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Best Ghost Detector Apps

5 Best Ghost Detector Apps for Android & iOS (Updated 2022)

Are you looking to capture horror activities near you using your smartphone? This world is one of the greatest mysteries of humanity. In the past, catching ghosts or spiritual activities wasn’t that easy, but it wasn’t easy for smartphone users. Ghost apps should work through specific energy sensors so that the interface automatically “detects” unusual events. With this application, you can easily take ghost photos, videos, and audio files and share them with friends and family.

You can easily track and communicate with your mind using the paranormal application on your device. This application is available for Android and iOS users, so anyone can easily use it on their smartphone and capture paranormal activity. With them, you will find many tools to detect real ghosts, abnormal energy, witch fluctuations, or spend some jokes on your friends with horrific spectra.

Best Ghost Detector Apps

This app was developed with the latest technology and powerful tools to achieve the best results. Some apps are only for entertainment purposes, so you can have fun with friends and family to catch ghost activity on your smartphone. We want to mention a few ghost detector apps that can show whether there are ghosts in your home. Even if it’s not reality, you can at least feel afraid or panic with people around you and have fun.

Ghost Detector – Best Ghost Detector App for Android

Ghost Detector is a free and popular application for finding ghosts and paranormal detectors for Android and iOS users. Ghost Detector will help you find ghosts near you. There is an electromagnetic field (EMF / EM field) that you can use to detect paranormal activity. Easy to use with proper user instructions, you can easily read it and use this application for free on your smartphone. There is also a thermometer for temperature measurement.

A group of paranormal experts develops a ghost Detectors so you can use your smartphone as a ghost hunter. If you use a device and camera sensor, you must open the application and follow the instructions that guide you and take pictures with it.

Best Ghost Detector App for Android

  • Use magnetic induction signals
  • Use an indicator at the top for a full scan.
  • The built-in compass will guide you where there’s a higher number of sensitivities.
  • Easy to use

Ghost Radar – Best Ghost Detector App

The radar detector helps you identify all the ghosts, interests, and spectral creatures in your home because it gives you a full radar display that you can display on your LCD screen. All you have to do is turn on scanning and run around the whole place. This application uses the device’s sensors and built-in radius to pick up electromagnetic and unnatural or general field signals.

On the other hand, the radar detector finds all the ghosts that rotate in place and show three points in different colors to identify the signal strength. If it is green, it means a stable flow of incredible energy is flowing. If it’s yellow, it means the signal is weaker. But red translates to their distance. It also shows several words that can be explained. Maybe this is the message you received from the afterlife!

Best Ghost Detector App

  • You can open the camera to take photos, videos, put night mode, etc.
  • Works via GPS and smartphone processor
  • Detects strange movements using signals
  • Different colors of signals

Ghost Observer – Best Ghost Followers App

Ghost Observer is the  best ghost followers  if your home is haunted. With Ghost Observer, you can see the energy of all the ghosts in your home using your mobile camera. You will find the radar in the bottom corner, and your job is to walk around the construction site. When an anomaly is detected, a white dot will be displayed, and the sound alert will start ringing. Do periodic calibrations to fine-tune the results, as they can break it down.

As if that weren’t enough, Ghost Observer allows you to record the audio while you’re doing spiritual turns, in which you can capture, with real voices, what they want to tell you. Access to the premium version gives you accurate message translations and “ Yes ” and “ No ” communicators for quick replies.

best ghost followers app

  • Use unique and advanced technology to detect, analyze, and record
  • You can easily interact with the mind using this app
  • You can record mind activities on your smartphone using this app

Ghost Camera Prank

This app will allow you to retouch any photo to add crashing spirits in them. You will find a complete folder with hundreds of stickers that you can change, enlarge, and adjust as desired. There are even masks and costumes for Halloween that you can try if you want other results. Save photos and upload them to social networks.

Ghost Camera Prank

With this ghost application, you can use Android sensors and radios to detect ghosts, electromagnetic waves, paranormal signals, and scary sounds. Using advanced radars, you will be able to visualize all the paranormal beings in your room, depending on the intensity of the energy, and take a photo and record audio with messages.

  • This app lets you capture free ghost images on your smartphone
  • It has a live camera scanning option that allows you to scan close to you to detect ghosts or spirits quickly
  • This app is only for entertainment so you can easily make pranks with your friends and family by capturing the spirits around you
  • With photos, you can also record voice to text using this app on your smartphone

Ghost Studio

You may not be very convinced by the integrity of these ghost apps, but you can try other options. The developer explains that this is not an entertainment application, so spectral interest is everywhere. First, open the form, and the camera is activated using a motion sensor and radio to detect electromagnetic signals and variation fluctuations. If there is something close, he will capture you with a photo.

ghost studio

With  Ghost Studio , you can program photos automatically whenever there is abnormal energy around you. The best thing is this application allows you to record audio while searching for demons, and you can recognize terrible psychophony. Many users claim that they have used the app after feeling abnormal presences and facts in their homes, and the vast majority check, through their photos, that they are paranormal beings. That’s scary!

We love to discover spirits all the time and usually go out in their search all over the office. If you are a fan of paranormal events and would like to live an otherworldly experience, we invite you to try the top applications. But in case you’re skeptical, you can have fun scaring your friends.

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Paranormal Authority

Best Free Ghost Apps: Our Top Picks for 2021

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

Whether you’re newly curious about the paranormal or you’re a veteran of preternatural detection, never before has there been more options for app-based technology for ghost tracking.

A collage of ghost hunting apps

With a smartphone and some basic understanding of ghost detection tools, anyone can try their luck at the science of apparitions. 

However, as the app market has grown, so has the possibility that the app you are purchasing is more for entertainment than for actual ghost detection.

So, what are the best free ghost apps?   The best ghost apps should have a mix of high-quality paranormal technology, but be easy enough for beginners and amateurs to use.  Understanding how ghost apps work and what to look for when purchasing an app can make sure you get the best value for the lowest cost.

How do these apps work?

One of the tools traditional paranormal researchers use to detect activity is an EMF (electromagnetic field) meter.   The presence of EMF fields closely links to paranormal experiences (hallucinations, paranoia, the feeling of being watched, etc.).

Once you debunk that there’s unusual electrical activity in the location, researchers often move to measure electronic voice phenomena or EVPs. 

The best free ghost apps offer EMF, EVP, and recording equipment all for an affordable price.

What to look for when purchasing a ghost app?

new ghost detector app

Many people rely on user reviews before downloading app.  However, when it comes to ghost apps, it might be worth digging a bit deeper into the technology and the app developers. 

If the app can’t accurately indicate the type of technology and or how the detection works, there’s a chance you’re getting more of a ‘fun’ than actual paranormal detection.

A simple search of the app developers can provide some credible references for their work.  Are they experienced investigators with a background in paranormal activity? 

Do the app developers demonstrate any experience in the field?  Apps that provide this background information on the developers will prove far more valuable.

Our Picks for the Best Free Ghost Apps:

Ghost radar (classic & legacy edition) – ios & android – free.

new ghost detector app

One of the first paranormal apps to ever hit the market, Ghost Radar by Spud Pickles has been providing goosebumps and thrills to users since 2009. 

The app has a simple, easy to use interface providing feedback to the user through voice recognition technology. 

It also can be configured to work in the background, allowing users to flip back and forth between apps without missing any detection opportunities.

With several hundred ratings between the classic and legacy editions, it’s also one of the most popular apps in the app store.

One final note about Ghost Radar.  The app developers include a disclosure about the verifiability of the information detected in Ghost Radar. 

They indicate it should be used for entertainment purposes only — a word of caution for anyone looking for top-notch paranormal technology.

SGK1 – Ghost Hunting Kit – Android – FREE

new ghost detector app

Android device users will appreciate this easy-to-use toolkit of everything you need for ghost detection. 

The app contains a full range of detection tools including EMF detector, EVP recorder, and a spirit box with more than 3000 different sound clips from historical detections. 

The app allows users to label and store detections for later analysis. It’s free for basic use but does allow in-app purchases to remove ads and unlock additional features.

Sono X10 Spirit Box – iOS & Android – FREE

new ghost detector app

Unlike other paranormal detection apps that use electromagnetic detection, Sono X10 Spirit Box uses voicebank technology to detect spirit activity.

The app has a voicebank of thousands of sounds, phonemes, and speech clips accessible to nearby paranormal beings.  These paranormal spirits use the voicebank to assemble full words or sentences communicated back to the smartphone user. 

The user is not ‘recording’ paranormal voices; however, as with other spirit boxes, the paranormal spirit manipulates the sensors in your phone to generate a message.

The app is free for use, although there is a larger soundbank available for purchase in the app.

Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder – iOS & Android

new ghost detector app

This one isn’t free (it’s cheap though) but we wanted to include it because it was developed by well-known Swedish ghost hunters LaxTon Ghost Sweden HB, this iOS and Android app offers 3-in-1 ghost hunting technology. 

The app contains an EMF-scanner, EVP/Voice recorder, and a motion detector.  Beginner ghost hunters will love the easy-to-use features and ability to share data with family and friends.

The app has more 1 and 2-star ratings than other paranormal detection apps on the market, although many of those seem to be related to glitches in previous versions.

Paranormal Ghost EVP Radio – iOS & Android

new ghost detector app

App developer Exelerus promises that Paranormal Ghost EVP radio app takes traditional ghost hunting to the next level. 

Though not free, it’s designed for both paranormal researchers and ghost enthusiasts alike, the app includes both EMF and EVP technologies, along with an easy-to-share text log to capture all of your recordings. 

The app also allows recordings to be uploaded to Dropbox for easy storage and sharing. With several thousand reviews among Android and iOS users consider it one of the best ghost apps on the market.

Ghost Hunter M2 – iOS

new ghost detector app

This is another app with a small fee that is pretty popular with ghost hunters. With more than 1,000 ratings in the app store, Ghost Hunter M2 is among the most popular and highly rated paranormal apps currently available. 

Among the long list of app, features are an EMF and EVP detectors, geoscope instrument, spatial displacement instrument, and a barometer to analyze barometric data collected by your phone. 

The app also features auto-detection and a Fast Fourier Transform Visualizer (FFT-V) algorithms to analyze audio signals.

It’s well-regarded as the most complex paranormal toolkit available on the app store to date.

Ghost Detect Pro – iOS

new ghost detector app

If you’re searching for a super low priced paranormal app, Ghost Detect Pro by Perfect Reality Apps might be the best choice for you.

The app offers easy-to-use features including EMF and EVP detectors with recording, radar, and a vibration detector.  Unlike other apps, Ghost Detect Pro provides all the available sensors on one page, rather than having to flip between measurement tools. 

Graphing details collect data over time with each measurement recorded in bold colors.

Note that users give the app mixed ratings. Some users have a positive experience using the app on different smartphones models, others find the app more challenging to navigate with older smartphones.

Things to Remember When Using App-Based Detection

As you start to experiment with some of the apps above, there are some good reminders and tips that can help improve your user experience and avoid frustration.  Keep in mind these considerations as you start your own ghost hunting experience:

  • Fully charge your smartphone. Using EMF and EVP detection can cause a significant drain on smartphone batteries. There’s nothing worse than being right in the middle of some spooky fun only to have your phone battery die.  If necessary, carry a back-up battery charging pack with you in case your session runs longer than planned.
  • Carry a back-up EVP recorder. Not all of the EVP recording technology in the apps above are created the same.  You may find it helpful to carry a back up vocal recording device with you until you’re confident and comfortable that the smartphone app is working correctly.  Two ghost recordings of the same paranormal sounds are always better than one!
  • Try shorter encounters. Until you know exactly how to read and analyze the recordings, it’s better to try shorter sessions of a paranormal meeting rather than an extended day-long session.  Going back to sort through that much information can be tedious, and it may be hard to recall all the exact details of what you encountered in longer sessions.
  • Be patient. Detecting paranormal activity requires patience and a willingness to keep at it.  You may not encounter anything unusual on your first few outings.  By continuing to test and become more familiar with your app-based technology, you only increase the likelihood of a ghost encounter.

Related Questions

What is an EVP recorder?

Measuring EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena is one of the methods used by paranormal researchers to detect ghost activity. 

EVP is thought to be vocalizations caused by ghosts as attempts to communicate.  EVP recorders are devices that work to identify and record EVP using highly sensitive audio equipment. 

The goal of using an EVP recorder is to detect ghost voices and capture them for later analysis.

EVP recorders come in several different types, some specifically designed for paranormal activity, and others sell for more general use.

It’s possible to purchase EVP recorders in various formats (hand-held, wrist recorders, stand-alone, etc.) for different types of audio (digital, high-resolution, large format, etc.).

Choose a model of EVP recorder based on personal preference, the location you intend to use the EVP recorder at, and the type of analysis you plan to do with the recordings. 

As mentioned above, many app-based EVP recorders can download digital audio files right to your smartphone as well.

new ghost detector app

About Brandon Hall

Hi! I am Brandon. Writer and content creator for PA, specializing in phenomena that is sometimes beyond normal scientific understanding. My mission is to help guide people seeking answers in a positive and enlightening way.

3 thoughts on “Best Free Ghost Apps: Our Top Picks for 2021”

Hi I used an app last year and unfortunately I took it off and cant remember which one it was. I have always felt something outside at the end of our house but at night. The app detected it and told me the person was of color and died in the late 1800s.

All free ghost detection apps come with ads and they take over. I just cant get any of them to work i do seriously need some help

Best Free Ghost Apps to get ,that really work

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Ghost Detector Radar

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new ghost detector app

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new ghost detector app

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Hello from the other side.

A woman stands in a creepy forest searching for ghosts. These are the best ghost-hunting apps that c...

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to use a ghost hunting app. It’s a thrilling thing to do if you’re stuck at home, and even more fun to do with friends. Whether you go down to your creepy basement to talk to spirts, or venture through the woods looking for apparitions, you never know what you might find lurking in the dark.

In fact, an October 2021 survey of 2,000 people conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Phantom Wines revealed that over 63% of respondents believe in the paranormal in some form, and 44% have even had a personal paranormal encounter of their own. A third of respondents said they’ve felt a vague “unexplained presence” in their home, whether it was due to flickering lights or doors closing at random. And for the 23% who said they don’t believe in the paranormal, they admitted that they still wouldn’t want to “provoke” anything. (Looking at you, Ouija boards .)

Whether you want to debunk these claims, or prove once and for all that your hallway really is haunted , a ghost hunting app will come in handy. Most of them have heavy disclaimers stating that they can’t actually verify the presence of ghosts . But you know what? That shouldn’t stop you from playing around with tools like EMF meters or EVP recorders — and having yourself a spooky time.

Here, the 13 best ghost hunting apps that might help you detect paranormal activity .

Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector

This highly-rated ghost hunting app allows you to exchange messages with ghosts while locating where they’re standing. (Yikes!) It also provides “spiritual statistics” about the ghost’s emotional state, zodiac sign, etc. The creators call it spooky, mysterious — and a great party game.

Download Ghostcon Radar Spirit Detector for Apple .

Download Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector for Android .

GhostTube SLS

The GhostTube SLS app uses your phone’s technology to detect “humanoid bodies” in your environment by projecting a grid of infrared light. If your phone is new enough, it’ll also give you night vision capabilities. Open the app the next time the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and see if someone — or something — is hanging out in the shadows.

Download GhostTube SLS for Apple .

Download GhostTube SLS for Android .

Ghost Hunting Tools

Ghost Hunting Tools, available for iPhone and Android, includes an EMF reader that detects fluctuations in the electromagnetic field, and an EVP recorder, which picks up electronic voice phenomena — things IRL ghost hunters rely on to detect otherworldly spirits. It uses a 1000-word dictionary to help you guess the intention of the spirit. And while the app says it’s just for fun, the reviews claim otherwise. One June 2021 review is titled, in all-caps, “100% REAL.”

Download Ghost Hunting Tools for Apple .

Download Ghost Hunting Tools for Google Play .

This ghost hunting app produces speech from ghosts, called instrumental trans communication, based on changes to sensors on your phone. Who knows if it's real, or if it just relies on what your phone already knows about you to send you scary messages? Either way, it’s sure to be creepy. Note: iOvilus does not provide privacy details about how the app handles your data, meaning it could be potentially unsafe.

Download iOvilus for Apple for $1.99.

Spirit Board

Ask the Spirit Board questions, or input text, and then wait for a ghost to respond. To really set the mood, the creators suggest darkening your room and lighting a few candles. Then, place your fingers on the planchette, Ouija-board style, to initiate a ghostly convo. If a spirit responds to your questions, the planchette will move to show their answer. With four stars and over 30,000 reviews on the App Store, you know you’ll be in for a spooky time.

Download Spirit Board for Apple .

Download Spirit Board for Android .

Ghost Detector — Haunted Radar

The Ghost Detector — Haunted Radar app claims to be the most accurate ghost detecting app. It works by picking up changes in electromagnetic fields to identify whether or not ghosts are present. Use it to search for spirits, or to scare your friends.

Download Ghost Detector — Haunted Radar for Apple .

Download Ghost Detector — Haunted Radar for Android .

Ghost Radar: CLASSIC

If you’re a skilled ghost hunter, then you probably already know that traditional paranormal equipment can malfunction if “normal energy” interferes with the readings. Ghost Radar: CLASSIC solves that problem for you by analyzing the readings only when interesting patterns occur. So rest assured that you can go about your investigation without being fooled by something mundane, like the sound of wind or water messing with your reading. Note: Users report that this app has distracting full-screen pop-up ads that link out to sites.

Download Ghost Radar: CLASSIC for Apple .

Download Ghost Radar: CLASSIC for Android .

Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder

The Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder is said to be one of the most accurate and veteran-approved ghost hunting trackers out there, according to a real paranormal researcher . In fact, in an interview with VICE in 2018, Kim Johnston , a paranormal researcher from Birmingham, Alabama, said, “I find that [app] useful because it’s built by genuine researchers and not people who are just trying to have fun or make an app that’s kind of a joke.” Rely on this one if you want to get good data.

Download Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder for Apple for $3.99.

Download Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder for Android for $5.99.

Sono X10 Spirit Box

To switch things up, try the Sono X10 Spirit Box, which is another tool Johnston likes to use. To sum up what a spirit box is, the creators of the app made it simple: “It is not the spirit’s voice you hear, but the spirit can create words from the voice bank by manipulating the mobile’s sensors.” Um, creepy!

Download Sono X10 Spirit Box for Apple .

Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner

This app is aimed at anyone who has an interest in paranormal investigation and research. It offers “fun and easy to use” EMF detection, automated EMF recording, and the ability analyze your findings right in the app. Get ready to hear some ~ghostly voices~.

Download Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner for Apple .

OVERNIGHT Ghost Hunt Toolbox

Here’s one that has everything you need to conduct a full paranormal investigation. You’ll get a spirit box, digital dowsing rods , an entity detector, and more. Once you’ve finished collecting data, go ahead and share what you found in the “community” section.

Downloaded OVERNIGHT Ghost Hunt Toolbox for Apple .

Download OVERNIGHT Ghost Hunt Toolbox for Android .

Ghosthunting Toolkit

This app supplies you with five powerful ghost-hunting tools, including an EMF detector, a vibration detector, power detector, an EVP recorder, and even an interrogation tool to interview intelligent haunts. Use the vibration detector to verify if your furniture is, in fact, shaking all on its own, and the power detector to “coax entities into revealing their manifestation strength.”

Download Ghosthunting Toolkit for Apple for $5.99.

Ghost Detector Radar Camera

Beware: This app is horrifying. To use it, brace yourself and walk around using the screen to hunt for ghosts. If one pops up, use the app to ask them questions. It’s an “ultra-realistic experience” that might as well be real, especially if you’re using the app alone.

Download Ghost Detector Radar Camera for Apple .

Download Ghost Detector Radar Camera for Android.

This article was originally published on Oct. 11, 2019

new ghost detector app

new ghost detector app

Real Ghost Detector

Real Ghost Detector

Detect ghost and other apparitions near you - capture and track unique entities this is an app developed through rigorous trial and error testing, to allow smartphones to detect the presence of ghosts, and many other supernatural beings in the area near the device. effective range is limited to roughly 500 meters (~0.311 miles), and accuracy cannot be guaranteed because of variations from device to device. sometimes it helps to allow the app to run for a prolonged period of time for more accurate results. the radar type design approximates the location of nearby detected presences in nearly realtime, with a unique color assigned to help identify and track additional entities as they come within scan distance. effectiveness and range are slightly different among different devices, and running multiple instances nearby can cause interference and disturbances to the scanning process. best used in low light, quiet areas, and often detects entities in areas you may have never suspected there to be any active apparitions. it's recommended to repeat scanning across several weeks of time for the most effective results as there are sometimes electronic and magnetic disturbances which will temporarily prevent accurate data being collected. notice: for best results on the new version, it is recommended to turn on your location services, allowing the compass to detect true north geographically from your location. otherwise it depends on magnetic north, which will be less accurate, and can easily be interfered with by electronics and magnetic objects if you have any difficulties with this app, please take a moment to email support so we can try to resolve the problem. this is a free app, and as such, it is supported through advertising on the admob platform. the continued development of this app depends on monetization through advertising, as otherwise there would be no way to fund the continued research and development of such sophisticated technology. an invisible energy can be detected near you if you suspect there may be supernatural events occuring, like strange voices, phantom happening, or the classic case of paranormal equipment detecting something - you should try ghost detector like a detective with esp you can impress your paranoid friends by using this scanner to look for spirits. do you enjoy real ghost detector please take a moment to write a review it should be noted that due to the paranormal nature of this app, results and accuracy will vary depending on conditions of the location and the device used..

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The Best Ghost Hunting Apps that claim to detect paranormal activity

Paranormal investigations have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and Ghost Hunting apps are becoming an essential tool for both professional and amateur ghost hunters.

These apps are packed with features designed to detect and identify spiritual activity and claim to make  ghost hunting  more accessible.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the top-rated ghost hunting apps available today.

Table of Contents

What are ghost hunting apps, best paranormal apps, evaluating the best ghost hunting app.

Ghost hunting apps are smartphone applications designed to assist users in detecting and tracking possible paranormal phenomena.

These apps utilise various tools, sensors, and algorithms to identify, record and analyse potential spirit encounters.

Functions and Features

Ghost hunting apps offer several vital functions and features that can be used in a paranormal investigation. Some of the most common features available in these apps include:

  • EMF Detectors:  Apps such as GhostTube include a Magnetic Field Detector, which measures electromagnetic field fluctuations using the device’s built-in magnetometer. It is believed that unusual readings could indicate paranormal activity nearby.
  •   EVP Recorders:   Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)  recorders capture sounds that are not detectable by the human ear but may be heard during playback. While many investigators prefer using a handheld voice recorder, ghost-hunting apps, like GhostTube and the  Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner , have built-in EVP recording capabilities. It is also possible to use your device’s built-in Voice Recorder to attempt to record EVPs, as we proved at the  Galleries of Justice  in Nottingham.
  •   SLS Cameras:  The makers of GhostTube have created an SLS Camera Tool that works well on Apple devices equipped with LiDAR technology. SLS cameras are believed to be able to detect the human form, and spirits may show as stick figures if they are present.
  •   Vibration Detectors:  These tools detect unusual vibrations or movements in the environment. The  Ghost Hunting Toolkit  is an example of an app with a vibration detector.
  •   ITC Applications:  Several ITC applications, such as Echovox or ParaTek, use multiple banks of phonetic sounds to generate intelligent responses. Spirits are said to be able to manipulate these electronic sound forms to form full words and even sentences.

GhostTube is a ghost-hunting app that uses the sensors on your mobile device to detect fluctuations in magnetic energy, select words from a pre-populated data bank, and  record EVPs  during paranormal investigations.

The app’s developers also offer a virtual reality headset that can be used with GhostTube apps for an immersive experience while investigating or aiding in sensory deprivation during Estes-like experiments.

Another cool feature GhostTube offer is an SLS Ghost Camera app that uses the LiDAR technology built into Apple devices to detect humanoid bodies that the naked eye cannot see. It projects a grid of infrared light to detect depth and see in the dark as the Kinect SLS camera works.

GhostTube is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store, while the GhostTube SLS camera is available on the App Store.

EchoVox is a well-known app in the paranormal community that is designed to facilitate communication with spirits via ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication).

With adjustable settings and studio-quality results, users can capture and analyse audio recordings, which are said to include real-time responses from spirits.

Nick Groff and respected Paranormal Investigator Barri Ghai, the tech expert on the British paranormal show Help My House is Haunted, use this app regularly.

Barri explains: “Somehow, this application produces incredible results during any investigation.”

ParaTek  is a ghost hunting app that claims to use third-generation AI technology to detect paranormal activity. The app features a built-in gyroscope and magnetometer that can scan through four layers of data to analyse and decipher over 2000 words in the app.

Some users have reported success with the app, while others have expressed skepticism about its ability to detect paranormal activity.

The Paratek app has also been featured on a paranormal TV show called “Ghost Chasers” and ‘Help My House is Haunted’ on the Discovery network.

The app’s developers claim that both novice and professional ghost hunters trust it and that they consistently strive to bring the best technology available to their apps.


Necrophonic  is a popular app focusing on ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) research in paranormal investigations.

Whereas a  Spirit Box  would scan radio frequencies to search for spirit voices, Necrophonic uses eight sound banks, and the app generates white noise to facilitate communication with spirits.

As a result, users can potentially receive real-time spirit voices through their devices.

Accuracy and Reliability

When evaluating the best ghost hunting app, it’s essential to consider the accuracy and reliability of the tools provided. Apps such as GhostTube utilise actual sensors built into the device, such as the magnetometer, to provide users with a credible experience.

Television medium Chris Fleming, who champions the use of ITC applications, told GhostMag in a recent interview that there can be a lot of “false positives”, but believes he has recorded “remarkable conversations and evidence” when using ghost hunting apps.

“We have heard, captured and analysed some of the direct responses. The proof is in the data”, he added.

Reviews and Testimonials

Another vital factor to consider when evaluating the best ghost hunting app is the app’s overall reputation.

This can be assessed by checking user reviews and testimonials, which provide valuable insight into the app’s performance and effectiveness.

Highly-rated apps like  Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector  have numerous positive reviews, indicating that they may be efficient and helpful during paranormal investigations.

The credibility of a ghost hunting app can also be determined by analysing its adoption and success among professional ghost hunters and its performance during investigations. For example, professional investigator  Barri Ghai  strongly recommends EchoVox, ParaTek, and Necrophonic on his website.

We recommend trying different applications on the same investigation, as we have found that some apps work better than others in specific locations.

It is also important not to rely solely on Ghost Hunting Apps to record paranormal evidence. While they can be fun to use and occasionally throw up some extraordinary evidence, we suggest you also take some traditional  ghost-hunting gear !

This article discusses some of the top ghost hunting apps available for both iOS and Android devices. These apps offer a variety of tools and features, assisting paranormal investigators and enthusiasts in their ghostly endeavors.

The effectiveness and validity of these apps in detecting paranormal activity remain subjective.

Nonetheless, their growing popularity suggests that users find value in their assistance during paranormal investigations. As with any tool, using these apps responsibly and with a healthy dose of skepticism is essential.

In conclusion, ghost hunting apps can be an exciting and valuable addition to any paranormal investigator’s toolkit.

With the increasing advancement in smartphone technology, these apps continue to evolve, offering users new and innovative ways to explore the world of the paranormal.

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Ghost Hunting Apps | 23 Best Apps for Android & iOS

Everyone loves the spooky stuff we read about them, hear about strange things and occurrences, and discuss them on late nights to creep ourselves out even more! Thus, you must know about the best Ghost Hunting Apps out there.

There are plenty of applications for Android and iOS that celebrate the bone-chilling sensation of fear and paranormal panic . So read our list and find out who is living with you, and don’t forget to check under your bed.

Are you fascinated by the supernatural and enjoy searching for paranormal activity? If so, you might want to explore the world of ghost hunting using your smartphone. Luckily, there are numerous apps available for both Android and iOS that cater to this interest. Here is a list of the top 23 ghost-hunting apps that you can try out to satisfy your curiosity about the unknown.

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Table of Contents

Real Ghost Detector – Ghost Scan Radar Simulator

Real Ghost Detector – Radar is one of the fun Ghost Hunting Apps, which can make you feel like a ghost hunter. With this application, you can measure the presence of electromagnetic radiation around and scare your friends.

real ghost detector - ghost scan radar simulator

The app uses your device sensors to check the presence of these radiations around. It also gives indications to you about any unusual activity around. Show your ghost hunting skills by finding out about the paranormal activities and spirits near you.

Download: Real Ghost Detector – Ghost Scan Radar Simulator

Paranormal Window

Paranormal Window app is one of those ghost hunting Apps that has some information about the parallel world. If supernatural behaviors make you excited, if you want to know deep about the supernatural existence, then Paranormal Window is your true helper.

The application doesn’t necessarily check if you have any strange spirits around you somewhat it is catered to give information about ghosts , spirits, and other paranormal beings.

paranormal window

If you are one who doesn’t believe in all, this application is surely made for you. It’ll clear your doubts and also has an active archive that has the latest news, proofs video , photographic, and audio on the particular searched subject matter. So go ahead, download this application, and upgrade your paranormal knowledge.

A few little details of the Unidentified Flying Objects have also been fed into the system of the application. The application also consists of all the latest news regarding the paranormal world.

Some videos, news, etc., can be related to the same. So, in short, if you are a person who wants to discover the treasure of these parallel worlds, the app is something you are likely to fall in love with.

Download Paranormal Window

Real Ghost Detector Radar (Ghost Hunting Apps)

This application, to begin with, does not guarantee a real-life experience but if you are looking for fun then go ahead and download it. If you want to show to spoof a friend , for instance, the Ghost Detector Radar app is perfect for you just download it and move with your camera and this app will detect the entity in front of you.

real ghost detector radar

You will know its type and can ask any question you want. This is one of the ghost hunting apps that’s purely made for fun purposes, so go ahead and walk around and enjoy.

Download: Real Ghost Detector Radar

Ghost Detector Radar Simulator

It’s more of like a fun chit-chat game with a ghost. It’s effortless to use and delineate. It lets us communicate with the entity present around us.

ghost detector radar simulator

It’s been updated recently on 25th May 2019 which enables us to use it explicitly free of bugs and crashes. It has also introduced a new scanning sound. And hence, it is one of the best ghost hunting apps.

Visit: Ghost Detector Radar Simulator

Paranormal EMF Recorder And Scanner

Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner belongs to the family of those ghost hunting Apps, which were designed especially for the ones hyped up with investigations and paranormal recordings.  

This EMF detector is fun and super easy still, one thing to note is that it’s not just a game , the readings are really using the magnetometer of your phone.

paranormal emf recorder and scanner

The magnetometer embedded provides accurate measurements, and the automated EMF is responsible for recording long-time sensations and is pre-installed in the app. The real-time EMF magnitude strength can be traced according to their height, width, and length.

There are also special devices, more like sensing ghosts or spirits. The mobile phones we use consist of sensors to detect any paranormal behavior with the help of electromagnetic fields.

Often these kinds of real devices turn out to be very expensive, but mobile gadgets make the process easier by providing easy-to-use services.

Visit: Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner

PAIRS Spirit Box (Ghost Hunting Apps)

Now, this is the real spooky app. PAIRS Spirit Box application is another masterpiece with the brains of three major countries running together. It also mentions one of the countries being the love of our life – Our Own India.

pairs spirit box

The different models in use here get inspiration from Mahabharata stories. There is a wide picture display that allows viewing all the details regarding a picture.

The dominant feature of this app is that you can seek a spirit from a distance. The display enhances your feel and experience.

It is essential to set your phone on flight mode with Bluetooth off and set the mode beforehand.

The different lights ensure the presence of spirits or any action. The EMF readings change with a 20% increase or 20% decrease, depending on the intensity of the presence. It gets scarier when the conversation features the paranormal initiate.

The interface is pretty primary, so don’t forget to apply specific settings before use.

Visit: PAIRS Spirit Box

Ghost Finder – Paranormal Discovery Tracker Hunter

Ghost Finder is mostly for play purposes as it does not work as a real tool, and neither does it participate in sensing any abnormal sensations. The only purpose it serves is off have fun using the app. It has a UI that is not very difficult to understand. As the camera launches, the surrounding area comes from the display.

ghost finder

One interesting thing about this app amongst the other Ghost Hunting Apps is that you can choose how to use it as you launch it. You turn on the camera and view the world around you. At a given moment, the Ghost Finder app creates a vision that identifies some paranormal activity around someone or something.

The app belongs to ghost hunting Apps which have the function of creating any specific vision that guarantees the identification of spirits. Several other features that can be accessed after upgrading the settings are impedance, timeout, capacitance, etc.

The wavy matrix features go well along with the wavy elements. The recordings can be made and saved to have fun while listening later.

Visit: Ghost Finder

EVP Recorder-Spotted Ghosts

This is the ultimate ghost hunting app . Paranormal investigations are recorded using an EVP recorder. The ghost does not speak directly through this app, so it would be silly to look for miracles.

evp recorder - spotted ghosts

The application is user-friendly, and once you are done installing the app, start recording playfully. The famous Haunted Hotel TV show used the same recorder to get the signs of paranormal activities.

The EVP recording folder holds all the recordings made using this app. There are possibilities to record and hear the same later in case you missed out on some important details. There is also a list of messengers that help to send the recorded videos.

Visit: EVP recorder

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SpecTrek (Ghost Hunting Apps)

SpecTrek is one of those Ghost Hunting apps that will help you live your dream of being a mighty ghost hunter and finding the scariest ghosts around. Well, no vacuum cleaner is required, like that used in ‘ Hunter of Ghosts. ‘ However, you can still be those tough ghost hunter uncles and also make your friends believe in the existence of spirits in the world.


SpecTreck uses your GPS to track down paranormal activities. It also has a magnificent design, and the classic clock , with the colorful transmission of the terrain, will keep you amazed. SpecTreck creates an illusion of reality so that you can have a blast with the creatures of the dark world. 

Download: SpecTrek

Ghost Hunting Tools

Ghost Hunting Tools is one of the finest Ghost Hunting apps, and you can get it with its super-sensitive microphone and ghost radar. It comes with a built-in camera , a photo analyzer, and also a quantum flow detector. This app lets you detect the directions more accurately with its colorful readings.

ghost hunting tools (simulation)

Ghost Hunting Tools is a great application for real ghost lovers and will keep them in awe. You will get access to EMF meters and EVP detectors to enthrall your ghosts, and spirits’ hunting sessions. The app will keep you intrigued with the presence of spirits with its strong dictionary, including several thousand words. 

Download: Ghost Hunting Tools

SV-1 SPIRITVOX CLASSIC (Ghost Hunting Apps)

With the SV-1 Spiritvox, you can turn your mobile device into a mysterious spirit box. Amongst the other Ghost Hunting apps, this application is carefully designed by ghost hunters to serve its purpose well.

Thousands of paranormal experts have approved of this magical application. It generates two sets of random carrier sounds with the help of your device’s audio playback algorithm.

sv-1 spiritvox classic

SV-1 SpiritVox Classic creates a real-life atmosphere of the darker world. Its demonic sounds will surely get you goosebumps all over. 


Ultimate EMF Detector Free

The most primitive yet widely popular machine to detect the paranormal was the EMF meter. Ultimate EMF Detector has a reasonably accurate EMF meter that shows the changes of the magnetic field measured in different units: microTesla, guess, and milliGauss and auxiliary field H in an ampere meter with a needle and LED’s using the sensors of your device.

ultimate emf detector

With its new design, it has impressive graphics and high accuracy, which very simply show fluctuations of a magnetic field at different places. Also, one thing to note is that if your phone doesn’t have a magnetic sensor, this app will not work.

Download: Ultimate EMF Detector Free

Ghost Camera Photo Prank (Ghost Hunting Apps)

Again, the name is kinda of descriptive itself. This is one of those ghost hunting apps that are for fun. So, if you are looking to click an unusual picture or probably add some ghosts to spook people out, then with this app, you can create the best paranormal pictures ever!

ghost camera photo prank

Ghost Camera Photo Prank will look incredibly scary and gory then you can share it with your friends and the world . First of all, you need to choose the ghost sticker to add to your photo, then pick a filter to make your picture scary . The added feature is that you can choose the pose for your ghost and spirit, and you are good to go.

Download it here .

Ghost Detector Camera

Ghost Detector Camera is one of the Ghost Hunting Apps that has garnered a lot of attention lately due to the atmosphere it can create, and it’s true. Using this app, even the ones who do not believe in ghosts will be scared out of their wits. It is super refreshing because this ghost detector knows how to make the experience truly an authentic one.

ghost detector camera

Like other Ghost Hunting Apps, this ghost app uses real EMF readings , but along with it, the graphics are phenomenal, along with remarkable sounds . Just switch on the camera, move around, and enjoy the show.

Download it here

Ghost Observer (Ghost Hunting Apps)

Ghost Observer is yet another free ghost hunting app for Android as well as iOS users. This app allows you to interact with spirits for free on your smartphone without much effort.

Designed with highly advanced technology and unique features, you can record paranormal activities on your device using the camera option. It includes voice effects and other amazing features to enhance the voice quality of the app.

You can easily ask them questions and listen to what ghosts are telling you. This app works perfectly in the dark so you can have entertainment and get the best experience. However, this app does not contend with any scientific accuracy and is meant for the purpose of fun only.

Download: Android / iOS

SGK1- Ghost hunting kit- Android

This application includes almost all the features you need to detect ghosts and observe paranormal activities. It’s manageable and very easy to use.  With high popularity and numerous ratings, this is one of the best free ghost hunting apps you can find on the internet.

sgk1- ghost hunting kit- android

From Spirit Box to interact with ghosts to EMF detector to discover ghosts, this application has covered it all. You can relish your journey of catching a glimpse of ghosts with more than 3000 audio clips.

One can use it for free and have a premium account to remove unwanted ads and pop-ups. Also you can also have access to additional extraordinary features of this app through the premium account.

Visit: SGK1- Ghost hunting kit

Ghost Hunter M2-iOS (Ghost Hunting Apps)

It is one of the most highly-rated ghost hunting apps in the Play Store today, with over 1500+ reviews . It has a complex yet amazing toolkit to detect ghosts with negligible glitches.

ghost hunter m2-ios

This application is well-known for its amazing features and posh graphics. EMF and EVP detectors are the most fundamental ones to interpret audio signals and indications. The downloads of this app run into millions. It explains why Ghost Hunter M2-iOS is one of the best free paranormal apps one can recommend to you.

Moreover, this app also brags about having wonderful features like FFTV (Fast Fourier Transform Visualizer), barometer, and spatial displacement tool. The barometer examines the information that your phone collects while hunting for ghosts.

Visit: Ghost Hunter M2-iOS

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SONO X10 Spirit Box

This is one of the best free ghost hunting apps available on the internet for both Android as well as iOS users. It is safe to say that this application is the professional version of the well-known ghost spirit box.

sono x10 spirit box

This app also features a “low sweep” tool, helping you to control the speed while discovering ghosts. What makes this app stand out from the rest of the apps is its voicebank technology. With multiple sound effects and speech clips, this application amazes most the paranormal app freaks.

The spirit has the ability to control the sensors of your cell phone and create messages in order to interact and scare you. Download this application now and begin your journey of paranormal gaming today.

Visit: SONO X10 Spirit Box

Ghost Locator (Ghost Hunting Apps)

If you’re in search of ghost hunting apps through which you can locate ghosts and spirits in a jiffy, then your quest has come to an end. This app helps to find ghosts and spirits precisely, literally speaking. And gives you a lot of details and information to locate ghosts.

ghost locator

It consists of radar to discover ghosts quickly, cheat codes, and a ghost world map. This application doesn’t claim any scientific accuracy and is meant for the purpose of fun and entertainment.

Download this app now to discover more new features and investigate paranormal activities during the investigation.

Visit: Ghost Locator

Ghost Hunting Sonar

It detects the presence of spirits and other anomalies in the environment. Ghost Sonar uses a variety of sensors in the phone or tablet to interpret the situation. Anomalies are detected and interpreted through the available sensors in the phone EVP signals are being interpreted by amplifying the underlying signals that are being picked up by the device’s microphone.

ghost hunting sonar

It can also be used for more accurate results by using speakers since part of the detection happens by interpreting the audio signal from the device’s speakers. It also plays a vital role in entertaining. Hence, it finds it way to the list of best ghost hunting apps.

Visit: Ghost Hunting Sonar

Ghost Detector Prank

The next one on the list of best ghost hunting apps is Ghost Detector Prank. As the name suggests, one can scare his friends and make fun of them by showing them the position of the ghost on the phone camera. We can make them believe by showing them the various signals and ghost radiations and such; we can prank anyone whom we want to.

ghost detector prank

It’s the latest update has now included the provision of communicating with a ghost as well. One can take a ghost picture with the ghost Camera view. We can pretend to be a professional ghost detectors along with our friends.

Visit: Ghost Detector Prank

Ghost Radar – CLASSIC (Ghost Hunting Apps)

It is one of the oldest and original ghost hunting Apps that can detect any paranormal activity by taking different readings under different conditions. The presence analysis carries by reading changes in ambient energy and, thus, its color. It also has a voice detector which lets us know when any Interesting suspicious sound is observed.

ghost radar classic

It was first introduced in 2010, and its latest update has been provided recently in 2018, and it has been downloaded by more than five million people across the world.

One of the finest and most widely used ghost hunting Apps in this digitally mastered world. The user interface tends to look a little tricky and is difficult to use. The pinch of classic elements in the app does wonders for the entire function. Ghost Radar has a key feature to differentiate between the equipment used for haunting ghosts which can simply turn void when exposed to any energy.

It also helps to find all the different kinds of sports and divides them into categories. The phone’s magnetometer is used to find out about paranormal activities. This app gets downloads worldwide for serving the purpose of ultimate fun.

Download Ghost Radar – Classic

Ghost Radar – LEGACY

The last one on the list of ghost hunting apps is Ghost Radar- Legacy. This is another improved version of the previous application and comprises a few updates. Ghost Radar serves the same purpose as before, which is to arouse the sensors to look for paranormal activity, but this time, making various readings in the device.

The interface is much better than the Classic version of the same application making it quite easy to use for advanced users.

ghost radar legacy

It has the power to convert energy into symbols and Vedic mantras. They can also get features graphically on the device. It has an added facility of multi-language.

Download the app start with the investigations, and make sure that the radar gives the updated reading; otherwise, look at the settings to ensure the same. Have a blast with the ghosts!

Download Ghost Radar Legacy

What Features Do Ghost Hunting Apps Have?

Ghost-hunting apps often include features like EMF detectors, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recording, night vision filters, and real-time audio analysis. Some use GPS for location-based data, while others provide a database of known haunted places. Note that their effectiveness is debated, and they should refrain from replacing professional equipment for serious investigations.

Do Ghost Hunting Apps Detect Real Spirits?

Ghost-hunting apps claim to detect spirits, but their reliability is questionable. They often rely on sensors like EMF detectors and random word generators, but scientific evidence supporting their efficacy still needs to be provided. Many factors can influence their readings, so they should be used cautiously, and real spirits remain unproven.

Are Ghost Hunting Apps Safe to Use?

Ghost-hunting apps are generally safe to use for entertainment purposes. However, relying on them for serious paranormal investigations is discouraged. Some apps may request unnecessary permissions or pose security risks, so it's essential to read reviews, research the app's developer, and exercise caution when downloading and using them.

What Are the Best Ghost Hunting Apps?

Several ghost-hunting apps are available, including Ghost Radar, Paranormal EMF Recorder, and EVP Recorder. However, their effectiveness varies, and they should be used for entertainment, not serious investigations. Always read reviews, research the developer, and exercise caution when choosing and using such apps.

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Conclusion (Ghost Hunting Apps)

Enjoy the ghost hunting Apps on your Android as well as iOS devices to have a ghostly night. These ghost hunting Apps are sure to give you long-time goosebumps.

Follow us to learn more about action games , pokemon games , soccer games as well and baseball games available on the Play Store . Also, keep yourself updated about the best GameCube Emulators .

Also, don’t forget to look under your bed , behind your back, and at the ceiling over you!

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    This app can be used as a ghost tracker. Ghost Detector Simulator is a device that detects ghosts to enjoy an experience about the spirits world. See supernatural phenomena right in front of your eyes by professional ghostbusters! Key Feature: Ghost Detector & Ghost Radar: Detect paranormal activity. Ghost Scanner & Ghost Tracker: Ghost ...

  25. AI Detector: Zero AI-Generated 4+

    AI Detector is the perfect tool for content creators who want to ensure their content is authentic, as well as for students and teachers who want to stay ahead of the game as AI becomes more prevalent in education. With AI Detector, you can be confident that your content is human-generated, and avoid being penalized by social media and search ...