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Mediterranean Yacht Charter


BIG EASY | From EUR€ 136,000/wk Special

Royal Hakvoort have delivered 61m custom superyacht ASIA

Royal Hakvoort have delivered 61m ...

Charterworld - the luxury yacht charter specialist, charterworld is a private yacht charter specialist with access the entire world's yacht charter fleet, at the best price, so get in touch..

Find out more about the CharterWorld company here or read recent client recommendations . We have every crewed luxury superyacht charter in the world, from large motor yachts to sailing yachts and crewed catamaran. For best value private yacht vacations start your holiday of a lifetime here with the company you can trust.

Summer Hot Spots 2023:

The mediterranean ...         south of france    |   italy     |   sardinia    |   spain   |   croatia   |   greece, mykonos | greece, st tropez | france, amalfi coast | italy, dubrovnik | croatia, browse yachts by type, browse all charter yachts, motor yachts, sailing yachts, on sale: yacht specials, mediterranean specials, popular yachts, new latest yachts, feature yachts, mar | from eur€ 1,800,000/wk.

Mega Yacht LANA

TATIANA | From EUR€ 775,000/wk

Jetski Running Next To The Superyacht

MALTESE FALCON | From EUR€ 490,000/wk


Where To Charter A Yacht?

Matching the right location for you is paramount. There are immensely interesting and diverse places all over the world to charter a crewed superyacht, but the most popular spots are:

A Mediterranean yacht charter which makes for the ultimate vacation with it’s fine culture, finer boats and beautiful azure waterways. The Med’ is an extremely varied location with many beautiful countries to visit, such as France, Italy, Sardinia, Monaco, Greece, Croatia and more.

Caribbean yacht charters are all about exotic natural islands, beautiful tropical beaches and of course luxury charter yachts. St Barts, St Martin, The Virgin Islands and Antigua draw some superb mega yachts to the Caribbean for your vacation. You can see the full list of destinations here .

We offer all the mega yachts and superyacht charters worldwide , as well as in the Mediterranean including Italy , France , Greece , Spain, Croatia , & Turkey.  Additionally, we have great discounted luxury yachts , sailing and motor yachts in the Caribbean , including the Bahamas , British & US Virgin Islands, St Lucia, St Barts, Grenadines, Antigua, as well as the Pacific Northwest, the South Pacific , Asia and Australia & New Zealand and elsewhere.

Currently Popular Itineraries

Montenegro Kotor


Hessen Yachts IBIZA

SPAIN & BALEARICS - 7 Day Itinerary

Superyacht Luna Lloyd Werft Side View Tender

SARDINIA & CORSICA - 7 Day Itinerary

Corfu Kerkyra Island Greece Ionian Islands


All the luxury sailing and motor yacht charter boats worldwide:.

Go here to discover all the worldwide charter locations...  including the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Indian Ocean, North and South America, Pacific Northwest.

Apart from The Mediterranean & Caribbean their are many other hot spots - go here for the full list.

95 meter CUSTOM | From EUR€ 1,200,000/wk

The 95m mega yacht by Lurssen

Limited Edition 242 | From US$ 750,000/wk

Off The Mediterranean Coast

Luxury Yacht Builders and Designers

The world has a fantastic array of very interesting luxury yacht builders and superyacht designers . At CharterWorld we have the definitive information on the ever evolving yacht builders and designers, as well as the latest superyacht news relating to the latest new yacht designs and new build yacht launches.

Luxury Yachts: Luxury crewed superyacht charters, both power motor and sailing boats, in all the areas of the world from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, Asia to the South Pacific, Australia & New Zealand to the Indian Ocean.

Sailing charters & vacations: CharterWorld provides full charter yacht rental sailing vacations & holidays including flights, accommodation and sightseeing. Sailing charters and sail boats from luxury catamarans to crewed boats, classic yachts as well as new ones.

Power/Motor boats: Luxury power & motor boat charter yachts are available either as crewed yachts, classic or new. They include performance open style motor yachts, right through to expedition (explorer) yachts.

For your reference, CharterWorld provides a  charter and superyacht news section as well as a  superyacht directory for easy access to the complete world of interesting yachts , not just luxury charter yachts. This comprehensive list is organised by the yachts naval architect designer , by year and by the country the builder launched them in.

Why CharterWorld? - The complete list of charter boats worldwide, at the most competitive prices. - Free, independent and professional advice. - Access to the latest specials and discounts in the Caribbean and Mediterranean. - CharterWorld saves time and money on any luxury yacht vacation.

New to Yachting or Superyacht Charter Vacations? If you haven’t enjoyed the advantages of this type of luxury holiday, then this section has plenty of articles about how it all works and what to expect. Of course you can also just contact us and an experienced broker will personally guide you through and explain everything. Additionally, the yachting news section keeps you abreast of developments in the industry.

Latest Luxury Yacht Charter & Superyacht News

25m sailing catamaran AGAVE is launched by Gunboat in France

25m sailing catamaran AGAVE is launched ...

120m Amels custom superyacht PROJECT TANSANITE shows off her renderings for the first time

120m Amels custom superyacht PROJECT ...

Greece Yacht Charter Special: motor yacht 3D offering a 10-20% discount

Greece Yacht Charter Special: motor ...

Latest yachts added to the database, moonraker | enquire for pricing.


DON'T WORRY | From EUR€ 125,000/wk

Luxury Yacht DON'T WORRY

LA MOROCHA | From EUR€ 110,000/wk

Luxury Yacht LA MOROCHA (sistership)


Luxury Yacht DESTINATION UNKNOWN (sistership)

Unit of measurement

Select a range price

superyacht rent

From: $2,383,000 / week

Lenght: 414.04ft   |   Guests: 12   |   Cabins: 13

superyacht rent

From: $704,000 / week

Lenght: 206.69ft   |   Guests: 12   |   Cabins: 6

superyacht rent

From: $226,000 / week

Lenght: 154.99ft   |   Guests: 10   |   Cabins: 5

superyacht rent

From: $323,000 / week

Lenght: 198ft   |   Guests: 30   |   Cabins: 15

superyacht rent

From: $498,000 / week

Lenght: 288.71ft   |   Guests: 12   |   Cabins: 6

superyacht rent

From: $487,000 / week

Lenght: 282.15ft   |   Guests: 12   |   Cabins: 7

superyacht rent

From: $368,000 / week

Lenght: 180.45ft   |   Guests: 12   |   Cabins: 5

superyacht rent

Lenght: 198ft   |   Guests: 10   |   Cabins: 5

superyacht rent

From: $282,000 / week

Lenght: 179.46ft   |   Guests: 12   |   Cabins: 6

superyacht rent

From: $227,000 / week

Lenght: 144ft   |   Guests: 10   |   Cabins: 5

superyacht rent

From: $867,000 / week

Lenght: 262.47ft   |   Guests: 12   |   Cabins: 12

superyacht rent

From: $250,000 / week

Lenght: 170.6ft   |   Guests: 12   |   Cabins: 6

superyacht rent

From: $168,000 / week

Lenght: 144.91ft   |   Guests: 12   |   Cabins: 6

superyacht rent

From: $758,000 / week

Lenght: 325.13ft   |   Guests: 34   |   Cabins: 17

superyacht rent

From: $152,000 / week

Lenght: 141.08ft   |   Guests: 10   |   Cabins: 5

superyacht rent

From: $504,000 / week

Lenght: 206.69ft   |   Guests: 12   |   Cabins: 7

superyacht rent

From: $341,000 / week

superyacht rent

From: $569,000 / week

Lenght: 240.16ft   |   Guests: 12   |   Cabins: 7

superyacht rent

From: $125,000 / week

Lenght: 121.39ft   |   Guests: 12   |   Cabins: 5

superyacht rent

From: $173,000 / week

Lenght: 125.33ft   |   Guests: 12   |   Cabins: 5

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Our experienced consultants has access to all charter yachts in the world. Get in touch for personalised advice.


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Discover all reasons why OceanLux is your site to charter the best Luxury Yachts

Superyachts from 1976

Leave us your email and one of our experts at OceanLux will reach out to you to personally assess you in finding the Superyacht that better suits your wishes for a dream voyage.

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Yacht Charter | Privé Yachts

  • International: + 1 305-917-1600
  • United States: + 1-866-967-7483
  • United Kingdom: + 44-208-099-0375
  • Brazil: + 55-11-37119296
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Blue Princess Star

Blue Princess Star

Maltese Falcon

Maltese Falcon

Private Crewed Yacht Charters and Luxury Yacht Rental

Welcome to Privé Yachts, your personal super yacht and mega yacht charter professionals.

Privé Yachts is a luxury yacht charter company that specializes in crewed super and mega yacht charters worldwide. Our professionals have access to over 1,500 available yacht charters around the globe, ensuring that our clients are matched with the best possible yachts to suit their needs. So whether you are seeking the adventure of a sailing yacht or the opulence of a mega yacht charter, the perfect luxury vacation can be created in just a few easy steps.

Privé Yachts is your best choice for super yacht and mega yacht charters.

Begin your charter selection by browsing Privé Yachts’ collection of superyachts, megayachts, sailing yachts and catamarans available in hundreds of destinations. Then contact your personal Privé Yachts charter expert who will assist you with every aspect of your yacht charter experience. Agents are available 24 hours a day to work directly with you and the captain to create custom itineraries, provide 5-star dining, and even offer concierge services before and after your trip. The perfect holiday aboard a luxury crewed yacht will be created according to your exact specifications. Only private yacht rental allows you to travel to the most breathtaking destinations in the world while enjoying 5 star luxuries in privacy of your own floating palace.

Charter a luxury crewed yachting vacation today.

Why Charter a Private Yacht?

  • Charter the crewed yacht of your choice.
  • Enjoy all the luxuries of a 5-star resort aboard your charted yacht.
  • All yachts are crewed with highly skilled professionals.
  • Corporate yacht charters available for your next professional event
  • Personal chefs create menus that cater to your tastes and preferences.
  • Avoid crowds and enjoy the privacy that only a yacht charter provides.
  • Cruise through secluded destinations and visit private islands inaccessible to most.
  • See the world in a way that few can from your luxury crewed yacht.

Safety and Reliability

Privé Yachts charter professionals travel extensively to boat shows and yacht charter shows year round to personally view and inspect as many of the yachts that are recommend as possible. If a yacht has not been personally inspected, references from past charterers or brokers will be retrieved to ensure the quality and safety of both vessel and crew.

Luxury Travel Experts

In addition to yacht charter expertise, Privé Yachts also specializes in all aspects of luxury travel. A charter agent will gladly lend their professional advice upon request. Whether you require concierge services or a tailor-made charter itinerary, Privé Yachts is here to help mitigate some of the more tedious aspects of preparing the perfect holiday at sea.

Call now to charter your next luxury crewed yacht charter.

  • Luxury yacht rental
  • Crewed private yacht charters
  • Motor Yacht charters
  • Mega yacht charters
  • Super yacht charters
  • Sailboats charters
  • Sailing yachts charters
  • Catamaran charters
  • Corporate Yacht charters

Hundreds of super yachts and mega yachts available worldwide.

Yacht charters in the Mediterranean include destinations such as:

  • French Riviera – St. Tropez, Cannes, Nice, Antibes, Cote Azure
  • Italian Riviera – Portofino, Genoa, Venice, Sardinia
  • Greece and the Cyclades Islands, Croatia, Corsica, Turkey, Monte Carlo, Monaco

Yacht charters in the Caribbean include such destinations as:

  • The Bahamas
  • British Virgin Islands
  • St. Maarten – St. Martin
  • Leeward Islands

Yacht charters worldwide also include Thailand, Indonesia, Fiji, Maldives, Seychelles, Alaska, and many other destinations.

Celebrate your next vacation in style aboard a luxury crewed yacht charter. Our staff is available 24 hours a day, so never hesitate to contact us for any reason.

Whether you wish to travel to the Caribbean for the winter season, Monaco for the Grand Prix or revel in the beauty of the Maldives, we are here to deliver the best possible yachting experience. So remain in the height of luxury even in the most exotic of destinations because with Privé Yachts, the world is truly yours.

Bon Voyage!

View Privé Yachts' eBrochure

Special Events

  • Abu Dhabi Yacht Show
  • America's Cup World Series
  • American Superyacht Forum
  • Amsterdam In-Water Boat Show
  • Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta
  • Antigua Sailing Week
  • Boot Düsseldorf Trade Fair
  • Cannes Film Festival
  • Cape Town International Boat Show
  • Caribbean Superyacht Regatta and Rendezvous
  • China International Boat Show
  • Cowes Superyacht Cup Regatta
  • Croatia Boat Show
  • Dubai International Boat Show
  • Eurasia Boat Show
  • Festival de la Plaisance de Cannes
  • Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show
  • Genoa Boat Show
  • Hainan Rendez-vous
  • Hanseboot Hamburg International Boat Show
  • International Rolex Regatta
  • Internautica International Boat Show
  • Italian Superyacht Forum
  • Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez
  • Loro Piana Superyacht Cup Regatta
  • Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show
  • Monaco Grand Prix
  • Monaco Yacht Show
  • Moscow International Boat and Yacht Show
  • Mumbai International Boat Show
  • Newport Bucket Regatta
  • Palm Beach International Boat Show
  • Palma Superyacht Cup Regatta
  • Phuket International Boat Show
  • Salon Nautique International de Paris
  • Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show
  • Singapore Yacht Show
  • Southampton Boat Show
  • St. Barths Bucket Regatta
  • Summer Olympics
  • Superyacht Challenge in Antigua
  • Superyacht Design Symposium
  • Sydney International Boat Show
  • Tullett Prebon London Boat Show
  • World Superyacht Awards

superyacht rent

FAITH Motor yacht for charter

Without exaggeration, the 96.6m Feadship FAITH is quite unmatched in quality, features and the standard of service delivered by a well-established and talented crew; hand-picked and superbly trained by the most discerning owner.

superyacht rent

Absolute perfection in a yacht, FAITH changes expectations.

  • Unique owner's deck with incredible volume and skylight in the master cabin
  • 9m x 3.6m glass-bottomed swimming pool
  • Breathtaking beach club - fully open to the sea
  • Games deck (football, volleyball, tennis, pickleball, basketball and fitness circuit)
  • Chic and spacious indoor cinema
  • Impressive gym on sun deck with unique equipment inventory for indoor and outdoor training
  • Exclusive wellness centre with massage room, large Hammam and spectacular snow room


superyacht rent

View all yachts for charter

Sensational features such as the large glass-bottomed swimming pool and her breath-taking beach club will surpass outdoor lovers' expectations.

Active charterers will be wowed by the multiple set ups on the games deck and the fabulous indoor gym on the sun deck. Celebrate the sea with all the very latest watertoys, two 10m custom Feadship tenders and a ski boat – there’s a tender for every occasion. FAITH is completed by the ultimate wellness centre on board which includes a massage room, a large hammam and a spectacular snow room.

Dine without compromise with three gifted and versatile chefs, a wood fired pizza oven, charcoal BBQ and bar on the sun deck, wine cellar and a full beach BBQ set-up. Watch movies in the chic and spacious cinema or sports on the sun deck's outdoor TV screen, then entertain your guests into the night on a baby grand piano – so many options to create a fantastic atmosphere on board.

Retreat to a private owner's deck with fireplace inside and firepit outside, lounge with home cinema and skylight for stargazing. Whilst guests are sumptuously accommodated on the main deck in two VIP suites and four spacious double cabins, with all decks served by the elevator.

Everything about this remarkable yacht is the very best of the very best. If that is what you demand, you have got to have FAITH. We can say with confidence that you will never charter a finer yacht.

Tenders & toys

  • 2 × Limousine tenders
  • 1 × Tender
  • 1 × Deck jacuzzi
  • RYA training centre for jetskis & waverunners
  • 2 × Waverunners
  • 3 × SeaBobs
  • 1 × Flyboard
  • 1 × Hoverboard
  • 1 × JetLev
  • 1 × Jetsurf
  • 1 × eFoil
  • 2 × Kayaks
  • 4 × Stand up paddleboards
  • Pedal board
  • Inflatable tows
  • Fishing gear
  • Snorkelling gear

Please note that tenders and toys are subject to regular upgrades and changes. Contact a Burgess broker for the latest information.

Fitness equipment

superyacht rent

  • Basketball court
  • Boxing equipment
  • Cross trainer
  • Exercise balls
  • Free weights
  • Kinesis machine
  • Personal trainer
  • Resistance bands
  • Training bench
  • Beauty salon
  • Hammam/Steam room
  • Massage room
  • On board masseuse

Please note that fitness equipment and wellness facilities are subject to regular upgrades and changes. Contact a Burgess broker for the latest information.

Check availability

Faith is available for those dates, faith is available for those dates subject to confirmation., sorry, faith isn't available for those dates, contact a broker to discuss your requirements, please change your dates or contact us for a personalised yacht selection..

In order to understand how we use and protect your personal information, please read our privacy policy.

West Mediterranean

Please enquire

Explore the West Mediterranean

superyacht rent

Feel real power on the largest selection of sailing charter yachts

superyacht rent

Discover a Seychelles charter

superyacht rent

A yacht charter guide to Thailand

superyacht rent

Charter in New Zealand

superyacht rent

Charter ALCHEMY - 2024's best motor yacht in the world

superyacht rent

Book MAVERICK for a golden charter

superyacht rent

Discover clean-tech yachting expeditions

superyacht rent

Book for spring break 2025

Explore more in this destination.


  • The Bahamas

Explore the Bahamas

superyacht rent

Get in touch and discover the Burgess difference today

If you have any questions about where to go, what to do, any dietary requirements, or anything else, please ask. We’re here to help you make this the best experience you’ve ever had.

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superyacht rent

Charter RUYA

Remaining summer availability in the West Mediterranean

Huge sun deck with bar, BBQ, open-air jacuzzi and gym equipment for morning workouts

superyacht rent


Available from July onwards in the West Mediterranean

Lovely family yacht with great deck spaces, a large sunpad on aft and forward sunloungers

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Not for Reach only - New York Times

  • What customers are saying about us 8.1 of 10 Annemarie Nice people in customer service, price and handling was fast convenient. We went to Croatia by plane and enjoyed our week on the boat. Would recommend them.
  • What customers are saying about us 4 of 5 Karen E. Rowley The Ultimate memory of a lifetime, book today.
  • What customers are saying about us 8.1 of 10 Gina We booked our travel again with Yachtico. Easy customer service. Very well working website. I would recommend Yachtico.
  • What customers are saying about us 4 of 5 Ahsan Ronin I had a great experience with Yachtico. They are trustworthy and helped a lot. I can recommend them.

TOP Yacht Vacation Destinations

Bareboat charter in BVI, skippered yacht rental in GREECE, crewed catamaran sailing in the CARIBBEAN. Whether it's family sailing in the MEDITERRANEAN or yachting on a superyacht in IBIZA, get inspired and discover the best holiday spots for yacht vacation rentals. Check out our recommended sailing itineraries and the world's greatest yachting destinations! Memorable experience - unforgettable time!

Yacht Vacations in the Caribbean - Yacht Charter Caribbean


Yacht Charter Thailand | YACHTICO.com


French Polynesia


Yacht vacations within your reach - sailing on your own yacht: not just a dream, yacht rentals – cruising on the catamaran, sailboat, or motoryacht around the world.

Have you ever sat on the beach and been envious of the sailboats which glide in at their leisure and pull up anchor for the horizon when they’ve had enough? Or maybe something more peaceful for sailing vacation with the family, discovering BVI on a catamaran with a catamaran charter in the BVI equipped with all the amenities of home?  You don’t have to just dream, YACHTICO.com has affordable yachts for rent and boats for charter all over the World. Turn your dream into reality and book your yacht vacation directly online!

Yacht Vacation within your reach - Sailing Holiday and Yachting Vacations

Charter Wiki - Help Center - Yacht Charter Guide

Book your yacht vacation online with only 3 clicks! Find your destination, choose a yacht you’d like to experience, check the yacht availability in real time and book your dream yacht vacation online. Even if you can’t sail yourself, it’s easy for us to help you book a captain or crew so you can just relax and enjoy the sailing trip.

Yacht Charter & Yacht Rentals

Sailboats, Motorboats, Catamarans, Sailing Yachts - pre-select from more than 16,000 Charter Yachts Worldwide. Which charter boat is the best for You? Whether you are looking for a bareboat charter or skippered yachts we offer affordable yacht vacation rentals for everyone. Bareboat rental, luxury yacht charter with captain and crew, catamaran boat with skipper only or sailboat charter for family holidays. On YACHTICO.com you will find the right yacht for your dream yacht vacations.

Yacht Holidays: Where to Go for the Best Experience

Whether it be Split in Croatia, Paros in Greece or Guadeloupe catamaran charter Caribbean, we have compiled some great sailing itineraries and route suggestions for your yacht vacation. A family holiday aboard sailing catamaran, a party vacation on a sailboat or ideal sea adventure on your motor yacht - we do it all. Check our recommended Top Sailing Destinations

Yacht Charter Guide: Navigating Smooth Sailing

Our Yacht Charter Guide is designed to help you organize your yacht vacation. You can book your dream yacht holiday  online - as simply as you can book a hotel or flights. How to charter a yacht online? Where to go sailing with kids? How much does sailing holiday costs? Consider what crew you will need. Have a look at our Yacht Charter Step by Step Guide . Good preparation is the key to a smooth sailing holiday!

Easy Yacht Rentals Online! YACHTICO.com is the No.1 Worldwide for Your Dream Yacht Charter Vacation. With more than 16,000 professionally maintained charter yachts worldwide YACHTICO.com has the best choice for you. Explore our recommended sailing destinations with preselected, affordable options for you. Find and compare yachts for charter by price and destination and book your boating vacation online.

Most Popular Yacht Charters & Yacht Rentals

Most Popular Yacht Charters and Yacht Rentals

Choose your Yacht Charter

Explore and discover, the best places.

Yacht Charter and Yacht Rentals - YACHTICO.com

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superyacht rent

1 week luxurz boat rental with Northrop & Johnson

  • Yachts for Charter
  • Yachts to Charter for One Week

Best Yachts to Charter for One Week

1,330 Yachts for Charter

A seven-day or one-week yacht charter is an ideal introduction to a luxury yacht charter or when you want to enjoy a short but truly meaningful getaway. A one-week vacation offers plenty of time to relax and make the most of your boat’s many onboard amenities. Aboard a high-performance boat, you will also be able to visit multiple destinations.

Sorry, there were no results found for your search.

Charter a luxury yacht for one week

Whether you opt for a sailing yacht , a luxury motor boat , or a multi-hull vessel, on a seven-day yacht rental , you are guaranteed an incredible vacation on the water.  A crewed boat charter offers a highly exclusive and private experience, with itineraries and experiences tailored to your precise needs.

Northrop & Johnson has access to every luxury yacht charter on the planet. Our team of charter specialists can arrange incredible one-week itineraries in any destination in the world. Browse our yachts for charter for one week or contact our team.

Contact a Yacht Charter Broker

Seven day luxury boat rentals

How much does it cost to charter a yacht for one week.

A luxury yacht rental for one week or seven days starts from around US$50,000 for a 98.4ft (30m) boat and rises to more than $2 million per week for the world’s most luxurious superyachts and mega yachts.

Where can I cruise to during a one-week yacht charter?

Popular one-week cruising destinations include the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Elegant one-week itineraries can be arranged along the French Riviera, the Amalif Coat, the Greek Islands, and the Balearic Islands, to name just a few destinations. Superyacht hotspots for a one-week boat rental in the Caribbean include St Barts, the British Virgin Islands, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Jamaica.

Proud to be part of the MarineMax family

© 2024 Northrop & Johnson

superyacht rent

Charter Yacht Options

Whether sailing is your pleasure or power yachts are your passion, The Charter Yacht Company will help you find the perfect Charter Yacht to suit your preferences and fit your budget. 

Catamaran Sailing Yacht

Catamaran Yachts.jpg

Ranging from 35ft – over 100ft, Sailing Catamarans boast open-concept designs, spacious staterooms, and vast deck space, providing personal space for everyone.  They are very stable on the water as you glide along on an exciting sail.  With their shallow keels, they can navigate into secluded locations and tranquil waters right of the coastline.  Since Catamarans sit low on the water, it's easy to be connected with those swimming while others lounge in the cockpit.  Catamarans offer incredible luxury and comfort for their size.   

Monohull Sailing Yachts

monohull yachts.JPG

From classic yachts and superyachts, to cruising and performance yachts, you can enjoy the thrill of monohull sailing to suit your preference and budget.  As the wind fills your sails and you begin to heel, feel the Yacht propel forward as you slice through the water on an exhilarating sail.  Join a local regatta that exciting competition, great parties, and often have both racing and cruising yacht divisions.  Monohulls are also great yachts to learn to sail on, whether it's for a hobby or to complete a sailing course and certification.  

Power Yachts

Power yachts.jpg

Boasting multilevel decks, lavish accommodations, and elite amenities, Power Yachts offer their guests pure luxury and comfort.  Explore as much of the destination as possible, as you zip from one location to the next with ease and speed.   From Power Catamarans to Mega Yachts, there is a range of power yachts to suit various preferences and budgets, offering a seemingly endless variety of amenities and luxuries.  

Fully Crewed Yacht Charters

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On a Crewed Yacht, your friendly and professional Crew will guide you to all the best locations to suit your preferences and endeavors, whether it's teaching you to scuba dive or sail, towing you on a wakeboard, hiking, nightlife, and more.  They will pamper you with fine dining and delicious cocktails, all set to your preferences.  Sit back and enjoy and let your professional Crew take care of everything for you.  Check out some some wonderful  Yacht and Crew Reviews

Captain Only Charters

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Hire a professional skipper to navigate and take responsibility for the vessel, so you can relax with the peace of mind of having someone on board who knows the mechanics of the yacht and local waters.  Some skippers also offer sailing instruction, which is a great way to give you the confidence to bareboat charter on your own in the future.  You can provision and cook for yourselves or dine ashore at the local restaurants.  

Learn to Sail Charters

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With a Certified Sailing Instructor Skipper aboard, you can learn the ropes and obtain Certifications while enjoying the pleasures of a charter yacht vacation.   Whether you have never sailed before and want to learn, or just want to increase your current ability, this is a fun way to learn new skills each day and prepare you to bareboat charter in the future.

Bareboat Charters

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On a bareboat charter, you are the Captain and Crew, with the freedom and confidence to explore amazing boating destinations around the world.  You will be provided with cruising guides, as well as in-depth chart and boat briefing, and local support contacts, so you can cast off with confidence and excitement as you commence on your adventure.  Provisioning is made easy by either arranging to have your supplies already onboard or visiting the local shops to stock up on your own.  Dining at the local restaurants is also a great way to enjoy the vibrant culture ashore.

Multiple Yacht and Flotilla Charters

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Multiple yacht charters are a ton of fun and the perfect way to bring friends and family together, whether it's a family reunion, groups of families or couples, or a corporate incentive trip.  You can have fun races from one location to the next and raft up together at anchor.  If people want to do different things, i.e., some want to fish or scuba dive, while others want to sunbathe or go ashore, then the yachts can always split up and rendezvous later.  Whether you choose a fully crewed yacht or bareboat, multiple yacht charters are always a blast.  

By-The-Cabin Charters

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For singles or couples wanting to charter an all-inclusive Crewed Yacht at fantastic rates and in the company of other travelers, an all-inclusive By-The-Cabin Charter is a perfect choice and a great alternative to crowded cruise ships. You can pursue your endeavors, with multiple Crew ready to take you diving, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, beaching, and much, much more. These yachts are all about fun, as you explore the gorgeous islands, sharing great times and adventures with others.

Scuba Diving Charters

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Whether you are an experienced diver, or you want to learn, the ease of diving right from your Yacht is an excellent experience.  Between dives, you can hop in a warm shower and reminisce about the dive you just had and get ready for your next underwater exploration.  A selection of our fully crewed yachts offer scuba diving on board, with some also offering for those who want to learn and experience this fantastic sport.

Other Specialty Charters

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Many yachts and Crew specialize in various activities, such as yoga and wellness retreat style charters, extended passage charters, surfing or kiteboarding charters, fishing charters, etc.   Let us know what your passions and endeavors are, and we will show the best Yacht and Crew to suit you!

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“ Great boat for the price! Jiri was helpful, patient, and flexible! Also the marina was in a prime location. 10/10 would rent again! ”

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“ Amazing experience! We had such a blast and Joe was fantastic. Couldn’t recommend more! 100% will book again! ”

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“ Boat was extremely clean, very spacious and the speaker system was great. Definitely will be renting this boat again! ”

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“ Great experience. Lindsay was friendly and helpful. We had a fantastic time. Would rent again. ”

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“ I had the most amazing time ever! I would give ten stars if I could. ”

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Yacht Charter Costs Explained

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A comprehensive breakdown of your charter costs and fees.

When you begin planning a luxury yacht charter it is important to be aware of what is included in the cost of booking your dream charter yacht. although a yacht will have a base charter fee, this may or may not include additional expenses such as food and fuel and this is subject to the terms and conditions within the charter contract. there are various types of charter contracts and which one applies to you will depend on where you wish to cruise., high season.

High season refers to the most popular weeks of the year for yacht charter, whether it’s the winter period in the Caribbean or the height of summer in the Mediterranean , booking in high season requires early planning, determination and a big budget. In addition, planning a yacht charter to coincide with a major event will also be reflected in the price with marine spots for elite events often booking up early. Allow plenty of time when making enquiries to ensure a star studded, well prepared arrival.

Low season typically refers to any time outside of the high season periods. Groups of families and friends looking for a relaxing luxury vacation are advised to avoid high season weeks and opt for weeks outside of this time. The busiest periods are of course reflected in the charter costs and can be up to 15 to 30 percent more expensive than typical low season periods. Chartering a few weeks either side of these busy periods can be almost exactly the same, with the weather almost unchanged in some places, with far less crowds.

Take to our detailed destination guides and browse the yachts available in your chosen destination. Some of the most successful superyachts in the industry can be reserved up to a year in advance and as most yacht brokers will warn away from last minute bookings, it is better to book early and have the pick of the bunch rather than miss out at the last moment. Browse the Events section for details on upcoming festivals and sporting events or visit our Finding a Yacht Broker page to begin your planning your luxury yacht charter.

This article will go into detail of the costs to be expected when planning and booking a yacht charter. From the base charter fee of a yacht, what is covered within the fee and how it may vary in addition to details of contracts and how an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) can be used to manage any expenses.

Base Charter Fee

The base charter fee in essence refers to the hire cost of the yacht itself, with all equipment in working order in addition to the cost of food and wages for the crew during the entirety of the charter. This is essentially all the base charter fee covers with additional expenses often applicable on top. The base charter fee will vary from one yacht to another and this may be down to any number of reasons from size and on board amenities to the charter season. For instance, the base rate of a charter yacht may increase in "high season" and reduce during the "low season". "High season" and "low season" refers to the busiest and slowest periods for yacht charters though this may appear misleading, as these peak times refer to periods of weeks as opposed to full seasons. In addition, you may find that a yacht is also more expensive during special events such as the Monaco Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival and America's Cup. Unless you are keen to charter a yacht for a particular "high season" event, choose your dates carefully as although a "high season" rate will be more expensive than the "low season" the two can sometimes share much of the same weather conditions.

Aside from seasons and events, yachts of the same size may also differ in price and this may be down to a vast difference in on board amenities. A yacht which boasts an on board cinema or lavish water toys may have a higher base rate compared with a yacht of minimal amenities of the same size. If it is unclear as to why two yachts of the same size are vastly different in price, ask your yacht broker to explain what the differences are. Once you are clear on what the base price is and why, it is important to discover what costs will be applicable on top and this is dependent on the type of charter contract used.

The type of charter contract applicable to your charter will depend on where in the world you are cruising, as there are various terms within the industry which dictate how the payment structure is determined. For instance, a MYBA (Worldwide Yachting Association, formerly known as Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association) contract operates under Western Mediterranean Terms (WMT) and is arguably the most commonly used, particularly with large yachts embarking on a Mediterranean yacht charter. This contract is often referred to as a "plus all expenses" contract and requires that the charterer pay for fuel, food, beverages and dockage fees as an additional expense outside of the base charter fee. Typically, guests can accumulate an additional 25% to 50% of the base charter fee though this is dependent on what is consumed. These expenses can be tracked through the use of an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) which we will cover in the next section.

Alternatively, smaller yachts on a Caribbean yacht charter can expect a "mostly all-inclusive" contract known as Caribbean Terms Inclusive (CTI) sometimes referred to as Standard Caribbean Terms (SCT). The Standard Caribbean Terms greatly differ from Western Mediterranean Terms, as the Caribbean terms include three meals a day in addition to four hours cruising per day which is included in the base charter fee.

In addition to the commonly used MYBA terms and Standard Caribbean Terms, there are also less frequently used terms such as Standard Eastern Mediterranean Terms (SEMT) and Greek Terms (GI). Read our guide on Understanding Charter Contracts for more information and if you are unsure as to what is included under the terms of your contract, be sure to ask your broker.

Advance Provisioning Allowance (commonly referred to as APA)

Irrespective of the charter contract it is important for guests to be aware of the Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA). The APA was designed to enable charterers to manage their expenses through a clear and trackable arrangement. An APA is a way to deposit the estimated expense amount of your charter to cover costs such as fuel, food and dockage fees. Typically, the APA accrues to approximately 25% to 30% of the base charter fee, though this does of course depend on the charter parties tastes and requirements and could be far less or far greater than this estimation. For instance, charter guests who intend to regularly dine on caviar and vintage wine can expect to pay more, whereas guests on board a sailing yacht charter can expect to save on fuel costs. Charterers can request an estimated APA amount from the yacht broker based on their on board expectations.

The APA is to be paid approximately one month prior to boarding the charter yacht and is paid directly to the Captain of the yacht. Once the APA has been paid to the captain it will then be retained as a bank account of sorts, from which the captain can make expenditures whilst keeping a record of what has been spent. At any point during the yacht charter guests can request a rundown of accounts from the captain as a way of keeping track of expenditures. The captain will request that any additional funds are paid during the charter should guests exceed the APA. It is therefore a good idea to keep an additional account with your yacht broker on shore, as should the APA become critically low at any time the yacht broker can release additional funds to the captain on the charterers command. Cash can be used if necessary though an on shore account may be deemed as hassle free to some.

It is important to remember that food and fuel for example, are charged at cost without mark up to the charterer and upon disembarking, transactions can be reviewed by the "head" charterer and Captain with any remaining funds to be paid back to the charterer.

Fuel and Dockage Fees

It is important to remember that whilst considering fuel costs, the fuel consumed when using jet-skis and tenders will also apply to the charterer. In addition, whilst docked at a marina the generators used in order to produce electricity will also use fuel. The distance travelled and speed of cruising also affects fuel costs and it is important to bear these factors in mind. Dockage fees may vary from very little to large sums and this is dependent again upon the location and whether you wish to dock during a special event such as the Monaco Grand Prix.

Although insurance costs are not directly connected to the charter costs as such, it is useful to bear in mind should you with to take out Charterers Liability Insurance or Cancellation and Curtailment cover. You can read more information regarding insurance in our How to Book and Plan a Yacht Charter article.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

European Union (EU) tax laws state VAT will apply should you disembark within their waters, for example Italian territorial waters. This may also apply to some Caribbean islands. Commercially registered vessels are usually VAT exempt though vessels which are not commercially registered will be liable for VAT for all charters within the EU.

No request is too large or detail too small on a yacht charter though it is wise to keep in mind the shipping costs should you request an expensive bottle of champagne to be transported to you whilst you are residing in a secluded bay of the Caribbean. It is important to understand the entire payment structure to ensure no unpleasant surprises arise and it is often prudent to keep an escrow account with your broker on shore in order to control charter costs without having to carry cash on board.

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Featured Luxury Yachts for Charter

This is a small selection of the global luxury yacht charter fleet, with 3618 motor yachts, sail yachts, explorer yachts and catamarans to choose from including superyachts and megayachts, the world is your oyster. Why search for your ideal yacht charter vacation anywhere else?

Flying Fox yacht charter

136m | Lurssen

from $4,358,000 p/week ♦︎

Ahpo yacht charter

115m | Lurssen

from $2,833,000 p/week ♦︎

O'Ptasia yacht charter

85m | Golden Yachts

from $980,000 p/week ♦︎

Project X yacht charter

88m | Golden Yachts

from $1,198,000 p/week ♦︎

Savannah yacht charter

84m | Feadship

from $1,089,000 p/week ♦︎

Lady S yacht charter

93m | Feadship

from $1,521,000 p/week ♦︎

Maltese Falcon yacht charter

Maltese Falcon

88m | Perini Navi

from $490,000 p/week

Kismet yacht charter

122m | Lurssen

from $3,000,000 p/week

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The global megarich are paying up to $2 million a week for superyacht rentals but smaller boat charters are down

Luxury yachts in the harbour of Saint Tropez on August 20, 2017 in Saint-Tropez, France.

Sales of luxury yachts may be down but the world’s megarich have found another, more instantaneous way to get their high seas kicks — chartering a swanky boat instead.

Total chartered days for yachts longer than 50 meters has increased since 2020, according to  IYC , a global firm specializing in the sale and charters of luxury yachts. Vessels between 60 to 70 meters posted the most growth last year, at 10%, whereas shorter yachts aren’t nearly as popular as before.

IYC Chief Executive Officer  Raphael Sauleau  said he’s seeing more customers willing to pay a higher premium for the ultimate ocean experience. Clients are willing to pay more for a so-called advanced provisioning allowance, which covers on-board expenses like food and service, of up to 40% compared to the standard 30% of the total charter fee, he said.

New customers are coming to yachting “with an appetite for larger yachts,” Sauleau said. Compared with smaller vessels, these floating villas come with more privacy, better facilities and a larger crew. A bigger range of large models that’s become available over the past three years has also contributed to higher bookings, he added.

Fraser Yachts , a major international broker, is experiencing a similar phenomenon, receiving 7% more charter bookings for yachts over 60 meters in 2023 versus prior years. Across yachts of all sizes however, the number of charter days reported last year was 19% down on 2021.

It’s a quirk that would seem to chime with the trend of super luxury brands defying a broader luxury slowdown. Hermes International SCA, for example, saw Chinese buyers  snap up its products . Hermes typically caters to the most affluent customers, making it more resilient in a challenging luxury goods market.

At the same time, sales of floating palaces are waning, the Superyacht Times said in a  report  in March. Sales of superyachts, generally defined as boats longer than 30 meters, contracted 20% in 2023 from 2022 and are well down on 2021, when many rich people splurged on boats to travel in a safe and exclusive way.

Stacy Fischer-Rosenthal , the president of luxury travel and lifestyle consultancy Fischer Travel Enterprises, said she’s expecting to help clients charter at least 10 yachts this year. Most of the interest is around megayachts — or yachts above 60 meters — and prices range from about $700,000 to $2 million a week, she said.

Wealthy people may be shying away from outright purchases due to geopolitical worries and global conflicts.

Fear of more widespread fighting in the Middle East and Russian’s war in Ukraine “seem to make some buyers nervous, particularly those in the market for very large new builds,” the Superyacht Times said.

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Ryanair’s shares are up 14% since 2020, while low-cost rival EasyJet’s are down 72%—what is CEO Michael O’Leary getting right?

Oliver Blume, Chief Executive Officer, Volkswagen and Porsche.

Electric mobility has ‘won the race’ but Volkswagen hits brakes on EV strategy

Man charges electric vehicle.

BYD eyes manufacturing in Turkey as another route into EU customs area for EV imports

Daniel Ek, co-founder and chief executive officer of Spotify.

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Bayer AG, the German conglomerate that owns Bayer 04 Leverkusen, a football team that on Saturday could complete the first-ever undefeated season in the country’s top-tier Bundesliga in front of 30,000 fans.

Pharma giant Bayer’s shares have fallen 70% in 6 years—but its football team, the best in Germany, is thriving

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France admits it’s lost control of parts of New Caledonia, the world’s third-largest producer of critical EV metal nickel

superyacht rent

Why can’t America have high speed rail? Because our investment is a ‘rounding error’ compared with Europe’s, says Amtrak’s CEO

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Consumers are so demoralized by inflation and high rates that they’ve given up on saving for the American Dream and are spending money instead, economist says

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Thousands of North Koreans stole Americans’ identities and took remote-work tech jobs at Fortune 500 companies, DOJ says

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Texas power prices briefly soar 1,600% as a spring heat wave is expected to drive record demand for energy

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Amazon raised warehouse wages to $15 an hour 5 years ago. Today, half of workers surveyed told researchers they struggle to afford  food or rent



    La Datcha 77m Damen Yachting from $740,000 p/week ♦︎. Andrea 74m CRN from $988,000 p/week ♦︎. Titania 73m Lurssen from $615,000 p/week ♦︎. Search the entire global luxury Yacht Charter Fleet (3,000+ yachts) find the best crewed superyachts & megayachts to rent for your dream private yacht vacation.

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    Kismet. This is a small selection of the global luxury yacht charter fleet, with 3617 motor yachts, sail yachts, explorer yachts and catamarans to choose from including superyachts and megayachts, the world is your oyster.

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    CharterWorld provides full charter yacht rental sailing vacations & holidays including flights, accommodation and sightseeing. Sailing charters and sail boats from luxury catamarans to crewed boats, classic yachts as well as new ones. Power/Motor boats: Luxury power & motor boat charter yachts are available either as crewed yachts, classic or new.

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    Charter rates are typically quoted by the week and prices vary depending on the model of the yacht, size, year built, and onboard amenities. Most yachts have higher rates during peak season (July, August, Christmas and New Year) with lower rates throughout the rest of the year. Browse our yachts for charter.

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    Why Charter a Yacht with The Moorings? For more than 50 years we've set the standard for Sail charters, Power charters and all-Inclusive Crewed yacht charters in over 20 destinations across the globe.. The Moorings is proud to have one of the newest fleets in the industry, and an array of incredible destinations to explore. Whether you set sail on one of our state-of-the-art catamarans in ...

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    Request a Free Quote Private Crewed Yacht Charters and Luxury Yacht Rental. Welcome to Privé Yachts, your personal super yacht and mega yacht charter professionals.. Privé Yachts is a luxury yacht charter company that specializes in crewed super and mega yacht charters worldwide. Our professionals have access to over 1,500 available yacht charters around the globe, ensuring that our clients ...

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    Contact us now using the form below for a personalized quote and recommended itinerary. At Boatsetter, we offer a range of luxury term or day charter options around the globe. Our dedicated White Glove Concierge team will guide you through the planning process to ensure a custom, one-of-a-kind experience for your exclusive charter.

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    Charter a luxury yacht with Burgess. We are trusted for our expertise, and it is the first-hand insights of our charter brokers that raise the bar. Our collective knowledge serves to make your superyacht charter experience exceptional. Explore our stunning collection of luxury yachts for rent or hire and speak to our experts about chartering a ...

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    Vacationing aboard a luxury yacht is one of the most exclusive types of vacation available. Combine one-of-a-kind destinations with first class service, privacy, exquisite cuisine and unbeatable luxury amenities. Whether browsing by destination, yacht or dates, our vast selection of available boats for charter ensures we ll find the perfect fit.

  15. Luxury Yachts For Charter

    There are a range of yachts to choose from to suit your requirements, ranging from 30m to over 100m. Elegant sailing yachts, high performance motor yachts, yachts with expansive deck spaces and yachts with armadas of water toys - Fraser has access to over 1,000 luxury charter yachts around the world; the ideal yacht is waiting for you to come aboard.

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    55' Huge SeaRay Motor Yacht- Best Boat in Miami 😍🧡. 2 - 8 hours Captained. Up to 12 passengers. $750+ /hour. North Bay Village, FL. 5.0 (22 bookings)

  17. FAITH Superyacht

    Absolute perfection in a yacht, FAITH changes expectations. Unique owner's deck with incredible volume and skylight in the master cabin. 9m x 3.6m glass-bottomed swimming pool. Breathtaking beach club - fully open to the sea. Games deck (football, volleyball, tennis, pickleball, basketball and fitness circuit) Chic and spacious indoor cinema.


    Birthday yacht rentals range from $2,000/4 hours for a 40-foot motor yacht (up to 8 guests), to $13,500/4 hours for a luxury 143-foot superyacht (up to 12 guests). To see the full list of yachts, select your destinations. Feel free to contact us.

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    Yacht Charter #1 - 16,000+ Charter Yachts & Yacht Rentals worldwide ready to book a Yacht Vacation online. Within our great selection of MOTOR YACHTS, SAILING BOATS, CATAMARANS or LUXURY SUPERYACHTS for charter and rental you can easily FIND COMPARE BOOK your yacht holiday directly online. Rent a yacht for your perfect sailing vacations in just ...

  20. One Week Yacht Charter

    Charter a luxury yacht for one week. Whether you opt for a sailing yacht, a luxury motor boat, or a multi-hull vessel, on a seven-day yacht rental, you are guaranteed an incredible vacation on the water. A crewed boat charter offers a highly exclusive and private experience, with itineraries and experiences tailored to your precise needs.

  21. Yacht Charter Vacations

    Stay up to date with news and events or get some inspiration for your next yacht charter and pick up useful tips by reading our latest blogs. Get ready for a vacation of a lifetime with Dream Yacht Charter. Discover the world with bareboat, cabin and crewed rentals in 40+ locations!

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    Pick your perfect motor yacht on rent that suits your preferences and fits your budget. Explore our luxury boat yachts and make your vacation full of excitement. top of page. Rates & Availability. Request A Quote. About Us. Est. 2004. [email protected]. Toll Free 1-866-599-2248. Canada 1-416-550-4071. USA 1-954-944-3610.

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    Florida Keys, FL. Clearwater, FL. Newport Beach, CA. Cape Coral, FL. Dallas, TX. Show more. Rent a boat today, with or without a boat captain, and get out on the water! Browse our huge selection of boat rentals near you including yachts, pontoons, sailboats, fishing boats, wakeboarding boats, Catamarans & more!

  24. Yacht Charter Costs Explained

    The base charter fee in essence refers to the hire cost of the yacht itself, with all equipment in working order in addition to the cost of food and wages for the crew during the entirety of the charter. This is essentially all the base charter fee covers with additional expenses often applicable on top. The base charter fee will vary from one ...

  25. Global megarich are paying up to $2 million a week for superyacht

    The global megarich are paying up to $2 million a week for superyacht rentals but smaller boat charters are down. BY Yihui Xie and Bloomberg. Luxury yachts in the harbour of Saint Tropez on August ...