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Brooks Ghost 11 Review & Rate for quality

Brooks Ghost 11 Right

The Brooks Ghost running shoe models are a very popular ‘go-to’ shoe for many runners. The one we’re going to look at today is the eleventh iteration of this particular model, the Brooks Ghost 11 review. With this newest version comes Brooks’ new DNA Loft midsole insert for added cushioning, softness and responsiveness. The 11’s updated mesh upper fits like a glove and has been well-received by reviewers. There have been updates to this model from the previous version. Moreover, Brooks has kept their popular BioGoMo foam in the midsole for a truly customized fit. The Ghost 11 is a road running shoe that has proven itself to be a new favorite amongst Brooks fans. 

-Fits true to size -Nice to have different width options available -Orthotic friendly -Comfortable and well-cushioned -Provides a lot of traction

-Tighter toe box area than in previous models -Small and narrow toe box area -Upper lacks structure

We have spent 4 hours analyzing a total of 700 reviews.

These reviews are then categoried into "Positive" and "Negative" feedback.

Below you will read a summary of them:

  • I haven’t ever had a shoe with this much support. I run regularly and these make running a breeze. They are so comfortable and nice and light.
  • These shoes were made to go. Thy are supportive and work wonderful for me since I am on my feet all day. They also look really nice.
  • I do a lot of high impact exercises and these are so good and help my knees. These offer the extra cushioning for stability that I need for my knee issues. They are great for normal to under pronators.
  • I run around 50 miles a week and like a good cushioned stable shoe. These are a bit looser than the 10s but it is still a great shoe. They have extra padding in the heels that work great and help with my endurance.
  • These shoes really lock in the ankle and heel and support me. I have put 100 miles on these and my feet and ankles and back are so happy and without pain. I have used them on numerous terrain and I always feel supported.
  • Light and comfortable runner. I am older and like a real traditional style shoe, these are perfect and have a lot of cushioning. They run perfect to size and keep my leg pain at bay. These are the 3rd pair I have bought, the old ones had about 500 miles on them.
  • This shoe was made for neutral runners who don’t overpronate. These work so well with my long distance running, much better than my Hokas and Cliftons. I would say the most cushioned and stable I have found.
  • I am able to keep my feet comfortable without fatigue on my 13 hour shifts. I work in a hospital and need the extra support. I would safely say these are the best shoes out there. They really keep me pain free.
  • Top of the line running shoes. They really go great distance running and are top notch comfort. They offer a lot of support as well. Best shoe ever Brooks.
  • I work as a trades woman and am on my dogs all day without them barking because of these shoes. They are so supportive and they are cushioned and cszy. They breathe well, which is a huge plus for me. I hate sweaty feet. They have a nice heel on them that helps with the back pain.
  • These have nice insoles but are able to be changed. They have good room in the toes and the soles are really springy and cushioned.
  • The insides are so soft and have tons of cushioning. They absorbed a lot of impact, which in return apparently absorbed my knee pain. I have never had a shoe that took pain away, I am now hooked on Brooks.
  • These are so much better than the other models. I mean these are a great upgrade. They are neutral shoe with a lot of stability. They don’t need breaking in and have cushion for days. The toe box doesn’t have any tightness to it. This is a a dang great shoe.
  • These shoes make running more bearable. They have a a nice springly cushioned and stable sole to them. Great shoe.
  • They looked way far better than the photos showed. They shoe fits perfect in width and length. They have tons of cushioning , which is awesome stability. These shoes have held up to my big bones and weight without collapsing at 10 miles a day usually. I love to run. These do not give me any knee pain either. Worth every penny.
  • I have some scar tissue that creates a lot of pain due to nerve pressure. These have such a great cushion and roominess to them, I do not have any pain. So much room in there. Thanks god for this shoe.
  • These have all nut cured my supination pain. I could barely go down stairs and these have been a dream. I really wish these were not so expensive though. I mean seriously. They are great but, oof.
  • Thes have worked perfect with my overpronating, flat feet. They have tons of support and keep me from being wobbly. They have tons of cushion yet are super light. I am in awe of these shoes, just wonderful.
  • These do not give me the knee pain the 10s did when I did my half marathons. After 50 miles in these, I have to say they are the best and most comfortable shoes ever. I have a wide foot and these accommodate every centimeter.
  • These prevent my feet from fatigue. I wear them daily and they are so stable and cushioned.
  • This 11 has way more cushion than the last models. It is a really nice upgrade. I loved the others but these are fantastic. They are cushioned and really accommodate my wide feet. They sure are pricey though but you won’t be disappointed.
  • I am a Nike convert. I didn’t know shoes were made with this much cushioning and support. I am so grateful I found these, I am enjoying my runs again.
  • These look really nice, I am surprised. Tey are extra all over: comfort, stability, support. Everything about this shoe is great . I cannot believe they made a great shoe even better.
  • These are cushioned really nicely and the shoe is actually the size is offers. They do not swallow my heel and create knee pain, they just support and cushion. I will be buying these again.
  • I am in awe with Brooks, they did it again. This shoe is amazing and supportive and extra comfortable on my runs.
  • I can’t believe how much pain these caused. My feet were slipping around in the and I couldn’t get them to tightened properly. These are not like the 10s at all. My toes were all in the mesh, so uncomfortable.
  • The 10s worked great with my scary painful bunion. These are tighter in the toe box and crush my foot. I am not fit for the 11 obviously.
  • The right shoe was so much smaller fitting that the left. Everything looked nice and was there that the 10s had, they just fit really strange and it was uncomfortable.
  • These are supposed to be cushy but they were a bit tp firm and thick. They didn’t have a deep arch and the design kicks up on the toes and doesn’t feel right on my feet.
  • These hurt my feet with just a 5 mile run. They lack cushioning that other Brooks have. Not the best one I have had by far.


Responsiveness, flexibility, key features, bottom line, related posts:.

brooks ghost 11 review

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Brooks Ghost 11 review

Jacob Boesch

Our verdict

  • Very comfortable
  • Can do it all
  • Stable, Inspires confidence
  • DNA LOFT midsole cushioning
  • Minor heel slippage
  • 12mm heel-toe offset

Audience verdict

  • Top 1% in road running shoes
  • Top 2% in Brooks running shoes

The most similar running shoes compared

The Brooks Ghost 11 is a favorite amongst the running community and for good reason.

I was extremely impressed with the Brooks Ravenna 9 . (The Ravenna has a touch more stability and slightly less cushion than the Ghost.)

brooks ghost 11 review

In fact, many of the characteristics that I liked about the Ravenna 9 are prevalent with Ghost 11: do-it-all capabilities, responsive cushioning, and a smooth transition between strides.

Apart from a few minor faults—minor heel slippage, 12mm heel-toe offset, and long length—the Ghost 11 is a shoe that should work well for nearly any runner, from beginner to professional. After 55+ miles, I highly recommend it.

Fit of the Brooks Ghost 11

I felt a little concerned when I first put the Ghost 11 on. The heel collar sits relatively low and has a very rounded, soft shape that did not quite grip my heel.

I had to use the top eyelets and lace the shoe tightly to lessen the heel slip. As someone that has narrow heels, this likely will not be the case for everyone, and I did not notice the slippage on the runs.

brooks ghost 11 review

The Ghost 11 in a D width had plenty of room for my average-width feet up front.

I never felt constrained or bothered before, during, or after the runs. The top of my toes did not hit against the upper. The shoe did not irritate my feet whatsoever.

brooks ghost 11 review

Sizing of the Ghost 11

The shoes fit true-to-size but felt slightly long compared to other shoes. I had about one full thumb-width (a little more than 0.5”) between my longest toe and the end of the shoe. I usually prefer the width of a thumbnail (Right at 0.5”).

I would not recommend that someone size down, but it’s something to keep in mind. Apart from this and the minor heel slippage, the shoe fits well with no major concerns.

brooks ghost 11 review

How the shoe feel

The new DNA Loft foam in the heel felt fantastic. I typically land with a very-slight heel strike and this foam felt nice, soft, and then springy.

The foam allowed for a seamless transition into the rest of my stride. It felt like I could quickly rebound stride after stride, and it still feels this way after a few weeks of use (55+ miles).

brooks ghost 11 review

With regard to the heel, I prefer a 6-10mm heel-toe offset. The 12 mm drop occasionally felt like it would get in the way of my stride when my legs were fatigued, but overall, I did not notice it too much. It did not bother me as much as the rigid heel and 12mm drop on the Mizuno Waveknit R2.

Brooks Ghost 11 ride

The forefoot, comprised of Brooks’ BioMoGo DNA midsole foam, Omega Flex Grooves, and a Segmented Crashpad, offers a stable and responsive ride.

The technologies that Brooks markets do not feel exciting like BOOST from Adidas or EVERUN from Saucony.

brooks ghost 11 review

However, Ghost 11 has an outsole and midsole that work very well together.

Each time I laced the Ghosts up, the shoe quickly disappeared on my foot and let me focus on the miles ahead. The balance creates a feeling of stability and reliability that other shoes may not be able to offer. Ghost 11 is a balanced shoe that all runners can count on.

High-quality materials

The engineered mesh upper is sleek and made of high-quality materials. The mesh feels soft and flexible.

It holds its shape well. Thus far, I have not noticed any areas of breakdown. Apart from the heel counter (that has some small reflective details), and logo, the upper is left clean and simple.

brooks ghost 11 review

The outsole is made of blown rubber that has shown minimal to no signs of wear. The laces are elastic and a perfect length. The quality is exactly what you would expect in the $120 range.

Personally, I like when a shoe looks somewhat creative. For example, I loved the look of the Ravenna 9s in the yellow and blue colorway.

The Ghost 11—in the black/graystone colorway that I received—is somewhat dull, but I think that matches its consistent, get-the-job-done characteristics.

brooks ghost 11 review

As a side note, after a short run that I did on the treadmill at the gym during a winter storm, I stopped by the basketball courts for a few games of a pickup, and two strangers said that they really liked my shoes and asked where I got them. Usually, I’m the only one without NBA signature kicks on the court; therefore, it was a nice surprise to get some compliments on a pair of running shoes!

Specs (official)

Compare popularity interactive, recently viewed.

Jacob Boesch

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Brooks running ghost 11 review: top to bottom, effective detailing and tuning of a classic daily trainer.

brooks ghost 11 review

  • a better fitting but in many ways similar engineered mesh upper, 
  • a new softer yet responsive foam DNA Loft midsole foam insert located only in the lateral heel crash pad while the rest of the midsole retains the same firmness of BioGoMo DNA foam as the Ghost 10 with tweaked midsole side wall geometries,
  • a tuning of the outsole lugs surface areas flattening them and focused on increased contract and smoothness.

brooks ghost 11 review


brooks ghost 11 review

Great review. Would you say sizing is similar to the Ghost 10? (i.e. could I purchase the same size as I did in previous version)? Thanks!

brooks ghost 11 review

HI Keep_Moving09, Yes true to size and same size as Ghost 10 as stated in review under fit and first impressions. Sam, Editor Thanks for reading Road Trail Run! See our page with links to all shoe and gear reviews HERE . You can also follow RoadTrailRun on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram where we publish interesting run related content more frequently as well as links to our latest reviews. Shopping through links on articles help support RoadTrail Run and is much appreciated

I like Brooks Men's Shoes,Beautiful shoes, comfortable to wear, thank you for sharing.

brooks ghost 11 review

Did you notice any sliding in the back of the shoe? I tried on the 11, and noticed that my heels slid up and down more than they did in the 10.

Thanks for the review! Just got my pair of Ghost 11s, and they are a great shoe, and I've never been a Brooks fan! They feel like the old Nike Pegasus line before they messed them up by making them firmer, tighter, and 10mm drop. I think this is my favorite daily trainer since the old Pegasus! Slightly softer and more comfortable than the Saucony Ride Iso-like you said. The 12mm drop works better for me being a heel striker too- than the 8mm of the Iso. Too bad Brooks don't honor your RTR10. :( I still tagged it on though. :)

brooks ghost 11 review

Great read...I just did my first run in these after leaning on the Bondi 5s probably more than I should. You are spot on as far as responsiveness. As a heel striker do you find these inferior to the Bondi 6?

Thanks daniFRESH, The Ghost 11 is a fine shoe for a heel striker. Plenty of cushion decently stable too. The Bondi if you are an extreme heel striker would have more cushion and might be a better choice due to its rigidity if you suffered from certain foot issues such as Plantar's. Sam, Editor

Simply cannot wait for the 12. Having been an avid Ghost wearer since the 3, the 11s are as terrible as the model 4. Thankfully the 5 was a gem and I'm hoping the 12 will be the same. July 2019 cannot come soon enough! I've muddled through with just one pair of 11s as it's such a disappointment. The upper fit is so much tighter than the 10, and the ride simply does not give after many, many miles. Previously, I was used to simply slipping on a pair of Ghosts and heading out. The 11 needs breaking in! Very old school! I'm desperately seeking women's Ghost 10s, US size 9, if anyone comes across them. Not sure mine will hold out until the launch of the 12 in July. Really hoping the new model is a better reflection of the Ghost stable.

Post a Comment

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  • Brooks Ghost 11 Review

Brooks Ghost 11 Review

Brooks Ghost 11 Review. As a female and wearing Brooks Ghost running shoes for the first time, I was excited to see how they fared.

For a bit of background, I am a female runner, wears neutral running shoes and who runs trail and road and runs distances from 5k to ultra marathon. I have had a few niggling injuries over the past few years so choosing my running shoes has become quite an important part of my running life.

I already own a pair of Brooks Glycerin 14 shoes which are my favorite running shoes, but they are sadly on their way out. So for a change, I decided to try the Brooks Ghost 11.

My Running Shoe Criteria

When I choose shoes I go by several criteria:

  • I like them light
  • Prefer a heel to toe drop 8-10cm
  • Like a mid range of cushioning
  • Like a bit of toe room
  • What other reviewers have said
  • Colour can be anything but not white or black

Out of the box - Brooks Ghost 11 Review

Weight Straight out the box, I liked how light they feel. In fact on my kitchen scales a size 39eu weighs 248gm so lighter than my Brooks Glycerin 14 which weigh 264gm and which I thought were already great.

Heel to Toe Drop Now this was a slight worry to me as I normally like running shoes under 10mm but the Brooks Ghost 11 have a heel to toe drop of 12mm. As I so really wanted to try them out, I reasoned that the drop was going to stop my Achilles playing up.

Cushioning The Brooks Ghost 11 shoes are not as cushioned as the Brooks Glycerin 14 (although pretty close) but that can be a good thing, especially if you run shorter fast races where you need to feel a sense of contact with the ground. Yes I want to run fast please!

Outer Sole Apparently the outer sole looks the same as the previous model (which I don't have). They look grippy and with a decent tread for unpredictable ground or weather.

Brooks Ghost 11 Review

Toe Room These definitely look narrower around the toe are as compared to my Brooks Glycerin 14 shoes. However the sizing overall seems the same. I bought a size 39eu as I do with all my running shoes. By the way I normally wear a size 37-38eu in my everyday shoes.

Brooks Ghost 11 Review

Color & Style The color is a sort of dark pink purple. Not too girly and dark enough to hide the dirt. Style wise, I am not that blown away but not upset with them either. They are not a shoe that is going to turn heads but still, they are fine.

I am not going to tell you about all the different materials used for cushioning or in the midsole as you can find that information quite easily on the Brooks website. For me, the most important thing is how do they feel on the run and do they suit my needs.

So let's go running.....

Going for a Run - Brooks Ghost 11 Review

I have now run just under 100km in the Brooks Ghost 11 so I feel that I have a pretty good idea of what I like and perhaps don't like about them. I've mostly run on road or paths and in all weather conditions.

First off, putting the shoes on I noticed that the laces are flat as compared to my Brooks Glycerin, which are tube shaped. I actually prefer flat laces as they tend to hold better. They are plenty long enough too, especially if you like to do a double knot.

The heel cup at the back does seem a bit loose like it is not quite holding my heel down but in fact whilst running I don't notice it. I have not taken them out on very muddy ground so I do fear that my heel could lift up a bit.

The cushioning that I had been promised kind of felt a bit disappointing. The insoles just feel a bit hard and even after nearly 100km, I would say the same thing. I guess I am comparing them to the Brooks Glycerin shoes which are the king of cushioning.

I was worried about the 12mm toe to heel drop being a bit much for me but in fact, I don't even notice the difference compared to my other running shoes. Over the past few years I have made a concerted effort to break out of heel striking and I don't feel that the Brooks Ghost 11 made me heel strike any more than usual.

I've done a couple of 20km runs in these shoes and I have not had any problems with blisters or sore areas. Even in the rain, the shoes did not rub and what's more, my feet stayed pretty dry.

On the track when doing sprints, the Brooks Ghost felt light and much as I wished they would make me run like a gazelle, they didn't.

In terms of grip, I've not tested them to their limits but on wet tarmac, the shoes coped well and did not have me sliding around or feeling hesitant.

Overall Thoughts : Brooks Ghost 11 Review

For a lightweight shoe that is comfortable out of the box, I give the Brooks Ghost 11 top marks.

If you want lots of cushioning, I would say that the Brooks Glycerin might be a better shoe for you.

In terms of sizing and toe room, the sizes seem true so go by your normal running shoe size. The toe box might be a bit narrow for some people especially if you have wide or splayed out feet.

If you like bright shoes then you might find the colour choices quite muted.

So all in all, I am happy with the Brooks Ghost 11 and will definitely use them for everyday runs. However I do find myself thinking about getting another pair of Brooks Glycerin shoes for my long runs, as I just find them more comfortable.  Read More Reviews here for the Brooks Ghost 11

Brooks Ghost 11 Review : What do you think?

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brooks ghost 11 review

Running Marathons at 72

The 50 min rule, can't lift my legs 800m into a race....

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Brooks ghost 11 review.

  • August 25, 2018

Brooks Ghost 11 2

The Brooks Ghost 11 is a great looking shoe from the outside. They are another of Brooks perennial mainstays with typically minor updates year over year. The primary change here comes in the heel mid, but subtle tweaks across the shoe make for some decent improvements. We do have some concerns however.

Construction: Upper

The upper on the Ghost 11 is all mesh with a blend of stretch and structural elements. This makes the shoe super comfortable across the top of the foot and also feels very secure, almost a second skin. the toebox has a nice amount of width as well. It is really the high point of the shoe in our opinion. They also have a Gore-Tex waterproof version, but we have not yet tested that version.

Brooks Ghost 11 5

Construction: Midsole

The midsole on the Ghost 11 is a mix of two Brooks technologies, BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT. One is meant to give you a large amount of energy return and responsiveness while the other provides cushion. Additionally, that have added flexible grooves to the forefoot to improve flexibility. They have a high stack height for what appears as a more performance oriented shoe, 29mm. Our issue is more around the ramp on the Ghost 11, the drop is 12mm and honestly it is a lot. The overwhelming feedback on this was that it was just “too much”. Additionally, no one who reviewed this felt them to be as cushioned as they expected.

Brooks Ghost 11 9

Construction: Outsole

The outsole is based around a segmented design using what amounts to mini shock absorbers. This is supposed to help add an additional layer of cushioning to the shoe, but hard to tell how much this is truly doing.

Brooks Ghost 11 10

Style & Aesthetics

The Ghost always seems to come in a number of color options and in this case there are 8 colors to choose from. Didn’t love the Halloween version of orange and black, but the design of the shoe itself is pretty nice.

Brooks Ghost 11 4

Before we go into the in-run, let’s talk out of the box because they are very different experiences. The Ghost 11s fit like a glove from the upper material to the heel collar and lock, heck even the lacing system is really effective. Bottom line, they are really comfortable on the foot. There is a bit of firmness to the midsole which helps with overall responsiveness, but again it feels great at first glance.

Moving into the run itself, the 11s are performant meaning the shoe is responsive and you can get a lot of speed out of them. They are comfortable in run, but the midsole firmness is pretty clearly there. The reasoning is clear, they help with speed generation and maintenance and a bit of speed control. That being said, the offset on this shoe is really extreme at 12mm and honestly, not happy about it. It’s very aggressive and almost forceful and can really affect the way you run if you aren’t used to it, then going from a 5-8mm to 12mm is almost like going to 0mm in terms of how it affects your legs. At longer distances it becomes way more apparent so while a 10k might feel fine, once you start hitting double digits it starts to show up. The soleus, calf, all start to burn a little more than they used to. You will start to adjust after repetitive use, but the real question is go to such a high ramp if you are already striking properly.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Running Northwest (@runningnwmag) on Sep 15, 2018 at 10:05pm PDT

Overall Conclusion

The Brooks Ghost 11 is a real mixed bag for the team here. That upper is supremely comfortable and easy to wear and we love the amount of color options. Hoewever, the shoe didn’t feel as cushioned as we might like and it’s also honestly a little heavy. The drop is also a little too aggressive for us, would love to see something lower. If we put these side by side with the Gylcerin 16 , we might honestly choose those.

Technical Stats, Pricing & Availability

  • * Weight: 10.9oz (size 9)
  • * Drop: 12mm heel/toe
  • * Type: Neutral Road (Cushioned)
  • * Stack Height: 17/29mm (heel/toe)
  • * MSRP: $120.00
  • Available: Now

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brooks ghost 11 review

Brooks Ghost 11 GTX review – The Good, Bad & The Ugly

Affiliate Disclaimer We hope you love the products I recommend! Just so you know, I may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Thank you if you use my links, I really appreciate it! I am also a participant in the Amazon Associates program and will also make a commission from qualifying purchases.

As you may or may not know, GTX running shoes contain a special lining called Gore-Tex. This helps keep your feet protected in harsh weather and stops water from entering.

The Brooks Ghost 11 GTX running shoes are designed with this special lining and are known to be great for Winter running. However, I’ve created this article because I want to provide you with a more in-depth review.

After all, when you start looking more deeply at a pair of running shoes, you start to see the pros, flaws, and everything in between!. In this article, I’m going to give you my honest opinion on these shoes – whether good or bad!

Why I’m Qualified

Running is hard enough – let alone when you can’t find the perfect pair of shoes. After spending the past 7 years running for health reasons, I created this blog to help you learn everything you need to know about running.

Over the years, I’ve been through countless running shoes. Some are considered my most treasured possessions, whereas others end up in the trash after a few weeks. My goal is to help you guys know which shoes to spend your money on and which ones to avoid.

Brooks Ghost 11 GTX Overview

Brooks Ghost 11 GTX Running Shoes

Does running in some of the harshest weather conditions sound like a bit of you!? Then the Brooks Ghost 11 GTX Running Shoes are exactly what you need. Not only are they completely waterproof , but they also come with a number of other great benefits such as amazing traction, durability, and comfort.  

They are best suited for people with medium to high arches thanks to their neutral support. 

Unfortunately, they can be a little heavy for new runners . I recommend new runners start with lighter shoes so they can nail the technique without fatiguing too early. If however, you’re a seasoned veteran, go ahead – you won’t be disappointed!

What Makes Them Stand Out…

There’s no doubt these are some of the best Winter running shoes on the market . They are designed with Gore-Tex ; a waterproof lining that stops water from entering and soaking your feet.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running in the rain or the snow, these shoes are going to keep your feet nice and dry . And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll be glad to hear they also do a great job at keeping your feet warm .

Killing two needs with one deed, right!?

Unbeatable Grip & Traction

When you unbox these shoes, you’ll notice a lot of rubber on the outsole . While this does cause a slight increase in overall weight , what can you expect from a Winter shoe! 

After all, it’s designed to prevent slipping on wet surfaces and snow , right!?

According to one study , running shoes with higher traction, such as the Brooks Ghost 11 GTX, can actually increase performance . Twenty male athletes were separated into groups and instructed to run in normal running shoes and ones with higher traction.

The athletes using shoes with higher traction had faster running speeds and performed better overall .

If great traction and grip are something you’re looking for in a running shoe, check out my review of the Brooks Ghost 12 GTX . They are similar to the GTX 11’s and also perfect for Winter conditions.

Designed For The Long Term

Some running shoes will begin to wear after 100 miles; however, that’s not the case with these shoes. Due to the large rubber grips on the outsole, they are going to take a long time before getting worn out .

Don’t believe me!?

Check out this video and notice how little ware there is on the outsole after 100 miles.

You’d think they were bought last week, right!?

Comfortable (Made With DNA Loft Foam)

Whilst most waterproof running shoes can be a little more ‘rigid’ because of the Gore-Tex, these ones are counterbalanced as they are designed with DNA Loft Foam at the back.

DNA loft foam is a combination of EVA foam, rubber, and air . It’s used in many Brooks running shoes; hence why people consider them so comfortable compared to other brands on the market!

This deadly combination helps create a softer impact when your heel hits the ground. Don’t worry, there is still adequate support thanks to the rubber. It’s the perfect blend of durability and comfort and ensures great shock absorption.

The Right Amount Of Arch Support (Neutral)

On the product page, It’s claimed these shoes provide neutral support , which is best for people with medium to high arches . However, I wanted to make sure the information was correct – so I dug a little deeper.

After exploring Reddit, forums, and previous customer reviews, it seems like these shoes live up to their name . Many people were raving about how they provide great support for medium to high arches.

What I Don’t Like…

Not true to size.

As with many Brooks running shoes, these ones aren’t true to size . There have been many complaints they are too small , which is a little annoying. If you want to order the Brooks Ghost 11 GTX’s, I found it’s best to order one size bigger based on my research. 

A Little Too Heavy

Because of the Gore-tex, large heel drop, and sturdy outsole, this running shoe is a little heavy . The main problem with heavy running shoes is they slow you down , especially when combined with bad weather.

Not only that, but you’re going to get tired faster . Let’s imagine you strapped 2kg dumbbells to your feet while running – you’re not going to last as long, right!?

The good news? Heavier running shoes will make you faster when you switch to lighter ones , which is great if you’re training for a race .

With that being said, it’s hard to find a pair of waterproof running shoes that are lightweight these days . So you’ll just have to sacrifice weight for weather resistance!

  • Keep your feet dry in the harshest conditions
  • Great arch support (Neutral)
  • DNA Loft Foam provides great cushioning (after impact)
  • Amazing traction increases performance and prevents injuries
  • The outsole is designed to last a long time
  • BioMoGo foam in the front makes for great acceleration
  • Removal insole
  • Wide toe box
  • Most people need a size larger
  • They are a little heavy, especially if you aren’t used to waterproof shoes
  • Not ideal for the Summer

Who Should Buy The Brooks Ghost 11 GTX Running Shoes?

Still unsure whether these running shoes are for you!? Here are my 2 cents…

I recommend them for people who are running in harsh conditions such as snow and heavy rain. They will keep your feet dry and are best suited for people with medium to high arches because of their neutral support. 

On the flip side, if you find it difficult to run in heavy shoes, these may not be ideal. With that being said, many customers are surprised how quickly they get used to the additional weight when switching to a heavier shoe.

Brooks Ghost 11 GTX Alternatives

Brooks Ghost 12 GTX Black/Ebony/Aqua 5 B - Medium

Final Verdict

Finding a good pair of running shoes can be difficult – let alone ones that can hold up in harsh conditions. However, the Brooks Ghost 11 GTX’s have got you covered! They will keep your feet dry so you can still enjoy running in the winter months. 

brooks ghost 11 review

Brooks Womens Ghost 11 Running Shoe › Customer reviews

Customer reviews.

Brooks Womens Ghost 11 Running Shoe

Brooks Womens Ghost 11 Running Shoe

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To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness.

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brooks ghost 11 review

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brooks ghost 11 review

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Brooks Ghost 11

brooks ghost 11 review

Heel To Toe Drop

Breathability, latest version, key features, responsiveness, flexibility, bottom line.

• Brooks’ BioMoGo DNA cushioning • Segmented Crash Pad for added shock absorption • Brooks’ DNA Loft cushioning & crash pad • Breathable upper

The upper in the Ghost 11 has been re-engineered to provide an even more lightweight-feeling fit that feels more like a second skin than a pair of shoes. The new structured mesh found in the 11 wraps your foot securely and is designed to fit snugly through the midfoot and heel. This adds extra support where you need it and gives your foot more flexibility to move where it needs to. The mesh is stretchier in this version and also helps to provide the runner with a more breathable running shoe. Compared to the Ghost 10, the mesh on the newest version is not only smoother and seamless, but it really helps to keep the dirt out, too. The material found on the rear of the upper is woven a little differently, providing a denser weave for added support in the midfoot area. The dual layer of mesh is supposed to wrap around the foot without causing any irritation. That said, however, one reviewer mentioned that it felt like their small toe was pushing on the material of the upper as if there wasn’t enough room in the toe box. This same reviewer said that they’ve never required wide fit shoes in the past which makes us here at RunnerClick wonder if the sizing is inconsistent for all of the Ghost 11 shoes. Another negative comment we read about the upper was that it seems to lack the structure that the previous Ghost models offered. The midfoot overlays that helped to hug the foot and lock it in during their runs are missing in this new iteration. On the positive side, the heel counter in the 11 helps to support the heel and keep it locked in place. There is one tongue glide loop present on the tongue of the shoe which is a nice feature to have as it helps to keep the tongue in the correct place during the entirety of your run.

The midsole of the Brooks Ghost 11 features the brand’s BioMoGo DNA technology. This is Brooks’ adaptive cushioning system. It takes your weight, pace and the terrain you’re running on into account to help provide a stable and responsive ride. The BioMoGo DNA really gives each wearer a unique running experience. Not only does it help to make you run better, further and faster, but it provides 30% more cushioning than other midsole materials on the market today. Instead of a thick layer of DNA foam inside the 11, Brooks has opted for their newer DNA Loft foam technology. This material is supposedly not only more comfortable and responsive than the original material, but it’s light and not going to sink under your weight. It’s made with a gel base that allows it to respond uniquely to the force that it receives. What does this mean in layman’s terms? If you’re a larger runner, your shoe would provide you with a firmer cushioning or if you’re able to run at a fast pace already, the shoe will provide you with a greater bounce back.

The outsole of this shoe is comprised of two separate crash pads. The first of which is the DNA Loft technology that is strategically placed at the heel of the shoe. Also found on the outsole of the Ghost 11 is Brooks’ typical segmented crash pad. This is comprised of shock absorbers to not only add extra cushioning and comfort but also provide a smoother heel-to-toe transition. The outsole is still made from a blown rubber material on the forefoot, as in the previous versions of this shoe, and will still offer the runner a grippy and flexible ride, especially during the toe-off phase of their run. The heel of the Ghost 11 features a durable carbon rubber that is meant to ensure a long lifespan for your new kicks.

The redesigned engineered mesh upper present in this shoe helps to provide a breathable top-foot coverage that runners have come to expect from the Ghost models. This material is dual-layered to ensure that air can get in, keeping your feet dry and comfortable during your runs while keeping dirt from getting inside the shoes.

The Ghost 11 fits true-to-size when it comes to the length and width of the shoe. It is available in different width profiles, which is a fantastic way to really be able to feel that you can customize the fit of your shoe. Men can choose from narrow, medium, wide and extra wide while women have the option for narrow, medium and wide for their shoe.;Many of the reviews we read online praised the comfort level. As mentioned above, the BioMoGo DNA that is featured in the Ghost 11 provides a gel base that really ups the comfortability of the shoe. Some reviewers, however, were not fans of the updated upper. One reviewer mentioned that their toes dug into the mesh part of the shoe, causing them great discomfort until they decided to return them for a different running shoe option. Others mentioned that the toe box in the Ghost 11 feels smaller than in its predecessor.

The Ghost 11 is an attractive looking shoe. Taking a look at the upper, one will see that it is woven differently towards the rear of the shoe. This is strategically done so that the more dense fabric found in the midfoot region is able to properly support the foot. It does add a cool style element to the shoe, as well. The panel that holds the laces and eyelets appears to be reflective, adding another nice visually appealing aspect. The women’s version is available in five different colorways: pink/black/aqua, navy/gray/blue, all black, gray/silver/white or white/pink/black. The men’s version is also available in five colorways including gray/silver/blue, all black, ebony/gray/silver, navy/red/white or black/silver/orange.

As mentioned earlier in our review, the outsole features two different types of rubber – carbon and blown – for long-lasting durability. We didn’t read any negative reviews from consumers during our research about the shoe falling apart or not withstanding long, grueling runs. It seems that the strong outsole really plays a part in the longevity of the Ghost 11.

It seems like Brooks really hit a home run here. The Ghost 11’s updated midsole has a better crash pad than its predecessor which helps to disperse the impact when you land, sending you into the next step of your run seamlessly. The outsole, with its two different types of rubber components, will help protect runners who choose to take it to the streets during rainy weather. This shoe really held up well in a number of different weather situations without issue due to its superior traction. Runners who are heel strikers will love this upgrade in the Ghost 11 as it will feel as if their heel-toe transitions are quicker. Folks who are midfoot or forefoot strikers will find that this model is more cushioned and responsive for their runs.

Thanks to Brooks’ DNA Loft foam they introduced in this iteration of the Ghost shoe, runners should find that they get a ton of responsive cushioning and soft comfort during their runs. The midfoot to toe-off phase of your stride will feel particularly responsive in this model. Most of the reviews we came across really praised the under foot feeling of this shoe. One reviewer, a midfoot striker, found that the Ghost 11 wasn’t a very responsive shoe for them. That said, they still liked the shoes and chose to wear them for recovery and longer runs. This version of the Ghost does seem to ride a bit firmer than the previous models.

The Ghost 11 is a neutral running shoe, perfect for folks who don’t need any additional arch support for their runs. It’s best for runners who have normal, medium or higher arches. That said, a few comments we read online said that the Ghost 11 worked for their supination or pronation just fine despite there being no extra support or posting present. This might be a preference thing so if you are a known over or under pronator, you may want to consider giving these a test run! Reviews online mentioned that this shoe felt soft around their ankles, giving them enough support to make it feel that they were ‘locked in’ to their shoe. One reviewer mentioned that, as a heel striker, the added cushioning on the heel was a bonus for them.

The Ghost 11 is a road running shoe. This means that it’s meant to be taken on paved roads and light gravel. That said, some of the reviews we encountered during our research claimed to have taken these shoes on trails without any issue at all.

The MSRP for the Brooks Ghost 11 is $120. This iteration of the Ghost shoe is brand new as of publication time, having only been released in July 2018. Because this is such a new model, it isn’t available for much lower than the MSRP. You can find it slightly cheaper on Amazon, however, as both the men’s and women’s models are priced at $115.

The drop for both the men’s and women’s version of this shoe is 12mm. This is the same drop as featured in the previous version of the Ghost. The significant heel-to-toe drop is great for runners who heel strike.

The Brooks Ghost 11 provides a rather smooth and stable ride. This smoothness is due in part to the Brooks’ Segmented Crash Pad that they integrate into a lot of their running shoes. This technology is actually a system of little shock absorbers that provide cushioning during your entire gait cycle.

The Ghost 11 is an extremely flexible running shoe. The forefoot area of the outsole features a blown rubber material as well as a new lug pattern that not only adds flexibility but responsiveness and longevity as well. There are Omega Flex Grooves present in the midsole that help to make the sole more flexible. As mentioned earlier in our review, the upgraded mesh fits around the foot securely and snugly but allows for some wiggle room whenever your foot needs to flex.

As previously mentioned, the outsole of the Ghost 11 is made of a blown rubber material that provides runners with just enough grip. It performed well on wet surfaces and different types of terrains. Product testing was done during heavy downpours and on slick blacktop, lightly muddy surfaces, and wet grass and the Ghost 11 outperformed the expectations of the testers. The deep tread on these shoes is to thank for the fantastic traction it provides. It should be noted that the 11 doesn’t have as much grip as its predecessors, however. One reviewer mentioned that the reduction of grip was actually a ‘pro’ for them as previous models had too must grip that ended up fatiguing their knees.

Brooks just keeps raising the bar with the Ghost model. This 11th iteration was generally well-received by consumers. This is a great choice for an everyday trainer with just enough cushioning and protection to take you most distances during different types of weather conditions. While they’re not the cheapest option out there, we believe these shoes are well worth their modest price point.

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brooks ghost 11 review

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