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    sailboat trailer mast cradle

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    sailboat trailer mast cradle

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    sailboat trailer mast cradle

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    sailboat trailer mast cradle

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    sailboat trailer mast cradle

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    sailboat trailer mast cradle


  1. How to make sailboat cradle o patungan nang bangka

  2. 15' Howmar Designers Choice Sailboat


  4. Trailer Mast System

  5. Replacing the mast support beams on our Westsail 32

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  1. Mast Supports

    Mast Supports; Boat & Trailer Dollies; Decals & Labels; Uncategorized. Chrome Spray; MERCHANDISE; Clearance; FEATURED PRODUCTS. Items Per Page. Sort By. MAST CRADLE KIT - 2×2×60″ SKU: 1119.116. Price: $ 131.55 Add to cart ... MAST CRADLE WELDMENT WITH PLATE - 2×2×60″ ...

  2. Mast Support for Trailering, Version 2

    The supports keep the spreaders just above the seats in the boat. The cost of the system is about $8.00. For transport, I simply tie down the base of the mast at the bow fitting and use a tie-down strap in the stern to prevent the support and mast from lifting out of the rudder support when the trailer hits a big bump.

  3. Mast Crutch- Rear

    Pintle Mounted Mast Crutch. Mono Hull Sailboats. Specifications: Aluminum with rubber padded mast holder. Length from Lower pintle pin to mast cradle is 19″ ... Trailex 14′ -18′ Aluminum Catamaran Trailer w/rollers $ 2,669.00 Read more; Nacra Euro Trax 500, 570- MK1 & MK2

  4. Mast Cradles for transport

    Feb 3, 2003. #2. cradle supports. Art, u000bu000bI took a 2x4 pressure treated an laid it across the bow pulpit forwrd of the vertical stantion. Traced the outline underneath with a pencil. Took a circular saw and set the depth 1" and sawed out a kerf (repeated passes) chipped out the remnants and set it in place on the pulpit.u000bu000bTook ...

  5. Mast Support for Trailerable Boats

    The vertical part of this center support is a 1 x 8 board notched out to fit your mast. The notch is easily cut with a saber saw. The length of this board is critical. It should be just high enough to support the mast without bending it upwards. Measure the height needed with the mast resting on the bow pulpit forward and the transom support aft.

  6. Mast Cradle

    Question - just bought an O'Day 19. I am interested in finding a way to cradle the mast when trailering. Right now am just laying it on cushions and strapping it down. Thinking to jury rig a support that will fit over rudder gudgeons. ... I was given an oday daysailer 19 ft. on a trailer and the boat is in good shape. The wood is all good and ...

  7. Trailer Option

    The rear mast cradle is shown as the piece protecting the mast from where it rests on the rear cross bar on the sailboat. This trailer is anodized aluminum and is the best trailer for a long life and low maintenance. Trailex custom designed and builds this trailer exclusively for Hobie Cat. Takes a 1 7/8″ ball. The Trailer - Hobie Cat Wave ...

  8. Mast Cradle

    Shane. Oct 14, 2006. #3. cradle. I also had a support in the middle. It keeps the mast from getting a bend when on its side for so long. the middle support was a 4x4 that was cut ti fit right in the mast step and had a u-shape cut in the top. it was tall enough to keep the mast straight when it was sitting in the forward and aft supports. K.

  9. CastleCraft Options for Trailers

    Strap 20ft. x 2in. with hook. Hook is Forged Approx 7/8" X 1/2" Nose ( Need 1" inside Diameter Bow Eye or Ring on Boat) Ratchet Type Two-way. Dimensions - 5-1/2" L x 3-3/4" W x 6" H. JACK OPTION. Optional Front Parking Jack. Optional Front Parking Jack has a Wheel as the bottom support.

  10. Tennamast Yacht Cradles Boat Trailers and Masts UK

    Tennamast is a leading manufacturer of yacht cradles, boat trailers and masts. Driven by excellence and innovation, we are recognised globally for creating award winning products which offer high performance, exceptional durability and best value for money. We are totally committed to customer service and satisfaction, and offer the unique ...

  11. Hobie Mast Cradle for Trailering, Item #3175

    Flexible Payments Options with Klarna at Checkout. Hobie mast cradle, fiberglass rear mast carrier for the Hobie 14,16,17,18,20 and 21. It is molded to the shape of the rear crossbar and carpeted to protect the mast and crossbar. Includes a simple single shock cord tie down. Part # 3175.

  12. 6 Post Sailboat Cradle

    6 Post Sailboat Cradle. 6 post steel folding cradle. 1 1/4 zinc plated threaded rods. dark blue paint. 12″ x 12″ ply wood & carpeted pads. "C" channel base upgrade available also available with 8″ channel upgrade.

  13. Custom Boat Cradles


  14. Products

    Sail storage box Trailer storage box ... C2 and Viper Rear Mast Cradle Molded fiberglass to the shape of the rear cross bar Toy Box Cover Fiberglass replacement Toy Box Cover for Hobie and Aquaterra roto molded boxes. Cajun Party Pirouge Use to serve boiled crawfish, shrimp, or crabs with all the veggies.

  15. Mast cradle

    Boat Info. Downloads Weekly Quiz Topic FAQ Classifieds. Sell Your Boat Used Gear for Sale. Parts. General Marine Parts Hunter Beneteau Catalina MacGregor Oday. ... Need to know how to build cradles to haul mast on a 40.5 Hunter. Also need information on stepping the mast, any short cuts, etc. ...

  16. Mast Post Carrier

    Sailboat Cradle; Canoe Trailer Specifications; Launching Dolly; Bunk Trailer Specifications; Products; About; Links; Contact; Select Page. Home / Trailer Options and Accessories / Mast Post Carrier. Mast Post Carrier. Cradle Ride Trailers offers features and options to meet all demands. Category: Trailer Options and Accessories. Reviews (0 ...

  17. Rear Mast Support with "V" Stainless Steel

    The Rear Mast Support with "V" Stainless Steel is strong and secure, this mast support mounts to your trailer and features heavy-duty, box stainless steel construction with carpeted cradle and hinged upright. The mast support extends 4-1/2″ aft of rear trailer hull support and the mast rides about 30″ above the trailer. To launch, the ...

  18. Boat Trailering Mast holder

    This gives a good starting angle to start lifting the mast for raising. Pretty simple to make. It cost me about $65.00 + materials. It looks like a crutch with a bow roller in the position that you would have your arm pit in. I built a second one to fasten through the mast step plate to hold the mast level for towing.

  19. Sailboat

    Find A Dealer. You can enjoy the reliability and performance of a Load Rite trailer for your sailboat by specifying a custom trailer through your dealer. We combine our modular pods with a keel board and winch stand options on any number of Load Rite or 5 STARR bunk models to conform to many sailboat applications. Each trailer must be specified ...

  20. Nacra Rear Mast Cradle

    Fiberglass mast cradle for the Nacra 20 or any other cat that has the same rear cross bar shape as the Nacra boats. Molded to the shape of the rear cross bar and carpeted to protect the mast and cross bar. Includes shock cord tie downs to secure the cradle to the cross bar and the mast to the cradle. Pic is the plug, will make the mold soon.

  21. ODay 25 Mast Raising System

    O-day 25 shoal keel Valdez. Feb 6, 2013. #7. I use the main halyard when I raise mine as I don't trust my topping lift either. The tabernacle is not strong enough,however the shrouds will be taught enough to keep the mast from going to far side to side through the raising procedure.