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Pure Florida Beeswax 1-oz Bar

100% pure organic

Sailmaker's Leather by the Square Foot

Sailmaker's Leather

5.5oz Pearl Gray

From $11.25

Oil-Tanned Leather (NVS) - Marine Leather Hides

Oil-Tanned Marine Leather (NVS)

5.5 oz. Sunrise

$16.95 From $14.95

Oil-tanned Marine Leather - British Tan from M&B SHIPCANVAS

Oil-Tanned Marine Leather (NVC)

5.5 oz. British Tan

From $16.95

Waxed Sail Twine - Available in 7 Colors

Waxed Sail Twine / Sewing & Whipping Thread

1/4 lb. bulk spool

Black Seizing Twine #15

#15 Black Seizing Twine

for whipping, seizing & lashing!...

1/8" New England Vintage Rope

1/8" New England Vintage 3-Strand Rope

DIY lanyards, ropework, etc...

Sail Needle

Sail Needle


Captain Currey 2-Piece Rigging Knife Marlin Spike Kit - SHIPCANVAS.COM

2-Piece Rigging Knife & Marlinspike Kit with Leather Sheath

Made in England.

$48.88 $43.88

Quartermaster Monkey Fist Knot by SHIPCANVAS

"Quartermaster" Monkey Fist Knot

old school swagger...

Marine Upholstery Leather at SHIPCANVAS.COM

U.K. Marine Upholstery Leather

2.5 oz full hide 45+ sq ft

Canvas Water Bucket

Canvas Water / Tool Bucket

available in 2 sizes

From $19.00

48" Baggywrinkle Kit

DIY Baggywrinkle Kit

complete set with instructions

From $89.00

Rum Runner Seabag

Rum Runner Seabag

leather bottom + shoulder pad

$329.00 From $277.00

Windjammer Seabag by Morris & Barth - M&B SHIPCANVAS CO.

Windjammer Seabag

boat show favorite

$529.00 From $397.00


550 Paracord

available in 8 colors

Marine Leather at SHIPCANVAS

QUESTION: I have a portable sewing machine that I mostly use for sail repairs and canvas. Can your leathers be sewn by machine? Any tips?

All of our leathers (except the 10-12 oz Latigo Marine Leather) can be sewn with most any machine that does canvas (i.e. walking foot type). For maximum durability, we recommend using a larger diameter, polyester thread (V-92, V-138) for most sail work & leather projects. Here at the shop, we use a size 22 needle paired with V-138 thread (to reduce heat, and prevent needle deflection while going through heavier assemblies). In case you happen to be using a portable Sailrite machine (or Thompson Mini, Barracuda, REX, etc), we’ve discovered these machines are quite compatible with V-138 thread (even though the specs call for V-92 maximum). The only difference is the bobbin thread gets used up more quickly. :-)

QUESTION: I'm planning to make a couple of leather handrail grips for my dodger frame. Is it true that I should pre-soak the leather in water, so that when I stitch it closed and it dries it wraps around the SS tubing tighter?  Do I need to install anything underneath to keep it from slipping around?

For projects like this we actually prefer to work with dry leather, cutting it slightly ‘short’ on the edges so that we're firmly tensioning and stretching the leather into place as we stitch.  Dry leather facilitates a cleaner, more consistent “butted edge” with fewer scallops and irregularities in the finished project.  Prior to installation, a thin layered wrap of electricians friction tape can be applied to the tubing to prevent the leather from shifting or sliding during use.

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Yarwood Leather

For a life on the seas, Yarwood’s leather and faux leather options are treated to IMO Part 8 fire regulation as standard.

A variety of finishes, thickness and weights give you plenty of leather options to create seating or headboards whether you’re designing seating, wall panelling or headboards for a cruise liner or a personal yacht.

Yarwood Leather , Faux Leathers and Fabrics are suitable for use throughout cruise liner designs, public space seating as well as dining and bar areas. As on land, these finishes bring interesting tones and textures and create a home away from home feel.

Our Projects Enjoy sailing on the seas, the river or even the lake? Wherever you like to dock, Yarwood can provide leather, faux leathers and fabrics to elegantly adorn your interiors. We can work with any vessel, from luxury yachts and cruise liners to riverboats and jet ski seating.

big yacht leather

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Featured colours.

big yacht leather

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Marine sea green.

big yacht leather

marine Fire

big yacht leather

marine Powder Blue

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Yarwood Leather are fully operational to process your orders and sample requests.

We have a limited amount of staff on-site, with other members of our team working remotely, but all very happy to help with any enquiries.

You can contact our team on +44 113 252 1014 or email us at [email protected] or use our Get In Touch form.

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A belt for every Outfit

B/y collection.

Black Glossy Alligator Belt

Black Glossy Alligator Belt

Black Matte Alligator Belt

Black Matte Alligator Belt

Black Calf Skin Belt

Black Calf Skin Belt

Black Pebble Grain Belt

Black Pebble Grain Belt

Black Suede Belt

Black Suede Belt

Brown Glossy Alligator Belt

Brown Glossy Alligator Belt

Brown Matte Alligator Belt

Brown Matte Alligator Belt

Brown Calf Skin Belt

Brown Calf Skin Belt

Brown Pebble Grain Belt

Brown Pebble Grain Belt

Brown Suede Belt

Brown Suede Belt

Cognac Glossy Alligator Belt

Cognac Glossy Alligator Belt

Cognac Calf Skin Belt

Cognac Calf Skin Belt

Beige Glossy Alligator Belt

Beige Glossy Alligator Belt

White Pebble Grain Belt

White Pebble Grain Belt

Dark Olive Green Glossy Alligator Belt

Dark Olive Green Glossy Alligator Belt

Navy Glossy Alligator Belt

Navy Glossy Alligator Belt

Light Blue Glossy Alligator Belt

Light Blue Glossy Alligator Belt

Teal Glossy Alligator Belt

Teal Glossy Alligator Belt

Lime Green Glossy Alligator Belt

Lime Green Glossy Alligator Belt

Orange Matte Alligator Belt

Orange Matte Alligator Belt

Yellow Glossy Alligator Belt

Yellow Glossy Alligator Belt

Fuchsia Glossy Alligator Belt

Fuchsia Glossy Alligator Belt

Denim Blue Glossy Alligator Belt

Denim Blue Glossy Alligator Belt

big yacht leather

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Silver Buckle- Round

Silver Buckle- Round

Silver Buckle- Square

Silver Buckle- Square

Gold Buckle- Round

Gold Buckle- Round

Gold Buckle- Square

Gold Buckle- Square

Light Gold Buckle- Round

Light Gold Buckle- Round

Light Gold Buckle- Square

Light Gold Buckle- Square

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  • Grommet Style Poly Wrap Fender Adjuster
  • Cam Cleat Style Poly Wrap Fender Adjuster
  • Grommet Style Fender Hook – Custom Made
  • Cam Style Fender Hook – Custom Made
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Leather Products for the Marine Environment

For years, riggers have protected sails and lines with leather. We continue that tradition with leather marine products that have been tested by thousands of sailors from around the world.

We are a small company run by experienced boaters. We design our products to fit properly, function well and withstand the harsh marine environment.

Our products are 100 percent guaranteed! And we offer fast worldwide service and delivery.

BOATLEATHER ® 3050 38th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98199 USA Phone: 206-284-9110

[email protected]

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Boat Leather Boat Show Booth

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Product demo videos, instructional videos, testimonials, photo slide shows, pre-sewn, hand stitched, velcro, foam or no foam, care and cleaning, product measuring guide and price sheet, instructional installation sheets.

Yachting Monthly

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Yachting Monthly cover

Best sailing boots for offshore and coastal sailing

  • Sue Pelling
  • November 8, 2023

If you go anywhere near water you'll need something to keep trench-foot at bay. Sue Pelling and Fox Morgan select some of their best sailing boots to keep your feet dry and warm.

big yacht leather

The more you look into the subject of purchasing the the best sailing boots – whether for offshore sailing or coastal cruising , the more complex it appears to become, particularly with so many options on the market at hugely varying price tags.

To simplify the matter, remember that regardless of what type of use they’ll have – offshore or lighter coastal cruising – essentially there are three important points to consider: safety (good grip and flexibility), comfort, and how waterproof they are likely to be. There are, of course, other considerations, such as budget, overall appearance, weight/bulkiness, and internal quick drying qualities because inevitably they will get wet at some point but consider the finer detail once you’ve ticked off the important factors.

While many brands of sailing boots are gender neutral, more and more companies are now recognising the demand for gender specific boots, and/or wider fit options. Although there is a good selection of stylish nubuck leather boots on the market, don’t rule out some of the more traditional rubber boots, which have extreme waterproof qualities, and generally lower budget.

Best sailing boots

Musto ocean racer sailing boots.

Specifications: Shell Fabric: Mesh, Rubber, Non-Woven;Lining: GORE-TEX®, sizes UK 4 to 10, USA 4.5 – 10.5

Reasons to buy • warm inner boot • Super grippy • drawstring gator to stop your pants getting snagged or back wash

Reasons to avoid • top end of the price scale for boots • May be a little too bulky for everyday casual use

Ok, the thing is, I absolutely love these boots. I bought my own pair of these a couple years ago and they have been pretty much the best thing to put on my leg ends through summer and winter.  They aren’t totally without mild cursing when I’m trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey and trying to get my salopette pant leg tucked into these gators has had me swearing and sweating a bit during summer months when the weather is foul but the temperature not too cold. The soles are grippy as heck, I feel absolute confidence in these as I’ve run about up on the foredeck trying to sort out a jammed third reef in some particularly sporty conditions coming back across the English channel this past summer. The ankle support is good but allows good articulation without chafe. The highly adjustable inner boot means even my skinny chicken legs can get a snug fit and for thos with my ample calves, you’ll get a good fit too. Beware though, that the outer gator doesn’t have quite so much luxury of adjustability. So if you do have totally hench calf muscles, you might swear more than me pulling those gators back up. With the minor quibbles aside, these have got to be the most comfortable sailing boots I’ve had in many a year. I like the little touches too to make them more useable, which includes the small rubber heal spur to allow one foot to grip the other when pulling these boots off. for more images of my own boots and how they have faired after some serious dunking you’ll do worse than to head over to my review of them- Musto Ocean Racer Sailing Boots reviewed . I get particularly excited when a manufacturer produces a decent spec boot avaliable in sizes that fit us folks with little (or littleish) feet. Yes, they’re pricey. and yes they’re technical, but they are also excellent. Thankyou Musto for making a proper gnarly sailing boot that women can wear as well as men.


Best for serious racers

Reasons to buy • Technical • Super grip • Flexible

Reasons to avoid • Fairly pricey

If you are a serious racer, then the Gore-Tex Race Boot, which has been engineered by Musto, using premium, full grain leather and ballistic nylon in the upper, is definitely an option to consider. Yes, it appears pricy, but as with all Musto technical clothing, you can be sure you are getting the ultimate piece of kit to cover all offshore/cruising disciplines.

Although we have yet to put these boots to the test, Musto say the Gore-Tex footwear membrane provides complete waterproof protection and continuous climate control. The boot is also lightweight, shock-absorbing, and has Grip Deck rubber and a Grip Flex tread to ensure exceptional, multi-directional traction on deck.

Note: We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site, at no extra cost to you. This doesn’t affect our editorial independence.

Chatham solor g2 leather sailing boot.

Best for style

Reasons to buy • Comfortable • Stylish • Full leather • 2-year guarantee

Reasons to avoid • Comes up small so need to go up a size

Chatham is renowned for its stylish yet functional footwear, and its newest addition to its best selling G2 collection, is no exception. The Solor G2 is manufactured using waterproof premium leather in rich walnut and, for comfort, has sole spring poron performance cushioning, which Chatham says is anti-bacterial and offers maximum comfort and shock absorption.

Other special features include pull tabs on either side, a breathable, eco-friendly Sympatex lining, and a white rubber, non-marking sole. Also, for peace of mind, the Solor benefits from Chatham’s unique 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

big yacht leather

GUL Fastnet Cordura Leather Boot

Best value-for-money leather boot

Reasons to buy • Removable footbed • Self wicking membrane • Stylish • Good value • Drying hook

Reasons to avoid • Sizing comes up slightly small/narrow

This classic-looking boot crafted using a combination of premium leather upper with navy Cordura breathable mesh panels, also features Aquatherm waterproof membrane technology to keep feet dry and warm while wicking away perspiration.

The Fastnet boot not only looks good on and off the water, but also offers exceptionally-good value for money for a boot of this quality and purpose. It has a non-marking, good grip rubber sole, and features a pull tab at the back with a corrosive-resistant eyelet. This eyelet is handy for hanging up when drying.

Le Chameau Pontus Femme

Best for women

Reasons to buy • All day comfort • Eco friendly • Stylish

Reasons to avoid • Budget top end

Designed specifically for women, and created for the most extreme sailing conditions, the Le Chameau Pontus Femme boot – named after Pontus, the Greek personification of the sea, is a luxury product crafted using premium 100% saltwater resistant leather.

To uphold the company’s eco-friendly ethics, this exceptionally stylish boot uses Sympatex – an eco-friendly fabric technology – in its lining, with a four-layer membrane and outer constructed from recycled plastics taken from the ocean. This breathable membrane is moisture-wicking and quick drying and, together with the sculpted footbed, helps provide the ultimate comfort even after a long day on the water.

big yacht leather


Reasons to buy • Good grip • totally waterproof rubber boot • Drawstring, gusset top

Reasons to avoid • Not thermal so not ideal for winter use unless you have very good socks. 

The Gill Tall Yachting Boot is a 100% natural rubber calf high boot with the ultimate levels of support and comfort. This boot is ideal for on deck use, with a quick-drying polyester lining and non-slip razor cut soles for extra grip on wet and dry surfaces.

The padded tie top and reinforced heel, instep and toe provide additional comfort and the padding helps to avoid chafe too. They come with a removable thin cushioned inner soles which can give  a little bit of arch support. They’re ubiquitous in the boating world and they and others that are made to look like them can be seen the world over.

Most suitable to use for inshore or light coastal use, they’re also ideal for washing down the decks or other wet jobs outside around the boat.

Crewsaver Long Boots Sailing 07

Best for grip

Reasons to buy

• Good grip • Wide fit design • Drawstring, gusset top

Reasons to avoid • Broad design for those with narrow feet

There’s a lot to be said for choosing a pair of boots from a company that’s passionate about living up to its name as far as design of safety marine products goes. As well as serving the leisure marine sector with quality safety gear for many years, Crewsaver specialises in advanced, marine survival products for commercial markets.

Not surprising then, the Crewsaver Long Boots Sailing 07 could be just the thing for really keeping your feet dry. They are essentially rubber wellies designed to keep you safe and dry. Thanks to a drawstring and gusset at the top, water ingress is kept to the minimum, and the specially constructed inner ensures feet are kept as warm and comfortable as possible. Finally it goes without saying as far as safety goes, the razor-cut sole offers very good grip on deck.

Helly Hansen Women’s Nordvik 2 Rubber Boots

Best for cruising

Reasons to buy • Lightweight • Women specific • Value for money

Reasons to avoid • Lack of comfort for long-term deck use

A classic-looking nautical yellow welly that is ideal for coastal sailing/ less harsh conditions. Not that it wouldn’t stand up to extreme conditions, but for long periods on deck in the wet, this short, lightweight, rubber boot from Helly Hansen may not be quite so comfortable as other technical boots on the market.

The Women’s Nordvik 2 does however, have all the main attributes expected from this renowned sailing clothing specialist, including siped vulcanised rubber outsole for traction. As this boot is also specially designed for women, those with narrow feet may find they get a good fit.

Decathlon Aigle Glénan Sailing Boots

Best for fit

Reasons to buy • Extensive R&D • Tall, close fit • Smart • Value for money

Reasons to avoid

• Non moisture-wicking

As with all sailing kit produced for Decathlon, the Aigle Glénan sailing boot in classic nautical blue not only offers value for money, but is also smart-looking, 100% waterproof and has non-slip, lugged deck rubber soles.

As a company, Decathlon prides itself on its thorough R&D in collaboration with sailing professionals, which means you can be sure it’ll be a product fit for purpose. As with all the boots listed here, we’ve not tested it but according to customer reviews, the Glénan is a popular choice and comfortable. However, like many other basic rubber-style wellies that have rubber-backed absorbent foam insoles, this boot may not offer as much day-long comfort as some of the other, more expensive, technical brands.

Maindeck Tall Grey Rubber Sailing Boot

Best for value

Reasons to buy • Good value • Padded tie top • Non-slip, non-marking sole • Moisture wicking • Tall

Reasons to avoid • Grey colour option only

Avoiding water ingress is important particularly if you plan to spend long periods of time on the water. Thankfully, like the Crewsaver Long Boot, the Maindeck Tall Grey Rubber Boot is designed with a drawstring gusset top, which certainly helps stem the flow. Its non-slip, non-marking sole is also a plus point.

And, unlike some of the other rubber-welly style boots on the market, the Maindeck has a quick dry, moisture wicking lining, a reinforced heel, instep and toe, and a removable EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) cushioned insole for added comfort.

Overall, this is a good low budget option for looks, function and versatility.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Head to Amazon’s dedicated sailing page for more marine products.

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Yachting World

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Yachting World cover

Best sailing boots tested: Can waterproof boots be flexible, comfortable, breathable and dry?

  • Bruce Jacobs
  • July 10, 2017

Waterproof boots made of polyurethane are cheap, but when manufacturers of sailing boots ask a lot of money for rubber, Gore-Tex, breathability and comfort as well – is it worth it? Bruce Jacobs of Rubicon3 adventure sailing finds out.

big yacht leather

Your feet can be warm, your feet can be dry, or your feet can smell (vaguely) acceptable when you pull your boots off after a hard watch on deck battling the elements. That, traditionally, has been the choice we sailors face when choosing sailing boots. You can definitely have any one of the three. You may be lucky and get two of them. But all three?

Well, it may be possible, but the demands on sailing boots are huge. They need tremendous grip, they have to be fully submersible and stay dry, they have to breathe, they have to have great thermal insulation and they have to do all this while being contorted out of shape and wedged into odd spaces.

The choice can usually be boiled down to one simple question: do I go for rubber boots that will never let moisture in or out, or do I go for ones with a breathable membrane that may ultimately do both?

Thankfully, with the new generation of sailing boots that combine plastics and breathable membranes, the choice is becoming less stark. From our expeditions in the heat of Morocco to the ice-laden waters off Svalbard, we’ve seen spent a season seeing what different boots can do.

Be warned, there are some seriously good sailing boots here.

Polyurethane or rubber?

Boots without a breathable membrane are usually made of rubber or polyurethane (PU).

PU is an artificial rubber. It is lighter but still flexible and with good thermal properties. It’s a tough material and tests have shown that polyurethane boots can last two or three times longer than boots made from rubber.

Rubber on the other hand is a largely natural material, made from the sap of rubber trees that grow in the tropics. It’s more flexible and naturally comfortable than PU and probably has a better grip, hence its common use in boots.

Dubarry Crosshaven sailing boots

big yacht leather

This boot was developed by Dubarry in association with a Volvo Ocean Race team and it really shows. A Gore-Tex lining keeps the inside of the boot both waterproof and fairly free from sweat and condensation.

Where boots often fail is at the seams, which eventually open up from (often lateral) wear and tear. This boot has minimised the seams to prevent this and after six months’ hard use, it remained impregnable to the sea.

The upper sections of the boot are a mixture of leather and Cordura, a super-tough, canvas-like fabric, and the inside of the boot is full of thermal insulation. A really good-sized gaiter is made even better for having drainage at its base.

There’s no denying that these boots are mighty expensive, which reduces their final score a bit, but the mixture of performance and durability meant our skippers loved them.

Waterproofness: 4.5/5 Breathability: 4.5/5 Warmth: 4/5 Grip: 3.5/5 Durability: 4/5 Overall rating: 4/5

RRP: £349 / $360

Buy it now on Amazon

Buy it now on eBay

Buy it now on Dubarry.com

With each product is a ‘Buy it now’ link. If you click on this then we may receive a small amount of money from the retailer when you purchase the item. This doesn’t affect the amount you pay.

Guy cotten ultralite sailing boots.

big yacht leather

I was keen to try these industrial-style PU boots after my last two pairs of Gore-Tex lined sailing boots had failed fairly quickly. They looked indestructible and were the cheapest of the boots on test.

They performed faultlessly in that they showed no signs of wear after some hard use over the season and never let a drop of water in. However, they also never let a drop out and a sweaty foot gets pretty damp anyway!

My feet also… how to put this delicately… smelt strongly, or so my crew told me. Another issue I found was that the sole was a bit too wide for a yacht and kept getting jammed in gaps between deckware.

Finally, with no insulation, you can really feel those cold days at sea unless you are wearing thick thermal socks. These are very light, well made boots but are probably best kept to their intended use – on fishing vessels.

Waterproofness: 5/5 Breathability: 1/5 Warmth: 2/5 Grip: 3/5 Durability: 5/5 Overall rating: 2/5

RRP: £65 / $85

Gill Breathable Performance sailing boots

One of our first mates wore these sailing boots all season and still raves about them.

These are really thick, comfortable boots and she reckons they are the most comfortable ones she has ever worn. Not only that, they are probably the warmest too, with fantastic insulation.

The padding all around the ankle is a godsend when it’s time for putting in some hard labour on the foredeck and the grip is brilliant, which is certainly an important factor on a serious boot.

On the downside, the breathability could only be described as average, maybe as a result of all the thermal insulation, and the boot seemed a little wide, meaning it got stuck in a few areas at crucial times.

As with every boot it’s a trade-off, but for colder climates and serious ocean sailing, this boot is a real contender.

Waterproofness: 4/5 Breathability: 3.5/5 Warmth: 4/5 Grip: 4.5/5 Durability: 4/5 Overall rating: 4/5

RRP: £169 / $170

Le Chameau Alize Ponti rubber boots

big yacht leather

Mention Le Chameau to a serious sailor and you get a dreamy look on their face. This is a top quality brand; many a Volvo Ocean Race team has used their boots and the famous red gaiter is instantly recognisable.

The Alize Ponti has been used all season and been really well received. It is a rubber boot, so guaranteed waterproofness year round, but a bit hot and sweaty inside and not a great deal of insulation.

The gaiter at the top of the boot is essential and keeps any sea water out.

What really marked these boots out for us though were the comfort and the grip. Both were superb – which can be unusual for a rubber boot. This level of grip is something Le Chameau really focuses on and it shows.

Designed for coastal sailing, they performed really well all season.

Waterproofness: 5/5 Breathability: 2.5/5 Warmth: 3/5 Grip: 5/5 Durability: 4/5 Overall rating: 3.5/5

  Buy it now on lechameau.com

Helly Hansen Aegir Ocean Gaiter II sailing boots

big yacht leather

Helly Hansen has produced a very good rubber boot here.

Yes, the Aegir Ocean Gaiter 2 offers little breathability, like any rubber boot, but after a season’s hard use our skipper gave them a big thumbs up – because they do exactly what a sailing boot should do: 100 per cent dry, loads of grip with the specialised Helly-grip rubber soles and a superb gaiter to keep rogue sea water out.

When things got really cold, they perhaps lacked a little of the thermal properties that some of the pricier boots had, but that would be our only criticism.

Indeed, we have to be honest and admit that looks do matter, even for sailing boots, and these boots were the best looking pair on test.

Waterproofness: 5/5 Breathability: 2/5 Warmth: 3.5/5 Grip: 4.5/5 Durability: 4.5/5 Overall rating: 3.5/5

Buy it now on hellyhansen.com

big yacht leather

Bruce Jacobs is the co-founder of Rubicon 3, an adventure sailing company that specialises in expeditions and voyages to some of the world’s more remote and exciting locations. The expeditions are open to everyone. From the heat of Africa to the wilds of Greenland and Svalbard, these routes are the ideal proving ground for testing sailing equipment. www.rubicon3.co.uk

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Head to Amazon’s dedicated sailing page for more marine products.

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Deck out your pleasure boat, yacht, or commercial cruise liner with premium marine-grade luxury furnishings, flooring products, and accessories.

All on Board: Barlow Tyrie Safari Folding Chairs

Deck Chairs

Portable, foldable, these handsome teak chairs are moisture-resistant and become more beautiful with weathering.

Teak Steamer Chair

Barlow Tyrie Commodore

An award-winning homage to the classic steamer chair, or folding wooden deck chair, that graced the promenades of early 20th century trans-Atlantic ocean steamships like the Titanic. 

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Ingeniously crafted to open and shut with a push-button smooth gliding motion, these award-winning director's chair style seats sport water-resistant yachting textile sling.

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Frame Stainless Steel | Seat & Back Batyline Sling

Royal Botania Ninix

With a clean geometric look, Ninix sports a stainless steel frame ideal for maritime environments because it is stain, corrosion and rust resistant.

Sun Loungers

Shop relaxing luxurious chaise lounges that add sleek modern style.

Sunlounger without Cushion

Skargaarden Häringe

Refined teak elegance with an industrial undercarriage. Framing is manufactured from teak to guarantee outstanding protection against moisture and temperature changes.

Woven Fiber LEAF beach chair in Java

DEDON LEAF Beach Chair

DEDON LEAF is a relaxing ergonomic beach chair with a remarkably natural form.

Boat Sofas and Sectionals

Plush all-weather lounge modules for cabin lounges and outdoor decks.

Woven Fiber Titan | Frame Powder-Coated Aluminum Black Pepper | Base Teak | Cushions NATURA Off-White


SEALINE fiber-woven furniture derives its eco-friendly philosophy and design inspiration from the world of sailing.

Boat Rugs & Carpet

The best carpet for a yacht or a boat balances performance with beauty. Whether used inside or outside the boat, the carpet fibers should be highly durable, quick-drying or waterproof, easy to clean, mold and mildew resistant, fade and/ or UV-resistant.

Synthesis | Summer Seagrass

Synthesis Boat

Synthesis Boat is IMO-certified which makes it available for cruise ships and other large sailing vessels. Impervious to moisture and fade resistant, it is ideal for rain, salt, and direct sunlight.

Sweetgrass Vinyl Weave Sandstone

Sweetgrass vinyl has the look of seagrass and is excellent for recreational applications like boat flooring. Sweetgrass is mold and mildew resistant as well as UV fade resistant.

What makes outdoor furniture marine-grade?

Our collections shown here feature material components that are resistant to moisture, rust, salt damage, as well as wind and cold, conditions common in marine environments such as boats, marinas, and beachfront properties.

What materials are best suited for boat or yacht furniture?

Synthetic waterproof materials like yacht-grade fiberglass bring a modern look and uncompromising durability to marine furniture. Popular synthetic options include 316 marine grade stainless steel, which provides enhanced protection against corrosion caused by salt water, and Textilene mesh sling, both of which are used in  Barlow Tyrie's critically lauded Equinox  line.

While modern material science has produced an array of weather-resistant technologies, nature still holds an important place on the water. Not long ago, teak was the material of choice among shipbuilders. Although few teak vessels sail the ocean these days, plenty of the finest yacht furniture still incorporates teak. This durable tropical hardwood develops a lustrous silver-grey patina over time and possesses excellent durability against dry rot, which is why teak furniture can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Teak boat tables, like  Arbor by Gloster , add natural beauty to the interior or deck of any boat.

What are the best seating options for my boat?

The captain's chair may be the most important seat on board, but all hands on deck deserve a spectacular seat to soak in the ocean views. While we do not offer custom-made boat seating, we do have a number of stand-alone seating choices fit for the finest superyacht. 

If you are looking for vintage charm and unbeatable relaxation,  Barlow Tyrie's Commodore Steamer  takes inspiration from the teak deck chairs popularized with turn-of-the-century Transatlantic cruise liners like the infamous  Titanic . With an adjustable backrest and removable footrest, the Commodore exemplifies old-world leisure that feels right at home on today's boat decks.

For a more lightweight selection that still possesses a classic look, we recommend folding boat deck chairs like those in the  Safari  and Beacher collections. Combining canvas and teak, these portable seats are easy to adjust on deck and can be brought ashore to lounge on the beach. 

Those in search of a more modern look will appreciate the powder-coated aluminum and sling loungers in Mamagreen's Stripe and Allux collections. Boat sofas, made with water-resistant fabric and marine-grade frames, offer group seating to share special moments out at sea. Many of our modular  deep seating  collections provide robust protection against the elements and would fit right in on larger boats. Contact our  customer service team  to see if an item in our collection is suitable for your boat or yacht.

What is the best carpet for yachts and boats?

Once you have your sea legs, you'll want a beautiful surface to stand on. We offer a stellar selection of  carpet for boats and yachts  curated with performance and beauty in mind. Deck rugs should feature tight, slip-resistant weaves made from synthetic materials like woven vinyl or polypropylene that are UV-stabilized and easy to clean. In the most prestigious of superyachts, a fine wool yacht carpet complements the refined craftsmanship that defines staterooms and interior suites.

big yacht leather

Cost of Big Yachts Revealed: Prices Unveiled

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of the cost of big yachts. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a luxurious vessel that exudes opulence and style, you might be wondering, “How much do big yachts cost?”

From the sleek and modern Lexus LY 650 to the extravagant Octopus yacht, we’ll delve into the world of luxury yacht pricing and give you an insight into the mega yacht price range . Join us as we unveil the jaw-dropping prices of these magnificent seafaring giants.

Key Takeaways:

  • The starting price of the Lexus LY 650, a luxury yacht from Lexus, is $3.74 million.
  • The Octopus yacht, previously owned by Paul Allen, was sold for close to $300 million.
  • Giorgio Armani has collaborated with The Italian Sea Group to design a 72-meter superyacht.
  • Luxury yachts can offer a range of amenities, such as swimming pools, movie theaters, and well-stocked libraries.
  • While big yachts can reach astronomical prices, there are also affordable options available for ambitious seafarers.

Lexus LY 650: A Closer Look at the Luxury Yacht

The Lexus LY 650 is a stunning luxury yacht that combines elegance with high performance. Let’s dive into the details of this magnificent vessel and explore the factors that contribute to its price.

The Lexus LY 650 features sleek design elements and attention to detail that make it a true masterpiece. Metallic accents throughout the yacht add a touch of sophistication, while the distinctive leather seating provides comfort and luxury.

This yacht is not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers practicality and convenience. With three staterooms, it can comfortably accommodate up to six people, making it suitable for intimate gatherings or luxurious getaways.

One of the key factors that contribute to the yacht’s price is its construction materials. The hull of the Lexus LY 650 is made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic and glass fiber-reinforced plastic, resulting in a lightweight design that ensures excellent performance on the water.

To help you visualize the yacht’s design and features, take a closer look at this image:

As you can see, the Lexus LY 650 offers a combination of luxury, style, and performance. Keep in mind that the yacht’s price may vary depending on additional customization options and accessories.

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at the Lexus LY 650, let’s explore other fascinating luxury yachts in the following sections.

Giorgio Armani’s Collaboration with The Italian Sea Group

Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani has joined forces with The Italian Sea Group to create a luxurious superyacht that embodies both style and elegance. The collaboration showcases the artistry and craftsmanship of two iconic Italian brands coming together to redefine luxury at sea.

The 72-meter superyacht, part of The Italian Sea Group’s Admiral brand, is set to be delivered in early 2024. This custom project combines Armani’s vision for geometric volumes and soft shapes with the expertise of The Italian Sea Group in yacht construction.

The interior of the yacht is designed by Armani/Casa, a division of the Armani brand specializing in interior design. With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on refined aesthetics, Armani/Casa creates a sophisticated and timeless ambiance that reflects the designer’s signature style.

Giorgio Armani's Collaboration with The Italian Sea Group

Armani’s collaboration with The Italian Sea Group represents the epitome of luxury in yacht design. The fusion of Italian fashion and yachting expertise brings a unique and exclusive offering to the world of superyachts.

The Octopus Yacht: Owned by Paul Allen

The Octopus yacht, previously owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, is a massive exploration yacht measuring 414 feet. It has been used for scientific research and rescue missions. After Allen’s death, the yacht was sold for close to $300 million to Swedish billionaire Roger Samuelsson. (Third source)

When it comes to expensive yacht prices , the Octopus yacht is undoubtedly one of the most lavish and coveted vessels in the world. Its immense size and impressive features make it a symbol of extravagance and luxury.

Paul Allen, known for his entrepreneurial success and philanthropy, spared no expense when it came to the Octopus yacht. The yacht boasts state-of-the-art technology, luxurious interiors, and a wide range of amenities, making it the epitome of opulence on the high seas.

Expensive to own and maintain, the cost of owning a yacht of this magnitude extends far beyond the initial purchase price. Expenses such as crew salaries, fuel, maintenance, and insurance contribute to the overall cost of ownership.

Despite the high price tag, owning a yacht like the Octopus offers a level of privacy, comfort, and exclusivity that is unparalleled. It allows the owner and their guests to explore the world’s most beautiful destinations in unparalleled luxury and style.

While the Octopus yacht represents the upper echelon of expensive yacht prices , there are various yacht options available at different price points. Whether you’re looking for a more affordable option or ready to splurge on the ultimate luxury experience, the world of yachting offers something for everyone.

The Luxurious Amenities of the Octopus Yacht

Once aboard the Octopus yacht, guests are treated to a world of opulence and indulgence. This magnificent vessel offers a wide range of luxurious amenities that cater to the most discerning travelers.

One of the highlights of the Octopus is its impressive swimming pool, perfect for taking a refreshing dip while enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding ocean. For those seeking entertainment, the yacht boasts a state-of-the-art movie theater, providing an immersive cinematic experience.

Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the onboard gym, equipped with the latest exercise equipment to ensure a challenging and invigorating workout. After a strenuous session, guests can unwind and rejuvenate in the relaxation spa, where expert therapists offer a variety of treatments and massages.

The Octopus also features a beach club, allowing guests to bask in the sun and enjoy direct access to the crystal-clear waters. The Jacuzzi provides a haven of relaxation, where guests can soak away their cares while savoring the peaceful surroundings.

The glass-bottomed observation lounge is a unique feature of the Octopus, offering panoramic views of the underwater world. Guests can observe the fascinating marine life without getting wet, creating unforgettable memories.

For those seeking a quiet retreat, the well-stocked library offers a serene atmosphere where guests can immerse themselves in a good book or indulge in intellectual pursuits.

Additionally, the Octopus provides an array of toys and water sports equipment, ensuring endless hours of fun and adventure on the open water.

yacht amenities

Yacht Charter Cost:

The Octopus yacht can be chartered for approximately $2.2 million per week, excluding additional expenses, making it a truly exclusive experience reserved for the elite.

Summary of Luxurious Amenities:

The cost of big yachts can vary greatly depending on factors such as size, brand, features, and customization. Luxury yachts like the Lexus LY 650 can start at $3.74 million, offering sleek design and luxurious amenities. However, for those looking for more affordable yacht options , there are alternatives available.

When comparing luxury yacht pricing , it’s important to consider the vast range of choices. Some larger and more extravagant yachts can cost hundreds of millions of dollars, catering to the most discerning of buyers. On the other hand, there are yacht price comparisons that showcase more budget-conscious options, making seafaring dreams attainable for a wider audience.

With affordable yacht options , individuals with a passion for the open seas can still enjoy the thrill of yachting without breaking the bank. Whether it’s a smaller, elegantly designed yacht or a well-maintained pre-owned vessel, there are alternatives that offer comfort, style, and the joy of sailing at a more accessible price point.

How much does a big yacht cost?

The starting price of the Lexus LY 650, a luxury yacht, is $3.74 million. Larger and more extravagant yachts can cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

What factors determine the price of a yacht?

The cost of a yacht can vary based on factors such as size, brand, features, and customization.

Can you provide a breakdown of the Lexus LY 650’s cost?

The Lexus LY 650 has a starting price of $3.74 million. This price includes features such as metallic accents, sleek design, distinctive leather seating, three staterooms, and lightweight hull materials (carbon fiber-reinforced plastic and glass fiber-reinforced plastic).

What is Giorgio Armani’s collaboration with The Italian Sea Group about?

Giorgio Armani has collaborated with The Italian Sea Group to design a 72-meter superyacht. The custom project, under the Admiral brand, features geometric volumes and soft shapes, with an interior designed by Armani/Casa.

Who owned the Octopus yacht?

The Octopus yacht, measuring 414 feet, was previously owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

How much did the Octopus yacht cost?

The Octopus yacht was sold for close to $300 million to Swedish billionaire Roger Samuelsson after Paul Allen’s death.

What amenities does the Octopus yacht offer?

The Octopus yacht offers amenities such as a swimming pool, movie theater, gym, relaxation spa, beach club, Jacuzzi, glass-bottomed observation lounge, well-stocked library, and a variety of toys and water sports equipment.

Can the Octopus yacht be chartered? If so, for how much?

Yes, the Octopus yacht can be chartered for approximately $2.2 million per week, excluding expenses.

Are there affordable options for owning a yacht?

Yes, there are affordable yacht options available for those with more budget-conscious seafaring dreams.

Source Links

  • https://www.businessinsider.com/lexus-first-luxury-yacht-ly650-photos-2019-9
  • https://www.boatsafe.com/octopus-yacht/
  • https://www.boatinternational.com/yachts/news/giorgio-armani-italian-sea-group-superyacht

Nicholas Finn

I've been the captain of a fishing boat for over 20 years, and I created Pirateering to share my knowledge of and interest in seafaring.

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