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Ghost Stories

Original title: 学校の怪談.

Ghost Stories

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Currently you are able to watch "Ghost Stories" streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, Crunchyroll Amazon Channel, Viewster Amazon Channel or for free with ads on The Roku Channel, VIX , Retrocrush. It is also possible to buy "Ghost Stories" as download on Amazon Video.

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S1 e20 - farewell, amanojaku, s1 e19 - farewell, amanojaku, s1 e18 - akane of the broadcasting room voice of the dead, where does ghost stories rank today the justwatch daily streaming charts are calculated by user activity within the last 24 hours. this includes clicking on a streaming offer, adding a title to a watchlist, and marking a title as 'seen'. this includes data from ~1.3 million movie & tv show fans per day..

Streaming charts last updated: 9:25:54 PM, 01/23/2024

Ghost Stories is 3274 on the JustWatch Daily Streaming Charts today. The TV show has moved up the charts by 899 places since yesterday. In the United States, it is currently more popular than Marriage but less popular than Best in Bridal.

When nearby construction disturbs a spiritual resting place, its disgruntled denizens do what any supernatural beings would do after a rude awakening: they terrorize the local school. And that means it’s up to a scruffy band of young ghostbusters to expel their satanic schoolmates before everyone gets sent to permanent detention! So join Satsuki, her crybaby brother, the resident class stud, the school nerd and "physical researcher," a born-again beauty, and a resentful, demon-possessed cat in the funniest, scariest school you’ve ever enrolled in.

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Streaming Charts The JustWatch Daily Streaming Charts are calculated by user activity within the last 24 hours. This includes clicking on a streaming offer, adding a title to a watchlist, and marking a title as 'seen'. This includes data from ~1.3 million movie & TV show fans per day.

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ghost stories anime english dub streaming

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ghost stories anime english dub streaming

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ghost stories anime english dub streaming

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Ghost Stories (2000) [Dual Audio DVDRip 960x720 10bit HEVC][MeGaTroN]

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Uploaded by Calvin Valerian on October 5, 2021

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Ghost Stories: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Anime's English Dub

The Ghost Stories dub has become a cult classic thanks to its hilariously satirical tone. Here's what fans might not know about its creation.

The combination of anime and comedy is a match that had been made in heaven a long time ago. Almost  every mainstream anime series featuring hilarity in some form or the other. However, some shows truly go above and beyond when it comes to delivering a comedic masterpiece. The anime series  Ghost Stories  is a great example.

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People who watched this series in Japanese will definitely be confused by the satirical tone of the English dub, which is simply bizarre in every sense of the word. The entire script changed, making the show feel more like an Abridged series. The background of this show's infamous English dub is the stuff of legends, with the following pieces of trivia being particularly notable.

10 The Anime Was A Massive Failure In Japan

Ghost Stories might be a cult classic in the West, but that's solely due to the eccentric nature of its dub. The story seems fairly unremarkable on first viewing. Most of the Japanese audience apparently echoed this sentiment, as the series bombed.

Ghost Stories was a massive failure in Japan. In fact, it's quite remarkable that this series managed to secure a dub at all after its lackadaisical performance. In fact, the Japanese airing was so unsuccessful that...

9 Animax Gave Almost Full Creative Freedom To ADV Films

ADV Films — the studio behind the dubs for popular shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Elfen Lied — dubbed the failure that was Ghost Stories . Animax was so displeased by the performance of Ghost Stories in Japan that when they gave these rights, they placed almost no creative restrictions when it came to the dub.

They only had two guidelines when producing the dub.  The names of the characters should remain the same , and the manner in which ghosts are defeated shouldn't be tampered with. Aside from that, everything was fair game.

8 Animax Pleaded With ADV Films For The Series' Success

Animax was quite desperate to turn Ghost Stories into a hit in the West. It clarified this fact quite clearly with ADV Films when the latter gained the rights to the dub.

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Aside from the two guidelines mentioned above, Animax also mentioned a third point. They wanted ADV Films to do everything in their power to turn Ghost Stories into something entertaining. The cast was more than enthused at this point, but the real turning point of this dub is detailed in the next entry.

7 Steven Foster Lit The Fire That Led To This Legendary Dub

The director of the dub, Steven Foster, was incredibly happy to hear about the nature of Ghost Stories ' localization. Since his studio pretty much had free reign over the script, he decided to create something unique.

This eventually led him to direct one of the most unusual dubs of all time. For one thing, voice actors had a great deal of freedom when deciding on their own lines. Speaking of which...

6 The First Voice Actor To Arrive Got Improvisation Rights

With Foster's vision, the stage was set for  Ghost   Stories  to have a tongue-in-cheek manner of dubbing. In this vein, ADV Films had a rather unique manner of approaching how it went about the dubbing for each given episode.

The tone of the script for each episode was decided by the first voice actor to come to the studio on that day. The other actors would then brainstorm on the script and how it would incorporate this tone into the episode.

5 Almost All The Dialogue Is Ad-Libbed

Given how Ghost Stories didn't have a set script, it goes without saying that a lot of the dialogue in the series is ad-libbed. This is a huge part of what gives the series its unique flavor.

Almost every scene in every episode involves the voice actors exaggerating their personas. They bounce hilarious lines off each other in a bid to make the most meta, side-splittingly hilarious content possible in an anime dub.

4 It's Arguably The Progenitor Of Abridged Anime Series

In the modern anime landscape, the term "abridged" is mainly used in reference to TFS. They popularized this term with their hilarious and legendary Dragon Ball Z Abridged series , which is easily one of the most popular fan-made interpretations of Dragon Ball Z 's story.

However, what most people may not realize is that the concept of an abridged anime series existed long before the golden years of TFS. In fact,  Ghost Stories was the first attempt at attempting a hilarious spin on a serious anime story. This makes the dubbed version of this show a landmark achievement in the industry.

3 Audiences Hated The Dub When It Came Out

Of course, not all was sunshine and roses for the Ghost Stories dub when it came out. Most reactionary takes at the time vilified the show for featuring an odd dub that didn't remain faithful to the source material at all.

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It took a while for Ghost Stories to finally find its audience. However, it became a cult classic in the process, and a treat for any fan that wanted to watch a genuinely hilarious anime.

2 Animax Made A More Faithful Dub Later On

Animax did end up giving the go-ahead on a dub that would absolutely butcher the source material. However, they later decided that perhaps a certain group of people would have actually wanted to watch a faithful adaptation of this series .

A few years after the first dub, Animax greenlit a dub that would seriously interpret the events of Ghost Stories.  This dub is now so rare that finding a copy of these episodes can prove to be quite a royal pain.

1 Wanting To Incorporate The Infamous Mel Gibson Rant

The Ghost Stories dub was notorious for referencing various events of the time. It turned into an ode to American pop culture in 2004-05. However, people who watch this show will notice that one hilarious moment from this time period doesn't appear in the show: the infamous Mel Gibson rant.

Greg Ayres — the voice of a Jewish character in ADV Films' interpretation of the show — regretted the fact that the Mel Gibson rant happened after production was wrapped up for the dub. Otherwise, this rant would have been a major part of the show's humor.

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The Weird and Misunderstood History of the English Ghost Stories Dub

Ghost Stories Anime Dub

Translation, localization, and dubbing are arguably some of the toughest jobs in the anime industry. Anime has a long history of puns and double entendre that only work in the original Japanese, so translators need to either rewrite the dialogue or add explanatory notes for the viewer’s benefit. Other times, an anime might have extra text like chalkboard writing or street signs, which begs the question of how much could (or should) be translated. Dubbing also poses its own set of problems, since the translated script and voice actors need to fit new dialogue into the existing mouth movements and try to match the timing. Of course, no matter what a company decides on, it won’t please everybody, and some series, like Komi Can’t Communicate from last fall, seemed almost tailor-made for controversy due to its abundance of on-screen text. However the translation and localization process goes, though, it’s generally assumed that the adaptation should strive to be as faithful to the original as possible.

The folks over at ADV Films who did the 2005 English dub of Ghost Stories clearly did not get that memo.

In an era when shows like South Park and Family Guy were pushing the boundaries of political incorrectness in animation, one team of dubbers decided to take a relatively harmless anime about ghost-hunting preteens and turn it into a raunchy comedy brimming with pop-culture references and pitch-black humor. It may be too distasteful for some viewers, and some of the humor is definitely outdated, but the fact that people are still watching it, talking about it, and even posting reaction videos to it nearly 20 years later is a testament to its longevity. The story of how a popular children’s book series turned into one of the most infamous anime adaptations of all time, however, is almost as bizarre as the actual ghost stories the series was based on.

Ghost Stories originated as an anthology of children’s novels by Toru Tsunemitsu that ran throughout the 1990s. Tsunemitsu drew inspiration for the books while working as a middle school teacher, where he would regularly hear his students gossiping about urban legends and rumors. The initial 1990 publication, School Ghost Stories , was successful enough to spawn nine follow-up volumes, a live-action television adaptation, several films, and finally, an anime series. Loosely based on the books and films, the anime version follows Satsuki and her friends as they deal with various ghosts haunting their middle school. The anime ran for twenty episodes and two specials from the Fall of 2000 to the Spring of 2001. What happened after the anime finished airing, though, has become an urban legend of its own.

Ghost Stories Anime Dub

Today, the popular consensus is that the Ghost Stories anime flopped so badly in Japan that the studio, Pierrot, was desperate to release it overseas to recoup their losses, but as it turns out, this might not have been the case at all. The series actually had a successful initial run , even outperforming shows like Pokemon and Doraemon at times, and it acquired a devoted fanbase that still looks back on it favorably. It also received dubbed adaptations in several other countries, and Animax produced its own English dub for distribution in Singapore. Soon afterward, though, Animax turned Ghost Stories over to ADV Films in 2005 for a North American English release, and this moment seems to be the origin of a lot of the confusion. For some reason, the staff and voice actors at ADV Films came to believe that the original script was so bad it wasn’t worth saving, and that a rewrite was desperately needed in order to make the show saleable to audiences.

It’s difficult to know if ADV’s decision resulted from some misunderstanding between Animax and ADV, or if the ADV localizers simply disliked the original series. Another possibility is that Steven Foster, the dialogue director for ADV at the time, was simply going about his usual business. When localizing an anime, Foster had a reputation for making significant changes to storylines and dialogue when he didn’t like the original source material. He apparently did this so often that fans even came up with the term “ fosterize ” just to have a specific word to describe it. Foster, for his part, has stated in a recent interview that the attorney for ADV who negotiated the licensing deal was the one who originally told him the Japanese companies “weren’t really happy with [Ghost Stories],” and that Foster was allowed to do “anything [he] could do to make money.” It also might not have helped that Animax seems to have placed almost no specific restrictions on how much ADV Films could alter the content of the original show. Instead, they gave ADV only a few vague stipulations to follow when producing their adaptation: don’t change the characters’ names, don’t change the way the ghosts are defeated, and don’t change the basic plot of each episode.

An attorney and a dialogue director’s misunderstanding over the show’s failure. Only a handful of loose guidelines for ADV to adhere to when translating and localizing it. Steven Foster’s own “fosterizing” tendencies. This might have been all that was necessary for ADV Films to conclude that Ghost Stories was inherently flawed and that they had free rein to do whatever they thought was necessary to “improve” it.

Whatever the case may be, in the ensuing years, the people who worked on the ADV dub spread some version of this jumbled history around. Greg Ayres, who voiced Leo, recounted in 2007 that the original anime was “a turd of a show,” and that “[the Japanese distributors] told ADV, ‘look, this didn’t do well on TV, you may have to work with this show a little bit.’” Similarly, Monica Rial, who voiced Momoko, stated at Anime USA 2011 that Ghost Stories “did not do very well in Japan,” and that Animax told them, “We don’t care what you do, we just need to recoup some of the money we lost on this show. Have fun!” Over the last decade or so, some variation of this messy narrative has become the standard, with no shortage of blog posts , reviews , and YouTube commentators recounting it. And although some critics have recently debunked the myth of Ghost Stories’ initial failure, even they can’t definitively explain why so many people at ADV Films concluded the show was a complete bust before they even began working on it.

Ghost Stories Anime Dub

Like any good urban legend, we may never learn the whole truth of why ADV decided to overhaul Ghost Stories’ original script so thoroughly, but in some ways, it doesn’t even matter. Once Foster and the voice actors got it in their heads that they could “have fun,” they proceeded to create one of the most bizarre, unconventional, and hilarious official anime dubs in the history of the industry. Foster himself, along with translator Lucan Duran, received credit for the new English script, but the voice actors did so much ad-libbing that they were given writing credits as well. According to Monica Rial, the first person to record on any given day would set the tone for everyone else to play off of , and eventually, it became a game of one-upmanship to see who could be the funniest person in the booth. No one seemed too concerned about crossing the line, either. As Greg Ayres put it , “We tried to have a joke for everybody.”

The fact that Vic Mignogna insisted on being credited as “Obi Frostips” for his bit role in a single episode says a lot about the script ADV Films ultimately came up with. For starters, the backstories and personalities of several characters are completely changed. Satsuki’s friend Momoko, for instance, is transformed into a born-again Christian who tries to convert everybody, while her teacher Mr. Sakata becomes a sex-obsessed pervert with a reputation for spying on the girls’ locker room. Meanwhile, the dialogue is consistently and unabashedly offensive, with frequent jokes about abortion, domestic abuse, mental disability, bestiality, and other sensitive topics. Not all of it has aged well, and some of the more dated pop-culture references will likely go over younger viewers’ heads, but there are also some clever fourth-wall jokes that poke fun at the anime tropes, animation mistakes, and stereotypical plots of the original show. With such a grab-bag of different styles and tones, the humor of Ghost Stories is bound to be hit-or-miss for some people, but on the flip side, it does mean that many different audiences can get some laughs from it, especially if you’re into offensive comedy.

Ghost Stories Anime Dub

From the moment it was released, ADV’s unconventional dub of Ghost Stories has been one of the most polarizing adaptations the anime industry has ever seen—it was booed at its Otakon 2005 premiere , only to rebound just one year later and beat out Fullmetal Alchemist to win Anime Insider’s 2006 “Dub of the Year” award. At the heart of many criticisms of the dub is the issue of whether or not a divergent or parody adaptation of an existing work somehow disrespects the original. But to claim that the ADV dub is problematic because it fails to faithfully adapt the source material is perhaps, in this case, the wrong approach. Because it adds so much original content and reinvents the characters and dialogue so frequently, ADV’s Ghost Stories can be considered an almost entirely new show, rather than a simple localization or alternate-language version of the same series. In many ways, it more closely resembles parody genres like spoofs, overdubs, and “abridged” series, with some even crediting it as a forerunner of the 2010s anime abridging craze . Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that ADV’s take on Ghost Stories was a singularly unique and special event. Unless a Japanese company somehow allows a dubbing studio to produce an officially-licensed abridged series, we may never see anything like it ever again.

You can watch the ADV Films’ English dub of Ghost Stories on Retrocrush , Crunchyroll , and Amazon Prime . © KODANSHA / FUJI TV / Aniplex Inc. / PIERROT

ghost stories anime english dub streaming

A professional music historian by day, Matt Lyons has been an anime lover for almost 30 years. He is active in several Discord anime communities, an avid con-goer, and the host of the comedy show "Anime FAILS!" at American anime conventions. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram.

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Fall 2022 anime rankings – week 04.



Is The Ghost Stories Anime A Comedy?

  • Comedy is a difficult genre to create content for because what makes people laugh is personal and individual.
  • The Ghost Stories dub is a great example of how comedy can be reinterpreted from the source material.
  • There is a difference between something being a comedy and simply being funny, with comedy having a certain emotional core.

Comedy, much like horror, is an incredibly difficult genre to create content for. The things that make an audience laugh are much like the things that scare them, incredibly personal and individual. A master of comedy can paint with a brush broad enough to appeal to most people while also being specific enough to have a personality. It's a fine line that can easily be a stumbling block for even the best creators out there, so it's rare for a series to manage to make a large spread of people laugh. Sometimes, however, comedy comes through the reinterpretation of source material.

One of the best examples of this concept is the famously raunchy dub of Ghost Stories , a particularly unassuming monster of the week anime that the dub team went absolutely feral on. While the original story was based on popular ghost stories in Japan, the dub had very few constraints when it came to releasing the show for American Audiences. But while the dub is very funny despite its outdated humor, the anime itself was never meant to be a comedy and only became darkly humorous after it was reinterpreted. There is, however, a lot of difference between something being a comedy and simply being funny.

How Shonen Manga Treat Their "Non-Canon" Content

What's the deal with comedy versus just being funny.

There is an old adage that " comedy is just tragedy plus time ." Comedy used to mainly refer to plays that had happy endings, making them the opposite of a tragedy. As time has gone on, the lines between the two once distinct genres have been blurred enough to depend on one another to a certain extent. In many ways, comedy as a genre, especially timeless comedy, is sort of like catching lightning in a bottle. There needs to be a meeting of good writing, chemistry, and enough personality for it to resonate well with audiences and create an environment that is conducive to laughter itself. Very often, good comedy has a certain emotional core to it that allows it to resonate on a different level.

A good joke has a formula to it, much in the way that a song does. There are a lot of different structures for how to set up good, lasting comedic situations, but the most simple formula can be condensed into six steps:

  • Who is the target of the joke? Usually, a joke has a "main character" of some kind that acts as the entry point for the audience.
  • The joke needs a clear setup. If the audience needs the joke explained in the middle, it can't be successful.
  • It needs to relate to a fact within the world in which the joke takes place. Just making things up reads to a very specific type of comedy that isn't as universal.
  • It needs to be simple. It's never funny if the joke is too complex.
  • Delivery is key. How a joke or funny scenario is presented is just as important as what is presented.
  • Surprise is the ally of comedy, but don't give it away too quickly. Give the joke room to breathe and land.

Comedy in the early 2000s had a different edge to it, particularly in the Western world and America specifically. There was a focus on being as raunchy and shocking as possible, leaning into the element of surprise in a world that now felt a little smaller. With the rise of internet culture, the growing discontent with governmental and economic institutions, and the ever-widening public eye, there was a sense of randomness and Dadaesque chaos when it came to popular culture. Comedy Central and Adult Swim were creating some of the edgiest shows ever put on television with dark humor focused on gore, sex, and everything in between. This was a time when writing was meant to push the envelope and to be as offensive as possible, in ways that probably would not fly in today's culture, which puts more value on understanding and discourse. In many ways, the Ghost Stories dub was a result of this era of comedy. The world that gave rise to "i can haz cheeseburger" and led many people to deep dive into Know Your Meme is probably the only one in which such a dub could have been created for distribution on a wide scale.

Just as audiences evolve, so too must the genres they take in. That is why a lot of things that were considered comedy in the early 2000s are mainly considered just funny today. Comedy requires a tie to the past, present, and future to make sure it stays relevant for the long haul. Something can be flash-in-the-pan funny without actually being a comedy.

Is It Time For Anime Seasons To Go?

Ghost stories is funny, but it's not really a comedy.

Comedy exists in a lot of places in anime. It often acts as a sub-genre to shonen specifically. Straight comedy anime also usually have a secondary genre to tie into them to make them appeal to a wider audience. One Punch Man , for example, is a parody shonen series. The Vampire Dies In No Time is a supernatural comedy. There are many different ways in which comedy is integrated into different genres across anime, but the original version of Ghost Stories was not really one of them.

Originally, the Ghost Stories anime did not do very well in Japan. Based on a popular children's book series written by Toru Tsunemitsu in the '90s that tried to introduce Japanese folklore to younger audiences, Ghost Stories was not as well regarded as the books or the movies that resulted from it. It just wasn't as exciting or interesting as Yu-Gi-Oh or Inuyasha . When the show was turned over for dubbing , the team was given free rein, as there was a desperation to make the show as popular as possible. The only restrictions that dubbing company ADV had were that they couldn't change the names of the characters, couldn't change how the ghosts were disposed of, and couldn't change the core lesson in the episodes. This is a lot of freedom to give to a dub team that now had a show that, for the early 2000s, was going to be very much outside of the experiences of most Western audiences.

Another thing to remember about that time is that, while anime had its core fans in the West, it was not the global phenomenon that it is today, with the exception of Pokémon . Fewer people had exposure to the finer points of Japanese culture, like the folklore itself or some of the Shinto and Buddhist references that the original would have made. The dubbing team went pretty hogwild over the script. Many of the voice actors themselves got to contribute to the script, ad-libbing ran freely, and there were a lot of different jokes thrown out there.

The dub of the anime would not have been out of place in the comedy of the 2000s. The humor often referenced pop culture, leaned into more offensive jokes, and had an irreverent air that pulled from some of the Carlos Mencia and Dane Cook comedy energy of the time. In many ways, this series was oddly prescient, as the era of the Abridged Series on YouTube was soon to come with many of those creators going on to be employed by dubbing studios like Funimation. One thing that can definitely be said of Ghost Stories is that it is incredibly funny in places, if very off-color. But it isn't a comedy.

The source material itself was a pretty bog-standard monster of the week sort of show and, while the dub was funny, that core structure didn't really change. There were lots of off-the-cuff, shocking jokes to be made, but it wasn't anything really different from the shock humor of Drawn Together or some other similar shows at the time. They were jokes for the sake of jokes, whereas a comedy usually has something tying all the jokes into a central point. While Ghost Stories was made to retain the central point, the jokes were tacked on as something fun.

Is The Ghost Stories Anime A Comedy?


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    Anime is a great site to watch anime Ghost Stories (Dub), DUB online. You can also watch Ghost Stories (Dub) in HD or SD quality. Share Anime to your friends Other names: Gakkou no Kaidan, 学校の怪談 Language: Dubbed Episodes: 20 / 20 Views: 4,151 Last Added: 2016-11-02 00:25:58 Release Year: 2000 Type: TV Series Status: Completed

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    Stream subbed and dubbed episodes of Ghost Stories online - legal and free, due to our partnerships with the industry. Provided by Season 1 (Subbed) Episode 19 Farewell, Amanojaku — The Descent of Ohma Episode 18 Akane-san of the Broadcasting Room!! Voice of the Dead Episode 17 Terror at Bloodstain Lake!! Apparition in the Snow Episode 16

  5. Ghost Stories (Dubbed) Amanojaku: Tonight, the Spirits Will be

    Ghost Stories (Dubbed) Amanojaku: Tonight, the Spirits Will be Resurrected! - Watch on Crunchyroll Premium access includes unlimited anime, no ads, and new episodes shortly after they...

  6. Watch Ghost Stories (English Dubbed)

    24min TV-14 Something is stinking up the town, and it isn't just urban reconstruction! A ghost has invaded the school's bathrooms, and it's up to Satsuki and the gang to find out how to put it back to sleep. The old book left by Satsuki's mom just might be the ticket. Free trial of RetroCrush S1 E3 - The Curtain is Raised!

  7. Ghost Stories

    Ghost Stories - streaming tv show online Sign in to sync Watchlist Streaming Charts 3260. +905 Rating 58% (202) 8.0 (2k) Genres Science-Fiction, Animation, Comedy, Mystery & Thriller, Fantasy, Horror Runtime 24min Age rating TV-14 Production country Japan Ghost Stories (2000) Original Title: 学校の怪談 1 Seasons Season 1 Watch Now Stream 1 Season

  8. Where to Watch Ghost Stories English Dub Anime Stream? Is it on Netflix

    Ghost Stories English dub is available on Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, and VRV. By Marla Anonuevo Credit: Pierrot "Which is better—sub or dub?" has been a long, ongoing debate within the...

  9. Watch Ghost Stories Episode 1 (Dub) Online

    Comparing Ghost Stories and Natsume Yuujinchou reveals a similar set of plot points that makes the recommendation compelling. First similarity is the presence of a "guardian" character in both series -- Nyanko-sensei in NY and Amanojaku in GS. Both of them are powerful ghosts/monsters, but they conceal themselves as cats and aid the protagonist(s) throughout the series.

  10. Watch Ghost Stories

    Details S1 E1 - Ghost Stories - 01 - The Ghosts Revive Tonight!! Amanojaku October 25, 2005 24min ALL Kaya runs away to the old school house, which prompts the two to follow. Once there, they are warned that the school is haunted. S1 E2 - Ghost Stories - 02 - The Hand that Came Out of the Toilet, Red Paper, Blue Paper October 28, 2000 24min ALL

  11. Ghost Stories (Dubbed) Farewell, Amanojaku

    Watch Ghost Stories (Dubbed) Farewell, Amanojaku, on Crunchyroll. The entire school is possessed and drawn into the old schoolhouse, all to lure Satsuki and the gang into a trap. Lord Ohma has ...

  12. Ghost Stories Episode 1 (English Dub) 学校の怪談

    Ghost Stories (学校の怪談 "School Ghost Stories"), also known as Ghosts at School, is a 20-episode anime series. Ghost Stories tells the tale of Satsuki Miyanoshita, who moves with her family to the hometown of her deceased mother.

  13. Prime Video: Ghost Stories (English Dubbed)

    Season 1 A group of school kids and a possessed cat fight ghosts in their neighborhood. (Now improved with the legendary English dub.) 2000 20 episodes TV-14 Horror · Comedy · Anime Free trial of RetroCrush Watch with RetroCrush Start your 7-day free trial Episodes Details S1 E1 - Amanojaku: Tonight, the Spirits Will be Resurrected!

  14. Ghost Stories

    Ghost Stories Episode 1 English Dubbed Ghost Stories Episode 20 English Dubbed Ghost Stories Episode 19 English Dubbed Ghost Stories Episode 18 English Dubbed Ghost Stories Episode 17 English Dubbed Ghost Stories Episode 16 English Dubbed Ghost Stories Episode 15 English Dubbed Ghost Stories Episode 14 English Dubbed

  15. Ghost Stories (Dubbed) Elise: Requiem from the Dead

    Released on Jan 14, 2016. 1.8K. 10. While in the old schoolhouse, Satsuki hears a haunting melody drifting through the halls. The only trouble is the lack of a pianist! It seems that if Satsuki ...

  16. Ghost Stories (2000) [Dual Audio DVDRip 960x720 10bit HEVC][MeGaTroN]

    Ghost Stories (Japanese: 学校の怪談, Hepburn: Gakkō no Kaidan, lit. "School Ghost Stories"), also known as Ghosts at School, is a Japanese anime television series based on books by Tōru Tsunemitsu. Produced by Studio Pierrot, SPE Visual Works and Fuji Television, it was directed by Noriyuki Abe, with Hiroshi Hashimoto handling series scripts, Masaya Ōnishi designing the characters ...

  17. Watch Ghost Stories Episode 20 (Dub) Online

    Watch Ghost Stories Episode 20 Online at Anime-Planet. The entire school is possessed and drawn into the old schoolhouse, all to lure Satsuki and the gang into a trap. ... Watch similar anime online. ... You see, the english voiceover for Ghost Stories is notorious for being crazy, zany, and even improvised by the voice actors. The end result ...

  18. Ghost Stories: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Anime's English Dub

    10 The Anime Was A Massive Failure In Japan. Ghost Stories might be a cult classic in the West, but that's solely due to the eccentric nature of its dub. The story seems fairly unremarkable on ...

  19. Ghost Stories

    Rank #1,875. Screenshots. Satsuki and Keichiro are new students of the haunted Amanogawa Elementary School - a school where their late mother attended as a child. Soon they meet the perverted Hajima Aoyama and #1 spirit researcher Leo Kakinoki, and thus their ghost hunting group is formed! WIth the help of Satsuki's mother's ghost diary and the ...

  20. Is the Ghost Stories dub worth watching? : r/Animedubs

    Is is good as a "dub" in terms of voice acting, quality and emotions, no. Is it good in that it makes a boring show amazing and it's fucking hilarious, yes. Basically you only watch ghost stories for the dub, you do not watch the sub version. It's basically an anime family guy. 1.

  21. The Weird and Misunderstood History of the English Ghost Stories Dub

    From Left to Right: The original 1990 book School Ghost Stories, and posters for the 1995 movie and 2000 anime . Today, the popular consensus is that the Ghost Stories anime flopped so badly in Japan that the studio, Pierrot, was desperate to release it overseas to recoup their losses, but as it turns out, this might not have been the case at all. The series actually had a successful initial ...

  22. What is the story behind "Ghost stories" english dubs? : r/anime

    While preserving the basic plot structure and storyline, the new script revolved around topical pop-culture references, politically incorrect gags, and fourth wall breaking jokes about the original show's low animation quality, anime cliches, and poor lip-sync. [7]

  23. E1

    Amanojaku. Sub | Dub. Released on Jan 14, 2016. 226. 14. Moving to a new town is tough on kids. Nothing is familiar, and with no friends, it can be scary. In Satsuki's case, that last part isn't ...

  24. Is The Ghost Stories Anime A Comedy?

    One of the best examples of this concept is the famously raunchy dub of Ghost Stories, a particularly unassuming monster of the week anime that the dub team went absolutely feral on. While the ...