1. Ghosts Of You" Sheet Music by Chantal Kreviazuk for Piano/Vocal/Chords

    ghosts of you chords

  2. Ghost Of You Sheet Music PDF Download

    ghosts of you chords

  3. Haunted by the ghost of you . . . Song "take me back to the night we

    ghosts of you chords

  4. Ghosts Of Cape Horn, by Gordon Lightfoot, lyrics and chords

    ghosts of you chords

  5. Ghosts Of You Sheet Music

    ghosts of you chords

  6. GuitarZero2Hero "The Ghost of You" Guitar Tab in B Minor

    ghosts of you chords


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  1. GHOST OF YOU CHORDS by 5 Seconds Of Summer

    She Looks So Perfect (ver 3) 643. [Instrumental] Cadd9 G Em D Cadd9 G Em D [Verse 1: Luke] Cadd9 G Em D Here I am waking up, still can't sleep on your side …