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From Haunted Houses to Zombies: The Most Frightening Scary Horror Games

Do you enjoy the adrenaline rush of being scared out of your wits? Are you a fan of horror movies and looking for a new way to experience fear? Look no further. In this article, we will explore some of the most terrifying scary horror games that will leave you trembling with fear. From haunted houses to zombies, these games will push your limits and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Haunted Houses: A Classic Thrill

If you’re a fan of haunted houses, then horror games that feature eerie mansions or abandoned buildings are sure to provide an exhilarating experience. One such game that comes to mind is “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.” Set in a dilapidated plantation house in rural Louisiana, this game combines atmospheric horror with intense gameplay. As you navigate through dark corridors and solve puzzles, you’ll encounter grotesque creatures and terrifying jump scares that will keep your heart pounding.

Another notable haunted house game is “Amnesia: The Dark Descent.” In this first-person survival horror game, players find themselves trapped inside an ancient castle with no memory of how they got there. With limited resources and a lurking presence that feeds on fear, this game is guaranteed to make even the bravest players feel vulnerable and terrified.

Zombies: A Never-Ending Nightmare

Zombies have been a staple in horror culture for decades, and scary horror games featuring these undead creatures are always popular among thrill-seekers. One standout title in this genre is “The Last of Us.” Set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by infected humans turned into zombies, this action-adventure game blends intense combat with an emotionally gripping storyline. The realistic graphics and immersive gameplay make every encounter with the infected a heart-pounding experience.

For those seeking a more intense zombie experience, “Resident Evil 2” is a must-play. This remake of the classic survival horror game takes players back to Raccoon City, where a zombie outbreak has turned the population into flesh-eating monsters. With its atmospheric setting and relentless undead enemies, this game will keep you on your toes as you fight for survival.

Psychological Horror: A Mind-Bending Challenge

If you prefer horror games that mess with your mind, then psychological horror games are perfect for you. “Silent Hill 2” is often regarded as one of the best examples of this subgenre. As players control James Sunderland through the foggy town of Silent Hill, they unravel a deeply disturbing story filled with symbolism and psychological torment. The game’s haunting atmosphere and psychological twists will leave you questioning reality long after you’ve put down the controller.

Another mind-bending horror experience is “Layers of Fear.” In this first-person exploration game, players step into the shoes of a disturbed painter as they navigate through a constantly changing mansion. Delving into themes of madness and obsession, this game uses clever storytelling and visual trickery to create an unsettling experience that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Survival Horror: Fight or Flight

For those who enjoy intense gameplay and heart-pounding action, survival horror games provide an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other. “Outlast” is a prime example of this genre. Armed only with a camcorder, players must navigate through an abandoned psychiatric hospital filled with deranged inmates. With no means to defend yourself other than hiding or running away, every encounter becomes a tense battle for survival.

Another standout survival horror game is “Alien: Isolation.” Set fifteen years after the events of Ridley Scott’s iconic film “Alien,” players assume the role of Ellen Ripley’s daughter as she tries to survive aboard a space station infested by one relentless xenomorph. The game’s AI-driven alien enemy constantly adapts to the player’s actions, making every encounter a nerve-wracking game of cat-and-mouse.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of being scared senseless, these scary horror games will provide an unforgettable experience. Whether you prefer haunted houses, zombies, psychological torment, or survival challenges, there is a game out there that will cater to your darkest fears. So grab your controller and prepare for a night of terror as you dive into these spine-chilling virtual worlds.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


old haunted hospital


What's Your Question?

How to Find a Hospital Patient

No one likes to think about their loved one being in a hospital. It’s essential that these individuals have someone staying with them during their time of need. If you’re that person, here’s a guide to learn how to find a hospital patient so you can be there.

Obtain the Patient’s Information

You’ll need as much information about the patient as possible to locate them. If you have their full name, including its correct spelling, you’re off to an excellent start. The hospital will likely ask you to provide the patient’s first and last name, as well as their date of birth. If you don’t know their date of birth, contact someone who may be able to provide you with this information. That way, the hospital can verify that they’re putting you in touch with the correct patient.

Call the Hospital

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, individuals can contact the hospital and ask for a patient by name. The hospital won’t release any medical information to the person calling unless the patient gives them consent first. Under most circumstances, the hospital has a department or information center designated for helping friends and relatives find patients. They’ll ask you to provide patient information and guide you accordingly.

Try a Hospital Patient Locator

You may consider trying a hospital patient locator. For those who decide to use this online service, all you need to do is enter the name of the state, the hospital’s name, and the patient’s admission number. Under most circumstances, these locators are used to receive information about the status of a patient and where they’re being transferred throughout the hospital. So, as soon as a patient receives their admission number, they will typically forward it to their family. That way, they can use the website to find out the patient’s status, which room the patient is in, if they’re allowed to have visitors, who their doctor is and if they can receive phone calls.

Speak to a Representative

There are circumstances when friends and family members don’t know the patient’s admission number or their date of birth. Therefore, they’ll need to contact the hospital and speak with a representative. It’s best if the receptionist can transfer your call to the department the patient is in, so you can speak to a representative who is working there. Provide them with the patient’s full first and last name, as well as all the details you know about why they’re there.

Guidelines According to HIPPA

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), doctors and hospitals can share certain details or confirm that they are working on patients with their friends or family. If patients make a request that their information remain private, the staff and hospital must typically honor those wishes. HIPPA is what regulates when and how health care providers are allowed to share a patient’s information.


old haunted hospital

13+ Most Haunted Hospitals and Asylums in the World

Most Haunted Hospitals and Asylums in the World

Some ghost stories are creepier than others , but there is nothing as terrifying than seeing the real venue where those eerie stories and anecdotes once took place.

These hospitals have relinquished their original state and now left in waning ruins for decades, despite being clean and sterile in times past. They are once great and famous for their unwavering service to the place but has turned into something horrible, dried up, just part of the past, leaving spooky glimpses into where our fellow nurses spent their lives a long time ago.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in ghosts or not, but there are just certain places where we, nurses, are connected and remain to be part of — the hospitals — whether we like it or not!

WARNING: These hospitals and asylums you’re about to see are quite disturbing. They’re creepy for reasons beyond just looking the part that they should probably not be viewed alone. So start grabbing off fellow nurses and enjoy this spooky ride!

Here are 13+ of the most horrifying hospitals in the world.

13. Royal Hope Hospital, Florida, USA

Royal Hope Hospital, Florida, USA | Image via realitypod.com

First on the list is a hospital located in Florida, USA, known to many by its gruesome history. Royal Hope Hospital was a Spanish military hospital from 1784 to 1821 and was eventually demolished through time. Finally, a replica of the original hospital was built to house the victims during the Seminole War. However, when the city workers were about to repair the water lines and penetrated the area of the old building, they found out that the hospital was originally built on what appeared to be an ancient Native American burial ground.

Visitors of the Spanish Military Hospital Museum would often mention qualities of groans and shouts coming from unoccupied rooms. Adding up to the chill, real ill beds moving over the place, beverage jars sliding cross over outside seats and the frequenting sound of marching feet in an unfilled upstairs region. Frequently encounters of strange events and apparition sightings were told and are still being experienced by the guests.

Paranormal experts once claimed that the place is a real breeding ground of haunted Florida soul and paranormal movement . And according to them, these sorts of haunting inclines to be present in these zones where human feeling and emotion is or was focused all the time.

12. Tranquille Sanatorium, Canada

Tranquille Sanatorium, Canada

Tranquille Sanatorium was built in 1907 as a ranch before the owners began caring for tuberculosis patients . A small community known as Tranquille was built around it. The community has its beautiful gardens, houses, a farm, a fire department, and more facilities. In 1958, the hospital closed and was reopened in 1959 to treat the mentally ill. It closed permanently in 1983.

Tranquille Sanatorium, Canada (Main Hospital)

However, not everything is tranquil at the Sanatorium. Spirits persist in knocking about the place.

Tranquille Sanatorium, Canada (Sunken Garden)

The years of isolation and sadness seem to have been absorbed into the surroundings, and on occasion, those emotions can be felt by the living, and haunting encounters can occur. It would seem that Tranquille Sanatorium just might be haunted.

Tranquille Sanatorium, Canada (Residences)

Today, strange floating orbs throughout the facility, inexplicable feelings of sadness, unease and dramatic temperature changes still invade the place.

Tranquille Sanatorium, Canada (Playground)

There have also been stories about mysterious voices and ghostly figures, one of which is that of a nurse who was brutally murdered by a patient.

11. Severalls Hospital, England

Severalls Hospital, England

Severalls Hospital in Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom was a psychiatric hospital built in 1910 to the design of architect Frank Whitmore. It opened in May 1913 and housed some 2000 patients.

Severalls Hospital, England

Most of the buildings are in the Queen Anne style, with few architectural embellishments, typical of the Edwardian period. The most ornate buildings are the Administration Building, Larch House and Severalls House (formerly the Medical Superintendent’s residence).

Severalls Hospital, England

The reputation for being extremely haunted, in this context, shouldn’t come as a surprise. The hospital closed as a psychiatric hospital in the early 1990s following the closure of other mental institutions.

Severalls Hospital, England

However, a small section remained open until 20 March 1997 for the treatment of elderly patients suffering from the effects of severe stroke . However, ghost -hunters are still very interested in the place in search of encounters of the critical kind.

10. Whittingham Hospital, England

Whittingham Hospital, England

Whittingham Hospital was a psychiatric hospital in the parish of Whittingham, near Preston, Lancashire, England. It opened in 1873 as the Fourth Lancashire County Asylum and grew to be the largest mental hospital in Britain. However, in 1967, the hospital faced a controversy involving complaints of mistreatment in two male and two female wards in the St Luke’s division, with the worst being in “Ward 16” for women.

Complaints were reported such as patients being locked in small rooms under staircases, in washrooms, and outside in the airing courts regardless of weather. Others include patients being dragged by their hair , a “wet towel treatment” where a damp towel would be wrapped around the patient’s neck to induce unconsciousness, nurses setting fire to a patients clothing while worn, beatings and vermin infestations.

An investigation took place, and as a result, both the Head Male Nurse and the Matron took ‘early retirement.’ Two male nurses were convicted of theft, and in a separate incident, another nurse was jailed for manslaughter after an elderly patient he had assaulted later died.

The negative imagery of this hospital exists for a reason; it offers the kind of hauntings you most likely would never want to encounter.

9. Old Changi Hospital, Singapore

Old Changi Hospital, Singapore

Located in Changi, Singapore, Changi Hospital was previously known as Royal Air Force (RAF) Hospital and was merged with the Toa Payoh Hospital and renamed as the Changi General Hospital. After it was closed in 1997, it sat abandoned for over a decade.

Regarded as one of the most haunted places in Singapore, Old Changi Hospital was captured by the Japanese forces during World War II and was used as a healthcare facility for the prisoners-of-war detained at the Changi military base nearby.

Old Changi Hospital, Singapore

The uneasy feeling of the visitors was probably brought by those people who lost their lives in the hands of the Japs and are still seeking revenge, up to this time. According to some, the terrifying moments, excitement, and adventures were not worth in exchange for what “followed” them home.

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5 Of America's Most Haunted Hospitals

Hospitals, while places of healing, often play host to peoples’ worst tragedies. To learn more about paranormal accounts from professionals and patients, stream full episodes of Haunted Hospitals on discovery+.

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Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston, West Virginia

Photo By: Leonard J. DeFrancisci [via Wikimedia Commons]

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston, West Virginia

The Trans-Allegheny Asylum is a Civil War military post turned asylum turned tourist attraction. Present day visitors and staff of this asylum report ghostly children, slamming doors, and disembodied screams. In 1864 the state of West Virginia opened the facility with 250 beds, promising world-class care for its patients. Unfortunately, as is too often the case, it quickly became overcrowded, at one point recording nearly 2,400 in-house patients. The facility was shut down in 1994 due to the resulting conditions and has since reopened as a museum .

To learn more, stream the “Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum” episode on season 2 of Destination Fear .

Rolling Hills Asylum, East Bethany, New York

Surrounded by hundreds of unmarked graves, Rolling Hills Asylum was originally known as the Genesee County Poor House. Established in 1827 as a working farm, it provided a place where societies’ most disadvantaged residents were called inmates. While as many as 17,000 deaths were recorded on the property, hundreds of unmarked graves suggest a higher toll. Nowadays the notorious structure stands open to the public, and visitors report seeing hulking shadows , moving objects and disembodied voices.

To join Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures crew as they investigate these claims, watch Season 4's “Rolling Hills Asylum” episode on discovery+.

Royal Hope Hospital, St. Augustine, Florida

Operating between 1784 and 1821, the Royal Hope Hospital, also known as the Spanish Military Hospital, earned a sinister reputation among its staff and patients, reporting shouts in empty rooms, the sound of marching down abandoned hallways, and moving beds. Years after its closure, working crews discovered thousands of bones buried beneath the site, revealing its use as a burial ground.

For even more paranormal accounts from professionals and patients, stream full episodes of Haunted Hospitals on discovery+.

Pennhurst Asylum, Chester County, Pennsylvania

In the 1960’s, a televised exposé revealed a litany of abuses being carried out at this Pennhurst Asylum. What opened in 1908 as a refuge for patients with physical and mental disabilities spiraled into a nightmare fueled by lack of funding and gross overpopulation. Now, despite its controversial past , Penhurst is being billed as a haunted attraction. Visitors to the location report a plethora of paranormal interactions, including ghostly apparitions and EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recordings of the anguished residents.

For a full review of the asylum’s supernatural happenings, join the Tennessee Wraith Chaser’s as they investigate the site in season 2 of Ghost Asylum .

Waverly Hills Sanitorium, Louisville, Kentucky

In the wake of a tuberculosis epidemic, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium was born. Treatments for the disease, at the time, could be particularly barbaric, from ingesting brass to the removal of ribs. When patients died as a result of the disease or procedures, a tunnel from the first floor to the bottom of the property allowed staff to discreetly remove the bodies. That tunnel, as well as a fifth floor room, are now purportedly the site of shadowed forms and voices.

Kindred Spirits investigators visit the sanitorium on the “Shadow of Death” episode of season 3.

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Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky

Inside The Haunted Halls Of Waverly Hills Sanatorium

In 1980, an alleged possession became inextricably tied to a grisly murder. Shortly after moving into a new home, 11-year-old David Gatzel began interacting with a mysterious entity he called the “ghost man”, kicking off a string of paranormal events that led to deadly consequences. This documentary examines the events that led to the first American court case in which the defense claimed, “demonic possession”.

10 Must Watch Shock Docs On discovery+ 10 Photos

Rapper GaTa and pop star Kesha listen for ghosts at the mysterious Westerfeld House in San Francisco, California.

The Haunted History of San Francisco’s Westerfeld House

For this years two-hour Halloween Special, the GAC are investigating their most iconic location yet. In 2013, a horror movie called The Conjuring frightened people around the world with the story of the Perron family who were plagued by a dark entity inside their home. The film s introduction concludes with five simple words: Based on the true story.

Woman Who Owns 'The Conjuring' House Discovers 'Creepy Basement'

old haunted hospital

'Destination Fear' Explores America's Most Haunted Abandoned Locations 32 Photos

The Clown Motel

What It's Like To Spend A Night At The Creepy Clown Motel

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The 10 Most Haunted Hospitals in America

— former nursing home, tb hospital, and psychiatric facilities round out the list.

by MedPage Today Staff October 22, 2021

2 of 11 Waverly Hills Sanatorium


3 of 11 Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum


4 of 11 Utica State Hospital


5 of 11 The Danvers State Hospital

  • Previous Continue


6 of 11 Alton Mental Health Center


7 of 11 Rolling Hills Asylum


8 of 11 Eloise Psychiatric Hospital


9 of 11 Royal Hope Hospital


10 of 11 Pennhurst State School and Hospital


11 of 11 Essex County Hospital

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America’s Most Haunted Asylums & Hospitals

Whilst there are all sorts of haunted houses, hotels, schools, and castles throughout America, none are quite as terrifying as haunted insane asylums and hospitals.

With horrifying histories packed full of abuse, torture, sickness, and death, it’s no wonder that these ten haunted asylums are some of the scariest locations in the world.

If you want to witness a ghost hunt at some of the nations’ most haunted locations then we have started offering overnight ghost hunts !

10. Old Tooele Hospital, Utah

Old Tooele Hospital, Utah

In 1897, Old Tooele Hospital started out as a family house. In 1913 it was transformed into what was known as the Country Poor House, where the elderly and those who had special needs were taken care of. By 1953, the building had changed once again into the Old Tooele Hospital which featured improved accommodation for patients, the added benefit of individual bathrooms and a dedicated morgue. Before it was closed down in 2001, the hospital made its name by being the filming spot for Stephen King’s The Stand.

Over the years, Old Tooele Hospital has been the site of a multitude of hauntings and various reports of paranormal activity. An Alzheimer patient known as Wes is said to haunt the hospital, with his favorite site being the room he was admitted to when he was alive. Many other ghostly characters have been sighted in the hospital, including a young child and Samuel F. Lee himself – the man who originally built the house for him and his family in 1897.

One of the most chilling reports at Old Tooele Hospital is the sound of a child’s voice uttering the words “Daddy, shot, sorry”. This is creepy enough on its own but gets even more alarming when you find out that the Utah Ghost Organisation claims these words come from the ghost of a child who was accidentally shot by his father!

9. Alton Mental Health Hospital, Illinois

Alton Mental Health Hospital, Illinois

Alton Mental Health Hospital is the only facility in this list which remains a functioning hospital to this day. Built in the early 1900s, this hospital is known for the harsh mistreatment of its patients, many of whom were subject to electrode shock therapy, lobotomies, and cold water treatments – all of which were standard everyday practice at this hospital.

Many people today – including staff, patients, and visitors – have reported hearing unusual noises, from doors randomly slamming shut to undecipherable whisperings. One of the creepiest reports comes from a nurse who was on duty and heard someone ask, “Who’s that?” She turned around to respond and discovered that there was no one there and no one had been in the building at the time. Later that day the exact same thing happened in the same place to a second nurse.

Since this facility is still a hospital today, tours are strictly forbidden, but people who have taken photos on site whilst visiting patients have reportedly caught images of orbs with the pained face of a human male on the front.

8. Danvers State Lunatic Asylum, Massachusetts

Danvers State Lunatic Asylum, Massachusetts

Often referred to today as “the Witches’ Castle on the Hill”, Danvers State Lunatic Asylum was built in 1878 on a site which was originally in Salem Village – the first actual location of the Salem Witch Trials in 1962. When it started out, Danvers was renowned for its modern treatments and superb patient care, but it wasn’t long before the asylum fell victim to lack of funding, overstaffing and over-population which caused it to deteriorate into something more akin to a concentration camp.

Between 1940 and 1950, the facility housed more than 2,000 patients in a building which was designed to house 600. Patients became haggard and ghostly, often left in complete isolation for days on end. Things were so bad that dead patients would go unnoticed for days, if not weeks. In 1992, Danvers State Lunatic Asylum was closed down, demolished and renovated into the set of apartments it is today.

Despite this haunted insane asylum being torn down and reconstructed as a different property, bizarre activity, and paranormal sightings still abound. Residents and visitors have recorded full body apparitions, flickering lights, the sound of unexplained footsteps and doors opening and closing on their own.

7. ByBerry Mental Hospital, Pennsylvania

ByBerry Mental Hospital, Pennsylvania

No.7 on our list of haunted mental asylums is ByBerry Mental Hospital. ByBerry Mental Hospital first opened its doors to the public in 1907, when it started off as a working farm for the mentally ill before it became a fully-fledged mental hospital in the 1920s. As more and more people were admitted to the hospital, ByBerry’s population significantly expanded which led to severe patient neglect and unbelievable levels of abuse.

Lack of funds left the hospital in a state of disrepair, with patients being forced to survive with no clothing, insufficient food and sewage-filled hallways for bedrooms. Padded cells, solitary confinement, regular beatings, electric shock treatments, restraining devices, and lobotomies were the norm. In 1990, state authorities closed down ByBerry Mental Hospital after a thorough investigation revealed inhumane living conditions, yet its dark past continues on to this day.

A myriad of horror stories surrounds this facility. After it closed, ByBerry Mental Hospital became inundated with vagrants, gangs, thieves, satanic cults and former visitors seeking shelter. One mentally-deranged and the brutally violent patient is said to reside in the miles of catacombs beneath the building, where he lies in wait with a large knife, eager to slit the throats of curious explorers unlucky enough to cross his path.

As well as this chilling legend, the hospital has also been the spot of several paranormal sounds and sightings, including human-like growling and physical scratches appearing on visitors bodies.

6. Rolling Hills Asylum, New York

Rolling Hills Asylum, New York

No.6 on our whirlwind tour of haunted mental institutions is Rolling Hills. Rolling Hills Asylum began life as the Genesee County Poor Farm in 1827 – a dumping ground for the outcasts of society. Here orphans and widows lived alongside the severely mentally handicapped and criminals – all of whom were known as inmates. There are more than 1,700 documented deaths, with hundreds more unclaimed bodies believed to be buried on site. In the 1950s, the poor farm was developed into the Old Country Home & Infirmary before it was transformed into a set of shops and later an antique mall.

What are the reports in this real haunted asylum? One of the strangest occurrences took place in 2007 when the Rolling Hills Case Manager, Suzie Yencer, was working on a public ghost hunt. The group was sat in a circle in the basement and as Suzie began to speak, a glow stick – the only form of light in the room – began to sway back-and-forth, a rocking horse started to move to-and-fro and several people saw a hand suddenly appear and reach for a ball.

The second-floor corridor on the east wing is commonly referred to as Shadow Hallway, due to the staggeringly high number of shadow figure sightings which walk through walls and crawl across the floor. A seven-foot-tall patient with gigantism is also commonly spotted in his room, where he spent most of his life alone.

5. Athens Lunatic Asylum, Ohio

Athens Lunatic Asylum, Ohio

Coming in at no.5 on our journey through the top old haunted insane asylums is The Athens Lunatic Asylum in Ohio. The Asylum opened at the beginning of 1874, specializing in the treatment of mentally and criminally insane patients who were admitted by the court or their own families. The facility originally started out as a calm and pleasant place where patients could relax and get better, but before long it became an overcrowded institution which relied on the cruel practices of electroshock therapies, ice water baths, and ice pick lobotomies.

The story of Margaret Schilling takes place in December 1978 and is just as chilling then as it is today. On this winter day, Margaret – a patient at Athens Lunatic Asylum – was playing hide and seek with the nurses who got distracted and forgot about her. In January 1979, her body was discovered by a maintenance worker. Today an imprint of her body, clothes, and hair are still clearly visible on the floor, even after decades of cleaning.

Patients who died without any family have buried anonymously at the asylum’s burial site which is reported to be haunted today. Instead of names, these gravestones display numbers, a practice which has resulted in a mass of unknown and unrecorded graves. Those who have been brave enough to explore the cemetery have reported a huge number of ghost sightings and unexplained screaming in the dead of night.

4. Essex Mountain Sanatorium, Essex County

Essex Mountain Sanatorium, Essex County

And the next location on our tour of America’s haunted abandoned mental hospitals is the Essex Mountain Sanatorium. The sanatorium began as the Newark City Home in 1873, a facility which was designed to serve as an orphanage, as well as to reform the local badly behaved children. After a devastating fire, the reconstruction of two new buildings and the decline in the number of girls sent to the facility, the dedicated female building was transformed into Essex Mountain Sanatorium in 1906 to care for tuberculosis patients.

Over the years, the hospital grew considerably to cater for the ever-increasing number of patients, until it was no longer in use by the 1970s. The vacant wards were used to take care of the overflow of mental patients from the nearby asylum before the sanatorium finally closed its doors in 1977.

Since it closed, many people have chosen to step foot on the grounds and explore the sanatorium for themselves. Some of the most common experiences include hearing footsteps running along the halls, seeing wheelchairs moving on their own, witnessing ghost-like faces appear at the windows, feeling a presence following you and – possibly the most terrifying of them all – hearing eerie voices shouting, “Get out!”

3. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia

Constructed between 1858 and 1881, the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is up there with the scariest asylums in the world. It’s also the second largest in the world, originally designed to house up to 250 patients before it reached its peak in the 1950s when more than 2,400 people were crammed into the facility.

As the result of bizarre experimental treatments and severe neglect, thousands of people died here over the years. The physical deterioration of the building coupled with changes in the treatment of mental illness resulted in the closure of the asylum in 1994.

The reasons for being committed to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum were almost never-ending and included trivial things, such as falling from a horse or laziness to ridiculous matters, such as “imaginary female trouble” or desertion by husband up to serious cases, including murders and PSTD. This broad spectrum resulted in all sorts of mismatched patients being cooped up together, all with disastrous consequences.

Two decades since the asylum closed, the staff who work there claim that ghosts continue to roam the halls. The manager states that she once saw 40 doors suddenly slam shut simultaneously, whilst other visitors have witnessed a ghost boy stood in the corner of a room.

As well as sightings, whispers of forgotten patients have also been reported, on top of unusual smells, the sound of squeaking gurneys and screams coming from the electroshock room.

Without a doubt it’s one of the most haunted places in West Virginia .

2. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky

Waverly Hills Sanatorium comes in at no.2. It started out as Waverly School in the late 1800s and evolved into a hospital in 1908, designed to safely accommodate between 40 and 50 tuberculosis patients. As the disease developed into an epidemic, the hospital was expanded to support at least 400 patients and was considered to be one of the best facilities at the time. In 1961, the hospital was closed down, following the discovery of a tuberculosis-curing antibiotic.

Today, Waverly Hills Sanatorium is known by many as “the most spiritually active place in the world”, with paranormal reports every single day. The terrifying reports surround the story of a nurse who hanged herself by a light bulb wire when she discovered she had become pregnant out of wedlock by the owner of the sanatorium. Many unusual sightings have also been spotted in the area known as the Death Tunnel, where dead bodies were disposed of away from the eyes of the living.

Various paranormal TV shows have spent time recording at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, including the cast of Most Haunted – one of whom had scratches inflicted upon their body during their visit.

1. Pennhurst Asylum, Pennsylvania

Image of the haunted Pennhurst Asylum in Pennsylvania

And lastly, the most haunted asylum on our list, Pennhurst Asylum in Pennsylvania. With a history riddled with strong accusations of neglect, abuse and torture combined with tales of mental patients being chained to the walls, children kept for years in cribs and even murders, it’s not surprising that Pennhurst Asylum is one of the scariest places in existence. The building was opened in 1908 as a state school for the physically and mentally disabled and covered 120 acres, housing more than 10,000 patients at any given time.

The facility was often accused of dehumanization and was reported to provide no help for the mentally challenged before finally being shut down in 1986, following several allegations of abuse by residents. When Pennhurst was closed, the buildings were abandoned as they were with patients’ belongings strewn about and medical equipment left to rot.

There are plenty haunted asylum stories emanating from this foreboding building. Several reputable ghost hunter groups have visited Pennhurst Asylum, where they documented spooky audio recordings, sudden changes in temperature and the unexplained movement of objects throughout the grounds. Spine-chilling recordings of voices exclaiming: “Go away!”, “I’ll kill you!” and “Why won’t you leave?” seem tame when compared to other reports which include various objects being hurled across the room, visitors being physically pushed and multiple EVPs.

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The Old Hospital on College Hill has looked down over the City of Williamson, West Virginia for the past 94 Years.The facility is now open for both historical and paranormal tours, giving "new patients" a glimpse into one of the most unique paranormal destinations in Appalachia. For more information, please call 304-953-0987 ! 

History Alive?

Thousands of people passed through the halls of the Old Hospital on College Hill during its life-time....and perhaps some never left. Reports of figures, sounds, and strange occurrences are documented making this an ideal location for paranormal investigations. 


Do you have a story?

We always encourage former employees, guests, patients, and anyone who was associated with the Old Hospital on College Hill to reach out to us with your stories. We are constantly updating our history documents on the building and would love to have your story be a part of the legacy of the Old Hospital on College Hill.


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26 eerie photos of abandoned hospitals that will give you the chills

  • Some hospitals that date back centuries have fallen into disrepair.
  • Among them, some former psychiatric hospitals are shrouded in controversy over patient mistreatment.
  • Others, like Beelitz-Heilstätten hospital in Germany , are popular destinations for urban explorers.

Renwick Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island in New York City was built in the 1850s.

old haunted hospital

According to Atlas Obscura , the hospital operated between 1856 until 1875 as a primary treatment center for smallpox, a deadly disease that, prior to the invention of a vaccine in 1796, killed more than 400,000 people in Europe alone per year.

The hospital was later converted to a nurses' dormitory before being abandoned completely in the 1950s.

old haunted hospital

The building fell into disrepair and is now a shell of the grand structure it once was — today, only the outer walls and the foundation remain. In 1975, the dilapidated hospital was declared a city landmark.

Ellis Island in New York is home to two abandoned hospitals.

old haunted hospital

In the early 20th century, immigrants would pass through the island to be checked for any contagious diseases. If they were deemed healthy, they would be granted passage into the United States. However, they could also end up at one of the island's two hospitals — one a more general hospital and one set aside for contagious and infectious diseases.

According to a previous article by Business Insider , the hospital organized people into groups by disease — common ailments included measles, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, mumps, and whooping cough.

Those who were sent to the general hospital were more likely to be cured and gain passage into the US, according to Insider . However, those who were sent to the second hospital were drastically less likely to.

The hospitals reportedly practiced some questionable medical tactics at the time.

old haunted hospital

Some doctors poured chloric acid on patients' scalps to treat ringworm and pulled back eyelids with button hooks to check for trachoma, according to Business Insider . Throughout the years of the hospital's operation, 3,500 patients in total reportedly died.

In 1924, the complex was converted into a psychiatric hospital for soldiers.

Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane in Ovid, New York, is one of the creepiest abandoned hospitals in the country.

old haunted hospital

The state-run hospital was opened by New York's Surgeon General Dr. Sylvester D. Willard in 1869, according to Atlas Obscura . The hospital treated patients suffering from everything ranging from nerves to chronic or acute insanity and lunacy.

The campus was divided between men and women. "Violent" and "non-violent" patients were also separated.

old haunted hospital

According to Atlas Obscura , patients had access to a range of facilities including a bowling alley, a movie theater, a gymnasium, and a farm with crops grown and tended to by the people who lived there.

However, the hospital still offered treatments for mental illness that were typical, unfortunately, of the time, including ice baths and the use of electro-shock therapy.

The hospital discharged its last patient in 1995 and subsequently closed its doors.

old haunted hospital

After the explosive 1972 exposé by Geraldo Rivera of Willowbrook Asylum in Staten Island, New York, hospitalization in other psychiatric facilities had begun to drastically decline . Today, Willard Asylum is abandoned.

In the past, tours allowed visitors to photograph and explore Willard Asylum's abandoned buildings. However, tours have since been discontinued.

Geraldo Rivera's documentary on the horrific conditions of "mental institutions" in America also shone a light on Letchworth Village in Thiells, New York.

old haunted hospital

The first patients were admitted to Letchworth Village on July 10, 1911, according to Hudson Valley Magazine . The hospital was designed to care for around 3,000 patients and was one of the biggest employers in the local area — at the hospital's peak capacity, it employed about 10,000 people.

It tested out the first polio vaccines on young patients there during the 1950s. Despite the highly controversial practice, the vaccine was deemed successful.

However, the institution soon surpassed its maximum 3,000-people capacity and became overcrowded and underfunded.

old haunted hospital

The institution was accused of abuse and fostering bad conditions for its patients. Following the state's move towards "institutionalization," the number of Letchworth patients dwindled. The hospital closed its doors in 1996.

This hospital in the abandoned city of Pripyat, Ukraine, was left behind after the Chernobyl disaster.

old haunted hospital

In the immediate aftermath of the nuclear disaster, patients were treated for radiation at the facility, known as Pripyat City Hospital No. 126 . However, the hospital and the city soon emptied out as the environment was considered too dangerous and radioactive.

old haunted hospital


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