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Wider Launches Its First Hybrid Catamaran

The widercat 92 can cruise sans emissions for 27 miles and offers 14 hours of autonomy at anchor., rachel cormack.

Digital Editor

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WiderCat92 Catamaran Acali

Wider’s first catamaran is now prowling the seas in Italy.

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WiderCat92 Catamaran Acali

“The WiderCat 92 is a collective masterpiece, a synthesis of vision, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology.” said Marcello Maggi, head of W-Fin Sarl, the holding company that owns Wider.

Acali offers space for up to eight guests and four crew. Two generous VIP cabins and a twin are positioned on the lower deck, while a capacious owner’s suite with a private foredeck lounge is located on the main deck. The galley is also located on the main deck and leads to the plush aft cockpit.

Wider Launches New 92-foot Catamaran

Heading upstairs, the upper deck sports an additional forward cockpit, a sky lounge, and the helm station. At the stern, the tender garage is fitted with a transom hatch that can transform into an expansive swim platform. The beach club is equipped with expandable side decks that increase the size and create extra storage space for water toys.

Wider’s hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system may be what really distinguishes this cat from its competitors. Twin electric motors deliver 500 kW each to the thrusters, while two 349 kW generators produce further electrical energy. In addition, the yacht packs LiFePO4 (lithium-Iron phosphate) batteries and a nifty battery management system that improves efficiency.

hybrid catamaran

“Each designer, engineer, and craftsman has poured their passion into this endeavor,” adds Maggi. “As we celebrate this achievement, I have full confidence that, just as in our previous milestones, the WiderCat 92 will set a new standard in the industry.”

The outfitting of Acali will now take place before sea trials. Wider has another five WiderCat 92 hulls in the pipeline, so keep your eyes on the seas.

Rachel Cormack is a digital editor at Robb Report. She cut her teeth writing for HuffPost, Concrete Playground, and several other online publications in Australia, before moving to New York at the…

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We’ve been building our dream boat “in theory” for years.  Which has never been in the form of sketches but rather a list of features that would create the most self-sufficient boat possible.  Because…

Self-Reliance + Sustainability = Freedom

Self-Reliance:  To rely on our own resources and limit our need for a marina or fuel dock.

Sustainability:  Thinking about what we do today and how it will affect next week, next year, the next decade, and so on.  It’s the recognition that we’re all part of a living system and that everything we do impacts the world around us.

In other words, we want to be out in the world living and exploring for as long as possible.  Both in terms of not having to worry about our resources or our habitat disappearing.  It’s practical, not political.

And we know we’re not the only ones seeking this kind of freedom because we have you! Our community of like-minded people we’ve been having this exact conversation with for the past decade.  It doesn’t matter if you are in an RV, Tiny House, Sailboat, Motorboat, Homestead, Farm, Ranch, or Off-Grid Island Resort…at the end of the day, we’ve all connected over our love for nature and our desire to be in it.

This new HH44 is a continuation of that conversation and desire.  This is not the ultimate, all-time perfect eco boat or zero-footprint anything.  Not even close.  It’s the best option that we could find working with viable, available solutions.  It’s the type of innovation we want to support, encourage, and see way more of.  Selfishly of course.  Because we would love nothing more than to one day announce our all-time perfect sustainable boat with living hulls made of oysters and other bivalve molluscs that naturally propel the boat as they filter feed and improve the water as we travel the world’s oceans.  It may seem preposterous now but, in my defence, prior to 1961 most people didn’t think humans would be living in outer space…so anything is possible.

But until then, here is the sexiest, most self-sufficient sub-50-foot sailing catamaran we will soon call home!

This is the beginning of a very exciting journey and because we share it with you (thank you for being a part of it) we want to hear your thoughts!  What are you most interested in as we build this boat?  What systems or features you would like us to dive into as things progress?  Is there a feature or a piece of tech you don’t see that you think we should consider?  We’re all ears and eyes!

Learn more about HH Catamarans:

Full Disclosure:  Transparency is important and we want you to understand our relationship with HH Catamarans, what it means and how it will affect our content.  The short answer is, that it won’t.  We did receive a small discount on the purchase of our boat in exchange for the publicity our HH44 Catamaran will inevitably receive (because we document our travels).  But we have purchased the boat and retain full creative freedom and continue to create as we always have, sharing our honest experiences.


Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

Comments (112)

' src=

So happy you guys are back on the water. Can’t wait to watch how the new boat performs and the places it will take you. Thanks so much for the entertainment and the hope that some day we can follow you in real life and not just on the screen.

' src=

Scott Robinson

GEL COAT !! Super stoked for you two !! HH44. Home run, you guys could not have picked a better platform for your edventures.

GEL COAT all the way. I built semi custom 90 to 100 foot yachts and to paint or gel coat was always the question. Every boat we built was gel coat for numerous reasons and all the owners always came back and thanked us for the push towards gel coat.

Look very fwd to seeing CURIOUS 2 come together.

' src=

Your next journey i think will start in Cebu, Philippines. Where it is being built. Goodluck with your new journey.

' src=

John Scaramuzzo

Congratulations and well done! I’m a monohull fan, but ai have to say that the new HH44 is the cat that could possibly sway me! The hybrid drive and solar capacity is amazing considering the boat lines are so clean and attractive! Wishing you all the best. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it!

' src=

Matt - SV Cadence

Congrats, Jason and Nikki! The new sailboat is a dream come true! All the best.

' src=

The HH44 looks amazing! Great choice!

I’m still scratching my head to figure out how the lines magically go from the helm to the rooftop, as the saloon sides are almost all glass. 🙂

' src=

Robert Jensen

I predict the next year will find your excitement level building month by month. I do hope the folks at HH will let you do some filming of the boat during its build. RR2’s videos have been very entertaining in that regard.

Will you be sailing Curiosity in the meantime or have plans if she should sell right away?

You’ve got all of Australia, New Zealand and Queensland to explore and visiting parts of the country that are miserable in the heat of their summer are probably very comfortable as you enter their winter.

I mentioned in a post on your YT channel that selling your boat might be easier on the paperwork out of a US territory like Guam.

' src=

Congratulation you two..she looks awesome..have you thought of a name ?

' src=

Exciting times, congratulations! Looking forward to hearing all about the build and the unveiling. Will you break a bottle of champagne against the boat?

' src=

I know you guys are in New Zealand….wait I don’t really know that. Wondering what’s next while you wait for the new Cat. How long does it take to make a yacht? Ever think about starting a yachting school? Getting couples or people interested in sailing to take the plunge? Or back to the basic of sailing Wynn style videos. Good Luck Guys, Stay safe, be well!

' src=

Theresa Hislop

Wow,just watched your clip re your new dream boat(how exciting for you both!),now we are watching you tube on these beautiful catermarans,can’t wait to follow you on your next adventures and the progress of the build of curiosity2.Have a great time in South Island too,it will be cold,so wrap up🥶but it is truly beautiful 😍 Shane and Tee(we once helped Jason from having to swim to his dinghy at the Barrier😂😂😂

' src=

Jennifer Burton

Looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing all your lovely adventures!

' src=

YES! I guessed correctly! So excited for you guys.

I’m currently sailing from fort Lauderdale to Bristol RI, but I can’t wait to catch up on the videos when I get home next weekend.

' src=

Will the keel/dagger boards (?) be able to be raised in shallow water? Can the boat be made with larger foils? Can the underside be contoured with ribs or some such that can eliminate some of the wave noises under the center hull? (It could be added after the mold process, of course.)

' src=

Ron Grisoli

Nikki and Jason, Congratulations. The HH 44 OC is just gorgeous! I am so excited for you and look forward to more adventures in it. I’ve been following your sailing adventures for the past few months, and so  far, have resisted the temptation to watch them out of order. I’m on the video where you just landed in Ecuador.  However, when I saw this in my inbox, I just had to skip ahead to check it out. Awesome, sustainable technology that seems like it was made for you guys! I’m curious about the lines routed underneath the deck. How quickly could you change a sheet if one were to blow out? It certainly cleans up the deck and minimizes tripping hazards. What a beautiful yacht. Enjoy!

' src=

Daphne Church

' src=

Congrats you two! HH is a phenomenal brand and the HH/OC44 is I think their best most innovative offering yet. They are lucky to have you guys aboard as brand ambassadors. Just curious if there is actually a “business case” that can be made for the extra cost associated with the hybrid set up, or is it just the coolness/eco-friendly side of things that sold you? In one of your expense’s breakdowns, you list monthly fuel expenses on the Leopard at $86/month on average, so roughly $1k/yr. Even if you triple this amount to $3k/yr and assume zero motoring, the payback is over 25 years to pay for this option. We recently went through a similar buying decision and HH was one of our finalists, but I couldn’t make this particular feature make sense when compared to a lightweight higher performance boats this competes against with daggerboards that sips fuel at such a low clip and is a negligible portion of the budget. (Seems silly to talk about budgets when dealing with $1M boats!)

Anyway, I’d love to hear your take on this as you both are so eloquent in your story telling and your journey has definitely inspired ours. I’m assuming you’ve ordered a ZeroJet OC 350 as well to slap on the back of Clarity2, (that’s our plan) it would be great if you take delivery first and give us the full low-down! Keep up the great work and looking forward to following the new adventure.

' src=

Rupert Verwey

Hi Nikki and Jason, Rupert here from South Africa. I am so excited for you. I love the HH cats, just wish I could afford one. Heck, I cannot even afford your old Leopard cat…. :(…..maybe if I sell half my organs I might… my dream cat doesnt matter what hulls it have, I will demast it and build a solar roof from above the dingy all the way to the bow with electric drives. Kinda like the Silent 55 cat……my ultimate dream but way too expensive. So a cheapy will have to do. So I would be most interrested in the eco elrctrical system of your HH.

' src=

Jan Jenkins

Yep, Im really looking forward to you getting to know this new yacht too and sharing it with us. Very much so, only I didnt want to use that word that every man and his dog tend to (over)use beginning with EX and ending in D. Thanks to you two, I now believe cats are the pyjamas for cruisers. Gone over to the other side from the yachtsman point of view; though I still think a keelboat on a heel is a beautiful thing to behold. Not so keen on being in one anymore, but will be by your side (in the comfort of my home) in your future adventures. You really bring huge enjoyment to me whether you are having an exhilarating introduction to a new place/experience and I can empathise with the frustrations when things aren’t going right. Im sorry you cant spend more time cruising here in the North Island, the weather wasn’t the best for you this summer, but you might make it back here again! If Dan and Kiko have shown us electric motors are workable, you can show just how much more flexible you can make your routing. And maybe we will see paws on board again??

' src=

Tom Moffatt

Is CURIOSITY2 being built in Cebu, Phillipines, or in Xiamen, China? If Cebu, where is the factory? An exciting project and I am among the many that will be following along.

' src=

Thomas Chandler

Cebu — Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines

' src=

Judy Goodson

I am so excited for you both! I hope “Curiosity 1” is going to a good home. We’ve all gotten emotionally attached to her, you know. I know you’ve done your homework, so I’m sure you’re going to love your new home. Can’t wait to see her in person!

' src=

How exciting and after taking a break from current Curiosity, am sure you will maximise storage, minimise waste and only buy and use what you absolutely need. The extra storage room is just so practical, food supplies and easy access to what you need to maintain or secure your electronics – how great an option that suits you both. Look forward to having those open windows bringing in the fresh breeze but not needing endless maintenance and the open views will just make it an incredible usable space. Just curious – do you think the ceiling height is different than current? I am hoping you get to visit Phillipines during the build – or a virtual visit (hire a local videographer) to talk about the build process, features before they are hidden – as who knows you may not be upgrading and removing older items for some time yet we all seem interested in the new gear you research. I very much like the idea – not using diesel, but do turn it over, replace diesel as it does age and no longer become viable over time (night-time turn it on boost power after cloudy days). So looking forward to you personalising things even more – your coffee maker, the cups and plates, cushions, soft furnishings too.

' src=

Alan Solomon

Oh My God. I am soooo excited for you both. Congratulations on this incredible, exciting journey you both have created. Awesommmme!!!! Very excited for you both! I know nothing of boat construction, on-board instruments and machinery or sailing for that matter. I sense that there are a lot of good, informative thoughts, suggestions, and ideas in the 41 or so comments above me. You might consider checking em out, one-at-a-time. The new HH is so modern, precise, clean with minimal rounded edges it reminds me of something from another world! Alien-like! Congratulations on this great move and exciting choice. Looking forward to next Sunday and more smiles from you guys. Safe travels, Love and Joy,

' src=

Pam McClure

' src=

Jeff Parkinson

I’m so excited for you guys! Can’t wait to see you guys sailing on your new OC44! Wondering whether you chose the carbon fiber mast?

' src=

Juan Paredes

Congratulation for the selecting the right boat for your needs. Great peace of mind to know that that’s all figured out (at least on paper). Still very curious about why you did not go with an all EV/ Solar catamaran like Silent Yachts (other than money of course)? Non the less, congrats and looking forward to the delivery video and many more to come.

' src=

Jeanette Brennan

You both sound so wonderfully giddy with excitement, and rightly so! Excellent adventures ahead – enjoy all the time you spend with your families when you get there. Freedom will be yours as you hit the high seas (hopefully not too high) later on. Will her name be Curiosity 2 or will she be called Freedom? We’re all really excited to hear about your upcoming travels. Hurry back! Stay safe, healthy and happy. 💓🌊⛵️🌊🙏💓

' src=

Outstanding boat…what a beauty! Hard to wait to see the completed boat and have longer video tours of each area of the boat. Enjoy your time ashore and I eagerly await the upcoming adventures you will have. Someone mentioned in the comments that the boat is built in China…you said in the video that you are picking it up at the factory…is that correct and the plan?

' src=

Curious Minion

According to the HH website, HH44’s and 50’s are being built at the factory in Cebu, Philippines. Curious Minion

' src=

Mark Beresford

So excited for you…Curiosity 2 will be a trend leader for yachts for years to come…Will thereby any form of autonomous drive as we’re seeing in cars nowadays…Or is that still in the future for sailing yachts?

' src=

Umm, boats have had it for many years in the form of autopilot or purely mechanical self steering for navigation. Automatically reefing and trimming sails do exist but they are fiendishly expensive and would be a nightmare to maintain.

' src=

Are you keeping Minion ? I did not see a space for that. I assume it will be hanging aft.

Well they’re keeping *Curious* Minion, but not the Highfield dinghy Minion. They mentioned in the video about selling Curiosity that it’s just too difficult to try to store everything off of Curiosity until the new boat is ready. They are selling her soup to nuts to the new buyer, which is a selling point for them since they will be picking her up in NZ and sailing off from there. Curious Minion

' src=

Brian Higgs

TexasTumbleweeds would better describe your wanderings all over the world. Much better description of your helter skelter travels describing your lifestyle so make it the new name of your wandering boat !!!

' src=

I can’t wait to hear all about your trip home!!! I

I looked up the factory and I see there are several places that sell these catamarans. Where will you leave from?

I am so excited for you both! I hope that there are good years ahead with little and hopefully NO maintenance. It seems that you have been working so hard over the last few years. You need to have some fun again.

' src=

Finally, one of my favourite sailing youtube channel, owning an HH 44 eco catamaran. Looking forward to the experience and seeing how that will change the trend in sailing. Congratulation guys!

' src=

I bet you will be riding the HH45 open

' src=

Beautiful boat. How fun!!!! Can’t wait for your next adventures:):):)

' src=

Congratulations….so happy for you two.

' src=

I absolutely love C2. I have a small suggestion to push her from eco friendly to eco loving. Have you considered either a CNG (compressed natural gas) or dual CNG/diesel fuel? The advantage of having a fuel that won’t spoil and has a lower CO2 foot print. I realize you have already signed a contract and they may be a bit more expensive.

Which hull number will your boat be?

' src=

Chris Aulbach

I read that it will be hull #3.

Sorry for all the comments. I was one of those kids who was always asking questions and I’ve had 70 years of practice.

Have you looked into the wired helm controllers? I see them sometimes in the Nautistyles boat tours and Rico swears by them as they let you go up on deck during docking and are more reliable than using wireless ones.

' src=

Elizabeth Jo Collins.

Congratulations!!! WOW! I want that boat! You guys have a beautiful new boat, and I’m looking forward to seeing you aboard it soon. I do have a question about where the wash and dryer are located? I’m so excited and happy for you two. GOD Bless you and keep you smiling and sending us all updates. Many prayers and hugs to you.

I was expecting you to go with a little larger boat as you mentioned in your ‘Checklist’ video but I can see sacrificing size to get the other features you want.

Are you going to do a comparison video on Curiosity vs Curiosity 2?

I think you should add the extra solar over the dinghy. Speaking of dinghies, are you keeping the one you have now or going with something different? Solid hull ones seem to be popular. Adding a cover to protect from sun might be worth it too for the long run. Considering what happened during your eventful passage to New Zealand I’d be looking at a dinghy that is deflate proof. Also a better location for your liferaft. One where you can get at it faster and one that’s in a more secure location near the back of the boat.

' src=

I’m so happy for you guys it looks like a dream catamaran. Just one word of caution make sure H&H has cleared up any lawsuits it has with gun boat. All the designs at H&H has are stolen from American builders from the Chinese, why am I not surprised?

The son of the owner of HH looks a lot like Jason. When you go to pick up your boat don’t bring the wrong one home.

If the solar panels on the boat are custom I would see about buying a spare set as soon as you can so in case they become unavailable you’ll be covered for future repairs.

' src=

I hope SelfReliance isn’t the new name. It is so unimaginative. You can do better.

' src=

Your new catamaran looks amazing! Per your request, here are topics / questions I’d like to learn more about.

1. What color(s) did you choose for the hull?

2. What can you do now, or do differently with the new / enhanced features of this boat? (More time between provisioning, certain budget items will be more or less, etc.)

3. Suggestion: consider working with HH to create videos showing construction / build out of key areas. Could be an interesting series and benefit HH as well.

Buy a more comfortable chair for the Nav station. Maybe bug screens for those large windows when you open them. You’ll just use them at anchor in buggy locations, although they could keep out the flying fish too.

Considering your ‘Want list’ does HH have tight weather enclosures for the cockpit for those hot/cold/windy/high seas days?

' src=

Gregory Illes

I am intensely curious, perhaps you know: HOW does a 44′ catamaran get shipped from Xiamen to North Carolina? (I presume you’ll be receiving the boat in the US.)

The HH44’s are being built in Cebu, Philippines.

According to the HH website, all future HH44’s and 50’s are being built at the factory in Cebu, Philippines. And you can ship a boat or have it delivered anywhere (limited only by your willingness to write checks) but if Nikki and Jason plan to continue their circumnavigation, picking it up in the Philippines makes more sense. Based on the video, I guess we’ll all wait to find out! Stay tuned! Curious Minion

' src=

Im soooo jealous! How long is production meant to take?

July 2023 is the projected delivery date. Curious Minion

My suggestion is for the Nav station is to add a 32″ or larger, wide screen monitor that you can use for most of your sailing needs and then add either or the Mac Studios ($1999 or $3999) or a similar PC set up for video editing so you can both watch the helm and do your video editing at the same time. The power and speed of a workstation will cut down on your editing time and you’ve got the extra power on board you don’t have to skimp anymore. They’ve got the power so you both could work on it at the same time. You can network out to your laptops no matter where they are on the boat. In fact you might consider adding Cat 6 or better Ethernet during the boat build. Run them throughout the boat wherever you might want to use your laptop. Faster and better connection than wi-fi.

Add some Sonos speakers around the boat too. Hard to beat their sound quality and features.

You could easily add voice command via Alexa or Google so if there were an emergency while you were in bed you could instantly command a system to turn on or shut down. Great for turning on and off lights, tv, music, and controlling HVAC, security.

' src=

Tom Tessmer

AWESOME guys! Well…yeah that’s all I can think of…AWESOME!

' src=

Will you still have a dingy and if so where does it stow?

' src=

Jim Hawkings

I live in Nova Scotia, south shore, CANADA. Very near Halifax. I do have relatives in New Zealand. I would prefer a mig welded Cat or Trimaran.. is HH associated with any builders here in Canada. I am interested in having a livaboard as my mini-home.

' src=

I love this new name “SelfReliance” for your new boat

Where … did you got it ???? 😀

Happy sailing … Happy life !!!!

' src=

Self reliance should be every humans ultimate goal in life😁 Then we can honestly give to others without hidden agendas or personal issues!

' src=

David Gallimore

Nikki and Jason, so glad you’ve recovered from COVID! Congratulations on your new HH Cat! I’m inspired by your commitment and leadership to helping SOLVE the climate crisis with your decision to purchase a much more eco-friendly catamaran! I look forward to seeing how the ripples you create lead to waves of positive change in the sailing world!!

' src=

Keith Lacoy

Congratulations, the new boat looks amazing! Can’t wait to see the real thing in action.

' src=

Beautiful boat…are you picking it up in the Philippines? What are you plans for the next year while you wait for this beauty to be built?

' src=

Sandra & the 2 Spaniels

Boat looks amazing! Can’t wait to see Nikki cooking in the fab new kitchen! I feel like she does about propane-uh, no! I am even hoping to get an electric cooking stove in my house, if I can get the gas lines removed. The picture tour was great, but I am waiting for the up close and real tour! Congrats!!

Does your new HH-44 have radar? If you seek yet another highly intelligent source of imput regarding this boat contact Troy at Free Range Living and solicit his advise as he is real smart and he might recommend some type of modifications or what ever !!! Best wishes from Fort Worth, Texas !!!!

' src=


Good choice of boat design and technology. All electric is not yet practical for passage making, so hybrid is currently the only environmentally friendly, motor-sail silently, practical choice. Never liked the helm stations on Cats. Too exposed. These helms are a great compromise for safety, comfort and visibility. Congrats.

' src=

Michael Magill

Congratulations on your new boat, can’t wait to tag along on your next adventures. Have a safe journet home, and we will see you when your back in the water. It will be a different sailing and it looks like it will be a great way to explore. Have a great time with your family and friends . Good Luck

' src=

Sounds like the perfect choice. I’m so happy you guys can continue this amazing adventure is real style and comfort.

' src=

Christopher Davis

Congratulations, so very awesome. Who ever bought curiosity the first probably got a the best self maintained boat ever. I can hardly wait for the new adventures

Chris Davis Clearwater County, Alberta, Canada

' src=

John Curtis

I agree on the technology question, Charles. It sounds like there are many more electronics on this new boat. What safeguards are in place to ensure the safety and continued functioning of them? Are there redundant or backups for key equipment, just in case?

' src=

Congratulations! Looking forward to to all of the progress and technical videos.

' src=

Steve and Mandy

What an amazing opportunity you have created for yourselves. New boat sounds exciting. Question, with all this performance would you be kind enough to show us how everything will be secured. Being the new need for speed water bearing beautiful people that you are.

' src=

What about “Minon”?….”Minon 2″ ??. You will still need to reach shore.

' src=

Steven Irby

Very exciting! After reading your wish list for a new boat, I was pretty sure the HH 44 would be your choice. It’s the only cat on the market that checks all the boxes…the hybrid propulsion system with shaft drive really puts it over the top! I am looking forward to following your videos as you acquire and sail it. Can’t wait to see one in person. Congratulations!

' src=

I am so excited to hear that you are moving up from the near east side. The two of you have done a fantastic job building out your current boat for sure! Now you’ll only have to set sail, major work free for a few good years. Defiantly visit the South Island. You will fine it more captivating than the north, which is saying something. Peace and safe seas.

' src=

Nikki Newman

Where is the HH Catamaran factory located? Will you be taking delivery there?

' src=

Mike Priaro

' src=

James Bolling

HH web site states that the build site is their Cebu, Philippines plant

IDTS, it’s in the US now.

Seems that HH44’s are being built in the Philippines

According to the HH website, all future HH44’s and 50’s will be built in their factory in Cebu, Philippines. Curious Minion

' src=

(¯`v´¯) `*.¸.*´ ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.•:*¨¨*:•..•:*¨¨*:•..•:*¨¨*:•..•… ┊  ┊  ☆ ┊  ★ ☆ WHEEEEEEEE!!!! I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!

' src=

Wendy Weaver

Lisa –

Love the celebration ‘fireworks’ your keyboard skills produced!

' src=

CONGRATULATIONS NIKKI & JASON!! My Husband & I have been big fans for years and want to do what you do when we grow up! Please place twin order for that gorgeous OC44 for us! LOL! Laura & Paul

' src=

Ed Thompson

How exciting! So happy for you guys. Boy, it looks like a great boat with every bell and whistle one could imagine. Right decision on the direct drive in my opinion. Absolutely astounding electrical system with huge battery storage and motor/high output generator. The cockpit and salon layout is amazing. And the workroom with the huge storage and a supplemental refrig is awesome. Can’t wait to see you guys sailing in it!

A lot of amazing technology and capability on this new boat.

But I am not crazy about the large flat bottom between the hulls – an area that will make a lot of noise and take a lot of stress in high seas.

There is also a certain amount of risk in taking on an unproven model. Because of its newness and high-tech construction and equipment, many critical repairs and repair parts won’t be readily available or DIY.

Ther is a lot to be said for the principle of KISS: keep it simple, stupid!

Mike~ The builders have already proven and built high performance yachts and catamarans since 2012. Construction methods are built for America’s Cups and know what they are doing.

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Rick Tressler

I agree. You two have proven that you can do anything when it comes to repairs. However, there are always going to be “issues” with a new boat. One recommendation: When you take delivery, don’t be sailing off on a multi thousand mile trip. Stick close to home for a while until most issues are worked out. Of course you already knew that. Safe travels.

They told me this same thing when I wanted to take my RV to Alaska the first year I owned it. I feel sure they will get their feet wet before a major passing.

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I have been following y’all since your trip to Alaska in your class a Bounder. My wife and I are full timers for 19 mos in our Montana 5th wheel. Congratulations to both of you. Safe passage and keep the fantastic content coming.

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We look forward to watching you every Sunday night. You are simply a part of our family (the ones we like) and we could not be happier for you both. Can’t wait to continue watching your marvelous adventures!

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Yes, yes. All of this is wonderful, congratulations. However, your video left out the most important feature in your selection– what color did you choose?

That’s pretty important, I agree.

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Sherie and Craig Masters

Yay! We’ve been wondering and waiting the big reveal! Wow! What a great boat! Perfect for you both and can’t wait to see your journey continue on Curiosity2! Now you have us thinking about HH for our second boat. 🤔

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Congrats & best of luck. Price?

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Jeff Cheesman

' src=

What is the build time?? From deposit to splash.

' src=

Leland Crenshaw

I am so excited for you two! You so deserve this great new boat!

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Brenda King

What a beautiful boat! Congratulations.. it will be exciting to see the build underway. The work room is fantastic and perfect use for a third cabin.

Two questions.. Will she be named Curiosity? Can you tell us more about the marine refrigeration? Capacity, models etc. I know that was a big issue on the current boat.

Best of luck with the upcoming surveys!!!

The new name is … “SelfReliance” !!!

No, the name is Curiosity 2. They said so in the message.

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I’m a bit old-school, but whenever ’digital’ is mentioned, I cringe. But wow! What a boat!

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But where’s the life raft that drops out in the middle of the night in rough seas on long passages???!!!!

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I see the sail bags sold in a flash. Congrats! I’ve anticipated this post for weeks. I’m really looking forward to the future watching you guys.

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Dr J. Stuart Latham

Hi both, the new boat sounds incredible, I wish you all the best for your continued adventures on the Oceans. The tech has always been an interest and high involvement throughout my life, along with a short 7 year career in the RN so I get the draw and freedom of the Sea.

Kind regards, Stuart (Sheffield, UK)

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Duane Terry

Wow, so excited for you two. The new boat Sounds amazing. Love reading and watching your blog. Love from Oregon.

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Charles Lear

Two questions:

1. Are there provisions to make the aft cockpit weather tight? 2. That is a lot of technology. How do you feel about maintaining that equipment while at sea?

I particularly wondered about number 1, as well.

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jason and nikki wynn learning to sail the new CURIOSITY.

Learning How to Sail (again)

real boat life


jason and nikki wynn diving into the endangered wild animals of the philippines

Rescuing WILD ANIMALS In The Philippines

sunken treasure in the Philippines with the wynns

Finding Sunken Treasure In The Philippines

Sea Cat Boats:  Hybrid Catamaran

At Sea Cat Boats, we take pride in everything we produce. Our build team has over 100 years experience in building high performance offshore racing boats that offer a multitude of dynamic features.

Welcome to the world of Sea Cat Boats, where our commitment to excellence and innovation meets the boundless blue horizon. Our journey is one defined by a profound passion for the sea, a dedication to mastering the art of boat building, and a timeless promise to uphold the principles of meticulous attention to detail, peerless craftsmanship, and unwavering customer satisfaction.

Nestled in an industry perpetually shaped by change, Sea Cat Boats remains resolute in the face of evolution. In a ceaseless quest for progress, we invest fervently in state-of-the-art technology and extensive research to always maintain a pole position in the maritime domain. Our devotion to pioneering solutions and delivering top-tier quality is the bedrock of our enduring success, ensuring the ultimate fishing adventure.

We have taken the best qualities of a bay boat, the best qualities of a catamaran and combined the two for a unique hybrid.


All Sea Cat boats are constructed with the use of AFTEC™ engineering and design with airflow technology, a purposeful design that utilizes the interplay of air and water to produce a ride quality that is unparalleled in seaworthiness and comfort. As air flows between the two sponsons of the moving boat, it is directed under the boat and enters the water at strategic locations that optimize lift and cushions the boat. The result is a phenomenally stable ride that remains smooth & dry despite unfavorable conditions. The only way to appreciate the difference provided by the AFTEC™ design is to ride in a new Sea Cat Boat.

Build Your Sea Cat

Choose your colors, power and options, then submit your inquiry to our team.

Sunreef Yachts Ultima

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Designed for performance, monohull dynamics with multihull living space, the world’s most technically advanced hybrid ecospeeder, the ultima catamaran is a perfect blend of speed, stability and comfort.

hybrid catamaran


A sleek and sporty hull, guarantees easy access to any marina.

ULTIMA’s advanced design reduces drag for enhanced performance and energy efficiency.


Sustainable yachting, green power boost.

hybrid catamaran

Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans are the future of sustainable yachting.

Sunreef Yachts’ award-winning solar power system, custom-engineered battery banks and hi–tech hybrid propulsion give the ULTIMA an unrivaled green power boost for a clean cruising experience filled with pure thrill.

hybrid catamaran


Energy-saving air conditioning, custom—tailored batteries, water management, hi-tech hybrid propulsion, cruising in comfort, the interiors of the ultima models offer an infinite variety of bespoke decors and customisable layouts, ultima range.

Dynamic design


Sunreef 55 ultima, sunreef 66 ultima, sunreef 77 ultima, sunreef 88 ultima, when it’s time to play, ultima opens her bulwark platforms to unlock new levels of fun with a fleet of electric toys and a walkaround ocean lounge., experience sunreef ultima, rewrite the rules of luxury yachting with a range of sleek super catamarans, engineered to deliver the ultimate blend of speed, sustainability and comfort..


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hybrid catamaran

  • Yachting World
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Yachting World cover

How hybrid sailing yachts finally became a feasible option

Yachting World

  • May 17, 2019

They’ve been a long time coming, but marine hybrid propulsion systems are finally a working reality, as Sam Fortescue reports


The Bootswerft Heinrich-built 13m Yamila uses an Oceanvolt electric motor rather than a diesel engine. Photo: Peter Minder

Every sailor is familiar with the wet cough of the diesel engine, and the acrid smell of its exhaust. For some it’s the sign that an adventure is starting, for others it is the reassurance that all is well on board the boat. The traditional engine is perhaps your boat’s most important safety feature, but its days may be numbered.

The electric sailing revolution is coming – and though adoption in the marine sector is proving much slower than in the automotive world ashore, progress is being made.

The market is still relatively small. Clear market leader Torqeedo had sales of €25m last year, most of which was in ferries and compact outboards. It also offers a range of saildrive and pod drive motors for yachts displacing from 2 to 50 tonnes, or roughly 20-60ft LOA.

But sailors have been slow on the uptake, and for one good reason: if you’re planning to cross an ocean or take on tough conditions offshore, you rely on your engine to help you outrun danger or motor through the doldrums – sometimes for days at a time.


Oceanvolt AXC series is a modular shaft drive system (10kW to 40kW) that will fit in place of a tradition diesel engine

Even with the current crop of advanced lithium-ion boat batteries , the range of an electric system is measured in tens of miles, not hundreds. So a 35ft monohull with 10kWh of lithium battery (four units weighing 96kg in total) would have a range of just 24 nautical miles at 3.8 knots, or less than 16 nautical miles at full throttle.

Taking into account the incredible wastage of combustion engines, which dissipate more energy as heat and noise than they provide in propulsion, diesel is still ten times more energy dense than batteries.


Full-carbon luxury daysailer Yamila uses an Oceanvolt SD8 8kW electric saildrive system. Photo: Tobias Stoerkle

“When you look at bluewater cruisers, of course you will have a diesel,” says Torqeedo’s founder and CEO, Dr Christoph Ballin. “And it’s right that not many coastal sailors opt for pure electric.”

But that doesn’t mean that electric has no interest for cruising sailors – far from it. The more common route for ‘normal’ sailors will be to combine diesel and electric in a hybrid sailing system.

Under this model, the engine is replaced by an electric motor, hooked up to a bank of lithium batteries. This can be charged via hydrogeneration – when the speed under sail turns the propeller and puts charge back into the batteries – and solar or wind. But when extended periods under power are required a standalone DC generator, which can be installed anywhere on board, supplies the electricity.

This is the set-up recommended by Finland’s Oceanvolt, which has focused on the cruising sailing market with a range of shaft and sail drive motors from 3.7kW to 15kW (roughly 10hp to 45hp in diesel engine terms).

“In the case of the round-the-world cruiser, we recommend a hybrid system with a backup genset to support continuous drive when/if needed,” says Oceanvolt CEO Markus Mustelin. “A regenerating prop, which spins while sailing and recharges the batteries (sacrificing 0.2-0.4 of a knot, depending on the boat and conditions) makes it possible to be almost independent of the genset and use it only for backup.”

hybrid catamaran

Spirit Yachts starts construction on Spirit 111 – one of the largest single-masted wooden yachts ever

Ipswich-based modern classic builders Spirit Yachts has started construction on its largest project to date, a 34m sloop, Spirit 111.…


Electric propulsion experts Torqeedo wins top award for innovative electric drive

The electric propulsion pioneer Torqeedo won the largest marine equipment prize of the year today (15 November) – for the…

This system has the advantage that the generator is only needed on longer passages, so the boat still manoeuvres silently in and out of ports and anchorages.

And a well-designed, correctly sized generator is much more efficient at turning diesel into electricity than an engine not originally designed for the job. Some sailors opt for an in-line hybrid system, like those offered by Hybrid-Marine, which bolts onto the existing diesel.

These are easier to retrofit, with many of the same characteristics as the full hybrid system, but there’s the disadvantage of still having an engine boxed away somewhere near the middle of the boat.


Electro magnetism

Until now, most business has been done through retrofitting existing yachts. But an increasing number of yacht builders are looking to include electric propulsion as original equipment. The world’s third largest boatbuilder, Hanse Yachts , is perhaps the most advanced – offering its entry-level Hanse 315 with an electric rudder-drive option.

The system takes up less space than the standard diesel, is much quieter and vibration- and emissions-free. But Hanse admits take up has been disappointing.

The technology has found more interest among lake sailors. Innovative young German brand Bente has been fitting Torqeedo motors to its successful 24ft model, originally designed for Germany’s ‘Green Lakes’.

Closer to home, dinghy specialist RS Sailing has decided to fit a retractable electric drive to its new RS21 keelboat. Already christened the ‘invisible gennaker’, the system is based on Torqeedo’s Travel 1003 outboard motor.

Bigger race boats have also been attracted by the lure of low-weight propulsion. Just look at Malizia , an IMOCA 60 being prepared for the 2020 Vendée Globe with a lightweight Torqeedo system.

“Emissions-free round the world under race conditions, while simultaneously producing your own energy, is a thoroughly inspirational concept,” said Malizia skipper Boris Herrmann.

Electric has also been successful at the luxury end of the market, where lithium-ion batteries account for a smaller share of the boat’s overall cost. A 50ft Privilege 5 catamaran and a carbon fibre Gunboat 60 have both been retrofitted with Torqeedo kit, while Oceanvolt appears on a Swan 57 and an all-carbon Agile 42.


Overview of the Torqeedo Deep Blue propulsion system installed in the Gunboat Moonwave

The Gunboat Moonwave has two 25kW Deep Blue saildrives both capable of regenerating under sail. There is still a generator on board to extend battery range offshore, but “they no longer use the generator – it’s just for emergency,” says Torqeedo’s Ballin.

Spirit Yachts is also designing electric propulsion into its Spirit 111  flagship, due for launch this summer. With four big 40kW lithium batteries aboard and a 100kW motor, the yacht will be able to operate silently for hours, although it also has 100kW of diesel generator capacity.

“The real focus is not the propulsion,” explains Spirit director Nigel Stuart, “but that everything works in harmony, from galley equipment and hot water to heating, air conditioning, hydraulics etc.” The British yard is also building a 65-footer using Oceanvolt hybrid technology and a new 44-footer that is pure electric.

With racing on one hand and high-end cruisers on the other, there is something of a gap in the middle. By Torqeedo’s own admission, the cruising sailor hasn’t been a big focus of the electric revolution, but all that is about to change. “We started a bit late with sailing,” Ballin admits, “but in the next five to eight years it will be addressed big time.”


Fully integrated electric drive system will power the new 111ft Spirit Yachts flagship

What does that really mean? Well, in the first instance, it means system integration. If that doesn’t sound revolutionary, then imagine a set-up on board where solar panels, hydrogenerators, batteries, generators and motors all worked seamlessly together to keep the yacht supplied with ample power around the clock. “That’s what people are willing to pay for: plenty of energy with heating or air-con through the night,” says Ballin.

The future of hybrid sailing

In the near future, Torqeedo is planning a new range-extending DC generator specifically for hybrid sailing boats. Its existing unit is built by WhisperPower and provides 25kW, which is too much power for boats using the pod drive system.

The genset will be designed to operate at optimum revolutions, while clever DC to DC conversion decouples the battery voltage from the charging voltage, for much greater efficiency.

With boats, just as with cars, the breakthrough that will make all the difference is around battery capacity. Until range under electric power can match that of diesel, there will be many sceptics. And that isn’t likely to happen for a decade or more, according to Ballin.

“Theoretically, they’ve tested batteries in labs that are ten times more efficient than lithium,” he explains. “And if that comes through, then gasoline is done. But we are trying to combine long-term vision with short-term mindset.”

In the meantime, the prevalent technology is based on lithium-manganese-cobalt, and a process of steady development is making this 5-8% better each year. For example, BMW has just announced its next generation i3 battery, used by Torqeedo’s Deep Blue system, will be able to hold 40kWh of power – an increase of 33% for the same size, weight and nearly the same cost.


Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 FP Pod Drive is suitable for small yachts up to 4 tonnes – a folding prop can also be fitted

The other area of development is around the propeller. Most cruising systems use a folding or feathering prop designed for diesel engines. But Torqeedo’s own research shows that the consistently high torque of an electric motor is best utilised by props with variable pitch.

And yet it is Oceanvolt that has addressed this issue specifically for electric motors with its Servo Prop system, which it claims to be 30% more efficient ahead, 100% better astern and 300% more efficient in regeneration mode.

Oceanvolt says that this prop can pump around 500W into the batteries at just 5 knots – the average pace of a 30ft monohull. At 6 knots that rises to around 800W, and at a very manageable 7 knots for a larger ocean cruiser you get 1.2kW.

“A new technology can rarely compete in price with an established one in its initial growth phase,” says Mustelin. “However, we have passed this and today electric systems are offered at a quite competitive price. When you add to that the fact the electric system is almost service free, the total cost of ownership is turning in favour of electric.”

So, you may not hear them approach, but expect to see more and more electric-powered boats on the water as the revolution continues.

A question of torque

A key part of the viability of electric propulsion rests on the notion that a smaller motor can achieve the same work as a bigger diesel. There are two elements to this. First, a diesel engine is not an efficient converter of chemical energy into thrust, creating a lot of heat and noise in the process. Second, the torque characteristics of electric are much better than diesel.

Mustelin says that Oceanvolt’s 10kW motor “easily outperforms” a 30hp diesel. “Typically, maximum boat speed will be somewhat lower (0.5kt-1.0kt) than with a comparable diesel engine, but at the same time the boat will maintain the speed better in heavy seas and headwind due to higher torque. Manoeuvrability is much better in confined marina spaces.”

That’s because combustion engines only reach peak power (and maximum torque) over a small range of speeds. Torque is a measure of turning power – at the propeller in the case of a boat.

A diesel engine develops optimum torque between 1,800-2,000rpm, while electric motors deliver it from 0 to around 2,000rpm. This allows electric motors to use higher efficiency propellers that are slimmer and more steeply pitched.


Engine-driven: The ‘alternator on steroids’

It has taken years of development and over $10m of funding, but renowned boat systems expert Nigel Calder has helped design an alternator so powerful that it eliminates the need for a generator on board.

Mounted on the engine, on the second alternator position, the Integrel can produce five to ten times more power. Sitting behind the system is at least 10kWh of lead acid batteries (lithium is also an option), and Victron chargers and inverters.

“If you crank the engine it’ll charge the batteries; if you’re running with the engine in neutral, it’ll know it’s in standalone generator mode and switch to that algorithm,” explains Calder. “It will likely be cheaper than a generator installation, and eliminates the issue of the through-hulls, the cooling circuits, the long running hours, the maintenance.”

The system allows you to run all sorts of creature comforts on board that would normally require a generator: from hot water on-demand to coffee makers and freezers. “We honestly believe that this system is going to supplant generators on almost all boats that currently have, or would like to have, a generator,” adds Calder.

With the engine in gear and at low revs, tests show how the Integrel can produce some 2kW of power without increasing fuel consumption or reducing speed – simply utilising the engine’s wasted capacity. This means it will work with the yacht’s existing engine – no need to overspec – and it has already been successfully installed on a new Southerly 480, a Malo 46 and a similar-sized Hallberg-Rassy.


Case study: Dufour 382 Alcyone

Built by Dufour in 2016, Alcyone was immediately retrofitted professionally with Oceanvolt’s SD15 saildrive motor, supplied by a 14kWh lithium battery bank. Owners Michael Melling and Diana Kolpak also specced an 8kWh DC generator for range extension. The fit out cost €30,600 for the motor and battery system, plus an additional €13,744 for the generator, and installation costs were around €8,000.

They charter the boat out near Vancouver, for exploring Desolation Sound and the surrounding area where silent, clean propulsion is a selling point. “Nothing spoils the joy of sailing – or a secluded anchorage – more than the noise and smell of diesel engines,” they explained. “Installing an Oceanvolt system in our new boat has freed us from that. It’s the way of the future.”

Charter manager Merion Martin said the conversion has also been popular with charter customers, adding: “The main advantage of the system is that it consistently uses around 40% less fuel than a standard diesel engine over the course of a week’s charter. But understanding the power management system takes a bit of getting used to, and the many components involved in the system can make troubleshooting a challenge.”

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Salt Water Sportsman

Sea Cat 260 Hybrid: 2021 Boat Buyers Guide

  • Updated: December 11, 2020

Sea Cat 260 Hybrid running inshore

Sea Cat merged the best of a bay boat and an offshore catamaran, creating the Sea Cat 260 Hybrid.

There is more than 100 years’ combined experience in building high-performance offshore-racing boats under their roof, and they use a lamination schedule formulated by one of the industry’s top naval-engineering firms.

Sea Cat 260 Hybrid

Catamaran hulls come in pairs, but so do other features in the Sea Cat 260 hybrid: two fuel tanks of 60 gallons each, two livewells at 25 gallons per, as well as a pair of Suzuki outboards—up to 600 hp combined—each served by its own fuel tank and battery.

We drove one, and the ride is exemplary. Draft is a shallow 14 inches, ideal for bay fishing while using a bow-mount trolling motor. It planes easily on one of its dual outboards and is happiest in a brisk chop, ably sliding through it, giving the passengers a terrific ride. Then while fishing, it’s as steady as a Falcon 9 landing barge.

It has at least two distinctive skill sets too: fishing inshore or heading offshore. Of survey respondents, 77 percent fished inshore species in the previous year, 54 percent offshore. That’s a substantial overlap.

An aft foldaway seat meets the needs of 44 percent of offshore CC anglers. It’s flanked by a pair of lighted 25-gallon pressurized livewells, enough to please 96 percent of those surveyed. Six gunwale-mounted rod holders match or exceed what 68 percent need.

Sea Cat 260 Hybrid helm

The massive bow fishing platform tops cavernous storage compartments. In-deck fish boxes in wide passages between helm and gunwale are 7 feet long. One can become a rod locker with an added rack; the other can be divided for more-efficient ice use.

Fishing-friendly options include a fiberglass T-top, custom helm seating housing a custom tackle station, a (third) forward livewell, rod-locker seating with backrest, additional rod holders and T-top rocket launchers, and Llebroc bow cushions and bolsters, for the 40 percent who call it important in a CC fishing boat. Other options include MinnKota factory-installed trolling motor, Wet Sounds speakers, and Garmin or Simrad electronics.

With the twin Suzuki 300 hp motors that Sea Cat recommends, the 260 Hybrid tops out in the mid-60s mph.

Survey Says: On Target

  • Massive and flexible storage for fish and gear
  • Top-quality hardware, hinges, latches and cleats
  • Good fuel efficiency for long range with dual Suzuki outboards
  • There is a place for everything, and everything is in its place
  • A dream come true for everyone involved
  • A unique hybrid

Reader Response

  • “Smooth riding in rough waters, roomy for fishing”

Fuel Capacity: 120 gal.

Dry Weight: 4,900 lb. plus power

Max HP: 600 , (228) 206-4042

  • More: 2021 Boat Buyers Guide , Boats , Offshore , Sea Cat

Cobia being reeled in

How to Sight-Fish for Cobia

Putting the pieces together for fisheries management

The Importance of Grassroots Efforts to Recreational Fisheries Management

smalltooth sawfish

Spinning Fish Mystery Investigated

Bull redfish caught on a soft plastic

Finesse Fishing With Microlures

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ELECTRIC HYBRID DRIVE SYSTEM For silent ecological sailing

Windelo catamarans travel silently even when under power, thanks to their electric hybrid drive system . Enjoy the sound of the waves and wind while not disturbing the wildlife as you set sail from your dream anchorage to a new destination. With our electric catamarans , no more exhaust fumes and vibrations – sailing is now a really pleasurable clean, environmentally-friendly experience .

The Windelo catamarans are fitted with two 20kW electric motors from Bellemarine . With an electric propulsion, there’s no need to warm up the electric motor. You have full power from the moment you switch it on.

hybrid catamaran

Motor: A reliable high-performance electric hybrid drive system

Electric motor with a good cruising range.

  • At 6 knots, the Windelo 50 has a range of nearly 3 hours and 45 minutes and roughly 22.7nm per day with an 1120Ah battery bank.
  • At 7 knots, the Windelo 50 has a range of nearly 2 hours and 17 minutes and roughly 15.47nm per day with an 1120Ah battery bank.

Graphique résistance à l'avancement du Windelo 50

When the energy consumed is not compensated by renewable energies , the 18kW backup 500L diesel generator(s) start(s) up to supply the electric motors and recharge the batteries . The generator is in the aft engine bays and communicates with the Boat Management System . It starts up automatically when the batteries are low and/or when the power required is greater than the power the batteries can supply. So, the full cruising range of our catamarans on the motor is 1100 nautical miles . The generator can also be started manually by the skipper in 2 different modes:

  • Cruising range mode : for example, the skipper wishes to start his generator to increase his cruising range when there is no wind.
  • Recharge mode : the skipper starts his generator, which automatically switches off when the batteries are fully charged.

hybrid catamaran


Windelo is a new conception brand of innovative catamarans. Ecology is at the heart of the company with the ambition to significantly reduce the environmental impact of our boats. A range of 44 to 60 foot catamarans offering sailors the opportunity to sail with pleasure and safety on eco-friendly boats.

In full development, we are hiring a sales manager:

JOB AND MISSIONS: Managed by the director of the company, and in connection with our various services and partners, you are a key player in the launch of this new brand.

Real project manager: 1. You co-build the Windelo sales and services office, 2. You recruit, train, and drive progressively a team of passionate experts, 3. You develop and innovate in the strategy of selling Windelo boats in Europe, 4. You recruit and lead a global network of sales partners, 5. You co-build and animate the company’s service strategy: port mapping places; insurance and financing; training; owner’s manual etc.

YOUR PROFIL 1. Passionate about sailing, you practice regularly, 2. Your sense of service and customer leads you to satisfy your customers every day, 3. You are enthusiastic and motivated to work in a start-up, 4. You have 2 to 5 years’ experience in the sale of boats, 5. Bilingual French – English, you also speak a third language: German, Italian, or Spanish.

EVOLUTIVE JOB Director of sales

AVAILABILITY / PLACE OF WORK 1st Quarter 2019 / Occitanie Region, Canet en Roussillon FRANCE

TYPE OF CONTRACT AND REMUNERATION Permanent contract / fixed to be defined according to experience + variable.

If you are a passionate of sailing and this challenge to participate in the development of a company in full creation arouses your enthusiasm, welcome to send your application by e-mail to:


Windelo consiste en la création d’une nouvelle marque de catamarans innovants. L’écologie est au coeur de l’entreprise avec pour ambition de réduire fortement l’impact environnemental de nos bateaux. Une gamme de catamarans de 44 à 60 pieds offrant aux marins la possibilité de naviguer avec plaisir et sécurité sur des bateaux éco responsables.

En plein développement, nous recrutons un(e) responsable des ventes


Managé(e) par le directeur de l’entreprise, et en lien avec nos différents services et partenaires, vous êtes un acteur clefs du lancement de cette nouvelle marque. Véritable chef de projet :

1. Vous co-construisez le bureau des ventes et des services de Windelo, 2. Vous recrutez, formez, et animez progressivement une équipe d’experts passionnés, 3. Vous développez et innovez dans la stratégie de vente des bateaux Windelo en Europe, 4. Vous recrutez et animez un réseau mondial de partenaires de vente, 5. Vous co-construisez et animez la stratégie de service de l’entreprise : mapping des places de port ; assurance et financement ; formation ; entretien ; manuel du propriétaire etc.

VOTRE PROFIL 1. Passionné(e) de nautisme, vous naviguez régulièrement, 2. Votre sens du service et du client vous anime pour satisfaire vos clients au quotidien, 3. Vous êtes enthousiaste et motivé(e) à l’idée de travailler en équipe dans une « start-up », 4. Vous disposez de 2 à 5 ans d’expérience dans la vente de bateaux de plaisance, 5. Bilingue français – anglais, vous maitrisez également une troisième langue : allemand, italien, ou espagnol.

POSTE EVOLUTIF Directeur des ventes

DISPONIBILITÉ / LIEU DE TRAVAIL 1ier Trimestre 2019 / Région Occitanie, Canet en Roussillon FRANCE

TYPE DE CONTRAT ET REMUNERATION CDI Cadre / Fixe à définir selon expérience + variable.

Si vous êtes un(e) passionné(e) de l’univers du nautisme et que ce challenge de participer au développement d’une entreprise en pleine création suscite votre enthousiasme, merci d’adresser votre candidature par e-mail à :

As part of the creation of new types of catamaran made in Occitanie, an audacious choice of ecological innovation has been selected in partnership with the Materials Center of « Mines d’Alès » (C2MA – IMT MINES ALES) (Gard, France). It’s a question of combining ecological performance in terms of minimizing the environmental footprint and structural resistance, and this, in a global approach of circular economy on all parts of the boat. To do this, and in connection with the IMT MINES ALES, Windelo has relied on the use of secondary raw materials, competitive  virgin petroleum-based materials, that fully comply with the specifications in terms of mechanical performance. This is a real first step to the development of a 2.0 fleet ships fully integrated into the challenges and ecological challenges of the 21st century.

Associated with an ecological approach of circular economy integrating a not insignificant part of competitive secondary raw materials from virgin materials, the architectural design and the resistance of materials on the new Windelo catamarans are mechanically tested in the Materials Center of « Mines d’Alès » (C2MA – IMT MINES ALES) (Gard, France) in connection with the architects and designers of the project. The design of the ship, and in particular the hulls and bows, go through a search for efficient structuring and arranging of materials composing it, combined with a mechanically optimized geometrical assembly. To this end, specific test developments, such as the study of distortion of the structure and of the panels constituating the hull of the ship, are studied by digital image correlation techniques coupled with standardized strength tests.

Founder of Catana

“The cruising program for this new boat raises the question of the antagonism between the search for performance under sail and the pleasure of navigation, and the development of pleasant living spaces. The originality of the answer is provided here in the arrangement of the cockpit bringing together the helm and maneuvers to the center of the boat and in the arrangement of living space that occupies the rear of the nacelle.

Just behind the mast the outer cockpit offers two helm stations protected from the wind and spray, a beautiful view of the sails and bows, and allows to have all the maneuvers on hand while limiting the needs to circulate on the bridge. Out of navigation, the cockpit can be more widely protected from the outside and open to the rear space.

Fully opened behind this cockpit, we have not developed two living spaces duplicating one inside the other but a single large space which is ajustable. We have focused our efforts on the geometry of the material and visual limits of this space and on the opening kinematics of the bays. Once opened, they “disappear” to transform the interior into an exterior. The generosity of these openings also allows to modulate the ventilation of this space by playing on a wide range of opening on its four sides

This work on the modularity and the disappearance of limits is found at the extreme rear of the nacelle, with an articulated platform to the davits transforming it into a floor when anchored, and in the rear cabins, whose wide turning porthole eliminates the angle between side plating and back side. The cabin space is therefore generous despite the relative narrowness of the hulls.

All these choices allow us to combine a contained hold of the nacelle, pledge control of the weight estimate, to a generous living space, with a central part given to navigation and maneuvering. The slenderness of the forward spikes, the significant free height under the platform, and the attention paid to the centering of the masses, complete the marine qualities expected for an offshore navigation program.

The other originality of the project brought by this new construction site is in the approach of “eco-design” on materials and construction. Strongly limiting the use of molds, the latter brings a greater margin of freedom in the variations and evolutions of the boats thus conceived. ”

Christophe Barreau et Frédéric Neuman

Architects and Naval Engineers

Who could know if it is the father or the son who is the most  passionate? It doesn’t matter. The important thing  is to write an innovative project within a family culture, for today and for generations to come. Hand over the guiding light, this is Olivier Kauffmann’s will. “At first I wanted to make my own boat, for me and my family; go on trip around the world living on a  efficient and pleasant catamaran. I dreamed of a new quality of space. Today, the dream has matured, and I want to share it with the great family of sailors. »

Windelo is the desire to expose us to something new, innovative, powerful, bigger than oneself. To seek innovations on materials, techniques of industrialization and uses to impulse a new economic reality. “We want to be part of this transformation related to the respect of our environment, it is for us, essential to work in this respect of men and nature. Men are at the heart of the project with the desire to recruit and form a passionate team, surrounded by experts recognized as the best in their field.

And the innovation doesn’t stop here, because the constructive process makes it possible to envisage fast evolutions from one boat to another while remaining well priced. An ambitious and respectful project ; Welcome to the Windelo adventure.

Dans le cadre de la confection de nouveaux types de catamaran made in Occitanie, un choix audacieux d’innovation écologique a été retenu en partenariat avec le Centre des Matériaux des Mines d’Alès (C2MA – IMT MINES ALES) (Gard). Il s’agit à la fois d’allier performance écologique en termes de minimisation de l’empreinte environnementale et résistance des structures, et ce, dans une démarche globale d’économie circulaire sur l’ensemble des parties du bateau. Pour ce faire, et en lien avec l’IMT MINES ALES, Windelo a misé sur l’utilisation de matières premières secondaires, compétitives des matériaux pétrosourcés vierges, et parfaitement conformes au cahier des charges sur le plan des performances mécaniques. C’est un réel premier pas vers l’élaboration d’une flotte de navires 2.0 s’intégrant complètement dans les enjeux et défis écologiques du XXIème siècle.

Associées à une démarche écologique d’économie circulaire intégrant une part non négligeable de matières premières secondaires concurrentielles des matières vierges, l’architecture de conception et la résistance des matériaux des nouveaux catamarans de Windelo sont éprouvées par des tests mécaniques réalisés au Centre des Matériaux des Mines d’Alès (C2MA – IMT MINES ALES) (Gard) en lien avec les architectes et designers du projet. La conception du navire, et en particulier les bordées et étraves, passe par une recherche de structuration performante de l’agencement des matériaux le composant, combinée à une géométrie d’assemblage optimisée sur le plan mécanique. Pour ce faire, des développements d’essais spécifiques, comme l’étude de la déformation de la structure des panneaux constituant la coque du navire, sont étudiés par des techniques de corrélation d’image numériques couplés à des essais de résistance mécanique normalisés.

La rencontre avec Olivier et Gautier a été une agréable surprise pour moi, dès l’exposé de leur projet, j’ai vu réunis tous les ingrédients d’une réussite, l’expérience de gestion d’entreprises mais avec une modestie rassurante, le souci de former une équipe des meilleurs experts (sourire) et une réelle écoute de leurs avis. Au fil des rencontres, les discussions ont ravivé mes souvenirs de la création puis du développement de Catana. Les mêmes motivations, la même recherche de perfection, la même audace teintée de modestie que nous avions au départ du projet. Windelo est centrée sur le produit ; une ligne de catamarans performants construits avec les techniques les plus modernes. Je n’en avais pas conscience à l’époque mais je crois que le succès d’un bon bateau vient de cette passion pour la mer avec la volonté de marier confort sécurité et performance. Je retrouve ici cette passion, et aujourd’hui ce qui a fini de me conquérir c’est le souci de préservation de la nature, tant dans les matériaux choisis que dans les méthodes de production.

Le programme de grande croisière auquel se destine ce nouveau bateau pose la question de l’antagonisme entre d’une part la recherche de performances sous voiles et du plaisir de navigation, et d’autre part l’aménagement d’espaces de vie agréables et généreux. L’originalité de la réponse apportée ici réside dans la disposition du cockpit rassemblant poste de barre et manœuvres au centre du bateau et dans le traitement de l’espace de vie qui occupe l’arrière de la nacelle. Juste en arrière du mât le cockpit extérieur offre deux postes de barre protégés du vent et des embruns, une belle vue sur les voiles et sur les étraves, et permet d’avoir l’ensemble des manœuvres à portée de main tout en limitant les besoins de circuler sur le pont. Hors navigation, le cockpit peut être plus largement protégé de l’extérieur et s’ouvrir sur l’espace arrière. De plein pied en arrière de ce cockpit, nous n’avons pas aménagé deux espaces de vie dupliqués l’un à l’intérieur et l’autre à l’extérieur mais un seul grand espace dont le degré d’ouverture est très largement modulable. Nous avons porté notre effort sur la géométrie des limites matérielles et visuelles de cet espace et sur les cinématiques d’ouverture des baies. Une fois ouvertes elles « disparaissent » pour transformer l’intérieur en extérieur. La générosité des ouvrants permet également de moduler la ventilation de cet espace en jouant sur une large gamme d’ouverture sur ses quatre côtés Ce travail sur la modularité et sur la disparition des limites se retrouve à l’extrême arrière de la nacelle, avec une plateforme articulée aux bossoirs se transformant en plancher au mouillage, et dans les cabines arrières dont le large hublot tournant fait « sauter » l’angle entre bordé latéral et face arrière. L’espace de cabine est donc généreux malgré la relative étroitesse des coques. L’ensemble de ces choix nous permet de conjuguer une emprise contenue de la nacelle, gage de maîtrise du devis de poids, à un espace à vivre généreux, avec une place centrale accordée à la navigation et aux manœuvres. L’élancement des pointes avant, l’importante hauteur libre sous nacelle, et l’attention portée au centrage des masses, complètent les qualités marines attendues pour un programme de navigation hauturière. L’autre originalité du projet apportée par ce nouveau chantier se trouve dans l’approche d’« éco-conception » portant sur les matériaux et le mode constructif. Limitant fortement le recours aux moules ce dernier apporte une plus grande marge de liberté dans les déclinaisons et évolutions des bateaux ainsi conçus.

Qui sait lequel du père ou du fils est le plus passionné ? Peu importe. L’important ici est d’écrire un projet innovant au sein d’une culture familiale, pour aujourd’hui et les générations à venir. Passer le flambeau, le relais ; c’est la volonté d’Olivier Kauffmann. « Au début je voulais me faire mon propre bateau, pour ma famille et moi ; partir faire un tour du monde sur un catamaran performant et plaisant à vivre. Je rêvais à une qualité d’espace inédite. Aujourd’hui, l’envie a mûrit, et je tiens à le partager avec la grande famille des marins ».

Windelo c’est l’envie de s’exposer à quelque chose de nouveau, d’innovant, de performant, de plus grand que soi. Aller chercher des innovations sur des matériaux, des techniques d’industrialisation, des usages et impulser une nouvelle réalité économique. « Nous voulons faire partie de cette transformation liée au respect de notre environnement, c’est pour nous indispensable d’œuvrer dans ce respect des hommes et de la nature. Les hommes sont au cœur du projet avec la volonté de recruter et former une équipe de passionnés, entourés d’experts reconnus comme les meilleurs dans leur domaine ».

Et l’innovation ne s’arrête pas là, car le process constructif permet d’envisager des évolutions rapides d’un bateau à un autre tout en restant bien placé en prix. Projet ambitieux et respectueux, bienvenu(e) dans l’aventure Windelo.


Wider fleet

hybrid catamaran

WiderCat 92


28,04 m (92′ 0″)

12,00 m (39′ 4″)



8 guests + 4

The Solar Flare

Let yourself be dazzled by the future. WiderCat 92 breaks down technological boundaries and the barriers between outdoor and indoor spaces, reflecting a design concept where aesthetics, functionality, elegance and innovation coexist.

hybrid catamaran

A 28-metre catamaran with limitless space and comfort. A remarkable combination of hybrid technology and solar energy.

Future proof design.

WiderCat 92 has no limits. It breaks down technological boundaries and the barriers between outdoor and indoor spaces, reflecting a design concept where aesthetics, functionality, elegance and innovation coexist.

hybrid catamaran

Propulsion System

hybrid catamaran

WIDERCAT 92 incorporates Wider’s serial hybrid system which, on a smaller scale and just as efficiently, builds on the shipyard’s extensive technical know-how in the Superyacht division. Only Permanent Magnet technology electric motors are connected to the propellers, each providing 583kW maximum power, while energy is produced by two 390kW variable speed generators each one with twin FPT combustion engines. Energy is stored in 30 LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) chemistry batteries managed by a state-of-the-art Battery Management System that constantly monitors operating parameters. The entire propulsion system ensures a cruising speed of 12 knots, reaching 15 knots thanks to the Electric Boost. In saving cruising mode, the speed is 8 knots with a range of over 1600 nautical miles. And at 6-knot speed, it can reach up to 2,400 nautical miles thanks to the Wider Serial Hybrid System. The catamaran also includes ZEM – Zero Emission Mode. Here, Wider technology lets you travel about 27 nautical miles at 6 knots in complete silence or provides 12-hour autonomy on battery power alone, without charge, when sitting at anchor. During bright, sunlit days, the 170 m2 of solar panels installed on WIDERCAT 92 will deliver energy self-sufficiency at anchor. That’s because any unused energy is stored in the batteries and used during the night. + ZEM – Zero emission mode available + State-of-the-art Battery Management System + Low noise and vibrations + Best power/consuption rate + 170 sqm of solar panels

hybrid catamaran

The Wider Beach Club

The standard below deck layout offers two platforms opening directly onto the 67 sqm beach club with direct access from the VIP cabins, a testament to Wider’s indisputable know-how in terms of versatility and sea accessibility for every guest. + Drop-down side platforms open out at water level + 67 sqm Beach Club

hybrid catamaran

Cabins and living areas

The standard below deck layout provides two ultra-generous VIP cabins that uniquely offer two platforms opening directly onto the beach club. In addition, there is an en-suite double Guest cabin. The lower deck also provides a generous and usable crew area at the bow. Naturally, the shipyard gives owners the option of a 4-cabin layout lower-deck. The main deck covers an area of more than 100 m2 and nearly half of it is the master stateroom alone, with a breadth comparable to a wide body. Large windows, full contact with the sea, versatility and privacy are just a few of the main features. The aft main deck offers a stunning 360-degree view thanks to the uninterrupted windows and flush doors surrounding the guests. The upper deck includes another forward cockpit that the owner is free to customize by incorporating a dinette/lounge and a Jacuzzi. The helm is also housed in the upper deck and, unlike other boats of equal length and category.

hybrid catamaran


hybrid catamaran

WIDERCAT 92 has a 67 m2 beach club that can be accessed directly from the VIP cabins, space for water toys in the bulwarks, and an 18 m2 garage that opens with an electro-hydraulic system. The garage is closed at the stern, for safe cruising even in rough sea conditions. It easily accommodates a 5.5-metre tender or a 4.5-metre tender and a Jet Ski. + 5.5 m tender (or 4.5 m tender + 1 Jet Ski) + Stowage space for water toys

Anchoring without an anchor

Equipped with Dynamic Positioning, WiderCat 92 uses an electronic satellite-controlled system to automatically maintain its position and heading. The WiderCat 92 electronic anchor system heralds a new era of environmental consciousness, sitting at anchor in Zero Emission Mode and preserving marine ecosystems.​

hybrid catamaran

Do you want to know more about the WiderCat 92?

01 main characteristics.

  • BUILDER: Wider Srl
  • LENGHT (L.O.A.): 28,04 m (92′ 0″) approx
  • BEAM: 12,00 m (39′ 4″) approx
  • DRAFT (FULL DISPLACEMENT): 1,50 m (4′ 11″) approx
  • DISPLACEMENT FULLY LOAD: 90 tons approx
  • DESIGNER: Luca Dini Design, Centro Stile Wider
  • INTERIOR DESIGNER: Luca Dini Design, Centro Stile Wider
  • NAVAL ARCHITECT: Wider Engineering
  • LOCATION: Ancona (Italy)

02 Tank Capacities

  • FUEL TANK CAPACITY: 10.000 L – 2.640 US gal
  • WATER TANK CAPACITY: 2.000 L – 528 US gal

An eShaft with twin screw props with Wider Serial Hybrid system allows, in trial condition, a range up to 3.000 nm at 8 knots

  • MAXIMUM SPEED: 15 kn
  • CRUISING SPEED: 13 kn / RANGE: 1.000 nm approx.
  • ECOLOGICAL SPEED: 8 kn /  RANGE: 3.000 nm approx.
  • AT ANCHOR: RANGE: 12 hours approx.

04 Propulsion

  • BATTERY BANK: 360 kW available
  • TYPE OF PROPULSION: eShaft with twin screw props
  • PROPULSION MOTORS: 2 x 420 kW Permanent Magnet Motor
  • GEN SET: 2 x 300 kW Variable Speed Nanni Diesel

05 Accommodation

  • for 8 Guests + 4 Crew Members


Do you want more information?

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The Antares powered davit system is makes raising and lowering the dinghy easier

Build Your Antares

hybrid catamaran

Our standards are high, and everything is standard…

Hybrid marine propulsion, 120v or 240v power, dual 12v & 24v dc system, international shore power, all electric appliances, 40 kw of victron lithium, 6 kva victron inverters, 2,100 watts solar, harken and spinlock, uk sailmakers, b&g electronics, 43 gph (163 lph) watermaker, jefa steering, 3-zone cruiseair, standard equipment list, construction.

The hull and deck are constructed of Isophathalic acid resin and tri-axial knitted fiberglass fabric. The skinning layer is 100% vinylester on the exterior, and polyester on the interior. Above the water line, the hulls and deck are cored with Corecell foam , except for hardware attachment points. All coring is vacuum bagged to ensure 100% adhesion. Below the water line, hulls are solid fiberglass. There are 2 forward watertight compartments, one inside each bow locker, as well as 4 watertight bulkheads, 2 forward and 2 aft. Standard fin keels have a sacrificial section allowing for substantial damage to keels without affecting hull integrity. The hull is treated with Interprotect 2000 epoxy barrier coat and Self Polishing Copolymer Antifouling. Hull colour is white.

Full Suit of Sails

All sails are designed by UK Sailmakers and are performance cruising sails.

  • Fully battened (vertical battens for optional in-mast furling)
  • 2:1 main halyard with a headboard block and shackle
  • Harken sliding luff car system for Mainsail
  • Single line reefing for 2 reef points
  • Sunbrella canvas sail cover
  • Genoa tracks with adjustable fairleads
  • Genoa sheets

Furling Screecher

  • Seldén Code X furling lead to the cockpit
  • Bowsprit mounted on front crossbeam
  • 2:1 auxiliary halyard
  • Screecher sheets lead aft to fairlead blocks

Mast and Rigging

  • Deck stepped anodized aluminum Seldén Mast, double diamond stay configuration
  • Rigid Seldén Rodkicker
  • 2 Seldén In-boom single line reefs leading to the cockpit
  • Running rigging lead through the under-deck raceway to stopper equipped cockpit winch pedestals
  • All halyards have low-stretch polymer cores with wear-resistant polyester covers
  • 4 folding mast steps, two on each side (not available on the in-mast furling system)
  • Conduit in the mast for all electrical wiring
  • The mast is outfitted with steaming light/deck light, spreader lights, LED anchor and tri-light
  • 1 forestay, 2 Dyform wire cap shrouds
  • All stays have swaged terminals & open-body turnbuckles
  • Anti-chaff sail rollers
  • 2 x Selden Shroud covers

Deck Fittings & Equipment

  • 2 x Harken 50.2 STEA powered winches, 1 centrally mounted sheet winch at the helm, and 1 halyard winch mounted on the aft pedestal
  • 2 x Harken 46.2 STA manual self-tailing Genoa sheet winches with 2 winch handles
  • Double helm seat with reversible backrest, covered in white polyethylene with additional storage under the helm seat. Comes with moveable step stool
  • NEW Cockpit seating arranged around expandable starboard table, expandable on both sides for more flexibility in seating arrangements
  • Premium cockpit upholstery
  • NEW 12/24-volt electrical panel
  • Full cockpit enclosure
  • Stainless Steel grab rail mounted on cockpit ceiling
  • Cockpit speakers
  • Davit system suitable for dinghies up to 12’ (3.7m) in length
  • NEW Electric BBQ

Dinghy & Outboard Package

  • 11ft (3.4m) dinghy with bench seat and with ‘V’ shaped floor.
  • Yamaha 15 hp, 2-stroke, manual start outboard engine
  • FRP hardtop
  • Glass windshield with windshield wiper
  • 2 hatches to view mainsail
  • LED cockpit lights on a dimmer switch

Anchoring System

  • Primary anchor 150’ x 10mm (46m x 10mm) high test chain, 150’ x 5/8” (46m x 16mm) anchor rode attached to 1 Rocna anchor 33kg
  • Quick Rider 1400 electric windlass
  • Integrated bridle system

Deck Hardware

  • Spinlock Rope clutches, 8 aft (7 on furling mast option), 3 at forward winch (4 on Jib option)
  • Mooring Cleat (12” – 30.5cm) with 2 fairleads leading from inboard and outboard on each bow
  • Double mooring Cleat (12”- 30.5cm) with single fairlead amidships on each hull
  • Mooring Cleat (12”- 30.5cm) with single fairlead on each stern
  • Mooring Cleat (12”- 30.5cm) with single fairlead on each transom
  • Stanchions (6) 30” (76cm) -high with double lifelines per side
  • Gates with pelican hooks at stern and transom
  • Toe-rail is clear anodized T section, mounted on external flange of both deck and hull Fasteners are on 5” (12.7cm) centers


  • Complete wrap-around tinted polycarbonate Plexiglas in the salon
  • Portlights including mosquito screens
  • 24-inch (61cm) Bomar portlights include 2 per port stateroom, 2 in the guest stateroom, 2 in the wardrobe. Also 1 per head.
  • Portlights in both heads fitted with Oceanair Cabinshades
  • All 8 hull ports shall be trimmed with cherry wood on the interior of the hull. The 2 hull ports in heads to be excluded
  • Oceanair Cabinshade on aft cabin windows white with blackout option
  • Hatches including mosquito screens and Oceanair privacy blinds
  • Bomar hatches include 1 over the galley, 2 over the saloon, 1 over port forward cabin, 1 over the master head, 1 in aft master cabin, 1 in the port guest
  • All hatches include Oceanair blinds
  • 2 Goïot emergency exits in aft cabins
  • 2 New forward-facing hatches that open on salon

Deck Lockers

  • Starboard forward locker with steps attached to outboard wall provide generator access
  • Center forward locker with access through 20” x 20”  (51cm x 51cm) hatch with a stainless steel ladder. Contains ship service batteries in a fiberglass enclosure. Access to halyards & tunnel under bridge-deck
  • Cockpit lazarette with double door entry gives access to refrigeration compressors & steering components
  • Twin rope lockers with Starboard dividers creating 4 rope compartments.
  • Transom Lockers with access to the shaft steering system

Chain Plates

Stainless steel through-bolted chain plates into primary reinforcements.

Aluminum compression member that supports the forestay, wire bridle, and tie-down for the trampoline. Net is woven and sewn Vinyl-dipped Dacron material for excellent comfort and durability.

  • The full engine instrumentation panel includes push-button engine start and individual gauges for engine temperature, water temperature, oil pressure, and tachometer/hour meter
  • NEW Hybrid Marine 40 HP Yanmar Parallel hybrid system, shaft drive (1 . 25” – 3.18cm shafts) located midships in a sound shielded compartment
  • Dual Racor fuel filters
  • Twin 75-gallon (284-liter) diesel tanks mounted midships below water-line with 2 fuel deck inlets
  • 3-Zone Cruisair air conditioning/heat (2 x 8,000 BTU, 1 x 18,000 BTU)
  • 30” (76 cm) stainless steel destroyer-type leather-wrapped wheel
  • Jefa shaft drive system
  • Skegged rudders
  • Rudders linked by a tiller bar
  • UHMW Polyethylene bearings
  • Accommodation for emergency steering through transom stairs/emergency tiller
  • 2 independent 60-gallon (227-liter) water tanks installed amidships below the water-line with 2 freshwater deck inlets located in the anchor locker. Ability to designate draw from either port/starboard tank. The water system is pressurized by a water pump, flow rate of 4.5 gal/min (17 l/min). A tank monitoring system is installed on the tanks
  • 2 quiet flush electric heads & house size toilet seats. 2 x 30-gallon (114-liter) holding tanks located adjacent to the heads. A “Y” valve is installed to select a pump-out deck outlet or overboard discharge. A tank monitoring system is installed on the tanks
  • 2 x 5.28-gallon (20-liter) hot water tanks, one in each hull, combination electric/engine heat
  • 1500-gph (5,678-lph) bilge pump installed amidships in 2 hulls and 1 in starboard forward generator locker
  • Freshwater hot & cold handheld shower is located adjacent to port transom stairs
  • Fresh and seawater washdown outlets located in the anchor locker
  • 43 GPH (163 LPH) watermaker installed in starboard aft transom locker
  • Protection enclosure around fridge and freezer and compressors
  • Manual fresh water pump mounted for galley sink


  • B&G Zeus2 12” (30.5cm) touch screen chart plotter / multifunction display
  • Broadband 4G Radar
  • GoFree WiFi Module
  • 2 x B&G Triton color multi-data instrument displays at the helm station. 1 x B/G Triton multi-data instrument display at the nav station.
  • B&G Triton Pilot autopilot with RC 42 Fluxgate compass. Includes 1 x Triton autopilot controller at Helm station.
  • ICOM 504 VHF radio/loud hailer & remote control Mic
  • B&G NAIS-400 AIS Transceiver / NSPL-400 AIS Splitter
  • NEW   40 kW Victron Lithium batteries in an enclosed fiberglass cabinet in a center foredeck locker
  • 3 X Group 12V for engines and Genset
  • Victron Blue Power Panel VE Net monitoring system

Solar Panels

NEW 2,100 watts of solar  with Victron Bluesolar regulator as required for solar panels

Victron Inverter

NEW 2 X Victron MultiPlus 3000-watt power inverter and battery charger located under the main settee with a control panel at the main distribution panel

Shore Power

NEW 2 shore power inlets c/w shore power cords for 120v and 240v shore power

NEW Dual 12V/24V

  • 24, 5 – 15 amp circuit breakers located on the distribution panel with Ammeter/Voltmeters on panel
  • 12V outlets located 1 at the helm, 1 at the nav station, 2 at the galley.
  • USB outlets located 1 at the nav station, 1 at each cabin

NEW Dual 110/220V AC Option

  • All AC circuits have breakers as required (main, 5 std., spare). The ammeter is on the electrical panel
  • 110V outlet located 1 at entertainment area, 1 at the nav station, 1 at each cabin, 1 at each head, 3 at the galley, 1 at Washer/Dryer.
  • Emergency safety panel
  • Automatic transfer switch
  • Ground-fault protection for all energy sources
  • Automatic Ground connection
  • Additional (2) power meters for shore power and generator to verify voltage/Freq/current.

All lights to be premium LED

  • Saloon – 6 overhead lights. 2 reading lights mounted on the forward bulkhead. 4 courtesy lights in the saloon step
  • Saloon ceiling light with 4 led lights on a dimmer
  • Galley – 4 overhead lights and 3 counter lights mounted under outboard shelves. 1 under counter fluorescent over stovetop. 3 courtesy lights in the access step faces.
  • Master Cabin – 2 overhead lights and 2 reading lights. 4 overhead in the dressing area, 3 courtesy lights in access steps
  • Master Head – 5 overhead lights
  • Port Head – 2 overhead lights with switch
  • Port Forward Cabin – 2 overhead lights with switch, 2 reading lights
  • Guest Cabin – 2 overhead lights, 2 reading lights
  • Cockpit – overhead lights mounted on the hardtop. Courtesy lights mounted on each transom step and companion well steps

Entertainment System

  • Premium amplifier & receiver with 2 interior speakers and subwoofer and 2 exterior cockpit speakers
  • Flat-panel 32” (81cm) widescreen LCD HDTV in the salon
  • Flat-panel 20-22” (51cm – 56cm) HDTV mounted in the master cabin
  • Fusion iPod docking station stereo (latest models will be installed)
  • Fusion MS-NRX200 stereo remote at helm


  • L-shaped settee on a raised platform with a panoramic view, storage below. A triangular table on a manually adjustable pedestal with vertical and horizontal adjustment.
  • Pass-through to the galley. Handrails beside wide stairway leading into each hull. Faux-leather upholstery. High-quality synthetic teak flooring throughout. 2 x 12v fans installed above the seating area
  • The navigation station faces forward with a drawer for instrument storage and access for computer cables. Pedestal mounted navigation chair on swivel
  • Entertainment center: cupboards with shelves below, 3 door cabinet for entertainment equipment.
  • Washer/dryer installed in the cabinet
  • The sliding door joining the saloon and cockpit is 38” (97cm) wide with a Phantom screen door
  • Solid surface countertops in-salon and fridge/freezer
  • Solid surface countertops on the inboard and outboard side of the galley. A flush-mounted double stainless sinks with fixtures and stainless backsplash. 15 cupboards and 5 drawers in a cherry veneer finish.  An oven flush-mount.
  • NEW Electric oven and cooktop.
  • A Convection microwave.
  • Cherry finished the exterior on the fridge/freezer unit. The fridge has 7-ft3 (213-cm3) capacity, 3 shelves.
  • The chest freezer has 4-ft3 (122-cm3) capacity and 3 starboard/stainless baskets. The fridge/freezer are cooled by compressors. Independent thermostats for each.

Master Cabin

Queen-size berth with foam mattress 60” W x 80” L x 6” D (152cm x 203cm x 15cm). Bedside table with 2 drawers, 4 storage drawers under berths. 13 cupboards in cabin and dressing area with spacious 5-foot high cupboards with full double doors. The cabin has a cushioned dressing seat over the escape hatch. The cabin is independently climate controlled. Overhead hatch with Oceanair blind/screen. 1 x 12v fan installed at foot of bed.

Master Head

The shower is a spacious one-piece fiberglass module enclosed with a Plexiglas door. Includes moulded shelf, handheld shower with an adjustable mount. Shower sump on the independent circuit. Quiet flush electric head with a house-size toilet seat. Stainless sink with fixtures with storage below and solid surface countertop. Medicine cabinet with deep shelving on the inside of the door. Soap/toothbrush holder, towel hook & mirror on the door.

Port Aft Cabin

Queen-size berth 60” W x 80” L x 6” D (152cm x 203cm x 15cm). 2 drawers under the berth, 6 cupboards on the outboard wall, hanging locker with depth to accommodate hangers. The cabin has a cushioned dressing seat over the escape hatch. The cabin is independently climate controlled. 1 12v fan installed at the head of the bed.

Port Forward Berth

The double berth measures 52” W x 76” L x 6” D (132cm x 193cm x 15cm). Integrated wooden steps provide access to the berth. A large storage compartment incorporated into the forward-facing wall. 1 x 12v fan installed at foot of bed.

Port Forward Head

The shower is a spacious one-piece fiberglass module enclosed with a Plexiglas door. Includes moulded shelf, handheld shower with an adjustable mount. Shower sump on the independent circuit. Quiet flush electric toilet with house-size seat. Solid surface countertop. Cabinets over the sink with shelves, 1 cabinet below the sink. Hand-held integrated shower.

Customize Your Antares

security code

hybrid catamaran

With the Maverick 440 Hybrid you will enjoy

more silence & unlimited range.

Maverick 440 Hybrid

 Key Benefits of Electric Engines

Quiet & Green

More Torque

Reduced maintenance

More power for house batteries

The set-up of the Maverick 440 Hybrid is for a circumnavigation ready yacht launched on the water in Cape Town, South Africa. This yacht already includes air conditioning, water maker, solar panels, generators and other items required for a circumnavigation.  

The yacht comes equipped standard with a generous bank of lithium-iron-phosphate   batteries to provide for your everyday needs and cruising pleasure while living aboard. 

Mavericks are built in a semi-custom manner. The hulls & superstructure are production modeled and the owners specify their equipment, layout, and décor. 

In this section, we focus on the benefits and set-up of the Electric powertrain. All the other good things you would find on The Maverick 400 & 440 are also available in this model.

hybrid catamaran

The Maverick 440 Hybrid is an electric motor sailing catamaran. The electric motors are powered by lithium-ion phosphate batteries. The batteries are charged through a number of sources, namely; solar power, wind generators (optional), hydro-regeneration while sailing, shore power, and diesel generator(s).

The dual electric motors operating in pure electric mode from battery power have enough energy from the batteries to perform all anchoring & mooring maneuvers. This covers 90% of your use cases when operating on motors. For off-shore motor cruising & motor-sailing, there is a backup generator.  The Maverick tracks so well through its clever hull design that it only requires one motor to run straight in most conditions off-shore providing double the range. 

Our electric powertrain with multiple charging options and GenSet power back-up, with large diesel tanks, makes for the best range of any electric 44ft production cruising catamaran in the world.

Electric Motors are sail drives with feathering propellers provided by Oceanvolt.

Maverick  Life Hybrid Layout

hybrid catamaran

Saloon, galley & cockpit layout.

You can customize the layout of the galley, various cockpit layouts are available and decor is all your own choice.

Three Cabin , two heads owners yacht.

This is our most popular choice of the cabin layout.

You can customize the hull e.g. replacing the desk in the owner's hull with an additional sofa/sleeper couch or

 converting the port forepeak bunk into a pantry, and/or

A workbench with the tool storage in the companionway.

The 3-Cabin Hybrid comes with

2 x 11 kW 48V DC GetSets.  

hybrid catamaran

4 Cabin layout

The four-cabin layout can accommodate 10 + 2 guests.

The forepeaks are for children. The saloon has a full queen size double bed that can be used as a day bed or for occasional guests or for watchkeeping. 

The 4-Cabin Hybrid comes with a 15kW 48V DC GetSet.

Deck Layout

The deck layout shows the extensive opening hatches and good ventilation that is standard on a Maverick.

hybrid catamaran


Genko Ganev 

San Diego, California

"As a professional mechanical engineer, I am very particular about any construction process I am involved in, the quality of the materials and components used, all key ingredients for a high-quality product. Building a “live aboard” catamaran is twice more difficult than building a house in California. Our search for the right boat builder and the right live aboard custom-built catamaran took us over a year and I can confidently say: “We found the right one – Maverick Yachts in Cape Town, South Africa”. After two meetings with Rudi Pretorius at Maverick Yachts, we signed a contract, I quit my day job and relocated to Cape Town for six months while our catamaran was built. True custom-built catamaran, well thought out and build strong. As people say – “They don’t build them like that anymore”. We are extremely happy with our choice and the entire experience was better than expected."

hybrid catamaran


Key Specs  

•Length overall      

•Length waterline


•Mast height

•Mast height above waterline


•Fuel capacity

•Fresh water capacity 


•Main sail


•CE certified

13.3 m / 43.6 Ft

12.3 m / 40.3 Ft

7.45 m / 24.5 Ft

1m / 3.2 Ft

18.3 m / 60 Ft

20.1 m / 65.9 Ft

9930 kg / 21'892 lb

2 x 400 l / 2 x 106 US gal

2 x 500 l / 2 x 132 US gal

68 m² / 731.9 sq ft

43 m² / 462.8 sq ft

Sail More Often

The ability to sail more often in both light and strong conditions is the best solution for eco-cruising. The Maverick Hybrid catamarans get going under sail in just 4 knots of wind and can tack or gybe under sail power alone in just 6 knots of wind. Maverick catamarans are engineered with high-strength, low-weight materials.

The hulls and the interior modules are foam core using Gurit® Corecell™ foam for weight-saving and durability. 

A lightweight catamaran means you sail more often and for longer with less reliance on engines.

The Maverick 400 & 440 catamarans have the shallowest draft of any fixed keel cruising catamaran in the world.

Optimal weight distribution & space-saving have been achieved with the installation of electric drive motors leading to improvements in boat handling, greater load-carrying capacity, and storage space.

hybrid catamaran

Longest Range when Cruising

Maverick Yachts electric motors with the range extension system allow you to travel further on motors alone than any other  44ft electric cruising catamaran on the market today.

The total cruising range setting off with full battery bank and diesel backup for electric sail drive engines  (i.e. no sail power) is calculated at over 1’000 nautical miles. (1’850 km). This range is under calm (neutral) sea conditions at 5 knots. 

The cruising range extends further through solar charging.

Cruising range is unlimited when hydro-regeneration is combined in the right proportions with sailing. 

Extend your Range

Together with solar power and wind generation you can extend your range on engines and reduce the need for diesel.

The Maverick 440 Hybrid is fitted standard with 42kW of lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, 650 watts of solar panels, and 800-liter (220 gallons) of long-range diesel tanks.

The configuration of the system is customizable to meet owners' requirements. An additional 650 watts of solar panels can be added to the bimini bringing the total of solar power to 1300 watts, consisting of 4 x 325-watt hard panels.

An optional 2 x 400watt wind generators can be added to the system to bring the total solar & wind power generation up to 2'100 watts. With the Maverick Hybrid's ability to recharge its batteries through solar power, wind generators, hydro-generators, and plug-in at the dock there is much less need for refilling your diesel tanks, saving you time and money.

Shore Power charging is available for both 120V and 230V. 

hybrid catamaran

​ Performance

Maverick Hybrid Oceanvolt electric motors instantly deliver the full torque of the engines from zero revs. With immediate torque throughout your rev range, the handling and performance of the engine power are sublime. This step-change in performance is achieved while enjoying the peace and quiet electric motors provide.

The responsiveness and power of the electric motors provide confidence during docking procedures and on the open ocean through excellent boat handling characteristics in all situations.  

The Comfort of Silence

There is nothing better than the comfort of silence when sailing. With the electric motors, you get close to this level of silence when motoring. When at anchor you can enjoy the peace and quiet for hours on board as the large battery pack is powerful enough to run all the electrical house systems.

Due to the large power of the lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack, you have a greater ability to run all electrical systems on the yacht for longer periods. The battery pack is strong enough to run your air-conditioning, water maker, dishwasher, windlass, or autopilot without the need to switch on the generator. If you are conservative with your electrical consumption your batteries will recharge only through the use of solar panels, wind generator, and hydro generator. The backup generators are set to automatically come on when required and you can enjoy more silent intervals. The diesel generators are highly insulated to run smoothly & quietly. Overall there is less vibration & noise when the diesel generator is running than traditional diesel engines. 

hybrid catamaran

The Power of Lithium-Ion Batteries

The lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack is the source of the main power for all the boat systems and electric motors.  This battery pack has a broader operating range than other traditional battery packs. You can use more of the discharge of the battery and you can charge the battery pack faster. This leads to far greater utilization of your batteries, providing more available amp hours that you can use compared with lead-acid / gel batteries. When you are producing a lot of electric power from solar, wind, and hydro  generators the battery pack can absorb all this charge thereby greatly reducing the battery charge time.

The batteries have less weight, much higher amount of amp hours = higher Energy Density (Wh/kg), charge much faster, and can be discharged to deeper levels than traditional battery packs. This provides more power to all your home systems for longer. While sailing both electric motors can be set to hydro generation and this is a great way to charge your batteries while cruising with a minimum impact on boat speed. In certain conditions, while sailing at higher boat speeds, the electric motors in hydro generation mode have less resistance than folding props.

Beach your Maverick 

The Maverick 440 Hybrid sailing catamaran is designed to dry out on its own bottom.

hybrid catamaran

When setting off onto the open ocean it is good to know you can always get home safe. We use only the most advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology for safe operation at 48V that is UN38.3 and IEC62281 compliant. This provides a safe and conservative system with its own BMS – battery monitoring system that prevents excessive discharge or overcharging. We have 2 x powerful diesel generators that can provide sufficient power to operate electric motors while by-passing the battery bank. The battery bank can be charged from numerous other sources other than the diesel generators. By design, there are levels of back-up and redundancy built into the systems. This is coherent to the overall design philosophy of Mavericks that is designed to be independent & reliable with dual back-up built into most of the critical boat systems and the use of the highest quality components and materials.

Less Maintenance

Electric motors require far less maintenance than diesel engines. They have far fewer moving parts. The average diesel engine has 300+ moving parts including the transmission. The electric sail drive motors have less than seven moving parts and no transmission is required. 

2 X electric motors replace the traditional diesel engines.

For charging & operating efficiencies electric motors and house systems share the same MAIN battery bank. For house loads, they draw from a 12v battery topped up by the  MAIN battery bank. 

Diesel generators run in their optimum rev range with low resistance leading to greater longevity and less maintenance. 

The elective motors do not require winterization reducing annual engine maintenance costs.

Reduced maintenance costs and savings on diesel translate to an overall cost saving over the lifetime of the yacht. This saves time and money for the private owner. For the charter business, these savings translate to greater profitability, better return on investment, more productive time, and ultimately greater customer satisfaction.

hybrid catamaran

Greener Eco -Cruising

The Maverick 440 Hybrid is greener in all aspects.

The system reduces the use of fossil fuel making it cheaper to operate the boat and better for the environment.

CCB 264 Hybrid Catamaran

This game-changing hybrid checks all the boxes, why ccb264hc.

Our game-changing 264 hybrid catamaran is the boat that checks every box. It is good looking, fast, stable, and fuel efficient. The hull design makes for an incredibly smooth, dry ride in rough water while eliminating bow steering. Our ten foot beam offers a spacious layout for hosting family and friends and the storage space is comparable to most 30-36’ monohulls. The wide beam and catamaran design also provides a shallow draft for going to sandbars and an ultra stable fishing platform. The upper station gives you a birds eye view while fishing both offshore and in the backcountry. The CCB264HC has a range of 400 miles with 200 gallons of onboard fuel averaging 2 - 2.2mpg at 40-45 mph powered by Twin Mercury 300 V8 Verado engines. This 26 foot catamaran definitely broadens your fishing and boating opportunities by offering that “big boat” ride and feel in a good sized, maneuverable, and great looking package.

CCB264HC Vessel Specs:

  • LOA : 26'4"
  • Beam : 10'
  • Draft : 15"
  • Gunwale Height : Aft 18"
  • Approx. Dry Weight : 6800lbs (fully rigged w/ Second Station)
  • Fuel : 200gal (2 x 100gal)
  • Livewell Capacity : 80gal
  • Typical Cruise : 40mph / 2.2MPG
  • Typical WOT (Wide Open Throttle) : 70mph / 1.3MPG

The CCB264HC In Action!

The ccb264hc doubles the number of days you can fish.

hybrid catamaran

With the offshore performance, handling and room of a much larger boat you can still go out on those rough days without sacrificing speed or comfort on those long runs.

It is also at home in the flats with a huge amount of space and a draft that is similar to much smaller boats to make sure you can hit the tarpon, snook and reds with ease.

hybrid catamaran

In-depth Look at the CCB264HC!

Ccb264hc gallery.

hybrid catamaran

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Sport Fishing

Sea Cat 260 Hybrid: 2021 Boat Buyers Guide

  • Updated: December 11, 2020

Sea Cat 260 Hybrid running inshore

Sea Cat merged the best of a bay boat and an offshore catamaran, creating the Sea Cat 260 Hybrid.

There is more than 100 years’ combined experience in building high-performance offshore-racing boats under their roof, and they use a lamination schedule formulated by one of the industry’s top naval-engineering firms.

Sea Cat 260 Hybrid

Catamaran hulls come in pairs, but so do other features in the Sea Cat 260 hybrid: two fuel tanks of 60 gallons each, two livewells at 25 gallons per, as well as a pair of Suzuki outboards—up to 600 hp combined—each served by its own fuel tank and battery.

We drove one, and the ride is exemplary. Draft is a shallow 14 inches, ideal for bay fishing while using a bow-mount trolling motor. It planes easily on one of its dual outboards and is happiest in a brisk chop, ably sliding through it, giving the passengers a terrific ride. Then while fishing, it’s as steady as a Falcon 9 landing barge.

It has at least two distinctive skill sets too: fishing inshore or heading offshore. Of survey respondents, 77 percent fished inshore species in the previous year, 54 percent offshore. That’s a substantial overlap.

An aft foldaway seat meets the needs of 44 percent of offshore CC anglers. It’s flanked by a pair of lighted 25-gallon pressurized livewells, enough to please 96 percent of those surveyed. Six gunwale-mounted rod holders match or exceed what 68 percent need.

Sea Cat 260 Hybrid helm

The massive bow fishing platform tops cavernous storage compartments. In-deck fish boxes in wide passages between helm and gunwale are 7 feet long. One can become a rod locker with an added rack; the other can be divided for more-efficient ice use.

Fishing-friendly options include a fiberglass T-top, custom helm seating housing a custom tackle station, a (third) forward livewell, rod-locker seating with backrest, additional rod holders and T-top rocket launchers, and Llebroc bow cushions and bolsters, for the 40 percent who call it important in a CC fishing boat. Other options include MinnKota factory-installed trolling motor, Wet Sounds speakers, and Garmin or Simrad electronics.

With the twin Suzuki 300 hp motors that Sea Cat recommends, the 260 Hybrid tops out in the mid-60s mph.

Survey Says: On Target

  • Massive and flexible storage for fish and gear
  • Top-quality hardware, hinges, latches and cleats
  • Good fuel efficiency for long range with dual Suzuki outboards
  • There is a place for everything, and everything is in its place
  • A dream come true for everyone involved
  • A unique hybrid

Reader Response

  • “Smooth riding in rough waters, roomy for fishing”

Fuel Capacity: 120 gal.

Dry Weight: 4,900 lb. plus power

Max HP: 600 , (228) 206-4042

  • More: 2021 Boat Buyers Guide , fishing boats , Offshore Fishing Boats , Sea Cat

shortfin mako shark caught on Florida beach

Massive Mako Caught on Florida Beach


Kona Hawaii Offshore Fishing

tiger rockfish

Targeting Rockfish in the Pacific Northwest

Fishing Success in Windy Weather

Fishing Success in Windy Weather

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Nestled along the pristine Konkan coast of Maharashtra, Dapoli is one of India’s best-kept secrets, offering a perfect amalgamation of golden beaches with a backdrop of lush hills. Book our Dapoli tour packages to discover the beauty of this charming destination.

Whenever one thinks of a holiday, one usually thinks of a coastal destination or a hill station, but what if we told you that you could have the best of both rolled into one vacation? This is exactly what Dapoli has to offer. Situated in the south Konkan region of Maharashtra, Dapoli is a tiny picturesque town, within the district of Ratnagiri. This unique holiday destination combines the experience of a hill station and the coast to give you the best of both worlds. Whether you seek the calm of the hills or the lively vibes of the beach, Veena World’s Dapoli tour packages will provide you with a tour you will never forget. 

With Veena World, you can explore this hidden gem with utmost comfort and convenience. Our Dapoli tour packages have been specially designed to include all your travel-related arrangements at an incredible cost. From your travel bookings and accommodation to your daily itinerary, everything is carefully planned by our team of experts. Additionally, you can also customize your tour package to Dapoli to match your needs and preferences. Get in touch with us, and our expert tour managers will help you curate a package that is made just for you at the best price.

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1 dapoli holiday packages.


The Great Indian Peninsula Road Trip

Tour includes, super deal price.

Known for its untouched beaches, lush greenery, and historic significance, Dapoli offers a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. One of the standout features of Dapoli is its extensive coastline, adorned with secluded beaches that retain an unspoiled charm. Its beaches boast golden sands and clear blue waters, and provide an ideal setting for relaxation and water activities. The region is also dotted with orchards, lush hills, and dense forests, creating an inviting backdrop for trekking and hiking. The town also holds historical significance, evident in its ancient temples and forts. The Panhalekaji Caves, dating back to the 3rd century BC, serve as a testament to the region's rich heritage. When you are tired from sightseeing, the local cuisine, known for its seafood delicacies and authentic Konkan flavours, will be just what you need to regain your energy. 

With so many places to see and things to do, a tour to this small town in Maharashtra is a must. If you are someone looking to explore Dapoli, then look no further than Veena World. Our Dapoli tour packages are carefully curated to cater to the needs and preferences of every traveller. Apart from including your transport, and hotel bookings, we also include a daily itinerary which ensures that you do not miss out on any popular sightseeing spots or exciting activities that the place has to offer. To make your holiday even better, our Dapoli packages can be customized from every aspect whether it is the duration, budget or tourist attractions. 

Places To See In Dapoli

•    murud beach.

The first stop on your Dapoli tour should be Murud Beach, a picturesque stretch of golden sand kissed by the Arabian Sea. The gentle waves and cool sea breeze make it an ideal spot for a laidback stroll or a relaxing sunbath. The beautiful hues of the sunset provide a perfect backdrop for capturing memorable moments. Whether you're looking to relax with a book or engage in water sports, Murud Beach has something for everyone.

•    Karde Beach

Just a short drive from Murud, Karde Beach is another beach in Dapoli. Famous for its clean shores and water sports activities, it's an excellent destination for adventure seekers. Here you can engage in parasailing, jet-skiing, or simply building sandcastles. If you are looking to add some thrills to your trip, a visit to Karde Beach should definitely be a part of your Dapoli package.

•    Panhalekaji Caves

For history aficionados, the Panhalekaji Caves are a must-visit archaeological site. Carved into the rocky hillsides, these ancient caves showcase intricate sculptures and carvings dating back to the 3rd century BC. There are about 29 chain caverns of Hinayana, Buddist, Ganpateya and the Nath sects. The mesmerizing blend of art and history makes it a captivating journey through time. For a truly immersive experience, make time in your itinerary for their guided tour that takes place daily. 

•    Unhavare Hot Water Springs

If you wish to include an off-beat experience in your Dapoli tour, a short drive inland leads to the Unhavare Hot Water Springs. Here, you can soak in the therapeutic warmth of natural hot springs surrounded by lush greenery. The mineral-rich waters are believed to have healing properties and provide a relaxing respite, making it a unique and rejuvenating experience.

•    Keshavraj Temple

While on your Dapoli tour, take time out to explore the spiritual side of Dapoli at Keshavraj Temple. Nestled amidst the serene landscapes, this ancient temple dedicated to Lord Keshavraj is a significant religious site. The peaceful ambience and architectural charm make it a must-visit for those interested in cultural and spiritual experiences. 

•    Parshuram Bhumi

Another attraction to add to your Dapoli tour package is the famous Parsham Bhumi.  According to Hindu mythology, this is believed to be the place where Lord Parshuram, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, created the Konkan region. The site holds cultural and religious significance, and the panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes add to the allure of this historical destination.

Best Time To Visit Dapoli

The best time to visit Dapoli is during the post-monsoon and winter months, which stretches from October to March. If you book your Dapoli tour packages within these months, you will experience pleasant weather with cooler temperatures, making it ideal for exploring the beaches, historical sites, and natural landscapes without the discomfort of excessive heat or heavy rains. The lush greenery, clear skies, and moderate temperatures create an inviting atmosphere for travellers seeking a peaceful and enjoyable getaway in Dapoli.

If you want to experience lesser crowds, you can plan to visit during the moderate season which stretches from July to September. However, expect rain during this time of the year. The summer months are hot and humid, however, the cool nights provide the perfect opportunity for camping and exploring nature trails. 

No matter when you decide to visit, Veena World’s carefully curated Dapoli trip packages have you covered. Our tour experts take time to prepare your itinerary, keeping what activities are best suited to the weather so that you can make the best of your time there. 

Book your Dapoli Tour Packages With Veena World

We have a wide range of all-inclusive Dapoli tour packages that are tailored to suit the varied budgets and preferences of travellers. At an affordable price, we look after your every need, from travel bookings and accommodation to planning activities and places to see in Dapoli. Our commitment does not end at planning the trip as our tour managers are available 24/7 to help you with any query throughout the duration of your trip. At Veena World, the sky is the limit when it comes to curating the perfect holiday for you.

dapoli tourism packages

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Things to Do in Dapoli, India - Dapoli Attractions

Things to do in dapoli.

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dapoli tourism packages

1. Keshavraj Temple


2. Ladghar Beach


3. Karde Beach


4. Siddhi Vinayak Ganapati Temple


5. Parshuram Bhumi


6. Kelshi Beach


7. Murud Beach


8. Savane Beach


9. Kolthare Beach

dapoli tourism packages

10. Tamastirth Beach


11. Panhalekaji Caves


12. Shree Vyaghreswar Temple


13. Unhavare Natural Hot Water Spring

dapoli tourism packages

14. Aqua Lounge

dapoli tourism packages

15. Indica Surf School

What travelers are saying.


Karde Beach

Ladghar beach, murud beach, keshavraj temple, kelshi beach, savane beach, parshuram bhumi.

  • Tel: +91 70191 42517

[email protected]


Dapoli Tour

  • Destinations

dapoli tourism packages

Price : 3,999/- Per Person 2 Days 1 Night

Dapoli: Coastal Beauty

Murud Harnai: Tranquil Seaside Escape

Kelshi: Cultural Serenity

Anjarle: Scenic Marvels

🚩 Knowledgeable tour guide from Advising Tour

🏨 Accommodation, Pick-up, Drop-offs, Sightseeing, Meals, Breakfast, Evening coffee-tea

🌊 Dapoli Coastal Trip – A Perfect Getaway! 🐬 Join us on a delightful journey to Dapoli, a paradise known for its stunning Konkan beaches and playful dolphins. Dapoli: Dapoli, renowned for its beautiful Konkan beaches, is a haven for nature lovers and home to adorable dolphins.

Ladghar beach: This beach paradise offers dolphin safaris and various water sports, making it an ideal spot for adventure enthusiasts.

Anjarle: Famed for Kadyawarcha Ganapati, offering panoramic vistas and historical insights.

🎟️ Price: ₹3,999 (per person)

⏱️ Duration: 2 Days & 1 Night

👥Group Size: 14 to 17 people

📅 Customized Schedule

🗓️ Date: 13/01/2024 – 14/01/2024

🏁 Departure Points: Wagholi (05:00 am), Viman Nagar (05:30 am), Sangamwadi (05:45 am) 🛑 Drop-off Points: Wagholi, Viman Nagar, Sangamwadi

🍽️ Meals: Morning breakfast, pure veg lunch, and veg-non veg dinner (as per your request).

Day 1 – Pune/Dapoli:

🚗 Depart from Pune early morning towards Dapoli. (Morning breakfast). 🏨 Check into the hotel upon arrival and have lunch. 🚶‍♀️ Head to karde beach and Datta Mandir for a scenic nature walk. 🏖️ Explore the beautiful Ladghar Beach, ideal for peace seekers. 🌃 Stay overnight at the hotel and immerse in the tranquil surroundings.

Day 2 – Dapoli-Anjarle

🌅 Start early, enjoy breakfast, and proceed to Kadyavaril Ganapati temple 🏰 Journey to Anjarle to witness Kadyawarcha Ganapati.

Dapoli- Pune Going back to Pune.


🚩 Knowledgeable tour guide from Advising Tour 🏨 Accommodation, Pick-up Drop-offs(Wagholi, Viman nagar, Sangamwadi)Sightseeing, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 


❌ Personal Expenses (Boat/Pony/Horse Ride, Laundry, Telephone)

Things to Carry:

💧 Water Bottles 📸 Camera, Cell Phone, Binoculars (Optional) 🍪 Ready-to-eat food (Plum cakes, biscuits, etc.) 👕 Extra pair of clothes 🩹 Personal basic medical kit

📆 2 Days/1 Night

terms and conditions

  • Booking Confirmation: Your reservation is confirmed upon receipt of the half payment.
  • Cancellation Policy: Refunds are subject to cancellation charges; 50% will be deducted check the specific cancellation policy before booking.
  • Itinerary Changes: The tour operator holds the right to alter the itinerary due to weather conditions or unforeseen events.
  • Health Conditions: Participants should ensure they are physically fit for the activities; any health concerns should be disclosed.
  • Group Size: Tours are organized based on a specified minimum and maximum group size
  • Personal Belongings: The tour operator is not liable for any loss or damage to personal belongings during the trip.
  • Additional Expenses: Any expenses not specified in the package are to be borne by the participant.

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Find essential answers to group size, customizable itineraries, inclusive meals, key attractions, activities, guide availability, trip extensions, and exclusions in this tour.

Typically, the group size ranges from 14 to 17 individuals for a wholesome experience.

Yes, the tour offers customization options to suit specific preferences and time extensions.

Yes, the package covers meals, including breakfast and evening coffee or tea.

Dapoli is renowned for its scenic beaches and the delightful Dolphin Safari. Murud Harnai offers serene beach experiences and the opportunity to witness a fish auction at Harnai Bandar.

Kelshi encompasses visits to revered temples, including the Mahalakshmi temple and Yakub Baba Dargah. Anjarle showcases Kadyawarcha Ganapati and Suvarnadurg fort for panoramic views.

Yes, a knowledgeable tour guide from Advising Tour accompanies the trip.

No, participants doesn’t have the option to extend the trip with additional charges.

Personal expenses such as ropeway/boat rides, laundry, telephone, and entrance fees for activities other than mentioned in the itinerary are not included.

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Konkan tour – Dapoli, Murud Harnai, Kelshi and Anjarle

  • Konkan tour – Dapoli, Murud Harnai, Kelshi and Anjarle

Price (per person)

Pune/ Dapoli

Start your journey from Pune early in the morning. Reach Dapoli by afternoon, check into the hotel get fresh and have lunch. Get ready to visit Vyaghreshwar Mandir and Keshavraj Mandir. You can have a beautiful nature walk to the temple. After paying homage to the God you can proceed towards Murud beach. It is one of the best beaches in Dapoli and an excellent place for the peace seekers. Stay at the Murad beach as long as you want. Stay overnight at the hotel and soak into the serenity.

Dapoli - Kelshi

Start your day little early, have breakfast and depart for Kelshi. Visit Mahalakshmi temple, Yakub Baba Dargah and Kelshi beach. Then you can go Anjarle to visit Kadyawarcha Ganapati and Suvarnadurg fort. This fort is famous for its panoramic view. Come back to the hotel and have lunch. Take little rest and start your return journey. If you want you can extend your trip and can return next day by paying extra charge.

  • Accommodation
  • Sightseeing
  • Terms and Conditions

Tour package by, hellotravel in-house experts.

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dapoli tourism packages

Similar Tour Packages

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5.0 (8 Ratings)

Mahalaxmi temple, palande beach, harihareshwar and shriwardhan beach, murud beach, ladghar beach, kelshi sand dune, tour packages for dapoli, murudharnai, kelshi, anjarle, 2 days 1 night dapoli, guhagar, ganpatipule with pawas wildlife tour package.

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Things to Do in Dapoli

Top hotel collections.

dapoli tourism packages

Beach Resorts

Here is the list of 13 Things to Do in Dapoli

1. dolphin-watching at murud beach.

Dolphin-watching at Murud Beach

Situated in the town of Dapoli, the Murud beach is known for the scenic views of the surrounding landscape and adventurous water sports. And if you're lucky, you might even have the pleasure of encountering a few friendly dolphins here! 

2. Harnai Port

Harnai Port

Situated 17km from Dapoli, Harnai Port consists of two forts - Suvarnadurg and Kanakdurga. Kanakdurga is the land fort while Suvarnadurg is the sea fort.

3. Unhavare - Hot springs

Unhavare - Hot springs

The Unhavare hot springs are situated in Unhavare Village. The hot springs are rich in sulphur which is said to be good for the skin. This is the only attraction in the area and people come from nearby villages to take a bath in the hot springs.

4. Explore Panhalakaji Caves

Explore Panhalakaji Caves

The Panhalakaji caves are located on the Dapoli-Dabhil Pangari road. The road goes right up to the caves. It is situated deep in the valleys and is surrounded by jungle and river which are filled with birds and reptiles.

Top Hotels In Dapoli

₽ 3,162 onwards

₽ 1,053 onwards

₽ 5,410 onwards

₽ 4,883 onwards

₽ 887 onwards

5. Kadyavarcha Ganapati Temple

Kadyavarcha Ganapati Temple

The Ganesh temple is situated in Anjarle village near Dapoli. It was first constructed with wood in 1150AD and then reconstructed between 1768-1780. It is particularly known for the right-side placement of the Ganesha's idol which means it's trunk curves towards right which is rare.

6. Keshavraj Idol

Keshavraj Idol

Keshavraj is situated between Dapoli and Asad Pul. You can access it via Dabkewadi, after which you cross a small river. There is a steep climb where you are greeted with fresh water, which is said to have been coming from a tree trunk and is present all days of the year.

7. Watch Sunset at Karde Beach

Watch Sunset at Karde Beach

Karde Beach is one of the unexploited beaches in the region. Its proximity to Mumbai and Pune makes it a popular weekend getaway. The extensive stretch of golden shore lined with Sheoke trees is perfect for relaxing long strolls during the sunsets, while the ocean is famous for swimming, boating and dolphin spotting.

8. Relax at Kelshi Beach

Relax at Kelshi Beach

The long stretch of untouched scenic coastal beauty makes a trip to Kelshi beach worth the trouble. Approximately three kilometres in length, this gorgeous beach is covered with lush greenery and dense forest with a wide variety of trees of coconut, betel nut, mangoes, kevda and Cyprus. 

9. Parshuram Bhumi

Parshuram Bhumi

Parshuram Bhumi is a hilltop famous for its scenic beauty. The attraction is marked by a stunning 21 feet tall statue of Lord Parshuram. It is one of the best locations to get a marvellous view of the Tamas Teertha and the surrounding terrain.

10. Boat Rides at Ladghar Beach

Boat Rides at Ladghar Beach

Ladghar Beach is a tranquil attraction famous for its grainy shoreline, water sports, and boat rides, especially for watching dolphins and the mesmerizing orange sunsets. The beautiful beach is also known as Tamas Teertha because of its red colour in most areas by the shoreline. 

11. Peaceful Getaway - Savane Beach

Peaceful Getaway - Savane Beach

Savane Beach is one of the region's cleanest and most secluded beaches. The route to the pristine beach along the curvy coastal road adds to the mesmerising beauty of the attraction.

12. Restaurants to Try

Restaurants to Try

Being close to the Konkan side and Goa, little of Konkani Cuisine has also seeped in, thus, you can find konkani-styled fresh seafood and Kokum Juice, a refreshing drink to have during summers. Sol kadhi-rice with fresh seafood is a favourite local meal.

13. Beach Resorts to Stay in

Beach Resorts to Stay in

Teeming with majestic forts, tranquil beaches, and pristine scenic beauty, the quaint town of Dapoli is full of surprises. The beach resorts in Dapoli provide utmost comfort as you traverse the verdant landscapes to explore its fabled attractions in peaceful weather.

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Panhalakaji Caves

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Activites in dapoli.

Karde Beach

Siddhi Vinayak Ganapati Temple

Kolthare Beach

Kolthare Beach

Shri Vyaghreshwar Temple

Shri Vyaghreshwar Temple

Panhalekaji Caves

Panhalekaji Caves

Savane Beach

Tamastirth Beach

Unhavare Hot Water Spring

Unhavare Hot Water Spring

Harnai Fish Market

Harnai Fish Market

Shri Ganesh Temple

Shri Ganesh Temple

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  • We Sincerely Work For Your Merriment, And Request You To Take Time For Reading
  • All The Details Minutely, To Avoid Disappointment At Later Stage.
  • Package Is Subject To Availability Of Train –Hotel-Local Vehicles.
  • Carry Only Required Luggage / Carry Food Required During Train Journey / Carry Woolen Cloths For Hill Stations / Liquor & Rash Music Is Prohibited During The Tour.
  • Any Changes In Tour Schedule Due To Political, Social & Climatic Reasons May Lead To Change In Dates And Costs.
  • Air / Rail reservations are fully computerized and we do not have any control over seat allocation, their policy regarding cancellation / refund / rescheduling or any other aspect related to that.
  • During The Tour Seats In The Vehicle Are Allotted On Rotation Basis.
  • Check In And Check Out Timing Of The Hotel Will Be According To The Timing Of The Respective Hotels.
  • Company is not responsible for compensating any loss or additional cost incurred by the guest while taking the tour & nor responsible or Liable For Any Damage, Loss Or Injury Caused To Any Passenger.
  • All The Disputes Are Subject To Mumbai Jurisdiction Only.
  • Any Claim Related To The Package Must Be Brought To The Notice Of The Company Within A Week Only.
  • Guests Have To Follow Instructions Given By Tour Coordinator.
  • Nishnai Holidays reserves the right to change, alter or cancel a trip due to any reason which might not be in the best interest of your safety, like dangerous water levels, landslides, extreme weather conditions, over crowd, social activity, or any reason, etc.

dapoli tourism packages

020-67186800 [email protected]

dapoli tourism packages

Dapoli-Murud-Harnai Trip From Pune

dapoli tourism packages

Price Rs. 4500 per adult Rs. 4000 per child Rs. 5500 single person

Destination Dapoli-Murud-Harnai-Kelshi-Anjarla

No. of Days 2 Days / 1 Night

Starts from Pune

Frequency Every Saturday

Hotel Deluxe Category

Includes Travel + Tea + Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + Tour Guide


Tour Program

Tour program:.

Day 1: Departure from Pune to Dapoli . en route experience the magic of Tamhini Ghat . Afternoon arrival at Dapoli. Hotel check in. Visit Asud Vyaghreshwar Mandir , Shree Vyaghreshwar temple lies on the riverbank and is about 1000 years old. You cannot but marvel at the wonderful Hemadpanthi style architecture. A walk through the natural beauty and short hiking experience. Evening free at Beach . Overnight stay at Dapoli. (B.L.D)

Day 2: After breakfast Check out. Proceed to kadyavarcha Ganapati at Anjarla and panoramic view for Suvarndurg fort . Arrival at Kelshi , Kelshi, visit Mahalaxmi Mandir , Yakub baba dargah Lunch. Proceed to Pune . Evening return to Pune. Night arrival at Pune. (B.L)

  • Vehicles will be arranged as per the group size. It can be Bus, CAR or Tempo Traveller.
  • No extra Bed will be provided for extra person, however, Mattress will be provided instead.
  • Breakfast: Tea with Poha/ Upma/ Idli/ Wada Sambar.
  • Vegetarian Thali will be served for Lunch and Dinner followed by Tea in the evening.
  • Only breakfast & lunch will be provided on last day of departure.
  • Palkhi/ Doli is available at Lenyadri for senior citizen(s) OR handicap people at extra cost.
  • The tour price may change at the peak season mainly during Summer vacations, Diwali, Christmas & New Year.

dapoli tourism packages

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Exclusive Deal of Regenta SGS GreenOtel Lonavala with Breakfast

Exclusive Deal of Regenta SGS GreenOtel Lonavala with Breakfast

₹ 4,000/- ₹ 5,714/-.

Per Person on twin sharing

  • A Standard Room With Breakfast In A 4-Star Hotel
  • Till 30th September 2021(Booking Validity)
  • Weekend Tour from Mumbai
  • SBI YONO Packages

Hotel included in package:

  • Lonavala (3D)

What is more beautiful than celebrating love and companionship of two people than with ....

Upto 4 Stars

Shirdi Tour Package For 1 Nights 2 Days

Shirdi Tour Package For 1 Nights 2 Days

₹ 4,949/- ₹ 5,439/-.

  • Religious Tour
  • Shirdi (2D)

For the people who have been looking for a tour that lets them take a trip to Sha....

Upto 3 Stars

No Room(s) Selected

Exclusive Deal of Mango Hotel Valley View Mahabaleshwar With Breakfast

₹ 5,200/- ₹ 8,000/-.

  • Mango Cozy Room With Breakfast In A Couple-Friendly Hotel
  • Till 30th September 2021
  • Mahabaleshwar (3D)

Exclusive Deal of Citrus Chambers Mahabaleshwar With Breakfast

Exclusive Deal of Citrus Chambers Mahabaleshwar With Breakfast

₹ 5,700/- ₹ 7,125/-.

  • Superior Room With Complimentary Buffet Breakfast
  • Till 31st December 2022 (Subject To Availability)

Cirtus Resort is built using Colonial Architecture on a heritage land, set in serene se....

Exclusive Deal of Hotel Mercure Lavasa with Breakfast

Exclusive Deal of Hotel Mercure Lavasa with Breakfast

₹ 6,500/- ₹ 10,000/-.

  • Base Room Category In A 4-Star Hotel With Breakfast
  • lavasa (3D)

Facing the majestic backdrop of the Western Ghats and overlooking a scenic lake, Hotel ....

Holistic Shirdi Tour Package From Bangalore By Volvo Bus

Shirdi: Seek Divine Blessings

₹ 7,499/- ₹ 7,978/-.

Maharashtra Family Trip Plan For 4 Days

Relish the enrapturing beauty and advancements of Maharashtra

₹ 12,000/- ₹ 12,903/-.

  • Maharastra-Family-FOBP
  • Maharastra-Tour-FOBP

Upto 2 Stars

Memorable Mahabaleshwar Family Package For 3 Nights 4 Days

Memorable Mahabaleshwar Family Package For 3 Nights 4 Days

₹ 12,099/- ₹ 13,296/-.

  • Local sightseeing
  • Leisure Day
  • Mahabaleshwar (4D)

Known for its awesome weather all year round, Mahabaleshwar is a stunning hill that cra....

Maharashtra Family Trip Plan For 5 Days

Take a break with unique and adventurous experiences

₹ 18,000/- ₹ 19,565/-.

  • Mahabaleshwar (2D)

Maharashtra Family Trip Plan For 6 Days

Embrace the cultural and natural beauty of Maharashtra

₹ 32,999/- ₹ 35,869/-.

  • Mumbai (3D)
  • Aurangabad (3D)

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Places To Visit In Maharashtra

Let the experts guide you to the best of this mesmerizing destination

Siddhivinayak Temple In Mumbai

Siddhivinayak Temple is one of the most auspicious sites to visit in Mumbai. This temple draws major crowd each day and is one of the most visited places in Mumbai. The temple is devoted to the Hindu God Lord Ganesha also known as Vinayaka, who is considered as the deity for intellect and wisdom. Lord Ganesha is worshipped ...

  • Ideal for families

Gorai Beach in Mumbai

Gorai Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mumbai. Moreover, you will find the name of this beach on the list of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai. The beach is situated 40 km away from the main city. It is also the most frequented destination by couples. The beach is an ideal place for a calm and tranquil outing. Its...

Bandra Worli Sea Link in Mumbai

Bandra Worli Sea Link, also known as Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link, is one of the main attractions of Mumbai. It is one of the most frequented bridges in Mumbai. This bridge connects the suburbs of Mumbai to South Mumbai. The undertaking of this bridge was conducted by the Maharashtra Government. It is a cable-stayed bridge with pr...

  • Ideal for friends

Karla Caves In Lonavala

Karla Caves, also known as Karli Caves, Karla Cells or Karle Caves, are found near Lonavala in Maharashtra. Karla Caves are a group or complex of Buddhist Indian rock-cut caves which were discovered during an ancient time. These caves are located at a close proximity to Lonavala, at Karla which is only 10.9 kms from here. T...

Dukes Nose in Lonavala

One of the most popular attractions of Lonavala, Dukes Nose is a cliff that has beautiful views and a very interesting story attached to its name. Legend has it that the Duke of Wellington, who lived in the area back then, had a nose that resembled the shape of the cliff. The hooded shape of the cliff, which is nearly 800 f...

  • Adventure Activities

Things To Do In Maharashtra

Your list of the best things to do, compiled on the basis of actual traveler experiences

Camping In Lonavala

Lonavala is one of the best places to visit in Maharashtra if nature is what enthralls and excites you. It is a perfect place for enjoying adventures amidst the lush green landscape. Various people from all over India, especially youngsters flock to Lonavala in search of tranquility and to enjoy adventure activities. Trekki...

  • Unlimited Fun

Trekking at Bhimashankar in Lonavala

The 8 km long Bhimashankar trek stretches to Bhimashankar Temple that is known as one of the most prestigious temples in India. Moreover, it is one of the 12 jyotirlingas situated in India. The temple is situated at a distance of 115.2 km from Lonavala.  Trekking at  Bhimashankar in Lonavala  is equally apt for both adventure ...

Camping At Tikona Fort In Lonavala

Trekking and camping are one of the most famous adventurous sports among young crowds in India. And what could be a better destination than Lonavala for such an adventure? The lush green picturesque valleys of Lonavala makes for the perfect camping and trekking destination. The pollution free environment, scenic landscapes,...

Rides at Imagica water park in Lonavala

Situated in the premises of Adlabs Imagica, Imagica Water Park is one of the best spots located off Pune-Mumbai Expressway to beat the summer heat. It has 12 water-rides and attractions which makes it one of the best water parks in India. Influenced by the theme of Greece- the mesmerizing city in Mykonos, this park is a del...

  • Water rides
  • Unlimited fun

Parvati Hill Trek in Pune

Parvati Hill is one of the hills where you will get to see the whole city of Pune. The famous hill in Pune where everyone loves to visit and capture their beautiful memories. If you visit Pune and do not visit here then you have missed one of the best attractions of Pune. You do not require a specific time to visit this pla...

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Dapoli Daily Packages

Tour code: dp-1, stay: (1night / 2days), tour iternerery:.

06.30am       Departure from Borivali Nancy Colony

                     Route- Borivali -  Malad - Jogeshwari – Powai – Bhandup

                     – Mulund – Thane – Airoli –Vashi – Panvel

01.00pm      Reach at Dapoli (Ashwini Travels)

02.00pm      Hotel Check In and rest. Up to 4.30pm

05.00pm      Start to Sightseeing ( Anjarle Ganesh  (Kadyavarcha

                    Ganpati), Harnai Bandar (Fish Auction), Enjoy on Murud

                    Beach) overnight stay at Murud, Karde orLadghar.

07.00am      customer can enjoy Dolphin safari and water sports

                    activities by their own expenses.

09.30am      Hotel check out and proceed to sightseeing (Dapoli

                    Krushi Vidyapith, Panhalekaji Caves, Chandikadevi

                    Temple Dabhol, Dabhol Bandar)

06.00pm     Drop at Dapoli Ashwini Travels office.

09.30pm     Departure to Mumbai  by Ashwini Travels Non ac Bus

Day 3:        Reach at Mumbai at 04.00am.

Select Hotel

Dapoli All 2 Tours

Tour Inclusion:

Mumbai To Dapoli Transportation by by non A/C 2X2 Luxury Bus. Accommodation as per the Plan (A/C or Non A/C) on twin sharing Basis. Local Sightseeing on sharing basis by car or SUV (Indica, Sumo, Tavera) Package serve Meals MAP Plan (Tea, Breakfast, Dinner only), All Meals Vegetarian.

Tour Exclusion:

Dolphin Safari, Scuba Diving / Snorkeling Charges, Boating Charges, not Included in tour Packages.

Non-Vegetarian food charges will not included in food package Extra paid at hotel.

Stay: (2Night / 3Days)

06.30am        Departure from Borivali Nancy Colony

                      Route- Borivali -  Malad - Jogeshwari – Powai – Bhandup

                      – Mulund – Thane – Airoli –Vashi – Panvel

01.00pm       Reach at Dapoli (Ashwini Travels)

02.00pm       Hotel Check In and rest. Up to 4.30pm

05.00pm       Start to Sightseeing ( Anjarle Ganesh  (Kadyavarcha

                      Ganpati), Harnai Bandar (Fish Auction), Enjoy on Murud

                      Beach) overnight stay at Murud or Karde.

07.00am        Customer can enjoy Dolphin safari and water sports

                      activities by their own expenses.

09.30am        proceed to sightseeing (Dapoli Krushi Vidyapith,

                      Panhalekaji Caves, Chandikadevi Temple Dabhol,

                      Dabhol Bandar)

06.30pm       Drop at Hotel

Day 3:          Hotel Check Out at 08.30am

09.00am       Dapoli Ashwini Travels office.

09.30am       Departure to Mumbai  by Ashwini Travels Non ac Bus, 04.00pm      Reach at Mumbai.

Sulakshana Apartment, Shop No. 4, Sant Ramdas Road, Near JPM society, Thakur Nagar,   Mulund (E),   Mumbai - 400 081.

+91  9967 545 881

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dapoli tourism packages

Trips in Dapoli

Photo of A short konkan getaw

The Dapoli tour package offers a comprehensive experience that covers various aspects of this picturesque coastal destination. Typically, the package includes accommodation in comfortable hotels or resorts, with options ranging from budget to luxury stays. It also comprises transportation, depending on the package type, which may include ...

Dapoli, situated 215km away from Mumbai is popular tourist destination that serves the needs of all kinds of travelers. It is known as mini-Mahabaleshwar of Maharashtra owing to its cool climate throughout the year. It is located in the Ratnagiri district and is a famous Konkan hill station. It is a small town packed with attractions from ...

Heart-warming Dapoli Tour Package for 2 Days 1 Night. dapoli : A short drive from Mumbai and Pune, Dapoli is a seaside hill station on the Konkan Coast. Known for its pristine beaches, hot ... Breakfast. Accommodation. Sightseeing. 2 Days. Customized. From ₹9,700 / Person.

Best offers on Dapoli holiday tour packages at Veena World. Click to book Dapoli travel packages & get exciting deals on Dapoli vacation packages! Call. Toll free number. 1800 22 7979. You can also call on: +91 22 2101 7979 +91 22 2101 6969. Chat on WhatsApp +91 88799 00414. Business hours.

The last day of your 2 nights 3 days Dapoli tour package starts with an early breakfast. Get ready to check out and leave for Mumbai to get yourself dropped off at the airport or railway station. 1 of 1 . Hotels. Note: Our agents will provide you these or similar hotels depending on availability. Days 1-2.

Yatra lets you customise your package depending on your interests, purpose of visit, preference of activities, and lets you avail attractive discounts. Find all the holiday packages of Dapoli featured here on this portal. Our Dapoli vacation packages offer comfortable stay at Dapoli hotels, sightseeing and fun-filled activities.

Dapoli Tourism and Travel Guide. Known as the 'Mahabaleshwar of Konkan', this is a small town located 800 metres above sea level in the District of Ratnagiri. Blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, this is a perfect weekend getaway since it's a short drive from Mumbai or Pune. Apart from enjoying the spectacular sceneries, you can also ...

See most popular tourist places to visit in Dapoli, top things to do, shopping and nightlife in Dapoli, find entry timings, fees about various attractions in Dapoli, Maharashtra. ... Need help with tour packages? Fill this form to get a callback. 022-48934191 [email protected] Mon-Fri: 10AM - 7PM (IST) Saturday: 10AM - 2PM (IST)

Things to Do in Dapoli, India: See Tripadvisor's 6,332 traveler reviews and photos of Dapoli tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in April. ... The road to the caves is really bad, at some stretches there's no road at all. So travel at your own risk, you need to have a really good vehicle to get there. Read more. Review ...

Explore Dapoli's serene beaches, Murud Harnai's tranquility, and Kelshi's cultural charm. Join our guided tour for an immersive experience in Maharashtra's scenic Konkan region. Tel: +91 70191 42517

Dapoli. Located a little over 200 kilometres from Mumbai, Dapoli is a small city surrounded by coconut and palm trees. Dapoli is located in the northern part of the district of Ratnagiri, in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, and is a popular beach destination. In addition to the many coconut farms that are scattered in Dapoli, the city also has ...

Dapoli Tourist Places Karde Beach, Ladghar Beach, Murud Beach, Keshavraj Temple, Kelshi Beach, Parshuram Bhumi, Siddhi Vinayak Ganapati Temple, Kolthare Beach, Shri Vyaghreshwar Temple, Panhalekaji Caves, Savane Beach, Tamastirth Beach, Unhavare Hot Water Spring, Harnai Fish Market, Shri Ganesh Temple, Anjarle. The many unique and staggering places to visit in Dapoli bring an opportune chance ...

Planning a trip to Konkan tour - Dapoli, Murud Harnai, Kelshi and Anjarle for 2 Days? Book Dapoli, MurudHarnai, Kelshi, Anjarle tour package for 1 Nights/2 Days @ INR 2500

Here is the list of 13 Things to Do in Dapoli. 1. Dolphin-watching at Murud Beach. 4.3 /5. Situated in the town of Dapoli, the Murud beach is known for the scenic views of the surrounding landscape and adventurous water sports.

Shri Vyaghreshwar Temple. Built in traditional Hemadpanthi style architecture, Shri Vyaghreshwar Temple is one of the best ancient Dapoli tourist places to see. Dating back over 800 years, this sacred sanctum is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located on the edge of a stream flowing through the village of Asud.

Dapoli is a perfect holiday destination in the Ratnagiri district. Dapoli has one of the longest stretch of scenic beaches and the coastline is densely covered by coconut farms. The famous Murud - Harnai, Karde and Ladghar beaches are in the range of 15 km from Dapoli town. There are many tourist attractions Dapoli Krishi Vidyapeeth, historic ...

Dapoli-Murud Harnai-Kelshi-Anjarle comes under North Konkan with, most spectacular beaches along the konkan coast. It is an idyllic weekend gateway that attracts peace seekers, beach lovers and pilgrims. ... Back Water Safari - Chiplun Tour Package From Pune. 4520/-Book Now . Diveagar-Dapoli-Kelshi. 7500/-Book Now . Dapoli - Kelshi Tour | 2D/1N ...

Happy Morning at Dapoli After Breakfast proceed towards sightseeings. Burondi Parshuram Statue Lord parshuram statue is located on a mountain in burondi and is popular as parshuram bhumi. the statue is 21 feet tall and rests on a 'half-globe' shaped construction which is 40 feet in diameter this basement also serves as a mediation hall where devotees and tourists can sit quietly, meditate and ...

Here's the Purple Trips provide you konkan tour package from Pune. And enjoy a long weekend with your friends and family. Enquire now. 020-67186800 [email protected] . Bus Tickets; ... Destination Dapoli-Murud-Harnai-Kelshi-Anjarla. No. of Days 2 Days / 1 Night. Starts from Pune. Frequency Every Saturday.

Base Room Category In A 4-Star Hotel With Breakfast. Till 31st December 2022 (Subject To Availability) Weekend Tour from Mumbai. SBI YONO Packages. Hotel included in package: 4 Star. Cities: lavasa (3D) Facing the majestic backdrop of the Western Ghats and overlooking a scenic lake, Hotel ....

Maharashtra State Highway 4, Dapoli, Maharashtra 415713, India. Gimhavane. Dapoli, Maharashtra 415712, India

Dapoli All 2 Tours. Tour Inclusion: Mumbai To Dapoli Transportation by by non A/C 2X2 Luxury Bus. Accommodation as per the Plan (A/C or Non A/C) on twin sharing Basis. Local Sightseeing on sharing basis by car or SUV (Indica, Sumo, Tavera) Package serve Meals MAP Plan (Tea, Breakfast, Dinner only), All Meals Vegetarian. Tour Exclusion:

A short konkan getaway - Dapoli, Ladghar and Murud. Konkan, being the coastal belt of Maharashtra, brings to mind the serene beaches, water lapping o... 9.1k Views. India Maharashtra Ratnagiri Dapoli. AVP290888. trip.

essay about forrest gump movie

Home — Essay Samples — Entertainment — Forrest Gump — Movie Review: Forrest Gump


Movie Review: Forrest Gump

  • Categories: Forrest Gump Movie Review

About this sample


Words: 1283 |

Published: Dec 18, 2018

Words: 1283 | Pages: 3 | 7 min read

Table of contents

Forrest gump outline, forrest gump essay example, introduction.

  • Introduction of the movie "Forrest Gump"
  • Mention of main characters and narrative style

Forrest Gump's Character

  • Description of Forrest Gump's personality and characteristics
  • His loving nature and protective instincts
  • The impact of his mother on his life
  • Forrest's struggles with mental retardation and physical handicaps
  • Bullying experiences at school

Jenny Curran

  • Jenny's role as Forrest's childhood friend
  • The traumatic events in Jenny's life and their consequences
  • Jenny's complicated relationship with Forrest

Other Characters

  • Introduction of Dan Taylor and his transformation
  • The theme of death and its impact on Forrest
  • Forrest's encounters with different people throughout his life

Plot Summary

  • Overview of the movie's plot and narrative structure
  • Forrest's journey from childhood to adulthood
  • His achievements and challenges
  • The recurring theme of life, destiny, and acceptance

Themes and Symbolism

  • Discussion of key themes in the movie, including perseverance and acceptance
  • Analysis of the feather as a symbol of destiny and luck

Works Cited

  • Curnutt, K. (Ed.). (2011). The Forrest Gump Reader. University of Alabama Press.
  • Fensch, T. (2002). The Man Behind Forrest Gump: The Forrest Gump Movie, Winston Groom, and the Making of an American Icon. Taylor Trade Publishing.
  • Groom, W. (2010). Forrest Gump. Vintage.
  • Jarvie, I. C. (2008). Life as Sport: What Top Athletes Can Teach You about How to Win in Life. Sterling Publishing.
  • Lyden, J. (2011). Film as Religion: Myths, Morals, and Rituals. NYU Press.
  • McGowan, T. (2008). The Impossible David Lynch. Columbia University Press.
  • Morris, N. (2002). Forrest Gump: A Novel. Ballantine Books.
  • Pauly, T. H. (2008). Game on, Hollywood!: Essays on the Intersection of Video Games and Cinema. McFarland.
  • Smith, S. A. (2004). In Search of Forrest Gump: Understanding the Mind of a Simpleton. iUniverse.
  • Thompson, J. B. (2011). Movies and Meaning: An Introduction to Film. Pearson.

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Movie Review:  Forrest Gump Essay

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Forrest Gump is a classic film that has captured the hearts of audiences around the world. The story follows the life of a man with a low IQ but a kind heart, who experiences a series of extraordinary events throughout the [...]

Forrest Gump, a beloved character in the eponymous film, has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with his endearing personality and remarkable life story. However, beneath the surface of his charming demeanor lies a [...]

Stay tuned as we delve into the themes of love and relationships, identity and self-discovery, and war and patriotism in Forrest Gump, exploring the rich tapestry of emotions and ideas that make this film a true cinematic [...]

Director Robert Zemeckis’s film Forrest Gump is full of cinematographic elements that enhance the viewers’ understanding of the characters and the plot that they add to. The casting and personalities of the characters are [...]

Towards the end of the twentieth century, the United States of America was a nation struggling to keep many of its defining ideas. Many people believed the country needed to “redefine” itself, and as a consequence of this new [...]

To be an American hero, you must be selfless, helpful, and willing to go out of your way to keep people safe. This ties into many movies made all over America, and even some songs and television shows. I chose to connect this [...]

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essay about forrest gump movie

Movie Reviews

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essay about forrest gump movie

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I've never met anyone like Forrest Gump in a movie before, and for that matter I've never seen a movie quite like "Forrest Gump." Any attempt to describe him will risk making the movie seem more conventional than it is, but let me try. It's a comedy, I guess. Or maybe a drama. Or a dream.

The screenplay by Eric Roth has the complexity of modern fiction, not the formulas of modern movies. Its hero, played by Tom Hanks , is a thoroughly decent man with an IQ of 75, who manages between the 1950s and the 1980s to become involved in every major event in American history. And he survives them all with only honesty and niceness as his shields.

And yet this is not a heartwarming story about a mentally challenged man. That cubbyhole is much too small and limiting for Forrest Gump. The movie is more of a meditation on our times, as seen through the eyes of a man who lacks cynicism and takes things for exactly what they are. Watch him carefully and you will understand why some people are criticized for being "too clever by half." Forrest is clever by just exactly enough.

Tom Hanks may be the only actor who could have played the role.

I can't think of anyone else as Gump, after seeing how Hanks makes him into a person so dignified, so straight-ahead. The performance is a breathtaking balancing act between comedy and sadness, in a story rich in big laughs and quiet truths.

Forrest is born to an Alabama boardinghouse owner ( Sally Field ) who tries to correct his posture by making him wear braces, but who never criticizes his mind. When Forrest is called "stupid," his mother tells him, "Stupid is as stupid does," and Forrest turns out to be incapable of doing anything less than profound. Also, when the braces finally fall from his legs, it turns out he can run like the wind.

That's how he gets a college football scholarship, in a life story that eventually becomes a running gag about his good luck. Gump the football hero becomes Gump the Medal of Honor winner in Vietnam, and then Gump the Ping-Pong champion, Gump the shrimp boat captain, Gump the millionaire stockholder (he gets shares in a new "fruit company" named Apple Computer), and Gump the man who runs across America and then retraces his steps.

It could be argued that with his IQ of 75 Forrest does not quite understand everything that happens to him. Not so. He understands everything he needs to know, and the rest, the movie suggests, is just surplus. He even understands everything that's important about love, although Jenny, the girl he falls in love with in grade school and never falls out of love with, tells him, "Forrest, you don't know what love is." She is a stripper by that time.

The movie is ingenious in taking Forrest on his tour of recent American history. The director, Robert Zemeckis , is experienced with the magic that special effects can do (his credits include the "Back To The Future" movies and " Who Framed Roger Rabbit "), and here he uses computerized visual legerdemain to place Gump in historic situations with actual people.

Forrest stands next to the schoolhouse door with George Wallace , he teaches Elvis how to swivel his hips, he visits the White House three times, he's on the Dick Cavett show with John Lennon , and in a sequence that will have you rubbing your eyes with its realism, he addresses a Vietnam-era peace rally on the Mall in Washington. Special effects are also used in creating the character of Forrest's Vietnam friend Lt. Dan ( Gary Sinise ), a Ron Kovic type who quite convincingly loses his legs.

Using carefully selected TV clips and dubbed voices, Zemeckis is able to create some hilarious moments, as when LBJ examines the wound in what Forrest describes as "my butt-ox." And the biggest laugh in the movie comes after Nixon inquires where Forrest is staying in Washington, and then recommends the Watergate. (That's not the laugh, just the setup.) As Forrest's life becomes a guided tour of straight-arrow America, Jenny (played by Robin Wright ) goes on a parallel tour of the counterculture. She goes to California, of course, and drops out, tunes in, and turns on. She's into psychedelics and flower power, antiwar rallies and love-ins, drugs and needles. Eventually it becomes clear that between them Forrest and Jenny have covered all of the landmarks of our recent cultural history, and the accommodation they arrive at in the end is like a dream of reconciliation for our society. What a magical movie.

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013. In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism.

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Film credits.

Forrest Gump movie poster

Forrest Gump (1994)

Rated PG-13 For Drug Content, Sensuality and War Violence

135 minutes

Robin Wright as Jenny Curran

Gary Sinise as Lt. Dan

Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump

Directed by

  • Robert Zemeckis

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English Studies

This website is dedicated to English Literature, Literary Criticism, Literary Theory, English Language and its teaching and learning.

“Forrest Gump”: Critical Analysis

“Forrest Gump” is a superb adaptation of the novel of the same title, showcasing the character of Forrest Gump, a man with a low IQ but remarkable achievements.

Introduction : “Forrest Gump”

Table of Contents

“Forrest Gump” is a superb adaptation of the novel of the same title, showcasing the character of Forrest Gump, a man with a low IQ but remarkable achievements. While not an exact replica of the novel, several scenes capture the spirit of the time. Directed by Zemeckis and based on Winston Groom’s novel with a screenplay by Eric Roth, the movie has garnered acclaim from the public. Tom Hanks brilliantly portrays the role of Forrest Gump, a seemingly dull-witted young man with numerous accomplishments. Robin Wright plays Jenny in her youth, contributing to the narrative told in a stream of consciousness technique.

The film portrays Forrest Gump not only exposing the Watergate scandal but also attempting to save his dear friend Bubba during the Vietnam War, eventually receiving the Medal of Honor from the President. Despite deviations from the original novel, the movie successfully reflects Zemeckis’s directorial vision. The use of the stream of consciousness technique in “Forrest Gump” adds a unique dimension to Gump, highlighting his main character trait of focus and concentration, redefining

Stream of Consciousness in “Forrest Gump”

The use of the stream of consciousness technique in the movie by Zemeckis is truly brilliant. Tom Hanks, portraying Forrest Gump, shares his stories with anyone who sits with him on the bench at the bus stop on the pavement. A recurring moment involves him taking out a chocolate, saying, “Mama says, life is like a box of chocolates…” (Zemeckis). Rob Humanick characterizes this as a gamble, playing with both visual and narrative elements, and notes that this gamble paid off, contributing to the movie’s resounding success (Humanick).

Humanick suggests that even though Jenny was added later as a victim of AIDS, the focus on Gump and his perspective is sufficient for the audience. Gump narrates his stories in his own unique way, sharing whatever comes to his mind (Humanick). This narrative approach makes Gump a captivating focal point for those who have the chance to sit with him and experience his stories through his eyes.

Relations in “Forrest Gump”

The use of the stream of consciousness technique in the movie significantly impacts the portrayal of relationships, refining Forrest’s connections with other characters, including his mother, Jenny, and his friend Bubba. Despite some differences from the novel, David Lavrey notes that Forrest remains “faithful to his mother” and is by her bedside when she passes away (Lavery). Forrest carries the wisdom of his mother, encapsulated in the phrase “Stupid is as stupid does,” along with the famous box of chocolates (Zemeckis). This unwavering faith in his mother’s teachings propels him forward, earning him a positive reputation wherever he goes and guiding him to stay on the right path.

Lavery emphasizes Forrest’s steadfastness in war, where he not only helps his lieutenant but also remains loyal to his friend Bubba. While Forrest’s relationship with Jenny differs from the novel, it is portrayed as somewhat unique in the movie. Forrest marries Jenny in the film and becomes a father to a son, showcasing a different dimension to his character. A poignant scene unfolds when Forrest leaves his son on the school bus, imparting the same life wisdom about a box of chocolates.

Narrative Style in “Forrest Gump”

The movie adeptly showcases Gump character traits through his unique narrative style . Seated on the same bench at the bus stop, he consistently shares his life story with changing audiences, demonstrating his unwavering commitment until he remembers his appointment to meet Jenny. This consistency reflects his strong character.

Forrest consistently exhibits commendable qualities in every challenge he faces. In the face of adversity, such as being chased by boys or heroically carrying his friend in a bombardment, he showcases remarkable strength and resilience. His dedication is evident in his achievements, whether excelling in running, succeeding in marketing, or exposing the Watergate Scandal. Rob Humanick describes the film as “an unlikely film with an unlikely man,” but notes that both have received accolades, highlighting the success of the movie (Humanick).

The resounding success of the film can be attributed to the quality of character traits portrayed by Forrest Gump, showcasing his journey from childhood to youth. His unwavering determination and steadfastness in his beliefs contribute to his ultimate success, making him a compelling and memorable character.

Conclusion : “Forrest Gump”

In short, the movie emerges as a unique film that introduces an extraordinary character characterized by a low IQ but an exceptional focus on every task at hand. The narrative unfolds the idea that success is attainable with unwavering concentration. The film’s uniqueness lies not only in the character but also in the storytelling style and its visual presentation.

Adopting the stream of consciousness technique, Tom Hanks, as Forrest Gump, shares his story with the audience while seated on the bench of a bus stop, holding a chocolate box with his iconic phrase. This narrative style plays a pivotal role in refining Forrest’s relationships with his loved ones. His commitment to his mother and Jenny, with whom he fathers a son and imparts the same life lesson, is a testament to this.

Forrest successfully navigates various roles, serving as both a marketing executive and a soldier, achieving resounding success in both realms. Despite some deviations from the source material, these differences seamlessly integrate into Forrest Gump’s narrative. The movie’s success, as suggested by Rob Humanick, lies in the unlikely nature of both the film and its central character, emphasizing that a compelling story can capture hearts, even without a traditional hero.

Works Cited: “Forrest Gump”

  • Humanick, Rob. “Forest Gump.” Slant Magazine . 04 Sept. 2014. Accessed on 06 Nov. 2017.
  • Lavery, David. “”No Box of Chocolates”: The Adaptation of Forrest Gump.” Literature Film Quarterly , vol. 25, no. 1, Jan. 1997, pp. 18-22. EBSCO host ,
  • Zemeckis, R., et al. Forrest Gump . Hollywood, CA, Paramount Pictures. 2001.

Relevant Questions about “Forrest Gump”

  • How did Tom Hanks prepare for his role as Forrest Gump?
  • What is the significance of the feather in “Forrest Gump”?
  • How did “Forrest Gump” address and depict historical events?

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Forrest Gump

By robert zemeckis.

  • Forrest Gump Summary

In 1981, Forrest Gump is sitting on a bench at a bus stop, and he has decided to tell his life story to a nurse who is sitting on the bench next to him. As a young boy, Forrest wore leg braces because he had a curved spine and was unable to walk properly. He grew up in a boarding house in Alabama with his mother, who taught him to always believe in himself, in spite of his physical limitations. Additionally, Forrest has a below-average IQ. To get him accepted into a public school, Forrest’s mother agreed to sleep with the principal in exchange for Forrest's admission.

In flashback, Forrest meets Jenny Curran on the first day of school on the bus. The two become fast friends and they spend all their time together. Jenny is beautiful and a good friend to Forrest, but she struggles at home with a sexually abusive father. One day, when a group of children start bullying Forrest, Jenny tells him to run and he runs away, outrunning the bullies. In the process, his leg braces miraculously fall off his legs.

As time passes, Forrest and Jenny remain good friends. In high school, while running from some bullies, Forrest gets noticed by a football scout and accepted into college on a sports scholarship. During this time, the college gets desegregated and a number of black students are admitted, a historic event at which Forrest is present.

Forrest ends up meeting President Kennedy after getting recruited onto the All-American football team. After graduation, he joins the army and meets a friend at boot camp, Bubba, a young black man whose one dream is to start a shrimping business.

Forrest has an easy life in the army because he listens well and follows orders. While in the army, Forrest finds out that Jenny was expelled from college because she posed nude in a magazine wearing her school sweeter. Forrest goes to find Jenny in Memphis, where she is singing naked at a strip club. Forrest tells Jenny he loves her and that he is being sent to Vietnam.

In Vietnam, Forrest and Bubba are put under the command of Lieutenant Dan , an army officer who has had an ancestor die in every American war. The platoon in which Forrest serves gets attacked and Bubba is killed. In the midst of the attack, Forrest goes back and retrieves all his fellow soldiers, which wins him a medal of honor. He even saves Lieutenant Dan, even though Dan was intent on dying in battle, like his ancestors.

Forrest is sent to an army hospital after taking a bullet to his rear end in the battle. There, he is in a bed next to Lieutenant Dan, who lost both his legs in the attack. At the hospital, Forrest starts playing ping pong and is really good at it. Back in Washington, after receiving a medal of honor, Forrest is pulled into an anti-war demonstration where he runs into Jenny, who has become a hippie radical. She is also in an abusive relationship, which Forrest tries to protect her from to no avail.

Forrest plays ping pong internationally, and when he returns to New York to interview about his athletic prowess, he runs into Lieutenant Dan, who is in a wheelchair and living on disability. He stays with Dan for the winter holidays and the two of them become close. When Forrest tells Dan about his plans to buy a shrimp boat, Dan laughs at him and sarcastically tells him that if his dream ever comes true, he will be Forrest's first mate. Meanwhile, Jenny gets addicted to drugs and continues to go from one abusive relationship to another.

Forrest is discharged from the army and is asked to endorse a ping pong paddle, which earns him $25,000. With this money, he buys a shrimping boat, keeping his promise to Bubba. He names the boat Jenny, but has little success with it. Dan keeps his promise to Forrest and he joins him in his shrimping endeavors.

When Hurricane Carmen destroys all the boats except for the "Jenny," Forrest becomes a successful shrimper. Immediately after his success comes, Forrest discovers his mother is dying of cancer, and he returns home to her. Dan invests Forrest’s part of the money into Apple Computers, earning Forrest a fortune.

One day, Jenny visits Forrest and stays with him for a while. When Forrest proposes to her, she declines, but they end up having sex that night. The next day, Jenny leaves Forrest.

Distraught, Forrest starts running around the country without stopping, except to sleep and eat. His persistent running turns him into a celebrity, and he even catches Jenny's attention.

When the scene shifts back to the present on the bench at the bus stop, Forrest tells the woman sitting next to him that he is in Savannah to visit Jenny, who wrote to him. When Forrest goes to see Jenny, she introduces him to her son, Forrest. Jenny tells Forrest that the boy is his and that she is sick with an unknown virus.

The three move to Greenbow and Jenny and Forrest get married. Dan comes to the wedding with his fiancé. Dan is no longer in a wheelchair, but has prosthetic legs.

Forrest lives happily with Jenny and Forrest Jr., but Jenny eventually dies. The last scene in the film shows Forrest sending Forrest Jr. to the bus on his first day of school.

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Forrest Gump Questions and Answers

The Question and Answer section for Forrest Gump is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

Forrest sounds special needs when he talks so many people don't take him seriously. Forrest Gump IQ score is 75 IQ , which is regarded below average and represents 16% of the world's population. Forrest, however, excels in the situations he is put...

What lessons does Forrest learn throughout the movie?

Be true to yourself: Even though others attempt to convince him differently throughout the whole movie, Forrest remains loyal to himself and his principles. People around him respect and admire him because he never compromises his moral standards....

How does the Author represent the concept of war in forrest Gump?

Forrest Gump learns about war and loss by being in it. He learns about death in the war, when his best friend Bubba dies, and he saves his fellow soldiers from the dangers of the war. Forrest's innocence and good nature is juxtaposed with the...

Study Guide for Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump study guide contains a biography of Edward Abbey, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

  • About Forrest Gump
  • Character List
  • Director's Influence

Essays for Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Forrest Gump by Edward Abbey.

  • How Disability Can Enable Us: Examining Irony in the Film Forrest Gump

essay about forrest gump movie

Home Essay Examples Entertainment Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump: Critical Analysis Of The Movie

  • Category Entertainment
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  • Topic Film Analysis , Forrest Gump

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Movie Analysis – Forrest Gump

I: what time period does the movie take place include years and genre (ex. renaissance, middle ages, the 20s, etc.). discuss three pieces of evidence found in your pop culture entertainment that suggest this..

This specific film is based upon various historical elements from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s being a loved film. The years that covered the Vietnam conflict were marked by social turmoil and chaos in the United States. Opposition to the war among the young, continuing efforts to right the wrongs of segregation and racial environmental movement all contributed to a time of mayhem that was clearly reflected in the fashions of the period. Some specific examples include; the mods, the hippies and social protest movement; just to name a few.

The mods were a group of young people in Britain, in the mid-1960s. There was also a group known as the rockers, who were rough and tough, rode motorcycles, and wore black leather jackets. They competed with the mods, who were ‘up for love, self-expression, poetry, and getting stoned.’ The mod fashion statement was ‘elegance, long hair, granny glasses, and Edwardian finery’. In the contest for dominance over the allegiance of young Britons, the mods won, and the importance of the rockers gradually faded away. The center of mod activities was on Carnaby Street and on Portobello Road in London. The Beatles, then rising to fame in the popular music field, adopted mod-influenced clothing and, in turn, helped spread the popularity of the style. One of the ideas described as central to the mood fashion concept was the notion that men, as well as women, were entitled to wear handsome and dashing clothing.

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In 1996, another expression of youthful revolt against the values of the adult society was the hippie movement. Majority of this movement involved young people who were mainly from middle-class families. They responded to the call from Timothy Leary, a proponent of the use of the psychedelic drug L.S.D. to “turn on to the scene; tune into what’s happening; and drop out of high school, college, grad-school”. Beginning in California in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, the movement, which became a drug-using subculture, spread across the country. The hippie philosophy stressed love and freedom from the constraints of “straight” society.

To the concern of their elders, and unlike the silent generation, young people of the 1960s demanded to be heard. The beatnik phenomenon may have faded in the 1950s, but 1960s youths became increasingly involved in political movements. During the late 1960s and early 1970s the civil rights proponents, hippies, feminists, and environmentalists made their dissatisfactions known.

II: Where does this movie/tv show/book take place?

This story takes place in a lot of different places with a lot of different historical events. The main setting for the movie is Forrest’s hometown of Greenbow, Alabama. The secondary whereabouts for the movie in Savannah, Georgia. The film also takes place such as; Vietnam, Memphis, California, cross country, and other parts of the world.

III: Explain the plot of the piece in brief.

The movie opens with a falling white feather landing at the feet of Forrest Gump who is sitting at a bus stop located in Savannah, Georgia. Forrest then picks up the feather and puts it in the book Curious George that is found in his suitcase then proceeds to tell his life story to a woman sitting next to him. Throughout the movie, the listeners found at the bus stop change regularly. Each listener shows a different attitude ranging from disbelief and indifference. On Forrest’s first day of school, he meets a girl named Jenny. After breaking off his leg braces, his ability to run at lightning speed gets him into college on a football scholarship. Following his college graduation, he enlists in the army and is sent to Vietnam, where he makes friends with a man named Bubba, who convinces Forrest to go into the shrimping business with him once the war comes to an end. Later on duty, Forrest’s platoon is attacked. Forrest may have rescued many of the men, but Bubba is killed in action. Forrest is then awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroism. While Forrest is in recovery due to a bullet shot to his butt, he discovers his talent for Ping-Pong, which gains him popularity, rising him to celebrity status, allowing him to play Ping-Pong competitively against Chinese teams. Later on, at an anti-war rally in Washington, D.C. Forrest reunites with Jenny, who has been living the life of a hippie. As Forrest returns home, he endorses a company that makes Ping-Pong paddles that earns him $25k, which he then uses to buy a shrimping boat, fulfilling his promise to Bubba. His commanding officer, Lieutenant Dan from Vietnam also joins him. In the beginning, Forrest has little success. After Hurricane Carmen, he finds his boat to be the only surviving boat in the area. It was then he began to pull in huge amounts of shrimp and uses it to buy an entire fleet of shrimp boats. Lt. Dan invests the money in Apple Computer and Forrest is financially secure for the rest of life. Forrest later returns home to see his sick mother who is potentially seeing her last few days. One random day, Jenny returns to visit Forrest and he proposes to her. Although she declines, she feels obliged to prove her love to him by sleeping with him. She leaves early the next morning. Through impulse, Forrest decides to go for a run and continue to keep running across the country several times, for three and a half years, becoming famous. The present day, Forrest reveals that he is waiting at the bus stop because he received a letter from Jenny who, having seen him run on television, asks him to visit her. Once he is reunited with Jenny, Forrest discovers she has a young son, of whom Forrest is the father. Jenny tells Forrest she is suffering from a virus, which may be HIV. Together the three move back to Greenbow, Alabama. Jenny and Forrest finally get married. The wedding is attended by Lt. Dan, who now has prosthetic legs and a fiancée. Jenny, unfortunately, dies soon after. The films end with Forrest and Lil’ Forrest waiting for the school bus on Lil’ Forrest’s first day of school. Opening the book his son is taking to school, the white feather from the beginning of the movie is seen to fall from within the pages.

IV: Describe current affairs happening at the time of this piece of entertainment (i.e. wars, economics/trade, politics, social movements, etc.).

During the time this movie was based upon, Forrest Gump addressed numerous issues regarding mental disabilities, war effects, and racism. There were many events happening, but two major events that appeared were the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement. Fearing the repercussions of another country came under communist rule, President Kennedy had authorized more aid to the South Vietnamese government that was struggling against Vietnamese communists, the Vietcong. When President Johnson assumed office following Kennedy’s death, he authorized the dispatch of American ground combat troops to Vietnam to prevent any attack on the American military. Even though it was never declared, the United States was effectively at war in Vietnam even though Congress in 1965. This bitter struggle soon aroused widespread hostility across the nation and triggered violent antiwar demonstrations on many American college campuses. For example, students publicly burned their draft cards, and antiwar demonstrators blocked the entrance to army installations and draft headquarters.

As for the Civil Rights Movement, it became more pressing. As early as 1962, federal troops were used to enroll an African American student at the University of Mississippi. Similar action was taken at the University of Alabama in 1963. To show concern, over 250,000 demonstrators gathered on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. in August of 1963 to hear Martin Luther King Jr. proclaim, “I have a dream that one day…”. The assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 shocked the nation, but it did not stop the civil rights movement. In the administration of Lyndon B. Johnson, the cause of civil rights became a major force in American life. After a Senate filibuster had been broken, Johnson was able to sign the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the most far-reaching civil rights law ever enacted by Congress. Another important law known as the Voting Rights Act in 1965, ensured every American the right to vote and authorized the attorney general to dispatch examiners to register voters. Despite the passage of these laws, riots broke out in American cities during the summers of 1965, 1966 and 1967. These riots erupted because of civil rights legislation alone could not change residential segregation in urban centers. By the mid-1960s, among African Americans unhappy with the nonviolent tactics of Martin Luther King Jr., the new rallying cry became ‘Black Power.’ The most articulate spokesperson for Black Power was Malcolm X or Malcolm Little. He rose from a disadvantaged childhood to a leadership position in the Black Muslim movement. Later, Malcolm X broke with the Nation of Islam and established his own organization committed to establishing an alliance between African Americans and the nonwhite people of the world. It was in 1963 when black Muslim assassins shot and killed Malcolm X. When Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee, the civil rights movement lost its most charismatic leader and his death was mourned worldwide. Rioting happened all over in various cities. Within the same year, Richard M. Nixon was elected president. He tried unsuccessfully to undo the civil rights legislation enacted during the Johnson administration. However, the Supreme Court ordered a quick end to segregation in schools. As Nixon attempted to cover up the Watergate scandal within the White House, he resigned under threat of impeachment on August 9, 1974. His successor, Gerald R. Ford struggled with a domestic economy that was hit by a quadrupling of oil prices as a result of the Arab oil embargo that followed the Yom Kippur War. Jimmy Carter, a former governor of Georgia, was able to defeat Ford in the presidential election of 1976.

V: Choose two main characters and discuss in detail their clothing throughout the movie, using as many correct terms for clothing as you can. Include fabrics, silhouettes, colors, embellishments, accessories, hairstyles, and makeup. Also, include why you chose to focus on these two particular characters.

As a young boy, you tend to see Forrest in knitted shirts that are pulled over the head and polos with collars and buttoned vents at the front. Later in the movie, during his teen years, Forrest wears slim casual trousers also known as chinos that are khaki colored with a small belt and a collared button-down shirt. His shirt being plaid was in a bright blue. For his shoes, you’d see him in a pair of oxfords, brogues and occasionally a sports coat the color of burgundy or blue. Forrest happens to wears the same exact outfit throughout his college career until he is enlisted into the army. While enlisted in the army, you always see Forrest in his uniform. Although it is rare, you will see Forrest in a single-breasted style suit or a continental suit which has a shorter jacket and a closer fit through the torso. Years later after Forrest is dispatched from the army, he continues to wear his plaid button-down shirt and chinos. The only thing that was slightly different was the pants. The chinos were replaced with trousers that grew wider and included some flared pant legs and wide, bell-bottoms. In addition, Jenny gives Forrest the gift of a brand new pair of Nike Cortez. As the movie comes to an end his outfit becomes more modernized.

When Jenny was little her outfits echoed the silhouette of adult women’s style of the 1950s. The dress had a full skirt and fitted bodices. As she got older in her teen years, she continued to wear the same style dress, just more appropriate for her age. These dresses were worn during both the day and evening and were usually the same length, ballerina length. Later in the movie, when Jenny went off to college, you see her in a cute dress pulled over a white turtleneck with white stockings and a pair of ballerina flats. Once Jenny gets kicked out of school, she begins her own beatnik beauty that included leotards, tights and ballet slippers. As Jenny decides to “runaway” she comes returns back as a hippie. In the late ’60s, early ‘70s Jenny is part of the peace groups protesting the war ended, and its main representatives were the hippies. At this time the main fashion features were; miniskirts, straight line, white boots, unisex jeans, bright colors and floral prints. Later on, when she gets into more hardcore drugs you see her in a gold sequence backless top with a pair of time flared jeans with platform heals resembling a fashion disc look. Years later Jenny comes back cleaned up and looking mother like. She is wearing natural fibers in beige and neutral colors with fabrics that are loose-fitting. With that look comes a soft natural hairstyle.

VI: Why do you think the author/director/costume designer chose these garments (accessories, hairstyles, etc.)?

I think the costume designer simply chose these garments to portray the time period the movie took place in. It would be strange if the characters in the movie were wearing clothing from the Renaissance during the time period of the Vietnam War. For those involved in this film, it was extremely important to them that the historical elements were as accurate as possible. Even if they were to be wearing modern day clothing, the garments she chose allows the audience to get a feel of the time period as if they were part of it.

VII: How does each character’s dress affect their actions, behaviors, and identities? Why do you think this is?

The way Forrest dresses throughout the movie varies, but what some viewers may not notice is his plaid shirt. When we see Forrest as a young boy the pattern of his plaid is small. He is coming across innocent and young with much to learn. This first plaid, which is observed in the doctors’ office, is the pattern associated with Gump’s ‘Magic Shoes’ and his first understanding of the world around him. He is sheltered and unsure of what is out there, and this his knowledge, like the size of the print, is small and limited. The next version of this pattern is the shirt that we see Forrest wearing on his first day of school. The pattern is now tainted having more than just the blue that we have seen him in so far. This implies the new elements Gump is adding into his life; Jenny, school, and the presence of exclusion in his life. Through this, the pattern of plaid is more diverse. The next same pattern is used when Forrest loses his braces and first becomes aware of his speed. This point in the film is very important to the storyline because throughout the rest of the film Forrest uses his running as a transition from one phase of his life to the next. The next blue plaid is larger, showing the passage of time. Forrest is now grown up and knows much more about the world then he did, but in a sense is still subject to the same kind of ridicule as before which is why the pattern is echoed from previous shots in this scene. This specific blue is where Forrest is introduced to football, removing him from the environment which he has become comfortable with on the winding road leading to his house which he has been chased down for many years. For some time, there is no plaid because Forrest is in the army. That entire sequence is signified by the constant uniform worn by Gump. The next blue plaid is introduced during Gump’s shrimping days. It’s a relaxed blue plaid with rolled up cuffs. This shows that Forrest is hard at work and fitting into this new part of his lifestyle. The next most prominent plaid is when Forrest begins his run across the states. It’s similar to the varieties of blue that he wears when he is with Jenny, but the big difference is the pattern of the pockets creating a visual opposition to the rest of the pattern. They cross differently showing Forrest’s internal confusion. He’s thinking about Jenny, same pattern, but he is lost on what to do next, so he just starts running. This allows for the next transition in his life. The next appearance of blue is when Forrest is telling his story on the bench and he learns of his son, Lil’ Forrest. The entire sequence of plaid ends with Forrest at the bus stop and he is wearing the iconic plaid blue. It shows the full circle of the Gump Legacy.

Jenny had a tough life from the very beginning of the movie all the way to the end. As a child, she was physically abused as well as sexually abused which is implied with her dirty ripped clothes. Majority of children during that time period inevitably displayed the same style trends seen for adults. Jenny is first seen as a beautiful young girl, with a pretty face, nice long hair and wearing a charming white dress. She comes across as an appealing and delicate girl. As she gets older she becomes a beautiful young woman. Here she wears a simple day to day dress in soft colors such as blue or yellow that depicts her cheerful, happy and innocent personality. Jenny has almost remained the same during her teens but later in the movie, Jenny is pulled from her college and this seems to start the descent into the life of drugs, alcohol, and prostitution, indirectly characterized as unthoughtful, unreliable and trouble to herself as well as Forrest. At this time, you see her in a fashion disc look. Jenny then falls into many popular movements throughout the ’70s and ’80s like the hippy movement which continues with the wild partying and drug addiction. Her hippie lifestyle shows her carefree side of life, which is most likely a coping mechanism to her traumatic experiences. Towards the end she appears to have cleaned herself up, she has short hair like a housewife and a steady job working at a diner. At this point, she realizes what she wants, but most importantly what she needs to keep her life on track.

VIII: Do you think the clothing in the movie/tv show/book seems historically accurate? Explain why or why not.

Like noted before, for those involved in this film, it was extremely important to them that the historical elements were as accurate as possible. To be able to say the clothing was historically accurate is, of course, hard to say because I did not live in that time period, but as I did my research, I think the movie seems pretty accurate. The notion of using dress to proclaim ideology or membership in a specific group did not originate in the 1960s. Throughout the history of dress, some individuals have chosen to wear clothing that identifies them as members of a particular group. Others have deliberately avoided fashionable dress from the rest of society in religious or ideological beliefs, or in politics. In the mid-20th century, the subcultural dress was especially notable in the zoot suit in the *** book

IX: Would you suggest additional/different garments for this particular piece of entertainment? What works, what doesn’t?

Because the majority of the movie was around the hippie time period, I wouldn’t change anything about the way Jenny dressed. I think it was portrayed very well between her garments and her behavior. As for Forrest, his outfits matched his personality very well but did not portray the time period of men as much as I liked. Don’t get me wrong, the outfits he was assigned to portrayed his personality quite well, but he pretty much had one outfit on throughout the whole movie. I say this, but the time of the hippie movement, he was overseas so he wasn’t able to be a part of it. And even coming back from the war, as a soldier it was only right to wear your uniform out of respect.

X: Are there any other pieces of clothing or accessories in the piece that are worthy of mentioning, due either to their being very different from the main characters’ or due to them being worn by a specific person or group of people?

Throughout the movie, the audience tends to focus on the main characters, Jenny and Forrest but pays rare attention to who and what is surrounding them. Forrest’s mother is a great example. At the beginning of the movie, you see Mrs. Gump in a small-brimmed hat that is seen in the late 1950s. During this time hats were consistently small and fit the head closely. In addition, Mrs. Gump wore white gloves made from cotton and nylon along with her handbag that has small handles.

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  • Tortora, P. G., & Marcketti, S. B. (2015). Survey of historic costume. New York: Fairchild Books.

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Forrest Gump: a Study in Character and Perception

This essay about the character Forrest Gump from the film directed by Robert Zemeckis, portrayed by Tom Hanks, explores the discussion surrounding Forrest’s potential autism. It delves into the traits exhibited by Forrest that some viewers interpret as indicative of autism, such as his straightforward speech and exceptional skills in specific areas, despite the film not explicitly diagnosing the character. The essay highlights the significance of such character interpretations for discussions on neurodiversity and media representation, emphasizing the importance of nuanced and respectful portrayals of neurodivergent individuals. It argues that the portrayal of Forrest Gump opens up valuable conversations about acceptance and understanding of different perspectives on life, rather than focusing solely on diagnosing a fictional character. Through Forrest’s journey and unique outlook on life, the essay suggests that the character’s impact lies in promoting a message of embracing differences and the unpredictability of life.

How it works

The character of Forrest Gump, from the eponymous film directed by Robert Zemeckis, remains one of the most memorable in cinematic history. Portrayed by Tom Hanks, Forrest’s narrative is one of innocence, resilience, and simplicity, touching the hearts of audiences worldwide. A question that often arises in discussions about the character is whether Forrest Gump is autistic. This essay seeks to explore the nuances of this inquiry, not to diagnose a fictional character but to understand the implications of such interpretations.

Forrest Gump’s portrayal exhibits traits that some viewers interpret as indicative of autism, such as his straightforward speech, difficulty in social situations, and exceptional skill in certain areas (e.g., ping-pong, running). However, the film does not explicitly state that Forrest is autistic. The narrative instead focuses on Forrest’s journey through significant historical events of the 20th century, showcasing his unique perspective on life and love.

The question of Forrest’s neurodiversity is intriguing because it opens up discussions about representation in media. Characters like Forrest, who are portrayed with certain neurodivergent traits but without a clear diagnosis, occupy a unique space in storytelling. They challenge audiences to reconsider their perceptions of intelligence, capability, and social interaction. Forrest Gump, as a character, represents an individual who, despite perceived limitations, leads an extraordinary life, embodying the idea that different does not mean less.

The discussion around Forrest Gump’s potential autism also highlights the broader issue of how neurodiversity is represented in film and literature. The late 20th and early 21st centuries have seen a gradual shift towards more nuanced and respectful portrayals of individuals with autism and other neurological conditions. Yet, there remains a need for more authentic representations that move beyond stereotypes and offer deeper insights into the neurodivergent experience.

In conclusion, while the film “Forrest Gump” does not explicitly label its protagonist as autistic, the character’s portrayal opens up important conversations about neurodiversity and representation in media. Forrest’s story is a testament to the complexity of human character and the diverse ways in which individuals perceive and interact with the world around them. Whether or not Forrest Gump is autistic is less critical than the broader message of acceptance and understanding that his character promotes. In Forrest’s own words, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” This sentiment echoes the unpredictability of life and the value of embracing differences, making Forrest Gump a character that continues to resonate with audiences across the globe.


Cite this page

Forrest Gump: A Study in Character and Perception. (2024, Mar 25). Retrieved from

"Forrest Gump: A Study in Character and Perception." , 25 Mar 2024, (2024). Forrest Gump: A Study in Character and Perception . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 15 Apr. 2024]

"Forrest Gump: A Study in Character and Perception.", Mar 25, 2024. Accessed April 15, 2024.

"Forrest Gump: A Study in Character and Perception," , 25-Mar-2024. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 15-Apr-2024] (2024). Forrest Gump: A Study in Character and Perception . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 15-Apr-2024]

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Movie Analysis Essay Sample: Forrest Gump

Challenging Intelligence in one of Hollywood’s revolutionary films. Forrest Gump, a 1994 film directed by Robert Zemeckis starring Tom Hanks and Robin Wright distributed by Paramount Pictures, is merely a narration by mentally challenged Forrest in which he recites his story chronologically, oblivious to the measure of achievements he’d accomplished. Having met three presidents of the United States, inspired Elvis Presley’s infamous dance, fought bravely in Vietnam, and became a world star Ping-pong champ. In addition, being rendered as a witness to the Watergate scandal survived Hurricane Carmen, and owned Bubba Gump shrimp ensuing him to be a “gazillionaire”. Moreover, invested in Apple and ran for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours. Having worn many shoes in his life, Innocent Forrest lost the few people he had along the way, except for Jenny. The sole reoccurring figure in his life made chaotic decisions that led to her leaving 4 times to, unbeknownst to Forrest, protect him from herself. After concluding his tale, He reveals to the invested strangers that his next destination is a reunion with Jenny. With a box of chocolate in hand, he runs into being enlightened about his son and her health. He vows to take care of them. But shortly after, Forrest loses the one thing he loved most but gains another. Although viewers might assume Forrest Gump is a superficial tale about an individual with a low IQ, the film is also a criticism of society’s obsession with intelligence and control by enacting a character’s success with inverse traits. 

Consideration and leniency aren’t what society’s renowned for, rather a reputation of cruelty. Permanently in need of excessive commands to keep its fragile balance stable. Carrying the name of the KKK founder consequently didn’t account for the finest start for Forrest. Likewise, an IQ of 75 pushed many doors out of his reach consequence of society’s stereotypical and confined perception of intelligence. Referring to Forrest as “Stupid” occurs 18 times in the film with “Stupid is as stupid does” being his response each time. And that is what he ascertained. Accomplishing what no other person could by using his “flaw” of giving up control to his advantage. In all his endeavors, he never gave much thought to anything, making society’s main concern his greatest strength. For instance, when prompted about his future after graduation, the puzzled expression evident on his face verified that. Merely obliging instruction is what sets him apart. Hence, why none of his ventures were ever premeditated and just happen to find him; Joining the army, catching shrimp, and even playing ping pong were all decisions crafted for him. The sole choice he made independently was to run, without it holding a deep-rooted significance, just simply for the sake of running. bewilderment was people’s thoughts on this notion. “They couldn’t believe someone would do all that running for no particular reason” Gump’s simple approach to life allowed him to decipher its complexities. And as he kept on running, people did what they do best and followed behind, with the need to find meaning in something meaningless.

Meaningful symbolism forms everywhere in existence. Throughout the whole of Forrest Gump, symbolic parallels criticizing society’s facade are traced with simple yet telling camerawork and editing. A barbershop, two people fishing, and a guy reading a newspaper are reoccurring scenes for the duration of the film, each time having a negative stance on Forrest’s actions. However, as time goes on the people in said scenes never seem to achieve anything, simply bound to the same condition for years while judging others’ expeditions. Thus, in an expose of their deception, Zemeckis uses Hank’s remarkable acting skills to portray the cell that most people have willingly put themselves in through blindly abiding by society without a second thought. Using Forrest’s characteristics and an extreme case of relinquishment to plea people to awaken out of captivity. 

By embodying the traits deemed unfit by society and succeeding anyways, Forrest Gump shows viewers how crippling the chains of society are. Therefore, encouraging people to surrender control to some extent to experience life through a new lens, a much freer lens. Destiny is a debate in the film, whether you make it, or it’s made for you, Forrest demonstrates that battling for absolute control is not, and will never be, a factor of your triumph against destiny. It is the biggest held back that stands between people and their dreams. Hence, being consumed by the urge to control robs you away from relishing life’s beauty. Never appreciating “the stars in Vietnam after 4 months of rain”, “the sun going to bed on the bayou”, or “the clear mountain lake sky” Forrest Gump is screening the remedy to the deadliest pandemic that will wipe out humanity if ignored.

In conclusion, Forrest Gump is more than just a tale for entertainment. It is a proposition to evaluate our ways of living. Viewing control as a need will halt one’s growth, leaving no room for development, and strip them from finding pleasure in the small details. Forrest’s life is a fairytale that we should admire and apply to our reality rationally. Nonetheless, the excessive approach used by Zemeckis only serves to illustrate the urgency in which humanity needs a change of action before it is futile.

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Literary Analysis and Summary of Motifs in the "Forrest Gump"

Literary Analysis and Summary of Motifs in the "Forrest Gump" essay

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Forrest Gump, Movie Review Example

Pages: 3

Words: 854

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The movie Forrest Gump was released in 1994 and directed by Robert Zemeckis. It tells the life story of a man who was born with the intellect below average and still managed to achieve much in his life – after having problems with legs and wearing leg braces Forrest manages to enroll to the football team at school, then enlists to the army and gets to Vietnam, returns from the war and starts the shrimp business. His life path crosses much with the life of Jenny Curran, the girl who has always been close with him but has chosen a different life path. Due to Forrest’s persistence in everything he does, he manages to succeed in his shrimp business, invest in the Apple Corp. and secure the life of his family and his friends, Lieutenant Dan Taylor (having shrimp business with him) and Benjamin Buford called “Bubba” (who died in the war and whose dream of shrimp business Forrest fulfilled). Finally, it turns out that Jenny has a child from Forrest and is dying from an unknown disease, so she dies shortly afterwards their marriage and leaves Forrest with his son also called Forrest.

Speaking more closely about the main characters, it is worth mentioning that Forrest himself is the central one, and he is mostly surrounded by Jenny, Lt.Taylor and Bubba throughout the film. Forrest Gump is depicted as a persistent, serious and unemotional personality, so his character has raised much criticism and disagreement – whether his achievement was due to his internal force and ability to love life, make objective judgments and keep the right path or due to his low intellectual level and plain luck. He is never happy or sad about any events of his life, which supposes his indifference (Forrest Gump). Jenny Curran is his soul-mate, his partner from childhood to whom Forrest feels sentimental feelings and thinks he loves her. She has chosen the path of experimentation and rebellion, which is seen from her anarchist friends and boyfriend seen by Forrest during one of their encounters. However, she manages to prove her genuine feelings to Forrest by having a child from him and marrying him at the end of her life (Forrest Gump). Bubba is an honest and naïve young man who has a dream but has no time to make it true, so Forrest who has no dreams of his own pursues Bubba’s wish and does not leave Bubba’s family after his friend’s death. Lt. Dan Taylor is a real warrior, cynical and down-to-earth, but he proves how well he treats Forrest by collaborating with him on the boat and achieving success together despite the fact that he became crippled after the war (Forrest Gump).

The major conflict of the present movie is the stereotypes perception of mentally challenged people as cripples; Forrest Gump is not a smart man and he understands this from the very beginning of his life. However, Gump manages to live a decent life, to achieve success that may be never achieved by normal people and becomes a hero of the United States, then a tremendously rich man and finally a happy father. There is hardly anyone who can boast such achievements within one life, and the only wisdom Forrest follows is very simple: “You have to do the best with what God gave you (Memorable Quotes for Forrest Gump). Thus, the conflict of expectations from a challenged person and the reality of his life is put to the foreground of the movie.

The theme of the movie is concentrated on the right actions and right life; Forrest has always done what was due, and did it well. Thus, an average American who would have despised Forrest for his low intellectual level would never manage to live a better life. The way Forrest judges the world in plain terms, without any complications and ambiguities usual people face, shows the world as seen by children- without troubles and evil, with clear ideas of what is right or wrong. The message of the film is that the IQ level is not the pre-requisite of success, but the soul and virtuous intentions matter more.

The movie is a skilful mixture of comedy and tragedy; the comic elements pertain to the funny situations in which Forrest gets in various life situations, how average people fail to understand him and how he judges their actions. The tragedy is felt in the destiny of Forrest Gump who achieved tremendous success but remained un-understood by the society. The only thing he wanted was understanding and love, but he came across only misunderstanding, stereotyped vision of a challenged man. My choice fell on the movie because it explores the main contradictions of the American society. Only upon getting rich Forrest managed to become famous, and his most absurd actions became the focus of social attention. Hence, the tragedy of Forrest was in being unique but not accepted by the society that dealt only with ‘normal’, ‘average’ people.

Forrest Gump . Dir. Robert Zemeckis. Prod. Wendy Finerman, Steve Tisch, & Charles Newirth. Paramount Pictures, 1994.

‘Memorable Quotes for Forrest Gump’. The Internet Movie Database . 2010. 21 July 2010. <>

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Disability Representation in “Forrest Gump” Essay (Movie Review)

This is a term that was once used to describe someone who learnt and developed slowly. It is a negative word that hurt many people. Instead, people use “intellectual disability” or “developmental delay”. Mental retardation has various categories; mild mental retardation, moderate mental retardation, severe mental retardation, and profound mental retardation. Mental retardation has many causes. The following are the causes: low IQ scores, genetic complications, childhood illness and injuries.

The media portray disabled people as the same with others. It also portrays people who succeed with disabilities while others live with them. The media make people feel better about the condition of this disabled people without having to accommodate them. Media improves people’s understanding of the disabilities.

Forrest Gump is a man who has low brain activity but he has devoted intention. He struggles throughout his childhood. He has one and only friend whose name is Jenny. He has a mother who teaches him the ways of life. She then leaves him to choose his destiny. She believes that her son has the same opportunities as anyone else and nothing can hold him back.

Forrest Gump chooses to join the army for service in Vietnam. This is where makes new friends by the names Dan and Bubba. He wins awards and starts a ping pong craze. Forrest creates a famous shrimp fishing fleet and inspires people to jog. He writes bumper stickers and songs.

He also meets the president several times. Despite all these, everything is irrelevant to him since he can only think about his childhood best friend-Jenny. At long last, he wants to prove to everyone that anyone can love anybody. A low IQ man gives his life’s story to people waiting in a bus station. A man with low intelligence has accomplished great things, which nobody could imagine is possible. “Forrest Gump” is a story of a man who rose above his challenges and proved that ability is less significant than courage, love, and determination.

This story covers the life of Forrest Gump and his meeting with the love of his life Jenny. Also, the film covers his accidental experiences with some of the most famous people and events in America including the meeting with Elvis Presley. He becomes a representative of the baby boomer generation having walked through life blindly.

Ways in which Forrest Gump was portrayed

The portraying of Forrest Gump is either in a positive or negative light. He has limited IQ and at the same time seems to have unlimited love and devotion for the love of his life Jenny (Robin Wright).

Gump’s color-blindness makes him involve himself with all black church, showing obedience to his loving mother and to the authorities around him. Gump’s film is off children due to the fallen world around him. Forrest did not have many friends. For example, during his first day in school, he could not board the school bus since no one could allow him sit next to him.

Depiction of intellectual disabilities

People with intellectual disabilities or learning disabilities are not able to give narrative about them. Many people do not know the meaning of intellectual disabilities. Therefore, it all depends with how this condition is culturally accepted and how it is known medically.

Name given to Forrest in the Movie

Children in school call him “stupid” and throw stones at Gump. His sweetheart Jenny tells him to run away. He miraculously breaks off his braces and runs extremely fast as if he did not have them previously. This name “stupid” brings about his meeting with many celebrates. For example, Elvis Presley comes to see him in his house while the president honours him with a medal.

Better understanding of mental retardation

People would get a better understanding of mental retardation in some cases like when Forrest becomes a celebrant and receives a medal of honour in all American football.

Many people cannot have a better understanding of mental retardation. They believe that mental retarded people do not have any ability to do anything. Others despise these people. They do not accept the in their families and look at them as a burden to them. Most of these retarded people end up begging throughout their lives. This is because they lack financial support from their families (Zigler 202).

The biggest advocates in the film

Forrest’s mother is an advocate who believes that her son is capable of doing what other people can. She tells her son that nothing can hold him back. Also, Jenny helps him by keeping him company to and from school. She helps him stop feeling out of place.

She loves him while others despise him although she then realises that she does not deserve his love. Also, the president who honours him with a medal is a leading advocate. He motivates him through awards. Through doing this, he makes him feel recognised in the society just like any other person.

Zigler, Edward, and Robert M. Hodapp. Understanding mental retardation . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1986. Print.

  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

IvyPanda. (2022, March 24). Disability Representation in "Forrest Gump".

"Disability Representation in "Forrest Gump"." IvyPanda , 24 Mar. 2022,

IvyPanda . (2022) 'Disability Representation in "Forrest Gump"'. 24 March.

IvyPanda . 2022. "Disability Representation in "Forrest Gump"." March 24, 2022.

1. IvyPanda . "Disability Representation in "Forrest Gump"." March 24, 2022.


IvyPanda . "Disability Representation in "Forrest Gump"." March 24, 2022.

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essay about forrest gump movie

The key theme in "Forrest Gump" is life and not to give up on it; it is about managing the obstacles on one's path. Forrest faced so many challenges, but he pushed himself through them. Just like the phrase, his mother told him: "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get".

The movie is more of a meditation on our times, as seen through the eyes of a man who lacks cynicism and takes things for exactly what they are. Watch him carefully and you will understand why some people are criticized for being "too clever by half." Forrest is clever by just exactly enough.

Conclusion: "Forrest Gump". In short, the movie emerges as a unique film that introduces an extraordinary character characterized by a low IQ but an exceptional focus on every task at hand. The narrative unfolds the idea that success is attainable with unwavering concentration. The film's uniqueness lies not only in the character but also ...

The movie I chose for the analysis is "Forrest Gump," directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks. The main focus of the movie is the life of Forrest Gump, a simple man with low IQ and good intentions who goes through many significant events of the second half of the twentieth century. For my analysis, I chose the opening scene of ...

Introduction. Forrest Gump is a motivating movie about the struggles that we go through in life and it gives hope that there is always a way out of every quagmire. Directed by Robert Zemeckis with Tom Hanks playing the role of Forrest; this is a classical must-watch movie of all the times. The main theme here is that, no matter what happens in ...

The main character in the movie is Forrest Gump. The movie focuses on Gump's experiences with government, racism, poverty, mass media, and politics among other things. The film's unfolding events are revealed through Gump's first person narration. The film's main themes include child abuse, racism, poverty, gender roles, culture, and ...

Forrest Gump study guide contains a biography of Edward Abbey, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. ... Even though others attempt to convince him differently throughout the whole movie, Forrest remains loyal to himself and his principles. People around him respect and admire him because ...

At the beginning of the movie, you see Mrs. Gump in a small-brimmed hat that is seen in the late 1950s. During this time hats were consistently small and fit the head closely. In addition, Mrs. Gump wore white gloves made from cotton and nylon along with her handbag that has small handles. Reference. Bauer, P. (2017, June 20). Forrest Gump.

Essay Example: The character of Forrest Gump, from the eponymous film directed by Robert Zemeckis, remains one of the most memorable in cinematic history. Portrayed by Tom Hanks, Forrest's narrative is one of innocence, resilience, and simplicity, touching the hearts of audiences worldwide.

This essay presents a thorough analysis of the character Forrest Gump from the 1994 film "Forrest Gump" in the context of human development and psychology. The writer effectively delves into various psychological aspects of Gump's character, such as his emotional innocence, adult development, potential Asperger's syndrome, and innate goodness.

Forrest Gump, a 1994 film directed by Robert Zemeckis starring Tom Hanks and Robin Wright distributed by Paramount Pictures, is merely a narration by mentally challenged Forrest in which he recites his story chronologically, oblivious to the measure of achievements he'd accomplished. Having met three presidents of the United States, inspired ...

Introduction. The drama Forrest Gump became a cult phenomenon of cinematography. It had a great success and won a few awards. The movie's plot is non-trivial: the developmentally disabled person becomes a shrimp magnate, a famous football player, a hero during the war, a co-owner of Steve Jobs' Apple company, and earns a billion.

5. Forrest Gump is a movie displays a man (Forrest) facing many tribulations throughout his life; those tribulations were wearing braces on his legs, being shot and having a very low IQ level. Forrest never let these tribulations affect his happiness, he was one to follow his dreams no matter what he faced. Forrest's 'mama' continuously ...

This essay provides a comprehensive analysis of the film "Forrest Gump," focusing on its symbols and motifs. The writer successfully highlights the key symbols - the feather, box of chocolates, and birds chirping - and delves into their meanings, connecting them to the film's themes and character development.

The film Forrest Gump is based in 1994 America. The film is based on the life story of a man by the name of Forrest Gump. Forrest is born in Greenbow Alabama and is not the smartest man with physical disabilities as a kid. Forrest proves that when there is an obstacle in life that there are always was to get around it.

Forrest Gump Movie Review Essay. Forrest Gump is a well-known movie starring Tom Hanks that was made in 1994. The movie revolves around a mentally slow man named Forrest Gump who told people who sat next to him on a bus stop bench about his life in which most of the stories followed historical events. One of the reasons why this movie resonates ...

Diversity in "Forrest Gump" Movie - 996 Words | Essay Example. Humanities. Diversity in "Forrest Gump" Movie Essay. Using the movie "Forrest Gump" as a learning tool for diversity, the viewer is taken on a historical ride covering some of the most important and hotly contested debated issues of American history and politics.

The movie Forrest Gump was released in 1994 and directed by Robert Zemeckis. It tells the life story of a man who was born with the intellect below average and still managed to achieve much in his life - after having problems with legs and wearing leg braces Forrest manages to enroll to the football team at school, then enlists to the army and gets to Vietnam, returns from the war and starts ...

Disability Representation in "Forrest Gump" Essay (Movie Review) This is a term that was once used to describe someone who learnt and developed slowly. It is a negative word that hurt many people. Instead, people use "intellectual disability" or "developmental delay". Mental retardation has various categories; mild mental ...

19th Edition of Global Conference on Catalysis, Chemical Engineering & Technology

Victor Mukhin

  • Scientific Program

Victor Mukhin, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences

Title : Active carbons as nanoporous materials for solving of environmental problems

However, up to now, the main carriers of catalytic additives have been mineral sorbents: silica gels, alumogels. This is obviously due to the fact that they consist of pure homogeneous components SiO2 and Al2O3, respectively. It is generally known that impurities, especially the ash elements, are catalytic poisons that reduce the effectiveness of the catalyst. Therefore, carbon sorbents with 5-15% by weight of ash elements in their composition are not used in the above mentioned technologies. However, in such an important field as a gas-mask technique, carbon sorbents (active carbons) are carriers of catalytic additives, providing effective protection of a person against any types of potent poisonous substances (PPS). In ESPE “JSC "Neorganika" there has been developed the technology of unique ashless spherical carbon carrier-catalysts by the method of liquid forming of furfural copolymers with subsequent gas-vapor activation, brand PAC. Active carbons PAC have 100% qualitative characteristics of the three main properties of carbon sorbents: strength - 100%, the proportion of sorbing pores in the pore space – 100%, purity - 100% (ash content is close to zero). A particularly outstanding feature of active PAC carbons is their uniquely high mechanical compressive strength of 740 ± 40 MPa, which is 3-7 times larger than that of  such materials as granite, quartzite, electric coal, and is comparable to the value for cast iron - 400-1000 MPa. This allows the PAC to operate under severe conditions in moving and fluidized beds.  Obviously, it is time to actively develop catalysts based on PAC sorbents for oil refining, petrochemicals, gas processing and various technologies of organic synthesis.

Victor M. Mukhin was born in 1946 in the town of Orsk, Russia. In 1970 he graduated the Technological Institute in Leningrad. Victor M. Mukhin was directed to work to the scientific-industrial organization "Neorganika" (Elektrostal, Moscow region) where he is working during 47 years, at present as the head of the laboratory of carbon sorbents.     Victor M. Mukhin defended a Ph. D. thesis and a doctoral thesis at the Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia (in 1979 and 1997 accordingly). Professor of Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. Scientific interests: production, investigation and application of active carbons, technological and ecological carbon-adsorptive processes, environmental protection, production of ecologically clean food.   

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    The short answer is, that it won't. We did receive a small discount on the purchase of our boat in exchange for the publicity our HH44 Catamaran will inevitably receive (because we document our travels). But we have purchased the boat and retain full creative freedom and continue to create as we always have, sharing our honest experiences.

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    A Parallel Hybrid System. EcoDrive is a robust and redundant hybrid electric/diesel propulsion system designed to deliver a multitude of benefits. Originally conceived in conjunction with the HH44, the Parallel Hybrid EcoDrive is a ground breaking industry advancement that we're proud to now offer on all HH Catamaran models. How it works.

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    2021 Sea Cat 260 Hybrid Catamaran. US$159,861. US $1,251/mo. Perfomax Marine | İzmir, Turkey. Request Info. <. 1. >. * Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price.

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    The CCB264HC has a range of 400 miles with 200 gallons of onboard fuel averaging 2 - 2.2mpg at 40-45 mph powered by Twin Mercury 300 V8 Verado engines. This 26 foot catamaran definitely broadens your fishing and boating opportunities by offering that "big boat" ride and feel in a good sized, maneuverable, and great looking package.

  19. Sea Cat 260 Hybrid: 2021 Boat Buyers Guide

    Catamaran hulls come in pairs, but so do other features in the Sea Cat 260 hybrid: two fuel tanks of 60 gallons each, two livewells at 25 gallons per, as well as a pair of Suzuki outboards—up to 600 hp combined—each served by its own fuel tank and battery. We drove one, and the ride is exemplary. Draft is a shallow 14 inches, ideal for bay ...

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    HH Catamarans. HH44 , 2 x BETA 30 + 2 x 10 kW parallel hybrid drives; OC44 , 2 x BETA 30 + 2 x 10 kW parallel hybrid drives; HopYacht 30 , 2 x 6 kW E-propulsion pod drive . Independent Catamaran. IC36 Independence , 2 x Oceanvolt 6 kW. ITA Catamarans. ITA 14.99 , 2 x Oceanvolt 15 kW with 1 x 15 kW generator. Lady Hawke Catamarans

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  23. Active carbons as nanoporous materials for solving of environmental

    Catalysis Conference is a networking event covering all topics in catalysis, chemistry, chemical engineering and technology during October 19-21, 2017 in Las Vegas, USA. Well noted as well attended meeting among all other annual catalysis conferences 2018, chemical engineering conferences 2018 and chemistry webinars.