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The 13 Best Italian Yacht Brands

Who doesn’t dream of having a luxurious yacht they could use on their sea getaway? If you’re thinking of purchasing one, consider Italian yacht brands – and don’t decide without reading this article.

Because of their unique dimensions and exceptionally well-planned interiors, Italian yachts are a top favorite in the yachting industry. The vessels are typically larger than 24 meters in length and include beautifully crafted and designed superyachts and megayachts. Italian yachts are frequently preferred by buyers due to their comfort and size.

The 13 best Italian yacht brands are listed in this article to show you the best options to consider when buying a yacht.


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Table of Contents

The 13 Best Italian Yacht Brands

Whether you’re looking for mega yachts for sale or a luxury vessel, read on to learn about the best Italian yacht brands so you can make an informed investment decision.

1. Fincantieri Yachts

The 13 Best Italian Yacht Brands

Only in Italy can a Fincantieri yacht be built. It is one of the most famous Italian yacht brands today.

Italy inspires the builders through their surroundings, infusing the magic of beauty into every yacht they build. These yachts are characterized by skilled craftsmanship that reaches new heights, touching the pinnacles of style and refinement.

Fincantieri Yachts represents the pinnacle of Made in Italy excellence. Every Fincantieri yacht is an unrivaled combination of one-of-a-kind and outstandingly original details designed to last and impress.

People who appreciate the extraordinary want to fill their lives with a yacht from this Italian builder as a lasting symbol and an essential example to astound experts and laypeople alike.

2. Benetti Yachts

The 13 Best Italian Yacht Brands

Benetti is one of the oldest manufacturers of Italian luxury yachts, celebrating Italian excellence worldwide. Lorenzo Benetti founded the shipyard in 1873 to build wood boats for domestic and international commercial use.

With the outbreak of World War II, the shipyard began manufacturing recreational steel boats. Later, in the 1960s, the company started building the first large-scale luxury yachts.

Azimut Holding transformed the shipyard into a modern, technologically innovative company in 1985. Benetti now builds superyachts in Viareggio, Fano, and Livorno shipyards.

Benetti’s product line includes seven motor yachts measuring 95 feet or longer. This Italian yacht builder also produces custom boats in the superyachts and gigayacht divisions.

3. Perini Navi

The 13 Best Italian Yacht Brands

Perini Navi was founded in 1983 in Viareggio by Fabio Perini, who launched a prototype sailing yacht with plenty of living space that could be sailed with a small crew. These layouts aligned Perini Navia among the best Italian yacht brands.

That vision evolved into the world’s most successful fleet of large bluewater cruisers. Perini then expanded his business by acquiring the Picchiotti shipyard, a pioneer in constructing luxury motor vessels.

4. Mangusta Yachts

The 13 Best Italian Yacht Brands

Mangusta was established in 1985 as a brand specializing in accessible, fast ships. The company has since produced over 300 yachts, a number of which are luxury sports yachts and voyage superyachts with lengths ranging from 104 to 215 feet.

True yacht enthusiasts also sell yachts that can be constructed from the ground up.

The Balducci family owns the company, which makes beautiful Italian boats in the shipyards of Viareggio and Pisa in the Tuscany region.

5. Pershing Yacht

The 13 Best Italian Yacht Brands

Pershing luxury yacht builders are experts at making high-performance motor yachts that range from 14.24 to 35 meters. This Italian yacht brand is based in Mondolfo in Central Italy’s Marche region.

Pershing Yacht has a remarkable reputation in the industry. Their yachts for sale are well-known for their advanced propulsion, aesthetics, and functionality.

The company is owned by the Italian yacht-building brand Ferretti Group.

6. Azimut Yachts

The 13 Best Italian Yacht Brands

In 1969, a young college student named Paolo Vitelli started a sailboat rental business called Azimut Srl. Azimut boats have a unique and beautiful style that is very Italian. This was the start of Azimut Yachts.

In 1970, a few high-end Italian yacht brands gave the new company the responsibility of selling their boats all over Italy. Business people say that the look is why a buyer chooses an Azimut yacht over another Italian luxury yacht brand.

But the company is good at developing new ways to do things and using nanotechnologies to make anti-fouling coatings that last longer and hurt aquatic organisms less. Today, Azimut has become one of the best Italian yacht brands that money can buy.

7. Wally Yachts

The 13 Best Italian Yacht Brands

Wally, a world leader in yachting technology, combines cutting-edge technology with modern design. This Italian yacht builder is always looking for ways to improve on-the-water enjoyment through performance, comfort, and style.

Wally was founded by Luca Bassani, a passionate yachtsman and visionary entrepreneur, and changed the concept of cruising yachts, creating an iconic brand in both the yachting industry and the luxury market.

Since its inception in Monaco in 1994, Wally has launched unrivaled yachts while continuously innovating the products through an intensive, one-of-a-kind research and development program.

While originally a Monegasque brand, Wally joined Italian Ferretti Group in 2019 and its yachts have been built in the Ferretti Group shipyards in Ancona, Italy, since.

8. Riva Yacht

The 13 Best Italian Yacht Brands

The historic shipyard where Riva motorboats are made is one of the most famous Italian yacht brands labeled as “ Made in Italy ” nautical projects.

The Riva brand was started in 1852 in Sarnico, Italy, on the shores of Lake Iseo. Since then, Pietro Riva has become a legend in the Italian boating world.

At first, the shipyard fixed up and built local fishing boats and passenger ships. Ernesto, Pietro’s uncle, saw how vital motors were and started making bigger and bigger boats. And the rest, they say, is history.

9. Custom Line Yacht

The 13 Best Italian Yacht Brands

Custom Line was started in 1996 as an addition to Ferretti’s flybridge fleet, which had boats between 12 and 25 meters long.

Today, Custom Line is an exclusive line of yachts with all the features of fiberglass flying bridge planing boats longer than 30 meters and many ways to make them your own.

Ferretti has made headway into the Middle East, where its legendary comfort (while driving and at rest) is valued.

10. Rossinavi

The 13 Best Italian Yacht Brands

Rossinavi is an Italian company that builds custom steel and aluminum superyachts from 28 meters and up. It is based at the Rossi shipyard in Viareggio, in the northwest of Italy.

In the 1970s, Claudio and Paride Rossi started the first Rossi shipyard. They focused on woodworking and mechanics. Because the family has always been very knowledgeable about architecture and principles, they were at the top of their field.

Rossinavi is an expert in building with aluminum and steel, and each yacht is made with unique parts. To ensure everything is correct, the superyacht shipyard gets all its components only from approved and authorized manufacturers.

11. Sanlorenzo Yacht

The 13 Best Italian Yacht Brands

Gianfranco Cecchi and Giuliano Pecchia started the Sanlorenzo shipyard in Viareggio in 1958. They made boats in the shed of the old Canottieri Berchielli, their headquarters.

It wasn’t until 1972 when Giovanni Jannetti managed the company that it became popular for its luxury, beauty, strength, dependability, and stunning interiors.

Sanlorenzo designs and builds luxurious Italian sailing yachts and superyachts from resin-infused fiberglass, aluminum, and steel. The designer’s specialties include maritime architecture, yacht layout, high-tech layout, sales, and marketing.

12. CRN Yacht

The 13 Best Italian Yacht Brands

Sanzio Nicolini, an entrepreneur, started the shipyard in Ancona in 1963 to build steel and aluminum yachts for the upscale patrons. After two decades, CRN’s clients were mostly Middle Eastern royalty and wealthy Greeks who preferred large yachts.

Today, CRN has become one of the best Italian yacht brands – a global leader and symbol of Italian design, elegance, and competence. The CRN fleet currently numbers over 200 ships, including military and commercial vessels and luxury yachts.

A worldwide symbol of advancement in Italian shipbuilding, CRN creates yachts from the owner’s imagination using his own hands.

13. Picchiotti Yachts

The 13 Best Italian Yacht Brands

Picchiotti built Italy’s first motor yacht, L’Espresso , in 1902. In 1905, it launched the yacht Espero and built Giacomo Puccini’s famous little lake boat called Liu’ .

Picchiotti helped revive the leisure yachting industry after World War II by building the M/Y Kon Tiki in 1947, M/Y Anita in 1955, and the Solitaire , a 42.4m motor yacht in 1977.

In 1982, the Picchiotti fleet’s flagship – the 103-meter Al Said – was built in Marina di Carrara at the Nuovi Cantieri Apuania, now part of The Italian Sea Group.

Picchiotti, under the Perini Navi group, supplied 3 newly manufactured yachts of the Vitruvius Explorer Series between 2010 and 2014: the 50m Falco Moscata , formerly Exuma ; the 55m Galileo G ; and the 73m Nautilus , formerly Grace E .

Motopanfilo 37M

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10 Best Italian Yacht Brands

People tend to invest in all sorts of things these days. It can be properties, vintage goods, handbags , or watches , but what about investing in a yacht? You might be wondering why would someone do that, surely you don’t get money from it. What you do get is new experiences and adventures. So we gathered a list of the 10 best Italian yacht brands for you.

Yes, Italians are great in everything, even in creating Italian luxury yacht brands. Rightly so, since you’ll find the best beaches in Italy where having a boat or a yacht gives you a great advantage. Of course, owning a yacht is costly and not many can afford it, but you’ll be sailing toward beautiful coasts and enjoying the sea or ocean during sunset and sunrise.

5 Best Italian Yacht brands – Italian luxury Yacht Brands

So how do you choose which Italian sailing yachts brands are the right ones for you? You can choose by model, specifications, length, interior design, and even whether the brand lets you add your personal touch to them, which is possible! Of course, it also matters how many people can fit on the yacht. And how fast can you get to your favorite Italian coasts? With these yachts, you can travel faster and better than by car.

For example, places like Cinque Terre , Amalfi , Portofino , or Sorrento are all coastal towns that you should visit and with your own personal yacht, it couldn’t be easier. And the yacht itself can feel like a luxury apartment with the newest furniture. What better flagships to purchase than the ones from the best Italian yacht brands?

It can be a challenge to purchase a yacht without prior experience. You can use a yacht charter (for example  Boataround ) and choose from many boats on offer to know what awaits you.

italian yacht brands

If you really want to stand out among your friends, Benetii should be on the top of your list of Italian yacht brands to buy. It is actually the oldest brand that started creating boats back in 1873. The founder is Lorenzo Benetti and they pride themselves on their Made in Italy yachts.

The first-ever shipyard launched by Benetti was in Viareggio in 1873. After nearly 100 years, in 1961 Benetti starts to produce steel boats, and the first yacht was launched under the name of Luxury Motor Yacht. Choose from a few different categories of yachts such as Class, B.Yong, Oasis, and B. Now or B. Century.

The Motopaniflo is the perfect yacht for travel. It is 37 meters long and it’s beautiful. Wait until you see the inside of the yacht, it is absolutely stunning! It fits 10 guests in 5 cabins and another 7 people in 4 cabins that are part of the crew. In case you’ve been wondering which Italian sailing yachts brands to invest in, Benetti should be in your top 5.

italian sailing yachts brands

Among the best Italian yacht brands we have to count Azimut in our top 5 list. The business was founded by Paolo Vitelli in 1969. The first yacht that defined the history of the brand was the AZ 43’ Bali one and it “was an immediate success”. One of Azimut’s sayings is ”Italian as a way of life” meaning their attention to detail in the production of every single yacht is impeccable.

Azimut’s products show elegance, luxury, and the best quality you could find. No wonder it’s at the top of the Italian luxury yacht brands. There are about 6 collections on the website. Flybridge, S Collection, Magellano, Atlantis, Grande, and Verve. All of the collections have different sizes of yachts.

The Magellano for example was built for anyone ”who wants to cruise further afield”. It has gentle navigation and limited fuel consumption. The interior is specifically for those who wish to stay on the boat for a longer period. The Magellano 43 for instance had 2/3 cabins and it’s perfect for a small family or group of friends.

3. Mangusta

italian yacht brands

Mangusta is a bit newer than the previous brands . They have over 30 years of experience in being on the top of the Italian yacht brands list. The founders are the Balducci family who came up with the Mangusta name in 1985. The name comes from mongoose, which is ”the only animal that can tackle and defeat cobras. At that time the best company for fast vessels used to be the Cobra by Tecnomarine.

So the Mangusta was a new challenge, to beat the existing company in the best Italian sailing yachts brands. Giuseppe Balducci’s history also begins in Viareggio when he was working in a historic shipyard. The innovations that came after these years are truly amazing and it’s still a well-respected company.

You’ll find three types of yachts, Mangusta Oceano, Gransport, and Maxiopen. I found the Maxi Open the most interesting. It is a luxury sports yacht, it’s designed to be spacious while still offering enough speed. The smallest model can still hold up to 14 people on board in total. While the 132E has 5 cabins for guests and the owner, plus another 3 for the crew. So in total, it can fit up to 17 people. You can bring a lot of your friends to this yacht.

italian sailing yachts brands

Using Riva’s own words about its yachts ”Devil is in the details” and I couldn’t agree more. Out of the 10 Italian luxury yacht brands Riva is probably the most luxurious looking with so much detail. It was founded in 1842 by Pietro Riva. Today it is part of the Ferretti Group.

You’ll find three different yachts at Riva, the Sportfly, Open, and Flybridge. Sportyfly’s largest yacht is the 88’ Folgore. It’s an ”irresistible thunderbolt”, it’s fast, beautiful and the design is just magnificent. It has 4 cabins and two standard crew cabins. The interior has everything you ever need for your vacation on the Italian coast.

From the Flybridge collection, I like the 110’ Dolcevita the most. It’s their new fiberglass flagship. And it is also a collaboration between Officina Italiana Design and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department. The yacht itself is stunning, and aesthetically pleasing with the highest technology. It has 5 cabins and 3 standard crew cabins, so it’s quite spacious. Let’s see the last of the Italian yacht brands.

5. Sanlorenzo

italian sailing yachts brands

The last on our list of Italian sailing yachts brands is Sanlorenzo. They have over 60 years of experience in this field, founded by Gianfranco Cecchi and Giuliano Pecchia in 1958. They have been building high-quality motor yachts that can be ordered on request. And their motto is ’made to measure’, meaning you can request them to be made in many ways.

There are 4 collections to note at Sanlorenzo. SL, SD, SX and SP Range. The SL yacht for example is elegant and well-balanced, available in 6 different models. All of them can be personalized based on the owner’s taste and passions. Let’s take the SL106 Asymmetric as an example. It is 32,38 meters long and can fit a total of 15 people on board.

The SP range is quite new, designed with sustainability and comfort in mind. There’s only one model available, which is the SP110. It ”offers the best performances at the lowest fuel consumption”. Have you seen solar panels on a yacht? Yes, the SP110 has solar panels that supply the power to run the hotel load. It fits about 12-13 people and has a length of 33,04 meters. Even from an architectural point of view, this yacht is exquisite and worth investing in. Which of these Italian yacht brands is your favorite?

6. Baglietto

italian yacht brands

Continuing our list of Italian luxury yacht brands, next up is Baglietto. The brand was founded over 160 years ago, in 1854 with just the dream of having small fishing boats. Its founder is Pietro Baglietto whose vision was so clear that even today Baglietto is a well-respected yachts brand. He created racing boats, cruising yachts, and standard boats. Over the year the family business has been passed down to generations.

Today they stand proud as a 160 years old business that creates the most amazing yachts in Italy. There are 4 distinctive ranges to look at. The Dom Line, Tline, Fast Line, and Superfast Line. But besides these 4 ranges, Baglietto also offers the possibility to custom make your own yacht.

In the Fast Line, there are 3 different models designed by Francesco Paszkowski. The Fast43 is a 43.65 meters long yacht that can hold up to 17 people, out of which 7 are crew members. Another designer for Baglietto is Stefano Vafiadis, whose range is the Dom Line. The Dom 133 – Hybrid, has an overall length of 40.60 meters and can hold up to 18 people. The interior design is magnificent. You can literally live on this yacht!

7. Ferretti

italian sailing yachts brands

The Ferretti Group was founded by the Ferretti brothers in 1968. They were previously marketing motor boats for an American Firm but then decided to build their own ones. The first one was built in 1971 and was called a ‘motor sailer’. After this, a series of other motor yachts were built by the Ferretti brothers, and soon they expanded into a bigger company.

The Ferretti Group also owns Riva, Custom Line, and CRN. So what type of “boats” can you buy from one of the best Italian yachts brands like Ferretti? According to the company, “the Ferretti Yachts fleet is a rich mix of comfort”. Let’s take the FERRETTI YACHTS 1000, which is a new concept of yachts. It looks and feels luxurious from the inside out.

The amount of time spent on designing and prototyping these yachts is over 15,000 hours. And to this day, it is their largest yacht built. The exterior looks premium with all of the details thought out carefully. The interiors look like the inside of an apartment. With sofas, tables, and chairs that make up a lounge and allow 20 people to be on board. The bedrooms and bathrooms are stunning too!

8. Rossinavi

italian yacht brands

The brand Rossivani is fairly new compared to the other Italian sailing yachts brands. Rossivani was founded in 2007 by Cantiere Fratelli Rossi. So many brands in Italy have been created by families and passed down to generations, working with the same passion. They create stylish yet simple designs which are made to last for years to come.

On their website, you can check out the fleets as they were made in each year, all the way back to 2000. The “South” was the first-ever made yacht by the Rossivani company and it’s 54 meters. The average speed is 15 knots with a maximum of 17, meanwhile smaller yachts go between 6-8. These yachts can accommodate up to 12 guests.

Looking at the newest model which is the “Piacere” one, was built for anyone in all types of sea conditions. It’s made in a way that both the internal and external spaces are optimized. The overall length is almost 50 meters. Although it doesn’t say how many people can fit into this yacht, however, you can choose to have a large garage on the bow. Simply said, it’s a pretty big yacht!

italian yacht brands

The story of CRN began in 1963 in Ancona which is in the Marche region of Italy. If you’re familiar with this region, then you know the Le Marche beaches as beautiful, so it’s only right that you need a yacht to discover all of them. CRN comes from “Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali” which translates to “Shipbuilding and Ship Repairs”. Ancona has been a “strategic maritime hub” for 2400 years.

CRN is passionate about steel and aluminum, to bring their ideas to life and listen to your visions of how you imagine the yacht to be. They say “if you can dream it, we can make it”. Looking at the CRN Megayachts, they are definitely larger than the previous ones on our list. Mimtee for example is a beauty of 79 meters and it was designed for families.

Another beautiful 54,80-meter yacht is the Atlante. It’s quite huge and it fits around 13 guests. Although the exterior is more similar to the exterior of a ship, the yacht is still beautiful and functional for pleasure use. Other fleets CRN designed are Ciao, Rio, Voice, or Cloud 9. The Cia and Rio are the newest addition to the 2022 year. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for premium yachts!

10. Custom Line

italian yacht brands

As we have mentioned before, Custom Line is owned by the Ferretti Group. If you have seen the yachts they produce then you know you’ll only get the best quality. What does Custom Line promise to deliver then? Their fleets are “designed to fulfill every lifestyle and cruising need”. They have two main fleet lines, the Planing, and Navetta. All of these yachts were made with excellence in mind, so your sailings can go as smoothly as you can expect them to.

From the Navetta line, the 42 is the company’s largest displacement yacht. It is practical, it’s stunning and it blends into the sea. What’s even better is that this beauty is fully customizable. Whatever you wish to create inside this yacht, Custom Line will grant your wishes. It can fit up to 4 VIP sections, meaning that a maximum of 20 people can be on board. This will include 5 cabins for guests and another 4 for crew members. Which one was your favorite out of the 10 Italian yacht brands?

Best Italian Yacht Brands – Italian Sailing Yachts Brands – Wrap up

That concludes our list of Italian yacht brands. In case you wish to experience the luxury life and travel more on the sea, a yacht is a perfect investment. In this case, you’ll gain more life experience, you’ll travel and if you’re lucky enough you get to do that with family and your loved ones. After all, what’s the point of owning a yacht if you cannot take your family and friends on it? What we love about the Italian luxury yacht brands is their attention to detail. From the outside of the yacht to the inside furniture , everything is so well-thought-out.

For instance, if you purchase a bigger yacht, you’ll get about 8 cabins easily. Of course, some need to be reserved for the crew members as it’s important to have people help with sailing, however, you still have plenty of room for yourself. Other specifications may include fuel consumption. The majority are designed in a way that you use less fuel and get more travel time out of it. Whichever brand you choose, they will not disappoint you!

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italian sailing yachts brands

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Ninth mangusta gransport 33 launched, the second mangusta oceano 39 is now in the water, third mangusta 165 rev launched, eighth mangusta gransport 33 hits the water, mangusta 104 rev: sixth hull hits the water, mangusta at palm beach international boat show 2024, mangusta at miami international boat show 2024, mangusta at boot düsseldorf 2024, mo39.1 and mo50.3 finalists at boat international design and innovation awards 2024, mangusta at flibs 2023, mangusta oceano 39 at the world yachts trophies 2023, mangusta at monaco yacht show 2023, mangusta at cannes yachting festival 2023, the fifth mangusta 104 rev hits the water, the second mangusta 165 rev has been launched, mangusta 165rev.1 – n1 is winner of the 35th annual best of the best awards in the marine category, the first mangusta oceano 39 hits the water, the mangusta oceano flagship hits the water, mangusta at palm beach international boat show 2023, sixth mangusta gransport 33 now launched, boat international design & innovation awards 2023 the mangusta 165rev wins in the “outstanding exterior design, motor yachts 40m to 59.9m” category, mangusta at boot düsseldorf 2023, m165rev finalist at boat international design and innovation awards 2023, mangusta oceano 50 awarded as the “best of show” at the fort lauderdale boat show 2022, mangusta oceano 50 us premiere at flibs 2022, mangusta at flibs 2022, second unit of mangusta 165rev, flagship of the maxi open line, now sold, monaco yacht show 2022 | world premiere the new mangusta 165rev and mangusta oceano 44, monaco yacht show 2022, mangusta oceano 44 at the world yachts trophies 2022, mangusta 165 rev at the world yachts trophies 2022, cannes yachting festival 2022, fifth mangusta gransport 33 now launched, save the date – mangusta at cannes yachting festival & mys 2022, mangusta 165 rev: the future of maxi open yachts is now., the second unit of flagship mangusta oceano 50 hits the water, mangusta 104 rev’s success continues in the usa, mangusta yachts triumphs at the world superyacht awards 2022, the fourth mangusta gransport 33 hits the water, mangusta 104 rev voting open, the second mangusta 104 rev hits the water, fifth unit of mangusta oceano 50 now sold, ‘stream yachts’ is mangusta’s new representative in israel, mangusta 104 rev finalist at design and innovation awards 2022, mangusta gransport 33 finalist at design and innovation awards 2022, the new mangusta oceano 44 lands in the usa.

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Salone Nautico Venezia 2024

Riva is pleased to welcome you to the Salone Nautico Venezia 2024 from 29 May to 2 June.  

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May 17 2024

Ferretti Group officially opens the completely refurbished La Spezia shipyard.  

Ferretti Group innovation at the Singapore Yachting Festival with two Wally APAC premieres.

April 23 2024

Ferretti Group innovation at the Singapore Yachting Festival with two Wally APAC premieres.

italian sailing yachts brands

April 10 2024

Full-electric sustainability and unmistakable style: the new Riva El-Iseo.  

Palm Beach International Boat Show 2024

March 21 - 24 2024

Palm Beach International Boat Show 2024

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Ferretti S.p.A.

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Giovanni Costantino

“ Great dreams should never come to an end “

Giovanni Costantino, Founder and CEO of The Italian Sea Group , has written part of the history of yachting.

Giovanni Costantino: A story that starts with the acquisition of Tecnomar

Costantino’s journey in the yachting world began in 2009. With his first acquisition of one of the historic Italian nautical brands.

Tecnomar is the first step towards setting up the first Italian group of excellence in the nautical sector.

With the acquisition of Tecnomar , a historic brand renowned for its luxury sports yachts, with cutting-edge design and high performance.

Since 2011 Giovanni Costantino has acquired Admiral yachts and then Nuovi Cantieri Apuania

In a few years, following the dream of creating one of the most important brands in the nautical world. He made one acquisition after another. In 2011 Admiral , a brand recognized for the timeless elegance and prestige of its luxury superyachts and megayachts. In 2012 it was the turn of Nuovi Cantieri Apuania . Which allowed the newborn Group to acquire one of the most important operating offices in Europe and a dry dock capable of hosting even the largest megayachts in the world. In this way the Group enters by right as a protagonist in the world of refitting large boats with the typical Italian style and elegance.

The Italian Sea Group is born

This is how The Italian Sea Group was born. Today it is a global operator in the luxury yacht sector for the construction and refit of motor yachts and ships up to 140 metres. The Group has an impressive production site. Which today boasts some of the most advanced equipment and infrastructure in the Mediterranean.

A path studded with “rescues” and a strong social responsibility.

The Italian Sea Group is not just a shipyard, but it is also an opportunity for growth and prestige for the area. Costantino married Marina di Carrara as his home. A hub of the most exquisite Italian craftsmanship and a company capable of expressing the values of respect and attention towards collaborators, shipowners and the entire production chain.

In 2019 Giovanni Costantino opens The Village . An oasis of peace and well-being for employees, captains and owners, which includes a Gourmet Restaurant & Lounge Bar, Gym and Spa.

Superyachts and megayachts: A clear and lucid vision

His vision is clear, lucid and long-term: he sees, designs, creates.

Meanwhile, the push towards the future continues: Giovanni Costantino’s passion for design, speed and brand extension strategy give life to the “ Tecnomar for Lamborghini63 ” project with Automobili Lamborghini in 2020. And to the excellent partnership with Giorgio Armani in 2021 for the construction of Admiral yachts under his signature.

The main objective of the CEO of The Italian Sea Group has always been to merge Italian excellence with that of the nautical sector. To fully represent that Italian Style recognized and appreciated throughout the world.

Giovani Gostantino inaugurates the TISG Academy

In 2021, the TISG Academy is inaugurated. Dedicated to training and refresher courses for employees and graduating students of the Faculty of Engineering and Yacht Design.

In 2021, The Italian Sea Group goes public

On 8 June 2021 Giovanni Costantino brings his now solid and structured company to listing on the stock exchange, on Euronext Milano, a further seal of transparency, reliability and internationality.

Sailing yachts, the iconic Perini Navi and Picchiotti brands

The story continues and in February 2022 Giovanni Costantino acquires Perini Navi , world leader in the design and construction of iconic large sailing yachts. And Picchiotti Yacht , another historic Italian yachting brand, which has its roots in the Medici Florence of 1575. An operation that completes the product offer of The Italian Sea Group.

Giovanni Costantino continues to bring to the market, with audacity and extreme attention to detail, innovation and unmistakable design, motor yachts and large sailing yachts without equal.

Read the interviews with G Costantino Founder & CEO:

  • L’economia – del Corriere della Sera
  • Il Messaggero
  • Superyacht24
  • Milano Finanza


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THE ITALIAN SEA GROUP S.p.A. Viale C. Colombo, 4Bis 54033 Marina di Carrara (MS) Italy

VAT 00096320452 Share Capital € 26.500.000,00 i. v.

italian sailing yachts brands

Yachting World

  • Digital Edition

Yachting World cover

Ice 60 review: The chic Italian yacht that offers more than just style

  • Toby Hodges
  • June 13, 2019

Conceived by racing driver Marco Malgara, the Ice 60 is as cool as its name


All photos: Andrea Rizzato

Styles come and go. To stand the test of time you need something else, something more than aesthetics, something that stays with you after that initial heady rush begins to wane.

The Italians have always owned style and there has been something of a revolution in Italian-designed and/or -built boats in recent years. A number of new brands have joined what was an already crowded performance cruiser market – sexy-looking machines that excel in light-wind, warm weather sailing conditions.

These offer the latest in desirable lines with unblemished decks, shallow cockpits and plenty of sunbathing space, tender garages, etc. Grand Soleil and Solaris are the best established in production yard terms, but have been joined by companies such as Italia Yachts, Mylius, and Eleva.

Ice Yachts, with its ravishing new 60-footer, is another fine example, but are we talking style-only or does it have that special something?


Ice 60 features a long waterline and powerful hull shape: a soft chine gives extra beam with minimal drag

Ice is a relatively new brand, but one that uses a tried and tested designer and shipyard. Its boats are drawn by Umberto Felci and built at the former CN Yacht 2000, a 30-year-old yard near Milan, responsible for more than 80 large custom or semi-custom yachts.

Ice Yachts was born out of one sailor’s search for a Felci 61 cruiser-racer, eight of which were built by this yard. Marco Malgara fell in love with the outlook of the boatbuilders and the history of the yard, and ended up buying it six years ago and creating Ice Yachts.

The first project was the Ice 62, which used the lines of the original Felci 61 but with slightly more beam and freeboard. The Ice 44, Ice 33 and Ice 52 followed. The latter I have trialled for European Yacht of the Year , enough of a taster to pique my interest in this new Ice 60 when it hit the water earlier this year.

Article continues below…


Grand Soleil 52LC test: Italian beauty offers stimulating sailing

The Grand Soleil 52 Long Cruise Sport (52LC) is wedged, stern-to, in between a grubby ketch and a motorboat. Its…

italian sailing yachts brands

Solaris 50 boat test – when style meets substance

Winner of the Performance Cruiser category of the European Yacht of the Year Awards 2015. Read more here Production yachts…

I was intrigued to find out why Malgara, an accomplished racing driver who has worked in advertising, marketing and the police force and who remains a successful real estate businessman, would want to buy a shipyard and start a new yacht brand.

“I bought it because I couldn’t find a yard with the quality I wanted,” Malgara explained during two days spent together testing the Ice 60 and visiting his two shipyards near Milan. “I tried to improve what the good workers already knew very well, adding my knowledge of sailing and building racing cars.”

“The difference between something nice and something well done is important,” said Malgara, who competed six times in the notorious endurance motorsport event the Paris-Dakar Rally. “When you are in the desert and something goes wrong, you’re in the shit… the same applies with boats.”

Malgara, a workaholic who lives and drives in the fast lane, “wanted to create a product that was not available. A yacht to be proud of.”


The wide, flat cockpit suits Med-style cruising

The Joy of sailing the Ice 60

In La Spezia I found Joy , 60ft of Ferrari California light blue hull with a lofty carbon rig, blunt stem and bowsprit. The Ice 60’s beamy aft sections have a soft, appealing chine/turn to the hull shape and its lines look powerful and, well, Italian.

And I soon discovered that this is a very easily driven yacht. When we started sailing in zephyrs, I was down below, talking to designer Umberto Felci about the secrets to Italian design. The only way I could tell we were silently moving along once sails were hoisted was by detecting a slight heel and seeing the water moving past the hull porthole as we ghosted along at 3 knots.

Weight is a big priority at Ice Yachts; its yachts are built using a resin-infused mix of glass and carbon fibre as standard. The sailing weight of the Ice 60 is just 18.7 tonnes, including anchor and 75m of chain, and it boasts a substantial 220m 2 of upwind sail area. It’s also a structurally stiff boat, with the capacity to take over 1,000lt of water in tanks that are built into the hull and form part of the structure.


Toby sailed the Ice 60 off La Spezia in 3–12 knots

At the wheel, I was instantly impressed by how the boat could harness the light conditions. We soon found some puffs of breeze and were clocking over 7 knots upwind in 7-8 knots apparent. Looking at the very high sail area:displacement ratio of 28.9, slippery performance should indeed be expected. With another knot of wind we could squeeze up to 28° to the apparent wind, or make 8 knots in 10 by sacrificing a few degrees.

Unfortunately, the conditions were tricky and unpredictable all day, the breeze shifting all over the place, which made it tough to get a feel for the boat and accumulate accurate figures. We didn’t enjoy five minutes of consistent wind all day – at one point I watched the Windex spin round and round as we sailed along under kite.

The upside is that it certainly helped to be aboard a lightweight performance cruiser that could make the most of such fickle conditions, which I’m told are typical for that area.


The stern garage is large enough to fit a fully inflated 3.2m tender. A garage is a key feature of Med-based boats, but does eat into accommodation space

Joy ’s carbon rig is one of the last Southern Spars masts to come out of its South African yard, while Diamond Sails near Livorno built the black Dyneema sails.

I’m not sure the colour of the sails nor their stark vertical logo is in keeping with the slick Italian looks, but they serve a marketing purpose.

A fine red gennaker helped us to make the most of the wind and generate some of our own. It was really rewarding to feel that extra bit of power, even if I nearly sailed a full circle on one gybe, trying to match the wind as it boxed the compass.

Boat speed rose to 9 knots, and we were generally making similar figures to the single-digit wind speeds. It felt very light on the wheels, which use direct Jefa steering connection, but the conditions still made it a challenge on the helm and I needed to monitor the numbers rather than rely on feel.

Felci explained that the Ice 60 has a narrow waterline when stationary and that the soft chine gives the benefit of extra beam, but without the drag resistance of a hard chine.

“It’s a fight between how much resistance I have and how much power I add,” said Felci, a racing sailor who competed for 20 years in 470s. “The ratio of stability to power is like the relationship of horsepower to wheel width on cars.”

As we chatted, we made our way to the west of Portovenere and its stunning clifftop monastery guarding the shallow entrance, catching the last of the afternoon breeze, which allowed us to sail at 6 knots in 6 knots.


Designer Umberto Felci at the helm

It was as pleasant as it sounds, but the changeable conditions meant performance was hard to gauge. It was like trying to test a premium hybrid bike on a road full of potholes and stop signs.

The quiet 5-cylinder Volvo Penta and Flexofold prop proved a smooth, efficient combination for our return journey, propelling us at 8 knots at 1,900rpm and 10.5 knots maximum.

Designer deck details

I liked the neat design of the twin pedestals, which seem to grow out of the side decks – they are both relatively discreet, yet create enough space for a large plotter and a panel of pushbuttons.

The test boat had the latest Raymarine Axiom 12 pro plotters, which looked very much in keeping with the sharp design of the boat. These use Android operating systems, which proved easy and fast to use and customise displays.

There’s a nice gap between the pedestal and the cockpit bench for the mainsail trimmer to work the two-speed winch and traveller. The traveller uses an Antal electric line driver, while the backstay and vang are hydraulically powered.


It’s all in the detail: design of the Ice 60 is beautifully executed

However, the same crewmember cannot reach the primary winch. Using reversible primary winches with remote controls at the pedestals could be a better solution for those wanting to sail short-handed.

There is no provision for the stowing of sheet tails for the main and genoa, but there is a generous locker by the companionway for the running rigging tail ends. The genoa sheets are led neatly aft underdeck from near the shroud bases.

A surprise for a yacht with such a clean deck and look is that the sheets are then led athwartships to the winches, presenting a trip hazard to those on the side deck. Re-routeing of the sheets alongside the coachroof-to-deck join might present a neater alternative.

A typical Med cockpit provides short benches with low coamings, showing a predilection for looks over comfort. The low backrests mean good cushions will be a must, but the benches are at least wide and the large fixed table is a practical feature.

Simplicity of style

The Ice 60 has a minimalist modern design – think open loft style with lots of natural light, white and beige furnishings and materials – the antithesis of a traditional-style yacht interior. The simplicity of Felci’s design grew on me, especially as it is practical for purpose and the finish quality is very good.


The sloon is the epitome of clean Italian style

“Most owners of this type and size of yacht will have a skipper,” says Malgara, pointing out the compact single cabin opposite the galley. “It’s already an expensive boat and owners don’t have much time,” he argues.

It’s unusual to have a crew cabin in the heart of the boat so close to the owner’s cabin (forward), but it’s a better solution to help retain the services of a long-term skipper than the typical shoebox-style forepeak solutions found on many yachts this size (a forepeak berth is offered on the Ice 60 as standard).

A forward galley, a layout Felci uses with Dufour too, is sociable – the Ice 60 has plenty of worksurface to prepare food while facing the saloon.

The built-in Siemens oven and induction hobs, as well as a domestic-style fridge-freezer on Joy are reflective of how some of today’s owners use this sort of yacht and how they cook and overnight in marinas/port rather than at sea. Stowage space is reasonably good and includes plenty of refrigerated and bin space.


The cabins all have generous stowage, natural light, ventilation and headroom. The navstation shares the after end of a comfortable sofa bench. This daybed is another typical feature on an Italian/Med boat and one that works well on the Ice 60. The 19cm memory foam mattress provides comfortable lounging or a useful passage berth in the centre of the boat where there is least motion.

The companionway has four deep, but flat and slippery steps. There are two sturdy leather-clad handrails each side and two more grab handles further forward, which are very much needed as there is a wide, open space between the saloon table and the navstation.

All heads have good stowage, including wet stowage in the port heads shower area – the addition of shower doors would stop them becoming wetrooms. There is good access from the starboard cabin to the engine/machinery room and 8kW genset, with room enough to climb in or directly access the filters. Latches, lights, switches and general details all look very smart.


The light, airy theme continues in the owner’s cabin

The light, open layout helps the owner’s cabin feel very roomy. Again it’s simple, but practical and well finished. The low island berth, with a large Seasmart hatch above, lifts easily on struts to reveal more stowage space and robust stringers below and there is a generous ensuite heads.

The two aft cabins are similar in style and layout. The double to port boasts a large enough berth to sleep lengthways or athwartships and has its own access to the day heads/shower.

We visited both the former CN Yacht 2000 facility on the outskirts of Milan and a second yard nearby into which Ice has moved its catamaran production. Ice launches its boats onto the River Po and floats them down to Ravenna.

Ice in build

The catamaran yard was working flat out on its second model, a 67-footer, reportedly the largest cat yet produced in Italy. This uses a mould extension on the Ice Cat 61, which first launched earlier this year.


The original (CN Yacht 2000) yard is much tidier, if by no means a modern workplace. This typically old-school yard relies on everyone knowing where everything is and doing his or her job in a time-honoured fashion.

It may not be intuitive to witness, but it works and there is a family feel to the place, which is crucial when you need staff to put in the hard yards.

I saw some of the 16 infusions going into the next Ice 52 (number 11). Epoxy infusion is labour-intensive, with 7,200 hours needed for this boat.

Hulls and decks of Ice yachts are laminated sandwich infusion, using a glass-carbon fibre composite material, localised carbon reinforcement and a PVC foam core.

As well as the 52 a new raised saloon (RS) version of the Ice 60 is in build too.

Our verdict

I thought this yacht would all be about the look and the feel, the famed Italian design touch. But the Ice 60 proved it had something else, something that stayed with me.

Above the flashy looks and minimalist layout, which is squarely aimed at warm weather sailors, there is passion and quality, from the design to the build and finish. The designer has performance in his blood and really cares about the product.

The yard has a classic semi-custom approach born from knowledge and experience. And it is headed up by a passionate leader in love with sailing and speed.


Above all, there is an underlying sense of pride, which shines out of Ice Yachts. It is what the company is formed on and what its owners buy into. And if there’s one thing you’d want to have in a €1m new 60ft performance cruiser, it’s pride.


LOA: 17.99m (59ft 0in) LWL: 16.8m (55ft 1in) Beam (max): 5.20m (17ft 1in) Draught: 2.85m (9ft 4in) Displacement (lightship): 17,900kg (39,462lb) Ballast: 6,100kg (13,448lb) Engine: 150hp Volvo Penta Fuel capacity: 650lt (143gal) Water capacity: 1,000lt (220gal) Sail area (100% foretriangle): 194.7m 2 (22,096ft 2 ) Sail Area to displacement ratio: 28.9 Displacement to LWL ratio: 105 Price from: €960,000 (ex. VAT) Price as tested: €1,301,800 (ex. VAT) Designer: Umberto Felci


logo main

Italian Luxury Custom Yacht

ILC Yachts has been designing and building fully TAILOR MADE commissioned luxury yachts for many years. We design and produce aluminium yachts, with exclusive customisation from the hull to the interior fittings. ILC Yachts is not just a brand: it is a true philosophy of life at sea. 

Tailor-made yachts

Italian Luxury Custom Yachts produces high quality yachts, equipped with a high-performance waterline combined with various motorisation solutions, which combine technology with luxury. Each time we propose original and detailed designs, studied and planned according to the needs and preferences of each owner, but also able to exceed expectations.

We always guarantee high levels of customisation: each of our clients can choose to diversify every single feature of their boat. From the colour to the design, from the essences of the interior furnishings to the layout of the cabins, from the equipment to the implementation of additional components, there are no identical solutions in the ILC Yachts yard. Each of our luxury yachts is different and unique.

Aluminium yacht

We have chosen to design and build luxury yachts in aluminium because it is the noble metal par excellence in yacht construction. It guarantees strength, durability and allows us to build yachts with an exclusive aesthetic impact. Aluminium is strong and easy to work with, and it is 100% safe, even in the event of a collision or fire.

This material is eco-friendly, as it can be recycled without difficulty. It ensures high levels of customisation, unthinkable with fibreglass, which allows us to design luxury yachts of all sizes and to take care of the exterior as well as the interior in detail. The design of your new yacht can be customised in every part, giving personality, character and uniqueness to the entire vessel.

Why choose us

Choosing ILC Yachts means being able to count on experienced professionals who will put their know-how and experience in the sector at the service of your desires. Our company can help you navigate aboard your ideal vessel, guaranteeing customised design and construction. We use the best materials and components, value precious details and elegant accessories.

Our planners and designers can create for you a luxury yacht that will stand out for its thoughtful design, character and uniqueness, as well as its performance and speed. ILC Yachts yachts are pure comfort and technology, the result of the best design combined with high quality.

Quality and excellence

We offer our customers only excellent, high-quality designs. We use the most prestigious materials and components with the intention of offering unique yachts and maximum comfort on board.

For the production of our yachts we have chosen a noble, high-performance and safe material that is both light and strong. Aluminium allows us to create custom-made boats that can last and perform well.

At the ILC Yachts yard, no boat is identical. Each one has its own personality and characteristics. Each of our luxury yachts is customised in every part, following the requests and wishes of the client.

Our yachts boast all the quality of Made in Italy. Every material and component, every piece of furniture and furnishing accessory boasts unmistakable and exclusive characteristics that only products from our territory can boast.

Our models?

We have no standard models, there is no range. Each boat is custom designed and created according to the needs of our clients. It is always the client who chooses the size and shape he prefers: we can design and build 40-metre yachts or small or medium-sized luxury boats of 10-15 metres. Each project can be customised in terms of performance, technical characteristics and interior and exterior design.

The exterior can be customised by changing the size, shape, colours and width of the walkable area. The stern can also be made even more prestigious, designed to open up and create a sort of private beach on the sea. On the inside, too, each owner can choose how to divide up the spaces and what size the various cabins should be. He can ask for a larger or smaller owner’s cabin and more VIP cabins.


Our planners and designers are at the client’s complete disposal to create a unique and exclusive yacht. After a careful consultation, in which we take note of your wishes, needs and preferences, it is only a matter of time before you can start sailing your luxury yacht that will exceed your expectations.

Latest News

Cannes Yachting Festival

ILC Yachts all Cannes Yachting Festival 2022

fiera nautica olbia - sardegna

Our participation in the Nautical Fair of Sardinia

Make your experience unique, contact us for information.

Sailing is a lifestyle that deserves to be enhanced by climbing aboard the perfect yacht. ILC Yachts can design a custom-made, prestigious and exclusive yacht for you, which will allow you to sail in an environmentally friendly way, without ever having to give up luxury and deserved comfort on board.

Some of our latest realisations

ILC Yachts has been building and designing contract yachts, both pleasure and work boats, for over 30 years. With our line of high performance yachts we have brought something unique and prestigious to the market.

italian sailing yachts brands

IY 43 veloce

Power your dream

IY 43 veloce is the first in the series of powerboats signed Italia Yachts. To inaugurate the series Italia Yachts focused on brand characterization: IY 43 veloce follows the same philosophy as the sailboats characterized by extreme recognizability in its classic and extremely modern and elegant lines. The design was born based on the shipyard's extensive experience in the sailing world. It takes up its basic concepts also in the ability to navigate in any weather conditions, well sheltered from the . Hence the need to study a stable hull that would guarantee excellent seakeeping.

IY 43 Veloce

General view color

It is a boat of extreme character where safety, comfort, and practicality ensure full enjoyment, whatever its use: for a day at sea with the family, a tour of the Mediterranean or the Bahamas, or a few hours with friends.

Extraordinarily versatile and transforming, with opening terraces on either side of the cockpit, the fast IY 43 offers space and livability, usually available on larger boats.

The design comes from the Skyron studio and the Italia Yachts Design Team, on a hull capable of making exhilarating fun with a speed range of 35 to 40 knots, with twin inboard Volvo IPS diesel or two-three Mercury outboards propulsion.

Exterior design

italian sailing yachts brands

Interior design

italian sailing yachts brands

Technical details

Technical data and brochure.

Fill in the fields below to receive the download link for the technical specifications and brochure.

italian sailing yachts brands



  • via delle marche, 2/4 61040 Monteporzio (PU) Italy

italian sailing yachts brands


10 Best Sailboat Brands (And Why)

10 Best Sailboat Brands | Life of Sailing

Last Updated by

Daniel Wade

December 20, 2023

‍ There's no denying that sailors are certainly a passionate bunch. We’re so passionate about our boats that we always try going for the best sailboats. To make it a lot easier for you, here are the best sailboat brands.

Owning a sailboat is an indulgence that many of us only dream about but very few ever have the privilege of sailing the seas in what they can actually call their own.

While there's nothing wrong with renting a sailboat, the honor of owning one is certain what many sailors dream of.

With a perfectly crafted sailboat as company, gliding through the water, waves, and wind brings some sort of unmatched comfort and peace.

Add this to the fact that sailing takes you far away from the daily hustles and bustles that we've become accustomed to in our daily lives and you'll see why the life of sailing is very appealing to the masses.

But without a proper sailboat, all this fun and the good life of sailing are thrown out of the window.

Contrary to the widespread opinion, owning a sailboat isn't beyond anyone's reach. It's something that we can all achieve. But before getting into that, it's important to know some of the best sailboat brands.

The best sailboat brands will make your life as a sailor a lot easier and more fun. The best sailboat brands have, for decades if not centuries, mastered the art of woodworking. They've dedicated their skills and immense amount of their time to designing and manufacturing nothing but the best quality of sailboats in the industry.

So if you've been looking for the best sailboat brands from all over the world, you've come to the right place. We'll discuss the best of the best, something that will give you a perfect getaway from your normal life.

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‍ Must-Have Features for Your Sailboat

Before highlighting the best sailboat brands, it would be appropriate to jog your mind a little with some of the features that must be available in your sailboat.

Choosing a sailboat can sometimes be a matter of compromises. In other words, it's sometimes sensible to accept that a sailboat cannot have all the features that you desire.

As such, it's all about going with a sailboat that has the features that matter to you most.

For this reason, let's look at the most basic features that can make the difference in both safety and comfort while improving your sailing experience.

A Safe and Comfortable Sailing Cockpit

You'll most definitely be spending a huge amount of time in the cockpit. Whether you're keeping watch, trimming sails , helming, or just enjoying the scenery, there's no better place to do all these than from the cockpit. That being said, a good cockpit should have the following.

  • Have a good depth for safety reasons and adequate drainage
  • Should give you a quick and easy access to jammers, cleats, and other important parts of the winch system
  • Should have a seat or seats that are about 35 cm high, 50 to 55 cm wide to provide ideal support
  • The seats should be adjustable to offer maximum comfort and allow you to change your position

GPS Chartplotter

Use a GPS Chartplotter once and your sailing will never be the same without it. It not only allows you to map a course but is also a great way of ensuring that your sailboat exactly follows that course. It also gives you constant updates on ocean conditions, weather conditions , and potential hazards such as deadly currents and sandbars.

A GPS Chartplotter is also an important safety device that can help you in some very critical situations while out there on the water.

For instance, it has a man-overboard button that is essentially meant to allow you to receive coordinates of the exact location should someone fall off your boat.

Electric Winch System

This is an amazing addition to any sailboat. It allows you to sheet a jib even in high and strong winds with a simple press of a button. It also gives you the chance of trimming a mainsail easily while still carry out other essential tasks in the sailboat.

An electric winch system can be of great importance, especially if you're short on crew. This is because it can free up some crew members to carry other important tasks. In other words, it can make duties that would otherwise require more crew members a lot easier.

More importantly, an electric winch system can maintain safety even in the roughest of conditions, thereby preventing you and your crew from getting injured. In essence, an electric winch system will make your sailing a lot safer, less stressful, and more enjoyable.

Reverse Osmosis Watermaker

This is a very valuable accessory, especially if you're going on long sea voyages. You can spend days on end without drinking clean and safe water.

As the name suggests, you can use this accessory to turn seawater into purified drinking water. It uses the reverse osmosis method that's essential not only in removing bacteria and parasites from the water but also in turning the water into purified and safe drinking water.

Even though this device is pricey, it's a great way to mitigate the over-reliance on huge water tanks. All you have to do is to ensure that it's properly maintained and you'll have an endless streak of safe drinking water no matter where you are.

Wide and Clutter-free Deck

While the deck is often an overlooked feature of a sailboat, it can be the difference between a great sailing experience and a stressful one. In essence, the deck of a sailboat should be wide enough and clutter-free.

This is significant as it can enable you to quickly access different parts of your sailboat with hindrance or getting tangled. As you can see, this is particularly important in improving safety and reducing stress.

With that in mind, make sure that the deck is organized in such a way that you can have easy access to sails, masts, and winches.

You should, therefore, avoid sailboats with decks that are designed in such a way that you have to climb on top of the cabin just to access these features. Needless to say, this can be quite unstable and very dangerous especially when conditions are rough.

The Best Sailboat Brands and Why

1. hallberg-rassy.

Hallberg-Rassy is a Swedish yacht maker that's very well-known in the blue water cruising circles for making some of the highest quality and sturdiest sailboats. For many sailors, this is the number one sailboat brand as it offers absolute comfort, utmost safety, and good and easy handling.

This brand is not only synonymous with sturdy construction but you won't worry getting soaking wet while out there on the water. This is because it has a well-protected deck and cockpit, finished with nice woodwork, and has a powerful engine with a big tankage just to ensure that you can go on long voyages.

When designing its sailboats, this brand has made it a norm to add some features that stand out from the rest. For instance, the bowsprit is an integral feature that makes sailing a Hallberg-Rassy quite easy and much enjoyable. This is because it grants easy access to and from the deck. Its electric anchor winches facilitate smooth maneuvering. Even more, its large steering wheels makes it much easier to control the boat even in the roughest of conditions. In essence, this brand has features that provide good control and an extra sense of safety.

Although this brand has evolved over the years, you'll easily recognize it even from a distance. And why is this? A Hallberg-Rassy never goes out of style. This is a unique sailboat brand that has always stayed true to its principles and concept. No matter which part of the world you go, Hallberg-Rassy will remain the undisputed king of blue water cruising.

2. Nautor's Swan

For over 50 years, Nautor's Swan has endlessly raised the sailing levels by designing and manufacturing new sailboat models that not only push the boundaries but also meet that many requirements and demands of sailors across the world. Thanks to its wide range of seaworthy, timeless, elegant, and highly-performing sailboats, the Nautor's Swan remains one of the best if not the best sailboat makers in the world.

Based in Jakobstad, Finland, this brand has severally set the industry standard with its speedy and sleek models such as the Swan 48, Swan 65, Swan 98, Swan 78, and Swan 120. These models have one thing in common: they never compromise on safety. As a brand that puts safety first, it ensures that its models are made of foam-cored glass fiber and reinforced both with carbon-fiber and epoxy. In essence, Nautor's Swan is widely revered for its unmatched seafaring and safety records.

Additionally, Nautor's Swan models are incredibly responsive. You can easily tell this just by the feel of the wheel. This brand has models that will gracefully slice through the biggest of waves with ease. That's not all; the interior of these models that are very comfortable even when the going gets tough. This is, without a doubt, a brand that strives to create self-contained worlds with each model.

3. Beneteau

This is perhaps the most selling sailboat brand in the world. For over a century now, this brand has based its models in a combination of simplicity and performance. This is a brand that will serve you just right across all latitudes and in all circumstances. Whether you prefer the Oceanis Yacht 62 or the Figaro Beneteau 3, this brand will never let you down on all fronts.

This brand revolves around a simple concept of creating a link around the world. From the deck space to its design and light, this brand does everything possible not just to uniformly transform life at sea but also to open doors to new horizons in a very luxurious yet practical way. Its models are designed with clear deck plans, stable hulls, simplified maneuvering and interior materials and equipment that can be easily personalized.

Whether you're looking for a racing sailboat or something that's designed to explore and enjoy the world in the company of friends and family, Beneteau is a true combination of sensations and simplicity. This is a brand that brings to the seas fun, simplicity, smartness, toughness, safety, intuitiveness, as well as dazzling reinvention.

4. Amel Yachts

Based on the ethos of designing and manufacturing comfortable, robust, and easy-to-handle boats, this French brand has, for over five decades, offered sailors and other sailing enthusiasts the perfect opportunity to explore the seas with the utmost quality, comfort, and more importantly, safety.

Using 100% French know-how, this brand has brought to the sailing world some of the best boats such as the Santorini, the Mango, the Super Maramu, and the Maramu. We would be doing this brand total injustice if we said that they're distinctive. Truth be told, there's nothing comparable to an Amel model. Well Amel was and still is, the ultimate standard by which other sailboat models are measured.

From items such as electric winches and furling, to generators, Watermaker , and washing machine down to the simplest of items such as towels. Spare filters, bathrobes, deck brush, and a boat safe, the Amel is in reality with what the real life of a sailor is and should be.

Although some may say that Amel still has room for improvement in terms of specifications and personalization, it cannot be denied that the Amel is a serious brand that designs and manufactures complete boats. With this brand, you'll be guaranteed of a higher degree of reliability, safety, and an edge of fun while out there on the water.

5. Hinckley Yachts

Based in Maine, United States, Hinckley Yachts is a brand that has been building robust, luxury, and safe sailboats for more than 90 years now. In its sailboat class, you'll find several sailboats that have classic shapes, inner strength, dramatic lines, and features that are absolutely essential in dealing with the challenges of the North Atlantic.

This brand has been successful in integrating impeccable craftsmanship with new technologies to ensure that their models always stand out while articulating advanced sailing practices, timeless aesthetic, robust construction, and the utmost safety. Whether you choose the Bermuda 50, the Sou'wester 53 or any model for that matter, you'll never be short of advanced performance based on the best design and technology.

In terms of features, this brand provides sailboat models with modern performance hulls. These hulls are constructed with inner layers of carbon, outer layers of Kevlar, and are aligned with computer-designed load paths. Every feature is designed without compromising comfort.

To this end, this brand offers you a perfect combination of both fun and sail. This brand offers more than just sailing. Instead, it offers a unique sailing experience that's combined with the pure joys of sailing in the blue waters with an ease of ownership and maneuverability.

6. Oyster Yachts

If you've been looking for luxury more than anything else, Oyster Yachts provides you with numerous solutions. This British brand is widely known for manufacturing a wide range of luxury cruising sailing yachts. Its sailboats are among the finest in the world and are immensely capable of taking you to some of the far-flung places in the world without having to worry about high winds and hellish waves.

Whether you choose the iconic Oyster 565 or the immense Oyster 595 you never fall short of experiencing the new world like never before. These are models that will enable you to own your adventure, choose your destination, set your courses, pick your anchorage, and stay safe at all times. If you want to hold the wheel and pull the sail while feeling the tang of salt spray on your face, Oyster Yachts is the way to go.

This is, unquestionably, a brand that's meant for you if you want to explore the seas in comfort, luxury and utmost safety. From craftsmanship, sailboat design, to hull, deck, and keel configurations, everything is designed to allow you to circumnavigate the world in comfort, elegance, and style.

7. Tartan Yachts

Based in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, there's arguably no better to begin your sailing adventures than with a sailboat designed and manufactured by Tartan Yachts. With several award-winning designs and construction, this brand is widely known for providing easy handling, great performance, and an ultimately stable platform.

This brand always strives to deliver a unique and the best possible experience to every sailor. As a brand, Tartan fully understands that every sailor has his/her unique sailing needs. As such every component of their models is designed with engineering levels that guarantee optimum performance, excellent on-deck visibility, and luxurious interior.

From the Tartan 5300, the Tartan 4300, the Tartan 345 to the New 365 and the Fantail, this brand makes it a priority to ensure that its models are among the strongest, lightest, and more importantly, the safest in the sailing industry. In essence, this brand can be ideal if you appreciate performance. It has rewarding sailing features both in narrow water lines and wider passages. Add this to its easy handling and you'll have a top-notch performer in virtually every condition.

8. Catalina Yachts

As one of the most popular boat manufacturers in the world, this American brand is widely revered for building the sturdiest boats that can hold up perfectly well in real-world conditions. These are generally family-oriented boats that are intelligently designed to ensure that your entire family can have fun out there on the water.

Some of the models include the cruiser series such as the Catalina 315, the Catalina 385, the Catalina 425 while the sport series include the Catalina 12.5 Expo, the Catalina 16.5, and the Catalina 14.2 Expo. As the current winner of the "Boat of the Year" Cruising World, you'll rarely go wrong with a Catalina model.

It offers a wide range of sailboat sizes that suits your lifestyle. This brand makes it a priority to ensure that all their models are not only safe but offer the best ownership and sailing experience. If anything, this brand is widely known to have one of the most excellent resale values in the sailing industry.

9. Island Packet Yachts

From the IP 525, the IP 439 to the IP 379, the Island Packet Yachts is a brand that encourages its customers not to keep the world waiting. This brand is meant for sailors who want to explore the world in utmost comfort and safety.

The first thing you'll notice in an IP sailboat is its large aft deck. This is not only perfect for sunbathing but can also serve you well if you want an impromptu dinner with friends and family while out there on the water. The living space is also large enough to carry most of your belongings, which is an added advantage especially if you've been planning to spend longer periods in the seas.

With modern evolution and refinement, as well as proven features, this brand is known to offer sailors maximum comfort, luxury, and safety. You'll have better access to the cockpit, have enough space, and are excellently designed to provide superior seafaring and the best features to enable you to spend extended periods when cruising.

10. Sparkman & Stephens

For more than 90 years, Sparkman & Stephens has been at the forefront of the belief that sailboat excellence goes beyond hull lines and deck plans. Instead, this brand believes in excellent naval architecture, innovation, sophistication, and beauty. This is a brand that has laid the foundation of sailboat as a sport not just in America but all over the world.

These models have graced the world for decades and bring immense pleasure to their owners in terms of innovation, performance, and excellence. Though rooted in tradition, the brand has pushed sophistication, technology, and sailing experience to a whole new level. You'll be a proud owner of the Sparkman & Stephens model.

There you have it; these are the best sailboat brands in the world. Although there are several other sailboat brands to choose from, the-above described brands stand shoulder above others in terms of quality, safety, performances and luxury.

Hopefully, you're at a much better place when it comes to choosing a sailboat that suits your lifestyle, needs, and budget .

Happy sailing!

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10 Best Sailboat Brands (And Why)

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  • Wider Yachts Is Debuting a 92-Foot Hybrid Catamaran at the Venice Boat Show—Here’s a First Look

The new WiderCat 92 pairs high-tech hybrid propulsion with an innovative design.

Rachel cormack.

Digital Editor

Rachel Cormack's Most Recent Stories

This new 131-foot superyacht concept brings high architecture to the high seas, isa unveils a trio of sleek new superyachts.

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WiderCat 92

Wider Yachts will unveil its first catamaran in less than a fortnight.

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  • Tesla’s Cybertruck Inspired This New Solar-Powered Trailer
  • McLaren Just Unveiled the World’s Most Powerful Street-Legal E-Bikes

WiderCat 92

With a beam just shy of 40 feet, the cat offers a generous amount of space onboard. The first hull is equipped with one giant owner’s suite, two generous VIP cabins, and one twin, but owners can also opt for a five-cabin layout. This particular owner’s suite covers almost half of the main deck and opens onto a private foredeck lounge. The main deck is also home to a well-equipped galley and a customizable aft cockpit, while the upper deck sports an additional forward cockpit, a sky lounge, and the helm. At the stern, the tender garage can transform into a spacious aft beach club with fold-down bulwarks that increase the amount of waterside space. Wider is widely considered to have started the trend of fold-out platforms for yachts.

Maggi says eight other hulls are under construction at the yard in Fano. Following the unveiling of the first hull in Venice, Wider will release a four-episode web series detailing the evolution of the pioneering multihull. The WiderCat 92’s worldwide debut is scheduled for the Cannes Yachting Festival this September.

Rachel Cormack is a digital editor at Robb Report. She cut her teeth writing for HuffPost, Concrete Playground, and several other online publications in Australia, before moving to New York at the…

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  • Wider Yachts

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47m Perini Navi sailing catamaran Art Explorer

The Italian Sea Group grows revenue by 12.1% in Q1 2024

The Italian Sea Group (TISG) is reporting a strong first quarter, with collective revenues across all of its yacht brands amounting to €95.6 million for the three-month period ending 31 March, 2024. 

The figure represents a 12.1 per cent increase over the results from Q1 2023, which saw €85.2 million in revenue.

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From our partners

invictus gt370

Invictus Yachts to show at Sanctuary Cove for the first time

The italian brand will have three models on display at the 2024 sanctuary cove international boat show.

Italian boutique dayboat specialist Invictus plans to make a splash at the 2024 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show with a three-model line-up marking the brand’s Gold Coast show circuit debut.

Sundance Marine will have the Invictus TT280, Invictus TT420 and Invictus GT370 on display during the four-day show which kicks off on May 26.

Sundance also has an Invictus TT420 based in Sydney.

The Invictus TT range comprises five models ranging from the 8.9-metre open Invictus TT280 – a perfect platform to serve as a tender for a larger motor yacht – to the range-topping 14.3-metre Invictus TT460 featuring a sedan-styled hardtop and twin Volvo Penta IPS pod drives.

invictus tt280

The Invictus TT280, sporting a visually stunning half-reversed bow, large integrated fenders and a framing stainless steel rail above the gunnels, is more than just a tender, though. Its console offers a head, shower and dressing room, and the TT280 has walkaround decks, and a large aft sun pad for relaxing on the water.

However, the bow lounge can expand to create an even larger sun pad that integrates with the jump seat at the front of the console.

Power comes from a 350hp inboard engine attached to a sterndrive.

invictus tt420

The 12.3-metre Invictus TT420 hard-topped sedan is a dayboat that can extend into nights out on the water. It features a main deck with a three-seat helm station, galley station, dinette seating and aft and forward sun lounges. 

Below decks, a dinette in the bow folds together to create a double bed sleeping space, while aft is another pair of single beds. In between is a full bathroom. 

The Invictus TT420 comes as either an inboard-engined sterndrive or as the Invictus TT420S fitted with outboard engines.

invictus gt370

The 11.4-metre Invictus GT370 is the flagship model in Invictus’s open-topped GT range – although you can option it with a T-top that covers the helm and part of the aft dinette.

Similar to the TT420 it has berths below decks, with the option to have a lounge or berth built into the bow.

The GT370 leans more toward day boating, though, featuring a large forward sunpad and a large aft lounge and dinette space that converts to a sun lounge looking over the swim deck.

It is powered via an inboard engine fitted with a sterndrive.

The 2024 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show runs from May 23-26.

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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Kiss on Romantic Boat Ride in Italy

Michael Owens/Getty Images

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Kiss, Pose for Photos on Romantic Boat Ride in Italy

Jelly Roll Weight Loss

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce continued to enjoy the perks of the Europe leg of her Eras tour, as the couple ​took a romantic getaway to Lake Como, Italy, where they were photographed kissing during a boat ride .

The duo headed out on the lake on Wednesday, May 15, with just a driver, who snapped pictures of the pair while they kissed and cuddled at the back of the boat. Taylor, 34, and Travis, 34, looked directly at the skipper as he took a photo of them leaning into one another. The “Fortnight” singer was also seen taking snapshots of her boyfriend with a camera.

The couple appeared to want to look their best in the photographs, as they each dressed up for the excursion. Travis wore a smart ​black-and-white checkered sweater with black trousers. Taylor opted for a sleeveless black knee-length dress with a full skirt. She added a chic flowing tan trench coat with a wide lapel for when some drizzle moved in.

Taylor Swift Transformation

Once back at the dock, Taylor and Travis held hands as they left the boat.

The pair arrived in Lake Como on Monday, May 13, following Taylor’s final Paris, France, Eras tour concert the night prior, which Travis attended .

They were initially photographed going on a romantic stroll in town. Later, more pictures emerged of the lovebirds having a private candlelight dinner for two outside the $21,000 per night Villa Sola Cabiati, which the pair rented for their three-day stay.

Travis and Taylor were able to enjoy themselves with plenty of space, as the villa included six separate suites, a private pool and gorgeous manicured gardens, along with the services of a butler and a private chef.

Shake It Off! Taylor Swift Is a Natural Beauty: See Photos of the Singer With No Makeup

The Kansas City Chiefs star joined Taylor’s BFF Gigi Hadid and the model’s boyfriend Bradley Cooper for her Sunday, May 12, show at Paris’ La Défense Arena on the last night of her four sold-out shows in the City of Light, which kicked off the Europe leg of her Eras tour.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Kiss on Boat Ride in Italy

Taylor’s next concert wasn’t until Friday, May 17, when she began a three-night sold-out run in Stockholm, Sweden. The couple clearly made the most of her four-day down time in Europe with their Italian getaway.

Deal of the Day Blue Bathing suit 4-7-24

Deal of the Day

Travis revealed he was still in Europe during his Wednesday, May 15, “New Heights” podcast with brother Jason Kelce . When NFL commissioner Roger Goodell popped by to say hello to the brothers he noted, “Looks like Travis is having a rough day, huh?” while Travis replied, “I’m living the dream, man.”


The three-time Super Bowl champ hinted he would be at more of Taylor’s European tour stops, revealing, “I’m gonna be dancing around, yeah, I’m all over the world this offseason .”

Travis added, “It’s like the yin to my yang, you know. Football, it keeps me locked in to Kansas City during the season and, you know, I just gotta fly around and have some fun in the offseason.”

  • Celebrity Couples
  • Taylor Swift
  • Travis Kelce

Summer House's Carl Radke Discusses Returning to Loverboy After Lindsay Hubbard Split


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  6. 10 Best Italian Yacht Brands

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  1. The Top 13 Italian Luxury Yacht Brands

    BENETTI. "Iryna" Benetti Yachts. We cannot start our list without first talking about Benetti, the oldest producer of Italian Luxury Yachts in the world. Founded in the year 1873 by Lorenzo Benetti, the company first started building wooden boats for maritime trade.

  2. The 13 Best Italian Yacht Brands

    3. Perini Navi. S/Y Zenji by Perini Navi. Perini Navi was founded in 1983 in Viareggio by Fabio Perini, who launched a prototype sailing yacht with plenty of living space that could be sailed with a small crew. These layouts aligned Perini Navia among the best Italian yacht brands.

  3. Italian yacht builders: the top 8 brands

    Riva. Riva Motorboats' historic yacht-building company is one of the most well-known of all "Made in Italy" nautical endeavors.. The brand's origins can be traced back to 1852 in Sarnico, on the shores of Lake Iseo, where Pietro Riva has since become a legend of the Italian nautical scene.. Originally, the shipyard dealt with the restoration and building of local working boats (batel ...

  4. Benetti Yachts

    Benetti means quality, luxury and Italian excellence since 1873. It's a Benetti when you look at yachts that are as unique as they are. Menu. Yachts. Contacts. Class. Motopanfilo 37M . Class 44M . Oasis. Oasis 34M . ... A brand new philosopy Discover more [ HYBRID YACHTS & SUSTAINABILITY ]

  5. 10 Best Italian Yacht Brands

    In case you've been wondering which Italian sailing yachts brands to invest in, Benetti should be in your top 5. 2. Azimut. Among the best Italian yacht brands we have to count Azimut in our top 5 list. The business was founded by Paolo Vitelli in 1969. The first yacht that defined the history of the brand was the AZ 43' Bali one and it ...

  6. Luxury italian Sail Yachts

    Discover the range of sailing yachts designed and producted by Vismara, the luxury brand of italian yachts. it en . About Us. AT THE BASE OF EACH PROJECT ... Vismara + Class Yacht V54.02 Open Racer/Cruiser. 2003. Brighella. Vismara V50 Fast Cruiser. 2003.

  7. Azimut yachts, superyachts and luxury boats

    The first yachting event exclusively dedicated to premium dayboats. Our newsletter will provide you with the latest news, on boat launches, previews and shows. Azimut means luxury, technological knowledge, performance and italian excellence since 1969. Explore the range of yachts on the Azimut Yacht website.

  8. Cranchi Yachts

    Sale of power boats and luxury yachts | New and pre-owned boats: ... Italian flybrdge yacht at its best. Cranchi Sessantasette 67: exclusive yacht review by The Boat Show. A46 Luxury Tender: real world test by Dan Jones ... the Settantotto is the perfect boat to celebrate 150 years of Cranchi Yachts.

  9. Absolute Yachts, the Italian company specializing in building luxury

    Absolute Yachts, specializing in building luxury yachts from 47 up to 73 feet, in the Navetta, Flybridge, and Coupé ranges. ... Navetta 64 - the Absolute Pathfinder - sailing a course towards the future . 27 Jun 2023. ... Absolute Yachts, the Italian company specializing in building luxury yachts from 47 up to 75 feet, in the Navetta ...

  10. Riva: the legend of contemporary yachting

    The world's most famous shipyard, the legend of contemporary yachting and the recognised icon of fine Italian yachting artistry: the Riva story is all about the unique, inimitable savoir-faire, making history since 1842. Riva is the oldest and most iconic shipyard in the world, incredibly well known for its tradition and innovation and a key ...

  11. Home

    The Italian Sea Group, a leading yachting industry company, constructing luxury yachts and ships worldwide since 1575. ... Since 1575 The Italian Sea Group has launched 1265 yachts. The Group expanded its portfolio in 2023 with the inclusion of CELI while in 2021 PERINI NAVI and PICCHIOTTI joined the already existing brands ADMIRAL, TECNOMAR ...

  12. Mangusta Yachts

    Every journey starts with a dream, but the Mangusta experience goes beyond pure desire: we are not simply yacht builders, we are dream shapers. ... ITALIAN SHIPYARD, ITALIAN OWNER, ITALIAN CAPTAIN. El Leon, a 54 m GranSport yacht - the largest ever built by Overmarine Group - was the first Mangusta to cross the Atlantic Ocean and cruise ...

  13. A new Journey with my Riva

    Yachts. In a variety of different lengths and models with a shared spirit of performance, safety and exclusive style, the Riva range expresses the soul of this legendary brand to sublime effect. The boats are available in open, sportfly and flybridge styles from 8 to 54 metres in length. SPORTFLY. OPEN. FLYBRIDGE.

  14. Giovanni Costantino

    Sailing yachts, the iconic Perini Navi and Picchiotti brands. The story continues and in February 2022 Giovanni Costantino acquires Perini Navi, world leader in the design and construction of iconic large sailing yachts. And Picchiotti Yacht, another historic Italian yachting brand, which has its roots in the Medici Florence of 1575.

  15. Benetti Yachts for Sale

    Benetti is responsible for several groundbreaking and award-winning yachts. 107.6M/353′ LUMINOSITY is a multiple award winner and the largest hybrid yacht in the world. 108M/354′ IJE is the longest gigayacht built by Benetti so far, featuring a fluid silhouette and purposeful stature.107M LANA was named Yacht of the Year by World Yacht Trophies. 70M/229′08″ ALFA is modern, elegant and ...

  16. Ice 60 review: The chic Italian yacht that offers more than just style

    Ice is a relatively new brand, but one that uses a tried and tested designer and shipyard. Its boats are drawn by Umberto Felci and built at the former CN Yacht 2000, a 30-year-old yard near Milan ...

  17. Italy

    A list of boat manufacturers and yacht builders in Italy. Manufacturing of sailboats, powerboats, canoes and inflatables. Shipyards for boats of all sizes and types. ... (sailing yachts/cabin boats, luxury sailing yachts (> 20 m), custom built sailboats) built since 1974 » Cantiere del Pardo boats for sale » Cantiere del Pardo new boats ...

  18. Top 100 Yacht Builders

    The Netherlands and Germany top the yachting industry for delivering yachts over 50m with large volume and a high value. German builders Lürssen, Abeking & Rasmussen and Nobiskrug deliver full-custom yacht projects, while Dutch builders like Amels/Damen Yachting, Heesen and Moonen build high-end semi-custom yachts based on model platforms.

  19. Italian Luxury Custom Yachts

    Italian Luxury Custom Yacht. ILC Yachts has been designing and building fully TAILOR MADE commissioned luxury yachts for many years. We design and produce aluminium yachts, with exclusive customisation from the hull to the interior fittings. ILC Yachts is not just a brand: it is a true philosophy of life at sea. ABOUT US.

  20. The Italian brands every superyacht owner needs

    Designed by Ghia, the doorless Jolly's canvas top and wicker seats make it the cutest car in the marina. Good models can command £60,000. By Simon de Burton. Maserati Levante, from £54,000,; Ferrari California T, from £153,345,; Abarth 595C Competizione, from £19,890,

  21. IY 43

    To inaugurate the series Italia Yachts focused on brand characterization: IY 43 veloce follows the same philosophy as the sailboats characterized by extreme recognizability in its classic and extremely modern and elegant lines. The design was born based on the shipyard's extensive experience in the sailing world.

  22. 10 Best Sailboat Brands (And Why)

    1. Hallberg-Rassy. Hallberg-Rassy is a Swedish yacht maker that's very well-known in the blue water cruising circles for making some of the highest quality and sturdiest sailboats. For many sailors, this is the number one sailboat brand as it offers absolute comfort, utmost safety, and good and easy handling.

  23. Future of Luxury Yachting: The 25 Best Yacht Brands

    2019 Sunseeker motor yacht, 131′ (40.2 m), (US$22,650,789). View the listing. One of the largest UK yacht builders, Sunseeker mainly manufactures its vessels in Poole, Dorset. Four superyacht models (ranging from 116-161 ft.) secure Sunseeker's place in the niche of large and extravagant vessels.

  24. Wider Yachts Will Unveil Its First Catamaran at the Venice Boat Show

    The Italian yard, which has built only monohulls for the past 14 years, will preview the inaugural WiderCat 92 at the Venice Boat Show from May 29 to June 2. The reveal marks a significant ...

  25. The Italian Sea Group grows revenue by 12.1% in Q1 2024

    The Italian Sea Group (TISG) is reporting a strong first quarter, with collective revenues across all of its yacht brands amounting to €95.6 million for the three-month period ending 31 March, 2024.. The figure represents a 12.1 per cent increase over the results from Q1 2023, which saw €85.2 million in revenue.

  26. Invictus Yachts to show at Sanctuary Cove for the first time

    Italian boutique dayboat specialist Invictus plans to make a splash at the 2024 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show with a three-model line-up marking the brand's Gold Coast show circuit debut. Sundance Marine will have the Invictus TT280, Invictus TT420 and Invictus GT370 on display during the four-day show which kicks off on May 26.

  27. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Kiss on Boat Ride in Italy

    Once back at the dock, Taylor and Travis held hands as they left the boat. The pair arrived in Lake Como on Monday, May 13, following Taylor's final Paris, France, Eras tour concert the night ...