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earth eagle vs phantom orion

(Nov. 12, 2020  4:34 PM) GodzillaFan101 Wrote: hey! Galaxy Pegasus is no where near a beginner beyblade. He is like the strongest metal beyblade of all time.
(Nov. 12, 2020  4:42 PM) GodzillaFan101 Wrote: if you want the most wins and if you want real excitement buy Galaxy Pegasus and Meteo L-Drago because they are like in the top 5 strongest beyblades and they dart around the beystadium at a fast pace. Plus Galaxy Pegasus is overpowered. and Diablo nemesis? I would have to look into him more and I like how you put in a extra one


(Nov. 12, 2020  4:59 PM) GodzillaFan101 Wrote: no problem, and I will buy Phantom Orion, and like you said Galaxy Pegasus is fun because he moves around a lot and does a lot of damage to. and I never knew that Phantom Orion was strong. I thought he was weak.
(Nov. 12, 2020  5:05 PM) GodzillaFan101 Wrote: PHANTOM ORION CAN SPIN FOR 7 MINUTES???? THAT IS INSANE POWER DUDE
(Nov. 12, 2020  5:15 PM) GodzillaFan101 Wrote: what type is it? is it an attack, defense or stamina? judging by how long it could spin I would guess its a stamina type. but now I REALL WANT ONE *really is what I meant

earth eagle vs phantom orion

(Nov. 13, 2020  3:39 PM) GodzillaFan101 Wrote: what about it?
(Nov. 13, 2020  3:43 PM) GodzillaFan101 Wrote: oh, were talking about starter metal fusion beyblades and you can join us if you want
(Nov. 13, 2020  3:46 PM) EarthHelios Wrote: (Nov. 13, 2020  3:43 PM) GodzillaFan101 Wrote: oh, were talking about starter metal fusion beyblades and you can join us if you want
(Nov. 13, 2020  3:49 PM) The Blacknight Wrote: (Nov. 13, 2020  3:46 PM) EarthHelios Wrote: oh ok.
(Nov. 13, 2020  3:50 PM) EarthHelios Wrote: (Nov. 13, 2020  3:49 PM) The Blacknight Wrote: u got a list?
(Nov. 13, 2020  3:51 PM) The Blacknight Wrote: (Nov. 13, 2020  3:50 PM) EarthHelios Wrote: Not rwally. But is Rock Leone a good bey to start off with?
(Nov. 13, 2020  3:52 PM) EarthHelios Wrote: (Nov. 13, 2020  3:51 PM) The Blacknight Wrote: absolutely not
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Is earth eagle better than phantom Orion?

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In battle in a Hasbro stadium, Phantom Orion would prove to be superior. In a Takara Tomy stadium such as the BB-10, the stronger one would be just by luck/launch. IMO Phantom is the stronger one because of weight and stamina.

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What is better flame sagitario or earth eagle?

earth eagle!

What is the best Beyblade in Beyblade metal fight?

The best Beyblade is, Hades Kerbecs BD145DS, Earth Eagle (depending on your launch), Phantom Orion BD, Scythe Kronos, Variares DD, Big Bang Pegasus, and Fang Leone.

What is better cyber pegusis or earth eagle?

earth eagle definetly

Who is a better BeyBlade - Earth Eagle or Rock Lion?

Earth Eagle

Is a hell kerbex better than earth eagle?

No Earth eagle has amazing balance and I think Earth eagle can beat any beyblade.

Which is the best customization with the beys earth eagle?

Phantom Gasher 100/90/85 WD.

Is Libra better than earth eagle?

What beyblade has the most stamina.

stamina types are good at sping balcing because very sharp porforments tip and some times good at attack

Who is stronger lightning L-drago or earth eagle?

Lightning L-drago is better for Attack, Earth Eagle for stamina. Since Attack beats Stamina, LLD is better.

Which is better lightning l drago or earth eagle?

LIGHTNING L DRAGO METEO L DRAGO L DRAGO DESTROYER are lal better than earth aquila/eagle

Which is better storm pegasus or earth eagle?

Well if you are talking about real life and not the cartoon i think that earth eagle would be better but if you are talking about cartoon storm Pegasus would be better. Because earth eagle has a lot of stamina and his blade is very thick and hard. Asfor Pegasus he has a lot of speed and is only effective at the start of the battle.

Is the sun closer or farther to the earth than the Orion nebula?

Orion Nebula is much further from the earth than the Sun is.


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Jade Jupiter S130RB

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  • 1 Face Bolt - Jupiter
  • 2 Energy Ring - Jupiter
  • 3.1 Metal Frame
  • 4 Spin Track - Shield 130
  • 5 Performance Tip - Rubber Ball
  • 6.1.1 Takara Tomy
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Face Bolt - Jupiter


The Face Bolt depicts "Zeus", the Greek god of the sky and thunder. Zeus' equivalent in Roman mythology is Jupiter. In Greek mythology, Zeus is the brother of Neptune (Poseidon) and Pluto (Hades). The design features the face of Zeus formed from Aquila, the eagle that held his thunderbolts.

Energy Ring - Jupiter

Clearwheel4d jupiter

Jupiter is a four-sided Energy Ring, with a design that represents the plumage and feathers of an eagle (Aquila). Although relatively heavy, Jupiter cannot compete with other heavier and well distributed Energy Rings, such as Cancer, Aquario and Cygnus. Jupiter' s shape, which is formed from many small protrusions, is not ideal for any type compared to the rounder and sturdier designs the aforementioned Energy Rings have. Like other 4D Clear Wheels, Jupiter contains iron powder, which was advertised by Takara Tomy to increase the weight of the Energy Ring.

Fusion Wheel - Jade

Metalwheel4d jade

Jade is a 4D Metal Wheel that consists of a Metal Frame and Core.

Metal Frame

  • Weight: 22.3 grams

Jade's Metal Frame has a four-sided design that goes in a left-ward movement. It's design gives it an homage to Wheels like Leone and Rock. Each side on Jade's Core features an oval-like hole with a metal ball encased inside of it. Since Jade features a Gravity Ball gimmick, the metal balls allow it to do so. During spinning, the metal balls will travel to the outside of Jade to increase centrifugal force, but when spin rotation starts to decrease, the balls will come back to the inside and are used for spin-retaining force, to help stabilize the Bey, and take hits more efficiently. Jade's Core also features four other oval-like holes around it; these holes reveal a purple PC Frame-like object inside of it.

  • Weight: 16.9 grams

Jade's Core is a circular Core with four protrusions sprouting out from it, at four different sides. If one was to looked closely, they would see that Jade's Core has a sun-like design to it, but just in the inside of it. There are also many holes between the sun-like design, with a thin circle lining around the Core to give it its circular look.

Jade has a Gravity Ball gimmick in which it can have fixed balls that stay inside Jade for "Defense Mode" or mobile balls that move around the Wheel for "Attack Mode"; this focuses the weight of Jade to its outside in order to better conserve and improve Attack. For Defense Mode, since the balls are fixed, the Bey moves faster around the stadium, instead of just staying in the center, which has a little bit of attack ability, but is useless for Jade. The Modes can be changed just by sliding Jade's Metal Frame across Jade's Core.

Jade was a very anticipated Fusion Wheel, due to its Gravity Ball gimmick, giving Bladers potential that Jade would be a great Defense-Type Wheel. Despite this, Bladers were very disappointed when Jade was tested. Although Jade had shown some potential for Defense, it was still defeated by Fusion Wheels like Twisted, Variares, Blitz, and Phantom. Thus, it could not hold it's ground well enough for Defense, as well as Stamina.

A reason why Jade may fail, may be because of Jade's total weight, 39.15 grams, whereas top-tier Defense Wheels like Duo and Death, reach into the 40 grams mark. Another reason might be the various holes that Jade creates on its sides while in Defense Mode . Dynamis prefers to have Jupiter in defense mode.

Spin Track - Shield 130

Track s130 img

Shield 130 (S130) is a Spin Track with a horizontal disk attached to its center. This disk consists of eight "arms" linked by plastic, forming an imperfect circle. Shield 130 is lighter than Spin Tracks like Boost Disk 145 and Gravity Ball 145, and thus are outclassed for Defense combinations. However, this Spin Track has found use in Attack combinations where it can add weight without getting in the way of contact points. Its medium height also allows it to score hits on higher Spin Tracks of opposing Beys.

Performance Tip - Rubber Ball

Bottom rb img

Rubber Ball (RB) , as its name suggests, is a Ball Performance Tip, made of rubber. Interestingly enough about it is the fact that it is very wide; the widest out of any Rubber-based Performance Tip to date.

Performance-wise, Rubber Ball is great for Defense; with comparable abilities to that of Rubber Spike (RS) and Rubber Defense Flat (RDF). While Rubber Ball contains a somewhat aggressive movement, it still maintains a Ball-based movement as well. Its rubber allows it to have better grip on the Stadium floor, allowing it to take powerful hits from Attack Types. Rubber Ball will move mostly around the middle on the stadium.

While obtaining great results for Defense, Rubber Ball has failed on certain combos, due to its large surface area, which while creating more friction, reduces Stamina and thus, makes it easier to KO than that of Rubber Spike. It is also not suited for Attack Type combos and is terrible in Stamina, like other rubber Performance Tips.

When worn down, it can act like a pseudo-flat tip.


  • As with most Random booster Prize Beys, It is the only Beyblade in Random Booster Vol. 8 that has a printed/tattooed Face Bolt.
  • Jade Jupiter's Face Bolt is the second printed Face Bolt out of the Legendary Beyblades, the first was Mercury Anubis 85XF .
  • This is the second Beyblade with a Gravity Ball gimmick, the first is Earth Virgo GB145BS .
  • This also makes Jade Jupiter the second Beyblade to have 2 depictions in one Face Bolt, the first being Gravity Destroyer AD145WD .
  • 1 List of Hasbro Beyblade Burst App QR Codes
  • 2 Beyblade X


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    Beyblade Wiki 7,489 pages Explore Series Characters Top Content Community Affiliates in: Balance Types, Right-Spin, Right-Spin Beyblades, and 11 more Earth Eagle 145WD View source Earth Eagle 145WD Product Anime Manga Naming Japanese アースアクイラ145WD Romaji Āsu Akuira 145WD Also Known As Earth Aquila 145WD Product Information Product Code BB-47 Type

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    LOCK IT UP (feat. Yeat, midwxst & Matt Ox) - Whethan.

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    This article is about the original 4D System release. For the Hasbro Hybrid Wheel System release, see Phantom Orion 145ES. Phantom Orion B:D is a Stamina Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy and Hasbro as part of the 4D System. It is owned by Chris and appears in Beyblade: Metal Fury. The Face Bolt depicts "Orion", one of the 88 constellations. It is known as the winter constellation. In ...

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    For reference, these are the only KNOWN real codes for Phantom Orion. F1512 is not one of those and as everyone is saying, it is a midfake every time. Unfortunately, not all of the Bearing Drives were made with the same level of quality. The 7 minute claim from Takara was under the absolute best conditions possible.

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