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Top 10 luxury yacht builders 2023

Hannah Rankine

The design and build of a luxury yacht is a truly personal experience. Whether customising a design to be built, or striving to create a completely new concept altogether, superyacht owners will seek to work with a yacht builder that truly understands their vision, and can translate their dream design into a real vessel.

As Royal Huisman proudly state, “If you can dream it, we can build it!”

Those buying a new superyacht will therefore have many questions to ask themselves before settling on a suitable yacht builder and shipyard facility to carry out the project. Thankfully for these prospective owners, there are a number of luxury superyacht brands that have the ability to turn the biggest mega yacht dreams into reality.

Yachting Pages lists the world’s top luxury superyacht builders and their shipyard facilities , from A to Z, identifying some of the best superyachts in the world along the way.

Best luxury superyacht builders

1.  amels, netherlands.

Located in Vlissingen, Amels operates the largest superyacht boatyard in the Netherlands, and is known to be one of the best superyacht builders in the world.

Amels has been operating for over 100 years and offers both Full Custom and Limited Editions, ranging from 55 to 83 metres (180 to 272 feet) LOA. Built on a proven platform and delivered in half the time expected of standard construction superyachts, all 20+ Limited Editions projects have so far been delivered on or ahead of contract, with 55-metre (180-foot) Galene among the most recent to emerge from the yard. With several new projects currently under construction, Amels is likely to be among the top superyacht shipyards for many years to come.

Amels shipyard

2. Benetti, Italy

Founded in 1873 and headquartered in Viareggio, Benetti is the world’s largest builder of superyachts by number built, with a production capacity of 100 units per year.

Most famous for building Sir Philip Green’s 90-metre (295-foot) Lionheart in 2016, 2019 was its breakthrough year with its first 100-metre+ (328-foot+) deliveries of Lana, Luminosity and IJE. This gave Benetti 2 nd , 3 rd and 4 th spots on the Top 10 Largest Superyachts Delivered in 2019 . Luminosity is widely believed to be valued in excess of €200,000,000 and is listed with Fraser and Burgess (as of November 2020).

3. Feadship, Netherlands

The home of full-custom superyachts, Feadship is one of the few shipyards worldwide that works to create completely custom yachts. It has worked with superyacht owners since the 19 th century to create one-off luxury motor yachts that are truly unique.

Feadship currently has four shipyard facilities in the Netherlands, with expansion underway at its Amsterdam facility in Western Harbour to offer the ability to build motor yachts as long as 160 metres (525 feet). To date, there are over 250 Feadship yachts in navigation, including 99-metre (324-foot) Madame Gu, 99.95 (327-foot) Moonrise, 101-metre (333-foot) Symphony and 110-metre (361-foot) Anna.

Feadship yard

4. Fincantieri Yachts, Italy

Fincantieri Yachts specialises in full-custom luxury pleasure yachts over 70 metres (230 feet) with no upper limit to the size or volume that it can produce. The builder currently has a range of concepts and projects, including 70-metre (230-foot) superyacht Blanche.

Having manufactured in excess of 7,000 vessels in its 230-year history, Fincantieri has a network of 18 shipyards across four continents, two design centres and a research centre, making it one of the largest Western shipyards in the world.

Fincantieri shipyard

5. Heesen Yachts, Netherlands

Heesen Yachts is known as one of the world’s luxury yacht builders, specialising in custom superyachts in the 30- to 65-metre (98- to 213-foot) range, but with the additional capability of building vessels of 80 metres (262 feet) and above.

With a focus on quality and innovation, Heesen has created many custom yachts with no two yachts the same. Founded in 1978, it was the first Dutch shipyard to employ aluminium for yacht hulls. In its 42 years, it has delivered more than 170 yachts, with aluminium, steel, displacement, semi-displacement and revolutionary fast displacement yachts making up its fleet. Its most famous vessels include the 65-metre (213-foot) Galatica Star, 70-metre (230-foot) Galatica Super Nova and 55-metre (180-foot) Serenity.

6. Lürssen, Germany

Based in Germany, Lürssen is one of the world's leading shipyards for large luxury yacht building, with a focus on excellence in custom-built superyachts. A family-owned shipyard for four generations, it can claim the accolade of building the world’s first motor yacht back in 1886.

Responsible for building more than 13,000 vessels since 1875, Lürssen currently has eight shipyard facilities in Northern Germany, each specialising in a specific size of yacht ranging from 60 to 220 metres (197 to 722 feet) in length. Together these facilities offer 1,125,000 metres squared of space for new builds, as well as refit, repair and maintenance services.

Lürssen builds some of the largest luxury yachts in the world, including the iconic Azzam, the world’s current largest superyacht at 180 metres (590 feet) LOA.

Lurssen's superyacht Azzam

7. Nobiskrug, Germany

Having just celebrated its 115 th anniversary, Nobiskrug began shipbuilding long before the term ‘superyacht’ was even coined. Drawing on its extensive experience in seagoing vessels, the shipyard turned to yacht building in 2000 with the completion of its inaugural superyacht project, the 92-metre (302-foot) Tatoosh. It has since delivered an impressive portfolio of innovative custom-built superyachts, pledging to work on a single project for a single client to build superyachts ready for the 22 nd century. A big statement of intent.

With two facilities in Northern Germany, the boatyard can currently build vessels ranging from 60 to 426 metres (197 to 1398 feet) in length. Over 1000 in-house employees work across the two sites, where they have developed and built numerous award-winning superyachts, including one of the industry’s most talked about vessels, 142-metre (466-foot) Sailing Yacht A.

2020 saw the launch of 80-metre (262-foot) Artefact. At 2,999 GT, Artefact is now the largest 80-metre superyacht by volume in the world and is one of the world’s first superyachts to meet IMO Tier III emissions regulations.

8. Oceanco, Netherlands

Oceanco specialises in building sophisticated custom yachts ranging from 80 to 140 metres (262 to 459 feet) in length. Offering a highly personal service to clients, Oceanco is positioned with state-of-the-art yacht building facilities in the Netherlands, and a design, sales and marketing office in Monaco.

The builder celebrated its first launch in 1992, and almost 30 years later its portfolio now includes well-known superyachts such as the 95-metre (311-foot) Indian Empress, 82-metre (269-foot) Alfa Nero, 88.5-metre (290-foot) Nirvana and 91.5-metre (300-foot) Equanimity.

9. Perini Navi, Italy

The Perini Navi Group is made up of four independent companies that operate in five specific markets: sailing yachts up to 60 metres (197 feet), large sailing yachts more than 60 metres, racing sailing yachts, fast cruising sailing yachts and Picchiotti motor yachts.

To date, the group has launched 58 sailing yachts and four motor yachts. Its track record for innovative sailing yachts has seen it set the standard for excellence in the sector, launching more yachts over 50 metres (164 feet) than any other builder. It's responsible for the iconic 88-metre (288-foot) three-masted schooner Maltese Falcon, which currently holds the title of the sixth largest sailing yacht in the world, and other award-winning sailing yachts, such as the 73-metre (239-foot) Nautilus, 70-metre (229-foot) Badis I and 64-metre (210-foot) Spirit Of The C’s.

Perini Navini's superyacht Maltese Falcon

10. Royal Huisman, Netherlands

Established in 1884, Royal Huisman is the only shipyard with two entries in the top 10 largest sailing yachts ever built. The 2020 launch of 81-metre (266-foot) Sea Eagle II was its tenth sailing yacht over 50 metres (164 feet) and its biggest yacht since 90-metre (295-foot) Athena in 2004, which was then the largest sailing yacht in the world. Despite being renowned for its luxury performance sailing yachts, Royal Huisman’s largest delivery in 2021 is expected to be “Project 403 PHI”, a featherweight 55-metre (180-foot)+ aluminium motor yacht under 500GT.

Royal Huisman shipyard

Discover how to choose your luxury yacht builder or alternatively  search for superyacht shipyards .

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list of yacht companies

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The Top Sailboat Manufacturers (According to Sailors)

Whether you are buying or chartering a boat, or whether you simply want to stay informed, you might be asking the question: who are the top sailboat manufacturers? As is the case with most 'who's the best' questions, the answer isn't simple. So this article takes a stroll among the crowds and asks - “who's your favorite?” .

list of yacht companies

What are the top sailboat manufacturers?

Groupe beneteau.

This is the ultimate all-star list. Now let’s see why.

First of all - I want to make this lineup relatively short. There are tens of names that bounce around when you ask about favorite manufacturers, and if I had made this a long list, in the end, it wouldn’t represent the famous all-stars that really stand out in the eyes of the people. If you want a longer, less detailed list, check out our article about 50 popular sailboat brands . This time though, we are looking only at the manufacturer champions of the ‘popular choice’ contest.

“This is a loaded question!”, the internet forums yell, “there are thousands of options!”, they cry, enraged, “it’s not about the boat, but about the crew!” they scream. But we don’t give up and continue, determined to find out who you all like the most.

Cover Image : Bavaria Cruiser 55 - Copyright BavariaYachtbau under CC BY-SA 4.0

I know, I know, I hear you. Let’s start with the cons of these boats to quench the thirst of the bloodthirsty critics. Yes, Wallys are very costly, they go all the way up to tens of millions of dollars and so won’t be more than a bedroom poster for most of the readers.

That’s about it when it comes to the negatives, though. The reason they made it on this list despite their price tag is that they are pioneers in many aspects. Visually they are beyond gorgeous, and their price allows for exquisite build quality. The cost of these hi-end racer/cruisers means they aren’t particularly user friendly since most users won’t be able to use them, but just as Rolls Royce belongs on the list of the best cars, Wally belongs on the list of the best boats. They are the brainchild of Luca Bassani, founder and chief of the brand, a stylish Italian man who knows what’s right.

And it is this poster worthiness that gained them popularity among the crowds. A video of a simple Atlantic crossing on a 100 foot Wally has millions of views not necessarily because that particular journey would be exciting, in fact, it is quite an uneventful one, but because it is on a boat that makes the design junkies salivate. The Wally designs alone were the reason these boats made it into Hollywood feature films and series, and if you look at one, you’ll understand why. This is what happens when extravaganza meets good taste and has all the money in the world to realize the idea.

What do they make in terms of sailboats? Superyachts around 100 ft long, each focused on sporty cruising, design, and comfort. They only make custom sailboats, no factory models here. Buying a used one is a safe situation, they hold up even after a long time both in terms of quality, performance as well as design. During their existence, Wally only made a handful of boats, so if you ever stumble upon one, take a selfie. It is like meeting a celebrity.

list of yacht companies

To level the scales, let’s now jump at the opposite side of the spectrum and have a look at Catalina, the people pleaser. If Wally was the Rolls Royce of the boating world, Catalina is the Ford, making, as they say, “honest, sturdy boats that hold up to real-world conditions, perform well and cost less to maintain”. The mission of this company then seems to be to make boats as practical as possible for the common folk. That means: a practical interior layout, practical handling, and last but definitely not least, a practical price.

And this strategy has worked out well - according to experiences of hundreds of thousands of sailors, Catalinas stand up to their reputation of a boat that’s got your back. It is one of the largest boat producers in the world, with over sixty thousand of its boats sailing the world. Boat manufacturers oftentimes go through quite a lot of rough patches, that turn into bankruptcy for many, it isn’t an easy business to be in, but Catalina has been on a roll for decades. And this success has come with its perks - the business stability allowed for some impressive manufacturing facilities, which helps mass production, which in turn helps drive the price down. So with Catalina, you’ll likely be getting more bang for your buck than from their competition.

They make boats ranging from tiny daysailers all the way to 50-foot seaworthy vessels. What made them the most famous though are their mid-sized cruisers - the staple of the classical American sailing fan. Whether you like it or not, slow and steady is the name of the game when it comes to mainstream, and that is precisely what Catalina understands so well. They don’t take large risks. Their models are long-running with slight tweaks and facelifts, concepts that don’t surprise or insult, but offer stability. This conservativeness has been what some sailors hold against Catalinas, which is easy to understand when looking at many other brands that offer more in terms of fanciness, but this is the Catalina way, and it has worked out splendidly for them.

The long years of experience make for a great manufacturer that makes boats which won’t be the fastest, won’t be the prettiest or the boldest in terms of design or technological innovation, but they will do precisely what they are made to do - their job.

list of yacht companies

Bavaria is to Europe what Catalina is to the United States. Affordable, practical, nothing special, but does what it’s supposed to. It is the main diet of many Mediterranean sailors. To stay with the cars equivalent, just because I like it so much, if Catalinas were the Ford, Bavarias would be the Volkswagen. They are generally cheaper than Catalinas but don’t see that as an indicator, sailors can’t seem to find one or the other significantly worse or better in build quality. There are of course a few voices rooting for one or the other, but that can be assigned to fandom rather than to actual benefits. The price difference is there partly due to a different manufacturing process, the Bavaria factories are more efficient (they are German after all), and the production is more streamlined, allowing cutting costs without cutting corners.

Reliability, ease of use, and affordability are aspects that lead the design decisions here - which is what makes them so prevalent in charter companies. Even a nonexperienced sailor can get on a Bavaria and operate it with relative ease. But as I’ve been told by the boss of an unnamed charter company, after five or so years, you will start to feel the lower price tag as their reliability starts to go down unless money is put into repairs. With an older Bavaria, you will feel its age more than with other manufacturers. As one owner puts it, they tend to get “quite exhausted”.

So in case you belong among the Bavaria fans and have your eye on a used one, keep the above sentences in mind and when shopping, make sure you understand the ‘health’ of the boat in question. Moreover, be aware of the difference between a boat that was used by a handful of sailors over the years versus one that was chartered to more people than you could count. In other words, you wouldn’t want to buy a few-year-old rental car because who knows what the poor thing had to suffer, - especially since you can bet that many of the clients weren’t particularly good sailors due to generous sailing license policies in Croatia, which allows virtually anybody to ‘become a sailor’ within hours for a friendly fee.

What can you expect when you get on one? Good things - the manufacturers know what their products are used for, and that is why Bavarias are designed as easy comfortable cruisers. Everything you need to have within reach will be within reach, to the point of you having something to hold on almost all the time wherever you go through the boat - Bavaria knows well that many of its users won’t have their ‘sea legs’ and act accordingly. Even smaller models have generous amounts of space because it is the smaller models that are charter kings - Bavaria gives a lot of attention to them. The layouts will be comfy, so Bavarias make good boats for longer voyages - pair that with reliability and price and you will understand why the vox populi speaks so fondly of them.

list of yacht companies

The reason I am mentioning the name of the parent company here is that they own both Beneteau and Jeanneau, brands that are distinguishable on the surface, but if you look close enough, you will find them pretty similar, down to the fact that they are produced in the same factory. So since both Beneteau and Jeanneau are very popular sailor’s choices, both deserve a place on this list, but dedicating a subchapter to each would feel like making a duplicate.

By the way, Groupe Beneteau also owns Lagoon, a renowned catamaran maker, Prestige, luxury yacht manufacturer, Monte Carlo Yachts, CNB Yacht builder, the semi-custom sailboat maker, Four Winns, Glastron, Scarab, Wellcraft, Excess, and Delphia… some of these make motor yachts only, but if you combine fans of all of these, you get a sizable crowd. This company has figured out what people of various tastes want and serves quite a few of these niches.

list of yacht companies

Business aside, let’s see how this French company managed to find its way into the hearts of so many. Well, first of all, they are French. So chic style is to be expected. And with this, fans come. Image wise (and design-wise to a bit) Jeanneau is the sporty one that sails better, while Beneteau aims at the family comfort market. But on both, you will feel loved by the designer. They are made to make you feel good when you use them, and they’ll spoil you with luxury that fits within the specific price tag.

Comfort is a big deal here. On Jeanneaus for instance, you will sometimes find quite unique layouts, often different from the traditional ones, to really pamper the sailors - such as their two master bedroom setup, with the stern one being under the cockpit. A lot of them come with the 360 docking system, which allows you to move the boat around with a joystick and makes maneuvering in marinas so easy you feel like you are cheating. Or consider their decision to make the hull finer to cut through the water better, resulting in less movement - something that helps with comfort. All of this comes for a price but less so than you would expect since the buying power of the enormous Groupe Beneteau helps with shaving off dollars where smaller manufacturers couldn’t. This is, for instance, the reason why they can afford to use wood on their crafts to an extent you wouldn’t expect from a production boat for that price - again, buying volume allows for this even without you necessarily having to pay the expected premium.

Of course, you will mostly find them in Europe, where they are plentiful in marinas, though the aforementioned Bavarias dominate as far as numbers go. But that is mostly because of charters, since last year, over 80 percent of chartered boats were Bavarias. As personal boats, products of Groupe Beneteau belong among the top choices.

list of yacht companies

Now, this is a bit of a tricky one. The manufacturer doesn’t exist anymore, in fact, it produced boats from 1960 to 1989, making it over thirty years old, but despite that, the Cal models are still a favorite and worthy member of the cruising as well as performance world.

During the company’s existence, almost twenty thousand boats were built, partially because they were one of the first brands to mass-produce fiberglass sailboats. That, along with Cal models winning impressively in races, helped them to make a name for themselves, a name that still sounds to this day.

list of yacht companies

Why is it on this list? Partially because of its prevalence on the seas, partially because of its prevalence in internet forums and pub talks. Cal sailboats are loved by their owners mostly for their responsiveness when under sail, good build quality, (even though many say the interior could have been done way better) as well as reliability even after long years of use. Many of the design features have indeed been improved since, so if thirty years ago you could dominate races with Cals, today you won’t be on the lightest and most up to date boat around anymore. But you won’t be sailing a cruiser either. The boat might not be a pureblood racer, but it was built with racing in mind. Which might give the more sporty ones of your peace of mind that no Bavaria or any traditional cruiser will provide.

Quite a few owners say though that the success from the sixties gained Cal a name that you will pay for when buying one. If you are one of those who want to make sure they are paying for physical value rather than reputation, this might be a dealbreaker for you. There is a certain portion of slight arrogance that comes with racing success, one that shows in later models. But given the brand’s popularity, this is not too big of a deal.

So if cruising is your goal, if long crossings are what you desire, if you simply want a boat that was built with honesty and can take you basically anywhere you want, Cals are a safe bet. You’ll be joining a big, happy and an old family. And an affordable one at that.

In conclusion

To sum it all up, it seems that practicality, affordability, and reliability are the main factors that influence whether a sailboat manufacturer will become popular among sailors or not. As well as extravagant design and beauty, but that’s another story.

There have been many shipyards throughout the ages, some long-lasting, some surviving but a couple of years. Each tried to come up with an angle to sell well. Sometimes it was quirky design, and sometimes it was an intriguing feature, sometimes it was the use of new technology. Sometimes it worked out quite well, other times it did not. But in the end what sailors seem to want is a boat that will not fail them when they need it the most, a boat that is well built enough to cross oceans, because that gives one a sense of freedom and a boat that is built with the user-friendliness in mind. Simply, a boat that is your good friend.

A road to a sailor’s heart is simple, after all.

Daniel O'Connell

Really good article. I was enlightened.

Dan O’Connell

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list of yacht companies

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10 Best Sailboat Brands (And Why)

10 Best Sailboat Brands | Life of Sailing

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December 20, 2023

‍ There's no denying that sailors are certainly a passionate bunch. We’re so passionate about our boats that we always try going for the best sailboats. To make it a lot easier for you, here are the best sailboat brands.

Owning a sailboat is an indulgence that many of us only dream about but very few ever have the privilege of sailing the seas in what they can actually call their own.

While there's nothing wrong with renting a sailboat, the honor of owning one is certain what many sailors dream of.

With a perfectly crafted sailboat as company, gliding through the water, waves, and wind brings some sort of unmatched comfort and peace.

Add this to the fact that sailing takes you far away from the daily hustles and bustles that we've become accustomed to in our daily lives and you'll see why the life of sailing is very appealing to the masses.

But without a proper sailboat, all this fun and the good life of sailing are thrown out of the window.

Contrary to the widespread opinion, owning a sailboat isn't beyond anyone's reach. It's something that we can all achieve. But before getting into that, it's important to know some of the best sailboat brands.

The best sailboat brands will make your life as a sailor a lot easier and more fun. The best sailboat brands have, for decades if not centuries, mastered the art of woodworking. They've dedicated their skills and immense amount of their time to designing and manufacturing nothing but the best quality of sailboats in the industry.

So if you've been looking for the best sailboat brands from all over the world, you've come to the right place. We'll discuss the best of the best, something that will give you a perfect getaway from your normal life.

Table of contents

‍ Must-Have Features for Your Sailboat

Before highlighting the best sailboat brands, it would be appropriate to jog your mind a little with some of the features that must be available in your sailboat.

Choosing a sailboat can sometimes be a matter of compromises. In other words, it's sometimes sensible to accept that a sailboat cannot have all the features that you desire.

As such, it's all about going with a sailboat that has the features that matter to you most.

For this reason, let's look at the most basic features that can make the difference in both safety and comfort while improving your sailing experience.

A Safe and Comfortable Sailing Cockpit

You'll most definitely be spending a huge amount of time in the cockpit. Whether you're keeping watch, trimming sails , helming, or just enjoying the scenery, there's no better place to do all these than from the cockpit. That being said, a good cockpit should have the following.

  • Have a good depth for safety reasons and adequate drainage
  • Should give you a quick and easy access to jammers, cleats, and other important parts of the winch system
  • Should have a seat or seats that are about 35 cm high, 50 to 55 cm wide to provide ideal support
  • The seats should be adjustable to offer maximum comfort and allow you to change your position

GPS Chartplotter

Use a GPS Chartplotter once and your sailing will never be the same without it. It not only allows you to map a course but is also a great way of ensuring that your sailboat exactly follows that course. It also gives you constant updates on ocean conditions, weather conditions , and potential hazards such as deadly currents and sandbars.

A GPS Chartplotter is also an important safety device that can help you in some very critical situations while out there on the water.

For instance, it has a man-overboard button that is essentially meant to allow you to receive coordinates of the exact location should someone fall off your boat.

Electric Winch System

This is an amazing addition to any sailboat. It allows you to sheet a jib even in high and strong winds with a simple press of a button. It also gives you the chance of trimming a mainsail easily while still carry out other essential tasks in the sailboat.

An electric winch system can be of great importance, especially if you're short on crew. This is because it can free up some crew members to carry other important tasks. In other words, it can make duties that would otherwise require more crew members a lot easier.

More importantly, an electric winch system can maintain safety even in the roughest of conditions, thereby preventing you and your crew from getting injured. In essence, an electric winch system will make your sailing a lot safer, less stressful, and more enjoyable.

Reverse Osmosis Watermaker

This is a very valuable accessory, especially if you're going on long sea voyages. You can spend days on end without drinking clean and safe water.

As the name suggests, you can use this accessory to turn seawater into purified drinking water. It uses the reverse osmosis method that's essential not only in removing bacteria and parasites from the water but also in turning the water into purified and safe drinking water.

Even though this device is pricey, it's a great way to mitigate the over-reliance on huge water tanks. All you have to do is to ensure that it's properly maintained and you'll have an endless streak of safe drinking water no matter where you are.

Wide and Clutter-free Deck

While the deck is often an overlooked feature of a sailboat, it can be the difference between a great sailing experience and a stressful one. In essence, the deck of a sailboat should be wide enough and clutter-free.

This is significant as it can enable you to quickly access different parts of your sailboat with hindrance or getting tangled. As you can see, this is particularly important in improving safety and reducing stress.

With that in mind, make sure that the deck is organized in such a way that you can have easy access to sails, masts, and winches.

You should, therefore, avoid sailboats with decks that are designed in such a way that you have to climb on top of the cabin just to access these features. Needless to say, this can be quite unstable and very dangerous especially when conditions are rough.

The Best Sailboat Brands and Why

1. hallberg-rassy.

Hallberg-Rassy is a Swedish yacht maker that's very well-known in the blue water cruising circles for making some of the highest quality and sturdiest sailboats. For many sailors, this is the number one sailboat brand as it offers absolute comfort, utmost safety, and good and easy handling.

This brand is not only synonymous with sturdy construction but you won't worry getting soaking wet while out there on the water. This is because it has a well-protected deck and cockpit, finished with nice woodwork, and has a powerful engine with a big tankage just to ensure that you can go on long voyages.

When designing its sailboats, this brand has made it a norm to add some features that stand out from the rest. For instance, the bowsprit is an integral feature that makes sailing a Hallberg-Rassy quite easy and much enjoyable. This is because it grants easy access to and from the deck. Its electric anchor winches facilitate smooth maneuvering. Even more, its large steering wheels makes it much easier to control the boat even in the roughest of conditions. In essence, this brand has features that provide good control and an extra sense of safety.

Although this brand has evolved over the years, you'll easily recognize it even from a distance. And why is this? A Hallberg-Rassy never goes out of style. This is a unique sailboat brand that has always stayed true to its principles and concept. No matter which part of the world you go, Hallberg-Rassy will remain the undisputed king of blue water cruising.

2. Nautor's Swan

For over 50 years, Nautor's Swan has endlessly raised the sailing levels by designing and manufacturing new sailboat models that not only push the boundaries but also meet that many requirements and demands of sailors across the world. Thanks to its wide range of seaworthy, timeless, elegant, and highly-performing sailboats, the Nautor's Swan remains one of the best if not the best sailboat makers in the world.

Based in Jakobstad, Finland, this brand has severally set the industry standard with its speedy and sleek models such as the Swan 48, Swan 65, Swan 98, Swan 78, and Swan 120. These models have one thing in common: they never compromise on safety. As a brand that puts safety first, it ensures that its models are made of foam-cored glass fiber and reinforced both with carbon-fiber and epoxy. In essence, Nautor's Swan is widely revered for its unmatched seafaring and safety records.

Additionally, Nautor's Swan models are incredibly responsive. You can easily tell this just by the feel of the wheel. This brand has models that will gracefully slice through the biggest of waves with ease. That's not all; the interior of these models that are very comfortable even when the going gets tough. This is, without a doubt, a brand that strives to create self-contained worlds with each model.

3. Beneteau

This is perhaps the most selling sailboat brand in the world. For over a century now, this brand has based its models in a combination of simplicity and performance. This is a brand that will serve you just right across all latitudes and in all circumstances. Whether you prefer the Oceanis Yacht 62 or the Figaro Beneteau 3, this brand will never let you down on all fronts.

This brand revolves around a simple concept of creating a link around the world. From the deck space to its design and light, this brand does everything possible not just to uniformly transform life at sea but also to open doors to new horizons in a very luxurious yet practical way. Its models are designed with clear deck plans, stable hulls, simplified maneuvering and interior materials and equipment that can be easily personalized.

Whether you're looking for a racing sailboat or something that's designed to explore and enjoy the world in the company of friends and family, Beneteau is a true combination of sensations and simplicity. This is a brand that brings to the seas fun, simplicity, smartness, toughness, safety, intuitiveness, as well as dazzling reinvention.

4. Amel Yachts

Based on the ethos of designing and manufacturing comfortable, robust, and easy-to-handle boats, this French brand has, for over five decades, offered sailors and other sailing enthusiasts the perfect opportunity to explore the seas with the utmost quality, comfort, and more importantly, safety.

Using 100% French know-how, this brand has brought to the sailing world some of the best boats such as the Santorini, the Mango, the Super Maramu, and the Maramu. We would be doing this brand total injustice if we said that they're distinctive. Truth be told, there's nothing comparable to an Amel model. Well Amel was and still is, the ultimate standard by which other sailboat models are measured.

From items such as electric winches and furling, to generators, Watermaker , and washing machine down to the simplest of items such as towels. Spare filters, bathrobes, deck brush, and a boat safe, the Amel is in reality with what the real life of a sailor is and should be.

Although some may say that Amel still has room for improvement in terms of specifications and personalization, it cannot be denied that the Amel is a serious brand that designs and manufactures complete boats. With this brand, you'll be guaranteed of a higher degree of reliability, safety, and an edge of fun while out there on the water.

5. Hinckley Yachts

Based in Maine, United States, Hinckley Yachts is a brand that has been building robust, luxury, and safe sailboats for more than 90 years now. In its sailboat class, you'll find several sailboats that have classic shapes, inner strength, dramatic lines, and features that are absolutely essential in dealing with the challenges of the North Atlantic.

This brand has been successful in integrating impeccable craftsmanship with new technologies to ensure that their models always stand out while articulating advanced sailing practices, timeless aesthetic, robust construction, and the utmost safety. Whether you choose the Bermuda 50, the Sou'wester 53 or any model for that matter, you'll never be short of advanced performance based on the best design and technology.

In terms of features, this brand provides sailboat models with modern performance hulls. These hulls are constructed with inner layers of carbon, outer layers of Kevlar, and are aligned with computer-designed load paths. Every feature is designed without compromising comfort.

To this end, this brand offers you a perfect combination of both fun and sail. This brand offers more than just sailing. Instead, it offers a unique sailing experience that's combined with the pure joys of sailing in the blue waters with an ease of ownership and maneuverability.

6. Oyster Yachts

If you've been looking for luxury more than anything else, Oyster Yachts provides you with numerous solutions. This British brand is widely known for manufacturing a wide range of luxury cruising sailing yachts. Its sailboats are among the finest in the world and are immensely capable of taking you to some of the far-flung places in the world without having to worry about high winds and hellish waves.

Whether you choose the iconic Oyster 565 or the immense Oyster 595 you never fall short of experiencing the new world like never before. These are models that will enable you to own your adventure, choose your destination, set your courses, pick your anchorage, and stay safe at all times. If you want to hold the wheel and pull the sail while feeling the tang of salt spray on your face, Oyster Yachts is the way to go.

This is, unquestionably, a brand that's meant for you if you want to explore the seas in comfort, luxury and utmost safety. From craftsmanship, sailboat design, to hull, deck, and keel configurations, everything is designed to allow you to circumnavigate the world in comfort, elegance, and style.

7. Tartan Yachts

Based in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, there's arguably no better to begin your sailing adventures than with a sailboat designed and manufactured by Tartan Yachts. With several award-winning designs and construction, this brand is widely known for providing easy handling, great performance, and an ultimately stable platform.

This brand always strives to deliver a unique and the best possible experience to every sailor. As a brand, Tartan fully understands that every sailor has his/her unique sailing needs. As such every component of their models is designed with engineering levels that guarantee optimum performance, excellent on-deck visibility, and luxurious interior.

From the Tartan 5300, the Tartan 4300, the Tartan 345 to the New 365 and the Fantail, this brand makes it a priority to ensure that its models are among the strongest, lightest, and more importantly, the safest in the sailing industry. In essence, this brand can be ideal if you appreciate performance. It has rewarding sailing features both in narrow water lines and wider passages. Add this to its easy handling and you'll have a top-notch performer in virtually every condition.

8. Catalina Yachts

As one of the most popular boat manufacturers in the world, this American brand is widely revered for building the sturdiest boats that can hold up perfectly well in real-world conditions. These are generally family-oriented boats that are intelligently designed to ensure that your entire family can have fun out there on the water.

Some of the models include the cruiser series such as the Catalina 315, the Catalina 385, the Catalina 425 while the sport series include the Catalina 12.5 Expo, the Catalina 16.5, and the Catalina 14.2 Expo. As the current winner of the "Boat of the Year" Cruising World, you'll rarely go wrong with a Catalina model.

It offers a wide range of sailboat sizes that suits your lifestyle. This brand makes it a priority to ensure that all their models are not only safe but offer the best ownership and sailing experience. If anything, this brand is widely known to have one of the most excellent resale values in the sailing industry.

9. Island Packet Yachts

From the IP 525, the IP 439 to the IP 379, the Island Packet Yachts is a brand that encourages its customers not to keep the world waiting. This brand is meant for sailors who want to explore the world in utmost comfort and safety.

The first thing you'll notice in an IP sailboat is its large aft deck. This is not only perfect for sunbathing but can also serve you well if you want an impromptu dinner with friends and family while out there on the water. The living space is also large enough to carry most of your belongings, which is an added advantage especially if you've been planning to spend longer periods in the seas.

With modern evolution and refinement, as well as proven features, this brand is known to offer sailors maximum comfort, luxury, and safety. You'll have better access to the cockpit, have enough space, and are excellently designed to provide superior seafaring and the best features to enable you to spend extended periods when cruising.

10. Sparkman & Stephens

For more than 90 years, Sparkman & Stephens has been at the forefront of the belief that sailboat excellence goes beyond hull lines and deck plans. Instead, this brand believes in excellent naval architecture, innovation, sophistication, and beauty. This is a brand that has laid the foundation of sailboat as a sport not just in America but all over the world.

These models have graced the world for decades and bring immense pleasure to their owners in terms of innovation, performance, and excellence. Though rooted in tradition, the brand has pushed sophistication, technology, and sailing experience to a whole new level. You'll be a proud owner of the Sparkman & Stephens model.

There you have it; these are the best sailboat brands in the world. Although there are several other sailboat brands to choose from, the-above described brands stand shoulder above others in terms of quality, safety, performances and luxury.

Hopefully, you're at a much better place when it comes to choosing a sailboat that suits your lifestyle, needs, and budget .

Happy sailing!

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The Very Best of Dutch Yacht Builders


Dutch yacht builders have crafted a reputation as being among the world’s very best, with an extraordinary density of high quality, high value shipyards operating out of the Netherlands.

Part of the reason for the dominance of Dutch yacht builders in the superyacht industry stems from Holland’s prestigious history of boat building, which stretches back centuries and was perfectly poised to make the shift to constructing luxury yachts during the 20th century. The word ‘yacht’ originally comes from the Dutch word ‘jacht’, meaning hunt.

Some of the towering names of the yachting world have emerged from Holland, with the great heritage yards Amels, Hakvoort, Royal Huisman, De Vries and Royal Van Lent more recently joined by other outstanding Dutch yacht builders such as Heesen, Vitters, and Oceanco.

Dutch shipyards are heralded not only for their world-class build quality, high tech yards, and innovation, but are also renowned for reliability in finishing projects on time and on budget. With Dutch shipyards producing many fully-custom ‘one-off’ yachts, many of the yachts launched from Holland’s shipyards are extremely iconic and often win international awards.

Dutch yacht builders have also capitalized on their individual reputations for quality construction by forming strong collaborations including Feadship and HISWA, which serve to market the best of Dutch yachting internationally, thereby growing the influence of the Dutch yacht builders.

Notable Dutch Yacht Builders

Dutch yacht builders Feadship yacht ANNA

This prestige brand is often known as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of yacht builders, constructing fully custom yachts from a ‘blank slate’ beginning. Feadship is actually a partnership between two of the greatest Dutch shipyards: De Vries and Royal Van Lent, with yacht building roots dating back to 1849. The Feadship fleet today is more than 450 strong, and includes some ground-breaking yachts including AQUARIUS and ECTASEA.

Dutch yacht builders Amels yacht IMAGINE

Founded in 1918 and boasting the largest and most high-tech shipyard in the Netherlands, Amels turned its hand to superyacht construction in the 1980’s. Amels builds fully custom yachts up to 656’ (200m), as well as their highly sought-after ‘Limited Edition Series’. Known for exceptional build quality and iconic yachts including HERE COMES THE SUN, Amels also builds a popular range of support yachts for superyachts through DAMEN, its parent company.

Dutch yacht builders Royal Huismann yacht HYPERION

Royal Huisman

This family-run shipyard was founded in 1884, and has produced some of the finest sailing yachts afloat, with a long line of regatta honors and design awards across its fleet of maxi-yachts and performance cruisers. While its fame is recognized across the world for building sailing yachts such as ATHENA, Royal Huisman also builds motoryachts, including the award winning ARCADIA.

Dutch yacht builders Hakvoort yacht ALLEGRIA

Hakvoort is another illustrious Dutch shipyard which dates back to 1919 and builds sailing and motoryachts up to 215’ (65m). With yachts constructed in steel and aluminum, Hakvoort offers a full-custom service from design to launch, as well as a 180’ (55m) semi-custom series. They have launched many notable, award-winning yachts, from LADY MARINA in 1994 to APOSTROPHE in 2013.

Dutch yacht builders Heesen yacht QUINTA ESSENTIA

Founded in 1979, Heesen has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the yachting industry, and is now considered one of the most innovative Dutch yacht builders. Initially known as a builder of fast performance yachts, Heesen has expanded its yacht building capacity up to 260’ (80m) and has achieved notoriety for its revolutionary design and engineering, such as the Fast Displacement Hull Form first seen on multi-award-winning GALACTICA STAR.

Dutch yacht builders Vitters yacht HOEK DESIGN MARIE

One of the most respected names in sailing, the Vitters shipyard was founded in 1990 and has gone on to launch luxury sailing yachts known for winning superyacht regattas and international design awards. Constructing yachts over 30m with an uncompromising focus on quality and design, Vitters has received accolades for yachts including SARISSA, GANESHA and AQUIJO. Vitters also owns the Green Marine yard, which is responsible for building the Volvo Ocean Race fleet.

Dutch yacht builders Oceanco yacht WELLESLEY

This Dutch yacht builder specializes in the large yacht market, constructing fully custom superyachts over 260’ (80m) in aluminum and steel. Oceanco opened its doors in 1990 and has been responsible for the launch of some of the industry’s most well-known yachts, including ALFA NERO, ANASTASIA and the largest Dutch yacht to be built thus far, the 360’ (110m) JUBILEE.

Dutch yacht builders Moonen yacht AZUL A

Located in the medieval Dutch town of Den Bosch, Moonen Shipyards is one of the world’s most well-known motoryacht builders. Having launched their first boat in 1963, Moonen pride themselves in quality and service and offer diverse options in the upper echelons of the yacht industry for fully customized superyachts up to 150’ (45m), custom series displacement yachts, explorer vessels or fast displacement all-aluminum powerboats.

Dutch yacht builders Mulder yacht FAVORITE 1500

Established as a family-owned shipyard in 1938, Mulder has become a renowned member of the Dutch yacht building family. The yards’ global reputation for quality has been built upon three main pillars: the classic Super Favorite Cruisers, the later Favorite Superior and a range of Mulder custom-built motor yachts from 42’ to 147’ (13m to 45m).

Dutch yacht builders Van der Valk Continental Trawler

Van der Valk

A passionate yacht enthousiast, Wim van der Valk started the company that bears his name in 1967, and is still driving force behind it today. In applying the most advanced solutions, systems and materials possible, this pedigreed Dutch yacht builder believes in creating yachts that will stand the test of time. In the late 1990s, they introduced their signature product – the Continental I series. Today, to ensure unrivaled quality and exclusivity, Van Der Valk produces a select, limited number of Continental yachts each year.

Dutch yacht builders Hartman Marine Group yacht AMUNDSEN

Hartman Marine Group

Founded in 2003, Hartman Marine Group has roots which span back to 1775 with a heritage of seven generations of skipper-owners. Hartman yachts hold a timeless and fresh style without compromising practicality and superb comfort, in the true fashion of Dutch boatbuilding excellence. Leveraging on experience, innovation as well as tradition, Hartman applies their robust standards from the drawing table to the unique finishing touches in every custom build.

Worth Avenue Yachts have many yachts for sale in their fleet built by these renowned Dutch yacht builders, and are experts in the sale, construction and charter of Dutch yachts. Contact us to find out more about which Dutch yacht builder is right for you.

Boat Brands and Manufacturers

list of yacht companies

Boat Brands and Boat Manufacturers

list of yacht companies

All-Purpose Fishing Boats

list of yacht companies

Aluminum Fishing Boats

list of yacht companies

Bay Boats/Flats Boats

list of yacht companies

Cabin Cruisers

Center console

Center Consoles

cuddy cabin

Cuddy Cabins

deck boats


High Performance Boats

High Performance Boats

inflatable boats


list of yacht companies

Motor Yachts/Power Cruisers

multi-hull power boat catamaran

Multi-Hull Power Boats

Personal Watercraft

Personal Watercraft

pontoon boat

Pontoon Boats


Ski Boats/Wake Boats

sportfishing yacht grady white

Sportfishing Yachts

trawler ranger tugs


Built for versatility, these boats can be used in both salt water and freshwater. They are designed to navigate many different types of waterways so you can pursue many different species of fish.


Small lightweight and, durable trailer boats made of aluminum are most often used for freshwater fishing. Generally very simple craft, featuring riveted or welded aluminum hulls and bench seating, they can be operated in fish-friendly places - shallow water, coves, inlets - not many other boats can reach. Powered primarily by outboard engines, this type of boat offers both tiller and remote steering options.

Bass boats have low, sleek profiles and are built to fish with two or three anglers on board. The minimum length of bass boats starts with 16 feet and can go up to 26 feet.

These boats are popular in coastal areas where sea trout and redfish live. They can float and run in water less than two feet deep and are ideal for fishing with two to three people on board.

These family boats are the most popular in the runabout/spotboat category and are equipped with extra seats and forward access to the bow, a convenient spot to relax and sun.

Recreational by nature, Cabin Cruisers are generally equipped with cooking, sleeping and bathroom facilities and are ideal for those who want to feel the sun above and the ocean below.

These open fishing boats are built to take rough offshore waters in pursuit of ocean fish. Rod holders, outriggers and other gear are common fittings onboard.

Cuddy cabins are ideal for day cruising, watersports, and other on-the-water activities such as fishing and swimming.

Deck boats have wide deck to carry 8 to 12 or more passengers (like pontoons) but look and perform more like runabouts. They are powerful, too, making them excellent boats for skiing, tubing and wakeboarding.

Dinghies are small, easy-to-transport craft, most often used as companion boats for larger vessels.

This craft allows boaters to enjoy the two most popular on-water activities; fishing and skiing. This family fishing and recreational boat has enough power to pull a skier or two, and to get to the fishing spot in short order.

High performance boats are the sleek sports cars of the boating world, offering high speeds and precise handling to boaters who prefer their thrills full throttle. Marrying big horsepower with sleek hulls results in boats that are equally at home slicing through ocean swells or tearing up inland lakes. Cranking offshore or simply relaxing in a cove, performance boats deliver lots of smiles per hour.

Inflatable boats range in size from 8-foot dinghies for tenders to 30-foot high performance boats. These boats are suitable for saltwater and freshwater fishing, watersports and more.

Like bowriders and deckboats, they offer comfortable seating and sunning areas, plus a speedy and exciting ride. They are distinguished from runabouts by their propulsion system, which is enclosed inside the hull.

Large boats equipped with powerful single or twin engines, these craft are ideal for ocean cruising, navigating large rivers or the Great Lakes, as well as entertaining at the dock, and can stay on the water for days.

Featuring two or three hulls, rather than the more common single hull, multi-hull powerboats include designs for hardcore freshwater and saltwater fishing, as well as recreational and cruising, complete with expected amenities.

Personal watercrafts (PWCs), often known by their brand names of "Jet Ski" or "WaveRunner," have evolved overtime into a broad market now characterized by craft more similar to a snowmobile, featuring a saddle and handlebars and capable of hauling one-to-three passengers.

Pontoon boats give families with younger boaters a secure place to enjoy the ride or toddle about when at anchor, thanks to wide decks and "play pen-like" side rails and gates. When equipped with larger engines they can be as quick as runabouts.

Sailboats differ from other types of boats in that they are propelled partly or entirely by wind; they use sails to transform the power of the wind into power that moves the boat through the water. The term sailboat covers a wide variety of sailing craft, each with its own characteristics and styles.

Carve the morning glass on skis, soar over the wakes on a wakeboard, or surf an endless wave…ski/wake/surf boats are your gateway to fun!

These boats are great for pursuing large fish. Often equipped with sleeping berths, a galley for cooking and plumbing for convenience, they have the capacity to stay on the water for days.

Facilities for sleeping, cooking and plumbing provide boating fun for weekends on the water with family and friends. They can handle big rivers, lakes and oceans on moderate days.

These boats may be the ultimate family fishing boats and are most popular in coastal waters, large bays and the Great Lakes where anglers pursue salmon or offshore ocean species. They are equipped with rod holders, livewells and steps to the forward deck to make it easy to follow a big fish around the boat.

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list of yacht companies

The world’s best 50 yacht brokers

Home > LUXURY/UHNW Trends > The world’s best 50 yacht brokers

Posted by Joanna Lewis 21 Apr 2023

The world’s best yacht brokers are relied upon for their expertise, market intelligence, and vast network of industry contacts by the most discerning yachting enthusiasts. The leading brokers work for global yacht brokerages facilitating transactions across yacht sales, yacht charter, yacht management, yacht refit, and new builds, including for the most luxurious motor boats and sailing yachts on the planet.

Relevance Yacht is the go-to digital marketing agency for the yachting industry and has helped the world’s leading brokers market their yachts and services to a qualified global audience. 

Here are the world’s 50 top yacht brokers,  in no particular order , that the world’s richest trust when it is time to buy, sell, charter, or build a boat. 

The world’s top 50 yacht brokers

David seal – northrop & johnson – yacht broker & head of video production .

David Seal is a veteran yacht broker and YouTube star based in Monaco with more than 226,000 subscribers on his Yachts For Sale channel, making it one of the most watched yacht channels on the internet. He broke into the industry following a move to Italy, where he started teaching English to yacht builder Norberto Ferretti. He later became sales manager for the CRN shipyard, part of the Ferretti group. Seal quickly differentiated himself by doing walk-through videos of yachts for sale before digital marketing became mainstream. He now works for Northrop & Johnson through an exclusive licensing agreement. 

Rosanna Arcamone  – Silver Star Yachting  – Yacht Charter Broker

Rosanna Arcamone’s career has been rooted in yachting, first as crew on the world’s finest superyachts, including as a chief stewardess, and then as a charter broker and co-founder of Silver Star Yachting. Arcamone boasts a wealth of industry contacts and a keen understanding of the demands of the world’s wealthiest travellers, regularly arranging charters on the world’s most lavish superyachts, including the award-winning 93-metre LADY S and the 85-metre O’PTASIA.

Ann Avery – Northrop & Johnson – Yacht Broker

Ann ‘Annie’ Avery is a sales broker with Northrop & Johnson , specialising in luxury sailboats. Her passion and success in this field led her to be awarded the IYBA Sailboat Broker of the Year in 2020, 2021, and 2022. She is also deeply passionate about conservation, producing audio interviews related to the health of the ocean. US-born and raised, Annie has over 30 years of experience in the industry, including 20 years with Northrop & Johnson. She is based in Northrop & Johnson’s Fort Lauderdale office. 

MATT PALMER – Northrop & Johnson – Yacht Sales Broker

Matt Palmer is a broker with Northrop & Johnson. He has been sailing since his youth, navigating the waters of the Channel Islands, where he grew up. Following a degree in law, Palmer joined a firm specialising in the structure and management of superyachts, enabling him to hone his skills regarding yacht ownership. Having begun his sales career in one of the largest brands in yachting, it didn’t take long before he transacted over 100 million Euros in sales. He champions professionalism and proactivity with strong traditional values and thrives on the true independence that Northrop & Johnson provides.

Nigel Beatty – YACHTZOO – Yacht Broker 

British-born Nigel Beatty is a yacht broker with YACHTZOO. He started his maritime career in the Royal Navy. In 1995 Beatty became a captain on private and charter superyachts around the world, giving him a unique insight into global yachting. He came ashore in 2005, starting six separate companies over a decade, all of which are still operating today. In 2015 he joined the YACHTZOO team in Florida and set up YACHTZOO’s Japan base shortly after. Nigel is the Chairman of APSA (Asia Pacific Superyacht Association) and lives in Monaco and Japan.

Charlie Birkett – Y.CO – Yacht Broker 

Charlie Birkett is a leading yacht broker and co-founder and CEO of Y.CO , based in Monaco. He started his career aged 16 when he left school to follow his passion for sailing. It took him all over the world in several positions, both shoreside and on board, supporting some of the world’s largest, most complex yacht operations, including M/Y CALIXE and M/Y TATOOSH. He founded Y.CO in 2004, along with his friend and business partner Gary Wright, growing the business into one of the world’s leading full-service yacht companies. With the company 100% founder-owned and founder-led, Birkett is known for his dedication to client relationships and treats every Y.CO client as the only client.


Alex Lees-Buckley – Camper & Nicholsons – Sales and New Build Yacht Broker 

Alex Lees-Buckly is a leading superyacht broker with Camper & Nicholsons .  A British native, he is a lifelong yachter with in-depth industry knowledge gleaned from 30 years of experience. Superyacht Times describes him as one of the “world’s most accomplished brokers” and, as such, boasts a loyal clientele with many multi-repeat clients. He has managed some of the biggest new build projects, including the 140-metre Fincanetieri OCEAN VICTORY, and is a leading sales broker for pedigree shipyards, including Benetti, Feadship, and Perini Navi. In 2016, Lees-Buckly was awarded the first Richard Earp Award from Fraser. 

Melanie Burke – Fraser – Yacht Charter Broker 

Melanie Burke is an award-winning charter broker and a recipient of the IYBA Charter Professional of the Year 2020. Based in Fraser’s Fort Lauderdale offices, Burke has been immersed in the yachting industry for over 30 years. She has worked as crew on charter yachts, sailed competitively, and managed yachts and marinas. She is now one of the world’s most recognised charter brokers, helping plan bespoke yacht charter experiences for the world’s wealthiest audiences.  

Marcel Busse – YACHTZOO – Yacht Charter & Sales Broker 

Marcel Busse has over 28 years of experience in the yachting industry as a captain with extensive knowledge of key cruising areas across the globe and superior expertise in vessels ranging from sport fishers to large superyachts. Born in South Africa, Busse has a stellar reputation for return clients and an excellent charter record. He is part of the global yacht brokerage YACHTZOO, where he works as a charter and sales broker specialising in high-end movie charters and yachts in excess of 60-metres.

Chris Callahan – Moran Yacht & Ship – Yacht Sales & Charter Broker 

Chris Callahan is a top yacht sales and charter broker and marketing director at Moran Yacht & Ship . Based in Fort Lauderdale, Callahan has over a decade of experience in the yachting industry and has facilitated yacht sales, charters, and new build projects. 

Kevin Callahan – Moran Yacht & Ship – Yacht Sales & Construction Broker 

Kevin Callahan is a sales and construction broker with Moran Yacht & Ship based in Fort Lauderdale, US. He has overseen the construction of some of the world’s most lavish superyachts, including the 93-metre GLOBAL project, currently under construction in Germany. Notable sales include the 50-metre Westport M/Y LADY KATHRYN IV, the 68-metre Lurssen M/Y KISMET and the 86-metre Lurssen QUATROELLE. He currently represents the Lurssen-built 115.1-metre M/Y AHPO , which is listed for sale at 330,000,000 Euros – the most expensive yacht currently on the market.

Tim Carbury – Moravia Yachting – Yacht Sales Broker 

Tim Carbury is a leading sales broker with Moravia Yachting . He was born and raised on the south coast of England, where he developed his passion for yachting, completing his first of many Fastnet races at just 15 years of age. He started his career in yachting at age 18 and has since covered many yachting industry touchpoints, including working as a yacht captain and marine engineer. Carbury is a versatile and adept broker and has successfully represented both buyers and sellers. He is based in Palma. 

Kent Chamberlain – Chamberlain Yachts – Yacht Broker 

Having owned and operated multiple successful yacht sales organisations in California and Florida, including San Diego Yacht Sales, Bradford Yacht Sales, Westship World Yachts, and Merle Wood & Associates  – where he previously served as Interim CEO – Chamberlain is a well-established and accomplished broker with extensive experience in sales, management, and charter. He has been instrumental in the creation of PartnerShips, the fractional yacht sales concept. Additionally, he is the founder and chairman of the Superyacht Network, a private group of top-tier superyacht brokers who regularly share industry information. Chamberlain is respected by his peers as a broker with an unwavering work ethic and high integrity. 

Jeremy Comport – Ocean Independence – Yacht Sales Broker 

Jeremy Comport is a leading yacht sales broker and group director with the brokerage Ocean Independence . He boasts decades of experience managing complex brokerage deals and new builds. Yachting is in Comport’s blood, having grown up around boats, notably sailboats. He kick-started his career in the yachting industry, working on yachts on the French Riviera. He later forged a career as a yacht broker and hasn’t looked back. Notable sales include the 56-metre Feadship built BROADWATER, which sold just three months following its listing, and the 44-metre Burger motor yacht PURE BLISS.  

Liz Cox – Cecil Wright – Yacht Management Broker 

Liz Cox is a senior partner highly specialised in management at Cecil Wright based in the Monaco office. She fell in love with yachting and the French Riviera some 30 years ago and helps owners enjoy worry-free yacht ownership that exceeds expectations. Throughout her career, Cox has helped manage and build some of the world’s finest superyachts, including overseeing the build of the 58-metre Amels, GU, the 68-metre Abeking and Rassmussen AVIVA II and SHERPA, a 73.6-metre Feadship, delivered in 2018. She currently heads up the charter management side of the business, including the management of one of the most successful charter yachts in the global fleet, the 60.9-metre Abeking and Rassmussen, ARIENCE .  

Robert Cury – RJC Yacht Sales and Charter – Yacht Sales Broker 

Robert ‘Bob’ Cury heads up RJC Yacht Sales and Charter , which he founded in 1997. He brings over 30 years of yacht expertise spanning design, brokerage, and new construction. He specialises in the sale of larger, late-mode pedigree motorboats and sport fishing vessels. RJC has represented some of the world’s most prestigious boats, including the 50-metre Trinity M/Y IMPROMPTU. 

Ed Dickinson – Northrop & Johnson – Yacht Sales Broker 

Ed Dickinson is a Monaco-based sales broker with Northrop & Johnson. He represents a wide variety of clients and yachts and has negotiated transactions on vessels from 24 to 70-metres plus. Many of his transactions are from repeat clients or through referrals. Hailing from Guernsey in the Channel Islands, he kick-started his passion for yachting as crew on a superyacht based in the Mediterranean. Dickinson is known for his industry insights and for always going the extra mile for his clients.

Mat Emerson – Camper & Nicholson – Yacht Sales & Charter Broker  

Mat Emerson is a senior partner and director of Americas with Burgess and was previously president of Camper & Nicholsons US. He has over 29 years of experience in the superyacht industry and is focused on sales and charter. He recently sold the 92-metre superyacht TATOOSH, acting as a co-central agent with Fraser’s Stuart Larsen. 

Richard Gray – IYC – Yacht Sales Broker 

Richard Gray is an accomplished yacht broker with a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry. As a broker at the prestigious yacht brokerage firm, IYC , Richard has established himself as a leader in the field, thanks to his extensive knowledge of the global yacht market and exceptional sales skills. Throughout his career, Gray has maintained a strong dedication to his clients, providing them with exceptional service and guidance through every step of the buying or selling process. He has a keen eye for detail, extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of yachts, and a deep appreciation for the beauty and artistry of yacht design. Richard has a sterling reputation in the industry and is respected by his peers and clients for his professionalism, honesty, and integrity. 

Darrell Hall – YACHTZOO – Yacht Sales Broker 

Darrell Hall is a leading yacht broker and the founder of YACHTZOO . He left his native South Africa to become a captain, navigating the world for over a decade until he settled down as a broker in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Hall’s experience as a captain of both private and charter yachts has provided a solid client base and invaluable knowledge of yachts. Since his arrival in Monaco, he has established himself as a well-known and respected sales broker in the capital of yachting for all matters across motor yachts, sailing yachts, and new constructions of all sizes.

Richard Higgins – Northrop & Johnson – Yacht Sales Broker 

Richard Higgins is one of the world’s top 50 yacht brokers with Northrop & Johnson, based in their Monaco brokerage. He specialises in a wide range of vessels, both motor yachts and sailboats, drawing on over a decade of experience. Higgins is known for his technical acumen, exemplary service, and dedication to supporting his clients at every stage of their yachting journey. 

Jonathan Hind – Burgess – Yacht Sales Broker 

Jonathan Hind is a top yacht broker with Burgess and managing director for the brokerage’s Dubai office. He has over 16 years of industry experience spanning four continents and boasts a strong track record of project management, equally at home on small or large yachts. He most recently sold the 72-metre Delta Marine superyacht ALBATROSS just 11 weeks after she entered the brokerage market. Other notable yacht sales include the 50-metre Benetti motor boat BLUE NIGHT, with Hind representing the seller. 

Kyle van Huizen – YACHTZOO – Yacht Sales Broker 

Kyle van Huizen is a sales broker with YACHTZOO after moving ashore to be based in Monaco. He has many years of experience as a captain on modern and classic sailing yachts. He is highly professional and well-respected in the yachting industry. Since starting as a broker, van Huizen has proved an invaluable and prolific member of the YACHTZOO team, able to handle all types of sales, new and pre-owned, motor and sailing yachts as well as berth sales and some charters for select clients. Originally from South Africa, he is highly proactive and in the know for all yachting matters and new technologies.

Nicola Iacono – Silver Star Yachting – Yacht Charter Broker

Italian-born Nicola Iacono is a leading yacht charter broker and co-founder of Silver Star Yachting . Iacono has unique knowledge of the yachting industry and the needs of the world’s richest individuals, having worked as a consultant for luxury brands and leading shipyards before establishing Silver Star Yachting. He regularly arranges charters on the world’s most luxurious superyachts, including the 85-metre Oceanco yacht SUNRAYS and the 59-metre motor yacht IDYLLIC, built by Benetti.  

Peter Insull – Peter Insull’s Yacht Marketing – Superyacht Broker

Recipient of the prestigious Richard Earp Award, Peter Insull is a leading superyacht broker and principal of Peter Insull’s Yacht Marketing , headquartered in France. Insull is acknowledged as a leading broker for large yachts with an impressive track record of success, representing the interests of buyers and sellers. 

Tim Johnson – TJB Superyachts – Superyacht Broker 

Tim Johnson is the founder and CEO of TJB Superyachts and a leading yacht broker known for his boutique, modern approach. His career has been a varied one, including in management consultancy, tours in Afghanistan as part of the British Army Reserve, and private aviation. He discovered his passion for the yachting industry and has become a recognised force within the charter and sales market. He is based in TJB Superyachts’ London headquarters.

Carol Kent – Carol Kent Yacht Charters International – Yacht Charter Broker 

Carol Kent is the CEO of Carol Kent Yacht Charters International . She is a globally recognised yacht charter broker and recipient of the IYBA Charter Professional of the Year 2017, in recognition of her outstanding deduction and contribution to the yachting industry. Kent specialises in crafting vacations of a lifetime aboard some of the world’s finest vessels, partnering with all the major yacht brokerages, including Northrop & Johnson, Burgess, Fraser, and Camper & Nicholson. 

Brandon Kummer – Kitson Yachts – Superyacht Sales Broker 

Brandon Kummer, a co-founder of Kitson Yachts, began his yachting career at the early age of 18. In 2019, he became the recipient of the coveted IYBA Outstanding Young Professional in Yachting award. His astronomical sales record precedes him, and he is the first superyacht broker under the age of 30 to sell two Feadships. Based out of Miami, Brandon’s professional network and A-list clientele are built upon – and nurtured through – a reputation of impeccable trust and discretion, spanning the world over. In his decade-plus of industry experience, he has positioned himself as one of the most succe ssful yacht brokers in the world. 

Stuart Larsen – Fraser – Yacht Sales Broker 

Stuart Larsen is an internationally recognised yacht broker with Fraser. Based in Fraser’s Fort Lauderdale offices, Larsen has a remarkable sales record spanning three decades, representing buyers and sellers. He recently sold the iconic 92-metre Nobiskrug-built M/Y TATOOSH, which was showcased at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show. Other notable yachts include the 126-metre explorer vessel OCTOPUS. Larsen also has extensive experience across new build projects, boasting a network of contacts with the world’s leading shipyards.  

Sean McCarter – Northrop & Johnson – Sailing Yacht Broker 

Sean McCarter has a long-held passion for the sea, growing up around boats in the UK. As an experienced sailor, he specialises in sailing yachts, offering expert advice drawn from firsthand experience. He joined the yachting industry during the America’s Cup in Valencia, 2005 to 2077, and progressed to skipper of power and sailing yachts up to 2000GT, including a round-the-world race and cruise. He has sailed 12 Atlantic crossings in varying directions. McCarter is based in Northrop & Johnson’s Palma office. 

Kevin Merrigan – Northrop & Johnson – Yacht Sales Broker 

Kevin Merrigan is the chairman, former owner, and a leading yacht broker with Northrop & Johnson, having negotiated purchase and sales agreements for more than 300 of the world’s finest boats, closing deals in over 15 countries. He oversaw the firm’s growth from an American-based brokerage with seven offices to an international powerhouse with offices in every global yachting hub. Kevin is the founder of the International Yacht Council and has served on the Board of Directors of the Florida Yacht Brokers Association and the International Yacht Council.

Robert Moran – Moran Yacht & Ship – Yacht Sales & New Build Yacht Broker 

Robert Moran is president of Moran Yacht & Ship and a top yacht broker based in Fort Lauderdale. He started his career as a deckhand working his way up the ranks to captain. On dry land, he founded Moran Yacht & Ship in 1988, establishing the company as a leading yacht brokerage. Amongst its most notable yachts is AHPO, which Moran oversaw the build of. It is listed for sale with Moran and is the world’s most expensive yacht currently on the market.

Sean Moran – Moran Yacht & Ship – New Construction Yacht Broker 

Sean Moran is a yacht broker and managing director of Moran Yacht & Ship in Fort Lauderdale. He grew up in the world of yachting as a son of a yacht captain and yacht chef. Moran started his career as a deckhand, working his way up through the ranks to First Officer. Over the years, he has developed in-depth technical and operational management expertise, helping him to guide his clients through the more technical aspects of yacht ownership. He specialises in new yacht construction projects and has worked on some of the world’s most luxurious new build projects.  

Juan Morillo – United Yacht Sales – Sales Yacht Broker 

Juan Morillo is a top-performing Florida yacht broker with United Yacht Sales , known for his level of service and passion for yachting. He is focused on new builds and pre-owned yachts and boasts vast experience in sales and consulting on complex acquisitions. Morillo introduced the buyer for the 62-metre M/Y CLOUD 9 in 2022. 

William Molloy – Moravia Yachting – Yacht Charter Broker 

William Molloy is head of charter and a senior charter broker at Moravia Yachting, with over 200 charters completed, including on some of the world’s most iconic superyachts. His passion for yachting stems from his early career as professional yacht crew and a degree in maritime studies. He represents both families looking for quiet getaways to corporate hospitality at major global events. He is known for his bespoke approach and his ability to cater to clients’ individual needs.  

Tim Morley – Morley Yachts – Yacht Sales Broker 

Tim Morley is an experienced and knowledgeable yacht broker with Morley Yachts . He has extensive knowledge of the international yacht market, allowing him to quickly identify market trends and changing values. With over a decade of experience working in sales, Morley is well-versed in both the technical and practical aspects of selling and buying yachts. He takes great pride in helping his clients find the perfect boat at the right price, offering years of experience and expertise to ensure a successful transaction. He is committed to providing first-class customer service, working hard to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly from start to finish. 

Adam Papadakis – Moravia Yachting – Yacht Sales Broker 

Adam Papdakis is head of sales and a senior broker with Moravia Yachting. As one of the world’s leading top 50 yacht brokers, he brings over two decades of expertise and has been involved with several iconic new-build commissions and high-profile superyacht sales. He boasts an impressive network of contacts and is respected for his eye for detail and genuine care of his clients. 

Todd Rittenhouse – Northrop & Johnson – Yacht Sales Broker 

Todd Rittenhouse brings close to two decades of experience as a yacht sales broker. He specialises in high-end power and sail transactions, both new and used. His career has been spent ‘at sea’ starting in the merchant marines working aboard tankers, drill ships, and ocean-going tugs, logging over 150,000 sea miles. His experience working on yachts and large commercial vessels enables Rittenhouse to provide his clients with unique insights to help them make informed decisions. He works for Northrop & Johnson, based in their Newport Beach office. 

Glen Runyan – Seattle Yachts – Superyacht Sales Broker 

Glen Runyan of Seattle Yachts is an accomplished top 50 yacht broker with a comprehensive background in the boating industry. Based in Fort Lauderdale, he has negotiated sales on some of the world’s largest superyachts, including the 74-metre M/Y ELANDESS, where he represented the buyer. 

Wes Sanford – Northrop & Johnson – Yacht Sales Broker 

Wes Sanford is a yacht broker with Northrop & Johnson, working out of their Fort Lauderdale office. He specialises in new deliveries, including large yachts from 70-metres plus. He takes a holistic approach, having been immersed in the yachting world from a young age. He worked as a mate, engineer, and then charter captain on some of the world’s most luxurious yachts for some 12 years. Following the birth of his daughter, he decided to retire from the bridge and instead forge a career on dry land as a yacht broker. He is known for his confidentiality, integrity, and dedication to his clients.

Henry Smith – Cecil Wright – Yacht Sales Broker 

Henry Smith is a highly regarded yacht broker, partner and director of the Monaco office of yacht brokerage Cecil Wright . Smith has a life-long passion for yachting, having sail ed competitively since childhood. A career in the industry was, therefore, a natural fit. With in-depth knowledge of mechanics and engineering gleaned during his time at university, he can advise on more than simply the cosmetics of a boat. He is known for his in-depth knowledge and trusted expertise, especially on northern European pedigree yachts. His most notable sales include the 62-metre Feadship NEW HAMPSHIRE, the 56- metre Feadship HAMPSHIRE I, and the 55-metre Amels LA MASQUERADE. His most notable new build is the 80-metre Nobiskrug Project BULLSEYE which is currently under construction.

Jeffrey Stanley – Gilman Yachts – Yacht Sales Broker 

Jeffrey ‘Jeff’ Stanley is a broker with Gilman Yachts and recipient of the 2021 IYBA Lifetime Achievement Award. A career yacht broker with 40 years of expertise and over 900 closings under his belt, he represents both buyers and sellers of yachts from 30-metres plus. Stanley also has experience with new build projects, his most notable being the 36-metre Crescent built M/Y IMPETUOUS. He previously served on the IYBA board from 1998-1999. 

Matthew Stone – IYC Yachts – Yacht Sales Broker & New Construction Specialist 

Matthew Stone is a multi-award-winning yacht broker and managing partner for IYC Yachts’ California-based brokerage, who has devoted more than half his lifetime to the yachting industry. In 2018 and 2019, he was named Broker of the Year, and then in 2020, he was nominated for the coveted IYBA Outstanding Young Professional in Yachting award. Stone has a passion for new construction builds and has spent time touring the world’s most prestigious shipyards. He is a regular on AWE’s network television series, Selling Yachts, and is regularly featured in industry publications. 

Lukas Stratmann  – Ocean Independence – Pre-Owned & New Construction Superyacht Broker 

Lukas Stratmann is a top yacht broker based in Dusseldorf with Ocean Independence. His completion of German National Naval Service, degree in yacht manufacturing and servicing, and 18-month tenure at Abeking –  where he gained in-depth insights on the above 100-metre range – ensures he brings incredible acumen and outstanding management services to his clients. He provides expert advice for pre-owned and new construction projects, as well as legal, financial, and administrative matters. Stratmann holds his Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate and has worked on superyachts in the North Sea, Mediterranean, and North Atlantic. Notable recent sales include the 34-metre Baltic sailing yacht NILAYA, and the 32-metre HARMONY 1 motor yacht.

Michael Tabor – Kitson Yachts – Yacht Sales Broker 

Michael Tabor, a co-founder of Kitson Yachts , brings a strategic vision and a sophisticated approach to a business built upon leisure. Supremely dedicated to his craft, Michael has a background and award-winning track record in capital markets, but his family heritage – three generations of shipbuilders – has brought him back to his passion for the sea. Michael quickly rose to the #1 producing broker at his previous firm before co-founding Kitson Yachts. Tabor now stands as one of the top global leading superyacht brokers, with a speciality in new construction and over 1,400 Linear feet of yachts presently under construction. 

Ross Tannock – Moran Yacht & Ship – Yacht Sales & Charter Broker 

Scottish-born Ross Tannock is a sales and charter broker with Moran Yacht & Ship with over a decade of experience. Based in Fort Lauderdale, he started his career in professional sports and sports marketing, building a network of contacts with global business leaders. Notable sales include the 75.4-metre Lurssen M/Y NORTHERN STAR, the 50-metre Mangusta M/Y INCOGNITO, and the 58.5-metre Lurssen CAPRI.  

Peter Thompson – Thompson of Monaco – Yacht Sales Broker 

Peter Thompson is an experienced yacht broker and industry expert with decades of experience. Having worked for some of the most prestigious yacht brokers and shipyards worldwide, including Worth Avenue Yachts, TWW Yachts, and Yachting Partners International, Thompson brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Throughout his career, he has established himself as a respected and trusted broker, thanks to his industry experience, sales skills, and exemplary customer service. He is knowledgeable about all aspects of yacht sales, from market trends and valuation to negotiations and contract management. 

Simon Ting – SuperYachtsMonaco – Yacht Charter & Sales Broker 

Simon Ting boasts 20 years of yacht industry experience, focusing on large yacht charters and sales. He is based in Monaco with the yacht brokerage SuperYachtsMonaco . He recently represented the seller for the 72-metre superyacht STELLA MARIS, built by Viareggio Superyachts. She was one of the largest and most luxurious vessels to sell in 2022. 

Edouard Vignal – Ocean Independence – Yacht Sales Broker 

Edouard Vignal is an experienced yacht sales broker specialising in pedigree yachts, including Custom Line, Benetti, Sunseeker, Princess, and Azimut. His global background and previous career in asset management consultancy enable him to provide highly astute advice based on the latest market analysis. Recent sales include hull no.07 from the celebrated Custom Line 120’ and the 32-metre M/Y HARMONY 1. Vignal is based in Ocean Independence’s Monaco brokerage. 

Chris Cecil-Wright – Cecil Wright – Yacht Broker 

Chris Cecil-Wright is the founder of Cecil Wright and has been a leading yacht broker in the industry for nearly 30 years. His passion for yachting comes from his love of all things nautical, sparked by sailing dinghies on the Solent in the UK and later as a skipper on luxury yacht charters. He started his career at Camper & Nicholsons and later set up Edmiston with Nick Edmiston before creating his own brokerage, Cecil Wright, in 2013. Chris has worked across every touchpoint of the yachting industry and is known for his trustworthiness, integrity, and market intelligence. Career highlights include the builds of the 99-metre Feadship MADAME GU, the 77.7-metre Feadship TANGO, and the 78.5-metre Feadship HAMPSHIRE II and the sale of the 81-metre Abeking and Rassmussen KIBO, the 72-metre Feadship UTOPIA (twice), and the 70-metre AMADEUS.  

We are expanding our top broker list to 100. If you are a yacht broker, then let us know why you should be included. Please email with your biography.

Relevance Yacht is the go-to yacht marketing agency. For over a decade, our team of yacht marketing experts has worked with the world’s best yacht brokers, helping them reach the world’s most affluent yachting enthusiasts. If you need help marketing your yachting brand, contact our team. 

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Top 10 Companies in Yacht Market in 2024

Top 10 Companies in Yacht Market in 2024


In the world of luxury yachting, where elegance meets engineering, there are a few names that stand head and shoulders above the rest. These companies have redefined opulence, craftsmanship, and innovation, setting the standard for the industry. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the top 10 yacht companies in the world, where every vessel is a masterpiece and every voyage a testament to luxury.

A yacht is a luxurious watercraft designed for leisure and recreational purposes, ranging from small vessels for day trips to massive superyachts equipped with lavish amenities. They can be powered by sails or engines and feature state-of-the-art navigation systems , spacious cabins, dining areas, and sometimes even swimming pools or helipads. Yachting is associated with wealth and exclusivity, offering owners and guests unparalleled comfort and enjoyment on the water.

Embracing sustainability in yachts involves integrating hybrid-electric systems, solar panels , and kite sails to reduce underwater pollutants and engine noise, making for quieter and more efficient rides while benefiting marine life. Electric propulsion and autonomous navigation technologies further enhance sustainability by reducing pollution and improving safety and efficiency. Hydrofoil technology enables faster speeds and smoother rides, although high operating and maintenance expenses, including mooring fees, insurance, fuel costs, and routine maintenance, pose restraints on market growth.

The global yacht market size was worth USD 11.19 billion in 2022, and it is predicted to grow at a 6.6% CAGR over the forecast period. Key aspects driving market revenue growth include growing interest in sustainable yachts, increasing tourist and chartering centers, and manufacturers' increased attention on constructing technologically integrated boats.

World’s Prominent Companies Offering Yacht; Top 10 by Revenue

  • Alexander Marine Co., Ltd.
  • Azimut Benetti SpA
  • Cantieri Navali Codecasa Tre S.p.A.
  • WANDA Group
  • Damen Shipyards Group
  • Flensburger Schiffbau Gesellschaft GmbH
  • Lurssen Werft GmbH
  • Heesen Yachts Sales B.V.

Top 10 Globally Leading Companies in The Yacht Market

Wanda group [annual revenue: usd 6.85 billion].

WANDA Group, a leading Chinese conglomerate, has diversified into the yacht market, offering luxury yacht sales, charters, and management services. Founded by Wang Jianlin in 1988, the company leverages its expertise in real estate, entertainment, and tourism to provide unparalleled experiences to affluent customers. With a focus on innovation and quality, WANDA Group's yachts boast cutting-edge design, state-of-the-art amenities, and world-class service, setting new standards of luxury in the industry.

Alexander Marine Co., Ltd. [Annual Revenue: USD 5.56 Billion]

Alexander Marine Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the yacht market, specializing in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of luxury yachts. Established in 1978, the company has a rich history of delivering high-quality vessels renowned for their craftsmanship, innovation, and performance. With a diverse range of products including the renowned Ocean Alexander brand, the company has achieved notable success in both domestic and international markets. Recent developments include the expansion of their product line to incorporate cutting-edge technology and sustainable design practices, ensuring their continued relevance and appeal in the ever-evolving yacht industry.

Damen Shipyards Group [Annual Revenue: USD 2.26 Billion]

Damen Shipyards Group, founded in 1927 in the Netherlands, is a leading player in the yacht market, offering custom and semi-custom luxury yacht construction, support vessels, and maintenance services. With a reputation for innovation and quality, Damen provides bespoke solutions tailored to clients' needs, backed by a global presence and a commitment to excellence in design and customer satisfaction.

Lurssen Werft GmbH [Annual Revenue: USD 2.2 Billion]

Lurssen Werft GmbH is a prestigious German shipbuilding company renowned for its custom luxury yacht construction. Since its founding in 1875, Lurssen has consistently delivered exceptional vessels, including some of the world's largest and most luxurious yachts. With a focus on quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and client satisfaction, Lurssen continues to set the standard for excellence in the luxury yacht market, offering a range of services from naval architecture to yacht refits.

Feadship [Annual Revenue: USD 1.1 Billion]

Feadship is a renowned Dutch yacht building company specializing in custom superyachts since 1949, with a legacy of crafting high-quality, luxurious vessels tailored to clients' preferences. With a commitment to innovation, Feadship continues to push boundaries in design and sustainability, evidenced by iconic yachts like "Najiba" and "Lady S." Offering personalized service and attention to detail, Feadship remains a top choice for discerning yacht owners seeking unparalleled craftsmanship and prestige in the industry.

FINCANTIERI S.p.A. [Annual Revenue: USD 740 Million]

FINCANTIERI S.p.A. is a leading shipbuilding group renowned for its custom-built luxury yachts, boasting a legacy dating back to 1959. Based in Italy, the company specializes in designing and constructing superyachts tailored to the exacting standards of high-net-worth individuals worldwide. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, FINCANTIERI continues to set industry benchmarks, offering bespoke vessels that blend traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, ensuring both luxury and environmental responsibility.

Azimut Benetti SpA [Annual Revenue: USD 415 Million]

Azimut Benetti SpA is a leading Italian company renowned for designing, constructing, and selling luxury yachts. Formed in 1969 through the merger of Azimut and Benetti, the company offers a wide range of motor, super, and mega yachts known for their innovative design, high-quality craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology. With a focus on sustainability, Azimut Benetti is expanding its product line to include environmentally friendly yachts. The company's global presence, coupled with its commitment to excellence and customer support, solidifies its position as a top player in the luxury yachting industry.

Flensburger Schiffbau Gesellschaft GmbH [Annual Revenue: USD 223 Million]

Flensburger Schiffbau Gesellschaft GmbH (FSG) is a leading shipbuilding company based in Germany, with a history dating back to 1872. Specializing in custom luxury yachts, naval vessels, and commercial ships, FSG is known for its impeccable craftsmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction. Recent developments include investments in modernization and sustainability, while its unique selling point lies in offering fully customized yacht designs to discerning clients worldwide.

Heesen Yachts Sales B.V. [Annual Revenue: USD 200 Million]

Heesen Yachts Sales B.V. is a leading Dutch shipyard specializing in luxury yacht construction since 1978. Offering custom-built superyachts ranging from 30 to 80 meters, Heesen is renowned for its innovative designs, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional craftsmanship. With a focus on bespoke solutions, on-time delivery, and superior after-sales support, the company sets itself apart in the market, catering to discerning clients seeking the ultimate in luxury and performance.

Cantieri Navali Codecasa Tre S.p.A. [Annual Revenue: USD 1 Million]

Cantieri Navali Codecasa Tre S.p.A. is an esteemed Italian shipyard renowned for crafting bespoke luxury yachts since 1825. Specializing in custom builds ranging from 30 to over 90 meters, the company excels in delivering exceptional craftsmanship, timeless design, and cutting-edge technology. With a commitment to quality, customization, and customer satisfaction, Cantieri Navali Codecasa Tre S.p.A. continues to be a top choice for discerning yacht enthusiasts worldwide.

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Sunreef yachts opens massive production facility in the united arab emirates.

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From left: Sunreef Founder Francis Lapp, His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr al Qasimi, and Lech ... [+] Walesa at the opening of the new Sunreef production facility in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for Sunreef Yachts since I first visited the shipyard in Gdansk, Poland where a hard-working entrepreneur named Francis Lapp was building large luxury catamarans. That was way back in 2010. And since his fledgling shipyard was located in the Gdansk Shipyard where Lech Walesa helped found the Solidarity trade union that played a key role in the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union, it was inspiring to see something so new and innovative emerging from such a historic place. Little did I know that he was just getting started!

Sunreef Yachts newest production facility opens in the UAE

Since then, Sunreef Yachts have continued to push the innovation envelope when it comes to the design and construction of fully-customized eco-responsible catamarans and multihull superyachts. Sunreef Yachts’ current range of sailing and power catamarans ranging from 50-feet to 210-feet-long! And Lapp’s company combines electric propulsion, smart energy management, ultramodern solar panels and ethically-sourced finishing materials to provide a yachting experience unlike many other yachts.

Rafael Nadal's Sunreef 80 catamaran Great White is capable of fast passage speeds.

I also love how astute Lapp is when it comes to recruiting high-profile owner/ambassadors who include superstars like Rafael Nadal and Formula 1 champions Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg. Sunreef Yachts are cool and in high demand for lots of reasons.

Best High-Yield Savings Accounts Of 2024

Best 5% interest savings accounts of 2024.

Rafael Nadal onboard his Sunreef 80 Great White.

In fact, demand has been so high, the always forward-looking Lapp wasted no time in developing a brand-new, state-of-the-art new production facility that just opened in Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE.

I saw it for myself last week during a break from the Dubai Boat Show last week. And I have no doubt the new facility’s modern paint shop, laminating, carpentry, upholstery and stainless-steel work will be world class.

According to Lapp, Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE was the best strategic choice for this new facility due to Ras Al Khaimah’s incentive, industry support, and easy access to key markets and transportation infrastructure.

His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr al Qasimi touring th recently opened Sunreef production facility ... [+] in Ras Al Khaimah. UAE

“We can now further expand in an environment that merges perfect strategic location, skilled workforce and proactive mindset,” says Lapp. “The yachts produced in Ras Al Khaimah will elevate eco-responsible yachting to a new level and showcase industry-first technology. I would like to thank the RAK Government and RMC management for their invaluable support in making this dream possible and I look forward to building a better future for yachting here.”

“The Ras Al Khaimah shipyard that we are now developing works hand in hand with our local Dubai office, employing a team of specialists from various fields,” adds Sunreef Yachts Middle East Director Munira Lapp. “The aim is to form a yachting think tank that will not only anticipate trends, but also shape the future of yachting with creative solutions. I believe the RAK facility will be the perfect infrastructure to carry out the most advanced eco responsible yachting concepts.”

Work has begun at the new Sunreef Yachts production facility in the UAE

It’s obvious the new facility is an important part of Sunreef Yachts’ global expansion strategy that will not only strengthen the company’s presence in the Middle East, but also allow a stronger connection with the Asian and Australian markets. And with the company’s two existing manufacturing sites in Poland, Sunreef Yachts is most definitely going global.

Watch this space.

Bill Springer

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Who won Oscars for 2024? See the full list of Academy Award winners

By Jordan Freiman

Updated on: March 11, 2024 / 9:09 AM EDT / CBS News

"Oppenheimer" won big at the 2024 Oscars , coming in with 13 nominations and earning awards in major categories such as best director, best actor and best picture .

"Barbie," the other half of the dual box-office Barbenheimer sensation , earned eight nominations, but only got one win Sunday night for best song. 

Other big winners at the 96th Academy Awards were "Poor Things" — which won awards for hair and makeup, production design and costume design — and Cillian Murphy, who won best actor , continuing his winning streak after taking home comparable awards at the 2024 Golden Globes, BAFTAs and Screen Actors Guild Awards for the title role in "Oppenheimer."

Emma Stone, in what some consider an upset win, took home best actress for her role in "Poor Things," beating out Lily Gladstone , who became the first Native American to be nominated for best actress for her role as Mollie Burkhart in Martin Scorsese's "Killers of the Flower Moon."

This year's ceremony took place at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles and featured its share of both hilarious and touching moments . Comedian and late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel returned to host the Oscars for the second year in a row and his fourth time overall. 

The full list of this year's Oscar winners and nominees is below.

Who won the most Oscars for 2024?

"Oppenheimer" won the most Oscars at the 96th Academy Awards with seven, including some of the most coveted awards — best picture and best director. Robert Downey Jr. and Cillian Murphy won best supporting actor and best actor for their roles in the film, while the movie also took home awards for cinematography, editing and score.

Best picture

  • "Oppenheimer" — Winner
  • "American Fiction"
  • "Anatomy of a Fall"
  • "The Holdovers"
  • "Killers of the Flower Moon"
  • "Past Lives"
  • "Poor Things"
  • "The Zone of Interest"

Best supporting actress

  • Da'Vine Joy Randolph, "The Holdovers" — Winner
  • Emily Blunt, "Oppenheimer"
  • Danielle Brooks, "The Color Purple"
  • America Ferrera, "Barbie"
  • Jodie Foster, "Nyad"

Best animated short film

  • "War Is Over! Inspired by the Music of John & Yoko" — Winner
  • "Letter to a Pig"
  • "Ninety-Five Senses"
  • "Our Uniform"
  • "Pachyderm"

Best animated feature film

  • "The Boy and the Heron" — Winner
  • "Elemental"
  • "Robot Dreams"
  • "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse"

Best original screenplay

  • "Anatomy of a Fall" — Winner
  • "May December"

Best adapted screenplay

  • "American Fiction" — Winner
  • "Oppenheimer"

Best makeup and hairstyling

  • "Poor Things" — Winner
  • "Society of the Snow"

Best production design

Best costume design, best international feature film.

  • "The Zone of Interest," United Kingdom — Winner
  • "Io Capitano," Italy
  • "Perfect Days," Japan
  • "Society of the Snow," Spain
  • "The Teachers' Lounge," Germany

Best supporting actor

  • Robert Downey Jr., "Oppenheimer" — Winner
  • Sterling K. Brown, "American Fiction"
  • Robert De Niro, "Killers of the Flower Moon"
  • Ryan Gosling, "Barbie"
  • Mark Ruffalo, "Poor Things"

Best visual effects

  • "Godzilla Minus One" — Winner
  • "The Creator"
  • "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3"
  • "Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One"

Best film editing

Best documentary short film.

  • "The Last Repair Shop" — Winner
  • "The ABCs of Book Banning"
  • "The Barber of Little Rock"
  • "Island in Between"
  • "Nǎi Nai & Wài Pó"

Best documentary feature film

  • "20 Days in Mariupol" — Winner
  • "Bobi Wine: The People's President"
  • "The Eternal Memory"
  • "Four Daughters"
  • "To Kill a Tiger"

Best cinematography

Best live action short film.

  • "The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar" — Winner
  • "The After"
  • "Invincible"
  • "Knight of Fortune"
  • "Red, White and Blue"
  • "The Zone of Interest" — Winner

Best original score

  • "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny"

Best original song

  • "What Was I Made For?" from "Barbie" — Winner
  • "It Never Went Away" from "American Symphony"
  • "I'm Just Ken" from "Barbie"
  • "The Fire Inside" from "Flamin' Hot"
  • "Wahzhazhe (A Song For My People)" from "Killers of the Flower Moon"
  • Cillian Murphy, "Oppenheimer" — Winner
  • Bradley Cooper, "Maestro"
  • Colman Domingo, "Rustin"
  • Paul Giamatti, "The Holdovers"
  • Jeffrey Wright, "American Fiction"

Best director

  • Christopher Nolan, "Oppenheimer" — Winner
  • Jonathan Glazer, "The Zone of Interest"
  • Yorgos Lanthimos, "Poor Things"
  • Martin Scorsese, "Killers of the Flower Moon"
  • Justine Triet, "Anatomy of a Fall"

Best actress

  • Emma Stone, "Poor Things" — Winner
  • Annette Bening, "Nyad"
  • Lily Gladstone, "Killers of the Flower Moon"
  • Sandra Hüller, "Anatomy of a Fall"
  • Carey Mulligan, "Maestro"

Full list of Oscars 2024 winners

  • Best picture: "Oppenheimer"
  • Best director: Christopher Nolan, "Oppenheimer"
  • Best actress: Emma Stone, "Poor Things."
  • Best actor: Cillian Murphy, "Oppenheimer"
  • Best supporting actress: Da'Vine Joy Randolph, "The Holdovers"
  • Best supporting actor: Robert Downey Jr., "Oppenheimer"
  • Best original screenplay: Justine Triet and Arthur Harari, "Anatomy of a Fall"
  • Best adapted screenplay: Cord Jefferson, "American Fiction"
  • Best animated feature: "The Boy and the Heron"
  • Best animated short: "War is Over! Inspired by the Music of John Lennon and Yoko Ono"
  • Best international feature: "The Zone of Interest" (United Kingdom)
  • Best documentary feature: "20 Days in Mariupol"
  • Best documentary short: "The Last Repair Shop"
  • Best live action short: "The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar"
  • Best score: Ludwig Göransson, "Oppenheimer" 
  • Best original song: Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connell, "What Was I Made For?" from "Barbie"
  • Best sound: Tarn Willers and Johnnie Burn, "The Zone of Interest"
  • Best production design: James Price, Shona Heath and Zsuzsa Mihalek, "Poor Things"
  • Best cinematography: Hoyte van Hoytema, "Oppenheimer"
  • Best makeup and hairstyling: Nadia Stacey, Mark Coulier and Josh Weston, "Poor Things"
  • Best costume design: Holly Waddington, "Poor Things"
  • Best editing: Jennifer Lame, "Oppenheimer"
  • Best visual effects: Takashi Yamazaki, Kiyoko Shibuya, Masaki Takahashi and Tatsuji Nojima, "Godzilla Minus One" 
  • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
  • Academy Awards

Jordan Freiman is an editor and writer for He covers breaking news, trending stories, sports and crime. Jordan has previously worked at Spin and Death and Taxes.

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"Squid Game" star O Yeong-su found guilty of sexual misconduct

Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su still hopeful she'll be confirmed for top job

Nex Benedict, Oklahoma nonbinary teen, died by suicide, autopsy shows

Christie Brinkley diagnosed with skin cancer after attending daughter's checkup

Fortune 500 list: The top 10 companies dominating business

Karen Lynch, President and CEO, CVS Health, speaks at Fortune's Most Powerful Women summit.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Fortune 500 , a list of the largest U.S companies ranked by revenue. The first edition was published in 1955, with companies like General Motors , Jersey Standard, U.S. Steel, and Chrysler topping the list. 

Today, a new cast of characters are dominating. In 2023, Chevron secured the 10th spot on the list, bumping off drugmaker Cencora , after the oil company recorded $36.5 billion in profits last year.

Here are the top 10 companies from the Fortune 500 list in 2023. Our 2024 list will launch in June. 

Walmart raked in over $611 billion in revenue last year to secure the first spot for 11 straight years. The company recently completed a $2.3 billion acquisition of TV maker Vizio, a move that experts say will help the company advertise to customers. 

The company, headquartered in Arkansas, is run by CEO Doug McMillon and employs over 1.6 million people.   

The company also bought entrepreneur Marc Lore’s startup,, for $3.3 billion in 2016 and is running a pilot of Lore’s latest company, a restaurant concept called Wonder , in one of their supercenters. Walmart plans to open two to three more of Lore’s restaurants in their retail chains this year.

As one of several retailers, like Target and Home Depot , to report sales losses due to “shrink,” or inventory loss that includes theft, Walmart has recently posted limitations on self-checkout lines to alleviate shoplifting, which accounted for over $112 billion in industry losses in 2022, according to the National Retail Federation. 

Amazon , with a yearly revenue of nearly $514 billion, holds the number two spot on the list for the fourth year. 

Run by CEO Andy Jassy, the ecommerce giant also offers cloud services and digital advertising along with streaming platforms like Fire TV and Amazon Prime Video. It employs about 1.5 million people. The company has two headquarters in Seattle and Arlington.

Amazon has recently announced an investment of more than $10 billion to build data centers in Saudi Arabia to help the country diversify its oil-dependent economy. Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Microsoft Corp have also invested. Amazon plans to spend $5.3 billion to create new infrastructure in the region to train local developers in 2026.  

  • Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil brought in a revenue of over $413 billion to take the third spot on the list away from Apple this year. The company moved through the rankings from it’s sixth place spot last year, and could owe its success to a year of record-breaking profits for oil and gas companies in 2022.  

With CEO Darren Woods at the helm, the company made $55 billion in profit s last year and employs over 62,000 people globally. Headquarters are in Houston, Texas. 

This year, it’s been involved in a whirlwind of acquisitions from fracking giants to lithium drilling operations, which the company is investing in to remain an industry leader as consumers shift to electric cars. At the end of last year, Exxon Mobil announced plans to drill for lithium in southern Arkansas and expects to produce the material, which is critical for electric vehicles, by 2027. 

In 2023, Apple dropped to fourth place on this list, but it still holds the title for most profitable company on the Fortune 500—a title it’s held for eight years.

The company, with Apple Park as its headquarters in Cupertino, California, is run by CEO Tim Cook and employs about 161,000 people and generates revenue from key products like the iPhone, Mac, iPad, and software platforms like iOS.

Apple recorded more than $394 billion in revenues in 2023. It’s had a rocky year with regulators–it was fined $2 billion by the European Union’s antitrust commission over a complaint brought by Spotify stating that the company refuses to let streaming services inform iOS users of cheaper off-platform subscriptions, which in turn creates a barrier to competition in the digital music market. 

In a statement , Apple has said the Commission failed “to uncover any credible evidence of consumer harm,” and accused Spotify of “coordination with the European Commission.”

  • UnitedHealth Group 

With a revenue of over $324 billion, UnitedHealth Group is the highest-ranking healthcare company on the Fortune 500 list. It maintained the fifth spot on the ranking for a third straight year. 

The company, headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, is run by CEO Andrew Witty and employs about 400,000 people to develop health technology, financial services and pharmacy services. 

In February, the U.S Justice Department launched an antitrust investigation into the company as part of the Biden administration’s antitrust efforts against some of the biggest American companies, including Apple, Amazon, and Google’s parent company, Alphabet. 

CVS has brought in over $322 billion in revenue this year and fell from number four to number six on the list last year. The group’s CEO Karen Lynch tops Fortune’s Most Powerful Women in Business list for the third year in a row. Her aspirations for the company, she told Fortune, are expansive. 

With a headquarters in Rhode Island, the company employs about 300,000 people and generates most of its revenue from healthcare benefits and pharmacy services. 

In the next few years, she said, there will be “unprecedented change, more change than probably the last 50 years.” Some of those changes include the company’s overhaul of its prescription drug pricing model, which it announced  in December, and could help customers save money on drugs. The company announced it will roll out a new reimbursement model that aims to make drug costs more predictable and offer cash discount cards in the coming years.

  • Berkshire Hathaway 

CEO Warren Buffet’s multinational holding company holds spot number seven on the list for the second year in a row with a reported revenue of over $302 billion dollars. 

Berkshire Hathaway , headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, employs about 396,000 people and owns businesses in insurance, rail transportation, energy generation and distribution, and manufacturing and retail sectors. It’s also a large stakeholder in American companies like American Express and Coca-Cola . 

In February, the company’s stock hit a brief record high with a valuation of $1 trillion.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, generated over $282 billion in revenue last year to secure its number eight ranking on the list. The two companies have been on the forefront of AI development, and lately, have been cracking down to moderate the software, too.

Headquartered in Mountain View, California and run by CEO Sundar Pichai, the company employs about 182,500 people and leverages its search, web browsing, advertising and cloud computing to generate money. Its revenues from Google Cloud have also been growing rapidly . 

In March, Google announced in a blog post that it plans to reduce spam, low-quality and unoriginal content in search results by 40%, after complaints surfaced that Google’s search engine results are filled with spam .

This medical supplies company earned nearly $264 billion in revenue last year to secure spot number nine on the list, the same spot it held last year. It’s one of the lesser known companies on the top 10 of the Fortune 500 list, but its CEO Brian Tyler spoke to Fortune on some of the hallmarks of his four-year tenure. 

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, employs over 80,000 people and generates revenue through pharmaceutical distribution, wholesale medical supplies, and pharmacy technology services. 

With about $246 billion in revenue, Chevron closes out the list at spot number 10. The company’s revenue climbed about 52% last year due to rising oil prices, and has been investing in a number of initiatives this year, from green hydrogen plants to buying South American acreages for petroleum. 

With a headquarters in San Ramos, California, and CEO Mike Wirth leading the company, it employs about 45,600 people and sells crude oil and natural gas. 

In March, Chevron bought a stake in acreage offshore Uruguay and joined several other industry companies with interest in South America’s potential for oil discoveries. This month the group also shuttered its operations in biodiesel plants in Iowa and Wisconsin. 

The group recently announced ambitious plans to construct a green hydrogen facility in southern California, which is scheduled to begin operations in 2026, and will harness energy from an existing 29-megawatt solar energy array to generate hydrogen. Chevron intends to use “ non-potable” water , a non-drinkable by-product of its oilfield operations, for its green hydrogen facility.

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list of yacht companies

Analysis: Amazon sellers say their businesses are facing an extinction event — they might not be wrong

list of yacht companies

Stuck between unpaid childcare and eldercare duties, women might not be able to afford their own retirement

A young businesswoman stands in her office.

Young talent gave us Microsoft, Apple and Facebook—but today, Gen Z bosses say they are treated as the butt of generational jokes: ‘You look like a child, are you sure?’

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Employment lawyer horrified by cubicles that monitor workers’ moods: ‘There are so many things wrong with this it’s hard to know where to start’

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AI, DEI, and…GLPs? Here’s what the tech elite were buzzing about at South by Southwest

Solar eclipse donut

Total eclipse of the donut: Businesses gear up for astrological rarity with special edition snacks, beer, jewelry

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list of yacht companies

Jeff Bezos just gave $100 million to actress Eva Longoria and the retired admiral who oversaw the capture of Osama bin Laden to use as they see fit

list of yacht companies

40-year-old homeowner says economy doesn’t add up: ‘I’m making the most money I’ve ever made, and I’m still living paycheck to paycheck’

list of yacht companies

‘Extreme wealth as power must be regulated’: 31-year-old heiress is letting 50 strangers give her $27 million fortune away

list of yacht companies

The economy was just hit with a one-two punch of bad data

list of yacht companies

CEO steps down after being hit with expensive EV repairs and low resale prices following purchase of 100,000 Teslas

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Musk eats 2 sour lemons in one day: Canceling former CNN star’s X show over drug questions as market hands out $30 billion smackdown to Tesla


  1. Future of Luxury Yachting: The 25 Best Yacht Brands

    list of yacht companies

  2. Best Luxury Yacht Brands: 25 Shipyards Which Build The Best Superyachts

    list of yacht companies

  3. Future of Luxury Yachting: The 25 Best Yacht Brands

    list of yacht companies

  4. Future of Luxury Yachting: The 25 Best Yacht Brands

    list of yacht companies

  5. Future of Luxury Yachting: The 25 Best Yacht Brands

    list of yacht companies

  6. Future of Luxury Yachting: The 25 Best Yacht Brands

    list of yacht companies


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  1. Top 100 Yacht Builders

    The Netherlands and Germany top the yachting industry for delivering yachts over 50m with large volume and a high value. German builders Lürssen, Abeking & Rasmussen and Nobiskrug deliver full-custom yacht projects, while Dutch builders like Amels/Damen Yachting, Heesen and Moonen build high-end semi-custom yachts based on model platforms.

  2. Future of Luxury Yachting: The 25 Best Yacht Brands

    Oceanco is a Dutch company founded in 1987 with a shipyard based in Alblasserdam, Netherlands. A winner of multiple yacht show awards, the brand features impressive ocean-going cruisers and expedition yachts up to 420 ft. long with advanced green technologies and design innovations.In 2018, the builder launched Project Bravo: a fuel-efficient, eco-friendly, 357 ft. superyacht with a sharp ...

  3. List of sailboat designers and manufacturers

    This is a list of notable sailboat designers and manufacturers, which are described by an article in English Wikipedia. Sailboat design and manufacturing is done by a number of companies and groups. Notable designers [ edit ]

  4. List of All Yacht Builders

    Search By Yacht Builder in Alphabetical Order. Keyword. AB Yachts Abeking & Rasmussen Yachts Absolute Yachts Admiral Admiral Marine Works AES Yacht Aicon Yachts Alaskan Yachts Alden Yachts All Ocean Yachts Alloy Yachts AllSeas Yachts Aloha Yachts Alpha Custom Yachts Alstom Leroux Naval Yachts Altamar Yachts Altena Yachting Altima Yachts Altinel ...

  5. List of boat builders

    Brunswick Boat Group. Burger Boat Company. Cantieri di Pisa. Carter Marine. Carver Yachts. Centurion Boats. Chaparral Boats. Chris-Craft Corporation. Cimmarron Boats.

  6. Boat Manufacturers and Brands

    Explore boat manufacturers, brands and discover which ones best suit your boating activities with a selection of popular brands and boat types. Find your boat with our explore section, wide range of editorial content and guides with thousands of boats available. Start your journey with!

  7. The Top 10 Best Yacht Builders In The World

    As the largest American yacht building company in operation, Westport has a proud history of high quality yacht manufacturing dating back to 1964, with over 100 superyachts and over 170 fishing vessels launched from their Pacific Northwest Shipyard. ... Benetti is a powerhouse of luxury yacht building, with a very healthy order list and a boat ...

  8. Top 10 luxury yacht builders & shipyards

    5. Heesen Yachts, Netherlands. Heesen Yachts is known as one of the world's luxury yacht builders, specialising in custom superyachts in the 30- to 65-metre (98- to 213-foot) range, but with the additional capability of building vessels of 80 metres (262 feet) and above. With a focus on quality and innovation, Heesen has created many custom ...

  9. Builder Directory

    United States. Custom. Concept. View profile. Derecktor Florida. United States. Custom. View profile. Browse our extensive yacht builders list that includes some of the finest luxury yacht shipyards in the world, including Lurssen, Benetti, Feadship and Oce….

  10. The Top Sailboat Manufacturers (According to Sailors)

    Groupe Beneteau. Beneteau First 25. The reason I am mentioning the name of the parent company here is that they own both Beneteau and Jeanneau, brands that are distinguishable on the surface, but if you look close enough, you will find them pretty similar, down to the fact that they are produced in the same factory.

  11. Yachting Companies

    SuperYacht Times offers the largest directory of companies that operate in the superyacht world. Superyacht owners and professionals can find yacht designers, brokers, builders, suppliers, service companies & more. Filter. 5,951 results.

  12. Best Yacht Brands

    For this list of yacht companies, all types of yachts including sailing and motor yachts are included. Major yacht manufacturers include Sunseeker, Cruiser, Beneteau and more. While yachts were first developed to serve a specific need (to be used in the Navy to pursue pirates and other criminals), yachts are now widely seen as luxury ...

  13. The Superyacht Directory

    The Superyacht Directory. The Superyacht Directory is the world's largest database of private luxury yachts, with over 12,000 megayachts listed. It's the most authoritative place to find everything you need to know about superyachts - including new builds, historic vessels and the most famous boats of all time.

  14. 10 Best Sailboat Brands (And Why)

    1. Hallberg-Rassy. Hallberg-Rassy is a Swedish yacht maker that's very well-known in the blue water cruising circles for making some of the highest quality and sturdiest sailboats. For many sailors, this is the number one sailboat brand as it offers absolute comfort, utmost safety, and good and easy handling.

  15. The 12 Best Luxury Yacht Brands

    The Venus, Savannah, Symphony, and Aquarius are just some of the most popular luxury yachts built by the company to date. Feadship has built dozens of yachts of all sizes for their customers. These range from smaller yachts with lengths of 35-45 meters to full-size luxury superyachts at more than 100 meters long.

  16. IYC Yachts

    Our Office Network. IYC supports our clients from 15 offices strategically located in some of the world's most prominent yachting destinations. IYC - Global firm specialising in the sale and purchase of superyachts, luxury yacht charters, yacht management, and crew placement services.

  17. The Very Best of Dutch Yacht Builders

    Heesen. Founded in 1979, Heesen has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the yachting industry, and is now considered one of the most innovative Dutch yacht builders. Initially known as a builder of fast performance yachts, Heesen has expanded its yacht building capacity up to 260' (80m) and has achieved notoriety for its revolutionary design and ...

  18. Types of Boats by Manufacturer & Brand

    Download Now. Search boat manufacturers by boat type. Top brands for each boat type will be listed, along with the manufacturers' company website, which you can visit for more info to learn about pricing and specific boat models offered.

  19. Yacht Manufacturers Directory

    Yacht manufacturers, If you are considering buying a new or used yacht, ocean yacht, luxury yacht, trawler or super yacht, this is the page for you! We maintain the most extensive list of Power Yacht Links available online, along with links to related information. Yacht Manufacturers Directory is a Polson Enterprises web site

  20. The world's best 50 yacht brokers

    Here are the world's 50 top yacht brokers, in no particular order, that the world's richest trust when it is time to buy, sell, charter, or build a boat. The world's top 50 yacht brokers. David Seal - Northrop & Johnson - Yacht Broker & Head of Video Production. David Seal is a veteran yacht broker and YouTube star based in Monaco ...

  21. Azimut yachts, superyachts and luxury boats

    Azimut has reinterpreted, extended and revolutionized the bow area, lavishing the forelounge with comforts to host an island of wellbeing between sky and sea. GRANDE 32M. The revolutionary and unprecedented Flex Deck of the Grande 26M opens to extend the cockpit, creating an evocative terrace overlooking the sea. GRANDE 26M.

  22. Top 10 Companies in Yacht Market in 2024

    Alexander Marine Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the yacht market, specializing in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of luxury yachts. Established in 1978, the company has a rich history of delivering high-quality vessels renowned for their craftsmanship, innovation, and performance. With a diverse range of products including the ...

  23. United Yacht Sales Is The World's Largest Yacht Brokerage Firm

    United Yacht Sales has the largest network of buyers and sellers worldwide than any other brokerage firm in the industry. We advertise all of the yachts for sale on MLS so that you can find the boat that fits your needs, regardless of whether it's listed with us or not. Our first priority is to make sure that you are well informed on all of ...

  24. List of Yacht Charter Companies

    If you have questions about any boat types or yacht charter destinations don´t hesitate to click on the button below. Fill out the search form and our experts will get back to you immediately. We will prepare you the most competitive quote. Ask our experts. View the list of more than 300 yacht charter fleets - all partner companies of YachtBooker.

  25. Sunreef Yachts Opens Massive Yacht Production Facility In The UAE

    Sunreef Yachts are cool and in high demand for lots of reasons. Rafael Nadal onboard his Sunreef 80 Great White. Sunreef Yachts. In fact, demand has been so high, the always forward-looking Lapp ...

  26. Russian oligarch's yacht costs U.S. taxpayers $900,000 a month

    Key Points. A mega-yacht seized by U.S. authorities from a Russian oligarch is costing the government nearly $1 million a month to maintain, according to new court filings. The Justice Department ...

  27. Who won Oscars for 2024? See the full list of Academy Award winners

    Full list of Oscars 2024 winners. Best actress: Emma Stone, "Poor Things." Best supporting actress: Da'Vine Joy Randolph, "The Holdovers". Best original screenplay: Justine Triet and Arthur Harari ...

  28. Fortune 500 list: The top 10 companies ranking

    The first edition was published in 1955, with companies like General Motors, Jersey Standard, U.S. Steel, and Chrysler topping the list. Today, a new cast of characters are dominating. In 2023 ...