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50' privilege catamarans for sale.

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Brand: Privilege

privilege 50 catamaran

Jump to Privilege Catamarans For Sale

Privilege catamarans have been considered to be among the very best of the French boats for many years. Back in the early 90’s, Privilege was the centerpiece of all charter cats, and their boats were strong and elegant.

Privilege Catamaran’s outstanding pedigree, dating back 36 years, remains unmatched as arguably the world’s finest cruising catamaran to be produced in the world. Built to the highest standards and for discerning, uncompromising owners, they represent the very best one desires in every aspect of their design and build and all the way to the finishing touches.

For a bit of background, the company was created in 1985 by internationally renowned sailor Phillipe Jeantot (founder of the Vendee Globe yacht race). Based on his unequalled ocean sailing experience and profound understanding of the dynamics of ocean condition, particularly for sailing vessels versus hull design, Jeantot set out to design catamarans who would set a new benchmark in the world of multihull sailing, with an obsession for perfection which applied from construction quality and stability, while at the same time combining comfort, luxury, liveability, durability and without compromising on performance, which is surprisingly outstanding for a yacht without daggerboards, but which elongated transoms improves upwind sailing performance, as well as minimize the dreaded “hobby-horsing” in a short “chop” typical of more stubby modern multihull designs.

Built in France, in the heart of the world’s most dynamic yacht building area at Les Sables d’Olonne, Privilege Catamaran’s reputation for excellence quickly grew to international proportions. They were already industry leader by 1989.

Unlike boats built primarily to satisfy the inexhaustible demand for the charter industry, Privilege addresses a diametrically opposed end of the market, with each boat individually tailored and each and every one of them a statement in itself: luxury on the ocean, superb stability, reliability, safety, performance and durability.

Step aboard and you will immediately witness for yourself the Privilege pledge for perfection, carefully handcrafted with the finest materials which will sustain life on the ocean’s harsh environment for years ahead without a blemish, and which will undoubtably satisfy your highest demands for luxury and exclusivity.

privilege 50 catamaran

Privilege 510S (Florida)

Privilege 510S

TicLuna is an immaculate luxury ocean cruiser. The owners have spared no expense in maintaining the vessel. Lifted and bottom painted each winter. The engines and the generator have been serviced by authorized Yanmar and Onan technicians. She is equipped with safety gear that complies with all international standards and meets ARC requirements. Her rigging has been periodically professionally inspected (Moderne Marine, Turkiye; Alisios Sailing, Gran Canaria, FKG St Maarten). The owners have sailed TicLuna across the Atlantic Ocean, 4 continents and at least 7 seas, and 15 countries. She is a well-equipped Privilège ready for circumnavigation and meets the requirements for joining the ARC for ocean crossing.…

Privilege 495 Owners Version (Georgia)

Privilege 495 Owners Version

S/V Vista Vida is a 2007 Privilege 495 Owners Version catamaran, for sale by owner. She has never been chartered, and had all major systems refit for its next owner to sail away with confidence for both coastal cruising and blue water ocean crossings.

“Our adventure was wonderful, but our teenagers are ready to finish school on land with friends. It has been an amazing boat, has kept our family safe and comfortable, but now is ready for its next owner.” The Privilege 495 is known for its sleek design, aviation style salon windows, extra-long sugar scoops, aggressive sail plan, beautiful, crafted woodwork throughout and its HUGE owner’s cabin that stretches from hull to hull.…

Privilege 42 (Florida)

Privilege 42

S/V Lucy is a 1995 Privilege 42 Catamaran, for sale by owner.

Lucy comes with a huge cockpit with hardtop and teak cockpit table, a custom cocktail table and bar in the main salon, and a large dining table conversion for cocktail table.

The Privilege 42 is constructed using quality workmanship and marine grade materials throughout. The main construction material in her hull, deck, and superstructure is fiberglass reinforced foam core assembled in sandwich construction to minimize the weight of the vessel while maintaining strength.

This model has one of the biggest , best cockpits of any catamaran of this size.…

Privilege Catamarans


Privilège Euphorie 5

Your home on the sea. Meet the Privilège Euphorie 5, an optimised power catamaran for excellent performance and remarkable comfort. The Euphorie 5 is powered by two 220 hp diesel engines for long range and short handed cruising. Its large owner's cabin is situated on the front centre of the boat and features full standing height for maximum comfort.

privilege 50 catamaran

Lift your spirits

The Euphorie 5 is a 50 foot motor catamaran with the power to delight and the capability to perform.  

Her stunning looks are true to her Privilège heritage, with first-class construction and superior craftsmanship. Exceptionally safe, this elegant yacht is designed to take you beyond the horizon.

Euphorie 5 flybridge

Ready for adventure

 Well prepared for long passages, the flybridge can be fitted with a large T-top, protecting the entire upper deck and offering  reassuring comfort whatever the weather, or plenty of shade whilst at anchor.

The interior combines luxurious living with ingenious functionality, and can be configured in several ways, including a vast master cabin with two guest cabins, or four ensuite double cabins.

Request Pricing

privilege 50 catamaran

Design your Privilège

The creation of every Privilège is a journey, and no two are the same. It is a delight to work alongside each new owner to help them realise their own unique style. Browse through our Lookbook to discover the colours, materials and grain to match your personal taste. We hope this will also provide inspiration to help you choose every aspect of your new catamaran. 

see the Lookbook

Deck and Interior Layouts

Every Privilege catamaran is as individual as it's owner.  You may choose from a wide range of options relating to the design and equipment of your yacht, and we would be delighted to discuss all the possibilities with you.

Compare the models

Euphorie 5

Further information

Order a brochure, request pricing or let us know how we can assist you.

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privilege 50 catamaran

All documents at a glance

Euphorie 5 brochure

Deck Layouts

Euphorie 5 specifications


Euphorie 5 lookbook

Global support

Explore the world's oceans in confidence. With a global network of experts  and technical agents, we are able to support you wherever you venture.

Alternative models

Euphorie 5 alternative models Signature 510

Privilège Signature 510

Euphorie 5 alternative models Signature 580

Privilège Signature 580

Euphorie 5 alternative models Signature 650

Privilège Signature 650

Euphorie 5 alternative models Signature 740

Privilège Signature 750

authentic • individual • iconic

privilege 50 catamaran

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privilege 50 catamaran

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privilege 50 catamaran

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privilege 50 catamaran

Privilege catamarans are known for their quality, sophisticated and luxurious high-end designs and comfort. XENIA 50, launched in 2015, is beautifully decorated and outfitted to the highest standards. She offers three guest cabins each with a queen size berth, private bath with electric toilets, stall shower and vanity. When you charter with the dynamic Peter and Jade, both captains and both chefs!

  • Location: Catamaran Yacht
  • Type: Catamaran Yacht
  • Price: $17,100 - $21,000

Xenia 50 offers a dynamic charter crew of Peter and Jade. Privilege catamarans are known for their quality, sophisticated and luxurious high-end designs and comfort. XENIA 50 was launched in 2015 and is beautifully decorated and outfitted to the highest standards. She offers three guest cabins each with a queen size berth, private bath with electric fresh water flush toilets, stall shower and vanity.

There are plenty of water activities included with this charter – (2) Stand-up Paddle boards, water skis, Knee board, Wake boards, Inflatable lounge plus Floating bar, 3 person, tube, Noodles and snorkel gear.

What makes this boat even more special is the unique crew. Peter is your captain however, Jade is equally competent at the helm. Jade is your trained chef aboard but Peter is no stranger to the galley either. This combination makes for an amazing experience for those chartering her. They both have outgoing, fun personalities and not to mention they can cook! I was recently invited for a lunch and experienced the wow factor. I never would have thought of Lobster Carpaccio with lemon infused olive oil but it was heavenly. A nice light starter that was cool and refreshing on a hot Caribbean summer day.

Jade (an award winning Chef) says she is flexible with her dishes and can easily omit or exchange proteins, gluten and dairy products with out compromise. All sauces and dressings are made on board with the freshest ingredients.

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Privilège Catamarans were launched back in the eighties by Philippe Jeantot (twice world champion in single-handed sailing and founder of the Vendee Globe) and René Bernard through the Jeantot Marine Shipyard in Les Sables d’Olonne.

privilege catamarans

In 1996, the shipyard was sold to a new owner (La Groupe SGGR) and was renamed Alliaura Marine.

Privilege Marine Shipyard, controlled by Gilles Wagner became the new owners from 2012 until Hanse Yachts bought the Privilege brand, moulds and shipyard in 2017. In 2022, Hanse announced that they would be selling their shareholding.

Hanse have launched 3 designs: the Signature 510, the Signature 580 and the Signature 650. They continue to build the Series 740 (the flagship) from Privilege Marine days.

Marc Lombard got involved with the brand back in 1987 and has been heavily involved with the designs since that time.

Privilege are famous for producing high quality cruising catamarans: the focus is on quality rather than quantity. One of the key design features over the years has been the large owner’s suite located into the forward nacelle. As well as creating more living space, this structure provides buoyancy in heavy seas and stiffness to the whole structure. These strong cats ae known for their stability and seaworthiness.

The build quality and finishing of a Privilege is a step above the competition, and this is reflected in their strong resale values.

The History of Privilege: a Timeline

1985: Phillipe Jeantot starts Jeantot Marine, the Privilege 47 is launched 1987: Privilege 48 1988: Privilege 39 Launches 1992: Launch of the Privilege 482 1994: Privilege 51 1995: Launch of Privilege 37, 42 1995-6: Privilège 45 and 42 awarded ‘Boat of the Year’ in the US. 1996: the yard and brand was sold to Alliaura Marine. 1998: Privilege 465 1999: Privilege 435 2002: Privilege 585 2004: Privilege 395, 445, 495. The Privilège 745 flagship launches. 2007: Privilege 615, 515 2012: Gilles Wagner buys the brand and runs it as Privilège Marine 2016: Privilege 640, 740 2017: HanseYachts AG became the major shareholders 2020 Privilege Signature 510, 580 Launched 2022 Privilège Signature 650 announced. 2022 HanseYachts announce they will be selling their shareholding

privilege 50 catamaran

As was the trend in those days, she had a pretty low bridgedeck.

privilege 50 catamaran

11 years of production and more than 50 units sold.

privilege 50 catamaran

Winner in the Cruising Multihull class of the Cruising World Boat Of The Year awards for 1996. Each hull has a forward watertight collision compartment with foam flotation and foam-filled crash bulkheads

privilege 50 catamaran

Very stable, well built catamaran.

Privilege 465

This Privilege 465 was designed by Marc Lombard and built at Sable d’Orlonne by Alliaura Marine who set new standards with this luxury cruising catamaran. Elevated helm station is on the port side with easy access to lines and winches.

privilege 50 catamaran

24 Privilege 585s were produced from 2002 through to 2006, they are highly sought after in the second hand catamaran market. Pretty decent sailing performance and huge amounts of living space.

sailing zatara privilege 585

On Zatara is family of 6 from Texas who are sailing around the world.

privilege 50 catamaran

The replacement for the 37.

privilege 50 catamaran

The 465’s replacement, designed by Mac Lombard.

privilege 50 catamaran

Launched in 2004, the 745 became the new flagship of the range. A big seaworthy flybridge cat.

privilege 50 catamaran

The flybridge has a port-side helm, starboard seating, and big sun loungers.

privilege 50 catamaran

The 615 sports a more muscular look than her predecessors.

privilege 50 catamaran

The first 580, Vento, was launched in December 2020. Visit out Privilege 580 page for more photos and specs.

privilege signature 650

In 2022, Privilege announced a new Marc Lombard design, the Signature 650 which fits in between the 740 and the 580. A luxury, seaworthy flybridge cat for ocean crossings.

If you enjoyed this history of Privilege catamarans, try these other brand histories.

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Showing all 2 results

privilege 50 catamaran

Privilege Signature 580

privilege 50 catamaran

Privilege Series 5

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privilege 50 catamaran

Privilège Signature 580

The Privilège Signature 580 harnesses all the experience and expertise of the Privilège shipyard. With the 580 we’ve set a new standard for long-range cruising catamarans under 60 feet. The quality of craftsmanship, attention to the smallest detail, all complemented by top-level design, make the 580 the ultimate partner for your long-distance voyages. Featuring reverse bows, the Signature 580 enhances wave penetration, reduces pitch motion, and increases sailing performance. Moreover, it incorporates the best solutions in terms of design, layout, and high-end equipment.

bateau Privilège Signature 580

The essence of design born from performance

The Privilège Signature 580 is beautiful; a magnificent, streamlined machine designed exclusively for performance, comfort, and safety. This impressive catamaran strategically implements innovative design in the pursuit of excellent navigation and pure pleasure. The 580 offers the benefit of a forward cockpit, an ideal relaxation area away from prying eyes, allowing direct access from the salon and master suite. In the saloon, the chart table is thoughtfully positioned at the front, facing the ocean. The galley can be installed up or down, and for crew, the crew cabin is a greatly welcomed feature.

Shaped to bring you harmony

Serenity is the central premise of this catamaran. The fluid and harmonious interior architecture reconciles different spaces, creating a seamless and enveloping atmosphere of tranquillity. Large glass superstructures allow natural light to flood the space, opening up expansive views of your voyage and promoting a rich sense of serenity and wellbeing.

Catamaran Privilège Signature 580

Your signature 580

All Privilège catamarans can be extensively customized. Every vessel is solely handled by the shipyard to ensure the highest of standards at every stage – standards that our team take pride in delivering and that our customers demand. Each owner, guided by the Privilège teams, can select their electronic and technical equipment, as well as interior furnishings. The wide choice of colours, fabrics and coverings available allows customisation so that your catamaran is a true reflection of your style and feels uniquely yours in every single way.

Privilège Signature 580

Compare with another model Signature 510

Compare with another model signature 650, compare with another model signature 750, specifications signature 580, would you like to know more about privilège signature 580.

privilege 50 catamaran

Download the brochure

Download the layout

privilege 50 catamaran

See the photo gallery

privilege 50 catamaran

Our other models

Extérieur Privilège Signature 580

Notre Gamme


Privilège Family

Galerie médias

privilege 50 catamaran

691 Bd de l’Île Vertime,Port Olona 85100 Les Sables-d’Olonne France

+33 (0)2 51 22 22 33 [email protected]


Privilège family

Media gallery

privilege 50 catamaran

signature 510

Privilège signature 510, equipped for circumnavigation: 2,385,000 euros.

The above price reflects a well-equipped Privilège Signature 510 ready for circumnavigation. More optional equipment can be added using the options list calculator below to customize your yacht. 

The price list does not represent the entirety of all options available and is only intended to help you estimate a total cost.

Price & equipment are subject to change. Price is in Euros. Excludes taxes.

privilege 50 catamaran

Section 1 | rigging & SAILS

Standing rigging.

  • White lacquered aluminum mast 23.90 m high
  • White lacquered aluminum V canoe boom, with lazy bag
  • 2 sets of spreaders with leather protection
  • Mainsail track with ball bearing sliders
  • 4 retractable steps to gooseneck, footrest at gooseneck, 2 retractable steps at masthead
  • Foldable mast steps to radar, first spreaders​
  • 2 LED lights under first spreaders
  • LED tricolour navigation light at masthead, steaming light, anchor light, fixed deck light in front of the mast
  • Mechanical wind vane at masthead
  • Stainless steel 1x19 wire including forestay, inner forestay, 2 lower shrouds, 2 upper shrouds and 4 diamonds

options to standing rigging

Sails & running rigging.

  • High performance running rigging, Dyneema core with 1 halyard for mainsail, genoa and staysail, and 2 sheets for mainsail and 2 sheets for genoa
  • NEW OneSails Sailmaker Mainsail squaretop 88 m², OneSails Hydra Net
  • NEW OneSails Sailmaker Triradial Hydra Net Genoa on a Profurl powered furler, 57 m², with UV leech guard
  • NEW OneSails Sailmaker triradial Hydra Net Staysail package on a Profurl powered furler, incl. 20 m²sail with UV leech guard, halyard, sheets, blocks and padeyes
  • Single-line-reefing and downhaul system. Lazy jacks and topping lift

included upgrades

  • NEW OneSails Code 0/Screecher Package incl. Screecher/Code 0, OneSails Code 0 80 m², vector uv protected with logo on 1 side 5x6mfurler, halyard, sheets, blocks, padeyes, bowsprit and 2 electric winches ANTAL XT62 black aluminum

optional sails & running rigging

Deck hardware.

  • 1 electric ANTAL Black winch Aluminum XT52 at helm station on port side for mainsail halyard, reefing lines, genoa, staysail and gennaker/code 0/spinnaker furling lines, climber halyard and topping lift
  • 1 electric ANTAL Black winch Aluminum XT62 at helm station on starboard side for genoa and staysail sheets
  • 1 electric ANTAL Black winch Aluminum XT52 backward helm station for mainsail sheet and traveller control line
  • Gennaker/code 0/asymmetrical spinnaker package incl. furler, halyard, sheets, blocks, padeyes, bowsprit and 2 electric winches 2 speeds ANTAL XT62 Black Aluminum
  • 1 manual winch ANTAL Black Aluminum XT48 at the foot on starboard side for genoa, staysail and gennaker/code 0/spinnaker halyards and lazy jacks
  • Mainsheet traveller
  • 2 tracks for genoa/ staysail incl. cars with stop pins
  • 3 winch handles with holders
  • - Profurl electric furler for Genoa and staysail

Section 1 Options:

Section 2 | interior layout & furnishings, standard layout.

The 3 cabin configuration has a large owner’s suite that spans the entire forward area. A bright and spacious shower is enclosed forward, a vanity with optional layouts and separate head are located starboard, and a full wardrobe is located port side.

There are two guest cabins aft, each with their own shower and separate head.

A large, open concept seating area provides lots of light, visibility and ventilation in the salon. The well-appointed galley is located on the port side of the salon. In addition, the center of the hull on the port side is dedicated for the pantry and includes a large capacity fridge and freezer. 

optional Cabin layouts

  • Wood Finish | Real wood Oak (natural or white tinted) or wood Maple or Cherry Style, all satin varnish
  • Flooring | Resopal laminated wood floor in choice of finishes
  • Upholstery | Performance vinyl-coated fabric with choice of color selection
  • Countertops | Solid surface counters with choice of color selection
  • Window and Hatch Covers | Blinds on all hull and salon windows. All overhead hatches have OCEANAIR blinds and screens, curtain for patio door

optional finishes

  • Stainless steel freezer/fridge 110 l at the bottom with Thermostat Frigoboat +30°c/-30°c -and a stainless steel fridge 160 l on top of the freezer located in outboard port corridor with seawater exchanger
  • Front opening washing machine 8kg with dryer function 5kg located outboard in starboard corridor
  • NEW Hybrid stovetop half gas, half induction by Miele
  • NEW Combination electric oven and microwave
  • Built-in dishwasher
  • Electric Powered Salon Table with lifting functions. Converts into coffee table and day bed with additional cushions. Comes with a sliding platform

Optional Appliances

Section 2 options:, section 3 | hull & deck construction, construction & equipment.

  • Hulls, deck and bulkheads infused with closed cells PVC foam core, laminated to deck
  • 1st layer in vinylester resin to prevent osmosis
  • Polyester resin for infusion
  • Watertight bulkheads at false bow and transom
  • Structural keels, integrated to the hulls
  • Isophthalic gelcoat deck colour: Signal White RAL 9003
  • Isophthalic gelcoat hull colour: Signal White RAL 9003
  • Hard matrix antifouling bottom paint
  • 2 opening hatches on the cockpit hardtop including LED lights above cockpit
  • 2 lockers on foredeck, accessible through deck hatches with ventilation and ladder, lockable
  • 2 lockers on central pod accessible through deck hatches with ventilation, lockable
  • 1 locker for anchoring storage
  • 1 locker in cockpit for storage of one propane gas bottle 13 kg
  • 4 lockers in cockpit floor, including one with bridgedeck access for life raft
  • 2 lockers in cockpit aft bench

Optional Bottom Paint

Section 3 options:, section 4 | exterior equipment, windows & doors.

  • Stainless steel patio door to saloon with 3 leaves, 2 sliding
  • Large tempered glass windows on hull and salon
  • Hatches on deck and deckhouse are flush mounted
  • 8 opening portholes including mosquito screens on the hull windows
  • Exterior salon window covers for UV protection

deck fittings

  • 2 stainless steel pulpits with teak seats and LED navigation lights
  • 2 white PVC coated trampolines 1000 g/㎡
  • 3 stainless steel jacklines, 2 on the deck, 1 on the deckhouse
  • Solid stainless steel railing, 750 mm heigh, with side openings, incl. tube at the top and 2 guard lines in stainless steel. 4 solid stainless steel rails at transom, 2 outside, 2 inside, and 2 handrails on deckhouse
  • Stairs from forward deck to coach roof

Section 5 | anchoring + mooring

Anchoring & mooring equipment.

  • Main mooring line with galvanized Rocna-Anchor 40 kg, flip swivel, 75m galvanized chain grade 70 Ø 10 mm, 25 m rope
  • NEW Second mooring line with Ultra anchor 45kg. on swivel. 25m galvanized chain grade 70 Ø 10 mm, 75m rode incl. second bow anchor roller with stainless steel mooring cleat 360mm
  • 2 x Electric anchor windlass 2000W with deck switch and wired remote control with chain counter. Bow anchor roller with cleat, and stainless steel plate to prevent anchor chain chafing
  • Windlass wired remote control with chain counter at helm
  • 8 stainless steel mooring cleats, including twin cleats amidships port and starboard, 500 mm 4x, 360mm 4x with 8 stainless steel anti-chafing protections
  • 2 stainless steel mooring cleats, 360 mm, at transom
  • Mooring bridle, 4 mooring lines, 8 fenders, 91 cm x 36 cm
  • Twin stainless steel mooring cleats amidships
  • NEW ULTRA MARINE - Ultra Line Rear Mooring Strap - Quick Attach System 100m (flat rope reel for stern tying)
  • NEW Fortress lightweight stern anchor

Section 6 | cockpit + helm

Cockpit & helm.

  • NEW Helm seat with footrest and head support
  • Raised helm station on portside with double bench
  • FRP Hard-top for helm station with fixed window at the top
  • Safety glass windshield with stainless steel frame
  • White lacquered aluminum electric davits on aft platform, max. load 100kg per davit
  • Teak Steps from cockpit to helm station
  • Synthetic teak on cockpit, aft platform and transom
  • Complete cockpit enclosure with windows, openings and mosquito screens
  • NEW Folding aluminum gangway 2600 x 360 mm, with 2 supports per transom incl. grating in teak and rope hand-rail
  • Upholstery for cockpit including reclining sunbath mattress + cup holder on starboard side in Spradling all collections
  • NEW Option for either Wetbar in cockpit with built-in electric grill, sink with mixing tap, drawer and pop-up light (instead of port bench), or large propane BBQ (sink not included)

optional cockpit fittings

Section 6 options:, section 7 | electrical & lighting, electrical systems.

  • Beijer Electronics customized touch-screen interface with full integration of vessel’s electrical systems
  • NEW 5 x Lithium-Ion service batteries total of 1150Ah
  • 3 gel batteries 75Ah, 12Vdc for engines and generator
  • 4 Mac+ DC/DC 12/24V battery chargers for service batteries (Engine batteries to ship's service batteries)
  • 2 Inverter parallelized AC Master 4000W, 230Vac (2x 4KW Total of 8KW)
  • Generator Onan Cummins low RPM, 11KVA, 11kW, 230Vac, or Genset 11kW, according to availability, 50Hz incl. sound cover, water exhaust separator and maintenance kit - Autostart system incl.
  • 2 x 5kW Inverter/charger
  • Separate network 115Vac, 60Hz incl. additional inverter 3000W, half of service outlets changed from 230Vac, 50Hz to 115Vac, 60Hz (North American Standard)
  • NEW 1,780Kw Solar panels with charge controller on deckhouse, hardtop and forward of mast
  • LED overhead lights throughout the boat incl. cockpit, white and red in saloon and aft cockpit - on dimmers
  • LED reading lights throughout the cabins, 1 flexible reading light at chart table
  • 2 LED lights on each transom
  • Courtesy lights in saloon on baseboards
  • Additional courtesy lights in cockpit in RGBW with control panel

optional underwater lighting Equipment

Section 7 options:, section 8 | mechanical systems, air conditioning & ventilation.

  • A/C system: Variable speed chiller air-conditioning system 50000 BTU Webasto - Reversible for heating - Power and sea water connection, fan coils power and chilled water/glycol circuit insulation hoses
  • 6 ventilation fans arranged throughout the boat: saloon (x1), galley (x1) and each cabin (x1), except master suite (x2)

plumbing systems

  • Watermaker Dessalator AC Pro D200, 230Vac, 50Hz, 200 l/h incl. display at chart table and maintenance kit
  • 2 x 40 L hot water boiler, 230V
  • Fresh water and sea water wash pump for cockpit and windlass
  • Fresh water shore inlet, includes pressure reduction
  • 2 manual bilge pumps with 3-way-valve
  • 4 electric bilge pumps with visual and audible alarms
  • Electric toilets with fresh water flush
  • Warm/cold water deck shower on port transom
  • Transfer reversible pump for fuel
  • Gas leak detector with alarm and electrovalve
  • NEW Seagull IV microfilter with a dedicated tap in the galley to deliver filtered drinking water
  • NEW Turbine fuel filters, water separators 2 filters, permutable operation for each engine and for generator

optional plumbing equipment

Section 8 options:, section 9 | propulsion + steering, steering equipment.

  • 2 Yanmar engines, 80 hp, shaft drive ZF25A, with electric throttles
  • Hydraulic steering system
  • FRP steering wheel, Y-Spoke
  • Spurs rope cutter
  • 2 stainless steel emergency tillers
  • 2 x 4-blade Max-Prop feathering propellers

optional propulsion & steering equipment

Section 9 options:, section 10 | nav electronics + entertainment, electronics.

  • 2 Raymarine i70s at helm station with DST transducers for Depth/Speed/Temperature/Wind ( Option for B&G Electronics available at no additional cost )
  • GPS Receiver RS150
  • Router Wifi/4G/5G with external antennas on the mast
  • VHF antenna, 2 Ray 90 radios, 1 at helm station & 1 at chart table
  • Magnetic compass, northern hemisphere
  • Mechanical wind vane
  • NEW 3 x Raymarine Axiom Pro 12.1" chartplotters , 2 at helm station, 1 at chart table ( Option B&G Electronics available )
  • NEW 2 x Raymarine hydraulic RV2 autopilot pump , complete Evolution Autopilot including ACU400, EV-1, p70s
  • 1 Quantum 2 Doppler Marine Radar
  • 1 class B AIS 700 transceiver with integrated splitter
  • Pack Yacht Devices incl. engine interface
  • NEW Prep for Starlink satellite including power supply, mount support and prewiring
  • Iridium GO Pack

optional electronics


  • 1 LED Smart TV 43" in salon on swivel
  • 1 Fusion Apollo RA770 radio
  • 2 In-ceiling speakers 6" 120W, 1 subwoofer 350W, 1 remote ARX70
  • Cockpit sound system includes 1 Amplifier 500W, 2 Signature speakers 7,7", 280W, 1 Signature subwoofer 450W, 1 remote ARX70
  • Owner’s suite entertainment system includes 1 LED Smart TV 43" integrated in a library on main bulkhead, 1 Fusion Apollo RA770, 2 Speakers 6" 120W, 2 Speakers 4" 120W, 1 remote ARX70 in the shower

Section 10 Options:

Stay connected +1 613-981-1740.


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