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Best Sailboats Over 60 Feet

Best Sailboats Over 60 Feet

In recent years, sailboats and yachts 60 feet have become very popular. This development is mainly due to the demand for comfort among boat enthusiasts and boaters. Advancement in technology has made it easier for simple boat users to handle large-sized boats without a boat crew’s help. Innovations such as bow thrusters help with mooring, and improvement in deck-gear technology has made sailing less difficult. 

It is no gainsaying that, to a great extent, larger boats are more comfortable; there is more space for more luxurious rooms and amenities. If it were a car, we’d say, “there’s more legroom.” 

Below, we have described the best bluewater sailboats that are above 60 feet. If you love large boats and are looking to buy one, it is hoped that this list will inform your purchase and help you to know what to look out for as you make your purchase.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

Price: From 900k to 1.5 Million USD on the Used Market

Designed by Barret Racoupeau Yacht Design and the Pierreangelo Andreani, the Beneteau Oceanis Yacht is quite elegant. Inside, this sailboat has a wide salon that can take a mass of people. The boat possesses six sunbathing areas; these bathing areas have loungers in different parts. It also has a gallery that makes for a comfortable view around the deck.

Furthermore, this Beneteau boat has two steering stations close to the cockpit. The controls and resources are ergonomic and designed for functionality with resources such as drink holders and halyard bags. In the cockpit, there are storage lockers on each side, and a dinghy garage can be accessed through the floor. There are also instruments to ensure effective and safe dinghy launching in case of any emergencies or problems while at sea. 

Its master suite, a feature which the Beneteau boat is well known for, is a large space with two hanging lockers, portholes on both sides, and a relatively large island bed. There’s room designed for an office, bench, or set of drawers. 

The galley of this elegant yacht is enabled with a 300-liter refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, an oven, a wine cellar, waste-sorting garbage, and space for storage. There are portholes all around the hull of the boat, which create a situation where there is plenty of natural sunlight inside the boat all day round. 

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 - Big Bluewater Sailboat Over 60 Feet

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 Specifications 

Overall length: 62.86 feet.  Hull Length: 59.48 feet.  Light displacement: 57558.287 pounds.  Hull beam: 17.486 feet. Fuel tank capacity: 264.172 US gallons.  Freshwater capacity: 280.0224 US gallons.  Engine power: 167.674 mechanical horsepower. 

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The Oyster 675 cannot be talked about without the mention of its U-shaped galley. This shape provides enough space for sailors to explore their culinary skills. The boat possesses extended transoms that create a wonderful space for sunbathing and other outdoor activities. With smooth-looking decks and interior, this boat is pretty pleasing to the eyes. 

If you love traveling with your family or a crew, you can hardly buy a better boat than the Oyster 675. It is just suitable for cruising along the coast with a few people; enjoying the water and scenery. Even more, this sub-60-foot blue water sailing yacht is also perfect for long distances.

In addition, the Oyster 675 makes our best 60-feet boat list for many other features that it possesses, such as its strong G6 twin rudder hull, its hydraulic push button, its perfect, luxurious owner’s garden, and its variety of rooms for other members of the crew. The hull of this boat is Lloyd certified, the same as its deck molding.

Oyster 675 - Liveaboard Sailboat

Oyster 675 Specifications 

Overall length: 69.2 feet.  Hull length: 65. 23 feet.  Waterline length: 18.31 feet.  Beam length: 18.6 feet. Engine: Volvo Penta D4-180 132 (180HP)  Fuel tank: 470 US gallons.  Water tank: 335 US gallons. 

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Hallberg Rassy 64

Price: Around 2 Million USD on The Used Market

Hallberg-Rassy’s official website describes this boat as the best to ever be made by the company. With impeccable, glistening woodwork and windows for natural light all day long, the Hallberg-Rassy 64 provides a very sophisticated look. Altogether, its hull possesses six windows and 31 portlights. If lighting is an important criterion in choosing boats for you, then the Hallberg-Rassy is a perfect choice. 

The engine room of this boat is easily accessible and spacious. It can be accessed through the walk-in and can house various mechanical equipment such as the boat’s 230 v 8 kW 50 Hz generator. Also, the boat’s saloon, like its engine, is spacious. It can comfortably accommodate a whole crew and more guests. 

The Hallberg-Rassy’s 64 cockpit is about 10.17 feet long. It contains a magnetic compass, enough space for navigation instruments, and electric push buttons assigned to different important functions. 

The hull of this boat is equipped with different measures against corrosion, rust, and other processes that make rid a vessel of its elegance. Applied at different parts of the hull are Gelcoat and anti-fouling paint. The deck contains scuppers that drain under the waterline in order to always keep the hull clean. 

Hallberg Rassy 64

Hallberg-Rassy 64 Specifications 

Hull length: 65.1 inches.  Beam length: 17 inches.  Keel type: Lead on deep bilge.  Keel weight: 28,000 pounds.  Waterline length: 57.6 inches.  Freshwater tank capacity: 344 US gallons.  Diesel tank capacity: 476 US gallons.  Engine: Volvo Penta D6-300. 

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Premier Dixon 62

Price: Around 500k Used

Premier Dixon 62 is a luxury bluewater cruising yacht. Since its hull is made of steel, this luxury yacht is suitable for traveling long distances at sea. With six berths in three cabins, this boat can comfortably house a family. It is equipped with various equipment and possesses adequate equipment for ease and comfort. 

This yacht was designed by Bill Dixon. Ingeniously, not only is its hull made of steel, but most of its superstructures are also made of the same material. This yacht also possesses a round bilge with a long keel to complement its base.

Like the Hallberg Rassy 64, this boat possesses a walk-in engine room. Its cockpit is also easily accessible as it is in the center. The yacht uses a wheel but is equipped with various electronic machinery for movement. 

Premier Dixon 62

Premier Dixon 62 Specifications 

Overall length: 62 inches.  Length on deck: 60 inches.  Waterline length: 49.5 inches.  Displacement: 40 tons.  Fuel tank capacity: 450 gallons.  Freshwater capacity: 200 gallons.  Blackwater capacity: 46 gallons.  Engine: Perkins 225 HP six-cylinder diesel engine. 

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Price: Around 600k Used

The Swan 65 is another boat on our list that was designed by the legendary German Frers. There are not many boats, cruisers, or yachts with woodwork like this one. Its finishing is done with quality European Oak. 

The Swan 65 comes with two types of interior, thanks to the creative genius of the interior designer, Heini Gustafsson. These two models are Owner Forward and Owner Aft. The only difference between these two models is the layout and placement of materials such as furniture; the purpose of the difference being flexibility and fluidity.

The deck of this boat is designed with straight elegant parallel lines. The spaces between the lines are all of the same brownish color but different shades. The Swan’s 65’s cockpit possesses five winches stationed close to two helm stations; it can house a small racing team without qualms. If you need a flexible, versatile boat, the Nautor’s Swan 65 is the way to go.

Nautor Swan 65

Swan 65 Specifications

Overall length: 65.98 feet.  Waterline length: 18.38 feet.  Beam: 18.44 feet.  Light displacement: 60,075 pounds. Engine: Volvo D3-150. 110 kw, 150 HP.  Ballast: 14.484 pounds.  Draught (Standard fixed keel): 13.78 feet.  Fuel tank capacity: 317 US gallons.  Water tank capacity: 264 US gallons.  Greywater capacity: 53 US gallons.  Blackwater capacity: 53 US gallons. 

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Jeanneau 64

Price: From 900k to 1.4 Million USD on the Used Market

The Jeanneau 64 design was brought about by a collaborative effort between Phillipe Briand, Andrew Winch, and Jeanneau design. With interior woodwork made from teak and natural oak, the interior part of this boat has a modern look. There is a lot of natural light coming in through the hull windows and the portlight. 

Like the Swan 64, the deck of the Jeanneau 64 is designed with parallel lines. Coupled with the modern ambiance of the interior part, these classic straight lines give this boat a classy, timeless appearance. Even more appealing is the Foglizzo leather used in decorating the furniture in the saloon and other areas. 

This boat can be divided into three or four cabins and can fit a sizeable crew; it is well-suited for a family adventure at sea. The boat comes in two versions: the Deep keel draft and the Shoal keel draft. If you want a boat with a simple galley, simple specifications, and simple control mechanisms all mixed with elegance, the Jeanneau 64 is your go-to boat. 

Jeanneau 64

Jeanneau 64 Specifications 

Overall length: 65.11 inches.  Hull length: 64.2 inches.  Hull beam: 17.9 inches.  Displacement: 68, 343 pounds.  Fuel capacity: 218 US gallons. Water capacity: 264 US gallons.  Engine: Volvo 180HP / 132KW.

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Price: Around 1 Million USD on the Used Market

The Amel 60 is an upgrade from the former boat in the Amel series, the Amel 50. It possesses a carbon mast that makes movement and maneuvering much easier. The well-balanced hull shaped is also partially responsible for this feature. Other quality technological equipment that make this Amel peculiar are a lithium service battery, electric winches, carbon gangway, autopilot, and other navigation electronics. 

Inside the Amel 60 is a huge owner suite and two luxurious guest cabins. The boat has watertight collision bulkheads that make it very difficult for it to drown in any situation. Its cockpit is well covered so that the steering station is protected and the vessel can continue moving in adverse weather conditions. Like many well-designed boats, the engine room of this Amel is centrally accessible. 

The Amel brand known all over Europe and other continents for their quality boats, and they have not fallen short of their standard in the construction of Amel 60.

Amel 60

Amel 60 Specifications 

Overall length: 62.34 feet.  Length of hull: 59.06 feet.  Waterline length: 52.49 feet.  Max beam: 17.55 feet.  Waterline beam: 14.86 feet. Air draft: 85.30 feet.  Freshwater tank capacity: 184.92 US gallons.  Diesel tank capacity: 237.76 US gallons.  Mainsail area: 839.59 square meters.  Staysail area: 387.501 square meters.  Genoa area: 990.28 square meters. 

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Bavaria C65

Price: Around 1.2 Million USD on the Used Market

The Bavaria C65 is the biggest yachts that have ever been built by the Bavaria yacht brand. Somewhat like the Swan 64, the Bavaria C5 has a myriad of interior layout options that buyers and intending buyers can choose from. 

This yacht is quite fast and can be used to race. It can also be used as a blue water cruiser. The hull of this magnificent yacht has really nice windows that complement its shape. These windows are also instrumental in providing natural light for the interior of the boat. What’s more? It possesses a large bathroom that also happens to be a dinghy garage. This encourages activities such as sunbathing. 

No doubt, the interior of the Bavaria C65 is everything to write home about. Its owner’s cabin is pretty grand, just as its salon and even its pantry. The yacht displays another level of luxury. It eschews features that are quite modern as it was constructed in 2018. 

Bavaria C65

Bavaria C65 Specifications 

Overall length: 62.81 feet.  Overall beam: 17.7165 feet.  Sail area: 2292.71 square foot.  Draft: 8.69 / 11.48 inches.  Displacement: 55115.56 pounds. 

Price: From 600k to 800k USD on the Used Market

This boat was designed by Bill Dixon in conjunction with Roel de Groot. In its construction, nothing was spared in trying to make the Moody 64 a masterpiece, just as it turned out. Its hull is made chiefly of fiberglass, cored and mixed with a host of other materials to make it even stronger. 

The cockpit of this Moody 64 is divided between a somewhat higher position aft and the more spacious main cockpit area that can house about six people. This main area enables better control of the boat and contains most of the steering electronics. However, the higher station offers a better view of the water. 

Designed by Roel de Groot, the interior of the Moddy 64 looks quite alluring and, at the same time, manages to look a tad utilitarian. There are stairs all around for movement from one station to another. The salon has a dinette that is C-shaped, designed to create ample space for other activities that go on in the room. Also, this boat provides plenty of natural light through windows, portlights, and hatches. 

What’s more? Apart from the dinette, the Moody 64 has a U-shaped galley that possesses ample space for many kinds of culinary activities and equipment. It is worthy to note that this boat comes equipped with different kinds of machinery to make life aboard more comfortable. If you need a boat that is functional but with a perfect blend of pleasure, you will not find many that are better than the Moody 64.

Moody 64

Moody 64 Specifications

Overall length: 63.5 feet.  Waterline length: 54.3 feet.  Beam: 17.6 feet.  Shoal keel: 6.6 feet.  Draft: 8.6 / 6.6 feet.  Sail area: 1,794 square feet. Ballast: 22,000 pounds.  Displacement (half pound): 66,220 pounds.  Water tank capacity: 360 gallons.  Fuel tank capacity: 528 gallons.  Mast height 87.11 feet.  Engine: YANMAR 4LHA-STE (230HO-169.3kw) 

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X-Yachts IMX 70

Price: Around 1.1 Million USD on the Used Market

With a high-tech hull and deck, the IMX 70 is technologically optimized. The yacht was built through a collaboration between some of the best marine constructors and construction firms in Europe. 

The IMX 70 possesses a carbon fiber mast, a carbon hull, and its deck construction is made up of carbon composite bulkheads keel floor structures. Furthermore, this yacht is equipped with a carbon fiber furling bottom, elite hydraulic systems, and keel floor structures. 

The interior of this high-tech boat possesses about four cabins and 8 berths; hence, it can house a good number of people. There is plenty of natural light coming through the windows. The IMX 70, as aforementioned, is technologically equipped, thereby making life easier for all the people on board. Teak veneers are used on the panels covering the carbon bulkheads. 

The IMX 70 is a great boat if you are looking for comfortable technology that is easy to use. It also has ample space for a crew or a family to carry out different activities while onboard.

X-Yachts IMX 70

X-Yachts IMX 70 Specifications

Overall length: 70.2 feet.  Waterline length: 61.1 feet.  Beam: 17.7 feet.  Draft:13.5 feet.  Displacement: 61,729 pounds.  Engine: Yanmar 4LHA-HTP diesel engine.  Fuel tank capacity: 185 US gallons.  Fresh water capacity: 238 US gallons.  Maximum speed: 13 mph.  Cruising speed: 9 mph. 


Peter is the editor of Better Sailing. He has sailed for countless hours and has maintained his own boats and sailboats for years. After years of trial and error, he decided to start this website to share the knowledge.

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A beautifully proportioned, luxury 60 foot sailboat, with customised build solutions and effortless shorthanded sailing capability

The Oyster 595. The perfect all-round adventurer.

Well-proportioned, with generous living and entertaining spaces and excellent sailing capabilities to meet any cruising requirement.

oyster 595 sailing at sea

Performance cruising

Increased hull volume and longer waterline provide excellent all-round performance, fun and comfort, and the ability to maintain smooth, fast passage-making speeds.

oyster 595 saloon luxury space

Magnificently spacious

The extremely large volume below decks offers safe, luxurious living and entertaining space for up to eight family, friends or crew.

Oyster595 60 foot sailing yacht anchored v2

Adaptable configuration

Available in standard or shallow-draft keel, with an optional extended transom and various interior layout options, the 595 offers extensive choices to suit any cruising lifestyle.

Iconic Oyster styling, remarkable hull volume and our trademark deck saloon are just some of the outstanding features of this ocean cruiser for sale.

oyster 595 sailing mountains v2

Better by design

The next-generation oyster 595 sets the standard for future true bluewater cruisers with her outstanding ocean-going capabilities and liveaboard qualities..

She displays all the hallmarks of an Oyster, from the impressive volume of the Humphreys-designed hull with twin rudders and wide, clutter-free flush teak decks, excellent stowage, a choice of entertaining spaces and the optional bathing platform.

Available in two keel formats, standard or with a shallow-draft centreboard keel, which is ideal for those wanting to explore shallow coves and cruising grounds. For ultimate bluewater adventures, the extended transom variant provides additional stowage and a truly vast lazarette.

The ergonomically designed cockpit features twin helm stations, alfresco dining for eight and a sprayhood on the deck saloon to keep guests protected from the weather, whatever the conditions. Safe and easy to move around under sail, she is fun to sail and a joy to relax on while anchored in secluded bays.

The Oyster 595 is designed to perform day in, and day out in all sea conditions, to deliver safe, comfortable and enjoyable sailing experiences.

Equipped with the latest and most reliable sailing equipment, she is a pleasure to sail shorthanded. Her silky smooth, soft motion, even in a head sea, delivers consistently fast passage-making at only a modest angle of heel, making light work of ocean crossings.

Unlike other ocean cruisers for sale, push-button in-mast furling, electric mainsail and genoa winches come as standard and she offers responsive finger-tip control on the helm, thanks to the twin rudder design. The helm stations feature all the technology required for relaxed operation and navigation, with the winches within easy reach. There is a large sail locker on the foredeck to store your sails, spinnaker and Code Zero, and the long waterline, excellent stability and wide beam aft harness the significant sail power, no matter what sail wardrobe you choose.

The word ‘quality’ never quite captures the meticulous finish of our yachts. Our constant endeavour for excellence brings together our master craftspeople with advanced materials, production techniques and the latest engineering technology.

This is reflected in a hull design that epitomises the standards Oyster believes all bluewater cruising yachts should meet – an uncompromising strength of construction. Built to rigorous Lloyd’s Register certification, we demand only the very best materials. From the drawing board, we overspecify the hull superstructure by four times the strength when compared to the competition, with a strong, longitudinal construction and additional materials around the keel structure and slam zones. For added peace of mind, Lloyd's surveyors also sign off each hull and deck as part of the build process, reflecting our uncompromising approach to quality control. 

We don't accept anything less than perfection in terms of fit, finish and engineering integrity, that's why the Oyster 595 has outstanding quality and character.

Contemporary, luxurious styling and volume below decks make for the perfect living space for any adventure.

luxury walnut interior sailing yacht saloon

Inspired living space

The oyster 595’s contemporary interior is refined and luxurious. the saloon, the social heart of this boat, offers a wealth of space and convenience for crew and guests..

The open longitudinal galley, navigation station and saloon are light, bright and airy thanks to the seascape and wrap-around saloon windows – forward units are opening, providing excellent natural ventilation at anchor. Every detail, practicality and seamanlike feature on this bluewater cruiser has been considered, from the optional convertible saloon table, which doubles as a day bed, the pop-up TV addition, galley fiddles for bracing when heeled, through to the extensive range of galley appliances. There is deep, comfortable seating for relaxing, with space for six at the saloon table, along with lots of stowage, essential for any bluewater adventure. Combine this with the handcrafted fit-out to a standard rarely found on a 60 foot sailboat, blended seamlessly with practicality and seaworthiness, the Oyster 595 makes living aboard for extended periods a truly pleasurable experience.

With the welcome hull volume, choice of hardwoods, exquisite fabrics and materials, the Oyster 595 offers versatile configuration options and many opportunities for personalisation.

Building on ideas and innovations from our fleet, the 595 offers a comprehensive range of accommodation options. There are three well-appointed layouts to choose from – an aft ensuite master cabin with three guest cabins, one amidships and two guest cabins forward, creating privacy and comfort for up to eight family or crew in any configuration. The aft ensuite master option provides private access to a spacious cabin featuring Oyster’s signature seascape windows, which flood the space with natural light. There is also a sofa, optional television and ample stowage.

Throughout the cabins, Oyster’s attention to detail reveals itself in everything, from the beautiful handcrafted cabinetry to the deep mattresses, island berths, optional full-length mirrors and cedar-lined wardrobes. Not forgetting the walk-in showers and mood lighting for any occasion.

The latest, new-generation technology adds another dimension to the capability of the Oyster 595, whether you plan to relax or work aboard her.

Technology and tradition come together in complete harmony on the 595, making her well-connected with seamlessly integrated navigation, entertainment and onboard systems. Oyster Command™, Oyster’s intuitive CZone-managed digital switching system, connects everything from the entertainment, utilities and lighting, to monitoring the latest black box technology, which provides real-time status and control of onboard systems through the Oyster owners App.

Specify your favourite AV systems, satellite connectivity and WiFi technology to keep connected and able to work aboard in the world’s remotest corners. All technology and systems are specified for robustness and reliability and nothing is installed that has not been proven at sea.

Oyster World Rally 2028 29 Circumnavigation of the world sailing adventure 1

Entries open for the Oyster World Rally 2028-29. Embark on the sailing adventure of a lifetime

yachts at anchor in beautiful location d

The joy of Oyster ownership

There is more than just pride on offer when it comes to owning an Oyster 595. Every new Oyster comes with a comprehensive warranty, personalised care, access to our global service network, unrivalled support, life-changing experiences and so much more.

On an Oyster the world is yours.


Ownership benefits rarely experienced in marine

oyster warranty

Quick Links

More information

Technical details

Specification and features

Lloyd’s register certified hull and deck moulding.

Peace of mind is built into this bluewater cruiser with Lloyd’s Register certification of the hull and deck moulding and also complies with EU RCDII.

Hydraulic in-mast (IMF) and headsail furling

In-mast furling (IMF) for the mainsails and Seldén Furlex hydraulic headsail furling gear are fitted as standard. Hydraulic-powered, push-button controls are on hand for both systems on both helm pedestals, close to the primary winches, for complete control and ease of use.

Handbuilt oak & walnut interior

The standard joinery throughout is oak with a satin finish varnish. Cabin soles feature random plank, crown-cut walnut veneered boards, with rubber seals to minimise movement and squeaking.

Retractable hydraulic bow & stern thrusters

Slide into the tightest berths and manoeuvre in busy marinas with the powerful Sleipner retractable bow and stern thrusters.

An Onan 11kw 4-cylinder diesel generator is almost silent in operation thanks to its sound shield and anti-vibration mounts. Power for all your 240v equipment and charge your batteries efficiently.

Seascape windows

The 595 saloon and owner’s cabin feel light and airy thanks to the four sets of signature Seascape windows that create a powerful connection between the interior and the ocean outside.

Powerful 150HP engine  

The Oyster 595 features the powerful 150hp (110kW) Yanmar 4VL. Motor or motor sail with the throttle backed-off and you can consume the miles at speed with excellent fuel efficiency. This engine has been chosen for its quietness, power at low revs and it’s compliance with worldwide emissions levels. But more importantly, in Yanmar, you have an unrivalled global support-and-service network to help you maintain your engine in peak condition.

Interior layout configuration

The large volume of the Oyster 595 hull makes for a versatile space. There are two configurations to choose from – an aft master cabin and ensuite with two double ensuites forward and one bunk amidships; or two doubles forward sharing one head, with a workspace or bunk amidships. See interior plans for more details.

Wood options

Beautiful solid wood is a hallmark of Oyster 595 interiors. Choose from a range of wood options including walnut, maple and cherry.

Keel options

Oyster 595 centreboard variant – if you love cruising shallow coastal waters, you can upgrade from the standard lead-bulb fin keel to a shallow draft centreboard option with a minimum draft of 179cm/5’10”.

Bathing platform

Upgrade the standard open-stepped transom with an impressive hydraulic-operated bathing platform, providing easy access for swimming and hopping in and out of the tender.

Extended transom

The extended transom option offers more space on the aft deck along with acres of space in the lazarette below.

Hull colours

Tailor the look of your yacht with hull, mast and boom in your favourite colours with complementing sail cloths. Vinyl wrap and paint options let your imagination run wild. Try some different options with our colour picker.

Hydraulic passerelle

The 1.9m letter box retractable hydraulic passerelle extended from the transom lets you board and disembark in style.

Plans and interior layouts

Oyster 595 Waterline Sail Plan

Colour inspiration

Oyster 595 Boat Tour


Explore shallow cruising grounds and secluded anchorages aboard the shallow-draft 595 centreboard variant, the 595CB.


Expert insights and independent reviews on the Oyster 595

Toby Hodges


Matt Sheahan

The Oyster 595

60 foot sailing yacht sailing at sea


Inspiring stories and adventures onboard the Oyster 595

Sailing Through A Pandemic

Join us at our upcoming boat shows to see our stunning new generation bluewater cruisers

oyster 595 configurator blue 2

Configure your 595

Create your dream Oyster 595 using our yacht configurator

Oyster World Rally Hero Image San Blas

Oyster World Rally

Take the voyage of a lifetime.

The Oyster Fleet

Explore other models

Oyster 495

Setting a new benchmark for 50 foot yachts.

Oyster 565

An award winning sub 60 foot bluewater sailing yacht for all oceans.

Oyster 675

A versatile sub 70 foot sailboat designed for the adventurous at heart.

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Adian Newey Mega Nav 1

Oyster owner and F1 legend Adrian Newey reveals his future plans in an exclusive interview with Eddie Jordan

Oyster 565 Series II

The new 565 Series II

The pursuit of perfection continues

Oyster World Rally 2024 25 Tuamotus

Experience the sailing adventure of a lifetime in real-time. The Oyster World Rally 2024-25

Oyster 885GT 3 v3


Elaine bunting reviews the new oyster 885gt.

Oyster Charter Luxury Sailing Yacht Charters


Experience exhilarating sailing, luxury and style on an oyster charter. personal, exclusive and uniquely oyster.

Oyster 82 Mega Nav Promo 1

Hear from industry experts, owners and captains about their experience with the Oyster 82

Untitled design 83

oyster ownership

Personalised care, unforgettable experiences and lifelong yacht support.

Oyster World Rally 2028 29 OWR Mega Nav

Follow the Oyster World Rally 2024-25 fleet live

Winner of European Yacht of the Year 2023. She sets a new 50 foot bluewater benchmark, offering a stunning combination of sailing performance, comfort, safety and luxurious living space.

Oyster 495 sailing yacht with man at helm

Heralding a new generation of Oysters, this 60 foot bluewater cruiser is a sailing yacht for all oceans. Practical and well-provisioned for long distance sailing or cruising in coastal waters.

Oyster 565 sailing yacht at sea in med

The much-anticipated Oyster 595 is well-proportioned and extremely versatile. Offering exciting, customised build options with no compromise, she is capable of great things.

Oyster 595 sailing yacht sailing at sea

A versatile sub-70 foot sailboat offering the perfect balance of size and practicality. She can be sailed shorthanded effortlessly or take a full crew and up to eight friends and family.

sailing yacht oyster 675

This long range 75 foot cruising yacht is designed for very big adventures. A joy to sail yourself, she also boasts dedicated crew quarters.

Oyster 745 sailing yacht at sea with mountains 1 v2

Oyster 885SII

An exhilarating 90 foot sailing yacht, delivering comfort and safety with uncompromising performance. She is capable of taking you anywhere in the world effortlessly, in luxury and style.

Oyster 885 sailing yacht with crew

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Oyster’s Sub 60ft Sailboat Is A Design Force To Be Reckoned With

Oyster 565 by Oyster Yachts, British Yacht Builders

For those unfamiliar with sailing yachts, renowned British boat builder Oyster Yachts’ new 565 model may not seem like anything out of the ordinary. Yes, it is a stunning boat, but aren’t all sailing yachts? However, with good looks and so much more to offer, trust us when we say this sub 60ft sailboat is a force to be reckoned with.

Oyster Yachts is well-known in the yachting industry for its beautiful, hand-crafted sailboats, but we think their new sailing yacht model – one of six in the shipbuilder’s latest ‘G6’ range might just be its best one yet. Discover why below…

Blue Water Sailing Yacht from Oyster Yachts, UK

What’s the story behind this sub 60ft sailboat?

With the first hull set to launch in spring this year, Oyster’s new sailing yacht model is designed for couples and families to sail without a professional crew – a style of sailing referred to as ‘shorthanded’ by those in the know. Hence, it was of the utmost importance that she was easy to sail. Like all Oyster luxury sailing yachts , the 565 also had to be suitable for any type of sailing: from leisurely weekend sailing in the Mediterranean, to faster paced regatta sailing, and even circumnavigating the globe.

Blue Water Sailing Yacht from Oyster Yachts, UK

Though the first is not yet completed, the exceptional design qualities of the 565 haven’t gone unnoticed. In 2017, the Oyster 565 was crowned the Best Luxury Cruiser at the Sailing Today Awards, where judges acknowledged her lavish interiors, versatility, and suitability for shorthanded family sailing.

Oyster 565 by Oyster Yachts, British Yacht Builders

Stepping inside Oyster’s new sailing yacht

The Oyster interior style is luxurious and contemporary with an impressive amount of onboard living space, and this is something that the shipbuilder has stepped up even further with its ‘G6’ range. The 565 benefits from the distinctive large windows which have become Oyster’s signature look, with triple Seascape windows in the saloon and master cabin infusing the interior spaces with natural light. In addition, Skyscape windows in the Master and VIP cabins provide incredible views of the sky day and night, meaning even when you’re tucked up in bed you can still look up at the stars and dream of wherever you’re heading next.

Blue Water Sailing Yacht from Oyster Yachts, UK

As you would expect with a new Oyster sailing yacht, the interior decor is premium quality and hand-crafted from the finest materials. The main saloon and cabins exude sophistication with their combination of American white oak joinery and crown cut walnut-veneered cabin soles. However, if those materials are not to your taste the surfaces and upholstery can all be modified to suit the owner’s exact taste and wishes. In fact, there is a broad selection of joinery, fabrics and even leathers available for specification on this yacht, making the Oyster 565 a luxurious blank canvas for a yacht owner with a discerning eye and impeccable taste.

Blue Water Sailing Yacht from Oyster Yachts UK

What’s more, the sub 60ft sailboat model is not just contemporary in look, the onboard technology is akin to that you would find in a 5-star apartment or luxury suite. State-of-the-art AV equipment, Apple connectivity and twin loudspeakers in the deck saloon makes her a wonderful yacht for both entertaining and relaxation. Raymarine technology designed to augment a captain’s boat handling skills is also available in the bridge.

Blue Water Sailing Yacht from Oyster Yachts, UK

The Oyster 565 – where beauty meets efficiency

The semi-custom 565 builds on its predecessors’ (the Oyster 56 and Oyster 575) strengths as a circumnavigation vessel. Her twin-rudder hull form provides a well-balanced steering system while facilitating two different layout and keel options. A high-performance sail plan comes as standard, while a ‘sports pack’ makes participating in sailing events like the Oyster Regattas an enticing proposition for those who love competitive sailing. This new sailing yacht model can also offer more space on deck through its extended transom deck plan.

Blue Water Sailing Yacht from Oyster Yachts England

Oyster Yachts’ in-house team was responsible for the deck design and interior layout of the Oyster 565 , and they have provided two standard options for the owner to choose between. The first is the traditional layout, with the Master Cabin aft, two guest cabins forward and a fourth cabin amidship, which can be set out as a utility space or lengthened to include an additional berth. Moving the Master Cabin forward in the bow is a break from tradition and an innovative first for this Oyster yacht, and this is layout two for the 565. In this format, the aft can remain as another large cabin or can be changed to two double cabins for hosting more guests.

Blue Water Sailing Yacht interior by Oyster Yachts

A sub 60ft sailboat with a lot to offer

This new sailing yacht model and its impressive features are the result of years of experience building 120 Oyster 56 and the Oyster 575 hulls, and this expertise can be seen in every aspect of its design. This sub 60ft sailboat offers an owner-centric, customisable experience, with everything from her different sail and rig combinations to her bespoke configurations and furnishings making this luxurious yacht a great choice for couples and families; both casual cruisers and competitive sailors will find a lot of potential in her efficient hull shape and deck. That’s why, in our opinion, the Oyster 565 promises to be one of the finest semi-custom sub 60 ft sailboats of 2019.

Luxury Blue Water Sailing Yacht interior by Oyster Yachts UK

Location: Southampton, Hampshire, England, UK

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Iconic hand-crafted sailing yachts designed by sailors, for sailors: luxury boats built for quality blue water and ocean cruising.

Comments / photos for the Oyster 565 by Oyster Yachts page welcome

Website: Netherlands

best 60ft sailing yachts

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best 60ft sailing yachts

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Sunreef 60, Exterior, SAILING YACHTS

The Sunreef 60 is an all-around sailing leisure yacht ideal for exclusive getaways, charter, and transoceanic adventures. This model boasts a combination of exterior and interior areas easily flowing into one another. A clever bridge deck and superstructure design allow for a superior level of comfort onboard whereas the generous teak use, high bulwarks, and classy lines underscore her modern style with a classic edge.

With a completely fresh superstructure concept, the electric catamaran gains a saloon plan with an outstanding potential for customization. A vast, central lounging space with a panoramic view and endless layout possibilities, opens both onto the bow terrace and cockpit to make the most of the scenic route.

The bow benefits from a cozy lounge that is well shielded from sun and wind. To the aft, the saloon merges with the generous cockpit extended with a large aft platform. All the areas combined form a universal, open environment where flexibility and freedom reign.

While housing the main helm, the 36m² flybridge of the sailing yacht is dedicated to leisure with more than enough space for movable furniture, a jacuzzi, fully equipped wet bar, a barbecue and large sunpads. The hulls provide impressive volumes to set up a custom layout including airy, luxurious guest cabins and an opulent master suite with a walk-in dressing, desk, sofa, retractable TV, and an immense bathroom. This is the perfect setting to unwind and relax after a long day of basking in the sun. Available in classic, solar and electric catamaran versions, it offers versatility and sustainability for discerning sailors.




18.3 m / 60 Ft

Length overall

Beam overall

95 m² / 1022.57 Ft²

800 l (211.34 US gal)

Water capacity

Sunreef Yachts

Naval architecture

1000 l (264.17 US gal) - 1750 l (462.3 US gal)

Fuel capacity

85 m² / 914.93 Ft²

2 x 75 HP - 2 x 110 HP

225 m² / 2421.88 Ft²

Living space


Sunreef 60 Eco Surreal

Sunreef 60 Eco Surreal

Sunreef 60 Calma

Sunreef 60 Calma

Sunreef 60 Vulpino

Sunreef 60 Vulpino

Sunreef 60 Relentless

Sunreef 60 Relentless

Sunreef 60 E

Sunreef 60 E

Sunreef 60 Sinata

Sunreef 60 Sinata

Sunreef 60 Gyrfalcon

Sunreef 60 Gyrfalcon

Sunreef 60 OCA

Sunreef 60 OCA

Sunreef 60 Escape

Sunreef 60 Escape

Sunreef 60 Feel The Blue

Sunreef 60 Feel The Blue

Sunreef 60 Amaya

Sunreef 60 Amaya

Sunreef 60 Samadhi

Sunreef 60 Samadhi

Sunreef 60 LOFT Fineline

Sunreef 60 LOFT Fineline

Sunreef 60 Loft UNNEK

Sunreef 60 Loft UNNEK

Sunreef 60 LOFT Meri II

Sunreef 60 LOFT Meri II

Sunreef 60 Loft GRACE

Sunreef 60 Loft GRACE




FORCE ONE -- 2022-09

FORCE ONE | 2022-09

YACHT STYLE - 2022-09

YACHT STYLE | 2022-09



YACHT STYLE -- 2021-07

YACHT STYLE | 2021-07

YACHT STYLE -- 2021-03

YACHT STYLE | 2021-03

YACHT CLASS -- 2020-02

YACHT CLASS | 2020-02

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best 60ft sailing yachts

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best 60ft sailing yachts

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best 60ft sailing yachts


60 foot yacht: a guide to buying your next yacht.

  • November 19, 2018

Boaters often look to make the move from a smaller vessel to a 60 foot yacht when they seek to expand the possible boating excursions available to them. While simple day outings remain doable, yachts in this size range also offer the ability to travel further, the option to host more guests and the enjoyment of a myriad of amenities.

A yacht in the 60 foot range is also approaching the upper end of the owner/operator range as most owners in the 70 foot and up range typically do not operate the yacht themselves.

Buying a 60 foot yacht likely involves more decisions than a smaller vessel. For instance, the larger the vessel, the more important build quality becomes. Additionally, yacht type, cruising speed and yacht propulsion should all be considered. We’ll cover each of these items in this guide.

60 foot yacht

A 60 foot yacht can come in a number of different types and identifying your desired yacht type is a great starting point. While yacht type nomenclature can vary in different parts of the world, we’ll stick to the broader classification of an express yacht versus a flybridge yacht.

The express yacht (sometimes referred to as express cruiser or sports cruiser) refers to a yacht with a single deck above the hull and living space below. These yachts are often sporty and sleek looking.

Within the express category, the vessels can vary further. For example, a “Mediterranean” style yacht can often be referred to as an open express yacht and is characterized by maximum space for sun and little to no shade on the deck. The open express is contrasted with a typical hard top express which typically offers a semi-enclosed or fully-enclosed space for the operator.

While the express yacht emphasizes a two-deck layout, the flybridge yacht (sometimes referred to as a sedan bridge or a sport bridge) is a yacht that includes an additional space above the main deck, often with seating and a control station. Due to the flybridge above, the main deck on these vessels often includes an enclosed space and living quarters below.

The flybridge space can be open air or enclosed and can include a hard top depending on the yacht.

Yacht Propulsion

As you make investment decision regarding your new or used 60 foot yacht, it’s important to consider the propulsion types available today.

Most boat owners are familiar with inboard propulsion. Straight shaft inboard propulsion is the traditional form of propulsion you’ll find in boating. It involves a rear-facing engine connected to a transmission and a driftshaft that comes out of the bottom of the boat. V-drive inboard yachts have forward facing motors, positioned further back, with a transmission that redirects the driveshaft toward the back of the vessel. With the engines further back in the V-drive systems, interior cabin space can be further maximized.

Pod drive propulsion is the alternative to shaft drive propulsion, and since the  Volvo Penta pod drive system  debuted back in 2005, yacht owners have been intrigued by the benefits that such systems offer. Pod drives are a power system that is without shafts, struts and rudders. Instead of a traditional shaft-based system, one or more self-contained “pods” transfer the engine’s power into thrust.

60 foot yacht pods

The main benefits of a pod drive system are better fuel economy, increased handling and performance, less noise, less vibration, joystick docking and position fixing. It’s important to note that pod drive systems are typically more expensive and require certified technicians for servicing. With that said, however, with enough use, the fuel savings gained by using the pod system can, at least in part, make up for the additional investment that pod drive systems require.

Should you find yourself with additional questions regarding pod drive systems or other propulsion systems, please feel free to ask questions to our experienced yacht brokers.

New or Used?

Choosing between a new and used 60 foot yacht is another major consideration as you plan your purchase. A new build obviously comes with a higher price tag, but the features, amenities and configuration can be tailored to your exact desires. Moreover, a new build offers the opportunity to include all the latest technology that might be available in the yacht industry.

Whether purchasing a new or a used yacht, Tom George Yacht Group can help you acquire the perfect vessel for you, your family and your lifestyle. Below are some of the featured new yachts that Tom George Yacht Group can offer in this size range. Additionally, you can  browse the available used yachts on the market by clicking here .

Hatteras GT59

Hatteras has conceived the all-new GT59 with an acute understanding of tournament life in mind. The design team for this sleek convertible has brought together 40+ knot top-end speed, outstanding seakeeping ability and the most comfortable ride in its class. The GT59 comes tournament-ready with integrated rigging and storage bow to stern. It’s also built to wow inside, with a remarkably spacious 3-stateroom / 2-head arrangement or choice of optional tackle center or third head.  Click here to learn more about the Hatteras GT59 .

Hatteras M60

Image 1492: 3074

Although it sets the stage for the more expansive offerings within the Hatteras family, there is nothing entry-level about the Hatteras M60. A perfect choice for an owner-operator because of its ease of use and intuitive operation, the 60 over delivers on every feature for an experience that follows suit. By design, the entire layout below and above deck feels more spacious than you would expect.  Click here to learn more about the Hatteras M60 .

Hatteras GT65 Carolina

The new GT65 Carolina will replace the GT63 and signals a new design direction, enhanced performance and custom features for clients seeking an alternative to either a custom builder or other competitors’ ordinary off-the-shelf boats. The first renderings of the new Hatteras GT65 reveal a sleek profile that refreshes the look of the GT Series while still maintaining its core Hatteras DNA. Its new flybridge arrangement features an ergonomically-designed console that puts all the controls within easy reach. It also incorporates the latest and largest navigation and fishfinding electronics in a non-glare, flush-mounted, “glass cockpit” helm array. Click here to learn more about the Hatteras GT65 Carolina .

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best 60ft sailing yachts

*Recommended retail price. Value-Added Tax is subject to change, according to the country of purchase. For pricing information, availability and product characteristics, thank you to contact your dealer.

  • Description
  • Main Points


Designers Roberto Biscontini and Lorenzo Argento have created a world of refinement in this 60-footer ocean-cruising yacht.

With a hull length of almost 18 metres, the Oceanis Yacht 60 has a remarkable and sophisticated silhouette while preserving its elegant design and excellent marine qualities.

NAVAL ARCHITECT : Biscontini Yacht Design INTERIOR & EXTERIOR DESIGN  : Lorenzo Argento

European Yacht of the year Nominated 2023

Watch the video


The new cockpit layout provides a sense of ease and security: access to the foredeck is at the same level via deep side decks.

The two helm stations have been optimised so that all manoeuvres can be carried out without leaving the helm. On-board systems such as  Ship Control  and  Seanapps  provide control of all on-board systems and allow for easy maintenance.

The bimini is available in 2 configurations. The rigid version has a central section wich slides forward to adjust the amount of cover in the cockpit. The crew will therefore always find the best compromise between protection and ventilation.

The generous dinghy garage holds a 2.8 m jet-propelled tender. This tender is operated by an electric winch with a double wire system and guiding rollers to make it effortless to launch and raise.

best 60ft sailing yachts


The galley, positioned in the centre of the boat, extends across the entire width: on the port side, storage and refrigeration; on the starboard side, the sink, the oven and the dishwasher. There is substantial storage space and an innovative worktop layout.

The large saloon where six people can seat around the table facing the relaxation area with its soft sofa. The curved chart table allows the navigator to participate in all the discussions on board. 

Available in a 3-cabin version with 3 heads, the Oceanis Yacht 60 comes with two different finishes: walnut as standard and light oak on option. Many moulded wood features blend harmoniously with large lacquered white surfaces and are matched with exclusive upholstery. Together they create a distinctly stylish atmosphere.

The luxurious and relaxing owner's cabin offers privacy and a stunning view of the sea. The bed is only revealed on the starboard side once you have passed the private head, which is equipped with ample storage space.

best 60ft sailing yachts

2 trim levels

Walnut standard and light oak optional.


Main points

best 60ft sailing yachts

Spacious and bright interior

You are met with a great deal of space and light as you go down the companionway, and an overall impression of larger proportions.

Circulation on deck

Extensive side decks run round the helm stations offering obstacle-free seamless circulation to the fore deck.

Secure and equipped cockpit

The huge cockpit makes for extra safety and easy movement. The owner can carry out all the usual manoeuvres without leaving the helm.

A connected boat

The mobile application, Seanapps , and its onboard unit lets you view the status of the boat's various systems (battery charge, fuel or water tank levels, maintenance scheduling) via your smartphone, as well as planning your route or reviewing your sailing status using your mobile phone.


Virtual tour

Length Overall

Beam overall

Lightship Displacement

Air Draught Max

Draught Min

Fuel Capacity

Water Capacity

Max. engine power

CE Certification

A10 / B14 / C14

best 60ft sailing yachts

Standard draft

best 60ft sailing yachts

Shallow draft

best 60ft sailing yachts

Exterior deck

best 60ft sailing yachts

3 cabins - 3 heads

best 60ft sailing yachts

4 cabins - 4 heads

  • 2 extra berths on board, while still benefiting from a starboard owner’s cabin.
  • The 2 fore cabins each have an en suite shower room  

best 60ft sailing yachts

Press Reviews

Beneteau’s Dynamic New Sailing Flagship: Oceanis Yacht 60 Read the article

Yachting World

The new Oceanis Yacht 60 from BENETEAU is a stylish and bluewater friendly new flagship model for the French yard. Read More

best 60ft sailing yachts

2022 BENETEAU Cup : Off the Coast of Malta

More than 120 participants gathered in the port of Valletta in Malta, from 18 to 19 November, for a friendly meeting to indulge in the joys of sailing.

best 60ft sailing yachts

The New Oceanis Yacht 60 flagship – Elegance in a nutshell

best 60ft sailing yachts

A beginner's guide to sailing: choosing the right boat and learning how to sail it

Beneteau services.

With teams for sea trials, financing, customization, events, an after-sales service, and a network of dealers worldwide, BENETEAU delivers the help and expertise every boat owner needs throughout his boating life maintaining an enduring customer relationship.

best 60ft sailing yachts

Other boats from the range

best 60ft sailing yachts

17.12 m / 56’2’’

5 m / 16’5’’

Select your area and your language

  • Chinese, Simplified

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best 60ft sailing yachts

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best 60ft sailing yachts

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Sunreef 60 Eco Surreal

  • Sustainable


The Sunreef 60 Eco Surreal is an eco-friendly sailing catamaran that showcases the shipyard’s expertise in luxury catamaran design and the latest Sunreef Yachts Eco tech solutions. In fact, Surreal was the first 60 feet sailing catamaran to be equipped with the in-house developed, composite-integrated, solar panels.

Built into the yacht’s hull sides, superstructure, and bimini roof, the solar power system would maximize renewable power generation and offer unrivalled energy efficiency for long, vibration and fume-free navigation as well as for the appliances on board.

With a thickness below 1mm, the ultralight solar skin is the industry’s lightest and most efficient solar power solution . The solar panels also have a very high resistance to shock and abrasion. The sailing catamaran was also fitted with a powerful custom-engineered battery bank to support operations.

The luxury yacht welcomes up to eight guests into her smart and spacious 4-cabin layout. With a fully equipped galley placed down in the starboard hull, the electric catamaran ’s saloon offers generous lounging and dining areas. The custom designed interior and furniture are both contemporary and timeless.

The sailing catamaran’s alfresco relaxation spaces include a large flybridge with a wet bar, a sunken lounging area on the foredeck, and a full-beam aft cockpit with a big swim platform. The flybridge onboard Surreal welcomes guests to an immense lounge with a bar and a large c-shaped settee for making the most of the scenic route.

For comprehensive information and guidance on our products, contact us . We ensure your inquiries receive our immediate attention.


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best 60ft sailing yachts

Sunreef Venture S.A.

Sunreef Yachts Shipyard

ul. Tarcice 6

80-718 Gdańsk, Poland

+48 58 769 77 77

best 60ft sailing yachts

best 60ft sailing yachts

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Windward Islands Yachting Company

The 5 Best Sailing Boats under 60 feet

best 60ft sailing yachts

Are you looking to cruise with family and friends? Are you a passionate sailor?

Check out our selection of the 5 best sailboats under 60 feet. Each boat has its own technical characteristics, so make sure you make the right call when picking the one you like according to your needs and project.

Jeanneau 54: the best yacht under 50 feet

best 60ft sailing yachts

The Jeanneau 54 is a new yacht model that enters the Jeanneau Yachts luxury sailboat range, on the same level as the Jeanneau Yachts 64. This new model is largely inspired by its predecessor, the Jeanneau 53. The same quality-price ratio is maintained, you can find this model from 440 000€.

This sailing yacht is characterized by a powerful hull and better performance than her sistership of similar size. In addition, she has a sleeker design compared to previous models. Moreover, she offers a cockpit twice as spacious as other models of comparable size on the market. It is divided into several areas: navigation, relaxation, and maneuvering areas. Furthermore, this new yacht is equipped with a rear platform called ‘the terrace’ whose design has been patented by the manufacturer. This one has the particularity of being larger.

The Jeanneau 54 is designed to meet the requirements of customers. She is available in several versions with various levels of customization: 2-cabin, 3-cabin, 4-cabin and even 5-cabin versions. According to the shipyard, the Jeanneau 54 is mainly designed for customers in Northern Europe.

Best cruising yacht under 15m : Oceanis 46.1

best 60ft sailing yachts

The Oceanis 46.1 is a monohull cruising yacht manufactured in France by Bénéteau since 2018. Its length is 13.65 m and its draft measures 2.65 m. In terms of design, the Oceanis 46.1 was largely inspired by the 51.1, but is distinguished by the combination of elegance and power. She also has the famous stepped hull of the 51.1, characterized by its wider shape, offering a larger interior. As for the deck, it adopts an architectural shape with a more spacious cockpit compared to the same size models found on the market. The large table inside the cockpit can accommodate up to 8 people. It cleverly houses the BIB. Also, the Oceanis 46.1 is distinguished by its winches grouped at the helm station, which facilitate maneuvering and create a beautiful space for relaxation at the same time.

The new yacht is designed for fast cruising enthusiasts, as it offers great speed and guaranteed sensations.

Best performance: The sailing monohull Dehler 30 One Design

best 60ft sailing yachts

Unveiled in Cannes, the Dehler 30 One Design from Hanse Yacht shipyard is a monohull with ultra-modern designs. It is presented as a boat dedicated to offshore racing with minimum crew. It is characterized by its carbon mast set back and also by the presence of an intermediate stay between the masthead and the spreader.

The cockpit is designed so that the crew can work in comfort and freedom. It is equipped with a soft non-slip surface and a long central footrest. Also of note is a dedicated survival storage compartment.

Among the novelties of the Dehler 30 One Design, note that it has an outrigger that serves to spread the asymmetrical spinnaker pull point. This provides an additional maneuver to adjust the spinnaker draft point. The setting and removal of this adjustment is not complicated during a race.

Bavaria cruiser 46, the most popular for rental

best 60ft sailing yachts

The Bavaria cruiser 46 is a cruising monohull designed in Germany by Bavaria Yachts since 2004. It measures 13.60 m and has a draft of 2.10 m. It was voted European Yacht of the Year 2015. The yacht is distinguished by its wider swim platform, extending over 80% of the width of the transom. In addition, its spacious cockpit, almost straight bow and whistle roof allow it to adopt a more elegant, distinguished design and away from the ultra-sporty look.

In addition, the Bavaria Cruiser 46 has quality rigging and fittings with Lewmar winches and Spinlock blockers on the roof. These elements allow two people to easily steer the boat. As for the interior, this model has a modular navigation area consisting of a cockpit table. This is equipped with a tray that resembles a desk for the storage of instruments, charts or electrical panel.

The fastest monohull sailing vessel Swan 54

best 60ft sailing yachts

Swan 54 is a sailboat manufactured by Nautor’s Swan shipyard since 2016. It is 16.48 m long and has a draft of 3.7 m. This model is so large that it can accommodate up to 10 people. Because of its high speed, it is a favorite among ocean racing enthusiasts as well as those who enjoy cruising with family and friends.

The sailboat’s deck plan is designed to ensure comfortable sailing with a minimum of crew. At the same time, it offers a more spacious area for everyone to enjoy life on board. Offering direct access to the sea thanks to a transom that opens entirely onto a large bathing platform and she is equipped with four electric winches in the cockpit, which allows the crew to easily steer the boat.

Discover also our selection of the best motor multihulls.

best 60ft sailing yachts


8 gulets, ketches and schooners to consider for a timeless sail , brokerage yacht market in 2023 : a review of key trends and developments, monohull vs catamaran: how to choose.

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A floor-to-ceiling window opens up the main deck through a cutout in the bulwark, right onto the waves. The following flood of natural light charges the interiors with an airy vibe, fitting right in with the wellness-inspiring decor.

60 External View 2_Low res


The top terrace on the sea is split between three identified areas, from the foremost sunbathing slab, through the hardtoped hosting bar and table, to end the evening aft with a selection of freestanding social seating.

Azimut-Fly60 Dinette_Mid res


Whether a consolidated or connected main deck is preferred, the layout can accomodate. The landmark lounges on the Fly 60 are flexible, maintaining all their magic as they shuffle around to accomodate a choice of two galley positions. The forward galley is more reserved, while the aft galley breaks down formalities.

Azimut-Fly60 Galley 1_Mid res


Architect Achille Salvagni researched the interior design to develop an authentic aura of wellbeing. The spatial composition draws on the organically formed natural essences, punctuated with bronze accents. From the architectural framework to the smallest detail, every element flows from the total vision, achieving perfect harmony.

Azimut-Fly60 Salon 3_Mid res

Our advanced toolkit

Carbon tech_0000_Fly-60

Azimut’s pioneering use of carbon fiber lamination goes beyond pure performance. The Carbon Tech Generation offers expanded volumes onboard, while maintaining excellent dynamic stability and perfect handling. Preserving the yacht’s low center of gravity, the carbon fiber was focused on the upper parts of the yacht, lightening the laminated components by up to 30% and reducing the natural roll momentum up to 15%.


Automated interceptors optimize the trim at every speed to maintain ideal hydrodynamics for performance and efficiency, at the same time negating any lateral imbalance due to sidewinds or weight distribution. With the pilot’s peace of mind assured, the driving experience is simpler and more enjoyable.


At the helm, the innovative Optimus Electronic Power Steering system by Seastar Solutions gives you a similar sensation to driving a top of the range car. The steering sensitivity and resistance can be linked to speed, enhacing the pilot’s control in every situation. The system also has the additional benefit of eliminating the hydraulic piping between the helm station and the rudder compartment.



  • Length overall (incl. pulpit) 18,25 m (59’ 10”)
  • Beam max 5,05 m (16’ 7”)
  • Draft (incl. props at full load) 1,46 m (4’ 9”)
  • Displacement (at full load) 36 t (79378 lb)
  • Building material GRP + Carbon Fibre
  • Exterior designer Stefano Righini
  • Interior designer Achille Salvagni Architetti
  • Hull designer P.L. AUSONIO Naval Architecture & Azimut R&D Dept.
  • Builder Azimut Yachts
  • Keel Planing, deadrise 15,6° aft and 22° deadrise amidship
  • Certifications CE B; NMMA
  • Cabins 3 + 1 crew
  • Berths 6 + 2 crew
  • Head compartments 3 + 1 crew
  • Engines 2 x VOLVO D13 900 hp
  • Maximum speed (test load) up to 31 kn
  • Cruising speed (performance test mass) up to 26 kn
  • Fuel capacity 2800 l (740 US Gal)
  • Water capacity 750 l (198 US Gal)

best 60ft sailing yachts

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The 10 Best Explorer Yachts for High-Seas Adventures

A 350-foot gigayacht or 60-foot cruiser size isn't what defines an explorer yacht. the devil's in the details when it comes to authenticity., julia zaltzman, julia zaltzman's most recent stories.

  • This Boatmaker Builds 1960s-Inspired Cruisers With a Modern Twist. Here’s How.
  • This 150-Foot Fishing Trawler Was Transformed Into a Rugged Explorer Yacht
  • These 3 Miniature Explorer Yachts Are Ready to Take You Off-Grid
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Damen SeaXplorer Superyacht

Unlike fashion trends that seem to move as fast as a Redbull F1 car, the yachting industry takes its time adopting new ideas. There seems to be one exception. Explorer vessels, born out of the owners’ desires to go farther and stay longer, without sacrificing creature comforts, is developing with some urgency.

Several dozen builders and designers are now focusing on explorers, but they are also consulting with adventure travel firms that have a long history of using expedition yachts in remote parts of the globe. ICON Yachts, for example, collaborated with Cookson Adventures and the International Seakeepers Society on its Project Mission in both the overarching design and the details found across the yacht. Adventure outfitter EYOS employs its expertise routinely with Damen’s explorer vessels, most recently with the 190-foot Pink Shadow.   EYOS has a list of 50 features that separate authentic explorers from faux versions that might look the part but lack the necessary infrastructure and design elements.

Long-range cruising, system redundancy for autonomy at sea, and storage to carry specialist equipment like submersibles are some of the requirements that define expedition boats. There’s also deck configuration for the easy launch of tenders and toys, along with strong, ice-class hulls and climate-controlled areas comfort in extreme polar and tropic regions.

We culled through the latest fleet of explorers with multiple lengths and designs, selecting a single feature that we think makes it best in class. Here are 10 of our favorites.

Best Pilothouse: Doggersbank 77 Offshore

best 60ft sailing yachts

More than 700 Doggersbank motoryachts have been built since the 1960s, with the latest model scheduled for delivery in 2025. The robust, offshore vessels are designed by Dutch studio Vripack for long ocean passages, assisted by a high, flared bow. “It prevents green water from hitting the wheelhouse windows in rough seas, and together with the Portuguese bridge, ensures the captain’s view is not obstructed,” Joost Mertens, Doggersbank fleet manager, told Robb Report . “The yacht’s steel hull ensures the yacht sits better in the water making it less vulnerable to wind and high waves.”

Best Deck Configuration: Columbus Crossover 42

best 60ft sailing yachts

The Columbus Crossover 42 is defined by both straight and angled surfaces,  tapered stern sections and a concentration of volume in the bow that is becoming on many explorers. What is atypical is the yacht’s compact but flexible dimensions that accommodate a large cockpit tender and a 108-square-foot swimming pool with relaxation areas. Sold to an U.S. customer, it’s scheduled for delivery in 2025.

Best Multipurpose Stern: Bering B165

best 60ft sailing yachts

Turkish boatbuilder Bering Yachts revealed details of its new 162-foot flagship explorer yacht, the B165 , at the Dubai International Boat Show in March. The yacht can carry 18,400 gallons of fuel, which the builder says will give it a 4,000 nautical mile range when cruising at 12 knots. It also has a 2,640-gallon holding tank. What singles the B165 out among other explorers, however, is its multi-purpose stern area for both function and form. The elongated aft deck has a swimming pool surrounded by sunbeds. When the bulwarks are folded down, the space becomes an even larger overwater terrace. When the pool is not in use, it can be used as a covered storage area for water toys and expedition equipment. The yacht’s two tenders are also stored on the aft, making it a flexible space for both equipment and guests.

Best Family-Friendly Concept: Project Mimer

best 60ft sailing yachts

This 197-foot expedition concept by Tillberg Design of Sweden caters to family travel with a helicopter pad as well as multiple tenders and toys. It’s pitched by the studio as an introduction to true explorer yachting. It has a functional crew layout for efficient operations and an upper deck owner’s suite with a forward terrace and spa pool. With a hull that will be built to the Polar Code Category, the concept also has an optional helipad aft and long list of toys, from an electric luxury tender and two expedition RIBS to quad bikes, a submersible, Jet Skis, and, of course, an amphibious vehicle. The five-decked yacht sleeps 12 guests with crew quarters for 17 and an additional staff member, such as a nanny.

Best Ice Explorer: Damen SeaXplorer 105

best 60ft sailing yachts

Damen’s 345-foot SeaXplorer 105 is the largest model in the SeaXplorer range, with exterior design by Azure Yacht Design. The platform was developed under the guidance of expedition specialists EYOS Expeditions, who considered over 150 design criteria, from the hull form and bridge layout to the tender davits and Zodiac boarding arrangements. But it is EYOS’s expertise in the polar regions—it facilitated the first heli-ski charter in Antarctica and the first 3,200-foot sub dive to the Antarctic midnight zone—that gives the vessel its point of difference. The SeaXplorer has an ice-strengthened hull and a specially shaped icebreaking stern to maneuver through rough terrain.

Best Interior: Project Fox

best 60ft sailing yachts

On top of having a cool name, Project Fox has a bright, contemporary interior, courtesy of London’s Q Design, that is becoming more common on expedition yachts. The full-beam owner’s stateroom is also one of the yacht’s standout features, with its marble en suite and hardwood floors. The salon is also luxe, with white walls that brighten up travel even in areas that are sunlight deprived. Project Fox also has four other staterooms.

Best Autonomy: Project Master

best 60ft sailing yachts

ICON Yachts’s Project Master was a transoceanic offshore support vessel before the Dutch shipyard began a refit to turn it into an explorer yacht (see before and after inset). It’s equipped with diesel-electric hybrid propulsion, a wide beam for multiple tender spaces, a 7,200-nautical mile range, and flexible cabin arrangements for expedition crew. Other features include a science lab and a certified heli-deck. “The yacht’s helicopter and sub capability mean it can offer assistance in areas with challenging access and little infrastructure,” Micca Ferrero, owner of ICON Yachts, told Robb Report . “The design is for the demands of self-sufficient voyages.”

Best Use of Volume: Arcadia Yachts A96

best 60ft sailing yachts

The A96 mixes the lines, volume, and open-plan layout of Arcadia’s Sherpa series with the speed, joystick maneuverability, and quality of the yard’s A range. It’s the first Arcadia to have an Igor Lobanov-designed interior, as well as a high bow and high deckheads for traversing rough water. But its big differentiator is the 214 gross tonnes of volume and 24-foot beam that generate big volumes—4,300 square feet of usable space, which is 30 percent more than on other similar-sized yachts. Low bulwarks and lateral walkways emphasize the sense of openness.

Best Bow: Project Shackleton

best 60ft sailing yachts

This 351-foot build from Lürssen has an inverted bow that looks like an eagle’s beak. The shape is designed to slice through waves with much lower vibration through the hull, while also reducing rock and roll in rough seas. Unlike the quasi-research vessel exteriors of many explorers, this vessel is representative of the changing look of many in this growing segment. 

Best Multi-Mode Hull: Azimut Magellano 60

best 60ft sailing yachts

The Magellano 60 isn’t technically an explorer yacht. Think of it as a cruiser  designed for some long-distance travel. But it does have one very interesting feature, what its builder Azimut calls a “dual-mode” hull. The semi-planing shape is designed to optimize fuel consumption (and therefore lower emissions) by about 20 percent (compared to similar-sized vessels) at low and medium speeds. The yacht’s bow is also designed to cut through waves for better seakeeping at a range of speeds. The boat cruises very efficiently at 18 knots but will hit a top end of 26, thus delivering the performance of a planing hull with the benefits of a displacement hull.

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SYS Yacht Sales - New and Used Boats and Yachts or Sale

Used Yachts For Sale From 51 To 60 Feet

Listed below are used yachts for sale worldwide from 51 To 60 feet. Use the search tools to narrow your exploration. SYS Yacht Sales offers a wide range of used yachts for sale, including long range cruisers, motor yachts, trawlers, sportfish yachts, flybridge yachts, sailboats and everything in between. Search top brands like Azimut, Hatteras, Princess, Sea Ray, Prestige, Grand Banks, Riviera and much more. Need assistance? Contact our experienced yacht brokers. We look forward to helping you find the yacht that's right for you.

2019 60' Azimut-S6 Miami, FL, US

Ocean Yachts 60 Super Sport

2007 60' Antigua-60 Custom Annapolis, MD, US

Antigua 60 Custom

1989 60' Windship-Windship 60 Cutter Saint Augustine, FL, US

Windship Windship 60 Cutter

Wind seeker 1.

2000 60' Hatteras-60 Convertible La Romana, DO

Hatteras 60 Convertible

2024 60' Delta Powerboats-54 Carbon IPS Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

Delta Powerboats 54 Carbon IPS

2022 60' Pershing-6X Miami Beach, FL, US

Pershing 6X

1994 60' Bertram-60 Sportfish Wilmington, NC, US

Bertram 60 Sportfish

1969 60' Sparkman & Stephens-Centerboard Ketch Saint Augustine, FL, US

Sparkman & Stephens Centerboard Ketch

Vagrant gipsy.

1986 60' Rybovich-60 North Palm Beach, FL, US

Rybovich 60

2012 60' Viking-60 Convertible Cabo San Lucas, MX

Viking 60 Convertible

Happy ending.

1999 60' Technologie Marine-Entincelle 60 Terra Ceia, FL, US

Technologie Marine Entincelle 60

1981 60' Gulfstar-Sloop 60 San Diego, CA, US

Gulfstar Sloop 60

2024 60' Solaris Power-60 Open New Rochelle, NY, US

Solaris Power 60 Open

2007 60' Custom-ISoCatamarans 60 Athens, GR

Custom ISoCatamarans 60

2012 60' Viking-60 Convertible Los Suenos, Playa Herradura, CR

Princess S60 Sportbridge

2024 60' Selene-60 Ocean Explorer Hong Kong, HK

Selene 60 Ocean Explorer

2006 60' Sumerset-60 COI (Charter Edition) Lake Arrowhead, GA, US

Sumerset 60 COI (Charter Edition)

2010 60' Sunseeker-Predator 60 Miami Beach, FL, US

Sunseeker Predator 60

2023 60' Moon-60 St. Thomas, SX

Novatec e60

2024 60' Seanfinity-T6 Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

Seanfinity T6

1972 60' Little Harbor-60 (Franz Maas Custom) Falmouth, MA, US

Little Harbor 60 (Franz Maas Custom)

Northern lights.

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‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht' Season 1 Almost Sank the Series

The first season of 'BDSY' traveled some rough seas.

The Big Picture

  • Below Deck Sailing Yacht had casting issues and crew dynamics that led to a messy first season.
  • The show learned from its mistakes and retooled for Season 2, introducing a new cast that brought magic to the series.
  • Captain Glenn and his new trio have become the longest-running and best group within the Below Deck franchise.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht was the second spin-off of the flagship program that was launched on Bravo. The first season introduced viewers to the crew of Parsifall III, a motoryacht with a twist: a big, ol' sail! Led by Captain Glenn Shephard , the first season was filled with the typical yachties that have made fans love the Below Deck programs. They even welcomed a familiar face in Chef Adam Glick to the yacht. With two seasons of Below Deck Mediterranean under his belt, he was meant to help steer the ship to success. But something didn't work. Was it the awkward boatmance between Chef Adam and Chief Stew Jenna MacGillivray ? Was it the real-life couple working on deck, Padget Berry and Ciara Duggan ? Whatever it was, after Season 1, Below Deck Sailing Yacht essentially emptied the bunks of Parsifall III and Captain Glenn returned with an entirely new crew — and the rest is history. Season 1 had growing pains and needed to be retooled in order for Below Deck Sailing Yacht to truly sail off into glory.

Below Deck has been one of Bravo's biggest assets since its 2013 debut. Following the work lives of a crew on a superyacht, Below Deck showcases the highs and lows of one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. Sure, it looks all luxurious and incredible, but the drama is real. Like many Bravo hits, to capitalize on its success, Bravo green lit Below Deck spin-offs. Following Below Deck Mediterranean , Below Deck Sailing Yacht followed the same formula, but it had growing pains that almost kept it docked forever .

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

In a reality TV series, a crew aboard a luxury sailing yacht navigates the challenges of providing five-star service to affluent guests while managing personal dynamics and the unpredictable nature of the sea. Each episode reveals a blend of high-seas adventure and behind-the-scenes drama among the crew members.

'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' Botched Its Casting

Below Deck Sailing Yacht set sail in 2020 in the stunning locale of Greece. With the job tougher than ever and the stakes higher than before, the success of Parsifall III truly depended on the wind in their sails. Beause it came with a new type of vessel for viewers to see, the 180-foot luxury sailing yacht was billed as an even grander once-in-a-lifetime experience. Unlike the flagship franchise's Captain Lee Rosbach and the first spin-off's Captain Sandy Yawn , Below Deck Sailing Yacht relied on an old faithful captain who spent many years aboard the ship. While the others have gone from vessel to vessel, Captain Glenn Shephard's vast knowledge of Parsifall III allowed him to welcome the viewers into his home away from home. Captain Glenn wasn't there to be a reality star ; he was there to do his job, the job he loved to do. To supplement the reality show tropes that make these programs watchable, Below Deck Sailing Yacht had to ensure the rest of the cast was filled with personalities that would be enticing to watch.

Since Parsifall III already had members of the crew on board, the show decided to keep two members of the sailing yacht's crew, casting them as the power couple that they thought fans would fall in love with. Prior to the start of the season, Paget Berry was the yacht's First Officer, the closest position to a Bosun, while Ciara Duggan was a stewardess, working in the interior. But for some bizarre reason, likely for added drama, Captain Glenn pushed Ciara to the exterior to act as a deckhand, which meant she would be working under her boyfriend.

Fans also learned that this would mark the first time the pair ever worked directly with one another in this capacity. Has this ever worked to solidify a healthy relationship? Very rarely. With two familiar faces on Captain Glenn's staff, Below Deck Sailing Yacht brought on a Below Deck alum to help integrate the show into the Below Deck Cinematic Universe. Chef Adam Glick had a whiplash of a journey during his time on Below Deck Med . Often found bickering with Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier , undermining her authority, and going rogue with his meals like putting onions in dishes when the primary specifically put on his preference sheet that he did not want them, Chef Adam was an interesting option to be the familiar face for the franchise to start with. But hey, an angry, temperamental chef is a stereotype for Below Deck so it seemed fitting .

The Interior Team Was a Nightmare on Season 1 of 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht'

Knowing Chef Adam had a rocky relationship with the head of the interior, it was expected that whoever was in charge on Parsifal III would suffer the same fate as their counterpart in the Med. But it couldn't be further from the truth. Jenna MacGillivray was brought on as Chief Stew. She was not the warm and cuddly personality, but had a similar demeanor to the original Below Deck Chief Stew Adrienne Gang . Both women's mission was to assert their authority and had run-ins with many of their colleagues. For Jenna, there was one exception: A second romance bloomed on Parsifall III between Chef Adam and Chief Stew Jenna.

On paper, watching love blossom should warm the hearts, but this duo was toxic, and Jenna left a lot to be desired, as she rarely ever took accountability for focusing on her school-girl romance with Chef Adam over her duties as Chief Stew. The interior team is central to the story, as they spend the most time with the guests on camera. Jenna became unbearable when she fell in love , and things got messy. Her obsession with her relationship over her job almost sank the ship.

With so many questionable choices in the cast, there had to be someone on the crew that could breathe sanity into the Below Deck spin-off. Turning to the interior, Jenna's two stewardesses were Madison Stalker and Georgia Grobler . Madison very quickly became the audience's voice of reason as she saw the chaos on board. She dealt with the brunt of Jenna's frustrations and lack of interest in establishing a working relationship with her. Madison was great at her job, she just never got the praise she deserved. She became the season's punching bag; hence, the majority of her story was filled with Jenna trying to tear her down, and Chef Adam following suit because he had to side with his girl.

When it came to Georgia, the 3rd Stew was clearly unaware of relationship boundaries. It's one thing to have a crush, but when you're living and working with your crush, whose girlfriend is also sleeping feet away from you, perhaps it's best to turn things down a few notches. Georgia's crush on Paget was simply uncomfortable to watch. Her entire journey on Below Deck Sailing Yacht comprised of trying to serenade Paget with the only original song Georgia had in her songbook. What was worse? Paget fed into it — with his girlfriend present! Her flirtation was cringe, and yet it wasn't even as hard as Jenna went for Chef Adam.

'Below Deck Down Under' Is Bravo's Best Kept Secret

'below deck sailing yacht's season 2 cast turned the seri.

On deck, joining Ciara and Paget for half the season, was Parker McCown . He resigned from his position due to his well-being, as his back and forth with Paget was wearing him down. Parker was replaced by Christopher Miller , who was almost a non-existent personality for the remainder of the charter season. He was kind, he worked well, but suffered a back injury that nearly derailed his entire career. Unlike any other Below Deck series, Below Deck Sailing Yacht featured the Chief Engineer as an on-screen character. Byron Hissey was much older than the majority of the crew, so his presence wasn't as drama-filled comparatively. As a character, he was a swell guy, but he just didn't have the aspirations to make good reality television.

Every season of Below Deck features some sort of mess. Maybe it's caused by the elite vacationers or the drama within the bowels of the ship, but the mess of Below Deck Sailing Yacht 's first season was the mess of its cast. Casting is hard; these nine individuals lacked chemistry and didn't gel. There's no predicting how individuals will react — it's the core of the experiment of reality television. The stories that this cast created were ripe for drama, they just didn't play out well.

Thankfully, the show learned from its mistake and retooled the entire second season. The only returning cast member was Captain Glenn. Fans were then introduced to Chief Engineer Colin MacRae , Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher , and First Officer Gary King, and magic was instantly made! Captain Glenn and his new trio have remained with the program since Season 2, are the longest running tenured group within the Below Deck franchise, and make it one of the best in the franchise. The moral of this story is perfection takes time. You won't always catch lightning on the first try. Below Deck Sailing Yacht is proof. They ditched the navy blue polos and opted for those infamous orange ones ; that's how badly they needed to distance themselves from that first season.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is available to stream on Peacock in the U.S.

Watch on Peacock

Yachting World

  • Digital Edition

Yachting World cover

Best luxury yacht: 7 ultimate luxury cruisers you can buy

  • Toby Hodges
  • March 14, 2024

Toby Hodges takes a look at all the nominees and the winner of the best luxury yacht category in the European Yacht of the Year Awards

The definition of the best luxury yacht will differ according to personal opinion and from boat to boat. This year’s nominees in the luxury yacht category of the European Yacht of the Year Awards proved that perfectly.

The European Yacht of the Year awards are selected by a broad panel of expert judges from across the globe. These are people who spend their professional lives sailing and comparing yachts, so you can be certain that the yachts which stand out in this field are truly the best of the best on the market.

The best luxury yachts

Best luxury yacht winner 2024 – arcona 50.

When you enter the fiercely competitive 50ft luxury performance yacht market you better get it right. And the jury felt Arcona managed that. This watershed design for the traditional Swedish brand, by X-Yachts co-founder and former designer Niels Jeppesen, is a big, contemporary new Arcona, one that sees it move away from its cruiser-racer heritage and classic interiors.

The on trend styling inside and out is backed up by a premium level of build and finish quality and sailing performance – particularly if you have the performance sails, traveller and deep (2.95m) keel options the test boat carried, although the latter does limit your berthing and anchoring options.

While I doubt it’ll be raced or will suit typical bluewater use, it offers a purity of performance push-button sailing: a handsome prospect upwind in a light breeze, it transforms into a powerful reaching machine with stacks of control.

As chairman of our jury, Jochen Rieker, puts it: “The boat certainly did not win for her somewhat borrowed looks. She wins by checking all the boxes in all other respects. Slipping along gracefully in the lightest of airs, holding her stride and her balance in more demanding conditions, offering warmth, light and this reassuring feeling of utter quality down below – there simply isn’t anything to fault.”

Contest 50CS

The Contest 50CS, for example, is an archetype luxury cruising yacht, one built to the highest standards and that could take you to most waters in impeccable comfort. This model is, uniquely, available in two versions: this more conventional 50CS with aft master cabin, or the forward owner’s suite version on the aft cockpit Contest 49CS . We ran a full test on the latter after spending two days aboard in the North Sea, where that noticeably high freeboard, which may not aid boarding nor windage, helped keep us dry on deck in a steady Force 6 gusting 7.

As the 50CS proved, this Judel/Vrolijk design keeps slipping along in the light stuff too, providing enjoyable sailing in 6 knots breeze under a code sail. The centre cockpit offers a deep protected guest area, but also links well to the spacious aft deck.

And the Wetzels-Brown-designed interiors of Contests today are stunning and hard to match. The engineering, access to usable stowage, details and finish on the 50CS is first class and to get this level of quality at this size is special.

Both Contest and X-Yachts are early adopters of hybrid power, offering their bluewater cruisers with optional electric drives. For the XC 47 this was designed-in from the start to offer Oceanvolt’s award-winning new 25kW regenerative drive.

The XC 47 is another wonderfully engineered and thought out yacht for distance cruising, in particular for those who also enjoy hands-on helming pleasure. That should come as no surprise to any X aficionados, but what really struck me most about this yacht was the stowage, and the forethought needed to create that, together with how practical it has been made.

That may sound slightly anticlimactic but ask any long-term cruiser and stowage is always a priority. On deck, this constitutes a huge lazarette and sail locker, plus clever systems for launching a dinghy via davits and a liferaft canister, while below decks every square inch of space has been used effectively, with lockers hinged with gas struts.

It’s clear the Danish yard went to considerable time and effort, even building a full mock up of the interior that could be canted 20° each way.

If the deck saloon style looks didn’t sell this model to all – this is the first full non-Jeppesen designed X – the jury were converted once they’d taken the helm. ‘Quirky’ became ‘muscular and bold’. The ease with which it can be sailed from the cockpit was also appreciated.

While I understand many offshore cruisers like a protected centre cockpit and more sun protection, the attention to detail, stowage and practicalities, combined with the direct steering, motion and enjoyable sailing this X offers make it a standout new offering.

Jeanneau Yachts 55

Meanwhile the Jeanneau Yachts 55 stands out for different, unique reasons in this category, offering a completely new concept in comfort on deck while at anchor and a novel accommodation layout. Its focus is on outdoor living space.

What helps place this in a luxury bracket is not simply the price or the creative input of superyacht specialist design duo Philppe Briand and Andrew Winch, rather that its layout creates a palatial amount of private space for the owner’s suite. Guest cabins have their own direct access from the extensive cockpit via gullwing doors.

It certainly makes sense for solo owners or couples using it as a warm water apartment. How many people this will suit is another question, as it segregates any guests, crew or children from the galley and saloon.

I used the term monocat when I first viewed it, as the 55 really does attempt to mix the two worlds, particularly in terms of providing owner privacy and lounging space. Choose the rigid hard top and windshield and there’s a vast amount of covered area including a dinette and chart table – plus a bimini can shade all that extensive aft deck too.

The penalty comes in additional weight and wetted surface, and is felt in the handling and performance, the latter particularly in lighter breeze with the optional in-mast furling, self tacking headsail and shallow draught package we had. However, it’s set up to be easily managed from the mid cockpit with good visibility from the twin helms and easy circulation thanks to the ramped side decks. Full report in YW February 2024.

Best luxury yacht 2023

Best luxury yacht winner – oyster 495.

It is hard to imagine that the decor of a yacht can change its look and feel quite this much, yet the layout of this second 495, Eddie Jordan’s dramatic looking Tuga , is in fact identical to the first boat that I spent several days aboard last summer.

At its heart is a wonderfully (Humphreys) designed and engineered luxury bluewater cruiser conceived from the ground up, built in a new dedicated facility to a repeatable quality very few yards are capable of.

The 495 offers consistent passage making speeds in real voluminous comfort – whether enjoyed from the deep cockpit or the best-in-class aft cabin. Deck stowage and mechanical space is also superb.

Then factor in the family appeal of Oyster’s after sales and world rally programme and you start to appreciate the premium world this sub 50-footer gives access to.

The first yacht fully conceived under CEO Richard Hadida’s reign, this is also the smallest completely new Oyster 495 since 2005 – and it’s a triumph. It was our September 2022 cover star in which we featured the full review from our Oyster 495 three day test .

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 60

The Oceanis Yacht 60 is a very different beast indeed to the 62 it replaces as flagship for the Beneteau range. The yard has learned plenty from the success of the First 53/OY 54 and wanted to create a 60 in this style and with the same deck layout (albeit larger and wider) and ease of circulation.

The construction experience of the smaller model clearly helped too, as this is a whopping five tonnes lighter than the bulky OY62 and with a deeper (2.6m) keel. The telling result is on the water. It feels sporty to helm and we averaged a knot slower than the single figure 6-8 knot windspeeds upwind and matched them reaching with Code 0 and a slight swell.

The vast cockpit works well, sheltered below the semi rigid bimini, it has plentiful lounging space with sailing systems led aft to the twin helms. The interior sees a 3+3 layout, where Beneteau wanted to get rid of the corridor effect of the OY62. The galley is forward to help open out space, while the forward suite with offset berth and headboard aft works well to give space with privacy.

This is an attractive, voluminous yacht that leaves a good overall impression whether under sail, on or below decks.

Ice 62 Targa

It all looks pretty funky below decks on the Ice 62 Targa too, especially if you’re watching the masthead fore and aft cameras (plus bow and prop cam) on central displays mounted in the saloon while you slip out of the dock! The Ice is a seriously impressive, contemporary yacht, one that in looks, performance and execution, won over many of the judges.

The first to launch is a highly customised project for a passionate sailing owner who covers long distances solo – he’d already sailed it 3,000 miles around the Med that autumn. It’s impressively stiff, sails handsomely and, thanks to a telescopic keel, points well. We matched single figure windspeeds, and clocked up to the high 9s in 12 knots wind.

Umberto Felci’s team spent 4,000 hours on the design, providing lots of space and light to the interior and a chillout zone in the semi raised saloon. This was easily the coolest looking yacht, with its aggressive reverse bow, chamfered gunwales and carbon T-top bimini, and all engineered and built to a high standard.

If you enjoyed this….

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