs, providing the freedom to design hulls of any shape. 

Available on Windows and Linux, you can get started with this free CAD software by automatically generating a basic boat structure to use as a template. You can then easily use the nodes on the structure, as well as a variety of tools like curve, split, collapse, and insert plane, to reshape the design to your liking.

You need to fill in certain parameters, such as:

  • Boat length
  • Beam length
  • Longitudinal and vertical direction

Once you’ve done that, you can view your boat design in four different perspectives and every angle to help you finalize your structure.

Free!ship offers the option to fill out support requests, feature requests, and report bugs. However, bear in mind that design beginners may be better off with a professional free ship design software that has more support options and tutorials available, as you don’t get any training with Free!ship.

2. Sailcut CAD – Free Sailboat Design Software

yacht application download

Specialist sailboat design software 

Easy to use node editing

Supports a variety of sail designs

Export designs in different file types including DXF files

Not suitable for designing other boat types

If you’re looking for a free small boat design software specifically geared towards designing sails and sailboats, you can’t go wrong with Sailcut CAD .

This design and plotting software can be used to design the sail, hull, and rail of a boat, in addition to precisely computing panel development in flat sheets.

You can use it for a variety of different sail types, including wing sails, cross cut, twist foot cut, vertical cut, mitre cut, and radicul cut, so it’s a versatile tool that will suit virtually any sailboat designer.

The software provides a base design template that you can then edit and view in a variety of formats, including shaded, wireframe, and development. It provides control over all the key dimensions of your sailboat, such as boat length, gaff round, and seam width.

Sailcut provides documentation that explains how to use it for CAD as well as community mailing lists and a bug tracker where you can report issues.

3. Bearboat SP – Free Boat Designer for Small Boats & Kayaks 

Bearboat Software

Specialist kayak design software 

Simple to use 

Control all aspects of your design

Multiple view options

Advanced tools like wetting

Not suitable for larger boat designs

Dated interface 

Bearboat SP is a specialist kayak design software that can also be used to design other similar types of small boats.

People have been using Bearboat to design kayaks since 1998 – and it’s the most popular program for this specific type of boat design. 

It’s a fairly simple, no-frills software that makes it easy to get stuck straight in. You begin by filling in the core boat hull parameters, such as length, stability, and design deplacement, and then just click the ‘create’ button to generate your base kayak template. 

From there, you can go about making structural changes to aspects like shape seam, bow and stern seam height, and rockers parameters. You can also easily change dimensions using the nodes on the 2D wireframe design.

There are three viewing options – bird view, side view, and cross-section view – for inspecting your design from different perspectives, as well as options such as changing the color of the wireframe design for easier analysis. 

Advanced features include the ability to view the wetted surface and underwater area, and a drag spreadsheet that contains all the parameters of your boat design, making Bearboat SP a well-rounded boat design tool overall.

4. DELFTship – Intuitive Free Boat Design Tool with Professional Option

yacht application download

More up-to-date and intuitive than other free boat design software tools

Impressive model rendering

Professional license and extension options

Perform basic calculations to check buoyancy and other factors

Free version has limited features compared to paid version

DELFTship is another great free boat design software, and offers a somewhat more professional and up-to-date solution versus Sailcut and Free!ship, with more impressive renderings than other free programs.

This 3D hull form modeling program is very intuitive with a range of easy-to-use design features, including lots of nodes that make it simple to edit your base model just by dragging and dropping.

You can inspect your models from five different viewpoints and convert them to wireframes and other formats to better analyze structure. Features like the keel and rudder wizard make it simple to design additional components of your boat.

DELFTship provides an unlimited free version alongside a professional license that costs $160. You can also add on extensions and board stability analysis calculations upon request for additional fees.

Even without the paid license you can still use DELFTship free to perform basic hydrostatic calculations and resistance calculations to help improve the precision of your designs, making this one of the most impressive free boat design tools. 

5. Fusion 360 – Best Free Boat Design Software for Beginners & Mac

yacht application download

More beginner-friendly than other boat design software 

Lots of learning resources & tutorials

High quality, flexible 3D modeling tool

Impressive renderings

Available on Mac

Not a specialist boat hull design software

Unlike the other programs we’ve covered so far Fusion 360 is a general purpose 3D modeling software that’s not specifically made for boat designing. However, it’s still widely used in boat designing, and its more general nature has some advantages.

For starters, designing a boat is a fairly large and complex task, and the more specialist software like Free!ship and Bearboat SP are complex if you’re new to computer aided design. 

While Fusion 360 still has a learning curve, it’s one of the best designed, intuitive, and beginner-friendly 3D modeling software out there. On top of that, it has a huge range of learning resources and tutorials, great support, and a large user community, so it’s very popular among new designers.

In fact, there are a variety of YouTube videos and written tutorials showing how to use Fusion 360 for boat design and for different types of vessels, including yachts and canoes. These include videos showing how to design wooden boats , so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a plywood boat design software.

Another benefit of Fusion 360 is that, unlike most naval architecture boat design software, it’s available on Mac. It even has iOS and Android apps that allow you to view designs and collaborate via your smartphone or tablet. 

Fusion 360 is also free for three years as long as you’re using it non-commercially.

Best Paid Boat Design Software 

6. sketchup – best boat design app for ipad.

  • Price : $119 a year for the app (free online version available)

yacht application download

3D modeling iPad app

High quality renderings

Intuitive and beginner-friendly

Free online version available

Not specialized for boat design

SketchUp is another general purpose 3D software used for boat design. While it’s not one of the most widely used boat design programs, the reason it’s on our list is that it’s one of the few premier 3D CAD tools that has a fully-fledged mobile app for iPad.

While some programs like Fusion 360 have viewer apps, these don’t have the modeling tools of their desktop counterparts. However, with the SketchUp iPad app, you can enjoy advanced modeling on a tablet, and you can even get creative using an Apple Pencil stylus.

There are a variety of tutorials and videos showing how to design boats with SketchUp, and as a user-friendly software it’s a good option for beginners. SketchUp also boasts high quality renderings for producing 3D boat designs that you can easily share with anyone. 

While the SketchUp boat design app has a yearly fee, you can also use the software for free using the online-only version, or choose from a variety of desktop licenses that vary in terms of features and storage.

SketchUp also offers iPhone and Android apps, although these are more stripped back versions more suited to viewing and sharing designs on your mobile.

7. Autoship – Best for Naval & Marine Architecture, Best for Windows

  • Price : upon quote 

Boat designed in Autoship

Large software suite that covers the entire boat design pipeline

Used by professional boat manufacturers

Highly intuitive NURBs modeling

Comprehensive testing features and data management

Extensive training and support

Can be used to create load plans

Not available on Mac

Steep learning curve 

Autoship is a software suite designed for professional naval and marine architects that provides solutions for every aspect in the boat design process, from modeling to construction and load planning modules for more optimal loading.

In terms of design, Autoship software offers five different CAD/CAM solutions:

  • Autoship Pro – a hull design and surface modeling program.
  • Modelmaker – for creating 3D models of vessels and components.
  • Autohydro Pro – for analyzing hydrostatics and stability of your models.
  • Autoplate – a plate design, expansion, and management system.
  • Autopower – for resistance and powering predictions.

So, you can create a package with any number of these programs based on your needs. The great thing about Autoship software is all the programs are fully integrated, so any changes made to your model integrate into each solution.

Autoship Pro is the primary design solution in this suite, with a vast array of advanced features for designing vessels. Based on NURBs modeling, the intuitive interface allows you to work in up to four views simultaneously with ten levels of zoom and unzoom for top precision.

Some of the impressive features of this vessel design software include extensive context menus to help speed up operations, the ability to color surfaces so it’s easy to pick out parts in complex designs, curvature displays for curves and surfaces, hydrostatic and resistance calculations, and strength assessment tools.

Overall, with its mix of powerful design, testing, and engineering features, Autoship is one of the most complete boat design software on the market.

8. Solidworks – Best for Aluminum Boat Design Software & Best for Yachts

  • Price : upon quote

Yacht designed in Solidworks

Solidworks is one of the most advanced 3D CAD/CAM software out there and is widely used across design and engineering industries, from automotive to aerospace as well as boat design. 

In fact, this software is used by a number of leading boat manufacturers. One such example is Kvichak Marine Industries, a Seattle-based maker of high quality aluminum vessels, including both passenger and industrial boats.

In this v i deo , the assistant chief engineer explains how Solidworks’ highly precise 3D modeling tools allow them to improve processes by spotting issues quicker and therefore improve efficiency, with the ability to inspect every element from the individual pipes within hulls to the connections within engines.

Solidworks’ extremely advanced and flexible modeling allows you to create any type of boat you like. There’s even an eBook that explains each step in designing a superyacht using Solidworks.

While this software is mostly used by professional companies, there are also numerous YouTube videos showing you how to design a boat with it, so it’s accessible to amateurs.

What is Boat Design Software?

A boat design software is a program used to sketch, plan, and model a boat in 3D. Popular boat design programs include Free!ship, Solidworks, Fusion 360, and Autoship.

What is naval architecture?

Naval architecture is the processing of designing and engineering marine vessels like ships and boats, as well as their parts. Naval architects also work in boat and ship repair. 

Do I need special software for designing boats?

You don’t need a special boat design software to design boats and ships. While there are a number of specialist boat design software tools out there, general 3D modeling CAD programs like Fusion 360 and AutoCAD are also used for this purpose. 

What Can You Do With Boat Software? 

All boat software have different features that determine what you can do with them. For example, certain programs are designed for creating certain types of boats, such as kayaks and sailboats, so this is the first consideration you need to make to find a suitable program.

More expensive programs typically offer a much wider range of features than paid versions. At the top end are industrial solutions like Autoship and Solidworks, which offer extremely high quality and flexible modeling tools and provide support for testing, manufacturing, and engineering processes, so they’re complete solutions. 

There are also software like DELFTship and Fusion 360 that provide both free and paid versions, so you can try out the free versions and then upgrade if you want the extra features available on the paid licenses.

What Can You Do With Boat Software

Buying Guide – Things to consider when choosing boat software

Buying Guide-Boat Design Software

Type of Boat

Boats come in all different shapes and sizes, and some software are specially built for designing certain types of boats. For example, Bearboat SP is primarily geared towards kayak designing, while Sailcut is for sailboats. 

On the other hand, general 3D modeling software like Fusion 360 and Solidworks are more flexible, so you could use it as a Yacht design software and for other types of boats. The benefits of this are the increased flexibility and beginner-friendliness, but these general programs can lack some of the more specialist features that the likes of Bearboat SP and Sailcut have.


The device you’re using is going to have an impact on what naval architecture software you use, as most programs only work on certain operating systems.

In fact, the majority of boat design software are only compatible with Windows. If you’re looking for a boat design software for Mac, Linux, or iPad, you may be best off using a more general purpose 3D modeling software like Fusion 360 or SketchUp.

3D Rendering & Graphic Quality

Free programs like Free!ship, Sailcut, and Bearboat SP are all great for creating precise boat designs at no expense, but in terms of graphics and 3D model rendering, they’re all very basic. 

Yachts rendered in Solidworks and SketchUp

This isn’t unusual when it comes to free programs, and if you’re not bothered about graphics then it’s no issue. However, if you do want to create higher quality models and renderings – which is especially important if you’re a student or aspiring professional boat designer – then you’ll need a program that provides this, such as Solidworks or Autoship.

Usability & Training

Boat design isn’t exactly a simple process, so if you’re a complete beginner, you’ll want a software that’s easier to get to grips with. 

The free boat design software we’ve covered are all fairly simple to use, but the level of intuitiveness and support varies. If you’re a complete newbie to computer design, you may want to go for a widely used modeling software like SketchUp or Fusion 360, both of which boast great support, large communities, and more tutorials than specialist boat structural design software.

Budget & Free Trial 

The price of boat design software can vary a lot, from free programs to expensive professional solutions like Solidworks and Autoship that can cost thousands, so bear this in mind. Many paid boat design software offer free trials, so you should definitely take advantage of this to try a program out.

What software is best for basic boat design?

Free!ship, Delftship, and Sailcut are all popular free software that allow you to create basic boat designs. 

How do you design a yacht?

If you want to design yachts, the first step is to find a high quality yacht designing software such as Solidworks or Autoship.

How do you become a boat architect / ship designer?

To be a boat architect or ship designer you need to first obtain a relevant degree, such as a BEng or MEng in naval architecture.

How much do yacht architects make?

Yacht and naval architects can make anywhere from $60,000 to $150,000 depending on their experience and position, with the average salary around $75,000.

Autoship, Solidworks, Maxsurf, and OrcaFlex are all popular marine design software that are used in professional ship design.

To become a boat designer you first need a degree in a relevant subject, such as naval architecture, ship science, or marine technology. 

The best way to learn how to make a boat hull in Solidworks is by watching one the boast hull design tutorial provided by Solidworks Product Manager Mark Biasotti.

The first step to designing a yacht is finding a suitable CAD software, such as Solidworks or Fusion 360.

Lightning CAD Dock Designer is one of the most popular boat dock design software.

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The boAt Wearable app functions similarly to Galaxy Wearable Samsung Gear in that it allows users to sync their smartphones with their wearable devices. It enables users to access their data and configure settings . It also offers users notifications when their goals have been achieved. Its efficient navigation system offers convenient syncing and managing of information remotely on wearable devices.

A practical companion for your fitness activities

The boAt Wearables application is an ideal accompaniment to your physical fitness or running routine. It gives you all the necessary resources to kick-start your workout and tracks your day-to-day activity. With built-in sensors , the app can track daily fitness activities by detecting movement and body gestures. It can measure steps, distance traveled, calories burned, as well as your heart rate and oxygen level.

The app can provide notifications to users based on their preferences, which include simple text notifications and more interactive notifications like vibration alerts or flashing lights. Users receive alerts on their wearable devices about calls, texts, social media notifications, and alarms from their phones. The app further seeks to promote productivity by aiding users in tracking and managing their sleep patterns .

Besides these, the app aims for a more personalized experience for users by allowing them to control their music and camera from their watches. They also have options to choose from an array of trendy watch faces that suit their style. However, this wearable app is only compatible with boAt Watch Flash, Delta, Wave Lite, Wave Call, Storm Call, Ultima Max, Wave Voice, Arcade, Electra, Edge, and Infinity.

A reliable extension of your phone

If you wish to have a healthier lifestyle or simply have easy access to some content and features on your mobile phone, the boAt Wearable app is there to meet your needs. From fitness trackers to productivity tools, having access to those features directly on your smartwatches can help make life more convenient. With its customizable settings, users can enjoy a more personalized experience.

  • Comprehensive fitness and health tracker
  • Customizable notification preferences
  • Real-time alerts from the user’s mobile apps
  • User-friendly design
  • Only available to limited boAt smartwatch models

boAt Crest

A customizable companion app for boAt smartwatches

boAt Wave

Track your health and fitness

boAt ProGear

boAt ProGear

Cross-device fitness app

Also available in other platforms

  • boAt Wearables for iPhone

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boAt Wave

A free app for Android, by Imagine Marketing Private Limited.

boAt Hearables

boAt Hearables

A free app for Android, by Imagine Marketing Limited.

Alternatives to boAt Wearables

boAt Hub

Monitor health and fitness condition


Your smartwatch's perfect companion

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Free Fitness Tracker for Use Within Mobile Devices

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Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.

In Softonic we scan all the files hosted on our platform to assess and avoid any potential harm for your device. Our team performs checks each time a new file is uploaded and periodically reviews files to confirm or update their status. This comprehensive process allows us to set a status for any downloadable file as follows:

It’s extremely likely that this software program is clean.

What does this mean?

We have scanned the file and URLs associated with this software program in more than 50 of the world's leading antivirus services; no possible threat has been detected.

This software program is potentially malicious or may contain unwanted bundled software.

Why is the software program still available?

Based on our scan system, we have determined that these flags are possibly false positives .

What is a false positive?

It means a benign program is wrongfully flagged as malicious due to an overly broad detection signature or algorithm used in an antivirus program.

It’s highly probable this software program is malicious or contains unwanted bundled software.

Why is this software program no longer available in our Catalog?

Based on our scan system, we have determined that these flags are likely to be real positives.

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  • Yachting World
  • Digital Edition

Yachting World cover

Best navigation apps: 6 top options tested

Yachting World

  • November 16, 2021

There are many app options on the market for sailors wishing to navigate from a smartphone of tablet. Bruce Jacobs looks at some of the best navigation apps on the market.

yacht application download

It’s increasingly rare these days to see any sailor without at least one navigation application on their phone, while tablets are even preferred to fixed multifunction displays (MFDs) on an increasing number of yachts. It’s great to have this navigation information so easily to hand and so mobile, but which are the best navigation apps for sailors and how do they compare.

Sailors need slightly different information to motorboaters. It’s nice to know if it’s going to be sunny, but we care more about whether the tide will be foul or fair. We need to know what the wind direction will be and whether it’s going to be an angle we can use, over and above nearby places of interest.

We looked at the most popular navigation apps, particularly from a sailor’s perspective, and highlighted what we think works well for yachting and what is best left to the motorboaters.

The absolute number one benefit of an app is the ability to instantly see where you are, on up-to-date charts, without the cost and immobility of an MFD. Every app we tested has that core functionality and, ultimately, you will get good basic use out of any of them.

Thereafter, to my mind, most of these apps have been developed with the leisure powerboater in mind. They are focused on short day trips under engine or maybe going fishing to fairly well known areas. Wind, tide and current have little impact in these scenarios beyond whether it is sunny or the anchorage is accessible.

Fast and reliable

Having spoken to a range of sailors, it’s clear that the universal requirement is for an app that delivers fast, reliable data within an intuitive interface. We want charts that show sensible levels of detail as we zoom in and out and, critically, will warn us when we need to zoom in more to see dangers that might have been hidden by vector charts.

We then want all the other essential information such as wind and current instantly accessible and able to be overlaid on the chart, and we want to be able to quickly measure distance and bearing to a relevant point.

But despite some decent contenders, the truth is that not one app delivers it all. Adding in extras such as AIS, boat data, autorouting and more is great, but that foundation level functionality should come first.

Savvy Navvy, the newcomer to the world of navigation apps, shows what the modern app could be. It is possibly the only app built with yacht sailors at the forefront and gives easily accessible wind, current and tide overlays to sensibly detailed charts. Its routing algorithm was the only app we tested that accounted for current, and its passage plans mapped out beautifully informative courses to steer.

It also recognises hazards such as tidal races and Traffic Separation Schemes (TSS). But its algorithm is too ambitious in the level of detail it tries to extrapolate from GRIB files and the app took us into dangerous shallows and routed us metres off hazards and lee shores in strong winds.

The app is nearly the absolute game changer it should be – but its programming sophistication has outstripped its seamanship and that’s an issue.

The other apps proved a mix in how suitable they are for sailors. Basic features such as wind and current were not universally available. Also often lacking were tools such as those measuring distance and bearing.

Frustrating menus

I found some of the routing software frustrating as I was made to go through multiple menus to load and select waypoints, rather than just touch two points on the screen. And some of the apps appear to have had data sources and functionality added over time, without the redesign they might then need to bring it all into one easy-to-use interface.

AIS data is a nice new feature, but some apps rely on an internet signal for it – others can link by wifi to your AIS device. Knowing how often internet signal drops on a yacht even close to land, I’m not sure I’d trust the type that doesn’t connect to the onboard AIS.

Crowd sourced data is also an increasingly common addition to the charts. Some love it for adding real time accuracy, but others claim it can be dangerously inaccurate. I suspect both are true so, as with everything, the prudent skipper should treat all information with a healthy dose of caution.

For the best mix of functionality, breadth of data and reliable information, Navionics + remains my app of choice. But if ( and it’s a big if) Savvy Navvy becomes more savvy with its seamanship – it will have everything it needs to revolutionise the sector and become the sailor’s app of choice.

Best Navigation apps for sailors:

yacht application download

C-Map on an iPhone

C-MAP produces my favourite charts, with just the right amount of detail for spot depths, enlarged navigational marks on land and sea and clever colouring. Wind data via GRIB files is easily overlaid and the colour shading system both makes it easy to see predicted wind speeds and discourages the user from trying to extrapolate unrealistic detail.

However, there is no tide and current overlay, which is a frustration for sailors, and it is also a disappointment that there is no satellite imagery overlay. C-MAP’s automatic routing system is fairly easy and intuitive to use but having allowed me to set a minimum depth of 3m, it would then suggest routes that contravened this limit, albeit giving a second option that didn’t. Some caution is therefore required.

Get C-Map app from the Apple App Store Get C-Map app from the Google Play Store

Note: We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site, at no extra cost to you. This doesn’t affect our editorial independence.

Read our full C-Map navigation app review

navionics app on a phone

Navionics app on a phone

Navionics Boating app

This app is intuitive and easy to use. Charts are quick to render and auto zooming of detail is probably best in class. Text is used to good effect and tells you when you need to zoom in to get more information about hazards (one of the dangers of vector charts). Arrows showing current are animated to show strength, direction and whether the tide is on the ebb or flood. Frustratingly, you have to access a different window to get GRIB/wind data, when it should surely just be an option on screen.

The Navionics Sonar option allows charts to be adapted to show depths based on real time user data from thousands of vessels, but the company sensibly warns that many other factors (such as barometric pressure) will have a considerable affect on depths.

Get Navionics+ app from the Apple App Store Get Navionics+ app from the Google Play Store

Read our full Navionics + navigation app review

Savvy Navvy app on desktop or tablet

Savvy Navvy app on desktop or tablet

Savvy Navvy

Savvy Navvy is a sophisticated app with all the key information ready to be switched on or off at your fingertips. It is the only app that has a routing algorithm that has inputs for wind and current (although bizarrely not leeway) and then plots a beautifully drawn course to steer. It is useful to be able to enter later or earlier departure times and see the impact on wind and tide.

Charts are a little light on detail for my liking – my sense being that artistic merit has slightly usurped navigational utility. A bigger issue with Savvy Navvy is that the sophistication of the programming for its route planning has not been matched by that of the seamanship. It extrapolates impossibly detailed wind patterns from the GRIB data and uses performance polars that cannot be adjusted – both of which make the plans interesting to look at but of little practical use.

Get Savvy Navvy app from the Apple App Store Get Savvy Navvy app from the Google Play Store

Read our full Savvy Navvy navigation app review

Seapilot app on a phone

Seapilot app on a phone

This app is based on some features of the professional ECDIS charting systems and in many ways has some of the best features – but while some will not agree, personally I found it unintuitive to use.

The significant issue, however, is that the autozoom on its charting detail just doesn’t work in many regions. Until I zoomed in to a small area (maybe five square miles) there was so much clutter on the screen that there was not much that could be done. Even when zoomed in, information about navigational marks would often be overlaid on spot depths, making both impossible to read. Seapilot acknowledges that some regions suffer from this as an issue due to the use of ECDIS data and hopes to rectify it going forward.

The app also uses ECDIS warning symbols for some hazards, which leisure sailors won’t be familiar with.

Get Seapilot app from the Apple App Store Get Seapilot app from the Google Play Store

Read our full Seapilot navigation app review

yacht application download

isailor featues nice wind colouring

iSailor is another app that works well as an extension to your boat’s onboard systems. It will connect to the NMEA system and internet AIS, although each feature you unlock costs money. The alarms menu is comprehensive, including anchor drag, waypoint proximity, loss of GPS signal and a low battery warning.

Charts were fairly good, but as with Seapilot, I had issues with the auto detail of the chart at various zoom levels and had data overlaid on each other. I also found that at certain levels of zoom, key data such as spot depth was removed, but too soon for my liking. If I want to plan 2-3 miles ahead I want to see clear depth data, not just coloured contours.

Get iSailor app from the Apple App Store Get iSailor app from the Google Play Store

Read our full iSailor navigation app review

iNavx on a phone

iNavx on a phone

iNavX can be frustrating to use at first because there is so much to customise that it can be tough to get into. Persevere, however, and you’ll find a good app. It has a range of chart options including Navionics, C-MAP and NOAA. They partner with Waterway Guides, which gives micro level detail for marinas and other facilities, although the UK version is yet to arrive.

While all the information is there, I didn’t find interrogation of chart data as easy as, say, the Navionics app, but this may just be personal preference. I also found building and adjusting routes frustrating. There is a very comprehensive manual that can be accessed and a range of excellent YouTube instructional videos – but honestly, I’d rather just be able to work it out quickly and easily on the app.

Get iNavx app from the Apple App Store Get iNavx app from the Google Play Store

Read our full iNavx navigation app review

If you enjoyed this….

Yachting World is the world’s leading magazine for bluewater cruisers and offshore sailors. Every month we have inspirational adventures and practical features to help you realise your sailing dreams. Build your knowledge with a subscription delivered to your door. See our latest offers and save at least 30% off the cover price.

Your Docusaurus site did not load properly.

A very common reason is a wrong site baseUrl configuration .

Current configured baseUrl = / (default value)

We suggest trying baseUrl =

A container management UI with a focus on templates and 1-click deployments.

Easy to Use

Yacht was designed from the ground up to be easily installed and used to get your website up and running quickly.

Focus on What Matters

Yacht lets you focus on what apps you want to run instead of worrying about how to deploy them.

Compose Support Out of The Box

Managing large docker projects has never been easier. Import compose projects you're already using or write new ones easily using the built in editor.

WeTransfer: File Transfer App 4+

Share content, data, & photos, wetransfer bv.

  • #61 in Productivity
  • 4.8 • 34.6K Ratings
  • Offers In-App Purchases



WeTransfer is the simplest way to send (and receive) big files. Whether you’re at your desk or on the go, transfer up to 200 GB in one go. That’s about 2000 videos of your cat. Share photos and videos in their original format, including all the important EXIF metadata that originates from your camera. With WeTransfer, you can check the download status, forward, and delete transfers right from your phone. If you previously sent a transfer from your laptop, you can access the files and link in the app, so you can easily paste it into your favorite messaging app without needing to open your computer. Our Live Activity notifies you when a transfer finishes uploading, so you can multitask or play a quick game while sending huge files. Notifications let you know the minute you receive something so you can preview (or download) your files wherever you are. About us Having made our name in the game of quick and simple file-sharing, WeTransfer has grown into a collection of tools designed for and inspired by the creative process. Collect is the go-to app for saving and sharing inspiration in boards that organize your ideas. Portals makes it easy to request feedback on your in progress projects with Reviews that include asset markup and approval flows. WeTransfer is the original web platform, where creatives share their biggest files. Terms of Service: Privacy policy:

Version 3.1.5

We’ve squashed a few bugs and made the app experience even better.

Ratings and Reviews

34.6K Ratings

For many years, I have struggled with different applications in transferring videos. Some that compress the file and compromise its final quality. Thus far I am loving this application – we have used it now for slightly over a week and all of our finished products are crystal clear in addition to remaining high-quality. we also love the ability to encrypt video with a password for those that will end up receiving and downloading it. I also am in love with the fact that we can a lot is certain timeframe before. The video itself expires. I no longer have to have tons of videos on my iPhone.

What happened to auto-view?

I loooove wetransfer. It took me so long to find something like wetransfer to send my files and it’s really the best. But what happened to the auto-view for videos? I used to be able to send a link and if you long pressed it and opened it in chrome it would just start playing automatically. Now it makes you wait to download the video before viewing which for some people is a huge hassle. I’m having more people request Dropbox view links now as well so they don’t have to download. Hopefully u can bring this feature back? Otherwise I love wetransfer and I use it every day, several times a day! Would love to see this feature return.

Developer Response ,

Thanks for the nice review! Just to let you know, you can preview video files in the app before downloading them. If you need any assistance with this or anything else, please reach out to our support team here:

App crashes

The web site works fine, but the latest version of the app has crashed multiple times today trying to scroll down on the Files Received screen as previews of every audio and video document ever received took their sweet time loading. Can’t say if this is new, since I use the web site mostly, but don’t recall it happening from the few times on the app before today.
Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. We're glad to hear that our website is working fine for you! As for the app, we're sorry to hear that you experienced crashes while scrolling down on the Files Received screen. We'd love to investigate this further with you and see what's causing the issue. Could you please reach out to us via so we can work on a solution together? In the meantime, have you considered taking up a new hobby while waiting for those audio and video previews to load? We hear macrame is all the rage these days. Just a thought 😜. Jokes aside, thanks again for your review and we hope to hear from you soon!


App privacy.

The developer, WeTransfer BV , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

  • Contact Info
  • User Content
  • Identifiers
  • Diagnostics

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish

  • Pro - Monthly $14.99
  • Pro - Yearly $119.99
  • Premium - Monthly $24.99
  • Transfer plan - Monthly $14.99
  • Transfer plan - Yearly $119.99
  • Premium - Yearly $229.00
  • App Support
  • Privacy Policy

More By This Developer

Paper by WeTransfer

Collect by WeTransfer

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Affiliate links on Android Authority may earn us a commission. Learn more.

Netflix could disable downloads through the Windows app

Published on May 27, 2024

Netflix logo on smartphone stock photo (4)

  • We have a report of a new alert in the Netflix app for Windows that claims the app will no longer be able to download content for offline watching.
  • The alleged alert points you to using a mobile device for offline downloads instead.
  • However, another report suggests this is not happening. It’s possible Netflix is merely testing the idea.

Watching Netflix on the go is a snap with the official Netflix app for Windows. Even if you don’t have access to a data connection, you can always download content ahead of time and watch that as much as you like.

However, reports online say that Netflix is updating its Windows app — and possibly taking away the ability to download content for offline watching. If true, it would be a significant downgrade for subscribers who watch content on their laptops (which, let’s be honest, is a whole lot of people).

According to Artem Russakovskii on X (formerly Twitter) , there’s a new alert in the Netflix Windows app that says the following:

Coming soon: A new Windows app experience. The update includes access to live events, compatibility with ad-supported plans, and more! Downloads will no longer be supported, but you can continue to watch TV shows and movies offline on a supported mobile device.

You can see how the alert allegedly looks in Artem’s screenshot below:

Netflix Windows App Alert Downloads Removal

Now, this is clearly bad news if true. However, we have another report — also on X — that suggests this might not be happening.

X user Trevor62271128 posted a similar-looking alert from the Netflix app that skips the language about downloads no longer being supported:

Netflix Windows App Alert Downloads Stay

It’s tricky to say what’s happening here. It’s possible Artem’s alert was an error and Netflix will not be removing download support from its Windows app. However, it’s also possible the reverse is true and that Trevor62271128’s screenshot is the incorrect one.

There’s also the possibility that Netflix is only alerting people who actually use the downloads feature. Trevor62271128 mentions that they do not use downloads, so Netflix might skip that part of the alert for users in that situation.

Finally, it’s also possible Netflix is just doing A/B testing to gauge online reaction to a potential change. This is something we’ve seen before many times, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

In the meantime, if you are a Netflix subscriber who relies on downloads through the Windows app, now might be a good time to message Netflix and let it know you would like to keep that feature around.

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Travis scott blows off cannes brawl, has boat adventure with stormi & aire, travis scott no worries after cannes brawl ... jet skis & qt with kids.

Travis Scott isn't letting the Cannes brawl ruin his quality time with his children Stormi and Aire ... as they enjoyed some fun in the sun while in the South of France.

The rapper -- dressed in a long-sleeved shirt, shorts and blue swim shoes -- hit the water Tuesday with the kids he has with his ex, Kylie Jenner ... basking in the sun while on a yacht off the coast of Saint-Tropez.

Stormi stayed on the boat with her younger bro while dad rode a jet ski around the crystal clear French Riviera water. If the photos are any indication, Travis was having the time of his life.

Travis also appeared unbothered on board the boat, as he spent time with his entourage -- which included security guards and 2 unidentified women.

This outing comes on the heels of Travis getting into a melee in Cannes.

As TMZ previously reported, Trav and Tyga's respective camps got into a knock-down, dra g-out late last week ... with the "Sicko Mode" artist exchanging blows with T-Raww's bestie (and Cher 's boyfriend), Alexander "AE" Edwards at one point.

It's been business as usual since the dramatics, however.

Travis performed at Lilly’s Club at the Fairmont Hotel in Monaco early Monday morning ... with several notable names cheering him on, including Winnie Harlow , Odell Beckham Jr. and Jason Oppenheim , among others.

In other words, Travis is putting the whole fight in his rearview. At least for now.

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Old news is old news be first.

yacht application download

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The developers describe the content like this:

This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Frequent Violence or Gore, General Mature Content

System Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Additional Notes: TBD

For more information, please visit © 2024 Activision Publishing, Inc. ACTIVISION, CALL OF DUTY and CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners. This product contains software technology licensed from Id Software ('Id Technology'). Id Technology © 1999-2024 Id Software, Inc.

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Valve Software

yacht application download

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Carbon-coated silicon/graphite oxide composites as anode for highly stable lithium-ion batteries.

Silicon (Si) has been widely investigated as anodes of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) due to its high theoretical capacity. However, the huge volume expansion and low electrical conductivity limit its practical application to some extent. Here, we prepared a composite structure in which the ammonia-modified Si NPs well encapsulated in graphene oxide (GO) through electrostatic attraction are further wrapped by amorphous carbon. The GO with good flexibility can well buffer the volume expansion of Si NPs, while the amorphous carbon in the outer layer is synergistically constructed with GO as a second protective layer for Si NPs. The ternary composite (Si/G/C) approach greatly ensures the structural integrity of the composites and have excellent cycling as well as rate performance compared to Si/reduced graphene oxide and Si/carbon composites. For the Si/G/C, at a current density of 1 A/g, it can be stably cycled over 267 times with 70% capacity maintained (only 0.0711% capacity reduction per cycle).

Supplementary files

  • Crystal structure data CIF (2K)
  • Supplementary information PDF (1331K)

Article information

Download citation, permissions.

yacht application download

L. Niu, R. Zhang, Q. Zhang, D. Wang, Y. Bi, G. Wen and L. Qin, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. , 2024, Accepted Manuscript , DOI: 10.1039/D4CP01424C

To request permission to reproduce material from this article, please go to the Copyright Clearance Center request page .

If you are an author contributing to an RSC publication, you do not need to request permission provided correct acknowledgement is given.

If you are the author of this article, you do not need to request permission to reproduce figures and diagrams provided correct acknowledgement is given. If you want to reproduce the whole article in a third-party publication (excluding your thesis/dissertation for which permission is not required) please go to the Copyright Clearance Center request page .

Read more about how to correctly acknowledge RSC content .

Social activity

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This article has not yet been cited.


Need some rejuvenation? Hard to beat Wind Therapy on a Barnegat Bay sailboat

Seven-minute read.

yacht application download

LACEY - Without a doubt, David Basile and Carrie Villanueva come from different worlds. He captains a charter sailboat as the owner of Jersey Coastal Adventures in the Forked River section of Lacey, and she’s an Ocean County-based licensed holistic massage therapist.

But they bonded over their joint passion — the healing power of being out on the water. And since teaming up to launch Wind Therapy Wellness Retreats in 2020, the two have been providing luxury wellness sails along Barnegat Bay designed to leave guests feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

“I came up with the idea in 2018,” recalled Basile, a Scotch Plains native, current Barnegat resident and former postmaster who got hooked on sailing in the 1980s and launched Jersey Coastal Adventures in 2007.

“Carrie posted the fact that she’d just become a licensed massage therapist on Instagram and I reached out to her about the possibility of offering that service on my sailboat. She probably thought I was crazy,” he laughed, “but we met for coffee to discuss the idea and I knew that she’d be a quality practitioner I could work with.”

Jersey Shore day cruises: Your guide to scenic adventures and delicious meals

For her part, “I always loved boating, was very active, and spent a lot of time at the beach and local creeks as a kid,” shared Villanueva, a native of the Bayville section of Berkeley and current Beachwood resident.

“But after being rocked by the loss of a number of family members in my adult years, the space of health and healing became a lifeboat for me and I needed to replenish myself,” she said.

She became licensed in massage in 2018 and the following year launched Beachwood-based mobile massage practice Live Whole Massage & Holistics LLC, which specializes in women’s massage sessions, retreats and workshops. “I’ve done a lot of research on the power of massage, aromatherapy, mindfulness and meditation and wanted to share it with as many people as possible,” Villanueva said.

Basile too wanted to share his passion with others.

“I used to own a sailboat called Northstar, but I sold it five years ago and bought my current 41-foot luxury cruising boat, which I named Wind Therapy,” Basile explained. “When you go out on the bay, shut the motor off and you’re sailing against the backdrop of the sunrise or sunset under full sails, you clear out all of the cobwebs, your troubles and anxieties fade, and you experience the serenity of the wind and waves.”

River Lady Cruises: How Toms River man really combines work with pleasure

According to Basile, “the boat has plenty of room for eight to 10 people in the cockpit — typically six passengers plus myself, Carrie and possibly one or two guest practitioners — and the deck up front is flat and offers ample space to stretch out and relax, which supports what we do.”

“I was running my charter excursions and business was great with all five-star reviews, but when the model of my current boat first came out a few years ago, it was rated best-in-class for cruising boats based on its stability and roominess and I thought that it would offer my guests more room to relax and lay out on the front on a towel or cushion,” Basile noted. “Then when I saw Carrie’s post on Instagram, I thought that maybe we could take this idea to the next level and make it happen together.”

“After he reached out, Dave and I met to discuss how this collaboration could work,” Villanueva said. “After checking out the boat to ensure that it was safe and comfortable, we went out on the water together in 2020 and I knew that this venture was meant to be.”

An opportunity to disconnect

Starting out in 2020 by offering excursions called Sip n’ Sail with help from a friend who was a certified yoga instructor, “we featured yoga and meditation on the deck of the boat and weren’t sure what the response would be,” said Villanueva. “But the pandemic left people craving the opportunity to be outside, and everything opened up for us that summer — we filled 16 to 20 sailing excursions immediately.

"Every single person was excited to be there and had a great experience, and many have since returned," she continued. "Business has been strong ever since and we thank our wonderful team member Jaime Zazzara for helping us to evolve and elevate our service offering from 2022 to 2024.”

With 2024 Wind Therapy Wellness sails starting this July 7 and running through the end of August (and possibly early September, weather permitting), “we’re among the best excursions along Barnegat Bay,” boasted Villanueva of their sessions, which include 3.5-hour sunrise cruises on Sundays ($170 per person), 4-hour sunset cruises on Thursday nights ($195 per person), and 5-hour sails on select Fridays ($325 per person); discounts are available to groups who fill the boat.

Life on the water: Popular radio DJ went from living on a boat to offering Jersey Shore boat rides

“Sails can include everything from yoga-style gentle movement, mediation and frequency therapy (sound bowls) to seated pampering of the shoulders, neck, scalp and hands, reflection and mindfulness activities, aromatherapy and energy healing,” Villanueva said.

“We provide yoga mats, blankets, bottled water and packaged granola bars, but guests are free to bring their own food and beverages,” Villanueva added. “Guests are a mix of men and women, couples, friends, family members and work colleagues from the entire tri-state area, and we also have groups coming on board for parties, girls’ get-togethers, team-building events and more. But everyone is generally looking for the same thing — a different experience that offers the opportunity to relax, disconnect from life’s stress and re-connect with the environment and/or others.”

Villanueva said that their wellness sails tap into a great need in modern society.

“Everyone is so busy today and our sails help bring them out of their daily grind and back into their body,” she said. “People crave the focus on mindfulness and breathwork, and the grounding aspect of being out on the water, hearing the lapping of the waves, feeling the vibrations from the singing bowls and experiencing aromatherapy all have amazing healing benefits for the mind, body and emotional state. Our sails offer much-welcomed freedom from being tethered to daily life and the stress that comes with it.”

“Carrie and our guest practitioners are so good at what they do, and people find the experience incredibly relaxing, so much so that many guests end up falling asleep from the sound of the singing bowls,” Basile said.

“And Dave does a fantastic job of educating guests about Barnegat Bay and keeping them entertained and involved as we sail,” Villanueva said. “We both want our guests to be happy and have a great time.”

Though Basile said that inclement weather is a challenge for all captains, he follows strict rules for excursions.

“If the weather looks like it won’t be safe or conducive to what we do, we’ll cancel and reschedule,” he said. “Clouds aren’t necessarily an issue, but high winds will make the bay very choppy, and we want guests to have the ultimate experience.”

What's new at the Jersey Shore? Here are 9 things you need to know for summer 2024

A form of healing

Looking ahead, “we hope people enjoy our unique sails and want to come back again,” Basile said. “And while we have 20 wellness sails planned this season — which are scheduled around the charter sails that I operate at 12 noon and 5 p.m. daily through Jersey Coastal Adventures — we hope to expand the number of dates available next year to 30 by adding more wellness sails at 7 a.m.”

“We hope that people have a really personal experience that empowers them to continue their path of relaxation and mindfulness and share the experience with their friends and family,” Villanueva said.

For Basile, the unforgettable experience he’s able to offer guests never gets old.

'Get away from everything': Get onto the water with A Canoe to You in Keyport

“Some people who come on our boat for the first time are apprehensive, but I love the expressions on their faces when they’re really relaxed and they tell us that they had the best experience they can remember and are so glad they found this,” Basile said. “So many of our guests come on the boat as strangers and leave as friends and it’s great to be able to be the catalyst for such a positive experience that they’ll never have anywhere else.”

Villanueva wholeheartedly agreed. “Stress in the body can lead to chronic disease and to be able to offer people even a few hours of relaxation and joy is a form of healing,” she said. “By helping people know what it feels like to be truly relaxed, we hope we can have a greater long-term impact and help people live a better quality of life overall.”

Wind Therapy Wellness Retreats

Location: 13 Bay Avenue (Wilbert’s Marina), Lacey

Phone: 732-894-0710

Founded: 2020

Co-founders: Capt. Dave Basile and Carrie Villanueva

Website: (see page for “Wind Therapy Wellness Retreats”)



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