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Trawlers for sale by location, size, price + brand. Denison Yacht Sales is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Beneteau Swift Trawlers . You can also search by model + year as well as find a trawler  specialist

Quick Search Trawlers

Featured trawlers.

121' Van der Valk 2024 |

110' Cheoy Lee 1990 | ARIES

70' Marlow 2003 | THE GARLIC

68' Cheoy Lee 2009 | ST. TROPEZ

62' Beneteau 2022 | Opilio

59' Grand Banks 2008 | First Light

58' Hatteras 1975 |

54' Ocean Alexander 1991 | Mokulani

53' Cranchi 2017 |

Search Trawlers By Brand

  • Grand Banks
  • Marine Trader

About Trawler Yachts

Trawlers Characteristics: Trawlers are generally defined as motor yachts that boast fuel efficiency, rugged lines, sea worthy hull designs for long-distance cruising, and interior layouts that are beneficial for liveaboard yacht owners.

Trawler Construction & Hull Design: Beginning in the 1970's, most trawlers are fiberglass-construction. However, many large trawlers, and expedition yachts over 75', are built with steel and aluminum hulls and superstructures. Classic trawlers and motor yachts were typically built out of wood. With a caring owner, many of these trawlers are still in use today.

Trawlers with full-displacement hulls are for yachtsmen that place a high value on distance, comfort, and safety over speed. Trawlers typically have deeper drafts (with a skeg or keel deeper than the propellers so that the running gear and propellers aren't damaged if the hull touches the bottom).

Trawlers are usually designed with a round chine, or hull configuration with a curve near the waterline instead of a hard chine typically found on semi-displacement motor yachts. This hull design has been proven over many centuries to be the most efficient at lower speeds. Of course, this hull design also allows a higher volume of interior space, which benefits long-range cruising as well. Many trawlers and expedition yachts utilize stabilizers to minimize rolling at sea.

Bulbous bows can also be found on larger displacement trawlers. Large commercial vessels use this protruding underwater stem to break the water in front of the vessel and thus reduce the friction of movement, which results in a more efficient hull design. Yachts may use them for the same effect as well as for possible attributes in reducing pitch, or fore and aft motion. The most popular Trawlers built with bulbous bow options are Selene Trawlers , and Nordhavn Yachts (both full-displacement trawler builders as well).

Trawler Power Options: Trawlers are usually powered with single engines to achieve better efficiency for longer-distance cruising. However, many trawlers are fitted with a second engine, or a get-home generator that will assist owners if the single engine were to fail.

Ocean-Cruising on a Trawler: Many trawler owners are enticed to the idea of owning a large trawler or expedition yacht so they have the ability to cross oceans and explore the far reaches of the globe. Trawler owners that desire to explore extreme parts of the world, like Antartcia, and the North Atlantic, will want a long-range yacht with special reinforcements, especially around the bow waterline area. Ice breaking hulls will offer another layer of protection for boats traveling in oceans with icebergs, and other frozen debris which of course can be harmful to even the world's largest megayachts and cruise ships.

Trawler Specialists


Seattle, WA

C: 360.981.3965 | O: 206.686.5400

Brian Nobles

Brian Nobles

Fort lauderdale, fl.

C: 315.427.4177 | O: 954.763.3971



Bradenton, fl.

C: (813) 495-0301 | O: 941.248.3530

Trawlers News & Events

NEWS | February 25, 2022

2022 Trawlerfest Stuart Boat Show

NEWS | August 23, 2021

Beneteau Grand Trawler 62 Highlights [Full Displacement Trawler]

NEWS | June 21, 2021

3 Destinations To Explore With The New Grand Trawler 62

Contact us about your trawlers today, our team of trawler experts is at your service..

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Nordhavn Yachts For Sale

Nordhavn is known as the official name of a line of ocean-going, trawler-styled motor yachts designed and produced by Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc. of Dana Point, California. The vessels range from 41 to 120 feet and have an almost cult-like following among their owners. If you’re interested in traveling the world in a safe, comfortable cruising yacht, let United review the available Nordhavn brokerage market with you and help you decide on the right course of action for your needs.

nordhavn yachts for sale

Learn More About Nordhavn And Find Your Next Boat

In 1973 in Dana Point, California when two men, —Jim Leishman and Dan Streech —who had been working at a yacht company, came across the other and became friends. Since they both adored the ocean — having each racked up many, many offshore sailing miles and created a strong seafarer bond with similar boating experiences in their history.

List Of Nordhavn Yachts On The Brokerage Market

  • Page 1 of 1

Jim and Dan moved on as the brokerage they worked with closed in 1974. They teamed up with Joe Meglen and opened a boutique brokerage in Dana Point. This would eventually become known as the Pacific Asian Enterprises. This yacht brokerage was responsible for the importation of the highly esteemed Transpac 49. In an eight-year span, there were 35 of them imported, sold and delivered

Soon after, Jim’s younger brother, Jeff, who in highschool, joined PAE part time. He assisted the shipyard with the commissioning of new boats, deliveries and even with a sketch-drawing when needed.

The design work was done by an employee who stepped down from PAE, leaving Jeff to spend more and more time there and on his drawing work when in 1982 he went on full time at PAE where he redesigned many of the models to work better for all and even designed his very own as part of his final class grade!

Step forward to 1998, and just in time for PAE to recruit the Southern California sailboat builder, Pacific Seacraft (PSC). They soon built their hottest creation, the Nordhavn 40—with an increase in volume then others her size. Jim and Jeff bounced idea after idea off each other to design this boat.

Then, Hull #21 became the most famous of them all and was named, Nordhavn. She cruised 26,000 miles in the Around The World project in a 27-week period in 2001-2002. The ATW allowed prospects to take a run out on her to see how they liked what they were looking for.

Next up, the Nordhavn 43. This fabulous boat reflected Jeff and Jim’s style and benefitted from the many lessons they learned before to make for a more perfect vessel now. N40 sales continued to sky rocket and production stayed steady. Sadly, in 2004, in Xiamen, China, they shipped the N40 molds to the new South Coast Marine factory.

The 1990's proved to be wildly successfully especially with the Nordhavn model launches.

Having delivered over 400 models, they all continue to get five star reviews especially in sea-worthiness and reliability. Their shipyard produces all types of custom yachts. The Nordhavn is made for those super extended trips traversing the globe. We can’t forget the attention they get from their customers as they continue to return time after time.

Let’s look at the difference between a recreational “trawler” and a true oceangoing passagemaker such as a Nordhavn. Able to cross any ocean in safety and comfort, the Nordhavn is known for its history. 1989 was the year of the N46 when Nordhavn became the first to launch a production deep-sea passagemaker and sold more than 80 —most which are still with their initial owners cruising the world.

Nordhavn presently manufactures the most complete line of deep-sea passagemakers and offers more than 15 models from 40 feet to 120 feet.

Many of the other builders entered the scene attempting to compete with the fine Nordhavn line but it’s hard to reach the bar in reliability and luxury that Nordhavn’s 30+ years of expert building stands for. Boaters from every corner have come to know that Nordhavn is committed to their proven construction methods which are fool-proof to ensure they and their guests will make it to their destination of choice time and time again in total comfort with all the enjoyable amenities that the Nordhavn family has learned to expect!

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  • Hcb 65 Estrella Price
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Speak to A United Sales Professional About Nordhavn Yachts

used trawler motor yachts for sale

SYS Yacht Sales - New and Used Boats and Yachts or Sale

Used Motor Yachts for Sale from 50 to 60 Feet

Listed below are used motor yachts for sale between 50 - 60 feet. Motor yachts vary greatly in their hull design, interior accommodations, engine packages, and performance capabilities. They often feature multiple staterooms for owners and guests as well as bathrooms, showers, full galleys and a wide range of other amenities to make life on board very comfortable and luxurious. SYS Yacht Sales offers new and used motor yachts for sale worldwide, including a range of Flybrige yachts, Aft Cabin Yachts, Pilothouse Yachts, Convertibles, Trawlers, Sportfish, Express Cruisers and much more. Don't see the vessel you're looking for here? Contact our experienced yacht brokers for assistance, we look forward to helping you find the yacht that's right for you.

2019 60' Azimut-S6 Miami, FL, US

Delta Powerboats 54 Carbon IPS

2022 60' Pershing-6X Miami Beach, FL, US

Pershing 6X

2024 60' Solaris Power-60 Open New Rochelle, NY, US

Solaris Power 60 Open

2018 60' Princess-S60 Sportbridge West Palm Beach, FL, US

Princess S60 Sportbridge

2024 60' Selene-60 Ocean Explorer Hong Kong, HK

Selene 60 Ocean Explorer

2010 60' Sunseeker-Predator 60 Miami Beach, FL, US

Sunseeker Predator 60

2024 60' Seanfinity-T6 Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

Seanfinity T6

1975 60' Chris-Craft-Roamer Cortez, FL, US

Chris-Craft Roamer

1998 60' Viking-60 CMY Groton, CT, US

Viking 60 CMY

2023 60' Azimut-60 fly Miami, FL, US

Azimut 60 fly

2022 60' Azimut-60 fly Wrightsville Beach, NC, US

Tempest Express

1995 60' Egg Harbor-60 SportYacht Topolobampo, MX

Egg Harbor 60 SportYacht

2016 60' Princess-60 Flybridge Tampa, FL, US

Princess 60 Flybridge

Princess rose too.

2012 60' Hatteras-60 Motor Yacht Jupiter, FL, US

Hatteras 60 Motor Yacht

1965 60' Huckins-Atlantic Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

Huckins Atlantic

2017 60' Cruisers Yachts-60 Cantius Destin, FL, US

Cruisers Yachts 60 Cantius

Cajun princess.

2015 60' Princess-60 Flybridge Counce, TN, US

Plane 2 Sea

2015 60' Dyna-60 Bradenton, FL, US

Unortho docs

2022 60' Naval Yachts-GN60 Antalya, TR

Naval Yachts GN60

2008 60' Huckins-Linwood Naples, FL, US

Huckins Linwood

  • Event Details



Used boats for sale, power boats 40ft > 50ft.

used trawler motor yachts for sale

Western Canada's Authorized Beneteau Dealer

Set sail with a new beneteau.

See the latest from Beneteau

used trawler motor yachts for sale

We have high visibility docks

When it's easy to see, it's easier to sell..

List with us

used trawler motor yachts for sale

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

used trawler motor yachts for sale

Integrity with Results

Our Services

used trawler motor yachts for sale

We at Grand Yachts Inc. are passionate about boating, we enjoy building relationships with our clients and we strive to meet their expectations.  

Our history runs deep and wide:  We have specialized in fine yachts since 1976 as a new boat dealership and a yacht brokerage with two locations in British Columbia — Vancouver and Sidney, on Vancouver Island.  The products that we have chosen to represent are high quality brands which suit the waterways and oceans of the Pacific Northwest.  As the world changes we adapt.

Featured Inventory

Pacific Trawler Custom Blue Funnel 2003

Pacific Trawler

Custom blue funnel.

LENGTH: 40 ft

PRICE: $289,000 CAD

View Details

Wendon Skylounge 630 1999

Skylounge 630

LENGTH: 64 ft

PRICE: $775,000 CAD

Fleming 85 Pilothouse 2024

85 Pilothouse

LENGTH: 85 ft

PRICE: Call for price

Grady-White Chesapeake 290 2011


Chesapeake 290.

LENGTH: 30 ft

PRICE: $229,000 CAD

Fleming 65 Pilothouse 2024

65 Pilothouse

LENGTH: 65 ft

Tiara Yachts 3500 Express 2002

Tiara Yachts

3500 express.

LENGTH: 41 ft

Fleming 58 Pilothouse 2024

58 Pilothouse

LENGTH: 58 ft

Beneteau First 38.5 1993

LENGTH: 38 ft

PRICE: $59,000 CAD

Two Great Locations in B.C.

See our current inventory of sailboats and motor yachts.

Specialist in Grand Banks Yachts


Christopher friesen, beth and dave o'connor - bellingham, w.a. | beneteau 36.7 owners.

We recently purchased our Beneteau 36.7 with the assistance of Brad Marchant.  Due to the COVID-19 situation, we were unable to view the boat prior to purchasing it.  

Ralf and Helga Schmidtke | Fleming 65 Owners

Having decided after 30 years of sailing to change to power, the wide choice of brands made the selection task a daunting one. We wanted the most reliable, comfortable, safest, practical and best thought out boat that we could find. Attention to detail and quality was paramount, as was after purchase servicing. She also had to be an attractive boat that we could be proud of. After several months of extensive research, one name easily made it to the top.

Joel Nauss | 75’ President Yacht Owners

Craig and stacey | beneteau oceanis 31.1 owners.

Stacey and I both want to extend our gratitude for your help in acquiring "Margie." She is exactly what we were looking for, and the entire process was as seamless as you had described it would be. She did well on our trip from Anacortes to Kirkland.

British Columbia Yacht Brokers Association

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Europe sees signs of Russian sabotage but hesitates to blame Kremlin

Investigators linked a Chinese-registered ship, operated by a Russian crew, to the cutting of the Balticconnector natural-gas pipeline last year. PHOTO: HEIKKI SAUKKOMAA/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

European investigators increasingly see Russian fingerprints around recent acts of suspected sabotage on strategic infrastructure but are struggling to respond.

Reacting to clandestine threats is difficult because evidence around the suspected attacks—including a severed undersea gas pipeline, cuts in a vital internet connection and the disruption of a rail network—often isn’t conclusive. Potential culprits in big cases include commercial shipping or fishing vessels that have been engaged in apparently legitimate maritime transport or trawling for fish near sensitive seabed installations that were destroyed around the same time. They rarely have direct connections to Russian authorities, investigators say.

European governments have charged some Russians and Russian proxies in smaller incidents and are getting more vocal in accusing Moscow of waging hybrid warfare, but are stopping short of accusing Russia of specific attacks. In the most brazen suspected incidents, a lack of clear proof has prompted officials to leave cases open or declare investigations inconclusive.

Last fall, Finnish investigators linked a Chinese-registered ship, operated by a Russian crew, to the cutting of the Balticconnector natural-gas pipeline to mainland Europe. As the investigation advanced and the ship sailed around Scandinavia back toward Russia, the Finns contacted Norwegian counterparts about their suspicions. Norwegian authorities contemplated forcing the ship into one of their harbors for inspection, but ultimately decided they lacked clear evidence. A Norwegian coast-guard ship shadowed the Newnew Polar Bear as it was passing sensitive marine infrastructure.

“Only a week or two later we would have had enough evidence to stop and search the ship, but by then it was already too late," one Norwegian official said.

Detecting potential attacks is increasingly difficult because Russia, since launching its full-scale invasion on Ukraine two years ago, has turned more to civilians and commercial vessels to survey and possibly attack critical infrastructure such as undersea connections, offshore energy facilities, transport networks and military installations, people familiar with the cases say.

Some governments are also refraining from blaming Moscow for fear of escalating tensions beyond control. The suspected attacks often fall below the threshold of what would be considered warlike acts of aggression because they involve civilian vessels, with operators who willingly talk with investigators and claim innocence.

Investigators and prosecutors must meet European justice systems’ high bar for criminal evidence while authorities grapple with enforcing national-security laws against potential culprits benefiting from Western democracies’ freedoms.

To prevent attacks, European governments have put the systems protecting critical infrastructure on high alert, added security personnel and placed more cameras and sensors at rail and maritime facilities.

German prosecutors last month detained two dual Russian-German nationals suspected of spying for Moscow with the goal of disrupting Western military assistance to Ukraine through sabotage. Germany’s population of roughly 83 million people includes a Russian community of nearly four million, and Moscow’s spymasters are targeting them for recruitment, security officials said.

Ordinary civilians are recruited via social media such as Telegram, as well as through the chat functions of popular online games, investigators said. Recruits sometimes remain unaware that they operate on behalf of Russia.

Polish officials in February detained a man working for Russian intelligence who they said planned to commit acts of sabotage, including setting fire to facilities in the western city of Wroclaw, a big supply hub to Ukraine. A Polish court late last year sentenced six men to prison on espionage charges.

Some officials believe that one of Moscow’s objectives is to spread fear and distrust through disruptions. These officials believe that a more prudent course than responding by accusing Russia and potentially spreading fear is to remain quiet about suspicions, though this approach has drawn criticism.

“If the current strategy is in fact to avoid attribution in cases where significant evidence points to Russia," said Benjamin L. Schmitt, a senior fellow at the University of Pennsylvania who specializes in European energy security, “this will only degrade deterrence and invite further attacks against critical infrastructure."

More governments are going public with warnings.

On Tuesday, Norway’s security agency plans to publish a major report that is expected to analyze the threat of Russian sabotage in the country, which borders Russia and hosts critical North Atlantic Treaty Organization military assets. Norway also trains Ukrainian soldiers and provides ammunition and hardware to Kyiv.

Britain’s cyberintelligence agency GCHQ is “increasingly concerned about growing links between the Russian intelligence services and proxy groups to conduct cyberattacks—as well as suspected physical surveillance and sabotage operations," its director Anne Keast-Butler said last week.

NATO issued an exceptionally blunt statement this month accusing Russia of waging “an intensifying campaign of…sabotage, acts of violence, cyber and electronic interference, disinformation campaigns, and other hybrid operations."

Authorities believe Moscow is using civilian equipment for spying and sabotage. Russia has in recent years employed its vast commercial fishing fleet, as well as marine-research ships for intelligence gathering in the Arctic, an area crucial for its strategic nuclear-submarine deterrence that is based there, an official for Norway’s security service PST said. Some of the vessels are modern ships, more than 300 feet long, equipped with sonar and other technology that allows them to scan the seabed, the official said.

Since the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, such vessels have mapped critical subsea infrastructure around Europe and identified potential targets in case of a full-blown confrontation with NATO, several officials said. U.S. officials see similar threats to subsea cables in the Pacific Ocean.

The Balticconnector rupture shows investigators’ challenge in linking damage to culprits. On Oct. 7 the Chinese-registered containership Newnew Polar Bear left Russia’s Baltic Sea port of Kaliningrad and sailed north. Staffed by a Russian crew, it crossed the pipeline’s area at the same time the link broke.

The ship, which was trailed by the Sevmorput, a nuclear-powered merchant ship owned by the Russian government, then docked in St. Petersburg, before retracing its path and sailing around Norway to the northern Russian port of Arkhangelsk. It traveled at least a large part of the 3,600-mile route almost simultaneously with the Sevmorput, according to satellite data reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Finnish investigators believe that the pipeline was cut by the Newnew Polar Bear’s anchor. A spokeswoman for the Finnish investigation authority said that the ship’s Chinese owners were collaborating with investigators and that the probe sought to determine whether the rupture was an accident, the result of negligence, or a deliberate act of sabotage.

The owner of the ship, Hainan Xin Xin Yang Shipping, didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Immediately after the pipeline was cut, Finnish officials identified the ship as a potential culprit, but they were unable to search it because it was in international waters.

A Finnish official familiar with the investigation said investigators are unlikely to attribute responsibility at the end of the probe.

In Germany, officials and investigators say they suspect Russia could have been behind an attack on the railroad that temporarily halted all rail traffic in the north of the country in October 2022.

The rail attackers crippled both the railway’s main communication network and its backup by almost simultaneously severing two data cables located roughly 200 miles apart, investigators said. Whoever carried out the sabotage had detailed knowledge of the network, investigators said.

“It smells like Russia. It looks like Russia," a senior investigator said. This person said that the attack failed to cause greater public concern because it only disrupted traffic for around four hours, which he said was a relatively unexceptional disturbance for passengers using Germany’s delay-plagued rail system.

In January 2022, as Russia was positioning its forces to attack Ukraine, a Russian fishing trawler was detected traversing the icy waters above a major fiber-optic cable around the time it was cut. The cable carried data from SvalSat, one of the largest commercial satellite ground stations in the world, located on Norway’s Svalbard archipelago in the far north.

The cable carries data that is essential for internet traffic across Europe. Russia has in the past said that the West uses the facility to spy on marine traffic. A backup cable ensured continuous operation, albeit at a lower capacity.

The Russian trawler crisscrossed more than 100 times over the exact spot where the cable was cut, according to satellite traffic-monitoring data, said Ronny André Jørgensen, a prosecutor from the northern city of Tromsø who investigated the incident.

Footage from an underwater drone revealed that the seabed where the cable was cut had been plowed by a hard object, the tracks of which resemble the impact of the equipment carried by the Russian trawler Melkart 5. The captain of the ship was questioned but no evidence was found against him, and the company denied responsibility.

The owner of the trawler, Murman SeaFood, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

“The bar for evidence in a criminal investigation is very high, and we have not been able to reach it," Jørgensen said.

Jørgensen said that Russian fishing boats have been spotted over the area where another cable was cut off the coast of northwest Norway less than two months before the Svalbard incident. The cable, belonging to a local ocean observatory, was used to monitor marine life, but in theory could be used to trace the movement of ships and submarines, he said.

Max Colchester contributed to this article

Write to Bojan Pancevski at [email protected]


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    100' Custom Tri-Deck Explorer Yacht 2026. Unknown, Florida, United States. 86' Trawler 26,5M Trawler 2024. Mugla, Turkey. 85' Terranova Yachts T85 2018. Unknown, United States. 84' Custom Mural Yachts 85 Semi Displacement Trawler 2022. Mugla, Turkey.

  7. Used Trawler Yachts for Sale

    Used Trawler Yachts for Sale. Trawler yachts have a full-displacement hull and feature a similar design as small commercial fishing boats. Known for their sea keeping ability, Trawlers are capable of making long-ocean passages to more remote locales and have a typical hull speed of 7-10 knots.

  8. Trawlers for Sale

    The cost of a trawler varies depending on several factors: age, builder, size, amenities, propulsion (single or twin engine) and condition. For secondhand trawlers, prices can start from $10,000. A brand-new trawler for sale will start at $250,000 and can cost upwards of several million dollars.

  9. Used Trawlers For Sale

    Trawlers Characteristics: Trawlers are generally defined as motor yachts that boast fuel efficiency, rugged lines, sea worthy hull designs for long-distance cruising, and interior layouts that are beneficial for liveaboard yacht owners. Trawler Construction & Hull Design: Beginning in the 1970's, most trawlers are fiberglass-construction. However, many large trawlers, and expedition yachts ...

  10. Trawler boats for sale in California

    Find 82 trawler boats for sale in California, including boat prices, photos, and more. Locate boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader! ... 1983 Californian 43 Cockpit Motor Yacht. $55,000. ↓ Price Drop. Chula Vista, CA 91910 | Pop. Request Info; 1973 Brighton Yachts Delta Clipper. $18,000. Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 | Pop. Request Info;

  11. Buy Used Trawler Yachts & Trawler Boats For Sale

    So, if you're looking for the ultimate trawler experience, look no further! Check out our inventory of premium used trawler boats for sale. Explore a wide selection of used trawlers for sale. For personalized assistance, get in touch with our dedicated team at (800) 391-6691.

  12. Used Nordhavn Yachts For Sale

    Nordhavn Yachts For Sale. Nordhavn is known as the official name of a line of ocean-going, trawler-styled motor yachts designed and produced by Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc. of Dana Point, California. The vessels range from 41 to 120 feet and have an almost cult-like following among their owners.

  13. Trawler boats for sale

    The variety of trawlers known for crossing oceans sip fuel and are typically equipped with a single inboard motor. Depending on the length of the boat, full displacement trawlers have a maximum speed of no more than 10 - 12 knots. ... Of the 1,504 trawler boats currently for sale on YachtWorld, there are 348 new vessels and 1,156 used and ...

  14. Trawler boats for sale by owner

    Find trawler boats for sale near you by owner, including boat prices, photos, and more. Locate boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader!

  15. Used Motor Yachts for Sale from 50 to 60 Feet

    Listed below are used motor yachts for sale between 50 - 60 feet. Motor yachts vary greatly in their hull design, interior accommodations, engine packages, and performance capabilities. They often feature multiple staterooms for owners and guests as well as bathrooms, showers, full galleys and a wide range of other amenities to make life on ...

  16. Kadey-Krogen Kadey-Krogen 42 Trawler 1981 "Claire"

    The Krogen 42 trawler yacht was designed and constructed for yachtsmen and women who prefer timeless to trendy and solid comfort to making waves. The wineglass transom of her full-keeled displacement hull rises out of the water for minimum drag, maximum efficiency. At 8 knots, her range is close to 2,000 nautical miles.

  17. Trawler power boats for sale

    Powered by twin MAN D2862LE427 900 HP engines, the B125 yacht has a top speed of 13 knots and a cruising speed of 10 knots. Boasting a fuel capacity of 82,200 liters, the Bering 125 explorer has an autonomous range of 4,500 nm at cruising speed. From her state-of-the-art stabilization system to her enormous fuel tanks and storage facilities ...

  18. Explorer Motor Yachts for sale

    Some of the most popular Explorer models currently listed include: 62, 10s Plus, 23.35 meter, 27m Big Joy - Arkin Pruva and 34m Trawler. Various Explorer models are currently offered for sale by specialized yacht brokers, dealers and brokerages on YachtWorld, with listings ranging from 1992 year models up to 2025.

  19. Trawler boats for sale

    View a wide selection of trawler boats for sale in your area, explore detailed information & find your next boat on boats.com. #everythingboats. United Kingdom GB. United States Canada Australia ... Seller Solent Motor Yachts - Hamble River Office 49. Contact +44 (0)1489 886663.

  20. Trawler boats for sale in United Kingdom

    Find Trawler boats for sale in United Kingdom. Offering the best selection of boats to choose from. ... 2023 Beneteau Swift Trawler 48. £795,000. Solent Motor Yachts | Gosport, Hampshire. Request Info; 2004 Grand Banks 46 Classic. £299,000. Grabau International | Craobh Haven, Argyll and Bute. Request Info; 2004 Grand Banks 46 Classic.

  21. Grand Yachts

    Used Boats For Sale Home; Used Boats for Sale ... Motor Yachts; Year: 2007; Details ; Wendon Skylounge 630 $775,000 CAD. A rare and unique ship, built by Wendon Yachts in Sidney BC. as the builder's personall yacht. ... this stunning trawler ... Category: Trawlers; Year: 1973; Details ; Lagoon 42 $818,000 CAD. Chat d'eau is a 2018, North ...

  22. Trawler yachts for sale

    2020 Beneteau Swift Trawler 41 Fly. £ 499,500. Price Drop: £20,500 (8 Mar) Yarmouth Isle of Wight, United Kingdom. 13m - 2020. Offered By: Ancasta International Boat Sales.

  23. Used Custom Timber Motor Sailer for Sale

    CONVERTED PRAWN TRAWLER INVENTORY MAKE: Timber Cruiser MODEL: Converted prawn trawler/Motor sailer HULL MATERIAL: ...Find out more. Sell My Boat; My Saved Searches; My Watch List; SignIn; Home; Boat Search; Boats For Sale. New Yachts & Boats For Sale ... Used Boats For Sale → Power Boats 40ft > 50ft. Price. AU $49,999 Finance $ 00 per week ...

  24. Welcome to Grand Yachts

    Grand Yachts is a yacht dealership and boat brokerage in BC specializing in luxury yachts since 1976. We carry Beneteau Sail, Fleming Yachts and Nordic Tugs for Western Canada. New and used boats. Two locations to buy or sell, Port Sidney Marina on Vancouver Island and Coal Harbour, Vancouver.

  25. Yachts for Sale

    YachtWorld contains the largest photo and video database of boats and yachts for sale. With a wide range of new boats and used boats, power boats and sailboats, YachtWorld has the largest selection of boats and yachts in the world.Boat listings on YachtWorld are provided by subscribing member yacht brokers and new boat dealers from North America and the rest of the world.

  26. Europe sees signs of Russian sabotage but hesitates to blame Kremlin

    The Russian trawler crisscrossed more than 100 times over the exact spot where the cable was cut, according to satellite traffic-monitoring data, said Ronny André Jørgensen, a prosecutor from ...