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Love for the sea since 1968

Ferretti Yachts, established in 1968, creates luxury yachts that embody lifestyle values, total wellbeing and the exhilaration of discovery. Every model in our fleet is permeated by refined design and a passion for the sea.

Discover our fleet

The new “Explorer-inspired” range INFYNITO amplifies the cruising experience to the nth degree introducing sustainable technologies and cutting edge solutions, that make Ferretti Yachts the first brand of Ferretti Group equipped with F.S.E.A. (Ferretti Sustainable Enhanced Architecture).


The flybridge range, expression of an eternal yet contemporary beauty, perfectly embodies the Just like home philosophy, an emblem of comfort and seaworthiness.


ferretti yachts 1000

No dream is too big: with a length of 100 feet, the breath taking new Ferretti Yachts flagship takes the company into uncharted territory. Majestic, versatile and suitable for all markets, Ferretti Yachts 1000 has reshaped spaces and changed the whole approach to life on board. It features unprecedented design solutions and a choice of two different moods for the interiors. Owners and their guests can enjoy complete privacy and make the most of the exterior thanks to an extremely innovative and practical aft beach area and a spacious flybridge that is connected directly to the forward section.

flybridge yacht

ferretti yachts 1000 SkyDeck New

Make room for the sky. Let the sky flood in to your exclusive upper-deck lounge.

flybridge yacht

ferretti yachts 920

Striking lines, unmistakable style, charm and performance – all in one remarkable yacht. This highly innovative maxi-flybridge is designed with an impressive collection of spaces, featuring sumptuous décor, multipurpose relaxation areas and a classic-contemporary interior feel. She is the quintessence of wellbeing and style.

flybridge yacht

ferretti yachts 860

Composing a melody in which the notes of each individual instrument are beautifully orchestrated, Ferretti Yachts gears up to bring a new symphony to life: Ferretti Yachts 860. The flybridge yacht created by the Cattolica-based Shipyard features cutting-edge design and technology solutions, where the stylistic and architectural elements work together in harmony right down to the tiniest detail.

flybridge yacht

ferretti yachts 780

This flybridge yacht, with its streamlined design, sleek lines and sharp styling, satisfies the owner’s every wish in terms of comfort, style, seaworthiness and safety at sea. After the recent major restyling, Ferretti Yachts 780 features extensive glazed surfaces in the hull, giving the sleek and streamlined profile a sportier look, new furnishings, with an enlarged bar in a central position in the standard layout, and redesigned interiors, with the possibility of choosing between two moods: classic or contemporary.

flybridge yacht

ferretti yachts 720

Shaped by architect Filippo Salvetti, who worked with Ferretti Group to devise the external design, this newest member of the fleet opens up a whole new way to experience the sea. The 720’s remarkably ingenious solutions elevate the concept of cruising in luxurious comfort to new heights. It’s about living the sea life in style, in your home on the waves, with all the comforts of a yacht of timeless elegance and a sensation of wellbeing like never before.

flybridge yacht

ferretti yachts 670

This fantastic vessel makes a captivating impression with her outstanding use of space. The fabulously luminous interiors and modular external areas hold particular appeal. Her latest-generation technology fashions a matchless cruising experience amid some truly iconic design. This is a yacht that makes room for beauty.

flybridge yacht

ferretti yachts 580

An emblem of Modern Luxury, the new Ferretti Yachts 580 has ideal features for an intimate and comfortable experience of the sea in perfect Ferretti Yachts style.

flybridge yacht

ferretti yachts 500

Breathtakingly beautiful, astonishingly comfortable, and personalisable inside with two alternative interior-design moods, the Ferretti Yachts 500 ushers in a new era for the brand. The brand new yacht combines nautical adventure with the domestic dimension in spaces and solutions of a comfort you’d normally expect only on rather larger craft. The overall effect is a family ambience that immerses guests in a sensation of total wellbeing.

flybridge yacht

infynito 90 New

The INFYNITO has finally taken shape: INFYNITO 90 is here, the first model in the new range, ready to chart a new course and propel Ferretti Yachts into the future.

flybridge yacht

infynito 80 Project

Sustainability criteria, more covered exterior surface area and continuity between interiors and exteriors are the key features of Ferretti Yachts INFYNITO 80.

news & events

Salone Nautico Venezia 2024

May 29 - June 2 2024

Ferretti Yachts is pleased to welcome you to the Salone Nautico Venezia 2024 from 29 May to 2 June.  


Ferretti Group innovation at the Singapore Yachting Festival with two Wally APAC premieres.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Singapore, 23 April 24, 2024 – Cutting-edge design, advanced technology and inimitable style are the distinctive features of the Ferretti Group fleet showcased at the Singapore Yachting Festival (SYF) planned from April 25th to 28th.


Ferretti Group at the Palm Beach International Boat Show with six stunning boats.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Forlì, March 19th, 2024 – The Ferretti Group fleet is ready to set sail for the Palm Beach International Boat Show, the prestigious luxury yachting event held this year from March 21 to 24 that attracts a huge audience of owners, enthusiasts, and industry professionals.

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Flybridge Boats: A Complete Guide

Dec 15, 2023

less than a min

Flybridge Boats A Complete Guide

Flybridge boats, also known as flybridge yachts stand as a testament to the evolution of luxury boating. Combining functionality with opulence, these vessels offer more than just a boating experience; they are a symbol of maritime innovation and design excellence.

The Evolution of Flybridge Boats

Flybridge boats have their roots in the early 20th century, originating from military-grade vessels. They served as additional control stations over the wheelhouse, providing a strategic vantage point. This design was adopted and refined by luxury yacht builders , who transformed these utilitarian spaces into hubs of comfort and elegance. Modern flybridge yachts are distinguished by their elevated helm, sitting, and lounge areas, which provide panoramic views and a unique connection to the sea. This evolution from practicality to luxury symbolises the yachting industry's growth and the increasing demand for sophisticated maritime experiences.

Design and Aesthetics

The design of flybridge boats is a careful balance between aesthetic appeal and functional excellence. On smaller vessels, flybridges are often fully enclosed, offering protection and comfort in various weather conditions. For larger yachts, the flybridge becomes an expansive open-air lounge, equipped with state-of-the-art navigation systems, plush seating, and bespoke amenities. These spaces are thoughtfully designed to maximise both the usability of the area and the aesthetic appeal, often featuring customizable options to reflect the owner's personal style and preferences.

Unparalleled Features and Benefits

Enhanced Visibility and Control : The primary advantage of a flybridge is the exceptional visibility it provides. Situated at the highest point on the yacht, it offers an unobstructed 360-degree view, essential for navigation and docking. This elevated position allows captains to manoeuvre the yacht with precision, even in challenging conditions.

Social and Leisure Hub : The flybridge serves as a social epicentre on the yacht. It's typically furnished with luxurious seating, entertainment systems, wet bars, and sometimes even features like jacuzzis. This space is designed for relaxation and socialising, offering an unrivalled setting for guests to enjoy the journey together.

Ideal for Sunbathing and Recreation : The flybridge's elevated position is perfect for sunbathing and enjoying the sea breeze. It provides a serene spot for guests to unwind, often equipped with sun loungers and shade options. The design often incorporates elements that facilitate intimate gatherings, making it an ideal space for hosting parties or enjoying peaceful solitude.

Considerations and Trade-Offs

Owning a flybridge comes with its set of considerations:

Accessibility and Space : Accessing the flybridge typically requires climbing stairs or a ladder, which might be challenging for some individuals. This setup can also impact the layout of the main deck, sometimes reducing the available space.

Weather and Stability : Flybridges offer an exceptional experience on clear days, but their elevated position can be less advantageous in rough weather, affecting stability and comfort.

Cost and Maintenance : The addition of a flybridge can increase both the initial investment and the resale value of the yacht. However, it also entails additional costs for maintaining navigation equipment and other controls on both the main and upper helm stations.

Storage and Navigation Limitations : The increased height of the yacht due to the flybridge might limit access to certain waterways and increase storage fees, especially in dry-stack marinas.

Discover More with TheBoatDB

TheBoatDB is an essential resource for those keen to explore the world of flybridge boats further. This boat database offers detailed specifications, features, and insights on a wide array of boats, including flybridge models. It is an invaluable tool for seasoned sailors and newcomers alike, providing the necessary information to make informed decisions about their next maritime investment.

In summary, flybridge boats represent the pinnacle of nautical design and luxury. They offer a blend of functionality, comfort, and elegance, making them a sought-after choice for yacht enthusiasts worldwide. Their evolution from practical military use to symbols of luxury and innovation underscores the dynamic nature of the yachting industry and its constant pursuit of excellence.

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Flybridges Reviews

A flybridge is a type of motor boat with an upper helm station. These models generally measure upwards of 30ft long and are particularly popular in warmer climates, such as the Mediterranean.

Also known as a flying bridge in the USA, these models benefit from all-round visibility when berthing. Variants on the market include the sportsbridge, open and hardtop flybridge.

The design predates World War Two and often involves a more basic level of instrumentation on the upper helm than you would find on the lower helm.

Click the links below to read flybridge motor boat reviews from Motor Boat & Yachting magazine

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Beneteau Antares 12 review: The boat to beat the Merry Fisher flagship?

Princess s72 review: a sensational new british sportscruiser, review price: £5,102,782.00, can the new entry-level sirena 48 repeat the success of its bigger sister, ferretti 580 review: lively performer with stylish looks, review price: £1,794,639.00, ferretti 860 review: the more things change the more they stay the same, review price: £4,850,000.00, absolute 56 fly review: italian yard packs in an abundance of space and style, review price: £1,510,000.00, leen 72 review: avant-garde trimaran delivers real cruising efficiency, review price: £2,340,000.00, azimut 68 test drive review: an express cruiser with real class, review price: £1,754,349.00, evo yachts v8 review: more than just a razor-sharp, head-turning design, review price: £3,200,000.00, grand banks gb54 review: a unique combination of build quality and performance, review price: £2,550,000.00, bénéteau antares 13.80 review: au contraire - from the archive, sunseeker manhattan 63 review: from the archive, sunseeker manhattan 53 review: from the archive, bénéteau antarès 30 review: from the archive, sunseeker predator 130 review: from the archive, princess x95 review: widebody design ushers in a brave new world, review price: £6,950,000.00, sunseeker 82 yacht review: space racer – from the archive, sunseeker 86 review: set for the sun – from the archive.

In our latest video, Jack Haines squeezes on board one of the most popular boats at the Southampton show

Sunseeker Manhattan 60 review: This happy breed – from the archive

Sunseeker 95 yacht review: stacking the decks – from the archive.

The Sunseeker 95 Yacht only boasts an extra half deck over its 28m sister ship, but the affect is astonishing. Alan Harper shows you around

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Delphia 10 boat tour: great value family cruiser, galeon 560 fly tour: the coolest flybridge ever built, cormate utility 27 tour: 80mph rocketship at a price you won’t believe, saxdor 400 gtc tour: düsseldorf launch for new flagship.

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Advantages of Flybridge Boats

  • By Randy Vance
  • Updated: September 23, 2018

Advantages of Flybridge Boats

It was just an old plywood boat. A ’75 Johnson with electric choke. A young boy, two hands on the wheel. I can’t forget the way it made me feel.

Those are my favorite words in Alan Jackson’s ballad “Drive.” It poignantly records the moment in boating that imprints the experience permanently in boaters’ must-do-it brain sector. I remember my first boating experience exactly that way.

My first boat ride, in a 15-foot Starcraft, infected me with the boating bug at age 10. But 30 years ago, the infection went airborne the first time I rode on the flying bridge of an Islamorada sport-fisher. From the bridge, I could spot fish invisible to the crew in the cockpit. A sea turtle passed below, rounding a coral head in 30 feet of water.

Everywhere I looked, the navigable water was topaz, and the passages between coral and sandbars were as evident as if a chart was laid across the sea.

No, I never bought a boat with a flying bridge, but I ­never lost the appetite to have one, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of experience aboard them over the years.

Their advantages are compelling, but they don’t come without some liabilities either. Here, then, are all the reasons to love a flybridge boat.

Advantages of Flybridge Boats

Visual Assets I liked hanging around the docks long before I had a boat. I still enjoy it, though not quite as much as piloting my own vessel. Once while at the dock, I watched as a captain came into a narrow port and aimed his bow at the slip. Just short of the slip, he turned his back to the helm. Standing between the throttles, he took one in each hand, and pulled one up to forward at a pretty strong idle and pushed the other to reverse with equal authority. Completely confident, from both practice and the clear view of other boats and dock fingers, he pivoted his beauty 180 degrees, then nonchalantly reversed throttle positions, stopped the pivot and aimed the stern straight into the slip. Just as the lacquered mahogany transom might have struck the dock, he applied forward thrust, and water boiled up between the stern and dock, stopping the vessel perfectly, just inches from the pier. Dock hands threw lines on the cleats, and the boat was made fast.

Advantages of Flybridge Boats

Climbing Liabilities That skipper had a crew awaiting him on the dock. Had he not, at least six steps stood between him and his dock lines. As the boat idled there, technically still underway as the rules of navigation go, he could drift into other boats in the marina. The skipper in a flybridge had better be sure-footed or have a crew (or a remote control or a lower station to transfer to). With a crew, the upper station becomes an asset again, because he can assign tasks and observe his crew as they secure the boat. Likewise, upper stations are not for the long-in-the-tooth commanders who may not have that youthful spring in their step.

Area Assets The only thing better than enjoying the view from above is sharing it. That upper station supplies extra seating, and the social opportunities it provides are at least charming — if not romantic with the right passengers. Often, if the vessel is large enough to carry it, an upper station can have an electric refrigerator or at least an ice chest, and some boast a cocktail galley with a sink.

Advantages of Flybridge Boats

Access Liability You have to climb to the bridge in a convertible or flybridge, and that requires stairs or a ladder that takes up space in the ­cockpit below. Sometimes that loss of space is substantial, crowding the gathering area. Even a ladder to the bridge creates inconveniences in that gathering space. And some skippers prefer having all the action on the main deck rather than dividing the socializing crew between upper and lower decks.

Lofty Assets It’s the best place to grab some rays and feel the breeze, whether stirred by nature or by throttle. You’ll look very smart up there too, giving the boater’s wave from that lofty perch. And as the skipper, your crew will compete for your company, giving plenty of opportunity for more intimate conversation.

Advantages of Flybridge Boats

Lofty Liabilities That added height can cost you some waterway access and even storage fees — especially if you dry-stack your boat when it’s not in use. Dry-stack marinas charge by length and by height. So, be sure of the storage fees before you buy. Further, that added height means waiting for drawbridges or being unable to gain passage beneath fixed bridges to certain waters altogether. Will it be worth it? It’s up to each individual boater.

Advantages of Flybridge Boats

Cash Assets Expect that upper station to cost between $25,000 and $75,000 depending on the boat and the accommodations included above. On some boats, an upper station can make them resell faster and sometimes for a higher price than without one. That is particularly so if the boat’s upper station isn’t the sole station. That higher resale price, though, may be offset by the cost of maintaining helm hydraulics, throttle and shift controls, and navigation equipment in both stations.

Advantages of Flybridge Boats

Stormy Liabilities On a beautiful day, nothing is better than skippering from above. On a stormy day, nothing is worse. An upper station is high above the vessel’s center of gravity, and the only thing worse than lunging forward through rough seas is wobbling sideways through them with each wave attempting to slingshot you abeam. Trying to come through a sloppy inlet in stormy weather will make you kick yourself for not investing in a second ­lower station.

Read Next: Six Amazing Hull Designs!

You’ll find lots of options in flybridge boats and designs for many tastes and wallets. The designs range from pocket trawlers to luxury cruisers and sport-fishers. Here are some top examples, along with some assets and some — let’s just call them trade-offs — in the bargain.

The Future of Flying: Five Modern Flybridge Boats

Advantages of Flybridge Boats

It’s unclear who built the first flybridge, but it’s easy to argue sport-fishing convertibles would be among the first. Nobody benefits from that lofty view like fishermen. In fact, Viking doesn’t offer the 44C with a lower helm, which perfectly illustrates an angler’s commitment to that view. Viking will protect the bridge with acrylic side curtains, and when air conditioning and heating are added, there’s no weather short of rough seas to keep you from having fun.

We’ve already discussed the docking advantages, and no offshore skipper is going to wink at a 20-minute wait for a bridge — he’ll just get his crew up that much earlier. Because offshore anglers are long-range fishermen, the Viking 44CC doesn’t pull punches on comfortable accommodations. Two main staterooms offer queen beds, and the amidships berth includes a private head. Add a single bunk forward and convertible settees, and there is plenty of sleeping space on board for comfort.

Advantages of Flybridge Boats

Beneteau Swift Trawler 30

Beneteau proves you don’t have to go large to get the fun of a flybridge. Its Swift Trawler is a semidisplacement hull capable of exceeding 30 mph. Its fuel capacity gives a range beyond most owners’ expectations. The easy-to-handle, compact trawler is a true voyager for a jaunt to Block Island, or even crossing from Miami to tour the Bahamas.

The boatbuilder wisely makes standard both an upper and lower station, which means a short crew, or even a single-handed skipper at the lower helm, can dock and secure the vessel at port. Also standard is a Volvo Penta D6 370 hp engine, powerful, fuel efficient, and ready for reliable long-range cruising or just weekend overnighting at a quiet anchorage.

Access to the bridge is via a ladder-way through an upper-deck hatch. The landing below does take cockpit space, but Beneteau compensates by opening the cockpit to the salon via a large sliding door. The effect is attractive and practical, and cruisers won’t regret the trade-offs.

Advantages of Flybridge Boats

Cutwater C-30 CB

The C-30 with command bridge integrates the boarding steps into the pilothouse design by leaning them over the portside galley underneath, where headroom isn’t an issue. The effect clears the deck below for open seating and eliminates the steps from the overall deck plan. The steps are enclosed on both sides, enhancing secure footing, plus the aesthetic treatment is practical and good-looking, keeping the steps hidden from the Cutwater’s profile view.

Once above, there is a dual helm seat and a companion settee behind it for up to four passengers plus the skipper. Cutwater is just as generous below, providing a bridge with a dual seat, but it lacks the access hatch advanced by the Beneteau.

Living accommodations are treated with hardwood and fine veneer, giving a rich interior that’s durable with long-lasting good looks.

Advantages of Flybridge Boats

Ranger Tugs R-31 CB

The tug-style mini-trawler is semidisplacement and can actually cruise along at a good clip, making the top-deck view both exciting and useful for navigating tricky waters. Ranger Tugs has expertly turned this boat into a cozy overnighter with a sleeping berth and galley dinette that converts to a berth. The lower station is standard on the starboard-side of the salon, and even more important to journeyers, it offers a full doorway from the helm to the deck, making it easy to grab a line or offer one to the dock hand. In addition, a wide walkway around the pilothouse has a handy grab rail for safely moving about the deck to secure the boat in port and at anchor. The R-31 is responsive to low horsepower, has fuel-sipping diesel propulsion options, and offers a diesel generator, eliminating both the high risk of carbon monoxide and the need to carry gasoline in addition to diesel fuel. Topside amenities include a dual helm seat and a dinette with facing lounges — picture lunch up top with your crew.

Ranger Tugs are built in the Northeast to handle any rugged waters.

Advantages of Flybridge Boats

Sea Ray Fly 400

Dual stations in the Fly 400 give complete versatility to the skipper and allow his crew to enjoy boating in temperate weather on the roomy bridge above or in chilly weather in the sumptuous salon below. Steps to the bridge are carved from the aft cockpit but offer a less athletic climb to the upper deck, and the generous beam accommodates the structure while still leaving enjoyable cockpit space with a built-in lounge and table. There’s something to be said for a 40-footer.

Once above, the crew is treated to a large L-shaped lounge that wraps around from starboard to stern, and a dual lounge facing forward next to the helm seat adds more seating to total at least eight coveted spots.

Sea Ray is known for luxurious appointments, hardwood and quality vinyl, and all those treatments are apparent in the master stateroom and the astonishingly large amidships cabin.

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Used Flybridge Boats For Sale

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Yachts with flybridges have continued to be among the most popular motor yachts built and purchased in the last several decades. Particularly in warmer clients, flybridge yachts have a lot of advantages for boat owners that want to cruise from high up and outdoors. Because this space becomes the entertainment focal point due to the views that a flybridge offers, manufacturers have begun to make longer and wider bridges with lots of usable space. Many luxury motor yachts now have flybridges with lots of comfortable seating, a wet-bar that can include a fridge, ice maker, and grill, televisions, dining tables, and even jacuuzi's on the larger yachts. Many of these flybridge yachts also have hardtops providing shade from the summer sun and protection from the elements.

The upper helm on a flybridge is really the defining characteristic of a flybridge yacht. Whether running a flybridge convertible sportfish to find schooling tuna or cruising to a destination on your motor yacht, driving from the helm on a flybridge is an amazing experience. Major yacht brands like Azimut , Princess , Sunseeker , Ferretti , Sea Ray , Prestige, and others have continued to perfect the flybridge yacht and it has become the most popular of all models in each brand. Choosing a smaller sportbridge like the Princess S60 or a larger flybridge like the Azimut 80 can depend on factors like how the owner plans to use the boat and of course, budget.

PRE-OWNED Flybridge Boats

flybridge yacht

112' Ferretti Yachts 2008

flybridge yacht


112' Westport 112 1999

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

flybridge yacht

108' Ferretti Yachts 2016

flybridge yacht

106' Inace 2025

Ceará, Brazil

flybridge yacht

104' Crescent 2000

flybridge yacht

102' Cerri Cantieri Navali 2018

flybridge yacht

100' PerMare Motor Yacht 2019

flybridge yacht

100' Azimut 100 Grande 2014

Miami, Florida, United States

flybridge yacht

96' Sanlorenzo 2018

flybridge yacht

95' Sunseeker 2021

CORAL GABLES, Florida, United States

flybridge yacht


94' Ferretti Yachts 94 2002

flybridge yacht


94' Maiora 2012

Saint-Tropez, France

flybridge yacht

92' Sunseeker 28 METER 2015

flybridge yacht


92' Sunseeker 95 Sunseeker 2021

Naples, Italy

flybridge yacht

90' Sunseeker 2006

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United Yacht Sales has thousands of yachts currently available on our website through our MLS services, many of which are flybridge motor yachts. Choosing the right brand, size, and amenities on your yacht can be a challenge and United Yacht Sales has the expertise on staff to help you navigate to the perfect boat that meets your needs. No matter what type of flybridge yacht you choose, the team at United can uncover the full history of the yacht, help you through survey, and completely handle the closing at the appropriate time. Already own a yacht? Visit our Why List With United page to learn more about how the yacht brokers at United can help sell your boat quickly and for top dollar. We look forward to working with you on the search for your next flybridge yacht.

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A unique concept, since 1989.

With over 40 models developed over the last 30 years, the F-Line occupies a privileged place in the world of yachting.

The design concept is based on a unique layout, maximizing space and light.  Fine materials and high-quality finishes attest to the exacting standards and savoir-faire of PRESTIGE.

Both on the interior and on the exterior, the refinement, soft atmosphere, and Art de Vivre gently unfold, in connection with the sea and the natural elements.

flybridge yacht


Dynamic exterior design.

Inspired by moving water, the powerful, elegant lines of this new hull incorporate large windows, bathing living spaces in natural light. Surfaces and curves have been meticulously designed to create soft lines evoking the movement of water.


The interior layout benefits from evolutions to enhance the warmth of life on board and privacy in the cabins. Positioned forward, the owner’s suite offers an exceptional volume of interior living space, magnified by natural light streaming through windows in the hull. The new galley features sea views and an even more inviting space, and together with the cockpit, owing to its large sliding glass door, this is the epicenter of life on board. At nightfall, ceilings lit by recessed lighting create a soft, soothing atmosphere.

Cutting-Edge Technology on Board

The new F-Line features a concentration of technology and innovation on board, offering you the freedom and peace of mind to fully enjoy cruising and relaxing at anchor.

Refined Layout, Fit and Finish

The F-Line is inspired by the colors and reflections of the French Riviera. The streamlined design instantly reveals delicate details, fine materials, and rich finishes. A perfect combination of comfort and contemporary design inspires the feeling of being entirely at home. New materials make their appearance: natural stone, curved wood, and even wicker... The new generation F-Line also offers recycled materials with sustainable, environmentally responsible components.

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The bulwark is cut along the lines of the full-height salon window, which becomes even more prominent. Dazzling views and natural light flood through, into the main deck.

Azimut-Fly83 Running 1


Seafront seating and sunbeds look forward with a clear view. The superstructure sweeps back away from the squared-off bow, stretching and widening the forelounge.

Azimut-Fly83 Salon-2


The central dining is surrounded by full-height windows, breaking down the barriers between the indoors and the wonders of nature.


The owner’s suite opens with a private lobby before the bedding area. Expanding the room and introducing a sense of spa, the ensuite bathroom stretches across the beam around a large central shower.

Azimut-Fly83 Owner s Suite 2

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Azimut’s pioneering use of carbon fiber lamination goes beyond pure performance. The Carbon Tech Generation offers expanded volumes onboard, while maintaining excellent dynamic stability and perfect handling. Preserving the yacht’s low center of gravity, the carbon fiber was focused on the upper parts of the yacht, lightening the laminated components by up to 30% and reducing the natural roll momentum up to 15%.


The system automatically transfers the diesel fuel from tank to tank, ensuring that the heel angle is kept close to zero in the case of variable load distribution and refuelling.


The custom-installed Naviop electronics have been integrated to control and monitor every onboard system: from engines and alarms, to bilge and water discharge pumps, tank levels and engine room ventilation, right through to the sound system and the air conditioning units. The system can be accessed onboard from both the interior and exterior helm stations and, with the mobile app, remotely from a tablet or smartphone.

Azimut_TF_High technical standard declaration

This yacht’s design and engineering meet the highest standards for production recreational vessels. Azimut Yachts issues a declaration of the premium materials, advanced technology and rigorous testing procedures.



  • Length overall (incl. pulpit) 25,20 m (82' 8'')
  • Beam max 6,18 m (20' 3'')
  • Draft (incl. props at full load) 1,72 m (5' 8'')
  • Displacement (at full load) 64 t (141096 lb)
  • Building material GRP
  • Exterior designer Stefano Righini
  • Interior designer Achille Salvagni Architetti
  • Hull designer Pierluigi Ausonio Naval Architecture & Azimut Yachts
  • Builder Azimut Yachts
  • Keel Planing, deadrise 16,6° aft
  • Certifications CE A; NMMA
  • Cabins 4 + 2 crew
  • Berths 8 + 2 crew
  • Head compartments 5 + 1 crew
  • Engines 2 x 1550 hp (1140 kW) MAN CR V12 (opt 2 x 1800 hp (1324 kW) MAN CR V12)
  • Maximum speed (test load) up to 28/31 kn
  • Cruising speed (performance test mass) up to 24/26 kn
  • Fuel capacity 6000 l (1585 US gls)
  • Water capacity 1100 l (290 US gls)

flybridge yacht

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