1. 50th anniversary boat: launch of "BARCOLANA 50" on 25th July 2018

    50th anniversary boat: launch of "BARCOLANA 50" on 25th July 2018 thanks to SIAD. ... Barcolana and its Official Sponsor SIAD have masterminded a unique project. Their goals are not only to rediscover and combine the shipwrights' traditions with innovative and sustainable solutions, and to unify generations, but also to enhance the role ...

  2. Barcolana 50: A race to remember

    Nearly 50 years later, that small event has been transformed into one of the largest and most popular sailing contests in the world. Over 200,000 people gathered at le rive, the city's seafront as over 2,689 boats took part in the Barcolana 50 regatta.

  3. Barcolana50

    Let's live again the emotions of the 50th edition of the world's biggest regatta, the Barcolana, and of Spirit of PortoPiccolo's victory. #Barcolana #Barcola...

  4. The 50th edition of Barcolana: the largest regatta in the world

    Barcolana 50 will run from Friday 5 to Sunday 14 October 2018: ten exciting days on land and at sea with over 350 events across sailing, water sports, culture, art, social and educational workshops on the theme of the sea. Continuing the tradition of always racing on the second Sunday of October, the 2018 edition will be held 14 October.


    BARCOLANA 50 - WINNER SPIRIT OF PORTOPICCOLOAt the BARCOLANA Sailboat Race, located in Trieste (Italy), this year 50th Edition - record with 2700 participant...

  6. Barcolana, the greatest sailing race in the world

    In 2018, the Amerigo Vespucci, the Marino Militare's (Italian Navy) historic 1931 sailboat and training boat was on the scene. An incredible sight, Amerigo Vespucci measures overall length of 101 m, with three steel masts at 50, 54 and 43 meters in height and 26 sails. Whether competing or watching, the Barcolana is an awe-inspiring event.

  7. No Wind. No Problem. The Sailing Race Must Go On

    Last year, the 50th anniversary of the Barcolana, as the race is called, included 2,689 boats with 16,000 sailors, making it the largest regatta in the world by some counts. Mr. Mr. Faraguna and ...

  8. Barcolana

    The Barcolana Classic Regatta is the centerpiece of the larger Barcolana sailing event. Known for its iconic mass start and competitive spirit, the Classic Regatta is one of the world's largest and most celebrated sailing races. The record for most boats ever to start a race, when 2,689 boats made it to the start line, occurred at Barcolana.

  9. Thousands gather in Italy to celebrate the Barcolana Regatta

    POGGIOLI: Started in 1969 by the local sailing club with some 50 boats, more than 1,600 are registered this year. At dawn, sailors are preparing for the big event in the wide Gulf of Trieste, a ...

  10. Italy, The Barcolana 50, the world's highest number of participating

    Italy, The Barcolana 50, the world's highest number of participating sailboats. In the Gulf of Trieste, Brothers Furio and Gabriele Benussi were the fastest aboard their Spirit of Portopiccolo ...

  11. History

    The history of the Barcolana is one of a kind. It began 51 years ago, as a simple, end-of-season regatta. The first competition was held in 1969 when 51 sailboats lined up at the start line, which was an impressive number of participants for the time, considering the number of sailboats that were present in the Gulf of Trieste.

  12. Barcolana: Spectacular day of racing with para sailing and next

    Studio Borlenghi provided this gallery of images Studio Borlenghi provided this gallery of images from 50th Barcolana Trieste, Italy. Posted on 15 Oct 2018 The 50th edition of Barcolana The largest regatta in the world It all started 50 years ago, when 51 sailing boats lined up on the startline in light winds for the first edition of Barcolana.

  13. Barcolana 50

    Stunningly huge yachts and sailboats steered by sailing enthusiasts will compete in the Regatta to mark this special edition of Barcolana 50. Follow this year's competition of Barcolana 50: the international regatta that has won the Guinness World Record for the greatest sailing race. Advertisement Related Shows.

  14. Barcolana

    The Barcolana (Slovene: Barkovljanka) is a historic international sailing regatta organized by the Sailing Club of Barcola and Grignano (Società Velica di Barcola e Grignano).It takes place every year in the Gulf of Trieste on the second Sunday of October. The Barcolana is one of the most crowded regattas in the world. The Barcolana became the Guinness World Record holder in February 2019 ...

  15. Barcolana 2021, the biggest sailing race in the world

    Every second Sunday in October the Gulf of Trieste celebrates the most attended nautical event in the world, with over two thousand boats and 30 thousand people at sea. A sailing regatta that in the 50th-anniversary edition (in 2018) entered the Guinness Book of Records as "Largest Sailing Race" with 2,689 boats registered. Its special feature is that it welcomes both expert sailors and ...

  16. Barcolana 2022

    For the first time in the now 54-year history of the Barcolana, a woman won the superlative regatta on October 9, 2022. Wendy Schmidt on DEEP BLUE left all competitors almost powerless behind and cut the finish line in a breathless 57 minutes and 47 seconds. What a performance in up to 28 knots of bora that left many a sail blowing in sheer shreds.

  17. Autumn Cup

    Autumn Cup. Dedicated to all lovers of the sea and sailing and those who do not want to miss out on a one-of-a-kind experience, the Barcolana takes place every year on the second Sunday of October in Trieste. The international sailing regatta, celebrating its 56th anniversary this year, combines a competitive race with a popular sailing spirit ...

  18. Bring on the Barcolana: MSC Sailing Team Ready for World's Largest Regatta

    The Barcolana is a major event in the international sailing calendar: last year, 614 boats and 1614 sailors took part. A one-of-a-kind racing experience. Attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators, the Barcolana Regatta turns Trieste into the European capital of sailing. This year's event started on Friday 29 September, finishing with the ...

  19. The largest regatta in the world: Barcolana

    Collateral events. From September 30th to October 8th, 2023 is the "Barcolana week", the sailing regatta that has been in the Guinness World Records since 2018 as the largest regatta in the world: 2689 boats registered. Now Barcolana reached its 55th edition and it is an event known all over the world and the biggest event for the city of ...

  20. Solaris Yachts and Barcolana join hands for the first Barcolana Solaris

    The festivities culminate on Saturday, October 12, with the awards ceremony and grand celebrations honoring the shipyard's 50th anniversary, Barcolana-style. Following their dedicated races, the Barcolana Solaris Adriatic Cup boats will head to the Rive di Trieste to partake in the Barcolana56 presented by Generali on Sunday, October 13.

  21. The Barcolana kicks off in Trieste: Ten days of events on land and at sea

    The monotypes of the Barcolana By Night Snam Cup, the boats of the Barcolana Classic by SIAD and, for the second time, the monotypes of the One Design regatta will compete on the day prior to the Barcolana, Saturday 8 October. ... The largest regatta in the world It all started 50 years ago, when 51 sailing boats lined up on the startline in ...

  22. Barcolana 56

    For those registered for the Barcolana this year there is a super raffle: the luckiest among the boat owners taking part in the Coppa d'autunno will win a LEXUS UX250 Hybrid 2WD! The competition is open to all boat owners who are natural persons or to the managers of the boat, if the owner is a legal person, regularly registered for the fifty ...

  23. Trieste's 55th Barcolana Regatta: Sails Up!

    Details of the various events on offer for the 55th Barcolana, which runs from 29 September to the main race on Sunday October 8th at 10 AM, are provided on Barcolana's website. There will be stalls along the seafront and events all over the city, as this unique boat race is a celebration of the spirit of Trieste and its connection with the sea.

  24. At least 50 people feared drowned after boat from Senegal sinks off

    At least 50 people are feared to have drowned after a boat sailing the perilous Atlantic route from west Africa to Europe began to sink 60 miles south of the Canary island of El Hierro.