1. 1935 Danish Classic Wooden Double Ender Voilier Bateau à Vendre

    double ender yacht

  2. 39' Double-Ender

    double ender yacht

  3. 1938 Mulder Double Ender Antique and Classic for sale

    double ender yacht

  4. 39' Double-Ender

    double ender yacht

  5. COAST 34 DOUBLE ENDER sailing yacht for sale

    double ender yacht

  6. 39' Double-Ender

    double ender yacht


  1. Double Ender Excavator

  2. HUGE double shell ender "4-1 Treacherous Territory" by yo


  4. ✅Double Ender 30/3/2024✅

  5. reel double ender

  6. 18,500hp Superyacht ENIGMA


  1. Double Enders

    The site for fans of double-enders and canoe stern sailboats. Search by design, designer, and individual vessel. And add your yacht today! Skip to main content ... Colin Archer Finnish Pilot Boat. Corbin 35. Corbin 39. Corbin 39 CC. Crealock 34. Crealock 37. Crealock 44. CT-34. CT-37. CT-38. CT-44. CT-44 Pilothouse. Dartsailor 27. Dartsailor 30 ...

  2. 39' Double-Ender

    Provided, again, that she is designed to make efficient use of her size. The design for this 39′ yawl was finished in 2012 and was developed from a 36′ sloop, designed some 12 years earlier. This lovely yacht is a one-off build, made from strip planking and sheathed in multi-directional glass and epoxy.

  3. Double Enders According to Perry (Guest Post by Bob Perry)

    For some reason double enders were seen as safer offshore boats. This probably came from the Colin Archer lifeboat tradition. But there were all sorts of strange theories as to why the double ender was the best hull form for offshore. "The stern parts the following seas.". I call this the "Moses effect".

  4. 24′ Double-ended voyager CAROL

    324 sq ft. D/L RATIO. 319. SA/DISP RATIO. 18.0. CAROL is in many ways my favorite pocket cruiser— a scaled-down and flatter-deadrise version of my popular FRANCES. She evokes an adventurous spirit that prevailed in the happy times of the late '70s when I designed her. At 24 feet she's as small as a prudent sailor would ever think of ...

  5. Double ender boats

    The first Double ender boats were created in the early 1800s. They were designed for fishing and transportation purposes. The double ender boat allowed for more space on the deck and improved stability while underway. In the early 1900s, double enders became popular among recreational boaters. They were often used for racing and cruising.

  6. Classic Double Ender

    Classic Double Ender sailing yacht, Max Oertz design, steel hull and cabin roof, wooden mast and boom, modern equipment. More info:

  7. 10 best long keel yachts

    The Frances 26 is a 1980s Chuck Paine designed double-ender. This eye-catching small double-ender was designed by Californian Chuck Paine in the mid-1980s but built in the UK by Victoria Marine. It's an ideal short-handed boat, with accommodation to match, along with sufficient displacement to give the solid feel that many long-keel ...

  8. Bringing the Block Island Double-Ender Home

    Block Island double-enders were the main method of transportation for Block Islanders in the 18th and 19th centuries, until schooners and catboats became more popular. Double-enders were designed and built on the island and have been considered one of the most seaworthy open boats ever built. The unique boat design was key for maintaining the ...

  9. Double-ender for sale (sail)

    A used double-ender sail boat on ranges in price from £25,000 GBP to £1,420,000 GBP with an average price of £404,000 GBP. Factors including the condition, age, model and specification will affect the price of a double-ender. Used Sail Double-ender for sale from around the world. Search our full range of used Double-ender ...

  10. Westsail 32

    The late 19th century Archer design was first adapted for pleasure sailing by William Atkin, who, in 1928, designed a 32-foot (9.8 m) double-ended boat called Eric based on Archer's 47' rescue boat design. This design was later refined into Thistle, which replaced Eric's gaff rig with a bermuda rig, and has a flush deck.

  11. Custom Double Ender Wood boats for sale

    1926 Custom double ender. US$434,847. AB FELIX LTD | Spetses, Greece. Request Info. <. 1. >. * Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price. Boats Group does not guarantee the accuracy of conversion rates and rates may differ than those provided by financial institutions at the time of transaction.

  12. 10 Best Aft Cockpit Double Enders For Under $200,000

    Even Valiant Yachts has gone out of business in 2011, so I cannot name a canoe stern maker in current production. A double ender does still stir that dream of cruising to far off places. For a single sailor or couple, some of these yachts are excellent options. Others offer terrible performance but offshore security.

  13. 26' FRANCES. A small double-ended cruiser.

    WITH THE SHORT, almost 6-foot headroom house, the interior of a Frances could feel much larger than you'd expect on a 26-foot boat. This is a custom WEST-system boat built in New Zealand. The Aft Head arrangement for the Frances with one seaberth and a permanent double.

  14. double ender SRF 50' Olivier van Meer Design

    1.5/3.3 m. Sail area. 153 m². Builder. SRF Harlingen. The SRF 50 was developed in cooperation with the SRF yard in Harlingen. Its proven concept is based on an exceptionally seaworthy double ender hull. In the late 1980s, our design office was one of the first to introduce a classic integrated deck saloon, which, in addition to all-round views ...

  15. Pros and cons for a double ender/Canoe Stern

    The intuitive advantage of a double-ender or CCA era full keel boat is its diminished exposure of surface area to a following sea. Having breaking waves slip under the stern with minimal offset to COG seems to be a big advantage. The most challenging and tedious (to the helmsman) attitude of a sailboat IMO is in a heavy following sea. ...

  16. Joel White Designs

    The double-ended version of Martha's Tender was designed for pushing off of a beach into waves. The first of these designs was built for Joel's son, John, a lobsterman, as a means for reaching his moored lobsterboat. ... 18' Double Ended Pulling Boat (1997) This larger version of the Shearwater for two rowers was commissioned by a client in ...

  17. Dayboat Double Enders

    For those who want to build a classically designed double ended clinker craft, this boat has been developed from the Shetland Skiff and North American Peapod dinghy. Construction is greatly simplified from the conventional clinker method and kept to a low cost by using a stringer system to which 1/4'' ply strakes are pinned and shaped to ...

  18. Colin Archer

    Yacht designer Colin Archer has penned some beautiful canoe stern boats. Learn about Colin Archer and look over all their double-ender designs. ... a 47-foot rescue boat that became the template for the characteristic Colin Archer-type double-ended vessels— in 1892. Over his lifetime, Archer created more than fifty designs, including Fram ...

  19. Double ender boats for sale

    Buy double ender boats. Double ender boats for sale on are listed for a range of prices, valued from $7,231 on the more basic models to $1,230,224 for the most expensive. The boats can differ in size from 5.7 m to 105.4 m. The oldest one built in 1926 year. This page features Lagoon Catamarans, Hallberg-Rassy Yachts, Finnsailer ...

  20. About

    We have always admired the salty look of a canoe stern. So much so, in fact, that when we were looking for a cruising boat, Valiants, Babas, and other double enders were at the top of our list. In the end, we purchased Bear, a Tayana 37. For the last several years, we have been cruising the US East Coast, keeping an eye out for double enders the entire time. Sometime in the summer of 2017 ...

  21. Double Ender Sailboat Boats for sale

    Sailboat Westsail 28' blue-water cruiser cutter double ender single hander. Cutter rigged full keel blue-water sailboat. This vessel has a 24hp Volvo MD-11c engine that is very dependable and great on fuel. Due to this engine it is registered as an antique for $6-8.00 a year registration fee.The boat is set up for single handed sailing with new ...

  22. Skerry: 15-foot Double-Ender

    Nonskid Flooring for Smallcraft - Skerry. $ 360. Shaw & Tenney Spoon Blade Oars - 7'10" Length (pair) $ 479. Easy to build, easy to row, and easy to sail: the Skerry is a terrific rowing and sailing boat with timeless good looks. The Skerry design combines elements of traditional working craft of the British Isles and Scandinavia, with a little ...

  23. Gag order issued in Texas County double murder case

    TEXAS COUNTY, Okla. (KFDA) - All five suspects charged with the murders of Veronica Butler and Jilian Kelley appeared in court today for a status hearing. 31-year-old Paul Grice, 43-year-old Tad ...