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20 Best Small Sailboats for the Weekender

  • By Mark Pillsbury
  • Updated: August 4, 2021

In order to go cruising, most of us require a sailboat with a head, a galley, and bunks. The boat, likely a 30-footer and more often a 40-footer, will have electronics for navigation and entertainment, refrigeration if the trip is longer than a coastal hop, an engine for light wind, and, depending on our appetites for food and fun, perhaps a genset to power our toys and appliances.

To go sailing , however, all we really need is a hull, mast, rudder, and sail. To experience the pure joy of sheeting in and scooting off across a lake, bay, or even the open ocean, there’s nothing better than a small sailboat – we’re talking sailboats under 25 feet. You can literally reach out and touch the water as it flows past. You instantly feel every puff of breeze and sense every change in trim.

Some of the boats in this list are new designs, others are time-tested models from small sailboat manufacturers, but every one is easy to rig, simple to sail, and looks like a whole lot of fun either for a solo outing on a breezy afternoon or to keep family and friends entertained throughout your entire sailing season. This list is made up of all types of sailboats , and if you’re looking for a list of some of the best small sailboats for beginners, you’ll find exactly that here.

Any one of these popular boats could be labeled as a trailerable sailboat, daysailer, or even a weekender sailboat. And while most would be labeled as a one or two person sailboat, some could comfortably fit three or even four people.

Marblehead 22 Daysailer

Marblehead 22 Daysailer

If you have an eye for elegant lines and your heart goes pitter-patter over just the right amount of overhang beneath a counter transom, the Marblehead 22 daysailer, designed by Doug Zurn and built by Samoset Boatworks in Boothbay, Maine, will definitely raise your pulse. Traditional-looking above the waterline and modern beneath, the cold-molded hull sports a deep bulb keel and a Hall Spars carbon-fiber mast with a wishbone rig and square-top main. The 11-foot-9-inch cockpit can seat a crowd, and a small cuddy forward will let you stow your friends’ gear for the day. samosetboatworks.com

Catalina 22 Sport

Catalina 22 Sport

Many a harbor plays host to an active fleet of Catalina 22s, one of the most popular small sailboats over the years, given its basic amenities and retractable keel, which allows it to be easily trailered. Recently, the company introduced the Catalina 22 Sport, an updated design that can compete with the older 22s. The boat features a retractable lead keel; a cabin that can sleep four, with a forward hatch for ventilation; and a fractional rig with a mainsail and a roller-furling jib. Lifelines, a swim ladder, and an engine are options, as are cloth cushions; vinyl cushions are standard. The large cockpit will seat a crowd or let a mom-and-pop crew stretch out and enjoy their sail. It’s clear why the Catalina 22 is one of the best sailboats under 25 feet. catalinayachts.com

Hunter 22

With its large, open-transom cockpit and sloop rig, the Hunter 22 makes a comfortable daysailer for family and friends. But with its cuddy cabin, twin bunks, optional electrical system, opening screened ports, and portable toilet, a parent and child or a couple could comfortably slip away for an overnight or weekend. Add in the optional performance package, which includes an asymmetric spinnaker, a pole, and a mainsheet traveler, and you could be off to the races. The boat features a laminated fiberglass hull and deck, molded-in nonskid, and a hydraulic lifting centerboard. Mount a small outboard on the stern bracket, and you’re set to go. marlow-hunter.com

the Daysailer

Not sure whether you want to race, cruise or just go out for an afternoon sail? Since 1958, sailors have been having a ball aboard the Uffa Fox/George O’Day-designed Daysailer. Fox, who in the 1950s was on the cutting edge of planning-dinghy design, collaborated with Fall River, Massachusetts boatbuilder O’Day Corp. to build the 16-foot Daysailer, a boat that features a slippery hull and a small cuddy cabin that covers the boat roughly from the mast forward. Thousands of Daysailers were built by various builders, and they can be found used for quite affordable prices. There are active racing fleets around the US, and new Daysailers are still in production today, built by Cape Cod Ship Building. capecodshipbuilding.com

BayRaider from Swallow Boats

BayRaider from Swallow Boats

Easy to rig and trailer, the BayRaider from England’s Swallow Yachts is a relative newcomer to the small-boat market in the United States. Nearly all of its 19 feet 9 inches is open cockpit, though a spray hood can be added to keep the forward sections dry. The BayRaider is ketch-rigged with a gunter-style mainmast. The topmast and mizzen are both carbon-fiber, which is an option for the mainmast as well. The BayRaider can be sailed with a dry hull in lighter conditions or with 300 pounds of water ballast to increase its stability. With the centerboard and hinged rudder raised, the boat can maneuver in even the thinnest water.

$28,900, (904) 234-8779, swallowyachts.com

12 1/2 foot Beetle Cat

Big fun can come in small packages, especially if your vessel of choice happens to be the 12 ½-foot Beetle Cat. Designed by John Beetle and first built in 1921, the wooden shallow draft sailboat is still in production today in Wareham, Massachusetts at the Beetle Boat Shop. With a draft of just 2 feet, the boat is well-suited for shallow bays, but equally at home in open coastal waters. The single gaff-rigged sail provides plenty of power in light air and can be quickly reefed down to handle a blow. In a word, sailing a Beetle Cat is fun. beetlecat.com

West Wight Potter P 19

West Wight Potter P 19

With berths for four and a workable galley featuring a cooler, a sink, and a stove, West Wight Potter has packed a lot into its 19-foot-long P 19. First launched in 1971, this is a line of boats that’s attracted a true following among trailer-sailors. The P 19′s fully retractable keel means that you can pull up just about anywhere and go exploring. Closed-cell foam fore and aft makes the boat unsinkable, and thanks to its hard chine, the boat is reportedly quite stable under way. westwightpotter.com

NorseBoat 17.5

NorseBoat 17.5

Designed for rowing and sailing (a motor mount is optional), the Canadian-built NorseBoat 17.5—one of which was spotted by a CW editor making its way through the Northwest Passage with a two-man crew—features an open cockpit, a carbon-fiber mast, and a curved-gaff rig, with an optional furling headsail set on a sprit. The lapstrake hull is fiberglass; the interior is ply and epoxy. The boat comes standard with two rowing stations and one set of 9-foot oars. The boat is designed with positive flotation and offers good load-carrying capacity, which you could put to use if you added the available canvas work and camping tent. NorseBoats offers a smaller sibling, the 12.5, as well; both are available in kit form.

$19,000, (902) 659-2790, norseboat.com

Montgomery 17

Montgomery 17

Billed as a trailerable pocket cruiser, the Montgomery 17 is a stout-looking sloop designed by Lyle Hess and built out of fiberglass in Ontario, California, by Montgomery Boats. With a keel and centerboard, the boat draws just under 2 feet with the board up and can be easily beached when you’re gunkholing. In the cuddy cabin you’ll find sitting headroom, a pair of bunks, a portable toilet, optional shore and DC power, and an impressive amount of storage space. The deck-stepped mast can be easily raised using a four-part tackle. The builder reports taking his own boat on trips across the Golfo de California and on visits to California’s coastal islands. Montgomery makes 15-foot and 23-foot models, as well. If you’re in search of a small sailboat with a cabin, the Montgomery 17 has to be on your wish list.

CW Hood 32 Daysailer small sailboat

With long overhangs and shiny brightwork, the CW Hood 32 is on the larger end of the daysailer spectrum. Designers Chris Hood and Ben Stoddard made a conscious decision to forego a cabin and head in favor of an open cockpit big enough to bring 4 or 5 friends or family out for an afternoon on the water. The CW Hood 32 is sleek and graceful through the water and quick enough to do some racing, but keeps things simple with a self-tacking jib and controls that can be lead back to a single-handed skipper. A top-furling asymmetrical, electric sail drive and Torqeedo outboard are all optional. The CW Hood 32 makes for a great small family sailboat.  cwhoodyachts.com

Sun Cat from Com-Pac

Sun Cat from Com-Pac

Shallow U.S. East Coast bays and rock-strewn coasts have long been graced by cat boats, whose large, gaff-rigged mainsails proved simple and powerful both on the wind and, better yet, when reaching and running. The 17-foot-4-inch Sun Cat, built by Com-Pac Yachts, updates the classic wooden cat with its fiberglass hull and deck and the easy-to-step Mastender Rigging System, which incorporates a hinged tabernacle to make stepping the mast a one-person job. If you want a personal sailboat ideal for solo sailing, the Sun Can is a great choice. Belowdecks, the twin 6-foot-5-inch berths and many other features and amenities make this cat a willing weekender.

$19,800, (727) 443-4408, com-pacyachts.com

Catalina 16.5

Catalina 16.5

The Catalina 16.5 sits right in the middle of Catalina Yachts’ line of small sailboats, which range from the 12.5 to the 22 Capri and Sport, and it comes in both an easy-to-trailer centerboard model and a shoal-draft fixed-keel configuration. With the fiberglass board up, the 17-foot-2-inch boat draws just 5 inches of water; with the board down, the 4-foot-5-inch draft suggests good windward performance. Hull and deck are hand-laminated fiberglass. The roomy cockpit is self-bailing, and the bow harbors a good-sized storage area with a waterproof hatch. catalinayachts.com

Hobie 16

No roundup of best small sailboats (trailerable and fun too) would be complete without a mention of the venerable Hobie 16, which made its debut in Southern California way back in 1969. The company has introduced many other multihulls since, but more than 100,000 of the 16s have been launched, a remarkable figure. The Hobie’s asymmetric fiberglass-and-foam hulls eliminate the need for daggerboards, and with its kick-up rudders, the 16 can be sailed right up to the beach. Its large trampoline offers lots of space to move about or a good place to plant one’s feet when hanging off the double trapezes with a hull flying. The boat comes with a main and a jib; a spinnaker, douse kit, trailer, and beach dolly are optional features. hobiecat.com

Hunter 15

Novice sailors or old salts looking for simplicity could both enjoy sailing the Hunter 15. With a fiberglass hull and deck and foam flotation, the boat is sturdily built. The ample freeboard and wide beam provide stability under way, and the heavy-duty rubrail and kick-up rudder mean that you won’t have to worry when the dock looms or the going grows shallow. Both the 15 and its slightly larger 18-foot sibling come standard with roller-furling jibs.

$6,900/$9,500 (boat-show prices for the 15 and 18 includes trailers), (386) 462-3077, marlow-hunter.com

Super Snark

Super Snark

Under various owners, the Snark brand of sailboats, now built by Meyers Boat Co., has been around since the early 1970s. The Super Snark, at 11 feet, is a simple, easily car-topped daysailer that’s fit out with a lateen rig and sail. Billed as unsinkable, the five boats in the company’s line are built with E.P.S. foam, with the external hull and deck vacuum-formed to the core using an A.B.S. polymer. The Super Snark weighs in at 50 pounds, and with a payload capacity of 310 pounds, the boat can carry two.

$970, (800) 247-6275, meyersboat.com

Norseboat 21.5

Norseboat 21.5

Built in Canada, the NorseBoat 21.5 is a rugged looking craft that comes in a couple of configurations: one with an open cockpit and small doghouse, and another with a smaller cockpit and cabin that houses a double berth for two adults and optional quarter berths for the kids. Both carry NorseBoat’s distinctive looking carbon fiber gaff-rigged mast with main and jib (a sprit-set drifter is optional), and come with a ballasted stub keel and centerboard. Because of its lightweight design, the boat can be rowed and is easily trailered.

$36,000 (starting), 902-659-2790, norseboat.com

Flying Scot

Flying Scot

Talk about time-tested, the 19-foot Flying Scot has been in production since 1957 and remains a popular design today. Sloop rigged, with a conventional spinnaker for downwind work, the boat is an easily sailed family boat as well as a competitive racer, with over 130 racing fleets across the U.S. Its roomy cockpit can seat six to eight, though the boat is often sailed by a pair or solo. Hull and deck are a fiberglass and balsa core sandwich. With the centerboard up, the boat draws only eight inches. Though intended to be a daysailer, owners have rigged boom tents and berths for overnight trips, and one adventurous Scot sailor cruised his along inland waterways from Philadelphia to New Orleans.

RS Venture

Known primarily for its line of racing dinghys, RS Sailing also builds the 16-foot, 4-inch Venture, which it describes as a cruising and training dinghy. The Venture features a large, self-draining cockpit that will accommodate a family or pack of kids. A furling jib and mainsail with slab reefing come standard with the boat; a gennaker and trapeze kit are options, as is an outboard motor mount and transom swim ladder. The deck and hull are laid up in a fiberglass and Coremat sandwich. The Venture’s designed to be both a good performer under sail, but also stable, making it a good boat for those learning the sport.

$14,900, 203-259-7808, rssailing.com

Topaz Taz

Topper makes a range of mono- and multihull rotomolded boats, but the model that caught one editor’s eye at Strictly Sail Chicago was the Topaz Taz. At 9 feet, 8 inches LOA and weighing in at 88 pounds, the Taz is not going to take the whole crowd out for the day. But, with the optional mainsail and jib package (main alone is for a single child), the Taz can carry two or three kids or an adult and one child, and would make a fun escape pod when tied behind the big boat and towed to some scenic harbor. The hull features Topper’s Trilam construction, a plastic and foam sandwich that creates a boat that’s stiff, light, and durable, and shouldn’t mind being dragged up on the beach when it’s time for a break.

$2,900 (includes main and jib), 410-286-1960, topazsailboats.com

WindRider WRTango

WindRider WRTango

WRTango, a fast, sturdy, 10-foot trimaran that’s easy to sail, is the newest portable craft from WindRider International. It joins a line that includes the WR16 and WR17 trimarans. The Tango features forward-facing seating, foot-pedal steering, and a low center of gravity that mimics the sensation of sitting in a kayak. It weighs 125 pounds (including the outriggers and carbon-fiber mast), is extremely stable, and has single-sheet sail control. The six-inch draft and kick-up rudder make it great for beaching, while the hull and outriggers are made of rotomolded polyethylene, so it can withstand running into docks and being dragged over rocks.

$3,000, 612-338-2170, windrider.com

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Welcome to American Sail

Builder of small sailboats, catamarans, and daysailers.

Small sailboats are our specialty! We've made fun family sailboats for over 40 years.

American Sail got its start over 40 years ago in 1976 with the purchase of the Aqua Cat catamaran.  Over the years we have grown to offer many more sailboats in our line including a larger version of the Aqua Cat and four daysailers that are the Aqua Finn Daysailer, Pennant Daysailer, American 14.6,  and American 18 Daysailer.

If you're looking for the best small sailboats you've come to the right place.  All of our family daysailers are designed for fun and not hard-core racing. Any of our boats can be rigged by one person in under 20 minutes.

We are factory direct. If you have any questions regarding pricing or parts orders please do not hesitate to give us a call at 800-844-2399 or use our CONTACT FORM .

small sailboat builders

Marlow Hunter site logo

Marlow-Hunter, LLC

small sailboat builders

Our 40 year heritage of design innovation, rugged construction, and dedication to customer value has made us the leader in the North American manufacturing of sailboats and sailing yachts. Whether you’re a blue water sailor, a coastal cruiser, or a small-boat energy enthusiast, we have the boat for you.


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small sailboat builders

Call Us: (253) 851-2126 Mon-Fri 9-5 Pacific Time

Gig Harbor Boat Works logo showing a stylized classic rowboat

Traditional Rowboats & Sailing Dinghies

Handcrafted rowing and sailing small craft from 8-17′ in length.

Classic Rowboats, Skiff Sailboats, and Yacht Tenders

 traditional design. modern sensibilities..

Gig Harbor Boat Works is the builder of a unique line of premium small boats for rowing and sailing. Our boats are modern fiberglass reproductions of traditional working boats, used by people who earned their living using only wind and oar.

Our boats are proudly made right here in Gig Harbor, WA USA! 

All New Lobster Boat Coming in 2024!

Follow our project updates on the blog and sign up for preorder news

See what’s Available Now!

We are custom builders, so our boats usually have some lead time for new orders… but these ones are in stock and ready to go right now!

New 8′ Nisqually Rowboat

New 8′ Nisqually Rowboat

New 9.5′ Captain’s Gig

New 9.5′ Captain’s Gig

SOLD: 12′ Point Defiance Rowboat

SOLD: 12′ Point Defiance Rowboat

Floor Model Special: 12′ Scamp Sailboat

Floor Model Special: 12′ Scamp Sailboat

New 9.5′ Captain’s Gig Rowboat

New 9.5′ Captain’s Gig Rowboat

New 10′ Navigator

New 10′ Navigator

SOLD: 2020 9.5′ Captains Gig Rowboat Tender

SOLD: 2020 9.5′ Captains Gig Rowboat Tender

Meet the 17' salish voyager.

The newest member of our fleet, the Salish Voyager is a seaworthy small craft truly made for adventure.

Wild Places: Sleeping Aboard the Salish Voyager

By popular request, Fredrik and Nancy of “Wild Places” shared their thoughts with us about sleeping aboard the Salish Voyager.

Wild Places in Prince William Sound

This summer’s voyage marked the first time a Jersey Skiff and Salish Voyager have been seen together out in the wild.

We build ten different rowing and sailing boat models from 8 to 17 feet in length.  Click Here for a photographic overview of all the boats we build, by size (from largest to smallest).

We are small craft specialists, using our experience as boaters and craftsmen to create boats that combine traditional design with modern materials and conveniences.  Read More about Our Philosophy .

Our Customers

We love helping people find the ideal boat for their purposes, whether it will be a ship-to-shore yacht tender, a small craft capable of its own solo adventures, or anything in between.  Read Testimonials  from our customers.

"My entire experience with GHBW has been outstanding!"

“knowledgeable, gracious, and very patient service.”, dare to start dreaming.

We work with each and every customer to build the ideal boat for your unique needs. Contact us to get started!

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  • Catalina 12.5 Expo
  • Catalina 14.2
  • Catalina 14.2 Expo
  • Catalina 16.5
  • Catalina 22 Sport
  • Catalina 22 Capri
  • Catalina 275 Sport
  • Catalina 315
  • Catalina 355
  • Catalina 385
  • Catalina 425
  • Catalina 445



small sailboat builders

A legacy built on precision, innovation and unmistakable American craftsmanship.

Elevate your sailing experience with a touch of true American Luxury.


A key to our success and longevity is the relationship and communication with our owners, dealers and team. For more than 50 years they have propelled us forward as America’s largest sailboat builder.

We are a Catalina family.


We’re not just building sailboats; we’re creating experiences that resonate with the essence of American Luxury. Our fleet is a testament to a legacy built on precision, innovation, and the spirit of adventure, with the unmistakable touch of American craftsmanship.

catalina 22 capri


catalina 355


Catalina 425


Find your dealer.

We have a roster of dealers across the country who represent the Catalina fleet and there’s a good chance they’re planing a show, event or open house to showcase their in-stock Catalina models.



Performance hardware, sails, custom apparel, mats, sheets and much more!

small sailboat builders

The official publication for thousands of Catalina Yachts sailboat owners around the world.

small sailboat builders


From the past 50 years, and to the next 50, Catalina is devoted to providing owners and dealers with quality and value that has made Catalina America’s largest sailboat builder.

Frank Butler’s vision and philosophy carries forward with Sharon Day, who worked alongside Frank for 48 years, at the helm of a veteran leadership team.


small sailboat builders

True North initiates Catalina’s entry into the growing market segment of Downeast-style powerboats and promises traditional style with great performance and Catalina value.


Additional resources.

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7200 Bryan Dairy Rd

Largo, FL. 33777

Devlin Designing Boat Builders

Artfully Designed and Crafted Boats since 1978

Plans and kits.

Start with our precision CNC-cut hull kits and build out from there. For the adventurous woodsmith, we have plans available to guide you through a build you can truly call your own.

Devlin Custom Built Boats

Sam and his team of top-notch craftsmen can design and build the boat of your dreams. Literally. Dream it up, and they can deliver it in every detail.

Devlin Designing Boatbuilders

2424 Gravelly Beach Loop NW Olympia, WA 98502 360-866-0164

Downloaded Plans Purchasers! Read this first.



Devlin Boat is offering all downloadable construction plans at a 25% discount. Take advantage of this March Madness month sale today!

Banjo 20 & Small Boats Magazine for January 2024

Banjo 20 & Small Boats Magazine for January 2024

If you’re considering a 20 foot outboard cruiser for your next boat take a look at the Banjo 20 in this month’s online magazine Small Boats Monthly. The construction plans for the Banjo 20 just became available last October and still are being offered at an amazing savings on our introductory price. Click on the photo above for more information.

Electric Philosophy in Soundings Magazine 2024!

Electric Philosophy in Soundings Magazine 2024!

When we completed the build of Ed and Eileen Pauley’s perfect all electric boat we could only dream of what awaited her in her travels. Now the Pauley’s have been to Alaska and back on just the solar power provided by their roof panels. Journey through the build and travels with them in the February 2024 issue of Soundings Magazine. Click on the photo above for the link to the Soundings Magazine article..

Black Crown 27 for Sale!

Black Crown 27 for Sale!

When Sam designed and built this Black Crown 27 the purpose was to create a perfect small cruising boat for a couple. Currently she is located on the Chesapeake. When conceived she needed to be perfect for cruising the Northwest. Her sturdy build works well on both the East and West coasts and she just became available! Click on the photo above to learn more.

Candlefish 18 Shop Build Documented on Facebook and Instagram!

Candlefish 18 Shop Build Documented on Facebook and Instagram!

We are documenting the build of a Candlefish 18 with updates a few times a week in the form of quality photos of the process. No matter what design you choose, the ongoing photo documentation wil ease your build and give you many “Aha!” moments.

Topknot 33 for Sale!

Topknot 33 for Sale!

“Holden” is for sale! She is a classic style fast cruiser built in 1998 for a couple from Connecticut. Their goals: exploring coastal islands on weekends, spending time aboard with grandkids,  evenings on the “Picnic Boat” with friends, and extended cruising as a couple. And she has been wonderfully maintained throughout her years on the water.

Featured Design

Candlefish 16

The Candlefish 16 is a burdensome fishing skiff. Deep and seaworthy, it is wonderfully suited to life in our changeable weather and strong tides.

Getting started, the polliwog is a great entry into wooden boat building with the polliwog, we offer the amateur builder the opportunity to build a lightweight and strong dinghy or tender., power cruisers.

small sailboat builders

There are a number of classic trainers used by yacht club youth programs as well as techie new designs. Without mentioning specific models and brands, it’s difficult to outline which small boats are best but here are things to look for in good teaching boats.

Some of the best small sailboats for beginners include:

  • Boats with tillers steering
  • Boats with no winches
  • Sailing dinghies
  • Small sloops
  • Small catamarans
  • Rotomolded boats
  • Trailerable sailboats

Explore All Sailboat Types

Boats with Tiller Steering

Steering by tiller (rather than a wheel) can make a difference when learning. Tillers are directly connected to the rudder that manages the boat’s direction. Tillers provide quick feedback about the strength and direction of the wind as well as the boat’s turning agility at various speeds.

Boats with No Winches

Boats that require no winches to manage the sheets and halyards are best for youngsters and new sailors. These boats usually don’t experience the same forces on the sails and rigging as larger boats, which can be a handful when the wind starts to blow. Winches are usually replaced with cam or jam cleats, which are easy to use.

Sailing Dinghies

Sailing dinghies are usually rigged with one mast and one sail and offer kids and new sailors simplicity so it’s easy to learn the ropes. Less overwhelming than boats with two sails, dinghies are light and responsive. They also have a shallow draft due to side or centerboards so they can be sailed just about anywhere. In some cases (whether from a wind gust or sudden crew weight shift) sailing dinghies can capsize so students should wear lifejackets and know how to swim. Sailing dinghies are usually sailed by one or two people.

Small Sloops

Small sloops with a mast that carries head and mainsails are the next step so students learn how sails work together. Headsails can be hanked on or attached to a small roller furler. These boats may have some or no winches, which also makes them easier to maintain. These boats can usually be sailed with one to four people.

Some sloops can scale up, providing a more challenging experience for sailors as they develop skills. Certain models can carry spinnakers and larger headsails to teach sail combinations and new sail trim techniques. Others offer the ability to hike out (shift crew weight well outboard to balance the boat against the wind pressure in the sails). This kind of sailing is more advanced.

Small Catamarans

Small catamarans provide extra stability for those who may be nervous about capsizing or aren’t fond of heeling (tipping while sailing). With two hulls providing a wide and stable base, catamarans area ideal for beginners, which may be why they’re often used by resorts as their beach sailing tourist boats. Rigged with one or two sails, small cats are tiller steered and usually have a trampoline that the students sit on and sail.

Rotomolded Boats

Small rotomolded boats are very forgiving due to their durable construction. Unlike fiberglass or wooden boats, rotomolded (a type of plastic construction technique) trainers can bounce off docks or other boats and cause or sustain little damage. Dinghies and catamarans can both be made via rotomolding.

Trailerable Sailboats

Finally, small sailboats that can be trailered to different locations add variety and that makes learning fun. Students can learn to sail in different wind and water conditions and enjoy their boats differently on vacation or with new friends.

Learning to sail involves all the senses and requires a level head and lots of practice and although it can be learned in many ways, the best way is to start with a boat that’s small, simple, safe and durable.

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Whether you are buying or chartering a boat, or whether you simply want to stay informed, you might be asking the question: who are the top sailboat manufacturers? As is the case with most 'who's the best' questions, the answer isn't simple. So this article takes a stroll among the crowds and asks - “who's your favorite?” .

small sailboat builders

What are the top sailboat manufacturers?

Groupe beneteau.

This is the ultimate all-star list. Now let’s see why.

First of all - I want to make this lineup relatively short. There are tens of names that bounce around when you ask about favorite manufacturers, and if I had made this a long list, in the end, it wouldn’t represent the famous all-stars that really stand out in the eyes of the people. If you want a longer, less detailed list, check out our article about 50 popular sailboat brands . This time though, we are looking only at the manufacturer champions of the ‘popular choice’ contest.

“This is a loaded question!”, the internet forums yell, “there are thousands of options!”, they cry, enraged, “it’s not about the boat, but about the crew!” they scream. But we don’t give up and continue, determined to find out who you all like the most.

Cover Image : Bavaria Cruiser 55 - Copyright BavariaYachtbau under CC BY-SA 4.0

I know, I know, I hear you. Let’s start with the cons of these boats to quench the thirst of the bloodthirsty critics. Yes, Wallys are very costly, they go all the way up to tens of millions of dollars and so won’t be more than a bedroom poster for most of the readers.

That’s about it when it comes to the negatives, though. The reason they made it on this list despite their price tag is that they are pioneers in many aspects. Visually they are beyond gorgeous, and their price allows for exquisite build quality. The cost of these hi-end racer/cruisers means they aren’t particularly user friendly since most users won’t be able to use them, but just as Rolls Royce belongs on the list of the best cars, Wally belongs on the list of the best boats. They are the brainchild of Luca Bassani, founder and chief of the brand, a stylish Italian man who knows what’s right.

And it is this poster worthiness that gained them popularity among the crowds. A video of a simple Atlantic crossing on a 100 foot Wally has millions of views not necessarily because that particular journey would be exciting, in fact, it is quite an uneventful one, but because it is on a boat that makes the design junkies salivate. The Wally designs alone were the reason these boats made it into Hollywood feature films and series, and if you look at one, you’ll understand why. This is what happens when extravaganza meets good taste and has all the money in the world to realize the idea.

What do they make in terms of sailboats? Superyachts around 100 ft long, each focused on sporty cruising, design, and comfort. They only make custom sailboats, no factory models here. Buying a used one is a safe situation, they hold up even after a long time both in terms of quality, performance as well as design. During their existence, Wally only made a handful of boats, so if you ever stumble upon one, take a selfie. It is like meeting a celebrity.

small sailboat builders

To level the scales, let’s now jump at the opposite side of the spectrum and have a look at Catalina, the people pleaser. If Wally was the Rolls Royce of the boating world, Catalina is the Ford, making, as they say, “honest, sturdy boats that hold up to real-world conditions, perform well and cost less to maintain”. The mission of this company then seems to be to make boats as practical as possible for the common folk. That means: a practical interior layout, practical handling, and last but definitely not least, a practical price.

And this strategy has worked out well - according to experiences of hundreds of thousands of sailors, Catalinas stand up to their reputation of a boat that’s got your back. It is one of the largest boat producers in the world, with over sixty thousand of its boats sailing the world. Boat manufacturers oftentimes go through quite a lot of rough patches, that turn into bankruptcy for many, it isn’t an easy business to be in, but Catalina has been on a roll for decades. And this success has come with its perks - the business stability allowed for some impressive manufacturing facilities, which helps mass production, which in turn helps drive the price down. So with Catalina, you’ll likely be getting more bang for your buck than from their competition.

They make boats ranging from tiny daysailers all the way to 50-foot seaworthy vessels. What made them the most famous though are their mid-sized cruisers - the staple of the classical American sailing fan. Whether you like it or not, slow and steady is the name of the game when it comes to mainstream, and that is precisely what Catalina understands so well. They don’t take large risks. Their models are long-running with slight tweaks and facelifts, concepts that don’t surprise or insult, but offer stability. This conservativeness has been what some sailors hold against Catalinas, which is easy to understand when looking at many other brands that offer more in terms of fanciness, but this is the Catalina way, and it has worked out splendidly for them.

The long years of experience make for a great manufacturer that makes boats which won’t be the fastest, won’t be the prettiest or the boldest in terms of design or technological innovation, but they will do precisely what they are made to do - their job.

small sailboat builders

Bavaria is to Europe what Catalina is to the United States. Affordable, practical, nothing special, but does what it’s supposed to. It is the main diet of many Mediterranean sailors. To stay with the cars equivalent, just because I like it so much, if Catalinas were the Ford, Bavarias would be the Volkswagen. They are generally cheaper than Catalinas but don’t see that as an indicator, sailors can’t seem to find one or the other significantly worse or better in build quality. There are of course a few voices rooting for one or the other, but that can be assigned to fandom rather than to actual benefits. The price difference is there partly due to a different manufacturing process, the Bavaria factories are more efficient (they are German after all), and the production is more streamlined, allowing cutting costs without cutting corners.

Reliability, ease of use, and affordability are aspects that lead the design decisions here - which is what makes them so prevalent in charter companies. Even a nonexperienced sailor can get on a Bavaria and operate it with relative ease. But as I’ve been told by the boss of an unnamed charter company, after five or so years, you will start to feel the lower price tag as their reliability starts to go down unless money is put into repairs. With an older Bavaria, you will feel its age more than with other manufacturers. As one owner puts it, they tend to get “quite exhausted”.

So in case you belong among the Bavaria fans and have your eye on a used one, keep the above sentences in mind and when shopping, make sure you understand the ‘health’ of the boat in question. Moreover, be aware of the difference between a boat that was used by a handful of sailors over the years versus one that was chartered to more people than you could count. In other words, you wouldn’t want to buy a few-year-old rental car because who knows what the poor thing had to suffer, - especially since you can bet that many of the clients weren’t particularly good sailors due to generous sailing license policies in Croatia, which allows virtually anybody to ‘become a sailor’ within hours for a friendly fee.

What can you expect when you get on one? Good things - the manufacturers know what their products are used for, and that is why Bavarias are designed as easy comfortable cruisers. Everything you need to have within reach will be within reach, to the point of you having something to hold on almost all the time wherever you go through the boat - Bavaria knows well that many of its users won’t have their ‘sea legs’ and act accordingly. Even smaller models have generous amounts of space because it is the smaller models that are charter kings - Bavaria gives a lot of attention to them. The layouts will be comfy, so Bavarias make good boats for longer voyages - pair that with reliability and price and you will understand why the vox populi speaks so fondly of them.

small sailboat builders

The reason I am mentioning the name of the parent company here is that they own both Beneteau and Jeanneau, brands that are distinguishable on the surface, but if you look close enough, you will find them pretty similar, down to the fact that they are produced in the same factory. So since both Beneteau and Jeanneau are very popular sailor’s choices, both deserve a place on this list, but dedicating a subchapter to each would feel like making a duplicate.

By the way, Groupe Beneteau also owns Lagoon, a renowned catamaran maker, Prestige, luxury yacht manufacturer, Monte Carlo Yachts, CNB Yacht builder, the semi-custom sailboat maker, Four Winns, Glastron, Scarab, Wellcraft, Excess, and Delphia… some of these make motor yachts only, but if you combine fans of all of these, you get a sizable crowd. This company has figured out what people of various tastes want and serves quite a few of these niches.

small sailboat builders

Business aside, let’s see how this French company managed to find its way into the hearts of so many. Well, first of all, they are French. So chic style is to be expected. And with this, fans come. Image wise (and design-wise to a bit) Jeanneau is the sporty one that sails better, while Beneteau aims at the family comfort market. But on both, you will feel loved by the designer. They are made to make you feel good when you use them, and they’ll spoil you with luxury that fits within the specific price tag.

Comfort is a big deal here. On Jeanneaus for instance, you will sometimes find quite unique layouts, often different from the traditional ones, to really pamper the sailors - such as their two master bedroom setup, with the stern one being under the cockpit. A lot of them come with the 360 docking system, which allows you to move the boat around with a joystick and makes maneuvering in marinas so easy you feel like you are cheating. Or consider their decision to make the hull finer to cut through the water better, resulting in less movement - something that helps with comfort. All of this comes for a price but less so than you would expect since the buying power of the enormous Groupe Beneteau helps with shaving off dollars where smaller manufacturers couldn’t. This is, for instance, the reason why they can afford to use wood on their crafts to an extent you wouldn’t expect from a production boat for that price - again, buying volume allows for this even without you necessarily having to pay the expected premium.

Of course, you will mostly find them in Europe, where they are plentiful in marinas, though the aforementioned Bavarias dominate as far as numbers go. But that is mostly because of charters, since last year, over 80 percent of chartered boats were Bavarias. As personal boats, products of Groupe Beneteau belong among the top choices.

small sailboat builders

Now, this is a bit of a tricky one. The manufacturer doesn’t exist anymore, in fact, it produced boats from 1960 to 1989, making it over thirty years old, but despite that, the Cal models are still a favorite and worthy member of the cruising as well as performance world.

During the company’s existence, almost twenty thousand boats were built, partially because they were one of the first brands to mass-produce fiberglass sailboats. That, along with Cal models winning impressively in races, helped them to make a name for themselves, a name that still sounds to this day.

small sailboat builders

Why is it on this list? Partially because of its prevalence on the seas, partially because of its prevalence in internet forums and pub talks. Cal sailboats are loved by their owners mostly for their responsiveness when under sail, good build quality, (even though many say the interior could have been done way better) as well as reliability even after long years of use. Many of the design features have indeed been improved since, so if thirty years ago you could dominate races with Cals, today you won’t be on the lightest and most up to date boat around anymore. But you won’t be sailing a cruiser either. The boat might not be a pureblood racer, but it was built with racing in mind. Which might give the more sporty ones of your peace of mind that no Bavaria or any traditional cruiser will provide.

Quite a few owners say though that the success from the sixties gained Cal a name that you will pay for when buying one. If you are one of those who want to make sure they are paying for physical value rather than reputation, this might be a dealbreaker for you. There is a certain portion of slight arrogance that comes with racing success, one that shows in later models. But given the brand’s popularity, this is not too big of a deal.

So if cruising is your goal, if long crossings are what you desire, if you simply want a boat that was built with honesty and can take you basically anywhere you want, Cals are a safe bet. You’ll be joining a big, happy and an old family. And an affordable one at that.

In conclusion

To sum it all up, it seems that practicality, affordability, and reliability are the main factors that influence whether a sailboat manufacturer will become popular among sailors or not. As well as extravagant design and beauty, but that’s another story.

There have been many shipyards throughout the ages, some long-lasting, some surviving but a couple of years. Each tried to come up with an angle to sell well. Sometimes it was quirky design, and sometimes it was an intriguing feature, sometimes it was the use of new technology. Sometimes it worked out quite well, other times it did not. But in the end what sailors seem to want is a boat that will not fail them when they need it the most, a boat that is well built enough to cross oceans, because that gives one a sense of freedom and a boat that is built with the user-friendliness in mind. Simply, a boat that is your good friend.

A road to a sailor’s heart is simple, after all.

Daniel O'Connell

Really good article. I was enlightened.

Dan O’Connell

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When the day at the office has been particularly tough, I phone my wife to pack a picnic supper and we take the family and go sailing. The quietness of an evening sail, the fresh salt air, and the pleasure of getting our power of locomotion from even a gentle evening breeze all help to smooth out the day’s troubles and prepare me for a real restful sleep.

I want my children to learn to sail boats just as soon as they become reasonably proficient at swimming. I see in my mind much clearer than I can convey in words, a group of boys and girls, eight to ten years of age, sailing a class of small centerboard boats with all the assurance of an adult driving his car. On the water as a group they are safe and learning to make decisions and to abide by them. They are gaining in balance and poise and will walk better, be surer on their feet.

If properly instructed in racing, the children will develop a set of rules that will do them very well if applied not only in racing, but to most all of the problems of living with other people. A lot of time and good brains have been spent to develop the “No Barging” rule, and I find in my associations with adults that many of them, unfortunately, have never learned the “No Barging” rule.

Yes, I want my children to learn to take orders, and later give them. They will learn the importance of carrying out orders with dispatch and not “in due time”. They will learn to take orders, not only from adults, but from equals, and from those not their equals, all of which is good. They will learn patience in calm fluky days when they have to hunt wind and move the boat almost with their own determination, to be the first of the fleet to catch a freshening breeze, they will learn the joy of battling a storm, they will learn to decide whether to reef or carry full sail, and the consequences; which will be more emphatic and lasting than anything I could tell them.

They will learn, I hope, the importance of keeping things “ship shape”, and how it pays off in the unexpected squalls. They will learn that it is the ability of the skipper that wins races, and that the small pennants representing a first place are not bought with dollars.

Sailing is a family sport that can be enjoyed by young and old together, so I hope my little girl may learn to sail, race, and love small sail boats as real insurance against becoming a “sail boat widow”.

- E. L. Goodwin

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What Sailboats Are Made In The USA?

What Sailboats Are Made In The USA? | Life of Sailing

Last Updated by

Daniel Wade

June 13, 2023

‍ Key Takeaways

  • Catalina and J/Boats are proud of their American standard of creating sailboats
  • Sailboats made in the US follow a strict consistency to craftsmanship and performance
  • Many US branded sailboats rival top competitors across the world
  • There are various reasons why many sailors believe American made sailboats are best
  • The US has a long history of sailing and you could say it is in their blood

‍ The United States has some of the best sailboats in the sailing world. But what sailboats are made in the USA?

Some of the most popular sailboat brands made in the US are Catalina Yachts, J/Boats, and Hinckley. Other top US made sailboat brand companies include Island Packet Yachts and Tartan Yachts. The US is known for its robust sailing manufacturing and rich maritime history.

In my experience, casual sailors or those wanting to explore more can find quality boats that are made in the US. Many of the boats made in the US have developed an outstanding reputation with some lasting over five decades.

Table of contents

‍ Top 10 Sailboats Made in the USA

A lot of boaters want to know exactly where their sailboat was created. Many favor a boat that was made from an American company that sets an industry standard versus cheaper comparable overseas. Not to say that all boats made elsewhere are bad but consistency is key in the US.

In a lot of situations buying an American made sailboat is best for those that live near the company. It makes it a thousand times easier to order parts or to get first hand knowledge of your boat when the company that built it is right around the corner.


The Catalina lineup offers plenty of options to choose from when it comes to casual sailing boats or yachts. The company is located in Largo, Florida and has sustained a good reputation for their durable and performance on the water.

Since 1969 they have become America’s largest sailboat builder. They also rival top competitors such as Nautor’s Swan for the sailboat market.


J/Boats are unique and set themselves apart from other types of sailboats like their J/22 and J/70 models. They have been established in Newport, Rhode Island since 1977.

They have everything you can think of for sailboats with the customer in mind. These luxury and sleek designs that they offer help to combat anything the water has in store.

Hinckley Yachts

Hinckley 35

Hinckley had their sailing origins date back to 1928 in Southwest Harbor, Maine but is now headquartered in Rhode Island. Many sailors are drawn to the craftsmanship and luxury attributes of these sailboats.

The Bermuda 40 for example are timeless classics that use high quality materials. Many of their designs have proven to be fan favorites.

Island Packet Yachts

Island Packet Yacht

Island Packet has been aiming towards making sailboats in Largo, FLorida that are treasured among various generations. Their IP 349 and IP 439 models are some of the best sailboats you can find on the market.

Sailors love these American made sailboats. These are typically due to their reliability and comfort you can achieve while exploring blue water areas.

Tartan Yachts

Tartan Yacht

Tartan has been around since 1960 in Ohio and has developed beloved sailboats. Their most popular models are the 3400 and 4000 but they also have new classics in the making.

They even have a program where you can bring your old Tartan and talk with the team to see about restoring your old classic for a given price. This allows you to hang onto your treasured sailboat and potentially one day have it restored to its former glory.

Morris Yachts

Morris Yacht

Morris has roots in Maine around 1972. They are owned by Hinckley and they make some excellent modern models for sailboats.

The M36 and M42 are classics that many agree are excellent options for any level of sailor. They feature other models that are geared towards larger families or you are wanting more living space throughout the boat.

Viking Yacht Company

Viking Yacht

Viking is based in New Jersey and has some of the best yachts you can possibly imagine. Their 44C and 48C are some of their best moderate sized models but they get even crazier with their 92C offering.

If you want a true American experience on a yacht you cannot go wrong with anything Viking has in store. They have a wide range of models to suit your needs for luxury on the ocean.

Oyster Yachts

Oyster Yacht

Oyster Yachts have been around for over 50 years and have dominated the Rhode Island area for yachts. One appealing feature that stands out compared to other sailboat brands is that you can customize a majority of your boat online before having to pick it up. Oyster has a boat for you that is able to handle blue water capabilities and luxury.

Broward Yachts

Broward Yacht

Broward is actually a superyacht builder that often gets lumped into the sailboat category since they are luxury boats that are blue water capable. This shipyard is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has designed over 300 yachts to date since 1948.

In fact they earn the business of sailboat owners that are on the fence about other sailboat brands that are looking for a yacht. They are a one of kind yacht brand that deserves a shout out from the sailboat community.

Boston Whaler

Boston Whaler

Boston Whaler is not exactly a modern sailboat either but is a blue water cruiser that is perfect for any situation out on the water. These boat builders from Florida helped make the perfect boat for fishing or cruising in blue water territories. You can find various models such as the Vantage or Conquest to help fit your blue water needs.

Are Sailboats Made Better in the US?

Quality and performance are very important for a sailboat brand to remain in business. Many boat brands in the US have been around for several decades and you do not do that by accident. Boat builders have to create something special for a good price or depending on the market value.

Rich History

The US has a rich maritime history that bodes well with their craftsmanship and dedication to making the perfect sailboat. Many companies such as Catalina and Island Packet have established themselves as some of the best in the US that many boat owners would agree with.

What Makes a Brand Unique

Many sailboat brands offer various models to cater to a wider range of buyers. These could be a cruiser series or sport series for example. Some even consider it their house on the water as long as it is seaworthy.

The design team will also need to factor in living space and effortless performance to be considered a luxury sailboat. If a brand offers a lot of options to fit many needs then that boat brand is one step ahead of the competition.

Rivals Across the Globe

It is important to understand that there are other top quality sailboat brands in the world and that some American made brands rival those found in France and Sweden. Nautor’s Swan and Dufor are to name a few.

Your Sailing Desires and Budget

Claiming that one brand is better than another is simply based on market opinion and your current situation. Your budget and sailing goals will ultimately help shape what you believe is the best sailboat or whether or not the US has the best ones period.

Why is Sailing Popular in the US?

Sailing has been popular around various parts of the world for centuries. As technology and attention to detail has evolved over the years it has created the foundation for the love of sailing.

Florida is Home to Sailing

Many boat builders aim to make the best boats in places where sailing should thrive. Florida for example is the highest rate of boat owners in the US. You will likely see many brands of boats especially a French brand or two.

People Love the Water

There are roughly 12 million registered boats in the US for recreational purposes. There are many purposes for boats on the water such as racing or fishing. A sailboat will help you cover a lot of those activities on the water and Americans tend to spend a lot of time on the ocean.

Recreational use is a driving force for Americans that want to spend more time on the water. Sailboats are likely the reason for most of these numbers especially in parts of Maine or further up the east coast of the US.

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I've personally had thousands of questions about sailing and sailboats over the years. As I learn and experience sailing, and the community, I share the answers that work and make sense to me, here on Life of Sailing.

by this author

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The lights are good quality. Had everything I needed. Our boat is wired nicely and functions perfectly!

This stuff is AWESOME. Makes a plain looking boat very appealing, and it very easy to install . My grandkids now con walk around in my boat barefoot this summer without burning their feet . It is a little pricy I guess , but a very good product . I recommend it to anyone and Tiny Boat Nation ships it out FAST . Thanks Tiny Boat Nation !!!!!

This latch is very smooth, very easy to open and close

Build quality good. Nice welds that were cleaned up. Looks good.....just got done putting paint to it this evening

Purchased an E-Propulsion Spirit from TBN. Their videos really helped me understand my options for my dinghy. In addition, they delivered a real understanding around performance for the battery and the motor. I screwed up on the order (ordered a short shaft as opposed to an extra short shaft) - a quick call and all was resolved prior to shipping. Motor and battery arrived as promised.

Exactly what I ordered came surprisingly fast and it was packaged so good no damaged to the order. Thank you TBN I’ll use you again in the future and will put the word out here in Utah

Solid hatch. I wanted latches but I fumbled the ordering process and removed from cart without realizing. I will run without latches....solid product

I like everything about this mount. I put Garmin 10 on top and helix 9 on bottom and it turned out great. It was simple to install. Keep up the good work TBN.

Great product and with all the research that I did by far the best price that I could find.

I’m happy with the graph mount gen-2 is very solid and the 2 12” Lowrance looks great thanks.!!

These were perfect for my two garmins on front of my bassboat. And the construction and finish on the mounts are really nice. Would not hesitate to order again.

Perfect setup for my ship to shore needs. Well built, silent and quite powerful. TBN was excellent vendor, great communication and items shipped quickly.

Didn't expect it to be so well built...the quality looks like it will do the job and last...design is pretty stylish too, it's not cheap and cheesy....I like it.

The storage bags for the battery pack and the motor are of the highest quality. Everything fits perfectly and it will come of the bags looking new next season!

What was supposed to be my winter project, turned into a mere 21 day complete restoration of my 18’ flat bottom jon boat. I’m extremely pleased with how easy and clean my jungle camo hydro turf laid out! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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  1. modellbootfahren GER395

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  1. Chase Small Craft

    An oldie but goodie. Chase Small Craft produces precut, DIY wooden boat kits for people worldwide who want to build their own sailboat kit, rowboat or motorboat We provide a manual and plans, precut, CNC plywood boat kits and all the precut timber parts selected for boat kit. We include all the hardware and epoxy to make truly complete boat ...

  2. 20 Best Small Sailboats for the Weekender

    The builder reports taking his own boat on trips across the Golfo de California and on visits to California's coastal islands. Montgomery makes 15-foot and 23-foot models, as well. If you're in search of a small sailboat with a cabin, the Montgomery 17 has to be on your wish list. CW Hood 32

  3. American Sail

    Builder of Small Sailboats, Catamarans, and Daysailers. Small sailboats are our specialty! We've made fun family sailboats for over 40 years. American Sail got its start over 40 years ago in 1976 with the purchase of the Aqua Cat catamaran. Over the years we have grown to offer many more sailboats in our line including a larger version of the ...

  4. Marlow-Hunter, LLC

    Our 40 year heritage of design innovation, rugged construction, and dedication to customer value has made us the leader in the North American manufacturing of sailboats and sailing yachts. Whether you're a blue water sailor, a coastal cruiser, or a small-boat energy enthusiast, we have the boat for you. MH 31. MH 33. MH 37. MH 40. MH 42ss. MH 47.

  5. 10 Best Small Sailboats (Under 20 Feet)

    Catalina 16.5. jlodrummer. Catalina Yachts are synonymous with bigger boats but they have some great and smaller boats too such as Catalina 16.5. This is one of the best small sailboats that are ideal for family outings given that it has a big and roomy cockpit, as well as a large storage locker.

  6. Gig Harbor Boat Works

    Classic Rowboats, Skiff Sailboats, and Yacht Tenders. Traditional design. Modern sensibilities. Gig Harbor Boat Works is the builder of a unique line of premium small boats for rowing and sailing. Our boats are modern fiberglass reproductions of traditional working boats, used by people who earned their living using only wind and oar.

  7. Catalina Yachts

    FORGING AHEAD. From the past 50 years, and to the next 50, Catalina is devoted to providing owners and dealers with quality and value that has made Catalina America's largest sailboat builder. Frank Butler's vision and philosophy carries forward with Sharon Day, who worked alongside Frank for 48 years, at the helm of a veteran leadership team.

  8. Devlin Designing Boat Builders

    Devlin's Boat Building Manual, 2023 revised edition, is a comprehensive how-to book on the Stitch-and-Glue technique. The first edition from 1996 sold more than 70,00 copies worldwide. Sam, along with many thousands of backyard boatbuilders who have built fine boats from his plans, are firmly convinced that the the Stitch-and-Glue method is ...

  9. Affordable Sailboats You Can Build at Home

    Sailboats that you can build from home will likely be a small boat under 20 feet. These could be from many different boat suppliers such as B&B Yachts, Brooks Boat Designs, and Chase Small Craft. Boat plans will vary based on your budget and how much time you have on your hands. Based on my previous experience, building your own boat will take ...

  10. Best Small Cruising Sailboats

    The best budget small cruiser sailboats include the Catalina 22 for its versatility, Hunter 27 for durability, Beneteau First 20 for performance, West Wight Potter 19 for compactness, Compac Sun Cat for ease of use, MacGregor 26 for adaptability, and Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 for comfort and style. As a seasoned sailor with years of navigating ...

  11. Lightweight Sailboat Kits That You Can Build

    Skerry. Sailing Dinghies. Faering Cruiser. Kayak-Canoe Sailrig. Pacific Proas. Independence R/C Model. Our collection of sailboat kit designs from 8 to 31 feet. Strong, lightweight okoume plywood means strong, lightweight sailing craft. Most of our sailboats can be cartopped, all of them sail beautifully, and all of them are easy to build.

  12. 12 Perfect Small Sailboats

    Lido 14. Barney Lehman and W.D. Schock designed the Lido 14. It is an American sailing dinghy that was built in 1958 for the very first time. In essence, the Lido 14 is a classic sailboat that proves to be a perfect pick to suit small boats, especially for the owners who are still learning the ropes of boating.

  13. Know how: Build Your Own Boat

    For example, the 21ft gaff-rigged cutter I'm currently building will end up costing between $33,000 and $35,000, fully outfitted—several thousand dollars more than the new prices of a couple of popular fiberglass boats near the same size. And yes, since it's wood, it will demand more maintenance.

  14. Best Small Sailboats for Beginners

    Small Sloops. Small sloops with a mast that carries head and mainsails are the next step so students learn how sails work together. Headsails can be hanked on or attached to a small roller furler. These boats may have some or no winches, which also makes them easier to maintain. These boats can usually be sailed with one to four people.

  15. The Top Sailboat Manufacturers (According to Sailors)

    Groupe Beneteau. Beneteau First 25. The reason I am mentioning the name of the parent company here is that they own both Beneteau and Jeanneau, brands that are distinguishable on the surface, but if you look close enough, you will find them pretty similar, down to the fact that they are produced in the same factory.

  16. Small sailboat build

    A short overview of the building of Southern Cross, a Matt Layden influenced shoal draft coastal cruising sailboat. I built this boat in my house over the c...

  17. Cape Cod Shipbuilding

    Sailing is a family sport that can be enjoyed by young and old together, so I hope my little girl may learn to sail, race, and love small sail boats as real insurance against becoming a "sail boat widow". Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co. has been manufacturing, maintaining and providing storage since 1899 for fine quality, pleasure sailboats in ...

  18. Maine's Largest Builder of Small Wooden Boats

    We build all manner of small boats for rowing and sailing. Wherries, Dinghies, Yacht Tenders, Dories and Daysailers. We also do custom boats. Whatever you are looking for. If your intention is to get on the water in a beautiful small wooden boat for rowing, sailing, exploring, or using as a yacht tender, come talk to us.

  19. What are the Best Small Bluewater Sailboats? Cruisers Top Picks

    The Pardeys are icons of small sailboat cruising. Having sailed over 200,000 nautical miles and circumnavigated both east and westbound on their home-built, engine-free, sub-30-feet cutters, they are among the most recognized sailors in the world. They're also known as "America's first couple of cruising.".

  20. SAIL's Top 10 Best Boats Nominees 2024

    Hallberg-Rassy 40C. Photo courtesy of Hallberg-Rassy. The Hallberg-Rassy 400 was deemed one of SAIL 's Top 10 Best Boats for 2023. Interestingly, it came to the U.S. ahead of its immediate predecessor, the center-cockpit 40C, which this year is making its U.S. debut.

  21. Duckworks Boat Builders Supply

    Was: $1,199.00. Scout Sailing Dinghy Kit from Duckworks. Watch on. 0:00 / 5:05. Dream it. Build it. Learn from the pros with our helpful. tutorials for new (and not so new) boatbuilders.

  22. What Sailboats Are Made In The USA?

    These boat builders from Florida helped make the perfect boat for fishing or cruising in blue water territories. You can find various models such as the Vantage or Conquest to help fit your blue water needs. ... Best Small Sailboats With Standing Headroom. Daniel Wade. December 28, 2023.

  23. Tiny Boat Nation

    The Tiny Boat Nation - the leading resource in DIY Boat-building. Showing you how to do things at the DIY level through both inspirational and tutorial videos about boat building, crafts, and fishing! Come learn how to wire electrical, build boat decks, and select the best parts and accessories for your boat.