Shoe Review: Brooks Ghost 13

A pair of Brooks Ghost 13s balanced on a bench

The Brooks Ghost 13 is here, and it delivers everything you’ve come to expect from one of the best selling Brooks running shoes year after year.

Brooks this year made one major change to the Ghost: more DNA Loft foam in the midsole. The proprietary foam composition is a mix of EVA foam, rubber and air—and it’s among Brooks’ softest cushioning.

brooks ghost 13 year

Women's Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoes

Original price $130 sale/discounted price $110.

brooks ghost 13 year

Men's Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoes

The soft midsole lends the Ghost 13 an easier ride than ever before, but it maintains the same do-anything attitude and accommodating fit that made it a stalwart in your stable of training shoes.

Fleet Feet runners reviewed the Brooks Ghost 13 to see how the updated midsole changed the feel and to find out how well it lives up to the Ghost name. Here’s what they thought.

[Looking for the latest version? Check out the Brooks Ghost 14 review .]

Brooks Ghost 13 Fit and Materials

A runner wearing the Brooks Ghost 13 running shoes

Your everyday training shoes have to be comfortable because you’ll be wearing them for the majority of your miles. So, Brooks built the Ghost 13 for all-day (and all-run) comfort.

Designers draped the Ghost 13 in an engineered mesh upper. The one-piece mesh wraps around the entire shoe seamlessly, which helps mitigate any hot spots or irritation that might develop.

The mesh, which Brooks calls Air Mesh, is smooth and pliable with some printed overlays throughout the midfoot, and it has a touch of stretch to help accommodate different foot shapes. One Fleet Feet reviewer who has a wider forefoot says the Ghost fit him well.

“I felt like my foot was really secure without being restricted,” he says. “I thought it was going to be too narrow at first, but it loosened up within the first few steps.”

Dozens of perforations in the mesh create a vent over the toe box to let excess heat and moisture escape. Testers didn’t experience any clamminess even during humid summer runs.

Part of the Ghost 13’s secure feeling comes from the heel cup. Brooks inserted an internal heel counter in the shoe to create structure that helps lock your foot into place. Testers didn’t have any slippage or movement in the heel once they laced up the shoe.

A little bit of extra padding lines the heel collar for a plusher step-in feel, and a soft tongue is comfortable on top of your foot. Add to that a cushioned (and removable) insole, and the Ghost 13 feels plush all around.

Brooks says the Ghost 13 weighs 8.8 oz for women and 10.1 oz for men, making it an average weight running shoe.

Brooks Ghost 13 Ride and Performance

A runner wearing the Brooks Ghost 13 shoes

Running shoes are trending softer, and the Brooks Ghost 13 is no exception.

Over the last couple years, many major brands shifted flagship running shoe models toward cushier foams that deliver softer rides. That’s where Brooks took the Ghost 13.

DNA Loft foam is the softest cushion in Brooks’ lineup. It made its Ghost debut on the Ghost 11 and continued in the Brooks Ghost 12 where it was paired with a pad of firmer BioMoGo DNA foam in the forefoot.

The Ghost 13 keeps the same combination of DNA Loft and BioMoGo DNA but in different proportions.

Designers extended the DNA Loft foam out from the heel, through the midfoot and into the forefoot where it partially overlaps with the BioMoGo DNA. The heel-to-toe DNA Loft gives the Ghost 13 a consistently soft feel all the way through the transition.

“The Ghost 13 felt softer right when I stepped in,” one Fleet Feet tester says. “But it’s still super smooth and easy going on the run. Classic Ghost.”

One thing testers loved about the Ghost 13 is its ability to blend into a run. The Ghost isn’t heavy or bulky; it isn’t turbocharged with carbon-fiber or reduced to its absolute minimum weight.

It’s a comfortable running shoe that works for most people—and that’s all it needs to be.

“For me, the Ghost is great because it does everything well,” one reviewer says. “It’s comfortable, it’s soft, it’s light. I love it because I know I won’t have to think about it once I start running.”

Another tester noted the generous amount of rubber on the outsole but still lauded the Ghost’s flexibility.

“Even with the amount of rubber, it is not stiff because of the amount of flex grooves providing flexibility in the perfect areas to match your natural foot motion,” he says.

Brooks Ghost 12 vs. Brooks Ghost 13

A side by side comparison of the Brooks Ghost 12 and Brooks Ghost 13

There are a couple key differences between the Brooks Ghost 12 and Brooks Ghost 13 when you compare them side by side, but many of the essential elements haven’t changed.

Both models have very similar engineered mesh uppers. The designs and patterns changed a little bit from the 12 to the 13, but Fleet Feet testers didn’t notice any performance difference between the two.

The lacing system remains the same—six standard eyelets with an empty seventh at the top—and the outsoles are very similar. Brooks changed the traction pattern on the rubber, but the overall shape and coverage didn’t change.

The big change this year is the extended DNA Loft foam in the midsole. In the Ghost 12, Brooks contained the softer DNA Loft mostly to the heel, with a slight extension into the midfoot. This year’s model takes that extension farther into the forefoot.

As a result, the Brooks Ghost 13 feels a little softer through the entire transition. It remains a very smooth, very capable everyday running shoe that you can depend on mile after mile.

A runner wearing a pair of the Brooks Ghost 13

With a light feel and smooth ride, the Brooks Ghost 13 remains one of the best Brooks running shoes (and one of the best running shoes for beginners ) you can find.

New this year is a bigger role for Brooks’ DNA Loft foam. Designers stretched the softer foam all the way from heel to toe to create a cushioned, consistent transition.

But the Ghost’s comfort and reliability didn’t change. Fleet Feet testers love the Ghost’s easy ride and the effortless way it blends into a run. Whether you’re running to clear your head or training for a marathon, the Brooks Ghost 13 lets you focus on the miles ahead.

According to one tester, Brooks did it again.

“Year in and year out the Ghost has been a dependable solution for many runners, and Brooks delivered on that consistency again this year,” he says.

Still not convinced? Don’t sweat it. Fleet Feet's return policy means you can test drive your shoes and gear without risk. If you’re not happy with the way your gear performs, looks or fits, we’ll take it back within 60 days. Plus, you’ll get free shipping on orders over $99 and free return shipping on all orders. That's our Happy Fit Guarantee.

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Ghost: cushioned & smooth run shoes.

Get MAX cushion and protection with the new Ghost MAX, stride smoothly in the Ghost 15, or try the waterproof Ghost 15 GTX.

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Get the reliably comfortable Ghost 15 for a soft feel and smooth ride, or try the more protective Ghost MAX with high-stacked cushioning and a roomier feel.

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The APMA-certified Ghost Max is here

“When you’re running in Ghost Max, you don’t even think about your feet. You don’t worry about toes being pinched or arch pain or foot problems.” —Robert Frimmel DPM, DABFAS

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Ghost 15 GTX

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More cushion. Less footprint.

Say hello to a full lineup of certified CarbonNeutral® Ghost shoes, committed to using more recycled material and producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

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Ghost Lite No Show 2-Pack

Running socks.

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Gear up for a smooth ride with Ghost road running shoes for men and women. Made for everyday runs, nothing’s slowing your stride as you glide from roadways to sidewalks or go lap after lap on the track. The best road running shoes for cushion and comfort What makes Ghost men’s and women’s running shoes so comfortable to wear? Your comfort is prioritized. Each pair is designed with DNA LOFT midsole technology that cushions your unique steps. Durable enough to hold up to your routine, Ghost road running shoes give you a soft landing on any course. Keep up your pace with road running shoes that give you a smooth transition for every step. Ghost running shoes stretch and adapt for a snug fit on your foot. Along with great fit, support from a soft midsole and Segmented Crash Pad ease you through your runner’s flow. Looking for running shoes made for more than movement? We’re paving the way toward net-zero greenhouse gas emissions thanks to designs like the Green Silence Ghost 15 running shoes. You still get the same performance from one of our most comfortable running shoes, designed to have a lower impact on the environment with 39.4% of total shoe weight made from recycled materials. Want to see how Ghost men's and women's running shoes can take your run to the max? Choose the Ghost Max shoes designed to do the most. Combining super stacked DNA LOFT v2 Foam for soft landings with GlideRoll Rocker soles for easy heel-to-transitions, you can feel the difference with every step. It’s everything you need out of comfortable men’s or women’s running shoes built for the ultimate cushioning and ultimate protection.

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brooks ghost 13 year

Rawlings Running Cap

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Brooks Ghost 13 Performance Review

brooks ghost 13

What You Need To Know

  • Weighs 9.0 oz. (255 g) for a US M8.0
  • Extended DNA Loft from heel to forefoot
  • New engineered (and better-looking) mesh upper
  • If it ain’t broke and people are buying it, don’t fix it.

ADRIENNE: After running exclusively in Brooks for a number of years, I totally ignored them for a number more (sorry, Brooks, it’s not you, it’s me). I got back on the train when I started reviewing for BITR, and ever since, my opinions of their kicks have been all over the place. Most models, like the Launch and the DNA AMP models, feel nothing like they used to; then the Ghost 13 arrives at my doorstep. Not to give too much away too soon, but as soon as I slipped these bad boys on, it was like reconnecting with an old friend.

Across most brands, there is a model or two that seems to be struggling from an identity crisis: while still good in their own way, many models aren’t sure if they are for daily mileage, faster training, racing, or foot coddling. Some try to be all of the above, some are more successful than others. Then there’s the Ghost series– it is not one of those models. Long, long ago, it was an up-tempo trainer; however, it was quickly converted into a comfortable cruiser with plenty of cushioning. This is a shoe made to get daily miles in comfort, true to what I remember from years ago. It’s relatively simple in design and oh so smooth to run in.

Consistency is key to the Ghost lineup– subtle improvements from the Ghost 12 result in an extension of DNA Loft foam from the heel running the length of the foot, and a more stylish (IMO), open-engineered Air Mesh upper. In the Glycerin 18, I wasn’t too thrilled with the use of DNA Loft and was on cushion overload. But for its more-nimble little brother, my somewhat Goldilocks-like preferences in cushioning were satisfied as impact got gobbled up in a virtually distraction-free, pleasant ride. I found myself reaching for the G13 over and over again as I put a good number of miles in them (all easy, plus strides).

Underneath, the generous amount of co-molded EVAs of various densities is rubber and more rubber. Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem to weigh down the shoe and has some pop thanks to some injected air and deep forefoot flex grooves. I’m a sucker for some forefoot flex in a daily ride and Brooks delivers here! I also expect a good deal of life from these; after 30-ish miles there are no signs of wear. The Ghost 13 is finished with a fabulous feeling and fitting upper that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. The finished product is an 8.8 oz, 12 mm drop thing of smoothness.

How does the Ghost 13 ride? Smooth as silk for me. Just like the name implies, it basically disappeared on my foot. For a shoe on the bulky side, it seems to be barely there once you get going. The G13 is the ideal recovery run and easy run shoe today as it almost rewards slowing down. It won’t get in the way if you want to go faster, however, it seems most at home at my easy pace. And I am more than happy with that (I bet my coach is too).

brooks ghost 13 - medial

ADRIENNE: Let’s start with the fit. It is damn near perfect: an accommodating toe box for plenty of splay and no slop and a secure midfoot hold make the shoe as comfortable as it is functional. I seriously have no complaints. It’s almost like it had my name on it, but it’s so well-made I think many others will feel the same way too. Speaking of others, this is probably the most forgiving shoe I’ve run in in years. You can land on your forefoot, heels, sides of your feet… you get the idea, and the shoe just moves with you.

I took these out for a 7-miler the other day on tired legs and felt great the hours and days after. Whatever Brooks did with just plain old EVA and some air, it works in this shoe. And it is smooth as silk. Whether you’re running a 7-minute mile or an 11-minute mile, like the cast of ‘Friends,’ the Ghost is there for you. Given the extension of DNA Loft, forefoot and heel-striders alike get great protection from the road. It also doesn’t run like a nearly 9-oz shoe, so that is neat also. I think this one will make my rotation as a daily and recovery day shoe, and maybe an easy long run here and there as well. Clearly, I dig this shoe.

ROBBE: You will not find a lack of comfort in the Brooks Ghost 13. The upper is plush in all the right spots without being overbearing. The fit and mold to the foot are right where they should be. Probably the best upper in Brooks’ arsenal. And the design is a step above most other Brooks offerings.

Like Adrienne said, this shoe will adapt to your running style. It offers a smooth ride, especially on downhills, where the cushion and high-drop work in tandem to keep you rolling along. After a long run, you won’t feel any worse for wear with the amount of pampering your feet receive.

One last thing– there are a handful of shoes out there that beginner runners or budget runners should reach for– shoes that will last forever and provide expected comfort and durability for upwards of 400-500 miles. This is one of those shoes. The outsole rubber will last and last.

AUSTIN: DNA LOFT, in the heel of the Ghost 12, extends into the forefoot for the 13. BioMoGo DNA adds extra cushioning and superb step-in comfort. On a related note, if you’re in the market for a Brooks trainer with a full-length DNA LOFT midsole, have a look at the “TempurPedic” Glycerin 18 .

After the first two runs, I decided to try the third (8 miles) with a Ghost 12 for comparative analysis. I slipped the 12 (10.1 ounces) on the left foot and 13 (10.1 ounces) on the right to gauge any noticeable fit and ride differences. Honestly, I hoped for glaring distinctions, but the shoes feel quite similar. I thought I favored the forefoot cushioning of the 12, but four miles into the run, the 13 felt a touch softer. That LOFT in the forefoot is swell. The 12 locked the midfoot down better, but the 13 didn’t exhibit any noticeable slippage as my Garmin buzzed each mile.

The upper, an engineered mesh, breathes well. That’s a welcome feature for all runners as June and July temperatures are on the horizon. Heel collar and tongue padding are thick, and I’m excited to say that the laces are an appropriate length. Yes, the laces aren’t too long, friends. Rejoice in less work to tie your shoes quickly.

brooks ghost 13 - tongue

ADRIENNE: Is a 12mm drop really necessary??? This may be just me.

ROBBE: Truth be told, the Ghost 13 feels a bit on the heavy side for a daily trainer, even though it is lighter than other daily trainers like the Nike Pegasus 37. For me, the weight seemed to come from the thick rubber on the outsole. I took this shoe on several runs, including one long run, and I felt like I just had to give some extra effort coming off the ground. Weird thing is that I moved straight from the Ghost 13 on to the Brooks Bedlam 3, which is actually heavier but feels much lighter to me.

Lastly, Brooks plays it safe, and maybe too safe sometimes. Not much has changed in this shoe since version 11 aside from the DNA Loft now extending from heel to forefoot.

That said, I know they sell a shit ton of this shoe, so like the old saying goes­: If it ain’t broke and people are buying it, don’t fix it.

AUSTIN: I don’t foresee the Ghost undergoing a stack height drop anytime soon, but I would like to see the 12 mm offset drop to 10. Better yet, eight. I note this because as a forefoot striker, running shoes with higher drops feel less smooth through the gait cycle. To put another way, the heel gets in the way, especially on the downhill. As for the Ghost 13, I’ve got no bones to pick. Step-in comfort is what you’ve come to expect—it shines, the ride is solid, and the price point ($130) is optimal. Drop the drop and the weight half an ounce eventually.

brooks ghost 13 - tongue

Brooks Ghost 13 Conclusion

ADRIENNE: For better or worse, Brooks may still be Brooks– but in the case of the Ghost 13, they did an excellent job in keeping a shoe true to itself. Such a good job it won over a lightweight trainer fan. I haven’t slipped into anything as effective for its purpose since the Saucony Triumph 17, and we know how that one went over. This is a shoe that works for both beginners and seasoned runners alike. When it comes to the Ghost, please never change, Brooks.

ROBBE: Fans of previous versions of the Brooks Ghost 13 will be pleased that just a few minor tweaks have kept this shoe largely the same. For runners wanting a new and fresh experience underfoot, you may want to look elsewhere. Point being, if you want a reliable daily trainer with great comfort and cushion that will last forever, you could do much worse than the Ghost 13.

AUSTIN: Like the Nike Pegasus 37 , the Brooks Ghost is a daily trainer that you can depend on year after year. The shoe undergoes changes, but they tend to be minimal so as not to disrupt the fandom that keeps runners regularly returning. Also, if you like shoes with grey and black, the forthcoming palette will not disappoint. Of course, we’ve had enough black for the year. So, I suggest purchasing the brightest color available or waiting for a myriad of other colorways, including a Gore-Tex version later in the year.

The Brooks Ghost 13 releases everywhere on September 1 for $130. You can pick it up at Running Warehouse (featuring free 2-day shipping and 90-day returns) by using the shop link below.

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' src=

Hi there, I run between 60-80 miles a month on usually slow (10-12 min/mile) runs. I am mostly a forefoot striker. No competitive running. I just enjoy running for fitness and relaxation. I usually don’t do more than 8 miles a run.

Current shoes are Brooks Ghost 11 and 12 and the 12s are newly acquired since the pair of 11s are starting to wear out.

I had been running in NB Zantes before the Ghost 11s and the Brooks were a revelation! I stopped having ankle pain (twisted left ankle that never fully healed) after runs and everything just got better. I absolutely love the Ghost 11.

I HATE the Ghost 12. The toe box is constricting and there seem to be round, hard cushions under my forefoot that start hurting after 4-5 miles. Ankle soreness also returned. It’s so bad that I’ve gone back to my worn 11s and the two runs in those seem to have cured whatever issues I was having.

Do you have any recommendations? I am wracking my brains trying to decide what to do. If the Ghost 13s are nearly identical to the 12s, I won’t like them. Should I switch to something like a Saucony Endorphin?

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Brooks Ghost 13 Review

Brooks Ghost 13

Running every day requires high-quality midsole cushioning and durable outsoles for many kilometers waiting ahead. The latest release of the Brooks Ghost series, Brooks Ghost 13 , are a big proof that shoes like that really exist . They are the real deal for long distance running in many aspects. And similar to Adidas Ultraboost 20 , Asics Novablast or Nike Zoom Fly 3 , they belong absolutely between the TOP running models that I have ever tried and that you might like as well. Also, in case you are in need of a daily trainer , please keep reading. I tried the shoes for around 150 kilometers ( a bit less than 100 miles) and I am happy to share my observations in a few lines below.

Brooks Ghost 13 Blue top

2 cushioning layers are the key

I cannot imagine running for too long in something without high-quality cushioning. Thank God, Brooks Ghost 13 didn’t get screwed up by Brooks. A thing that happens unfortunately pretty often and especially with the series of good quality running shoes. Instead, we can enjoy in Brooks Ghost 13 a combination of two well-made BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning layers. DNA LOFT is an advanced ethylene-vinyl acetate layer combined with rubber and air pillows that is similar to Nike Air Zoom technology. It greatly attenuates impacts of every stride that you do and makes running for long distances easily comfortable.

Brooks Ghost 13 Blue

On the other hand, there stands the BioMoGo DNA layer which is made of some natural bio additives that are strongly resilient and that secure the shoes with long-lasting effect . Well, this is what I read officially about Brooks Ghost 13. As for the long duration, I haven’t seen any signs of being worn out after testing them. I took them on running tracks the same as concrete or unpaved roads and the shoes remained after 150 km the same. (I am a middle-weight runner) So in my opinion, the BioMoGo works really nice as well.

The bigger picture….

Brooks Ghost 13 Red


The truth is that I haven’t made a sharp cut through the shoes so I cannot confirm the structure. But I can say that the shoes truly do feel very soft on the track . Softer than Adidas Ultraboost 20 but less than Brooks Glycerin 17 . Both I had for testing before. Brooks Ghost 13 are also not as responsive as Adidas Ultraboost 20 . As for responsiveness, the Boost midsole is the queen.  But for sure, Brooks Ghost 13 definitely better keep the structure and offer better arch support than Brooks Glycerin 17 . Anyone having slightly fallen arches due to overpronation should feel very comfortable when running in these shoes. 

Similar to previous models

Brooks Ghost 13 White

Other than that, they are very similar to the previous Brooks Ghost 12 . I haven’t tested the previous model so I cannot really compare them. But as far as I have seen their features, the only difference between them that I found was that they added more cushioning to the forefoot . And of course they changed the color scheme . If everything works well with the shoes, what else would you change then?

Sure, the colors. I can say that as for looks they are maybe differently combined slightly more intense but otherwise the same as well. How do you like the design of the new Brooks Ghost 13 ? Please feel free to comment at the discussion section of this review. I just feel a bit disappointed that Brooks doesn’t experiment with the design a bit more.

What I found special about Brooks Ghost 13

Well, there is a 12 mm high drop between the heel and forefoot. Normally, high volume, every-day training shoes have a drop around 8 to 10 mm. So this is quite unusual for running shoes in this category. The reason I like it is because it makes you tread on the forefoot . So that you keep pushing off easily and you run faster than with other shoes that have a lower drop. 

Brooks Ghost 13 Blue green outsole

A few words in the end

So all in all in my opinion, Brooks Ghost 13 are a really well-balanced model . They offer awesome softness, long-lasting durability for many kilometers on the track and thanks to the high drop, you can easily keep a fast tempo in them as well. The only negative is that they are not that innovative compared to the previous model. So in case you have a limited budget, I would go for the previous model with the piece in heart. Neither of these Brooks Ghost shoes are a bad option. 

Brooks Ghost 13

  • High-quality cushioning mixture
  • DNA LOFT cushioning
  • Nothing really new compare to previous version

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brooks ghost 13 year

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brooks ghost 13 year

Image Unavailable

Brooks womens Ghost 13

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Brooks womens Ghost 13


Product details

About this item.

  • THIS WOMEN'S SHOE IS FOR: The Ghost 13 is for runners looking for a reliable shoe that's soft and smooth. The Ghost 13 offers improved transitions for zero distractions so you can focus more on what matters most: your run. This Brooks Ghost 13 is a certified PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe and has been granted the APMA Seal of Acceptance.
  • SUPPORT AND CUSHION: The neutral support type provides high energizing cushioning. Ideal for road running, cross training, the gym or wherever you might want to take them! Predecessor: Ghost 12
  • BALANCED, SOFT CUSHIONING: BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning work together to provide a just-right softness underfoot without losing responsiveness and durability - yet it feels lighter than ever.
  • SMOOTH, STABLE RIDE: No matter how your foot lands, our Segmented Crash Pad - an integrated system of shock absorbers - will cushion every step and stride for smooth heel-to-toe transitions.
  • SOFT, SECURE, FIT: The newly engineered mesh and 3D Fit Print practically disappears on your foot with strategically placed stretch and structure.

From the brand


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Product Description

Brooks Running Shoes. Run Happy


For runners looking for a reliable shoe that's soft and smooth, the Ghost 13 offers improved transitions for zero distractions so you can focus more on what matters most: your run.

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No
  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 10 x 15 x 6 inches; 1.23 Pounds
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ 1203381B
  • Department ‏ : ‎ womens
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ April 6, 2020
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Brooks
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B083QD3FXN
  • #664 in Women's Road Running Shoes

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brooks ghost 13 year

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brooks ghost 13 year

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Reviewed: Brooks Ghost 13 GTX

As the weather slowly starts to turn, reach for a pair of trail-looking shoes that’ll take the muck but still run strong through the spring., review rating.

A pair of softly cushioned shoes with enough support/protection to work off-road in some instances and a unique Gore-Tex upper that (obviously) repels water while keeping cool.

Stable cushioning Good water resistance Surprising breathability Very versatile (Some) trail capabilities

Not (really) a trail shoe Deep heel cup that’s not for everyone Not cheap

Heading out the door? Read this article on the new Outside+ app available now on iOS devices for members! >","name":"in-content-cta","type":"link"}}'>Download the app .

As I’m someone who calls Southern California home, you might be wondering, “Why is he reviewing a pair of Gore-Tex shoes?” A better question might be, “Why would a company send a pair of Gore-Tex shoes to an editor who lives in Southern California?” This is the exact question I posed to myself when I opened the box of Brooks Ghost 13 GTXs. Because of this confusion, I’m embarrassed to admit the shoes went to the back of my gear queue because I had no interest in doing brutal trail runs (yes, we have brutal trails here in Southern California) with super hot and sweaty feet. I thought maybe I’d use them as hiking shoes when I visit family back east or when it was raining, or I had to slog through the mud to do yardwork (yes, we have yards here in Southern California—sometimes). But after looking at them longingly and admittedly thrashing the other shoes ahead in the queue over a period of weeks, I acquiesced and threw them on for a run. Read on for what happened next.

Brooks Ghost 13 GTX: The Basics

If you’re unfamiliar with the Ghost lineage, it’s a long one. The Ghost is one of Brooks’ most popular shoes because it’s a very smooth, soft shoe with lots of cushioning, but not so soft that it devolves into mush. With a 12mm drop, these shoes want nothing to do with the minimalist, low-drop, high road-feel shoes that were popular over the last ten years, but the presence of a pretty capable outsole and some structure through the midsole makes it tough to characterize as a “maximalist” shoe in the tradition of something like a Hoka. You don’t feel squishy in a pair of Ghosts. One of the biggest things that stand out in this pair of shoes is definitely the heel cup: It’s deep, and it wraps around the back of the heel in a way that’s actually very unusual. We’ll get to what that does below, but it’s worth noting in the basics.

Brooks Ghost 13 GTX: The Good

So once I finally got these shoes on my feet, I went out for a trail run (yeah, I thought they were trail shoes because they’re Gore-Tex and because they’re grey—so sue me). Within the first minute of the run, I landed right in the middle of a nearly ankle-deep puddle from some sort of burst irrigation pipe, I kid you not. It would have been a good idea to test them if I had planned it, but instead it was just frustrating. But rather than squish my way through the next ten miles, the shoes actually did their job and kept the water out. Both of my feet should have been soaked completely though, but neither were. So the Gore-Tex worked, but that’s no real surprise. The real surprise is that I continued to wear these shoes—on the road, but more often than not on trails—while temperatures varied from 60 degrees F to 90+. My feet never once got hot, and never once got sweaty. In and of itself, this is a pure miracle: that a pair of waterproof shoes could still ventilate well enough to do lots of hard work on savage trails and never feel like a pair of traditional Gore-Tex runners.

Upper aside, these shoes did a great job of cushioning on super severe downhills (on and off road) while not losing a ton of spring on the uphills/flats. I was super surprised with the responsiveness of these shoes, but it’s important to note that these are very very far from the carbon-soled springboards other brands currently use to catapult you around. The Ghost 13s are more of a protective, preventative soft shoe instead of a truly bouncy pair. On the flip side, you won’t wobble around like some extremely soft shoes; these have a reasonable amount of structure.

Brooks Ghost 13 GTX: More Than Looks

There’s not a lot to dislike in the Ghost 13 GTXs, and the fact that I’ve sprayed them with water, stepped in more ankle-deep puddles, plowed through some (manmade) mud, and even had some really really wet early morning runs through soaking grass makes me think the Gore-Tex upper in this pair will hold up super well to whatever you throw at it. I would say that despite the shoe’s aesthetics and Gore-Tex features, this is not necessarily a trail shoe. In fact, it’s not meant to be a trail shoe at all, even according to Brooks. Colors, waterproofness, and perfect cushioning/protection aside, the only thing holding back the Ghost 13 GTX from trail status is the shallow tread/lug pattern that works on many, but not all, trail situations. After using these on some very aggressive trails, I found that they hold up well on abusive rocks and off-camber sections (warning, these are not for you if words like “trail feel” and “proprioception” are important to you), but they struggled on aggressive, loose downhills and anything wet or muddy. So while you can’t say that these aren’t amazing at being trail shoes—because they’re not—they actually come pretty close in a lot of conditions.

The last big note on these shoes that doesn’t necessarily fall in the “good” category is that singular heel depth. Often, I appreciated the deep heel cup (in terms of deep towards the back of the foot) when it came to keeping the shoe firm and tight on my foot, preventing any slips on steep hills, but for anyone who might have a sensitive Achilles, that sort of severe wrapping up around the heel could be an issue. The heel is definitely something that some people may like, but it’s worth noting that it’s very very different than a lot of other shoes out there.

Brooks Ghost 13 GTX: Conclusions From Cali

The big shocker in this pair of shoes isn’t necessarily that they repelled water and weather—I’ve tried many shoes who do that well. The big surprise is that I was able to run with these through a very sweaty fall without foot overheating issues. This is a really important thing to note when you’re considering buying these soft-but-not-too-soft shoes with a durable outsole and a smooth ride. In the past I’ve avoided Gore-Tex footwear because I figured it doesn’t rain here enough to justify them, and I’d just end up hot wearing them on most runs. The Ghost 13 GTXs do a great job of being an all-around cushioned running shoe that works well on some trails, but works well in pretty much all conditions. If bad winter weather is a possibility at all, I’d recommend them for everything but their traction, and I’d feel comfortable knowing that you can use them through a warm spring and into a hot summer if necessary.

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Brooks Ghost 13 review: an excellent everyday running shoe

Our writer gets his hand on (and his feet in) the Brooks Ghost 13 running shoes

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Brooks Ghost 13 running shoes

The Brooks Ghost 13 is an excellent everyday road running shoe that will deliver with comfort, smoothness and support for most people. A great training shoe, but you may want something faster for race day.

Soft, smooth and comfortable

Brooks Ghost range is tried and trusted

Great design, plenty of support, breathable upper

Not the quickest shoe

Can lead to overpronation

You can trust Fit&Well We give honest reviews and recommendations based on in-depth knowledge and real-world experience. Find out more about how we review and recommend products.

Chris Smith

The Brooks Ghost 13 are the newest release in the brand's Ghost series, a consistent presence in the annals of the best-selling running shoes and a flagship shoe for a company who’s entire focus is running. 

The latest incarnation earns a place in our best running shoes for men roundup, for its smooth ride, overall comfort, durable construction and great cushioning, and energy return in the heel. Now comes the full review of this beloved everyday classic, which continues to inspire loyalty among its army of devotees. 

Brooks Ghost 13: Price and Features

The Brooks Ghost 13 shoe retails for $130/£120, placing it in similar territory to rival flagship shoes from the likes of Nike, On Running and Inov-8. They’re widely available online from Brooks US and Brooks UK (31 other shipping locations are also available), as well as independent retailers. A host of colorways are available; I tested the Tomato/Navy/Nightlight design in a US size 13 (UK 12), with rope-like bright laces that didn’t fail me a single time. 

They’re designed for a neutral gait, have a relatively large midsole drop of 12m and they weigh in at 286g, which is slightly heavier than your average running shoe, but far from restrictive. The main selling points for the shoes are the smooth transitions from heel to toe, thanks to the DNA Loft technology. They also an extremely soft and cushioned ride, while providing ample whole foot support in the majority of cases. 

Brooks Ghost 13: Design and Technology

The main upgrade for the Brooks Ghost 13 is the expansion of the DNA Loft technology first introduced with the Ghost 11. The cushioning tech, which is comprised of EVA foam, rubber and air has been further expanded beyond the heel, through the midsole, right into the forefoot. The injected air manages to keep what is admittedly a quite bulky shoe reasonably light at 10.1oz / 286.3g, despite quite a pronounced heel section. The midsole drop is 12mm, which is at the higher end of the spectrum, so the balance of cushion is still very much in the heel. 

Brooks says the expansion of DNA Loft is designed to ensure an even smoother transition from heel to toe and a more balanced cushioning experience. This is augmented by a segmented crashpad for a smoother ride.   

In terms of design, there’s a huge range of colorways available – eighteen to be precise – so there’s certainly something for everyone. Whether it’s pristine all-white for mud-free treadmill running, or the flashy tomato/navy/nightlife design I sported during this review you’re sure to find a colour to suit.

The attractive upper is comprised of an engineered air mesh, which certainly aids breathability, while providing a snug, supportive fit. It almost feels like a hug for your tired feet, so a big plus overall.

The use of rubber in the outer and midsole means durability won’t be too much of a problem, although I did find the toe guard was starting to come away slightly after a few runs.

Brooks Ghost 13: Fit, feel and comfort

First off, these runners are super comfortable to walk in, so if you like to transition between running and jogging these are a great option. The engineered mesh upper moulds to the foot and offers support in all the right places.

In my experience, the Brooks Ghost 13 ran just a tiny bit snug. I’m a size 12UK (size 13US) and an extra half size wouldn’t have gone amiss in the toe box, especially on my slightly larger right foot. I would certainly advise trying both your regular size and a half-size above before buying, if you can. 

Beyond that, the shoe is really comfortable to wear. As well as the expansion of the DNA Loft technology offers reassuring support in the upper of the shoe. The support is in all the right places, especially around the heel and ankle area, while the forefoot feels nicely cradled. The collar around the heel is thick, continuing the focus on comfort and support, while the tongue also rocks plenty of padding.

The support is consistent and appears like it will be durable in the long term. This support is buoyed by a lightweight engineered mesh upper, which I found to be very breathable – a bonus with the temperatures already (mid-April 2021) ticking-up into the 80s here in south Florida.

Brooks bills the Ghost as its softest shoe, so the focus is rightly on the cushion rather than the ability to propel runners forward. The energy return felt passable, without providing a true uptick in spring we’ve seen from rival shoes like the Adidas Ultraboost or the New Balance Fresh Foam in recent years. To max out energy return while sticking with Brooks, you could give the Brooks Levitate 4 a go.

Brooks Ghost 13: Support

The ride, although smooth and relatively fast (I was a few seconds per mile faster than in my past-it Nike Pegasus 37), but I didn’t feel like I was being propelled forward. 

During my tests, my big toe and forefoot collapsed inwards a little too much for my enjoyment. I have a neutral gait, which in theory, meant these shoes would be a perfect fit, but while wearing the Brooks Ghost 13, I personally, struggled with overpronation with my foot rolling inwards a little too much. Things felt less stable, especially when I started to tire on longer runs, when the additional pressure on the big toes began to tell. 

Naturally, this observation won’t ring true for all runners with neutral gait. I don’t feel this is a reason to mark down the shoe. Obviously, as one of the most enduringly popular shoes on Earth, it has fans coming back again and again. However, but it’s something to think if you’re prone to overpronation. I’m going to try the Brooks Adrenaline 21 range after this, which is famed for its stability. If you’re prone to slight overpronation, then this may be the right solution for you. 

Brooks Ghost 13: Verdict

The Brooks Ghost 13 delivers on all of its promises for an oh-so-soft and smooth road running shoe that’s a great option for everyday runners. It is a well-constructed trainer delivering great support in most of the key areas. The larger construction, weight and cushion means it isn’t the shoe to go to if you’re seeking to boost your race day times – the spring just isn’t there. However, the Brooks Ghost 13 is an excellent option if your goal is getting the miles in at a steady pace. I felt it left me slightly prone to overpronation – dumping weight into my big toe area – but that won’t be a problem for most.

Also consider


Brooks Levitate 4 is the way to go if you’re seeking a little more spring in your step. They offer DNA AMP cushion that’s 20% lighter and offers superior energy return. If you’re feel you need more support, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 might be an option.


The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is another excellent option for an every day running shoe that can handle a little bit of everything. The Pegasus brand is tried and tested and now features the revolutionary Zoom foam tech in the forefoot.

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Chris is a freelance contributor to Fit&Well. He's from Shropshire, England originally, but currently lives in the United States near Miami, FL. Chris has written about health and fitness technology for a decade, including as an in-depth feature writer and product reviewer for, tackling emerging wearable tech trends in the sports and fitness industries. When not on the beat for Fit&Well, Chris writes about technology for Trusted Reviews and WIRED, sports for The Guardian and just about everything else for Shortlist, Pellicle, Digital Spy and a selection of other publications. He also pens books on technology use for Flametree Publishing.

Chris stays fit through hot yoga (studio not always necessary in the Florida humidity) and hopes to complete teacher training in 2021. He enjoys cycling, tennis, running and, ever-more-infrequently, playing football (or soccer, to his American friends). Those old injuries he 'ran off' as a teenager have finally caught up. 

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brooks ghost 13 year

Brooks Ghost 13 Review – The Most Well-Rounded Training Shoe?

This post contains affiliate links.

The Brooks Ghost 13 is one of the most popular day to day training shoes not only for the average runner but also for the pros.

Daily training shoes are probably the most important and the most used shoe in your rotation. You’re gonna spend most of your running miles in this shoe so you have to make sure you choose the right pair of training shoes .

Hence, this Brooks Ghost 13 review will help you determine if this is the right shoes for you.


Who are these shoes for, what’s included, overview of features, is brooks ghost 13 a stability shoe, what’s the difference between ghost 12 and 13, best brooks ghost 13 alternative, brooks ghost 13 running shoe full review.

brooks ghost 13 year

The Brooks Ghost 13 has a clean and seamless design that would look nice in and out of training.

It has a nice, fairly snug fit that should not give you any problems during mid to long-distance runs. Although, in my opinion, the part where the eyelet is could use a little bit more snugness.

The soft lining in the inner part of the heel helps improve its overall fit. Plus, it feels soft and adds more overall comfort to the shoes.

Its engineered mesh upper is breathable but not so much that will get your toes wet when you step on a puddle of water or run on slightly when pavement. Plus, it provides a plush fit that adds a bit more to its overall comfort.

The best thing about this shoe is actually the most important when it comes to daily training shoes. The DNA loft and segmented crash pad plus blends really well with the BioMogo midsole resulting in a soft yet slightly responsive shoe.

This makes the Ghost 13 very versatile. You can use it for long runs, speed work and if you’re not really trying to win the race then might as well race with this shoe.

It’s not the best in any of those areas, but it’ll get the job done. It’s like the mixed martial artist in the running shoe industry.

If you don’t have enough budget for a running shoe rotation, then this is your go-to shoe.

  • Support level: Neutral
  • Running feel: Soft
  • Stack height: 32mm / 20mm
  • Heel-toe drop: 12mm
  • Weight: 249.5g (varies in size)
  • Surface: Road

This shoe is recommended for runners looking for a versatile shoe that can do it all.

Best to use as a daily training shoe for mid to long runs but also decent with tempo days and speed work.

The package includes a pair of Brooks Ghost 13 running shoes.

Extended DNA Loft + Segmented Crash Pad Midsole

The extended DNA Loft and segmented crash pad midsole provides a softer cushion and smoother transition from landing to toe off.

Whether you you land on your heels, midfoot or forefoot, the extended DNA Loft will make it a softer ride.

Engineered Air Mesh Upper

The combination of knit and mesh gives the Ghost 13 a breathable airy feel that helps cool your foot when running. Plus, it provides a plush fit making it one of the most comfortable daily trainers.

  • Roomy toe box
  • Comfortable to wear
  • No heel slide occurred when running
  • Underpriced (In my opinion)
  • Premium feel
  • Soft yet there’s a little bit of responsiveness to it.
  • A little heavy for tempo runs

Brooks Ghost 13 is a neutral shoe. However, it offers a decent stability despite not having hard material on the midsole.

The whole Brooks Ghost lineup is best known for being well-balanced, soft everyday training shoes. The big difference between Ghost 12 and 13 is that the Ghost 13 now has an extended DNA Loft from the heel to the forefoot.

This makes the ghost 13 feel softer whether you land on your heels, midfoot or forefoot.

Brooks Ghost 13

Runners Get Up

This shoe is a daily training shoe favorite of numerous athletes both average and pro simply because it’s a well-rounded shoe. Despite not having the best responsiveness, you wouldn’t really expect that quality for a day-to-day training shoe that is also very soft. It’s very versatile and I believe a lot of runners are gonna love having these shoes. Compared to all the training shoes that I’ve reviewed, the Brooks Ghost 13 is a definite favorite. Hence, a score of 4.5/5 stars.

Saucony Triumph 18

brooks ghost 13 year

If you’re looking for a day-to-day training shoe that is a little bit more responsive than the Ghost 13, the Saucony Triumph 18 is a great alternative. It has a slightly lower heel-toe drop at 8mm and has a slightly firmer landing feel.

Nicho Mauricio

Running wasn't always my favorite sport. I was a CrossFit athlete and I loved every bit of it. But since the pandemic began, I was forced to stay away from the gym and train at home instead. Things got boring. That's when I decided to trail run with my friends. I instantly got hooked. So I started training and researching all things running. As a beginner, I want to buy only the best running gear and do only the best practices. This blog is where I share what I've learned in my journey and my experiences as a runner.

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Brooks Ghost 13 review

Paul Ronto

Our verdict

  • Superb comfort
  • Stable ride
  • Very breathable even on summer days
  • Good grip both on wet and dry surfaces
  • Smooth transitions
  • Wide toe box
  • Great for slow and long runs
  • Can't go fast
  • Outsole lacks durability

Audience verdict

  • Top 12% in road running shoes
  • Top 26% in Brooks running shoes
  • Top 13% most popular running shoes

The most similar running shoes compared

Who should buy the Brooks Ghost 13 

Runners looking for a:

  • maximalist daily trainer for road running,
  • comfortable ride during recovery runs and slow-paced long runs.


Who should NOT buy the Brooks Ghost 13 

Don’t buy this shoe if: 

  • You’re searching for light and fast shoe. In this case, the Nike Zoom Fly 3 and the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v10 are among the most expert-recommended alternatives. 
  • you need stability due to overpronation (flat feet). Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is a stable road running shoe worth checking out. 

Ghost 13 vs. 12: A familiar ride

We are convinced that the Brooks Ghost 13 is not wildly different from the Ghost 12 . Here are some of the changes: 

Brooks Ghost 13 vs. Ghost 12

What got better.

  • Softer underfoot feel 
  • Plusher wrap 
  • Better breathability 
  • Accommodating fit 
  • Smoother ride
  • Firmer heel adds stability
  • Ample shock protection
  • More flexibility 
  • Roomier toe box 
  • Lighter (10.1 oz over 10.4 oz)

What got worse

  • Lateral slippage

Should you upgrade? Only if you didn’t like the rigid underfoot feel in the 12 and wish it was wider and lighter.

Comfort amplified in Brooks Ghost 13

The comfort delivered by the new midsole and upper of the Brooks Ghost 13 deserves nothing but praise. We are really fond of the instant step-in comfort of the shoe and its stretchy plush upper. 

As for the underfoot experience, it is far more luxurious than any other mid-range daily runner! 

Ghost 13 padded heel

Durability is as bad as it gets

Unfortunately, the outsole is wearing out fast in this Brooks Ghost shoe. It went down to half its original thickness after 100 km of running. We are afraid that after 200 km, the midsole is already going to be exposed!

Ghost 13 outsole

Responsiveness is not its forte

Our major gripe about the Ghost 13's ride is that it lags behind in responsiveness. It is simply not the shoe for those who want to go fast.

Smooth and stable ride

What this Brooks shoe does great is offer a consistent, stable, and smooth running experience. We attribute this to the shoe’s 12-mm drop, wide platform, and full-contact outsole. 

Hefty weight

The Ghost 13 is not a lightweight trainer for sure. At 10.1 oz, it is heavier than its competitors like the Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 (8.7 oz) and the Saucony Ride 13 (9.7 oz).

Good grip on Ghost 13

What's amazing about the Brooks Ghost 13's traction is that it’s good both on wet and dry surfaces.

Ghost 13 outsole closeup

Roomy fit and an even roomier toebox

If you have narrow feet, avoid the Ghost 13. Instead, you can consider the Brooks Levitate 4 which has a snugger fit.

We found that the shoe's fit is actually roomier than the previous versions of the Ghost and accommodating to the extent that we experienced a little lateral slippage. 

The shoe's toebox allows more than enough room for natural toe splay. 

Brooks Ghost 13 wide forefoot

Ghost 13 couldn’t get more breathable than this!

Running in the Ghost 13 during winter, we definitely felt the cold icy wind. Meanwhile, in summer there was no clamminess in the shoe and it allowed decent airflow.

Brooks Ghost 13 upper design

Flexible outsole

We were happy to find that the Brooks Ghost 13 provides flexibility in all the right places to match natural foot motions. This allows for smoother foot movement and promotes the natural bend of the foot.

If you want a stiff shoe, Ghost 13 is not it. We think that some runners may be bothered by the shoe's flexibility as it lacks a snappy toe-off. 

Brooks Ghost 13 bent

Specs (official)

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Saturday, July 04, 2020

Brooks running ghost 13 and 13 gtx multi tester review: easy going, soft and flexible.

Article by Jacob Brady, Derek Li, Mac Jeffries, Sally Reiley, and Sam Winebaum

Brooks Ghost 13 ($130) & Ghost 13 GTX ($160)

brooks ghost 13 year

Weight: : men's 9.9 oz / 280 g(US9)  /  women's 8.9 oz/ 252g (US8)   

Ghost 13 W8:  8.9 oz/ 252g, Ghost 13 GTX W8:  9.4 oz/ 266g, G13 9.63 oz / 273g US M8.5, G13 9.88oz / 280g US M9.5, G13 US M12: 11.35oz / 322g, G13 GTX US M12: 12.4oz / 351g

Offset/Drop: 12mm

Available now including at Running Warehouse here . Ghost 13 ($130),Ghost 13 GTX ($160)


Sam: Clearly by features and specs this should be a more “mellow” Ghost than its predecessors.  We have softer DNA Loft goes from a lateral heel insert to the full length of the lateral side with somewhat firmer, as before, BioMoGo DNA co molded on the lateral side.

The upper moves from a relatively dense and stiffer engineered mesh that worked well to a softer more pliable and thin mesh with many forefoot ventilation holes and a more streamlined and a touch less plush rear heel counter that remains firm and substantial,.

The weight checks in under 10 oz, approximately 9.9 oz / 280 g so we see a small 0.1 oz weight drop. The “drop” remains the same, at a big for these times, 12mm.

I remarked in the Ghost 12 review:

“I found the overall ride quite soft yet stable but lacking in pop and that is not all bad as there are plenty of light speedsters to choose from, some with limited range and requiring good form, which I don’t have. All my runs were pleasant, slower often by the watch than with other even comparable weight shoes and that is OK as we all need an easy going, relatively light, stable and well cushioned cruiser with no surprises or warts. A ghost on the foot shoe.”

 I wondered what more soft DNA Loft would lead to.

Jacob: The Ghost is the Brooks flagship neutral daily trainer. It boasts a more traditional design with a high drop (12mm) and padded heel collar, an ample slab of moderate-density EVA, and a balanced and versatile ride. The significant change for version 13 is that the softer DNA Loft foam on the lateral side extends the full length of the shoe, rather than only in the heel in version 12. 

I’ve never run in the Ghost before, although I have many friends who do everything in the Ghost and love it. Though I don’t trend towards high-drop, heavier, more “classic” trainers, I was excited to give the Ghost a shot and hoped it would be a nice long run, general do-it-all workhorse.

brooks ghost 13 year

Derek: When I first got serious with running, I was sponsored by Brooks for a little over a year. I must confess that the Ghost was not one of the staples in my rotation and I preferred the snappiness of the Launch and Racer ST5 in their day, along with the bounce of the Pure series. The Ghost first came to my attention in 2016, when I noticed a lot of runners using the Ghost 9 as a race option at the NYC Marathon. 

After the race I tried out the shoe, and though it seemed too heavy for race use, I could see why bigger runners would like it for uptempo stuff, as it had a stable bounce to it. Subsequent Ghost iterations seemed to be hit and miss with Brooks fans so I am keen to see how the latest Ghost stacks up in the era of PEBA foams and carbon plates. 

brooks ghost 13 year

Mac : Ample fit. Good cushion to weight ratio

Sam: The DNA Loft all way to the front on the lateral side smooths and eases the ride

Sam: Soft midsole saved by copious firmer rubber to give it (just) enough pop for moderate paces.

Derek: Forefoot bounce, very good durability even from the forefoot blown rubber. 

Jacob/Sally: Comfortable and adequately secure fit

Jacob/Sally: Smooth, cushioned, consistent ride at slower paces

Mac/Sam/Sally: more shock absorption than energy return; I would like to see more spring. Too flexible?

Derek/Sam/Sally: toe box is broad and high and not as well “connected” to underfoot as I would wish. 

Derek/Sam: Agree there is lots of flex through the toes and a distinct lack of snap on toe off.

Jacob: Given the softness not enough rebound at fast paces.

brooks ghost 13 year

Available Sept 2020. Ghost 13 ($130),Ghost 13 GTX ($160)

First Impressions and Fit

brooks ghost 13 year

Mac: I haven’t had much success with Brooks in general since early-generation Pureflows, so I admittedly didn’t have huge expectations going into this. Pulling these out of the box, though, I had hope: they felt relatively lightweight, the toebox looks ample, and the muted colorway with just a little bit of ‘80s hypercolor flash is catching. 

My 13.5E foot slid in without issue; the upper has just a little forefoot stretch that accommodated my Tailor’s bunion without issue. (The fit is much more forgiving than the Levitate 4, which I found narrow and constricting.) The padded heel collar and overlays keep the foot snug as a bug in a rug. 

Derek: It is rare to get understated colorways these days, but the Ghost13 is just that. Simplistic and elegant comes to mind for my colorway. Initial step in feel was good. Very luxurious around the tongue and ankle area with lots of padding around the heel collar. At first I thought the shoe ran big, as I had more than a thumb space in front of my toes. I took the shoe and compared it with some old Brooks Launch 3’s and Transcend 3’s and realized the lasts are the same length, but the Ghost has a noticeably rounder toebox and that gives the roomier fit. Bottom line is that the shoe is true to size, though fit volume is on the high side. The shoe does not feel harsh walking and jogging around, and there is some bounce in the forefoot for sure.

brooks ghost 13 year

Sam: A great looking upper with the 3D overlays which are not only 3D in structure but in visual design.

The upper is a very soft engineered mesh (softer than previous Ghost and notably with very little midfoot to toe box structure as even the toe bumper is on the soft more pliable side. The fit is true to size with a notably generous toe box fit as it is so unstructured. The fit should best suit moderately wide feet more than narrow ones up front. Yet at the same time over the midfoot the volume is relatively shallow so I don’t need to lace them very tightly. Overall the fit is more relaxed than prior Ghost, maybe a bit too relaxed as I think the shoe would benefit from a bootie in the mix to really lock down the foot as well as a more substantial toe bumper given the soft pliable mesh.

brooks ghost 13 year

Jacob: Upon unboxing, I was initially uninspired by the Ghost 13. It looked and felt a bit big and traditional with a stout heel collar, large heel stack, and moderately heavy weight. However,  once I slipped it on my thoughts changed—the sizing was perfect and the fit slipper-like comfort right out of the box. 

brooks ghost 13 year

Additionally the Ghost looked less large once on the foot, very sleek actually, given the heel stack. the aesthetics of the gray/blue colorway I received are great. The highish weight also wasn’t noticeable on the run. Underfoot, the Ghost feels nicely solid—soft but firm enough to feel structured and stable. Overall the foam is softer and less dense than I expected. It feels like a quality shoe with a versatile fit and ride.

brooks ghost 13 year

I also tested the Ghost 13 GTX, which is designed for wet/snowy conditions. 

brooks ghost 13 year

The GTX version has more differences from the regular version than I expected. The upper is much rougher, with different laces and without the sculpting around the heel collar. 

brooks ghost 13 year

On foot, the GTX version feels stiffer, less comfortable, and slightly lower volume, though the feel underfoot and general fit (on the roomier side, true to size) is similar.

brooks ghost 13 year

Sally: I have run in the past several versions of the Ghost, and know it to be a very popular shoe for many runners. It has been a solid, reliable shoe for me, but not anything worthy of exclamation points. But not every shoe needs to be superlative - this one might just be a “safe” choice for many. 

As for past versions, the Ghost 13 fit comfortably true to size right out of the box, with a very ample toe box that could accommodate most foot shapes, especially wider feet. There is ample and definitely comfort-oriented cushioning around the ankle and heel. The fit feels secure and yet at the same time slipper-like. I find the soft grey/mint green/black colorway of my women’s version soothing and appealing. Let’s see how it runs!

Sam: The fit for me was true to size, barely, for my medium width feet.  I found the toe box very roomy given the soft mesh and not particularly substantial toe bumper. Foot hold up front was adequate but lacking some lock down due to the largely unstructured mesh and soft toe bumper whereas the mid foot was low requiring a light lace up. All in all super comfortable, maybe to comfortable.

brooks ghost 13 year

Mac: This engineered mesh is very well done: it offers just enough stretch to be comfortable, without 

Derek: The shoe uses a breathable relatively thin engineered mesh with minimal stretch. Upper volume is high and would work well for people with high arches or bigger feet without necessarily needing a “wide” 2E option. There is an internal soft toe bumper which further adds to the height of the toe box. There is definitely plenty of splay room for the toes with this shoe. 

I found that I needed to lace the shoe up relatively tight to get a good lockdown with this shoe. Normally I don’t need a firm foothold for a trainer, but I found with this shoe that if I don’t lace it down tight, my toes slide around a bit and I actually developed a blister on the outer part of my left big toe after the first run in this shoe (which happened to be 15 miles). I decided the blister resulted from shearing forces from my toe pressing into the sockliner to maintain traction as it is certainly an odd place to get a blister. Overall, the upper breathes well and works fine, but I would have preferred a lower volume fit, especially in the toe box. 

Sam: I concur with Derek that the unstructured toe box is wide and high and very comfortable but.. for my medium to narrow foot something is amiss upfront. My toes tend to rise a bit and noticeably in the toe box as the shoe flexes just ahead of toe off. I think the cause is an overly soft and not extensive enough (over the toes and in length)  toe bumper.

The toe bumper may only be part of the cause as the front flex is very forward and soft without much stiffness further back. More on this in midsole and ride.

brooks ghost 13 year

The fit over the instep is quite low if with no issues. As the upper is light and pliable with minimal overlays and the tongue conventional with no bootie I wonder if Brooks lowered the volume at mid foot to improve lockdown? Whatever they did the lockdown is adequate if not performance oriented and perfectly fine for a mellow daily trainer but I personally would prefer a bootie tongue in such a light upper. 

Sally: This upper works well in that it holds the foot quite comfortably. I found the forefoot a bit too roomy and loose for my narrow foot, with a modest amount of lateral slippage when cornering or changing directions. I snugged down the laces pretty tightly. The laces, by the way, are substantial and hold well, perhaps a bit long because I laced the shoe across the midfoot so tightly. The padded tongue stays centered, and the heel and ankle padding holds the foot down very securely, and comfortably. 

Jacob: The Ghost 13 upper is seamless, slipper-like, amply roomy, and disappears on the foot while still providing enough structure to not feel too loose or unstable. Brooks calls the upper mesh “Air Mesh;” it is softer than previous upper materials used in the Ghost line. The mesh is certainly soft and nicely pliable but static enough to provide decent foothold. I felt like the upper ran a bit hot–unexpected given the thinness.

brooks ghost 13 year

The heel of the Ghost 13 is fairly built up with a traditional padded heel collar, but on foot I don’t feel this structure in a negative way or surprisingly much at all. 

Comfort and sizing are exceptional overall. I have an average width foot and foothold is good but a bit loose in the forefoot which is only noticed on uneven surfaces or when cornering at speed, which is not the strength of the Ghost. I think sacrificing a bit of foothold for comfort is certainly worthwhile for a soft, daily trainer and the roomy upper has never been problematic, even when running on trails.

One oddity I found is that it’s a bit hard to slide my foot into without crumpling the heel collar padding and having to readjust it once my foot is in, unless I loosen the laces a lot before putting it on. The padding and structure here will likely break down over time, perhaps more quickly than the rest of the upper.

As for the Ghost 13 GTX, the upper differs in being designed to perform in wet conditions. This design goal is achieved by more than just addition of a laminated to the upper (non bootie) Invisible Fit Gore-Tex layer. 

brooks ghost 13 year

The mesh itself is different–scratchier, stiffer, and also likely less absorbent to keep the shoe from gaining weight when saturated. For the same reason, the laces are flat, thin, and rough. 

brooks ghost 13 year

They are much harder to pull through and dial in tightness than the plush, stretchy, round laces of the regular Ghost 13. I had some issues with lace bite in the GTX verison even when I laced fairly loosely. 

brooks ghost 13 year

The final striking difference is the heel design, which in the GTX version is both visually less exciting, lacking the aesthetic overlay on the rear and unique bump out along the collar, and in combination with the overall stiffer mesh and poor laces, the upper provides a less comfortable and less secure fit.

brooks ghost 13 year

While worse in comfort and foothold, the GTX upper is entirely waterproof (I tested it in heavy rain and standing in puddles that covered the toebox) up to the second or third eyelet where the tongue gusseting stops. This is the selling point of the model and is very cool given the very small weight gain and minimal change in breathability compared to the regular Ghost. On the topic of breathability, while staying cool is great for the hot summer weather, as a New England runner a great benefit of a waterproof shoe is for use in the winter snow, slush, and cold rain. As I tested the Ghost 13 GTX in the summer, I unfortunately did not get to assess the cold weather performance, but the surprising breathability in the heat makes me concerned it may not be as warm as I’d like in freezing temperatures.

brooks ghost 13 year

Women's GTX Color

brooks ghost 13 year

Derek: The midsole on this shoe looks simple, but actually there is a lot going on under the hood. The bulk of the midsole now uses their soft EVA based DNA Loft foam. DNALoft extends from the heel, along the lateral part of the shoe all the way to the lateral forefoot. Recall that DNA Loft was confined to the heel in the Ghost 12. 

brooks ghost 13 year

The Ghost 13 does maintain BioMoGo foam along the medial aspect of the shoe (co-molded so no glue seams) to retain some responsiveness for toe-off. Overall the shoe does feel relatively soft by Brooks standards, and despite the way we have 2 different foams being spliced together in a rather unique way, with softer foam along the outside and firmer foam along the inside, once you get running in the shoe, the general feel of the midsole is that of a pretty uniform feel from heel to toe. 

Looking back at the Ghost 12, i think they addressed quite a few issues regarding harshness of underfoot feel, by softening up the overall package, and they did an excellent (almost too good?) job of introducing plenty of flex through the toe box. Lots of flex, lots of vibration dampening here.

Sam: I agree with Derek’s assessment of the midsole: soft, lots of easy front flex, very well cushioned yet balanced in front to back feel between the two different densities as the two foam types are co molded instead of glued together. The stiffness at the interface between glued in densities can often be felt but here not at all, just a slightly softer feel on the lateral side.

All in all the midsole feel from heel landing through midfoot to just before transition is very well cushioned, nicely stabilized by the outsole and decoupled through the grooves and cavity.

brooks ghost 13 year

Upfront things start to fall apart underfoot for me  While very well cushioned, the front midsole outsole combination is for me overly flexible at toe off and lacking in snap for other than easy mellow running.  I realize we are talking Midsole and not Ride here but I am reminded of many adidas Boost shoes which up front at toe off stop the soft bouncy Boost for a carrier of firm EVA to provide some toe off snap as well as including Torsion plastic further back. Here the DNA Loft is soft all the way to the front on the lateral side.

I wonder what the midsole here would feel like if the firmer BioMoGo DNA medial foam carried across the whole front of the shoe ahead of the main flex point to provide more snap at toe off as well as offer a touch more less deformable cushion as it currently feels a bit thin. And what would it feel like overall if the forefoot stack was raised a few millimeters with the heel dropping from the massive 12mm drop geometry. I don’t think many would miss any rear cushion by losing a few millimeters there as it is ample. And of course another way to provide more snap is through the firmness and geometry of the outsole.

Jacob: The Ghost 13 uses two types of Brooks midsole: the dimpled softer DNA LOFT EVA-blend foam on the lateral side, and the firmer, more responsive BioMoGo DNA on the medial side. The midsoles foams are co-molded together which leads to no visible or perceptible transitional line between the two foams. The intention of this dual-foam design is to provide a soft, smooth landing from the DNA LOFT but increase stability and encourage a more responsive toe-off from the firmer BioMoGo DNA.

I think this design works fairly well as the midsole has a good balance of softness, flexibility (quite flexible given the cushioning), and move-along response. I agree with Sam and Derek that it’s hard to notice the two types of foam. The cushion is ample and bottomless but it isn’t overly plush, sink-in soft, or squishy.  The firmer medial foam is most noticed on toe-off and makes it easy—for a moderately heavy, soft shoe—to roll off the toe and into the next stride. However the response and transition is far from snappy. It’s more of a smooth rolling feel than a spring or pop so conducive to slower paces.

The midsole of the GTX version feels the same in hand (pressing into the foam) and on the run.

Sally: I agree with the others that the midsole is soft and impact absorbing, and contributes to  to a mellow smooth transition with plenty of forefoot flex. 

brooks ghost 13 year

I did not experience any real pop at toe-off, but there are other shoes for those tempo runs. This is a solid, comfortable cruiser, that might better benefit a runner heftier than me (I am 106 pounds soaking wet). 

brooks ghost 13 year

Derek: The overall scheme is pretty simple. Thick stacks of very soft blown rubber in the forefoot, and carbon-injected rubber along the heel. 

brooks ghost 13 year

There is easily 5mm of blown rubber up front and just by squeezing it you can see the sponginess of this rubber. 

The design is actually not particularly different from Ghost 12 (top below), and maintains the deep horizontal grooves across the forefoot section. I think they might have been better off reverting to the design on the Ghost 11 with larger patches of rubber to reduce flexibility a bit. 

brooks ghost 13 year

This is likely the big contributor to improving the flex through the forefoot. I have to say I really liked the bounce through the forefoot in this shoe, courtesy of the softer Loft foam and the copious amount of blown rubber. I liken the bounce to a hyper-charged version of the bounce we got from the Nike Zoom Streak 6 forefoot. Durability and grip have proven excellent. I am facing a wet spell in my neck of the woods, and the shoe has performed really well on wet roads here. Durability has never been an issue for Brooks trainers, but I am really impressed with the overall durability of what I consider to be very soft blown rubber up front. 50 miles of tarmac in, and the rubber outsole pattern is still clearly visible. I expect the blown rubber to last a long long time in this model. 

brooks ghost 13 year

Sam: In addition to traction and durability, and with the copious rubber here that should be outstanding, the outsole of any shoe plays a key role in stability, transitions, and toe off and is particularly important in the mix when the midsole is relatively soft as here with the Ghost 13.

There is clearly less of the lag and deflection I felt in the Ghost 12 at the heel. The firmer rear outsole medial side is now shorter and less segmented with softer blown rubber picking up sooner..  While this change softens things a bit a mid foot I might have preferred a segment of firmer rubber for that area. 

Upfront as previously discussed in Midsole the shoe is very flexible. The outsole clearly keeps the softer lateral side from being mushy as it is felt as a nice stable and firmer component but overall the shoe up front lacks some snap and pop. Are the grooves into the midsole now too deep? Should the front ahead of the flex point stay firmer BioMoGo DNA instead of partial lateral side DNA Loft? Could the outsole rubber be somewhat firmer? 

Jacob: The Ghost 13 outside is composed of several pieces of very thick, soft rubber. The outsole is the thickest of any road shoe I’ve tested, but is well-segmented with deep flex grooves and variation in thickness in the rubber pieces themselves which leads to great flexibility given the thickness and bottomless cushion feel. The ride provided by the thick rubber is somewhat unique, giving a similar type of dense cushioned feel as when running a trail shoe on the road, but smoother.

The grip is tacky and great on pavement, brick, paint lines, dirt, and basically everything I’ve tried it on. The rubber appears to wear at an average rate so given the thickness the shoe should last many miles. Though traction is great, perhaps due to the softness and thickness combination, there’s a bit of instability while cornering at speed.

I’ve run the Ghost on moderate trail sections twice and the grip was solid on dirt, gravel, rock slabs, and dry roots. The fit is not conducive to uneven or twisty terrain, but traction is good enough that the Ghost performs well on tame trails.

brooks ghost 13 year

Women's Ghost 13 GTX

In the GTX version, the outsole rubber is notably firmer and less sticky-feeling to the touch. The GTX outsole, like the upper, is likely optimized for wet grip, though stickier rubbers usually have better wet grip, so it’s a bit curious. 

brooks ghost 13 year

In wet conditions, the Ghost GTX performs well. The grip is not spectacular nor confidence-inspiring, but it is solid and I experienced no accidental slipping on wet roads unless I tried to force it on fresh pavement and paint lines–it isn’t a tacky, overtly grippy feel though. The ride provided by the firmer outsole in the GTX version is a bit stiffer and less plush, though it’s hard to separate how much of that feel is from the difference in upper.

Mac: I am going to be up front here: I wasn’t expecting much out of this shoe. With all of the superfoams out there, trying out a “just EVA” just didn’t excite me all that much. I am happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised: although I wasn’t blown away 

brooks ghost 13 year

Derek: The ride is relatively soft and cushioned in this trainer. The heel feels firmer than the forefoot, and I put it down to the difference between the carbon rubber in the heel vs the blown rubber in the forefoot, despite DNA Loft being the softer foam at the heel. It is not necessarily a bad thing, as the firmer heel adds stability, and also maintains the heel to toe drop of the shoe, through to toe-off. I like the bounce you get from the forefoot at moderate paces, though this is less noticeable at easy/recovery paces. 

Overall transition is pretty smooth, but I do feel that the shoe is too flexible through the forefoot and could do with a bit more snap through toe-off. I like how the shoe feels at faster paces, but weight aside, I struggle to sustain the faster pace in this shoe as I feel like I have to work a bit harder to get through toe-off due to the forefoot flex. 

Overall the ride is OK. It is not particularly spectacular but does have a bit of liveliness to the ride for a daily trainer. I would recommend it more for easy to moderate pace runs, and more for people who need higher volume shoes but not necessarily wide models. It is entirely possible that heavier runners will get more bounce out of the shoe, even at easy paces and they may like it better. I think if they had stiffened up the forefoot a little more, it would be better for faster efforts and make it an overall more fun shoe to run in.

brooks ghost 13 year

Sam: I agree with Derek and Mac. The Ghost 13 has a great cushioned and smooth easy to transition ride, until you get to the toe off. Those wanting a soft easy flexing well cushioned forefoot with lots of front upper room of the more unstructured variety in the mix and soft flexibility will be pleased. I wished for more snap on toe off from a longer slightly stiffer flexing front of the shoe with more of a roll to toe off. I felt the lack of toe bumper substance had my toes rising just before toe off when combined with the flex.  I found the ride easy and pleasant at slower paces, but overly soft upfront at moderate paces with as Derek found more bounce as the pace picked up. 

Jacob: I also did not expect an exciting ride from a high-drop, heavier, primarily EVA trainer, and though not exciting, I really like the way the Ghost 13 runs. It has a nice roll-through sensation makes it easy to run in, and the weight is not noticed.The high drop (12 mm) contributes to the roll-through feel but is surprisingly less dramatic than I expected even after running in several zero drop shoes recently. The heel at least does not feel blocky or in the way at all. 

The Ghost 13 has true bottomless cushion for me (at 155 lbs / 70 kg) and a well-done measured softness that smoothes the landing and reduces vibration, but doesn’t take much energy away. It also rebounds quickly enough to get me off the toe without hesitation. This feel is smooth and consistent, not bouncy or squishy, nor responsive and snappy. The Ghost is less stable than I expected given its softness and flexibility, but still more stable than trainers with bouncier, more flexible midsoles (New Balance FuelCell Propel, Saucony Freedom 3, Asics Novablast, to name a few). 

brooks ghost 13 year

I agree with Sam and Derek that Ghost is best at slower paces. Like Sam, I thought the ride was overly soft in the forefoot at faster paces and felt a bit odd with less stability and less of the smooth rolling feel experienced at easy/endurance paces–fast paces is where I noticed the lack of pop off the toe that Sam and Derek described. However, I didn’t have as much of an issue with the lack of a snappy toe off, which I felt gave the Ghost a relaxed, easy-going feel. It makes it worse at speed, for sure, thus cutting the versatility, but at this weight I was hoping for an easy day or comfortable long run shoe, and at those paces, have no issue with the toe off.

In the GTX version there is less focus on plush comfort and the shoe has a stiffer feel overall, primarily from the upper but also the outsole. In my runs in the Ghost 13 GTX I felt most notably that the midfoot and heel lockdown was not as good as the upper was a bit less dynamic so my foot didn’t feel as connected to the platform as in the regular Ghost. I also thought that while the ride was certainly in the same category, it was a bit stiffer and more stable. However, in an A/B test I nearly forgot I was wearing two different shoes–the upper didn’t even feel hotter and I could hardly distinguish a difference in ride. The GTX version varies in construction and comfort, but any performance difference is negligible.

Sally: I won’t elaborate much more on this, as I came to the same conclusions as the other testers. I was pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of the ride, and found it lighter in feel than its weight would indicate. I tried to push the pace several times with this solid cruiser, and was moderately successful - it responded nicely, though not as effortlessly as some of the recent high-performance trainers we have been wear-testing. But it succeeds very well at the easy moderate runs it is designed for.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Derek: It is a competent and smooth ride for a daily trainer, but just not particularly memorable for me. It does most things adequately well without standing out particularly in any one department. I think the $130 price point may be challenging for this shoe, given the selection of competitors in the daily trainer space from other brands, e.g. Saucony Ride and Nike Pegasus.

Derek’s Score: 7.6 / 10

Ride 40% 7 Fit 40% 8 Style 10% 8.5 Value 10% 7.5

Sam: Easy going and on the softer side you won’t get in trouble choosing the Ghost 13 as a well and softly cushioned, easy flexing, daily trainer that should last many, many miles. The midfoot upper is a bit low in volume but easy to lace in while the shoe rear’s hold and stability combined with just the right amount of cushion and rubber is mint. The toe box is commendable in being comfortable, wide, and easy fitting but too much so for my medium to narrower feet. I wished for a better lockdown to the platform up front. Those who have been on the edge of wide in the front of a Ghost should consider going regular widths here. 

The softness and flex of the underfoot platform up front, in combination with the upper, needs work for my tastes as it lacks front upper lockdown and pop on toe off. But at the same time thanks to the copious outsole it is not mushy.

While a great choice for easy mellow miles the Ghost 13 suffers a bit in the versatility department as a daily trainer for my preferences. 

Sam’s Score: 8.6 / 10

Ride: 8.5 (50%) Fit:8.5  (30%) Value: 8.5 (15%) Style: 9.5 (5%)

Jacob: I’m definitely a fan of the Ghost 13 and have been picking it for most of my easy or tired-legs runs. It is very comfortable and well-cushioned with a smooth and consistent ride. I’ve enjoyed every run I’ve done in it (at 57mi now). I tested the Ghost at a variety of paces but enjoy how it runs the most at an easy to endurance pace. The moderately high weight isn’t a burden on chill runs but becomes noticeable when trying to run fast. Also it feels too soft and generally less smooth at high speeds. 

The Ghost is a shoe that could work on most runs, and for those with small quivers it would be a great workhorse for easy runs, long runs, and just general random runs–it’s even capable on smooth trails–a great choice as a do-it-all daily trainer. For me, with a large quiver of shoes, the Ghost will stay in my rotation as an easy run or easy long run shoe. Overall, I was quite impressed and understand why the Ghost is a classic in the Brooks road line.

I don’t mind the 12mm drop nearly as much as I thought I would but do feel that a few mm could be shaved off the heel, thus cutting weight and lowering the “ramp” feeling without negatively affecting the ride.

Jacob’s Score: 8.7/10

Ride: 8.5 (50%) Fit: 9 (30%) Value: 8.5 (15%) Style 9 (5%)

Sally: There is no question as to why the Ghost is such a top seller. It is a good-looking, solid, comfortable, well-cushioned, smooth riding shoe for all types of runners, especially suited to the easy mellow miles. I have even found myself reaching for the Ghost 13 (out of a multitude of running shoes in my quiver) every day to walk the dog! It is a “safe” choice for those who don’t want a closet full of choices. 

Sally’s score:   8.5/10

Ride 8.5 (50%)   Fit 8.5 (30%)   Value: 8.5 (15%)  Style 8.5 (5%)


Index to all RTR reviews: HERE

Nike Zoom Pegasus 37 ( RTR Review )

Derek: I wear US9.5 in both shoes. I tested the Brooks Ghost 13 and Pegasus 37 at the same time, and the rides are really quite polar opposites. The Ghost 13, has a generous fit, with a soft flexible forefoot, while the Pegasus 37 has an overall stiffer but springier ride and a rather narrow fit and low volume fit profile. I have to say I enjoy the Pegasus 37 a lot more for daily training, though the Ghost 13 is more forgiving for easy runs. Overall the Pegasus 37 is a more versatile and fun shoe for me, at $10 less.

Sam: I agree with Derek’s assessment of the men’s Pegasus 37. I also tested the women’s version in my equivalent size and found it softer and smoother running than the men’s due to its lower pressure air bag and softer React foam. Compared to the Ghost 13 the women’s Peg is more suitable to faster paces than the Ghost while having plenty of soft cushion. The transition and toe off are notably quicker in the Pegasus at all paces. In terms of upper the more performance oriented vibe continues with particularly noted a more secure forefoot hold than the Ghost for me but a somewhat less comfortable one. Overall I prefer the women’s Peg over the Ghost 13 but would select the Ghost 13 for easy runs over the men's Peg.

Saucony Triumph 17 ( RTR Review )

Derek: I wear US9.5 in both shoes. I know the Triumph was very well received by most people, but it is a shoe I struggle to go long in. The upper and fit tends to give me hot spots under the balls of my big toe, and is overall less breathable than it could be. It is a smooth versatile shoe otherwise, but of course is a bit heavier than the Ghost, and costs $20 more. I think people with bigger feet will appreciate the added volume fit of the Ghost 13. The Triumph is a bit smoother, and a bit snappier through the forefoot, but the Ghost 13 has a bit more forefoot bounce at faster paces, if you can sustain it. I personally prefer the Ghost 13 for easy runs, but would go for the Triumph if i want to incorporate some faster paces.

Sam: I concur with Derek above although I did not find the Ghost had as much forefoot bounce as Derek says due to its flexiblity but maybe also because I selected the Ghost for slower pace runs. 

Saucony Triumph 18   ( RTR Initial Review )

Jacob: Though the Ghost is quite comfortable, the Triumph wins in this regard with an even more plush yet somehow also more breathable upper with a more locked-in fit. The Triumph is notably heavier and I really feel the weight, whereas the Ghost runs lighter than it is. They are both interestingly easy-to-run in shoes but the rides differ dramatically. The Triumph is more muted, buttery, and bouncy as well as stiffer and less soft. The Ghost is livelier and more flexible with more (appreciated) ground feel in the forefoot which makes it feel like a more minimal shoe compared to the massive, boat-like Triumph. Both are for sure easy/endurance shoes and slower runners may prefer the extreme comfort and top-class protection of the Triumph, but for me the lower weight and livelier ride of the Ghost make it more enjoyable overall.

Sam: Packing considerable and noticeable additional weight, a full ounce and some more than the Ghost, the very plush and bouncier T18 has clearly more cushion with a considerably more locked down fit than the Ghost front to back from its substantial upper. So much so that I wonder, given the broad on the ground platform if its bootie, Ghost has none, with a thinner upper and could use one, is really needed in such a shoe. The Ghost is livelier and a faster trainer if I think needing some of the upper security and less flexible more stable toe off of the T18 and is a beast for longer slower miles in total comfort and security 

Saucony Endorphin Shift ( RTR Review )

Derek: I wear US9.5 in both shoes. The Endorphin Shift is slated to retail at $140, so $10 more than the Ghost 13, and is significantly heavier than the Ghost on the scale. Nevertheless, the Endorphin Shift is by far the more fun shoe to run in, with plenty of stack and cushioning paired with its SpeedRoll technology to aid turnover. The main Achilles heel for me with the Shift is outsole grip in wet conditions, but otherwise the Shift is an overall better daily trainer for me, for pretty much any kind of run.

Sam: Rocker for Shift vs flexibility for Ghost 13. Depends on what you prefer in a daily trainer. I personally preferred the more directed forward motion at all paces of the Shift over the Ghost more easy going flexibility which when the pace picks up has to engaged and pushed. I would add the Shift is also more stable overall and while firmer in feel more cushioned.

Brooks Levitate 4 ( RTR Initial Review )

Sam: A pretty significant difference in ride and fit for these two mainstay Brooks daily trainers.

The Ghost 13 is softer for sure, has more forefoot rubber and a far rommier upper than the more performance oriented Levitate with its snugger and more low over the toes knit upper.  The DNA AMP PU midsole of the Levitate is more pneumatic and firmer in feel than the combination LOFT and BioMoGo midsole of the Ghost. The Levitate 4, unlike its v2 version, falls apart at the ball of the foot with a duller, thinner and stiffer feel than the Ghost’s more flexible soft cushion over ample outsole. My sense is the new thinner not extensively segmented Levitate front outsole just doesn’t provide much pop or response, especially at slower paces while the Ghost’s does clearly better in that department.

Saucony Ride 13 ( RTR Review )

Sam: At about the same weight, the Ride 13 is a bit firmer but still very well cushioned. It more easily picks up the pace or goes slow. Both shoes share a copious amount of forefoot rubber which for the Ghost helps stabilize its softer cushion while for the Ride provides snappy response at faster paces. The Ghost upper will be somewhat more accommodating for wider feet. Ride 13 is a better choice for me as I like more response and a slightly firmer daily training ride.

New Balance 880v10 ( RTR Review )

Sam: Very similar purpose shoes here, daily training. They have very similar fits although I would give the comfort advantage to the Ghost as far as the upper but hold advantage to the 880. The Ghost is slightly softer overall and a touch less responsive and more easy going.

New Balance 1080v10 ( RTR Review )

Sam: The 1080v10 is clearly a somewhat higher performance daily training option with better fast pace manners than the Ghost but for me a firmer stiffer feel than the Ghost at slower paces. Despite being a bit to roomy not as locked down at the toe box, I prefer the mesh approach of the Ghost over the for me tight over the top of toes 1080 knit .

Skechers Performance GoRun Ride 8 ( RTR Review )

Sam: Playing in the same daily training world, the slightly lighter Ride has a more cushioned and far stiffer forefoot with no real rocker compared to more flexible Ghost. It is also half the heel to toe drop of the Ghost and that is felt given its stiffness and lack of rocker. I struggled more to toe off in the Ride than in the Ghost. The Ghost upper is more comfortable and roomy. 

The Ghost 13 and Ghost 13 GTX release September 2020


Good review. This is for Mac particularly... another guy with a tailor's bunion (actually both feet). My last pair of shoes were Ghost 12s and before that 11s. The 12s were 2Es to accommodate the bunions and they were wide enough. 300-ish miles in the 11s. Since then I moved to Sketchers GRR8; have 280 miles on one pair; 120 on the second, which are 2Es. 2Es are overall too wide and the material in the upper buckles, but the toebox is wonderful. Also tried Topo Zephyrs; perfect fit but the plate was too stiff to run in. What are your go-to shoes to accommodate the bunion that aren't zero drop? Thanks in advance.

Due to an ankle injury, I have not run in the Ghost 13 yet. I have very narrow feet, and for many years I wore the Brooks Adrenaline in a 10.5 B width. I cannot wear them any longer because they are too wide and sloppy, even in a B width. I switched to the Ghost 10 B width and they were great. I had 4 pairs that I wore out. I wasn't crazy about the Ghost 11 regular trainers, but I loved the 11 Gore tex model,which actually fit me better than the 11 B width. I liked the fit of the Ghost 12. I just picked up the Ghost 13 10.5 B width from our local store (curb side service,due to Covid 19). They are tough to get onto the foot,as one of your reviewers said,but they feel good walking in them,since I currently cannot run. I live in Central NY near Lake Ontario, and I want to get the GTX model, since we now have close to a foot of snow. Thank you for so much info in your review. It is very difficult for me to find shoes, due to my narrow feet, and Brooks Ghosts have been my best choice for a while.

brooks ghost 13 year

My experience with the Ghost 13 GTX was that the laces were always coming undone even double knotted, the outsole ,blown rubber is nice and grippy ,but it wears easy and on the hottest days, it gets mushy, spongy ,and feels like wet tar sticking to the pavement. I am not a heel striker and the 12mm drop on the Ghost 13's was too much for me. I no longer run in them. The Brooks cascadia 16 GTX has become my new trail runner . 8mm drop and much better build quality, nice elastic straps to hold your laces in place, and firmer DNA loft2 midsole, aggressive trailtral outsole, and a ballistic rock shield. The ghosts seem flimsy and cheap after swiching to Cacadia's.

brooks ghost 13 year

@mrmike Thanks for your feedback and insights. I agree on Ghost. Soft mushy more focused on step in comfort than actual running for me. On the other hand every Brooks trail shoe is outstanding including Cascadia with new Caldera even better if more massively cushioned. It is a really fine road shoe in addition to long trail cruiser. The Divide at $100 is also great and a super value. Sam, Editor

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Live updates, brooks and dunn announce ‘reboot 2024 tour.’ get tickets today.

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Thanks for contacting us. We've received your submission.

Kix Brooks (L) and Ronnie Dunn rock out on stage together.

Expect to hear Brooks and Dunn “Play Something Country” this year.

The Country Music Hall of Famers just announced their ‘REBOOT 2024 Tour’ that will send them all over North America from May through August with special guests David Lee Murphy and ERNEST .

That includes a night at Saratoga Springs’ Saratoga Performing Arts Center on Thursday, June 27.

If the tour is anything like their 2022 run, it should be a full-on party.

“It is our full intent to step onto the stage each night and throw down like the wildest honky-tonk you’ve never been to … yet,” Ronnie Dunn said two years ago. “Don’t be concerned about the mess left afterwards, y’all just enjoy yourselves and we’ll worry about that later.”

And if you want to throw down with Brooks and Dunn this summer, you can pick tickets up as soon as today.

Although inventory isn’t available on Ticketmaster until Friday, Jan. 26, fans who want to ensure they have tickets ahead of time can purchase on sites like Vivid Seats before tickets are officially on sale.

Vivid Seats is a secondary market ticketing platform, and prices may be higher or lower than face value, depending on demand.

They have a 100% buyer guarantee that states your transaction will be safe and secure and will be delivered before the event.

Brooks and Dunn 2024 tour

A complete ‘REBOOT 2024’ calendar including concert dates, venues and links to buy tickets can be found below.

2024 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo

Prior to the 21-concert run, Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn are scheduled to headline back-to-back shows at the 2024 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo on Saturday, Feb. 17.

They’re not the only major acts taking the stage in the Alamo City, though.

Other major icons set to perform include Wynonna Judd , Randy Rogers Band , Old Dominion , Big & Rich and Clint Black .

To take a peek at all the exciting stars set to headline the 2024 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, check out their complete calendar here .

Brooks and Dunn set list

For the past few years, Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn have taken their ‘REBOOT Tour’ on the road.

After a bit of sleuthing, our team found all the classic tracks they brought to the stage at their final 2023 ‘REBOOT’ gig.

Below, you’ll find all 19 songs they played at Greensboro, NC last June, courtesy of Set List FM :

01.) “Brand New Man” 02.) “Put a Girl in It” 03.) “My Next Broken Heart” 04.) “Mama Don’t Get Dressed Up for Nothing” 05.) “We’ll Burn That Bridge” 06.) “Honky Tonk Truth” 07.) “You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone” 08.) “Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You” 09.) “Red Dirt Road” 10.) “Lost and Found” 11.) “Hard Workin’ Man” 12.) “Play Something Country” 13.) “Cowgirls Don’t Cry” 14.) “Neon Moon” 15.) “Rock My World (Little Country Girl)” 16.) “Believe” 17.) “My Maria” (B.W. Stevenson cover) Encore:

18.) “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” 19.) “Only in America”

Brooks and Dunn special guests

At all shows, the boot-scootin’ Boomers are bringing along fellow country icons to kick things off.

To make sure you’re familiar with their sounds, you can find both acts’ most streamed song on Spotify here:

David Lee Murphy: “Dust On The Bottle”

ERNEST: “Flower Shops” feat. Morgan Wallen

Country stars on tour in 2024

It’s a good year to be a country fan.

Many of the biggest names in the game just might be boogie-ing their way to a venue near you.

Here are just five of our favorites you won’t want to miss live these next few months.

•  George Strait with Chris Stapleton

• Tim McGraw

• Kenny Chesney

• Travis Tritt

Who else is out and about? Check out our list of the 50 biggest country stars on tour in 2024 here to find out.

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    The Ghost 13 is finished with a fabulous feeling and fitting upper that has everything you need and nothing you don't. The finished product is an 8.8 oz, 12 mm drop thing of smoothness. How does the Ghost 13 ride? Smooth as silk for me. Just like the name implies, it basically disappeared on my foot.

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    This Brooks Ghost 13 is a certified PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe and has been granted the APMA Seal of Acceptance. SUPPORT AND CUSHION: The neutral support type provides high energizing cushioning. Ideal for road running, cross training, the gym or wherever you might want to take them! Predecessor: Ghost 12.

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    85 % "Moderate arch support" Additional Reviews Search Sort by: Most Helpful Newest Overall Comfort Style Verified Purchase Review for Zappos VIP Points (What's this?) Runs Small Runs Large Runs Narrow Runs Wide Poor Support Great Support

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    Shop Men's. Shop Women's. The Brooks Ghost 13 has a clean and seamless design that would look nice in and out of training. It has a nice, fairly snug fit that should not give you any problems during mid to long-distance runs. Although, in my opinion, the part where the eyelet is could use a little bit more snugness.

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    Derek: I wear US9.5 in both shoes. I tested the Brooks Ghost 13 and Pegasus 37 at the same time, and the rides are really quite polar opposites. The Ghost 13, has a generous fit, with a soft flexible forefoot, while the Pegasus 37 has an overall stiffer but springier ride and a rather narrow fit and low volume fit profile.

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    2024 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. Prior to the 21-concert run, Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn are scheduled to headline back-to-back shows at the 2024 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo on Saturday ...